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NYC Prep

Season 1 Episode 6

Guest of Guests

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 2009 on Bravo
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Episode Summary

It is Fashion Week in NYC and the gang all enjoy the events from backstage passes to front row seats. PC and Jessie continue to argue over PC's new friends and new partying habits, while Camille worries about Kelli hiring a stylist to help improve her singing career. Meanwhile Sebastian tries to mend his relationship with Kelli and PC tries to start a friendship with Taylor.moreless

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  • The best episode yet. Taylor and PC become closer. Jessie works during Fashion week. PC causes all sorts of drama.

    So we start this episode with Jessie starting her job as an intern. Good for her she got the job. Jessie; Most of the girls were 7 years older than me isnt It a little pathetic that I have more work experience than you. She just couldnt stop while she was ahead. Kellie; my voice coach says I should get an image. Camille; I dont think you have to change yourself just to be in the music industry. Camille is very good at giving advice, on subject that she knows absolutly nothing about she needs to just keep her opinion to herself. She tried to give Taylor relationship advice, but shes never had a boyfriend. She tried to tell Kellie no to change herself but she does that all the time to put on her college resume, she doesnt care about community service she just wants to get in Harvard. Anyways PC invites Taylor to a Fashion show and she brings Cole. Taylor;That was Amanda Bynes. PC; yeah lets be super cool and not give a s*** if celebrities walk by. aw poor Taylor. Later PC, Jessie and Kat go to a Fashion show and PC is upset that Kat is in his seat. PC; Jessie and Kat were acting like little girls. PC is saying this and he was trippin over a seat thats little girl behavior. PC; I wanted to take a bag and put it over her head and stranggle her but thats illegal. I like that whats stopping him is that its illegal and not that its crazy. Kellie(to PC.); I feel like im fighting with a chick. oh damn There are levels of insults a dis, a burn and getting punished. PC just got punished, Im starting to like Kellie she wasnt afraid of PC, I like that. PC brings his new friends to an event Jessie invated him to and put her job in jepordy wow. In the end Jessie and PC talk and sort it out. PC; Jessie is one of my best friends and Id be there to help her anywhere in the world. aw that just might be the sweetest thing hes ever said. So In conclusion Kellie is evolveing, Camille is still a know it all snob, Sabastion is still an air head, Taylor is getting closer to the in crowd, PC is still a jerk and I do think that Jessie like PC as more than a friend, I wonder what will happen when she hear those things Taylor was saying about him being Bi sexual, its getting better.moreless

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