Nurse Witch Komugi



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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Encounter Has Come
      In the guise of her Nurse Witch alter ego, Komugi continues to use her magical powers to thwart the malevolent Ungar and his scheme to obliterate humanity by flooding Earth with germs and creating a deadly pandemic.
    • The Anime Studio That Invites Storms
      Stuck in the afterlife, Komugi is eager to return to her responsibilities as a magical vaccinator on a mission to save humanity. Her exploits in this wacky episode include squaring off against professional wrestlers and rounding up missing animators.
    • Serious! Komugi Dies Two or Three Times?!
      When the Magical Maid Koyori helps the fiendish Ungar propagate his deadly viruses to infect as many people as possible, Nurse Witch Komugi stands ready to do battle -- well, unless she meets with some sort of accident ...
  • Season 1