Nurse Witch Komugi

Season 1 Episode 2

Horror! Maid Magic Girl Descends. Decisive Battle at the top of Odaiba!

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2002 on



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    • Komugi: He he, anybody who laughs for a chest will cry for a chest.
      Megumi: You and your tiny bandages shut it!
      Komugi: Shut up, you idol for dirty old perverts!
      Megumi: You shut up! If you're so upset, why don't you ever get your photo taken in a swimsuit!
      Komugi: I've done a job in a swimsuit!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Several direct references to the Gatchaman (G-Force) series:
      1. Komugi and her likenesses are dressed in the different G-Force costumes. Komugi's costume for Joe has the extra bunny ears.
      2. There are four numbered vehicles of the same likeness as the Gatchaman series; they all board into the main ship, the Phoenix.
      3. The two main guys are addressed as Joe and Ken; and they are arguing with each other.
      4. A scientist guy, Dr. Nambu, gives advice to the G-Force, usually a warning about some equipment failure.
      5. The Phoenix can fire Bird Missiles, and also transform into a flaming bird. In Komugi's version, the Phoenix screws up firing the bird missiles, and just bursts into flames.
      6. When Komugi and friends fall from the sky they join hands in a circle, as typical of a clip from the opening sequence.
      7. The producer is Tatsunoko Productions who also did the original Gatchaman in 1972.