Nurse Jackie

Season 2 Episode 10

Sleeping Dogs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 24, 2010 on Showtime



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    • Dr. O'Hara: You need to see a specialist.
      Jackie: No, I am the least of my problems.

    • Eddie: (after getting his job back as the hospital's pharmacist) I'm gonna rock this shit.
      Mrs. Akalitus: I wish you wouldn't.
      Eddie: No, it's just an expression.
      Mrs. Akalitus: Still.

    • Mrs. Akalitus: Someone may be dying.
      Cooper: Oh, the nurses will keep them alive until I get there. It's their job.

    • Zoey: Having Lenny scares me. Ooh! Not having Lenny scares me!

    • Cooper: What are you doing for lunch? Want to get a little Quiznos, hangout the pharmacy, kick it old school?
      Eddie: Mm, can't turn back the hands of time, Coop.

    • Cooper: What about you, Thor? Grab a bite?
      Mrs. Akalitus: No lunch for Thor today. He needs to drop some of that weight.
      Thor: I can totally hear you.
      Mrs. Akalitus: Still need to drop some of that weight.

    • Zoey: (to Eddie and Jackie) Remember that time when I walked in on you guys...
      Jackie: Oh God, Zoey!

    • Zoey: (talking about herself and Lenny) Clearly, we have sizzling chemistry. Obviously.
      Jackie: Uh, actually, Zoey, it's not that obvious.

    • Zoey: Should I hook up with him or not?
      Jackie: You don't have a mother or a best friend or somebody you can be having this conversation with?

    • Jackie: I don't care what they say, you're not a grinchy little fucker.
      Mrs. Akalitus: Who's "they"?
      Jackie: Hm, that would be me.

    • (Zoey taking patient history)
      Zoey: Are you sexually active?
      Patient: No... pretty much just lie there.

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