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  • And the 100th cop show to be set in NYC...

    First of all this show copies the basic premise of Rookie Blue and this is probably the 100th cop show set in the big apple. The Rookies have different backstories, one a ex marine, one was a pro athelete and one was a refugee..., these 'backstories' are generally not representative of the average nypd rookie, i liked the idea of attempted diversity but other than that i think this show will be cancelled by the end of the 2012 season, because it only got 8.90 million viewers for the premiere, not good. Many of the upcoming episode synopsis' are about guns and bombs, usual storylines when a police procedural runs out of ideas.


    Poor Acting

    Premise been done before

    Unlikeable Cast


    Set in NYC
  • Rookie Blue 22???

    Yet another rookie cop show. And not a very good one either. To echo the other reviewers' sentiments, the script was weak, the characters were too pretty, the stories too rote. After watching a terrific cop show like Southland, it's hard to sit through something so pedestrian as this show. I had high hopes for a show produced by Robert DeNiro but someone was asleep at the typewriter for this one. I think this'll be gone by summer, never to return. And thank goodness for that.
  • NYC 22 aka Rookie Blue

    This doesn't suck, but it's so old hat that it's not really worth watching. Ever seen Rookie Blue? Like someone said earlier, that's this show in a nut shell only with Sobieski in it. There could be something interesting in the out of work journalist turned rookie cop character, but other than that I don't see a whole lot of room for interesting material. Also, I'm unclear on why Sobieski's character, who was a former MP, would be messing stuff up as a rookie. You'd think dealing with civilian criminals would be no more difficult l than dealing with military ones. At least not all the civilian ones have combat training. That being said, it's worth watching if there's nothing else on.
  • God Awful

    Poor acting, bad script, etc, etc.

    But the network will likely keep it.
  • Missed

    I really miss this show. Good human interest showing human error of cops in training.. I like city settings.
  • Canceled too hastily

    I think CBS pulled the plug too quickly. I thought the show was great but as a network crime procedural, it violated a sacred rule: NO BLACK PERPS. Yes, the cops were a racially diverse group, but so were the criminals. That was the problem. If you watch any version of Law and Order, CSI, Criminal Intent, NCIS, etc, etc, you will see that despite the urban settings, you could go whole seasons without a single black murderer. Not so NYC 22 so it had to go.
  • It's actually really good....

    Watch the show. Just a couple of episodes, and you'll really enjoy it. The story line really pulls you in and the acting is not so bad either. It's one of the best shows I have seen on TV in a while. I completely recommend it!