Nurse Jackie

Season 1 Episode 7

Steak Knife

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Whose baby is this?"

    The opening sequence of this episode had me laughing when O'hara was wearing different shoes and the guy was screaming from the window that he was god and Jackie was an a**hole. Zoe is her annoying self as usual and adds that chuckle of light humor to this episode as always.

    We see a different side of Eddie when he calls out Nurse Jackie for seeing him just to get pills when she wants them and not accepting his bracelet (which he then gave to Cooper) which was supposed to be a 1 year anniversary gift. It's the first time we see a bit of drama in this drama series and it adds a new element to the characters of the show. It starts to affect her work performance which already seems to be under watch by her supervisor Acolitas (or however it is spelled) who runs around the entire episode yelling "whose baby is this?". We never do find out whose baby it is...

    We also get to learn more about Dr. O'hara who rarely talks about her life when she's lunching with Jackie. I laughed out loud when the morning came and O'hara waited for her freshly brewed coffee which she then spat up. We also see a maternal side of her while she braids Jackie's daughters hair.

    Brilliant Episode.
  • Great Character Development

    How come Nurse Jackie gets to be so low rated by users? So we don't get many laughs in this episode but we get the chance of knowing Dr O'Hara's Character a little better and that's called character development... Although it isn't better as the previous one it still delivers the goods. Edie Falco portrayal of Jackie is so excelent and subtle that we forgive for any flaw that she ( and the show as well ) might have.
    I hope you could see Nurse Jackie as i do. An excellent show, which by playing in known ground can be strikingly original only by its plain sincerity and simplicity.

    An underrated show by users...
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