Nurse Jackie

Season 2 Episode 11

What the Day Brings

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 31, 2010 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Jackie is at the hospital and talks to one of her daughters over the phone. The Peyton family plans to spend a short break upstate, both Jackie and her daughter are excited about it. Jackie promises that they will leave as soon as she comes home. She wishes her a good day at school and says she loves her. Jackie notices Dr. O'Hara and tells her daughter Dr. O'Hara says hi before she hangs up. O'Hara tells Jackie that they need to talk about something important, but Jackie says she is busy right now and promises that they will talk later. Then she leaves to go to the kiosk in the hospital to buy a box of floss.

Eddie starts his new old job as the hospital's pharmacist. He walks past Zoey, Thor and Jackie and greets them. When Eddie has left, Jackie tells Thor that she needs to leave on time that day because she wants to go away for a few days. O'Hara joins them and asks if they can talk in her office about the MRI, but Jackie avoids her again. When she walks away, she spots the man whose drugs she stole when he had a seizure waiting in the waiting room with flowers. She grabs Zoey and goes with her to the ladies' room. She tells Zoey that she needs to leave right now and makes Zoey very happy who dreamt of the day Jackie would ask her to cover for her. When Zoey has left, Jackie locks herself in one of the cabins, calls Kevin to tell him their road trip starts right away. She wants him to take the girls and come to get her. Meanwhile, she takes the box of floss, throws the floss away and puts a few of her pills into that box.

Cooper awakes in the apartment of Sam's girlfriend. When he realizes that a cat is lying on his chest, he hustles the cat away. The phone rings because Sam is trying to reach his girlfriend. When she enters the room, Cooper tells her that it feels weird because he works with Sam and she is his girlfriend, but she answers she needs to break up with Sam because he is a nurse.

Jackie and her family are leaving for their little vacation. Even Grace is happy and thanks her mother who doesn't notice that the dental floss box with her drugs falls out of her pocket under her seat.

At the hospital, O'Hara asks Zoey and Thor where to find Jackie and learns that she has left for the day. She adds "how convenient" and leaves just when a drug addict approaches Zoey. He needs his methadone, but the methadone clinic has already closed. He tells Zoey that he had to go to the vet with his dog because of an emergency, but before Zoey can soften Thor shows up to send the man back to admitting.

A guy with a stab wound in his thigh is brought in. While Cooper, Thor, Sam and Zoey treat the patient, he explains that he stabbed himself because he has Tourette's and Cooper almost tells the patient he suffers from Tourette syndrome himself.

On their way to their destination, Grace wants to know why they are going to the country, and Jackie explains to see what the day brings. Jackie apologizes that it took her that long to make this trip happen and she really needed it and Kevin tells her he loves her. Suddenly, Jackie discovers that the floss box has gone.

At the hospital, the drug addict tries to convince Dr. O'Hara to give him his methadone, but Mrs. Akalitus appears to send him back to admitting until his name is called. When he is gone, she tells O'Hara she doesn't have a lot of tolerance for drug addicts. The drug dealer Jackie helped joins them and asks for Jackie. Dr. O'Hara sighs, says she has no idea and leaves. Mrs. Akalitus asks what she can do for him, and the drug dealer, who introduces himself as Bill, tells her he wants to donate some money because Jackie saved his life.

Zoey's new patient is an Irish who just came to New York with his wife and has a rash on his leg. Cooper comes in, takes a quick look, diagnoses a contact dermatitis because of an allergic reaction, prescribes cortisone creme and leaves not without telling them about his cat allergy and that he woke up with a cat's rear end in his face. When he is gone, Zoey notices that the patient's rash hurts but doesn't itch and that he has some pretty bad caricose veins. She goes after Cooper to tell him that the rash needs another look, but he just tells her that the patient can be discharged and sneezes on the patient chart. Left behind, Zoey gets Dr. O'Hara's help.

During a little break from the car ride, Jackie tries to find the floss box under her seat, but misses it. When she gets a call from O'Hara, she refuses to take and tells her family that she won't take calls from work that day.

Dr. O'Hara's call goes to voice mail and O'Hara tells Jackie to get her manners together and to call her back. She then examines Zoey's patient with the rash.

Cooper visits Eddie in the phamarcy to get something for his allergy and to tell him about his affair with Sam's girlfriend.

At their destination, the Peytons have to find another place to spend the night because their hotel overbooked. They find a bed and breakfast with one room for them. The homeowner Elaine is a little weird and scares the girls.

A depressed Sam visits Eddie to get som meds for his patients and tells Eddie that he fears that his girlfriend's having an affair. Just when he confesses that this would kill him, Cooper bursts into the room to get his pager he left earlier. Eddie tells him that Sam suspects his girlfriend is sleeping with someone and advises Sam to find out who she is hanging out with.

The Peytons stand in their room. Grace and Fiona are less than happy when they learn that they don't have a tv and they decide to go to find a place to eat popcorn shrimps. Elaine knocks on their door to ask if they want to eat something because the kitchen is still open. When they ask for a sea food restaurant, she tells them about a tavern nearby, but they don't serve frozen fish. Elaine makes the girls happy when she tells them about the tv downstairs. Kevin follows them and Elaine notices that Jackie doesn't feel well and is starting to sweat because of the withdrawal. She offers her schnaps.

At the hospital, Dr. Cooper stitches up the patient who injured himself because of his Tourette's. Cooper tells the patient about his own Tourette syndrom.

Meanwhile, Dr. O'Hara finds a small blood clot in the veins of Zoey's patient with the rash. O'Hara tells the patient he nearly died of a pulmonary embolism, but thanks to Zoey they caught it in time and leaves a proud Zoey in charge.

At Elaine's house, the girls and Elaine read in the Bible while Kevin and Jackie are watching them. They find Elaine weird and Jackie who is already shivering convinces Kevin to go home that very evening instead of spending the night and the bed and breakfast.

At the hospital, the patient who is going through withdrawal too, approaches Thor again. Cooper notices the drug addict, gets angry that no one wants to help him and writes a prescription for methadone. He raises his voice and claims he is the only one who cares and Zoey adds that he missed a pulmonary embolism that day. When Zoey and Cooper are gone, Mrs. Akalitus asks Dr. O'Hara if she wants to get drinks.

Meanwhile, Jackie and her family are on their way back and she thanks them for being so good about leaving that evening to go home early and Kevin adds sometimes the perfect vacation is just being with your family. They continue their alphabet game they played during their way to their vacation destiny. Fiona takes Jackie's phone for the letter "j" and asks if they can call Dr. O'Hara who tried to reach them several times that day. Although Jackie doesn't want her to, Fiona calls O'Hara who is still in the bar with Mrs. Akalitus. When O'Hara answers she asks Fiona if she has already seen her new school. Fiona who doesn't know what O'Hara is talking about repeats the question to her family and Jackie tries to take the phone from her. But the damage is already done and Kevin stops the car to get an explanation from Jackie. He realizes she took O'Hara's money though she promised not to. Stunned, he leaves the car to take a walk. When he is gone, Jackie tries to calm her daughters and tells them their father is playing a game, a game with different rules.