Nurse Jackie

Season 1 Episode 7

Steak Knife

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2009 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Jackie and Dr. O'Hara sit outside their hospital while a schizophrenic guy who believes he is God and lives in an apartment across the hospital insults them. Unimpressed by that guy, Jackie tells Dr. O'Hara that they decided to send their daughter Grace to the private school "Immaculate Virgin". Dr. O'Hara offers to pay for the school, but Jackie declines. Before they enter the hospital, Jackie notices that Dr. O'Hara is wearing two different shoes and asks if everything is alright, but her friend won't tell.

A new patient is brought to the ER. He was stabbed several times in the chest. The patient's date, a young woman named Lori, reveals that they were on their first date when her ex-husband showed up despite a restraining order and stabbed her date.

Meanwhile, Mo-mo talks to Mrs. Akalitus about a hover-mat to make it easier for the nursing staff to transfer overweight patients when Mrs. Akalitus discovers a baby in a baby car seat. When she asks for its parents, no one answers.

Dr. Cooper joins Dr. O'Hara and Jackie who take care of the stab wound patient. Jackie wants to send him away, but Dr. O'Hara tells a surprised Jackie that she prefers him to stay. Soon later, she tells Dr. Cooper to take over for her and leaves the room.

Jackie visits Eddie who texted her several times. He has a present for her, a bracelet, because it's their anniversary. When Jackie doesn't want to wear the bracelet, Eddie gets angry, takes it away from her and mentions that he regrets that he is not made of Vicodin. Disturbed, Jackie tells him to keep his bracelet and his pills and leaves.

Zoey needs Jackie's help because she can't take out a foley katheder out of a patient. Jackie removes the katheder, but not without causing the patient to scream in agony. Mo-mo who witnessed Jackie's behavior orders her to go for a walk. Jackie reveals that she is upset because she had a fight with her boyfriend because she forgot their anniversary.

When Dr. Cooper is in Eddie's dispensary for lunch, he discovers the bracelet and Eddie tells him he can keep it.

Jackie talks to the friend of the steak knife victim Zak. Lori reveals that Zak is the first nice guy she met and believes they won't get together after the incident. Meanwhile, Mrs. Akalitus walks through the hospital, still looking for the baby's parents.

Jackie spots Zoey and Mo-mo. Zoey is sad because "God" who keeps shouting from the other side of the hospital told her she is losing her hair. When Jackie tells her to stay inside, she notices that Cooper is wearing the bracelet Eddie wanted to give to her.

Jackie seeks Dr. O'Hara in her office to pour her heart out to her. Jackie tells her about the bracelet and the anniversary she forgot. Meanwhile, Dr. O'Hara takes a Xanax and Jackie wants to know what's going on, but Dr. O'Hara still refuses to tell her. However, she offers Jackie a Xanax pill. When Dr. O'Hara looks away, Jackie takes more han one pill out of the box and hides them in her pocket. After Jackie has swallowed the pill, O'Hara advises her to clean up her mess.

Jackie goes to see Eddie and apologizes. She asks for the bracelet, but tells him that she doesn't want to wear it at work and Eddie takes the bracelet away from Cooper.

In the meantime, Mrs. Akalitus still hasn't found the baby's parents. Jackie approaches her and takes a paper clip out of the baby's mouth. Mrs. Akalitus announces that she is informing social services about the baby.

Jackie checks on the steak knife victim Zak. She asks him to let Lori see him, but he refuses because he thinks it's too dangerous. Thereupon, Jackie increases his morphine dose. While he's floating on his morphine cloud, she talks at Zak and tells him to see Lori and gives him Eddie's bracelet to give it to Lori. Jackie sends Lori to his room, when O'Hara appears and tells her that her day wasn't easy and she will be alone after work while Jackie will be going home to her family and Jackie invites her over.

Jackie and O'Hara leave together. On the street, "God" keeps insulting them and Jackie orders him to stop picking on her nurses and to get back on his meds. Surprisingly, "God" apologizes.

At home, over a bottle of scotch, O'Hara talks about her trouble with her step father that has bothered her all day. The next morning, while Fiona is making coffee for her, O'Hara notices an unpaid bill from the water and power companies on Jackie's kitchen table and puts it in her purse. Soon later, Jackie and Kevin enter the kitchen, as well as Grace in her uniform of her new school. While O'Hara binds Grace a French braid, Kevin sees the bill ini her purse and takes out. Without words, Jackie lets him know not to say anything about it. Jackie asks Grace if she is excited, but Grace tells her that her father bought the wrong colored bike shorts.