Nurses (1991) - Season 1

NBC (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • The Ex-Factor
    The Ex-Factor
    Episode 22
    Gina realizes Hank is still carrying a torch for his ex-wife; Greg is trapped in the elevator with a cannibal.
  • Rude Awakenings
    Rude Awakenings
    Episode 21
    When a patient comes out of a 38-year coma, Dr. Riskin shocks the staff by telling them she was once engaged to the man, and that they had a son.
  • Moon over Miami
    Moon over Miami
    Episode 20
    The entire staff is pulled in to cover a double-shift during the full moon. Julie tells her co-workers about her grandmother's theory on the full moon – how it's a chance to make up for missed love opportunities. Sandy finds herself falling for Charlie Deitz. Paco decides that he's going to ask out Gina. Hank wants to ask out a slut… but he changes his tune when Gina attacks him and sticks her tongue down his throat in the elevator. A hernia-surgery patient makes repeated attempts at escaping; a former astronaut arrives with a bump on the head; and Blanche Devereaux tracks down Dr. Riskin because she can't get a man to bed her.moreless
  • Catch a Fallen Star
    Catch a Fallen Star
    Episode 19
    A former child star, Chet "Poofie" McGuire (Stephen Furst), comes to the hospital to research his new role for the sitcom "Poofie McGuire, Nurse for Hire." Greg's star-struck, but everyone else is annoyed – particularly Annie, who has to take Chet on rounds with her. But Chet's attitude changes when he witnesses the staff revive a dying man. Meanwhile, Julie goes on a "holy quest" to track down the brother of that dying man and Dr. Riskin fends off an obnoxious mother who's giving her son high blood-pressure.moreless
  • Eat Something
    Eat Something
    Episode 18
    When one patient is discharged and killed moments later by an ambulance, and another is crushed by a crane in a freak accident, Annie begins to question her faith in God. Meanwhile, as a result of the chicken in the "Vulcan Surprise" at a Star Trek convention, a bunch of loony Trekkes are admitted to the hospital with food poisoning.moreless
  • Married to the Mop
    Married to the Mop
    Episode 17
    Paco becomes indebted to a mob boss; Gina tries to make Hank jealous by dating another man, unaware that he is gay.
  • The Truth Shall Screw You Up
    Sandy's mother arrives for a visit and immediately starts to complain, so Sandy attempt to mend their relationship but quickly finds that her mother is unwilling to cooperate. Meanwhile, Gina is infuriated with Hank when she discovers that he recently dated a patient who was just admitted.
  • Sphere Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Hank gets testy with everyone when he discovers a lump in his scrotum... and then accidentally announces his news over the P.A. Dr. Riskin takes Julie's advice and stands up to the medical director, who then quits leaving her to fill his position.
  • No Hiding Place
    No Hiding Place
    Episode 14
    A mentally unstable patient (Larry Linville) is told that he has to cut sulfites out of his diet, so he responds by taking the staff hostage at gunpoint... Which doesn't sit well with Sandy, who was supposed to be off on a big date.
  • Love, Death, and the Whole Damn Thing
    Julie's first lover, Peter, checks into 3 West, and the two immediately start catching up on old times, with Peter revealing all the women he's slept with. But when Dr. Risken arrives to break the news that Peter's indiscriminate bed-hopping has left him a brief time to live with AIDS, he's enraged and Julie's freaked out. Julie, deathly afraid of catching AIDS, first avoids him but later lets him know that he won't have be alone when he dies. Meanwhile, Annie's mother-in-law moves in with her.moreless
  • Friends and Lovers
    Friends and Lovers
    Episode 12
    Annie decides to leave her children in the care of Sandy if she and her husband ever die, but as soon as the papers are signed, Annie starts criticizing Sandy's habits and lifestyle. Meanwhile, Julie falls for a doctor who turns out to be an escaped mental patient; and Greg announces that he has the ability to shapeshift.moreless
  • Seize the Date
    Seize the Date
    Episode 11
    Hank's brother visits and falls in love with Gina; Julie makes friends with a selfish patient; and a hospital administrator tries to prove Dr. Riskin isn't billing poor patients for their tests.
  • An Intern-al Affair to Remember
    Sandy must decide if she wants to move to Minnesota with her new boyfriend; a patient confuses her medicine because she can't read; and Greg overacts in a training video.
  • Begone with the Wind
    Chaos breaks out in the hospital during a hurricane – the kitchen's flooded, the phones are out, and the roads are closed. So when Rose Nyland shows up to help, she's immediately stuck with Julie and the duo are assigned to gathering food from the patients – food that they later give to Laverne for the pediatrics ward. When the news arrives that the roof collapses in a burning building, Annie fears that her husband, a fireman, may have been killed. Sandy runs into a man with a broken leg, whom she dumped. Hank and Gina get trapped in an elevator and share a romantic moment. Two rival gangs start a knife-fight in front of the nurses' station (and threaten Rose) so it's Paco to the rescue.moreless
  • Kind, Konsiderate Kare
    A high-ranking member of the Klu Klux Klan check into the hospital with a medical condition, then collapses in the hallway, leaving Annie to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him. Another patient is a sexist construction worker who sat on a nail gun – so the female staff finds a way to get even with his snide remarks. Greg is smitten with a lady patient he's seeing… until her husband shows up.moreless
  • Dead Nurse
    Dead Nurse
    Episode 7
    Annie's boss tells her she has to drop her plans and cover a shift, so Annie tells her to drop dead -- and she does.
  • Mother, Jugs, and Zach
    sandy must look after her ex-husband's new fiancée; Annie's son is getting into trouble at school; Gina sneaks a dog onto the floor to comfort a burn victim; and Julie helps a senile patient.
  • Reversal of Grandpa
    The staff take turns talking to an accident victim in hopes he will come out of his coma.
  • Coming to America
    Coming to America
    Episode 4
    Gina's father is coming to visit and worried that he might disapprove of her life alone, she tells him that she has a fiancee -- so she enlists Hank to play the part. Little does she know that he excepts her to get married before he leaves the country. Meanwhile, a soap opera actor (John O'Hurley) checks into the hospital and causes a spectacle, and an elderly patient refuses to sign a consent form.moreless
  • This Joint is Jumpin'
    A new doctor frames Greg for the theft of some missing drugs; Sandy gets made at a patient who is ignoring her mother; and Annie worries she may be pregnant.
  • A Lesson in Life
    A Lesson in Life
    Episode 2
    A patient helps Julie with her phobias; Laverne convinces Sandy to go on a date; Gina helps a patient reunite with his brother; and the doctors try to cure Greg's bad attitude.
  • Son of a Pilot
    Son of a Pilot
    Episode 1
    The newest nurse, Julie, doesn't exactly inspire her co-workers with confidence. Meanwhile, Sandy is shocked to learn her ex-husband is planning to marry a very young patient.
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