NYC Prep

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Jun 23, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Its been a while but NYC prep is actually a pretty decent show that shows the truths behind many NYC based shows like Gossip Girl.

    So NYC prep shows the lives of teenagers living their lives in the fast paced New York City. At first you think "what a bunch of spoiled rich stupid kids in the city." and that is 100% correct thats what its about spoiled stupid people. You get to see nearly every aspect of their lives and we also get to see all the drama. The show has 2 preety good characters that get your attention P.C and Jessie the others are just there. The main problem with the show is that the main villian P.C is also the central character so we see his bad side and his good side which makes you understand him more and hate him less, but that leaves no bad guy. Jessie is the mean girl of the show and thats okay every show needs a good mean girl to make it interesting. There is not much to say about the others Sabastion is a player, Kellie is the typical bubbly fun girl, Camille is a snob and Taylor I dont know Taylor is kind of weird. So overall a decent show and I think it will get better as it goes along.