Nurse Jackie

Season 2 Episode 11

What the Day Brings

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 31, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Oh Jackie, what have you done?

    Alast season's finale that ended with Jackie passed out on drugs on the ground of the hospital, the second season started unexpected. Somehow, Jackie dogded the bullet because the new season started off with Jackie and her family spending a day at a beach. A picture of a perfect holiday of a perfect family.

    But a drug addict's life isn't perfect. Jackie's life isn't perfect. And soon it went downhill from there. Eddie found his way back into her life always threatening her with disclosing their affair (he even befriended Jackie's husband Kevin), the hospital hired a new nurse Sam, a former addict who recognized Jackie as another addict, Grace's anxiety disorder worsened causing tensions between Jackie and Kevin because she spends too much time outside her family, ongoing quarrels with Dr. Cooper who acts like a child towards Jackie after being rejected...

    The whole season unfolded Jackie's troubled life, and the last couple of episodes clearly headed towards a meltdown in which the penultimate episode What the Day Brings gave Jackie a little break... somehow. Before Dr. O'Hara could have her "talk" with Jackie about the falsified MRI, before the drug dealer could "ask" for his stolen drugs, and before Jackie was confronted with Eddie, she skipped the rest of her shift to go on a little vacation with her family. The trip didn't go as planned when Jackie lost her stash and had to go through withdrawal and Kevin learned that Jackie took Dr. O'Hara's money...

    I foresee quite a bad day for Jackie and no way to just charm her way out of it.