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    I thought the show was great!. I am in the medical field and I think this gave a very good idea to the general public just exactly what does go on in a major teaching hospital. Only thing that made me laugh and I would have to ask Dr. Oz is this: His program always is promoting healthy lifestyle and diet, etc. In his office on the shelf were two 6 packs of Diet Coke. He says not to drink diet drinks and I am wondering if these are his and is that his choice of something to get him going when he is working long hours! Doesn't bother me, but I just thought it was quite funny! He is human like the rest of us.

    As far as the other poster thinking it is another bad reality show, it is reality. Just hope you are never one of the patients dealing with that type of reality. I have worked in the field and also been a patient many many times in the hospital with a chronic condition. This is reality in a hospital and done very well I believe.
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