Nurses (1991)

Daily 8:00 PM on KABC 7 Premiered Sep 01, 1991 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • All the Pretty Caseys
      Casey quits to take a new job, only to realize that her new boss hired her only for her looks.
    • The Big Jack Attack
      Jack's offer to "take care of" a corporate hatchet man is misunderstood when the man turns up dead.
    • The One after the Earthquake
      A student nurses decides she wants to emulate Casey; a hypochondriac can't accept turning 40; a man has a throat operation because he sounds like Jack Nicholson; Jack and Paco fight; Julie loses a patient.
    • Silent Partner
      Silent Partner
      Episode 19
      Jack tries to pass Paco off as a business partner to impress a Cuban businessman, but the man's wife ruins everything when she makes a pass at Paco.
    • Nothin' Says Lovin' ...
      Tired of being stuck in an orderly's position, Jack demands that he be transferred to another position. So Casey reassigns him to the cafeteria, where he spends his time being pursued by the domineering head of the kitchen, Ms. Gump. Hank and Gina are starting to irritate each other so they seek Annie's advice about their marital problems. And Julie tries to pass off her zit, which she's been picking at, as a "bunny bite."moreless
    • Bury the Hatchets
      Bury the Hatchets
      Episode 17
      Casey gets auctioned off for at a charity auction, and gets a $40,000 date... with Jack. She expects a big romantic evening at a fancy restaurant, but Jack has different plans -- miniature golf. Meanwhile Gina's father, Vargas, drops in for a surprise visit and he uses the opportunity to continuously belittle Hank. But in the end Vargas and Hank become friends.moreless
    • Don't Hit the Road, Jack
      When Jack finally stops asking Casey out, she can't stand the rejection and reluctantly sets out to seduce him.
    • Fly the Friendly Skies
      Jack and Paco sneak off to Bassau on Jack's jet, only to be hijacked by a disgruntled employee; Casey loses a contact lens but is too vain to wear her glasses.
    • Mi Casa, Su Casa
      Mi Casa, Su Casa
      Episode 14
      An argument with their apartment manager gets the Kaplans evicted; Casey bribes Paco to spy on Jack.
    • Parental Guidance Suggested
      Jack's son visits and announces he is going to Guatemala with the Peace Corps -- a decision that doesn't sit well with Jack. Meanwhile Hank, worn out from being a new parent, oversleeps and doesn't get the baby to the babysitter. Instead of letting Gina think he's irresponsible, he convinces his co-workers to tend to the baby without letting Gina find out.moreless
    • Paco Gets Maced
      Paco Gets Maced
      Episode 12
      Casey accidentally maces Paco, and a disreputable attorney sees an opportunity to make a fortune by suing her and the hospital. Meanwhile, Julie takes over as the new editor of the hospital newsletter; and new father Hank is found napping all over the hospital.
    • The Shift of the Magi
      Casey tells everyone that they got fabulous gifts for Christmas, so they go out of their way to get her something nice. But when the box arrives, she finds that it's filled with padded hangers. Meanwhile, Jack is forced to play Santa in the hospital - though he later plays Santa out of the goodness of his heart; and Hank realizes that he had made arrangements to work on Christmas months prior.moreless
    • The Birth of a Marriage
      After Jack gets caught in a lie regarding a sprained shoulder, nobody believes him when he injures himself sliding on a wet floor. Dr. Harry Weston finds Jack writhing on the floor and confirms that he actually is hurt, so they get him a room. Meanwhile, Hank and Gina argue over the details of their wedding, but the point is moot when Gina goes into labor and they have to be wedded by the hospital chaplain…moreless
    • Temporary Setbacks
      Jack tries to show his time in the hospital hasn't dulled his ability to scheme by getting a New York cheesecake delivered to the heliport along with a liver that's arriving for transplant - so Casey and Annie join forces to humiliate him. Meanwhile, Casey decides that "Community Medical Center" isn't an appealing name for the hospital, so she decides to change it; and Hank and Gina attend Lamaze class, where they bicker and run into a very pregnant Carol Weston and her Coach, Sophia Petrillo.moreless
    • No, But I Played One on TV
      Casey gets a group of former TV doctors to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new maternity wing. Jack, whose first marriage was essentially ruined by Chad Everett, becomes even more distraught when he saves a choking woman (Amy Hill), and she credits Everett as the hero.
    • The Bridges of Dade Country
      Annie finds herself more than a little attracted to a charming patient. Casey has a date with Harry Weston, which Jack sets out to sabotage by holding Hank's bachelor party at the same restaurant. Hank thinks Jack has hired a stripper, so when an attractive woman sits beside him, he has no idea that she's a cop looking to bust someone for soliciting prostitution.moreless
    • Snowball's Chance
      Wanting to fit in with her new co-workers, Casey invites the staff to a Halloween party in her home, where she shows off her snow-globe collection. Julie, who has issues confronting Casey, steals one of the snowballs... and Jack gets blamed. Hank gives Paco a box of his "guy stuff" Gina was throwing away, that includes a very valuable baseball card.moreless
    • Bring Me the Head of Hank Kaplan
      Even though Gina's father has threatened to kill him, Hank decides the best defense is a good offense and arranges to meet the family. Back in Miami, Jack decides that actually working will make time pass much more quickly, and Julie bonds with (and sucks up to) Casey in an attempt to obtain more vacation time.moreless
    • Jack's Indecent Proposal
      Casey ponders Jack's offer to pay her a million dollars to sleep with him. After learning that Annie thinks she "has no scruples," Casey takes Jack up on his offer. Meanwhile, Hank enlists Charlie Dietz's help in booking a trip to San Pokeno to find Gina.
    • Intruders
      Episode 3
      Casey spies on the staff by installing a security camera in front of the nurse's station, and everyone begins "performing for the spycamera." Annie keeps trying to express her discomfort with the camera, but Casey keeps giving her the brush-off – so Annie jerks it off the wall. Meanwhile, Hank tries to locate Gina, but Julie's the only one who knows that she's returned to her native homeland. Jack passes himself off as a doctor to get into the doctors' lounge – but he ends up in surgery.moreless
    • Send in the Gowns
      Casey orders new, obnoxiously-loud, yellow hospital gowns, much to Annie's chagrin. Patients begin complaining that the new gowns are making them itch, so Paco and Jack are assigned to wash them. But after Paco puts the gowns in the dryer, it's discovered that they're flammable. When Mr. Waites shows that he's not happy with the flaming gown situation, Casey lets Jack take the blame. Meanwhile Hank tries to find a romantic way to re-propose to Gina, and he settles on a barbershop quartet... but Gina's taken a leave of absence and disappeared. And Julie points out to Annie, that she would rather "swing" like a gate than confront Casey.moreless
    • The Eagle Has Landed
      The hospital is sold to the Healthweb Corporation, and the new owner, Mr. Waites, pulls one of his hotel managers to be the new corporate representative of the hospital. The new rep, Casey MacAfee (Loni Anderson), disguises herself as a patient for "research" and proceeds to annoy the staff. When Mr. Waites arrives, he gives Casey a promotion for her good work – he puts her in charge of the hospital as the administrator. Meanwhile, Gina finally announces her pregnancy (though at 5 months, it's more than obvious), and Hank finally proposes. And Jack begins his obsession with Casey, who begins her obsession with Harry Weston…moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1