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"This police drama contains adult language and scenes with partial nudity. Viewer discretion is advised." The potential images those words created alone caused more controversy for this series, before it had even premiered. The "Bible Belt" was up in arms and no-one had even seen an episode. In most of those southern states the local ABC affiliates refused to carry the show, which was a shame because aside from a "little" bare flesh and a couple of harsh words, they missed out on a quality television show. Of course it wasn't long before they realized it really was no big deal. Late during the first season, Steven Bochco said during an acceptance speech at the 20th Annual People's Choice Awards: "In spite of those who seek to legislate what we can and cannot see on our own television sets in the privacy of our own homes. NYPD Blue has succeeded because the American people, properly so, prefer to judge for themselves." At those awards the show was voted "favorite new television dramatic series" and "favorite television dramatic series" the first year it was eligible. The show has been nominated for and won numerous awards. Check out this IMDb link for more information. Most notably the series has been nominated for an Emmy 84 times and has won 20 of those times and Dennis Franz has claim to four of those statues. Before this series, some of the stars had an affiliation with Steven Bochco from his previous highly acclaimed series Hill Street Blues. David Caruso had guest starred in two episodes and during the 3rd season, Dennis Franz guest starred as Det. Sal Benedetto in 5 episodes and was killed off in his last appearance. Franz officially joined the cast in that show's 6th season as Lt. Norman Buntz and stayed with the show until it ended. Then the Buntz character was brought back for a short-lived comedy series called Beverly Hills Buntz the following season. This series didn't last because it was erratically scheduled as a fill-in and then couldn't build an audience. James McDaniel also appeared in a Hill Street Blues episode and then also appeared in Steven Bochco's attempt at something new, a musical police drama called Cop Rock. When Caruso left early on in the series, another Bochco veteran was called upon; Jimmy Smits who played Victor Sifuentes on Bochco's L.A. Law was brought in to play new detective Bobby Simone. While other actors have left with big screen ambitions, two actors have left the series to move onto other Bochco created programs. In 1996 there was an attempt to launch a comedy that featured as one of the characters in the ensemble PAA John Irvin played by Bill Brochtrup. Public Morals only aired one episode and was pulled. I would hesitate to call it a spin-off, since only one (at that time) minor character from this series appeared on it, but I suppose an argument could be made. After all, Dennis Franz did take his Norman Buntz character from Hill Street Blues to Beverly Hills Buntz, a comedy series that lasted much longer than Public Morals did. Bill Brochtrup returned back to the 15th and made several guest appearances before becoming a full cast member in the 6th season. In 2001 Kim Delaney left this series (with a loophole that would allow her to come back) to star in Philly. That series wasn't too long lived and Det. Russell has subsequently returned for a guest spot or two. While this cast has undergone a rotation of lead actors, Dennis Franz was the glue that held this series together. Most of the show's run was at Tuesdays at 10pm ET on ABC. The show was simulcast in HDTV. With the 2000-2001 TV season, the show became ABC's first regularly scheduled entertainment series to be broadcast in high definition. First air date: September 21, 1993 Last air date: March 1, 2005 Original air time: Tuesday 10:00:00 pm (Eastern)moreless

    Eric Stonestreet really wants to be NYPD Blue's Sipowicz

    He's got an Emmy for his comedy work, and a lengthy list of guest roles as a dramatic actor.


    A Second Look at Southland

    Now that Southland has reappeared on cable, previously interested viewers have a chance to catch up, and original fans can finally see a fuller vision of the show.

  • Dennis Franz

    Dennis Franz

    Det. (later Sgt.) Andy Sipowicz

    Sherry Stringfield

    Sherry Stringfield

    Laura Michaels [ season 1 only ]

    Henry Simmons

    Henry Simmons

    Det. Baldwin Jones [ episode 139+ ]

    Jimmy Smits

    Jimmy Smits

    Det. Bobby Simone [ episodes 27 - 115, episode 247 (uncredited) ]

    Currie Graham

    Currie Graham

    Lt. Thomas Bale [ season 12 ]

    Bill Brochtrup

    Bill Brochtrup

    PAA John Irvin [ episode 123+, recurring seasons 2 – 6 ]

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    • regarding what the NYPD

      Well as a very proude canadian,i'm very desappointed in the behavier of the was not the time or place for all of you to turn your back on DE BLASIO at the totally showed disrespect towered the poor you have a problem with DE BLASIO take it out with him but not at the all you did is show disrespect for the poor families that are mourning there lost one's
    • Seasons 5-6 released, 7 being released soon

      Finally, season 5 was released in January 2014 and season 6 in June; season 7 is available for pre-ordering on Amazon and will be released this November. Happy to note Season 6 episode Hearts and Souls is the original version. Great to finally see more of this wonderful show available on DVD.
    • Great cop show

      This show was one of the first American shows i got into. Growibng up in Norway with only 1 tv channel for most of us, there wasnt a lot to watch. I started watching it when it came out on DVD, David Caruso quickly became a favorite, and i watched the first season not knowing he had left the show early in the second season. In my opinion that hurt the show, the chemistry between John Kelly and Andy Sipowitz was great, and though the show was great all the way through, in my opinion the first season was by far the best. Also for me this makes it a 9 not a 10, would be an 8, if it wasnt for that it has a worthy ending.moreless
    • top cops

      great tv show! focusing on the relationships and day to day work of nypd detectives! what i love is that mainly justice is done and in many ways it is very emotional and andy sipowicz is very entertaining! he begins as a washed out drunk then gets clean and eventually becomes a less bigoted character! there's some great characters and very very moralistic plots! it makes you feel emotions and i would say it's better than the wire!moreless
    • I watched it for the nudity

      Yes, the title is first tv show ever in prime time with nudity. But I soon fell in love with the strong characters and the crime solving. I never knew detectives could beat up a suspect to get information until I watched this show. I wanted to know what life in New York City was really like, that's why I kept watching. I remember being in a chat room the first year the show ran, and I asked "Is NYC really like the show?". I got about 50 respones from people from NY, and half said yes and the other half said no. So I really don't know. But I've always been afraid to visit there because of this great show.moreless
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