Nurse Jackie

Season 2 Episode 12

Years of Service

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 07, 2010 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Jackie drives next to Kevin who left the car after he learned that Jackie lied to him about Dr. O'Hara's money. Jackie begs him to get back in because he is frightening their daughters, but he refuses. He tells the girls that he needs to stretch his legs, but Grace realizes that her father is having a tantrum, and he agrees and adds he's walking it off. Jackie also agrees, speeds the car up and leaves Kevin behind.

Later that night at home, Jackie awaits Kevin's return. He arrives with Eddie whom he called to get him after Jackie left him behind. When Keving has left the room, Jackie wants Eddie to say he didn't tell Kevin about them, but Eddie just replies that a thank you would have been cool.

When Eddie is gone, Jackie joins Kevin who's drinking a beer in the kitchen to explain herself. She almost cries when she reveals that she is jealous of Kevin because he is the one her daughters turn to because she is not around. She adds that she hates herself for being competitive like that and apologizes for taking the money, but wants him to know that she did it to help them not to rip them apart. Kevin wants to know if she knew she would take the money and she admits to it and under tears she adds she keeps telling him that she is no prize and hugs him. Before he hugs her back, he wants to know if she told him everything and she lies and says that's everything.

The next day when Jackie goes to work, the girls asks their father if he walked all the way home and he tells them that he came home on a motorcycle. Fiona who thinks they got a motorcycle runs to the door to take a look and finds Jackie's keys Jackie forgot in the door lock while Kevin assures Grace that everything is fine. Kevin takes a look at the keys and notices the key to the P.O. box.

At the hospital, Zoey shows Jackie a pocket watch she bought thinking of Lenny. A clearly depressed Sam scuffles by. Dr. Cooper shows up and guesses Sam's girlfriend broke up with him and says he's sorry. He adds Sam is better without her because she wants to marry a doctor. Sam realizes Coop is the one who slept with his girlfriend and punches Coop in the face.

Meanwhile at home, suspicious Kevin rifles through Jackie's stuff and finds the address of the place with Jackie's P.O. box.

At the hospital, Dr. O'Hara and Jackie take care of Coop's broke which was broken again. He wants to fire Sam and thinks Sam's reaction was completely uncalled for. He adds people need to grow up and O'Hara sarcastically responds firing Sam would be very grown up. When they are done, Jackie approaches O'Hara who is still pissed to tell her that she's sorry that she couldn't talk to her the other night. She guesses O'Hara would have preferred to talk to her in person anyway, but O'Hara disagrees and adds she went to Ortho and leaves.

Zoey works at admitting when Lenny shows up with egg rolls and a lot of duck sauce. She tells him to follow her. Soon later, Eddie finds the two in his room making out.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Akalitus walks sniffing through the hospital because she noticed someone is smoking in the building and tries to find the culprit.

Jackie calls Dr. O'Hara to meet with her in front of the chapel to have a talk. Jackie tells O'Hara that Kevin left her the other night, but came back to her later. She admits that she lied to her about the MRI. She tells O'Hara she is afraid that the MRI will show there's nothing wrong with her back, but assures O'Hara she never lied about the pain. O'Hara asks Jackie to go in the chapel to light some candles and to repent for their sins, but Jackie asks for a rain check. When they hear some noise from the chapel, they go in anyways and find Zoey and Lenny making out.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Akalitus has to deal with Cooper and Sam. She tells Cooper she is hesitant of letting anyone go at the moment because of a state wide nurse shortage. She extends Sam's probationary period. When Sam has left, she gives Cooper a bill for the ad space he asked for so he can be All Saints' face for another six weeks. Then Mrs. Akalitus notices again that someone is smoking.

Kevin has found Jackie's P.O. box and opens it. Inside he finds Jackie's credit card bill. Soon later, he calls Dr. O'Hara to meet.

Finally, Mrs. Akalitus finds the smoker under the ceiling. It's the guy who lives opposite the hospital and who thinks he's God. He tells her that there is vermin in his apartment and he had to leave because they are fumigating it. He refuses to leave his cozy place until Mrs. Akalitus tells him about candy bars in her office.

In Akalitus's office, she tells God who is eating a candy bar that she talked to his landlord and he can go back tomorrow and offers him to stay in the hospital, but below the ceiling. It knocks on the door, and the drug dealer Bill Martin enters with another bouquet of flowers and asks for Jackie. Mrs. Akalitus sends him to the nurses' station. When Bill has left, God tells Mrs. Akalitus he has a bad feeling about that guy.

In front of the hospital, Cooper watches his new acquired ad space and mentions that it was a perfectly good nose until it was broken.

In the restroom, Jackie sniffs a line of drugs. When she leaves the cabin, she discovers Sam who is completely drunk. She quickly hides him in the cabin. When Zoey comes in, she asks her to get Thor.

In a wheelchair and wrapped in blankets, Thor and Jackie get Sam to the basement where they try to sober him up before anyone notices Sam is drunk.

At a cafe, Kevin shows O'Hara the bill with all the pharmacy items. O'Hara doesn't want to believe what Kevin found out and says it's none of her business. But Kevin helps her to come to the same conclusion by telling her about Jackie's lies. Especially, that he begged Jackie not to take O'Hara's money which she did anyways.

At the basement, Jackie treats Sam's alcohol poisening. He is surprised she helps him and wants to know why. Thor comes back because he has found a way to keep Sam awake and Jackie and Thor tap dance in front of Sam.

Jackie visits Eddie in the pharmacy. She thanks him for bringing Kevin home. They hug and she tells Eddie that it's all crashing down around her and that she has to put her marriage back together. Eddie understands and adds he wants to step aside for Kevin as much as he wants for her.

Zoey and Lenny eat in the chapel and Zoey gives him her present. He is surprised and happy and the two kiss.

In the hallway, Bill the drug dealer finally finds Jackie and pins her down. He tells her he wants his drugs back. He threatens her, but she answers he doesn't want to harm her in her hospital or a lot of cops will be after him. Before they can discuss their dispute further, Thor shows up for the rescue and throws Bill to the ground.

That evening, Jackie comes home with cake and calls for her family. Kevin and O'Hara already wait for her. The girls are at Kevin's sister's home so they can have a talk. Jackie realizes what this is about and freaks out. She wants O'Hara to leave, but Kevin tells her he asked O'Hara to come. Jackie calls her husband an idiot when he tells her that she is a drug addict. He hands her the credit card bill, she grabs it and locks herself into the bathroom. She looks in the mirror and imagines to walk along the beach. She sits down and hears herself saying, "Hi, my name is Jackie and I'm a drug addict." In the bathroom, she starts laughing and says "blow me!"