Nurses (1991) - Season 2

Daily 8:00 PM on KABC 7 Premiered Sep 01, 1991 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Episode 24
    Being careless, Jack gets electrocuted and dies. As the staff works feverishly to revive him, Jack battles for his life by trying to beat the angel of death at a game of Monopoly. Meanwhile Gina tells Hank that she's pregnant.
  • Smokin' in the Boys Room
    Jack and Paco spend their time slacking off in an empty room in an unfinished wing, but their hiding place is discovered when they have to save a construction worker who's swinging out-of-control outside the window. Meanwhile Luke has to tend to the nun from Hell and Hank tries to get Gina back into bed.moreless
  • What are Friends For?
    Annie sets up Sandy with a family friend, but when the date goes horribly, neither Annie nor Sandy can cop to it. Meanwhile, Jack thinks that he killed a patient, unaware that the man was already dead, so he points the finger at Paco.
  • Sting of Hearts
    Sting of Hearts
    Episode 21
    It slips that Gina had sex with Hank, and now Hank's being clingy and obsessive. Particularly when Gina hits it off with an attractive immigrant she bumps into in the elevator. Meanwhile, Jack delves back into insider trading -- with Gina's new boyfriend.
  • When Hank Met Gina
    When Hank Met Gina
    Episode 20
    Paco wins the lottery and decides to bank the money and keep his job -- until Jack talks him into quitting. But turns out there were many more winners than Paco anticipated, leaving him with virtually nothing. Jack is uninterested in helping Paco get his job back -- until he realizes that Paco won't be replaced and he'll be stuck doing all the work. Meanwhile Hank and Gina share a moment during one of their study-dates... which leads to dinner... which leads to sex.moreless
  • Family Outing
    Family Outing
    Episode 19
    Hanks father arrives and reveals that he's gay. Hank freaks out at first, but feels bad about it, so he attends his father's retirement party -- where he outs his Dad to all his associates. Meanwhile there's someone stealing food from the break room fridge and Julie sets out to find the culprit -- which turns out to be Jack.moreless
  • Love and Death
    Love and Death
    Episode 18
    Julie makes up her mind that she's going to break up with Carl, but she changes her tune when he proposes marriage. Meanwhile, Jack's snapped out of his depression when he receives a death threat, Hank solicits Gina for a ride home, and Luke becomes enamored by an overgrown spleen that was donated to the hospital.moreless
  • The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
    Sandy reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Jack. They spend the evening on a riverboat casino where Sandy sees how big of a shark Jack really is.
  • Super Bowl
    Super Bowl
    Episode 16
    Hank throws a Superbowl party, which all his coworkers attend... including Jack, who gave up his box seats to attend. But a bounced check leaves Hank without TV and Paco injured when he tries to illegally hook up cable. So the friends settle on an evening of karaoke.
  • Gropes of Wrath
    Gropes of Wrath
    Episode 15
    The nurses turn in a slimy supply-man for sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Paco himself gets turned in for harassment when he gets tongue-tied in front of gorgeous a candy-striper and asks her to "feel me."
  • If I Were a Rich Man
    Sandy buys a calendar with naked men in it because she thinks the Mr. February or Dusty Bottoms is Luke, so now all the girls wonder and try to find out by asking Paco to help out if Luke is Dusty or not. Jack dares Hank to be rich.
  • Caught Short
    Caught Short
    Episode 13
    Gina is asked to hold the money for an office pool about a baby's delivery date. With all that cash, Gina succumbs to the temptation to spend it on a necklace. She has to find ways to replace the money before the baby comes, or before the others find out. In the end it turns out Gina won the baby pool and gets to keep the necklace.moreless
  • Solitary Man
    Solitary Man
    Episode 12
    Sandy throws Luke a surprise birthday party, to his annoyance. So he decides to give her a glimpse of his world by taking her to a remote cave where he claims he likes to hang out. Meanwhile, Jack agrees to look for Annie's lost wedding ring in return for her taking some hours off of his community service time but what Annie doesn't realize is that Jack's got her ring in his pocket.moreless
  • One Pequeno, Two Pequeno
    Gina's sister, Yolanda, comes to the USA for a visit, and Hank agrees to take her on rounds with him, thinking she's homely. When she arrives and everyone sees what a knockout she is, the guys drool over her and the ladies are jealous. To Hank's surprise, Yolanda is more than a little interested in him, and Gina walks in on the two after Yolanda has removed her dress in an attempt to seduce him.moreless
  • Our Fred
    Our Fred
    Episode 10
    Annie hooks up her husband, Fred, with Hank for a ballgame in hopes of getting him interested in getting out of the house. But her plan works all too well when Fred and Hank begin spending more time together than she hoped for. Meanwhile, Jack discovers a patient (Peter Scolari) is a former associate of his -- who ratted him out to the feds.moreless
  • Illicit Transfers
    Illicit Transfers
    Episode 9
    Jack "donates" $20,000 for the new maternity wing in hopes of getting Annie transferred. But he only ends up getting himself transferred -- to the morgue.
  • Dirty Laundry
    Dirty Laundry
    Episode 8
    Geraldo shows up as a patient at the hospital, and everyone is giddy with excitement -- except Jack, who's sure the journalist has shown up to do an expose' on him. So Jack tries to get Paco to take incriminating photos of Geraldo for blackmail purposes. Turns out Geraldo really is there for a story -- about the mysterious packages of laundry that keep being placed in the dumpster.moreless
  • Playing Doctor
    Playing Doctor
    Episode 7
    Sandy is a hero -- and a laughing stock -- for performing mouth-to-mouth on the Weston's dog, Dryfus, when he nearly drowned at a Halloween party. Meanwhile Gina gets suspended for giving a neighbor's child her prescription medicine.
  • Annie's Choice
    Annie's Choice
    Episode 6
    Annie gets to go on a second honeymoon, so she leaves Julie in charge -- which really ticks off Sandy and Gina. Jack tries to con a dying patient out of his beloved railroad-watch.
  • Julie Gets Validated
    Julie arrives late for work because she spent the night with the parking lot attendant. Jack suddenly becomes smitten with Julie when rumor spreads (and gets twisted) that Julie had sex in the parking garage. For fun, Hank sneaks up on Luke and winds up getting punched. Hank becomes the hospital joke and loses his self-confidence – and his ability to gain an erection.moreless
  • The Bad Boy in the Plastic Bubble
    The staff has to come in for half a day to take a seminar on proper waste disposal because Jack's been throwing hazardous waste in the regular trash bins. Jack, as a "volunteer," worms his way out of showing up, and rubs everyone's noses in it. So Luke tells Jack that he may have been contaminated by a toxic substance, and cons him into spending time in a plastic bubble... wearing only a diaper. Meanwhile, Annie's hawking chocolate for her son, and Hank agrees to buy two cases – but he can't even afford one bar.moreless
  • Inside Information
    Inside Information
    Episode 3
    Sandy, who has become increasingly hostile, is pressured by Julie and Annie to see a psychiatrist. Jack and Hank try to gain inside stock information from a comatose patient.
  • In My New Country
    In My New Country
    Episode 2
    Laverne checks into 3 West to have her webbed toes fixed, but when Sandy gets wind of the situation, toes aren't the only things being separated. Gina, hopped up on recently becoming a US citizen, vows to track down the slumlord that owns Paco's building… which turns out to be Jack Trenton. And Luke and Hank butt heads over Luke's problem with authority.moreless
  • Slime and Punishment
    Shady businessman Jack Trenton is court-ordered to do community service at the hospital. Enraged Annie goes to complain, but ends up getting an ultimatum from her boss – she has one week to get her coworkers' respect or her butt gets the boot. Annie later confronts Jack about his inability to follow orders, and initially has him arrested, until it occurs to her that it may put her job in further jeopardy. Meanwhile, Gina lets Hank know that she's unhappy about his recent interest in his ex-wife.moreless