Nurses (1991)

Daily 8:00 PM on KABC 7 Premiered Sep 01, 1991 Between Seasons


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  • Series I & II were OK.

    From the creators of the Golden Girls was this hospital sitcom. Some of the characters were not unalike, Sandy (Dorothy), Julie (Rose)& Dr Riskin (Sophia). Nevertheless it was an enjoyable show. The second series, without the sublime Florence Stanley, was bearable it did have Dinah Manoff make regular cameos. The third series saw Stephanie Hodge replaced with Loni Anderson, F****** awful.
  • Hit and miss

    I really enjoyed the first season of Nurses. It had really good characters that played well off each other. Unfortunately in season 2, characters disappeared without explanation and new, obnoxious characters surfaced. By season 3 series star Stephanie Hodge was gone, again without explanation, and Loni Anderson came aboard. Love Loni, but her character was also somewhat obnoxious and annoying. Even so, this show fit in nicely with the rest of NBC's Saturday night line-up.
  • Fun spin off

    I liked the show Nurse. It was a fun spin off of the Golden Girls and Empty nest. It was a fun show to watch that didn't have all drama and mind boggling situations. It was just a fun and funny show that you could watch and laugh at. The cast seemed to work well together. There are not to many shows on that you can just laugh at. It was a good clean family show that was purely made for entertaining. A medical show witout all the drama.I know when I was in the hospital at the time the show was on, I remember the nurses would come in and watch it with me and we would just laugh. I miss the show