Nurse Jackie

Season 2 Episode 12

Years of Service

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 07, 2010 on Showtime

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  • And then the world crumbled down around her...

    Finally, the season concluded with Jackie's best kept secret exposed to Kevin and Dr. O'Hara. Though it looked for a while like she could protect her addiction once again, as soon as Kevin looked through one of her lies (about Dr. O'Hara's money), he looked further.

    To be honest, when Nurse Jackie's second season started, I didn't see Kevin as the one who would discover Jackie's addiction. There was the cast addition of Sam, another nurse and former addict himself who recognized Jackie's problem the very first time they met (takes one to know one!), there was Eddie, the abandoned lover who befriended Jackie's husband to get close again and developed a real friendship with Kevin (by the way, this part was inspired by the real life friendship between the two actors), there was the Pill-O-Matix that replaced Eddie and cut Jackie off of her pill supply, at least it looked that way. As it turned out, the machine was less than perfect... But in the end, it was Jackie's husband.

    And at this point, I've got to mention the character developments this show provided as its second season went on. Cooper got punched twice in the face (an he totally deserved it!), Thor became Jackie's best friend and muscle (how cool was it when he saved Jackie from the drug dealer Bill and asked: He's not your friend, is he?), Mrs. Akalitus became more human (though she mentioned she likes to hide her humanity)...

    And then we could take a quick look into Jackie's inside. Especially during the finale, her walls came down for a sec and she opened up a bit and told Kevin about her feelings to be a failure as a mother...

    Not to forget: there was another great moment in the finale when Jackie discovered an alcohol poisened Sam and helped him. Though she tried to get rid of him the whole season, when he was down she covered for him. Then there were Zoey and Lenny who turned out to be the most adorable couple and Eddie, who stepped aside to let Jackie put her marriage back together...

    In the end, Jackie returned home and had to face Kevin and O'Hara who wanted to confront her with her addiction. But Jackie didn't sit down with them, she locked herself in the bathroom and closed this season with: "Blow me!"

    We'll see where we go from here...
  • Ok, this is the episode in which the you know what hits the fan. Jackie is living an unsustainable lie and it's about to be over. Her husband AND her best friend find out about her drug use in different ways and then collude to start an intervention.

    Of course, Jackie is having none of it...which is pure Jackie.

    This episode had me on the edge of my seat. I was truly mortified for Jackie. Her entire life including her marriage and her job were at risk and she knew it. Yet she plowed on, saving lives and such. I enjoyed the side stories as well. Although I didn't get the one about "God" hiding in the ceiling. Was that some sort of metaphor? Or just comedy?

    Anyhoo, this was the episode in which gravity started to take effect and everything seemed to fall together. I thought there'd be some sort of climax, where Jackie sobs and is truly penitent, or where she's fired.

    Instead she storms off into the bathroom...."Hello, my name is Jackie and I'm a drug addict."

    "Blow me."