NYC Prep

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Jun 23, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 8/11/09
      With the school year coming to a close PC and Jessie prepare to say goodbye, but of course not without another big argument as Jessie once again approaches PC about his partying behavior and him not getting into college. Sebastian decides to throw a charity event and asks Kelli to sing. Jessie prepares for her high profile Operation Smile benefit, while Camille approaches the Operation Smile leaders about Jessie's unwillingness to help her become involved. Lastly PC approaches Taylor about her ditching his Pent house party.moreless
    • 8/4/09
      PC and Taylor's friendship grows, while Jessie continues to worry about PC's partying ways. Camille and Kelli visit Harvard and Taylor and Coles relationship comes to a halt.
    • Guest of Guests
      Episode 6
      It is Fashion Week in NYC and the gang all enjoy the events from backstage passes to front row seats. PC and Jessie continue to argue over PC's new friends and new partying habits, while Camille worries about Kelli hiring a stylist to help improve her singing career. Meanwhile Sebastian tries to mend his relationship with Kelli and PC tries to start a friendship with Taylor.moreless
    • 7/21/09
      Kelli continues her singing career and Taylor's schedule starts to become too much to handle. Meanwhile, PC's internship takes a fortunate turn.
    • The Virgin Talk
      Episode 4
      Taylor makes a crucial decision regarding her relationships with Sebastian and Cole, while Camille decides to throw a dinner party as a way to improve her dating life. PC comes to the realization that his quick charm may be fading away.
    • 7/7/09
      The gang heads down to Mexico to celebrate winter break. When they return, tempers flare when PC begins flirting with Kelli. PC spends his winter break partying with an old friend in Mexixo, while Jessie is in Florida worrying about him. Kelli relaxes with her family in the Hamptons, but soon has to deal with an unexpected family tragedy. Camille, Taylor and Sebastian stay in the city for the break, but drama does not disappear as Taylor must decide whether her true feelings are for Sebastian or Cole.moreless
    • Flip of the Hair
      Episode 2
      Sebastian plays both Kelli and Taylor, but ultimately decides he'd rather committ to Taylor than Kelli. In return Kelli and Camille gossip about Sebastian and Taylor, making Taylor rather uncomfortable. PC ignites tension between Camille, Kelli and Jessie after he tells Jessie some of the names Camille and Kelli have called her. Finally Sebastian and Taylor share their first.moreless
    • 6/23/09
      In this premiere episode of the hot new Bravo reality show the audience dives into the lives of Jessica, PC, Taylor, Camille, Kelli, and Sebastian, 6 teens living in Manhattan's elite high school scene with lives filled with drama.
    • Preview Special
      Cast members are introduced to the audience, with a small peak into the drama that surrounds their life.