Nurse Jackie

Season 1 Episode 7

Steak Knife

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2009 on Showtime



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    • (watching a coffee machine)
      Dr. O'Hara: You can pour now.
      Fiona: It's still going.
      Dr. O'Hara: You're a tiny, cruel, little creature.
      Fiona: I know.

    • (about "God" who has been insulting them the whole day)
      Jackie: He's like a homeless guy with an apartment.

    • Jackie: (to "God") Stop picking on my nurses! Alright, pick on criminals, pick on white guys!

    • (Jackie asks Zoey to put pressure on a bleeding wound of the stab wound patient)
      Jackie: Zoey, come here. Put your hand on here. Hold it firmly.
      Zoey: I can do that. Sorry, I'm just saying I could do more important things here.
      Jackie: Take your hand away. (blood sprays from the wound) You see that? It's important.

    • Zoey: Can I at least take the knife out?
      Jackie: No, Zoey. Never remove a foreign object protruding from a patient. The surgeon does that, you understand?
      Zoey: (whispers) But it's so tempting.

    • Jackie: I had a fight with my boyfriend.
      Mo-mo: That is just wrong. How do I not know you have a boyfriend?
      Jackie: Honey, you do all the talking!
      Mo-mo: I do, don't I.

    • Mo-mo: So, what happened?
      Jackie: I didn't realize it was our anniversary and that makes me a terrible person.
      Mo-mo: Anniversary?
      Jackie: Yeah, it's been a year.
      Mo-mo: A year? Wow, I had no clue.
      Jackie: Neither did I.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: November 14, 2009 on SVT1
      United Kingdom: January 18, 2010 on BBC2/BBC HD
      Finland: October 25, 2010 on Nelonen
      Poland: January 9, 2011 on TVPseriale
      Slovakia: January 25, 2011 on Doma
      Austria: February 21, 2011 on ORF1
      Germany: October 13, 2011 on TNT Serie

    • This episode is rated TV-MA for adult content and graphic language.

    • On Showtime On Demand, this episode was available one week prior to the official air date.

    • God, who screams insults from an apartment across the ER throughout the episode, is played by Michael Buscemi, the brother of the director of this episode Steve Buscemi.

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