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Episode Guide

    • Hearts and Souls
      Hearts and Souls
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      It is ten days after Bobbie's surgery and the detectives wait with anticipation as Bobby is set to be released from the hospital. A minor complication arises with a possible infection. Andy's ex-wife shows up at the squad, she's getting ready to defend herself against a DWI. She slips out while Andy is trying to reach out to help her. Bobby takes a turn for the worse and the entire squad is put on edge. Diane insists on seeing Dr. Carreras. He lays the hard news on Diane; it would be better overall for Bobby is he was kept from suffering any further. Dr. Carreras and Dr. Swan have differing opinions on the prognosis for Bobby's future. Carreras feels that Swan wants Bobby's inevitable condition to be on another department's record. Andy gets Katie to agree to begin attending meetings, as a way meet the terms of her. Diane calls the squad to advise them that after the shift is over, it might be a good idea to stop by the hospital to see Bobby. Bobby receives last rites. Au revoir Robert "Bobby" Simone.moreless
    • Lost Israel (1)
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      A young boy is reported missing by his parents. Simone and Sipowicz agree to look for the young boy, when the father tells them it may have been his fault for letting him talk to a homeless man. Instincts tell Andy that the father is guilty. They locate the homeless man, named Israel; however, communication is difficult because he is a mute. Unfortunately, the boy's body is found and the detectives now must determine if Israel is responsible or perhaps the boy's father. Andy may have tipped his hand to the boy's father that he likes him for the murder. So for a while Andy bows out of the case and Diane steps in. Meanwhile, a Hasidic Jewish girl is murdered and the other detectives have to juggle the need for their investigation against the needs of her faith for a quick burial. Israel is brought in for further "questioning" to let father think suspicion has been removed from him. The father watches the interrogation of Israel with interest. The father has set-up all the evidence to point towards Israel, but the detectives really like the father. The think they can get to him through the mother, Diane tries to determine the approach she is going to take while interviewing her the next day.moreless
    • A Death in the Family
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      A robbery-homicide sends Bobby and Andy to the hospital; however the victim is Andy Jr. Andy wants Bobby to lead the case and he also wants the opportunity for restitution. Diane doesn't like the way Bobby is handling the case. They turn up the weapon, but the suspects don't pan out. In the midst of all this turmoil, Donna makes the decision and quits her job. Andy goes for a walk and makes a stop.moreless
    • Welcome to New York
      Welcome to New York
      Season 7 - Episode 12
      Sorenson, Sipowicz and Medavoy with help from John Irvin, investigate the disappearance of a gay man (with evidence of foul play), whose nephew indicates that his uncle's former lover might be their man. The lover is brought in for questioning, but their questioning reveals that the lover's new roommate might be someone worth questioning as he's referred to the victim as "Satan incarnate." Meanwhile, Russell, Kirkendall and Jones help the meek victim of a gang rape. The victim at least had the presence of mind to keep track of where the gang took her to be raped, despite the fact they wouldn't let her see where they were taking her. Retracing her steps leads the detectives to the apartment where the raped occurred and to "the fifth man in," which will eventually lead them to the other four.moreless
    • A Little Dad'll Do Ya
      Season 9 - Episode 16
      McDowell and Ortiz start investigating the rape of a woman in her home. The victim's husband says that he saw his cousin Lenny Gano escaping out their window and they should be looking for him. Clark Jr. goes to visit the James Kilik, the kid that he and Sipowicz had rescued from his bizarre mother a few weeks earlier. Clark Jr. is still looking into ways to try helping the kid out. The other detectives are starting to work the homicide of a young Asian girl. Back at the squad, Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. that Eddie Gibson has done some work with foster children and may be able to help them with James Kilik. McDowell talks with Ortiz about her late husband's funeral and then they collar Lenny Gano. Sipowicz interviews the parents of their victim and they give him a name a boy their daughter knew. John Irvin's sister Delia arrives for a visit. She really wants to talk to him about his father and his pending heart operation. John still isn't interested is resuming his relationship with his father, a father who cut him off after John "came out of the closet". McDowell and Ortiz question Lenny Gano who admits that he'd been sleeping with his cousin's wife, but he didn't rape her. Sipowicz asks John if he's all right and John responds in the affirmative, but Sipowicz doesn't appear to buy it. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Gibson, who's recovered from his surgery enough to almost be back on the job full time, about James Kilik. Gibson thinks they might be trying to guilt him into taking the kid in; when they really only want some of his foster family contacts. With Gibson gone, they begin talking to the boy who knew their victim. He tells them that about the treatment that victim had been receiving from her parents. The victim was an unwanted doctor. McDowell and Ortiz re-interview their rape victim about her story. She confesses that their sex was consensual; she claimed rape to protect Lenny from his cousin. Haywood and Jones discuss their need to still communicate. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's sister and she doesn't seem very cooperative. The ME reports their victim had been getting beat for a quite a while. Sipowicz asks John what's going on and John tells him about his father. Sipowicz tells him about his experience with getting back together with Andy Jr. and how much he appreciated that the opportunity for that occurred. Jones and Medavoy interview the Asian victim's father who doesn't cooperate well with them. Back at the squad, Gibson calls Sipowicz with an offer to meet with Sipowicz, Clark Jr. and James Kilik. Gibson has tentative approval from his wife to take the boy in, but he wants to meet him first. Lenny Gano's cousin with the temper comes in to get his girlfriend, who he heard has been arrested. He causes a scuffle to break out in the squad. McDowell and Ortiz are both thrown to the ground and might be injured. McDowell uses a fire extinguisher to bring him down. Fraker, the IAB captain stops by, to ask what happened in squad, saying the victim says the force was excessive. The excessive force caused the victim to require forty stitches to the back of his head. Rodriguez tells him that everything that happened in the squad was above board. Fraker seems to have the need to want to find this squad guilty of doing something wrong. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's mother (via a translator). The mother confesses to the murder, saying the second daughter was her fault. Her husband only performed the burial. Clark Jr. picks up James Kilik for their meeting. John Irvin stops by to see his father in the hospital and his father still won't accept his lifestyle. John leaves, not feeling good about their reunion. James Kilik meets with Eddie Gibson and it goes well enough that James has a new home.moreless
    • It Takes a Village
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      A son is bitter about his father's death and offers $5000 in cash to anyone who can produce the killer. Andy avoids getting the eye surgery he needs. Simone and Kirkendall try to work the case, despite the impedance to the investigation caused by the reward. A drug-addicted pregnant mother gives up her kids up for the reward. Sipowicz and Russell investigate the rape of a 9-year-old girl. The victim's mother is convinced that the perp may be a retarded youth from their building who's going through adolescence. Later the girl is able to recall more details that get them on a lead on the real perp, a man who says he was rehabilitated. The outcomes of their investigations have different effects on each of the detectives. Diane and Bobby engage in some intense activities that cause them to believe they've made a baby.moreless
    • Brother's Keeper
      Brother's Keeper
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      The word goes out to the uniforms to look out for any possible donors for a heart for Simone. Sipowicz, Medavoy and Martinez investigate the homicide of an elderly woman whose hands and feet were cut off of her body. Bobby is transferred over to the surgical staff, where his new doctor recommends that waiting for the heart transplant is his best option. The woman's two sons are probable suspects, one son, Arnold Struel, shows no remorse over her death, the other, Stanley an alcoholic junkie, who didn't like her, at least shows some compassion. Sipowicz finally gets Arnold to give it up. Later, when he returns to the interview room, he sees that Arnold is hanging himself. He debates about waiting until he is dead, to provide a donor for Bobby, but circumstances (Medavoy) prevent him from waiting. By chance, an off-duty cop is shot in the head and for all practical purposes is dead; Fancy makes a pleas with the widow, for a directed donation. Eventually she consents and Bobby is prepped for surgery.moreless
    • Russellmania
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Fancy comes down on Russell and Sorenson for yesterday's display in the squad room. He assigns Sorenson to work with Medavoy and Jones on a subway double homicide and Russell is to get assistance on her apparent murder-suicide case from Sipowicz. Russell runs into Denby while canvassing some of the employees at the courier company, she indicates to him that the relationship with Danny didn't work out and that piques his interest. Further investigation into the murder-suicide reveals that the murder victim was operating a drug distribution network using the courier service, and it now appears as though Harry Denby has taken it over. Det. Olivo, an old friend of Sorenson's from narcotics, meets Sorenson to inform him that the case that is being worked in their squad may jeopardize a case their task force is building. He has to refer Olivo to Russell and Sipowicz, since he is working another case; however his knowledge of Russell getting involved with this case, puts him on edge. The suspect that was brought in on the subway double homicide feels the wrath of Sorenson, when Sorenson beats him. The beating screws up any reasonable chance of prosecuting their suspect, which brings down the wrath of Captain Bass. As a result, the suspect is let go and Sorenson is suspended for an undetermined length of time. Meanwhile, Russell and Sipowicz join the taskforce. Denby arrives on the scene, shoots several people and takes a wounded cop hostage. He asks for Russell and she agrees to go in and left with little choice, she takes him out, permanently. When they return to the squad room, Russell and Sipowicz learn about Sorenson's suspension. Andy talks with Danny about his situation and tells him that since he wanted to work this out for himself, he is now on his own.moreless
    • Remembrance of Humps Past
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      Bobby isn't quite sure, but he thinks he overheard Naomi speaking with an Australian accent. An old friend from his school days stops by to ask Andy to talk to his daughter about the company she is keeping. The daughter is living with a woman who's looking to eventually change her sex, but that isn't the issue, it's her boyfriend is an unstable element. So unstable, that despite Andy's visit the next morning the daughter's roommate is murdered. Another of Andy's old schoolmates might be the key to unraveling the mystery. Also for some unexplained reason, Sipowicz seems unusually agitated with Fancy. Meanwhile, Greg and James look into where a man is getting a lot of teeth that contain gold fillings and uncover a small grave robbing operation. Later, Naomi confesses to Bobby about her Australian origins and her desire to become a police woman.moreless
    • Simone Says
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      An over-the-edge Abruzzo threatens Lesniak in the squad room. Bobby Simone, a widower & racing homing pigeon breeder, joins the precinct. His first assignment is to help Sipowicz in the investigation of the hit on a mobster's son, where a stray bullet also strikes an elderly woman in her apartment. Lesniak tries to help a woman who's worried that her husband is molesting their daughter.moreless
    • The Bookie and Kooky Cookie
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      The detectives search for the killer of a bookie. Donna returns ready to resume her position. Bobby's head case witness tries to end his career when he won't give her what she wants. John gives all of the detectives’ farewell greeting cards; later, Fancy proposes that he move upstairs to anti-crime where there is an opportunity. Andy and Sylvia meet with the priest and later Sylvia hears a story about what has contributed to Andy's loss of faith. Andy smells something familiar on Russell.moreless
    • Brothers Under Arms
      Brothers Under Arms
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      Martinez arrives at the squad for his last day. Diane tells Jill the results of her conversation with Denby. Sorenson and Sipowicz look into a murder, where the gun used was involved in a shooting 2 years earlier. With help from the gun owner's mother, they get the gun and the name of the party who last had the gun. That party points to the gun owner's brother as the one who really wanted the gun to accompany him on a visit to his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. Denby tells Russell that Don Kirkendall escaped from his supervision last night (after his night of drinking with Russell) and if Don contacts Jill, Russell should let him know, so he can save his own ass. Jill gives into Don's continual calls and asks Diane for the use of her apartment, knowing that her own apartment is probably under surveillance by Denby. Jill gives Don some money and tells him to leave, but before he goes he swipes Bobby's wedding ring from the mantel. The squad gathers to celebrate the promotion of James Martinez to sergeant. Denby pages Russell to a crime scene where the victim he believes to be the body of Don Kirkendall. He shows her a ring that he found on the body, which she immediately recognizes and asks to have back, telling Denby it was Don Kirkendall's ring.moreless
    • A Box of Wendy
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      A man finds an interesting looking box, only it is oozing a liquid that turns out to be the blood from a woman's body that is stuffed inside. Simone and Sipowicz investigate the crime and meet the victim's brother, a man who is more concerned with drinking a particular brand of soft drink. Russell investigates the death of a child whose parents do not seem fit to raise a child. Kirkendall and Medavoy look into the death of a young boy, whose parents later suggest that person who killed their son can be forgiven, after all the Lord has forgiven him. Jill tells Diane that she knows that she is pregnant.moreless
    • Rockin' Robin
      Season 1 - Episode 22

      Kelly gets a high-priced attorney to defend Janice and helps out with her bail. Andy tries to make amends with Sylvia who has been attending Al-Anon meetings. Kelly investigates the murder of a priest. While helping his son shop for a car, Andy comes across a lead in the disappearance case that has frustrated him for years. John and Robin meet for lunch and again later that night.

    • Lost Israel (2)
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Andy begins to make sense of the Bible passage that Israel pointed out to him; only to discover that Israel has hung himself. The detectives aren't sure how to proceed with the parents now that Israel is dead; Fancy is out of the office because his daughter Jennifer has had an appendicitis. The detectives decide to let the parents know about Israel's death, but lead the parents to believe they have a witness that saw the father plant the shirt in Israel's "home." Diane begins to reach the mother. Bobby senses the father is jealous of all the attention. The detectives decide to lie low and wait for the father to make a move. It doesn't take long and the father contacts Bobby, who tries to connect with him like Diane is doing with the mother. Emotions run high until a confession is finally delivered. Meanwhile, the other detectives find a doctor who is helping out the homeless by getting them a job with insurance benefits that he helps them collect.moreless
    • The Irvin Files
      The Irvin Files
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      Sorenson and Sipowicz start looking into the disappearance of snooty art dealer, Noel Beller's collection. Medavoy and Jones interview a man who's reporting his wife as missing. During their interview with him, the man never looks them in the eye. A woman, Nikki Cameron, who's trying to write her first article for an art magazine about Beller, returns to the squad to give the detectives additional information about the art dealer's cousin, who had a set of keys and has returned to New York. There also is a hint of mutual interest between Nikki and Danny. A man comes in with information about the missing woman, causing Medavoy and Jones to revisit the strange husband and confirm their suspicion that he had killed his wife. After meeting Beller and his cousin, Sorenson and Sipowicz return to Beller's apartment, where they are nearly ambushed by Nikki Cameron's accomplice who's carrying a gun. Both Nikki and her accomplice are brought into the squad and Sorenson lets her know that it will go better for her, if she helps them put her accomplice away.moreless
    • Safe Home
      Safe Home
      Season 6 - Episode 22
      As a result of her injuries, Sylvia has died. The squad worries about Andy's state, will he start drinking again. Andy is staying in his apartment, only making sure that Theo makes it to and from school. He is only accepting a minimal amount of help from his ex-wife Katie. Medavoy and Martinez interview a man who claims that he was hired to murder Kenny Priest at the Cullinan trial. He points to his sister, Lurleen as the one who set him up with the job; she also had something to do with Cullinan's murder of Mike Roberts. Sorenson goes to seek Sipowicz's help, when they get Cullinan to drop his high priced attorney. John Irvin is hard on himself and feels that he can never face Andy again. Danny gets Andy to help with the interview of Cullinan and the very subdued interview gets Cullinan to crack. John Irvin and Andy silently pass each other on the stairwell. A few moments later, Andy reappears and assures John he doesn't hold him responsible for Sylvia's death. Andy debates about how he can tell Theo about his mother's passing. Diane declines Danny's dinner invitation. Fancy meets with Dornan.moreless
    • In the Still of the Night
      In the Still of the Night
      Season 8 - Episode 10
      A small scuffle breaks out in the precinct lobby when the man who enters is identified as the one responsible for the vehicular homicide death of a cop's cousin. This is the second scuffle that the driver has gotten into with the surviving relatives. Sipowicz and Sorenson are able to negotiate to keep charges from being filed against all parties and everyone is satisfied. Captain Bass's wife is stabbed and Russell goes to speak with her, while Jones and Medavoy investigate the crime scene. Bass tells Fancy he wants a full court press to get the guy who did this. In the interim, with a little push from Medavoy, Jones and Haywood make a date for a night of doo-wop. Russell mentions to Fancy that is was suspected but never proven that Bass's wife might have set a fire she was involved in 10 years ago. John Irvin meets an antique toy dealer who is interested in seeing his lead soldier. Danny speaks with Diane about his plans to leave if he gets out of line again making her uncomfortable. That evening Andy and Cynthia have another dinner date, this time at her place. Cynthia mentions to Andy that she wants to start living now. They kiss and depart for the bedroom. The next morning, Sipowicz and Sorenson are called to the scene of a beating death, involving Szymanski's cousin. They aren't able to make this go away as easily when a witness comes forth revealing that Szymanski's cousin made a verbal death threat against the victim a couple of hours earlier. Jones and Medavoy interview a suspect or two in the stabbing to no avail, then Russell discovers some evidence that Mrs. Bass had purchased the knife she was stabbed with a couple of days before the incident. In her re-interview of Mrs. Bass she finds out that all Mrs. Bass was in search of was a little attention from her husband. Fancy breaks the news to Bass, who takes it well and commends Fancy on his ability to put people first. Meanwhile, Theo asks Andy difficult questions about the friend he has been having dinner with and Baldwin and Valerie's doo-wop date goes well as they try to figure each other out.moreless
    • Little Abner
      Little Abner
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      Fancy meets Abner, who wants to say his goodbyes and wants that same message conveyed to Jones. Sipowicz and Sorenson (with Medavoy and Jones) investigate the murder of a nightclub owner's partner. The nightclub owner, Dave Lorenz and one of the bartenders believes that his partner may have been the victim of a hit ordered from inside prison, since the partner was known to be sticking it to a mob informant's former girlfriend. Russell and Kirkendall work with a woman (Shanice) who claims that her boyfriend raped her. Fancy believes there might be something more to Abner's message, so he passes the message along to Jones and asks that Jones give Abner a call in return. When Abner doesn't answer any phone calls, Fancy takes some lost time to go to Abner's apartment and finds Abner dead in his bathtub from a gunshot to the head. Shanice's boyfriend is brought in, but will not talk with female detectives, he requests a brother detective. So Jones conducts an interview and the boyfriend presents some evidence that ultimately proves him innocent, but proves to uncomfortable for Jones (watching white people watch black people have sex). The mobster is brought in, but an interview with him doesn't reveal anything, but a visit from the Dave Lorenz's wife reveals that her husband is the person they should be looking at for the crime. Fancy is at a loss for understanding why Abner committed suicide.moreless
    • A Draining Experience
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      Bobby tells the FBI that he will talk to the lieutenant from IAB, if he does what they expect he might do, then Bobby is through with his part. Or so he thinks. After his interview, he begins to help Andy and Diane with their investigation of a homicide. The victim's psychiatrist thinks the father is the one they should be looking at. They think differently. A man from a magazine that wrote a bad story on the cops in New York, needs their help when his mugged trying to help someone in trouble. Greg and James help him out. Meanwhile, IAB brings Bobby up on charges and they suspend him from active duty. Later, Martens reports that he has also been suspended. Knowing that he was suspended from duty, Joey Salvo asks Bobby to do him another favor. Bobby goes out to meet Salvo, in the midst of their discussion there is gunfire and Salvo hits the ground. Andy tells Bobby he'd better get the hell out of there.moreless
    • In the Wind
      In the Wind
      Season 8 - Episode 20
      Sorenson hasn't shown up for work yet and when Sipowicz and McDowell go to his apartment they find a dead body. The body is Kristen the stripper. In light of all that information Medavoy and Jones try to work another homicide while Sipowicz and McDowell try to find Sorenson. Sipowicz finds out from Rodriguez about Sorenson beginning to work undercover and he and McDowell go to the strip club where Sipowicz uses some excessive force to Joey Schulman to give them information they can use to find Sorenson. It turns out that the Feds have been watching the strip club and besides Sorenson's disappearance, their man on the scene, Pete the bartender has also gone missing. Sipowicz and McDowell visit Sorenson's aunt to find out that Danny has started dealing with some personal issues. When Sorenson's credit card is used in Jersey City, Sipowicz and McDowell go and find a janitor from the strip club has used the card, claiming to have found it at the club. Meanwhile, the stress of the Sorenson investigation seems to get to Jones who gets short with an alibi witness and later with Haywood. The suspect in the Jones-Medavoy homicide seems to have a witness that gives him a credible alibi, until they use the suspect's relationship with the victim against him. On the other investigative front, the body of Pete the bartender is found and a fingerprint is found in Danny's apartment. The print matches the guy who Sorenson had a disagreement with at the strip club and after Sipowicz and McDowell confront him they get the story explaining Kristen's death; however, Sorenson is still missing.moreless
    • Flight of Fancy
      Flight of Fancy
      Season 8 - Episode 13
      While digging up old cases, to avoid the being around the squad for the arrival of Dalto, Sipowicz and Sorenson encounter a man carrying a cash register named Freddy. Fancy is moving out and Dalto is moving in and she starts making waves. McDowell asks Fancy if the ink is dry on her transfer. The general feeling in the squad is tense. Fancy meets with Capt. Bass to see if anything can be done to get Dalto removed from taking over his old squad. Meanwhile, Freddy takes Sipowicz and Sorenson to the places that he's robbed, but for a chance to get out of his jam, he tells them where he's seen a dead body. The body's been there at least a year and it seems Freddy knows something about it. They find the dead girl's relatives and learn that despite her young age of 14, she was an experienced crack-whore. Gibson stops Andy to ask about his niece, as to the status of their relationship; it seems Cynthia may have an opportunity with someone else, but she hasn't heard from Andy in a while and Gibson as the setup guy doesn't want to be caught in the middle. Sipowicz lets him know his feelings on the matter. Dalto gets a phone call from the chief of detectives that she's been reassigned. Fancy asks the question how one person could alienate a whole squad of detectives in just 48 hours. A known drug dealer is brought in as a suspect for the murder of the young girl just as a new lieutenant arrives. The dead girl's old caseworker comes in with information that the girl's in-country uncle also abused her and the drug dealer that Freddy claims committed the murder is disgusted that anyone would think that he would have anything to do with that crack whore. The girl's in-country uncle comes in for questioning and cops to having sex with her, but denies having anything to do with the murder. Evidence points back towards Freddy, who cops to the murder. The new lieutenant tells the detectives that he is going to sit back for a while and watch them do their jobs and Fancy feels that his squad is in good hands. At the end of the shift, the detectives of the 15th Squad give Capt Fancy a touching and proper send off.moreless
    • In the Butt, Bob
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Lesniak is flashed, brings the perpetrator in and deals with his "high priced lawyer and shrink," especially when he repeats the offense. Another detective uses his pull to take a possible serial killer case away from Bobby after he brings in a possible suspect. One of Fancy's old contacts, Vinnie Greco, brings in a tip about a couple of guys looking for some heavy hardware to do an armored car job; Sipowicz works with him but the guy is really working for someone else against Fancy. Fancy discovers this and has Vinnie wear a wire for him. Andy invites his son over for dinner and finds out Andy Jr. is joining the Air Force. Later, Andy proposes to Sylvia; this time she accepts.moreless
    • Top Gum
      Top Gum
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      Bobby dreams and later he visits his dentist. Besides the checkup, the dentist asks him to check on his daughter, whose boyfriend deals and uses drugs. However, Simone also seems to be showing signs of a health problem that he thinks is a chest cold, as he joins the other detectives at a crime scene, where they are beginning to investigate a stabbing death. The victim's father, who shows up at the scene with Mike Roberts as a bodyguard, asks the detectives to "make it right." Russell and Kirkendall get redirected to check into a possible rape case, but it turns out to be a false alarm. Sipowicz's opinion of Roberts hasn't changed and reluctantly takes the lead that he offers for the case. John Irvin returns upstairs in a temp job, the computer graphics business just didn't work for him. Russell and Kirkendall's false alarm turns up at the squad. She eventually points to her mother's boyfriend as being the rapist. The suspect in their case cuts Simone while they are grabbing him up. It's not a serious wound, but his overall health seems to be in decline. After he goes to visit his dentist's daughter, he returns home and finds he is having more difficulties with his breathing. He tells Diane not to worry, as the antibiotics the doctor gave him for the stab wound should also help to clear up his chest cold.moreless
    • Tea and Sympathy
      Tea and Sympathy
      Season 7 - Episode 19
      The reporter that Jones gave the story about Magrini's dead wife 2 weeks earlier, Nicole, approaches him about the possibility of the two of them getting together for sex. He'd rather try the possibility of dinner first. A retired English cop, Jimmy Cheatham, comes to the Squad with information about a possible suspect that might help with the homicide case that they are working. Since Simpkins from the 25th precinct wasn't listen He takes Sipowicz into confidence that he is suffering with a condition that might be related to jet lag. Russell and Kirkendall question the employer of the suspect and get him to let them put his mortuary under the surveillance. Meanwhile, Jimmy Cheatham's ex-partner who's on vacation in NYC arrives to offer her assistance. The surveillance begins and ends the following evening with the suspect being taken into custody. Since Jones wasn't able to meet Nicole for dinner, he asks for another chance, which she gives him; however, when dinner ends they get busy.moreless
    • Hollie and the Blowfish
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Simone makes contact with old snitch. Martinez and Medavoy catch a murder case involving "white magic." Russell is paired up with a "blow hard" (who also knows Andy) from the federal anti-drug unit, who's more interested in collecting overtime, than catching dealers. Simone's snitch helps to capture the drug dealers who killed a young girl with their crossfire. The "blow hard" mentions where they got their information to their suspect. Andy and Bobby both have conversations with the "blow hard" about his use of his mouth.moreless
    • Bombs Away
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Bobby and Andy collide with a Romanian immigrant who has a woman locked in the trunk of his car. Later investigation shows him to be a terrorist. While transporting the serial killer out of the station house, the Webster serial killer is shot and his last victim's father is on the premises. Bobby begins to investigate the father and another member of a victim's support group. Greg tries to talk with Dana about his relationship with Donna, but she takes advantage of the situation. James asks Adrianne out for dinner; however, she rejects him because she does not want to be involved in relationship with someone she works with, given her previous history.moreless
    • The Bank Dick
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      A witness smells alcohol on Russell's breath. Officers in another precinct bash John and his lover, so he asks Bobby for some help. A terminally ill infant helps the detectives locate a serial rapist. Bobby confronts Russell about her drinking. Greg meets with his wife who would like them to get back together for the kids and Donna tells him where their relationship stands. When Kelly can't get back for the wedding, Andy asks Bobby to be his best man.moreless
    • Auntie Maimed
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Sylvia is close to giving birth and Andy is on edge. When isn't he? Donna contemplates a California job offer. The nephew of the victim of a robbery-homicide is found holding the stolen goods. Andy and Bobby (with observations from Andy Jr.) work that case. Greg, James, Adrianne and Diane all work the robbery-homicide of a bouncer. James and Adrianne have another talk. Sylvia gives birth with only a little trouble. It is a boy and they name him Theo.moreless
    • Yes, We Have No Cannolis
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      An ex-con that put away year ago, meets him on the street and tells him about a prisoner who's been serving time for a crime he didn't commit. James wins the election by three votes, much to Gotelli's dismay. Savino stops by and gives Bobby the status on the murder in his building and asks that he talk with Henry. Fancy's root canal and other dental work make him a little edgy. Andy and Bobby do some investigating and decide to reopen the case. That angers the retired detective that closed the case five years ago. James doesn't like the way Cohen interrupts his conversation with Gina. Bobby makes some of his own inquiries in the murder in his building, but he's afraid he might be stepping on Savino's toes. Especially when after talking with Henry, he finds out something that might lead to the actual killer. Bobby and Diane discuss their relationship, but still don't come to any conclusions. The diet contest continues; Medavoy has lost 1 more pound than Andy. Andy reminds Geri that he is a married man, she knows.moreless
    • Dead Man Talking
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      A family's home is broken into it, the wife and baby are shot in the head and the father only has a belly wound. Simone and Sipowicz like the father for the crime, theorizing he may have done it for insurance money. Retired detective Vince Gotelli is the insurance investigator. An old friend of Arthur's shows up at the precinct. He is dying and has a story about a 15-year-old murder. Russell, Martinez and Medavoy investigate the murder of a record company executive who wasn't very popular.moreless
    • Unembraceable You
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Diane stops by Bobby's apartment where they make up for lost time. Some female impersonators witness a homicide that they say was committed by a perp who's supposed to be doing hard time for a previous crime. Fancy's former foster son is charged with possession of a kilogram of heroin. After doing their daily lunchtime jog, Greg asks Abby if she would like to have dinner sometime. Unsure of where he might be going with the request, she informs him that she is gay. Fancy tries to get a deal worked with the "blow hard" from the DEA who worked out of the squad room last year. A deal is made and Fancy is able to help out his former foster son he is also able to get some revenge on the real mother who's a junkie. Liery's malevolence puts Diane's life in danger when he puts a pill in her ginger ale.moreless
    • Along Came Jones
      Along Came Jones
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      An off-duty cop is found dead. Diane has yet to tell Jill about Don's fate. Det. Baldwin Jones (formerly of the Bias unit and who prefers to be called "D") reports to his new assignment at the 15 Squad. Sorenson's street contact "J.B." tries to bring them information for their case but Danny isn't buying. The dead cop's partner comes in for questioning and Sipowicz's style gets her to reveal that she had a relationship with her partner, which doesn't lead to anything. All the while the new guy and the other detectives canvas the neighborhood and find someone who can point out a probable suspect for the shooting. Fancy tries to find out why Jones was transferred into his unit, without any notice and it turns out it was just someone wanting to remind him about the fact that Fancy still lets Sipowicz do his job. Russell talks with Sipowicz about what she should do with the information that she knows and he suggests that she should tell; otherwise it would destroy their partnership. Meanwhile, the new guy is given the interview of the suspect they have for the cop killing. He shows them what he's got and the case is put down. Diane tells Jill about Don, but doesn't cover the details.moreless
    • Sleep Over
      Sleep Over
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate a robbery that's turned into a murder. A former traffic cop, who is now working as a security guard for the daughter of the victims, makes their investigation. Sorenson's street informant J.B. has info about the case and Sorenson is still disappointed by J.B.'s continued drug use. A wealthy woman, Kathleen Gallagher, comes to the squad to report to Medavoy and Jones that her former housekeeper has been evasive about the circumstances regarding her baby's death. With Russell and Kirkendall they interview the housekeeper who claims that she and her husband don't know where the baby is buried. The husband says that he doesn't know where the baby is and it didn't matter to him as the baby wasn't his, but rather the baby was the son of his wife's boss. J.B.'s information is good and the case is easily put down. Later, Danny takes J.B. to stay in his apartment in an attempt to help him get clean again; however, Mary, who was waiting in Danny's apartment for him isn't so pleased, especially after she sees all of J.B. Jones takes Medavoy out for a run, but before they leave Jones has a few words for the rich Mrs. Gallagher; whose reaction at hearing the result of their investigation rubs him the wrong way.moreless
    • A Murder With Teeth in It
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Evidence in the death of a pimp points to a cop that once helped Andy out with a problem. Bobby mentions the case to his girlfriend, the reporter, and later regrets it when the story hits the papers. Donna's former lover, Harold, the ex-New York Ranger, returns to the city and meets with Donna and Greg overreacts. James tells Greg about his interest in Adrianne.moreless
    • Voir Dire This
      Voir Dire This
      Season 6 - Episode 21
      Andy prepares for his confrontation with Sinclair. John Irvin meets with Jimmy Mayo, but Mayo seems focused elsewhere. Officer Shannon brings a 13-year-old boy to the attention of Sorenson; Shannon (and later Sorenson) feels the boy is upset about something that he won't talk about. When he does tell his story, what he reveals disturbs Sorenson. Sorenson is so worked up; Fancy calls Medavoy and Martinez in early to accompany him in his questioning of the suspected pervert. The pervert freely confesses to his crime, and the detectives try to locate a relative for the boy, to keep him out of the system. At an awkward moment, Danny kisses Diane on the lips. Meanwhile, the hearing has begun, Kirkendall testifies, evidence is admitted (subject to connection) and Jimmy Mayo arrives in court just in time for a recess. Next on the stand is Kenny, the drug courier. During another recess, Sylvia gives Andy some words of encouragement. Then he takes the stand and Andy holds his own, with just a little support from Sylvia. Jimmy Mayo leaves the courtroom to and goes to the bathroom, and then the hearing breaks up. John Irvin sees that Jimmy Mayo has a gun; he tries to talk him out of what he is planning, but gets shot for his attempt. Jimmy Mayo goes down the hall and when he sees the people from the hearing in the corridor he begins firing. Several people are hit, including Sylvia who tells Andy to "take care of the baby" as we fade to black.moreless
    • From Hare to Eternity
      Season 1 - Episode 11

      Borough Commander Haverill starts to come down on Fancy. Kelly and Sipowicz investigate the kidnapping of a doctor's daughter. A woman claims to have no knowledge of a robbery. Janice is forced to give more information to the mob. Sipowicz plays Santa Claus to underprivileged children. Kelly stops to visit his mother in her rest home. Martinez receives his new badge, making him a detective.

    • 22 Skidoo
      Season 10 - Episode 22
      It's the morning after for John and Jennifer and they'll both be late for work if John doesn't put the honey bottle away. The detectives respond to the scene of a homicide in grocery, where no money was taken. Ortiz spots Clark getting out of Dr. Devlin's car and is short with him when he says hello. Back at the squad, canvas hasn't turned up anything, but crime scene did get a fingerprint from a similar crime that occurred the night before. That fingerprint belongs to Terry Parkhurst. Medavoy tells the others that he is anticipating receipt of the list that might announce his promotion to detective 2nd grade. McDowell makes plans for a small wedding ceremony that might be able to take place later that evening. Rodriguez calls Sipowicz into his office and tells him that the commissioner will not allow two detectives in the same squad to be married. Sipowicz asks Rodriguez if it will be a problem with him if they go ahead and get married anyway. He tells them it won't, as long as it stays in the squad. Sipowicz and Clark go to the apartment of Terry Parkhurst. They meet his wheel chair bound brother Mike, who tells them that his brother can't be the guy their looking for. They leave, but tell Mike that they want to talk to his brother anyway and if he hears from him, he should pass along the message. A gang member who shook down the grocer is another possible suspect in the grocer's death. Medavoy comes in announcing that he got his promotion. He reads for his colleagues a little speech that he prepared for the event, but breaks up before he can finish reading. Clark tries to have a discussion with Ortiz about the way she's been acting of late. They come to no resolution of their current situation, other that her observation that he "can sometimes be a real asshole." Clark and Sipowicz interview the gang member, who swears he changed from his past life. He is now a college student at SUNY. They don't believe him and get him to reveal his true gang member nature. Fraker, from IAB, comes into Rodriguez's office. He brings with him a laundry list of infractions that Rodriguez's squad is out of control. Rodriguez threatens to call the Chief of Detectives. When Fraker leaves, he tells Sipowicz that he is going to want to see 4 of Sipowicz's old cases. Terry Parkhurst looks good for the crime, when a vehicle seen at the crime scene, matches one owned by him. Sipowicz tells McDowell about what Rodriguez told him earlier and with Fraker nosing around, he wonders if they shouldn't call the wedding off. McDowell offers to transfer precincts, but he disagrees. They agree that they will still get married, but will keep it quiet. While sitting waiting for Parkhurst to arrive, Sipowicz tells Clark about his and McDowell's intentions on getting married at their apartment that evening. Parkhurst arrives, but he makes Anti-Crime, takes off, and gets away. At another crime scene, Rodriguez arrives looking for something to tell the brass, they are also present on the scene. McDowell finds out her Judge friend is not going to be able to preside over their ceremony tonight and tells Sipowicz. An eavesdropping John Irvin tells them that there is a website, where you can become an ordained minister in 15 minutes for $10. The couple asks him if he would follow through with that and preside over their ceremony. He agrees and runs off to use anti-crimes computer. The detectives run the state of the case past Rodriguez when Martens arrives. Rodriguez asks him what's up with Fraker. Martens doesn't know of any formal investigation into the squad, but he does tell them that Fraker was passed over for a promotion and his affair with a subordinate was found out. Jones and Medavoy talk with Parkhurst's brother who's arrived at home. They try to give Parkhurst reasons for helping them to find his brother. He agrees to help them by accompanying them to the various locations where his brother has been known to hang out. In the bathroom, Clark inquires about whether Sipowicz is nervous his pending wedding. Fraker comes into the bathroom (gets Clark to leave) and tells Sipowicz about how he's going to start to bring him down and that he also knows that Sipowicz is cohabitating with one of his fellow detectives. Clark tries to apologize to Ortiz. While he hears part of what McDowell has heard from Medavoy's discussion with Parkhurst, Sipowicz asks them to bring him into the squad. Sipowicz has realized that Parkhurst's brother might not be as wheelchair bound as he appears and that he is the Parkhurst they are really looking for. Parkhurst tells them that he has posed as his wheelchair bound brother to continue collecting his brother's checks, as payment for all the care he has given his brother for the past 10 years. John Irvin has become an official reverend and Sipowicz and McDowell get ready to go home for their wedding. They tell Rodriguez they would have liked to have invited him, but don't want to put him into a bad spot. Ortiz comes into Rodriguez's office requesting a transfer. He asks her to sleep on it. She talks with McDowell. She regrets that with her current relationship with Clark it is probably best that she not come to the wedding. She also tells her that she's realized that she was more in love with Clark than she knew at the time. McDowell leaves as Fraker comes into the squad and Rodriguez's office, demanding Sipowicz's appearance. Rodriguez realizes that Fraker has been drinking. Fraker's world has come apart. They square off and Fraker turns to leave and pulls a gun. He shoots Rodriguez in the chest. Fraker comes around the desk to finish the job, when Ortiz discharges her weapon and brings him down. At the hospital, everyone from the squad is present as the wedding has been put on hold. Rodriguez's condition is that he unconscious, but his vital signs are stable for now.moreless
    • Better Laid Than Never (1)
      Better Laid Than Never (1)
      Season 9 - Episode 22
      The morning after his return from Florida with McDowell and his son, Sipowicz picks up a case with a missing child and gets a "thumbs up" from one of the uniforms. He arrives at the scene of the missing child's home, only to meet the mother, Catherine Lowe, gathers a few details of the case and gets a "your my hero" from one of the other uniforms. Back at the squad the father of a friend of the missing boy (Tommy Dwyer, a guy retired off the job) stops by to tell the detectives what he knows. He doesn't believe the boys are together anywhere, since he knows his son was at school. He also mentions the missing boy wasn't thrilled with his homelife; preferring to live with his father over his mother. A man, Ted Munns, who believes he has information about their missing child case. He tells them about his suspicions about a man who's online and lives near where the missing boy lived. Jones and Medavoy talk with him and then they lay out a plan to capture this predator, which they successfully execute. They question their predator, Volney, who cites that he was expecting to meet a fully grown man, because of something he calls "age-play". He knows nothing of their missing child. The missing boy's father checks in and agrees to come in; meanwhile one of the uniforms takes a moment to harass Sipowicz. John Irvin meets with the attorney for his father's estate. He ultimately tells John that he and his sister will probably inherit around $800,000, each. The boy's father comes in wondering how his son disappeared under his ex-wife's nose. He mentions his ex-wife's boyfriend, Steve Dansick. McDowell and Ortiz start following up on child whose name was found on the computer of the predator Medavoy and Jones question. When the boy's mother comes in, they ask her why she never mentioned her boyfriend as someone who had access to her son. Citing conditions for her continued custody of her son as the reason, she eventually gives them information on where to find him. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. meet and talk with the boyfriend, who they bring in while they check on his alibi. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the parents of the boy who they found on Volney's computer. Then they talk with the boy, who eventually breaks down and tells them of Volney's activities at a hotel that resulted in a sexual assault. Medavoy and Jones go back hard at Volney, who confesses, but also cites that the "kiddie porn" found on his computer came from their informant. He also reiterates that he doesn't know anything about the missing boy. The detectives re-strategize and Sipowicz asks John Irvin about the lawyer. John tells him about his eventual inheritance, but he is not going anywhere in the near term. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back at the boyfriend, who confesses to being with his old girlfriend, which he didn't want Catherine to find out about. Emergency Services calls the squad, with the report of a body found in a vacant lot. On his way out of the building, Desk Sgt. Mahoney gives Sipowicz a package that was left for him. He unwraps the package; it's a trophy for "The Luckiest Man of the Year". At the vacant lot, the boy's body is found with a gunshot wound. At the mother's home, Catherine who has taken some valium isn't very responsive when they give her the news. Jones and Medavoy talk with Munns about the contents of his own computer. He cites that he needs the photos so he can use them to bait would be pedophiles. They remind him of a public lewdness collar he had from 2 years ago. They question him about their murder victim, and he claims to have "never ever" wanted to touch or hurt a child. Jones comes back with a "but you've wanted to," which causes the guy to break down and agree to get some help. At the end of the day, the detectives aren't close to finding the boy's killer. Sipowicz, McDowell, Clark Jr. and Ortiz go out to dinner, where Clark Jr. and Ortiz confess to their relationship. Sipowicz feeling some pressure decides he needs to go home. At home, Theo asks his dad about Connie and whether he can call her "mommy". The following morning, Clark Jr. mentions that he is going to have dinner with his father, and he'd like her to join him. At the squad, Ortiz and McDowell catch a homicide. When the boyfriend Dansick's story didn't totally check out, they bring him back in for questioning. They don't get anything from him, but his attitude doesn't sit right with Sipowicz.moreless
    • Dying to Testify
      Dying to Testify
      Season 8 - Episode 17
      Sipowicz, Sorenson, Medavoy and Jones begin investigating the death of the man shot in the robbery at a clothing store. They eventually get a lead on their suspected perp and wait for him to return from Atlantic City. Haywood comes into the squad looking for help in tracking down a witness named Tisha who is needed to testify in a retrial case. Tisha's sister (who is on the job) is reluctant to help Russell and McDowell in locating her sister. They eventually track Tisha down and agree to stay with her for the night, ensuring that she can testify the following morning. Tisha's comment about Diane still having Bobby's picture up and living in the same apartment gets Diane thinking. Meanwhile, Danny tells Andy that he hasn't got Diane out of his system, he plans on putting in for a transfer and he admits to having been outside her apartment the previous evening. The following morning, Tisha is turned over to Haywood and the murder suspect fresh from Atlantic City. Danny talks to Rodriguez about his transfer and he finds out that she has already put in for a transfer. They talk, with her citing her need for a change. A call comes in from Haywood there was a delay in the trial and her key witness has disappeared. The murder suspect in the clothing store homicide works the system, having beaten a possible murder charge a couple of years earlier; because of threats made against her, the eyewitness is reluctant to have to appear in court, but it may be the only way to put the suspect away. Tisha's body is found and Valerie finally breaks down and talks about work outside the job with Baldwin who offers his support. Later that evening Diane and Connie talk about leaves of absences and other things. One of things Diane learns is that Connie has a fifteen-year-old daughter, a child she gave birth to when she was sixteen and gave up for adoption. She admits to knowing where her daughter is.moreless
    • Seminal Thinking
      Season 5 - Episode 21
      Bobby and Diane talk about making a long-term commitment to each other. At a murder scene a couple of bodies are found and Medavoy is disgusted by the amount of semen found on one of the corpses. One body belongs to a car salesman and the other to a prostitute. Simone and Sipowicz look into the car salesman's death. The other detectives look into the prostitute's death. While Andy seems to be fully recovered from his surgery, the results of a recent blood test are not entirely favorable and he is nervous about telling Sylvia. The MO of the suspected perp in the prostitute's murder is to buy used condoms from a prostitute and then mix the spent semen with his own to cover his crime. However, Medavoy gets tough and is clever with the perp during the interview. Meanwhile, the uniforms bring a man into Simone and Sipowicz. They can tie the man to their victim, but are convinced that the man's honest account of the event leading to the shooting is true. Realizing that the man wasn't capable of committing a murder, let alone the grocery stores he was thinking about trying to hold up, Simone and Sipowicz work with the man to get his story straight for the grand jury so he can't be implicated in the death.moreless
    • Guns 'n Rosaries
      Season 1 - Episode 21

      Medavoy tells Donna that he caught his wife cheating, so he is moving out. Martinez shoots a belligerent black motorist who draws a gun on Medavoy. Racial hostilities flare up when the gun goes missing. When Licalsi seeks advice about recent events, John introduces her to Father Downey. Sipowicz attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

    • This Old Spouse
      This Old Spouse
      Season 7 - Episode 20
      A man comes into the squad reporting that his wife's houseguest might be responsible for a series of gas station robberies where the perp cuts the attendants, even after they give him the money. A gas station attendant positively IDs the houseguest and the man's wife as being guilty of the robbery; Sorenson and Sipowicz only have to bring them in for a little questioning and put them away. Russell spots Denby across the street and she believes he is talking with Don Kirkendall. She takes Sipowicz into her confidence, while she waits to see if Denby reaches out to her. An elderly man believes he may be being duped and Russell and Kirkendall investigate. They believe the man is being duped by a band of gypsies that they plan on catching using video surveillance, which they later do with help from Medavoy's "anchor takedown". Meanwhile, Denby reaches out and Russell asks Jones to do her a solid, by following Denby, to see if he meets a man who resembles a photo she's given to Jones. A photo of looks like the photo she's given Jones, one of Don Kirkendall. Sipowicz and Sorenson question the Russell and Sipowicz bring Sorenson up to speed on the Denby-Kirkendall situation, feeling that it is going to develop into something big. Jones reports back that Denby did meet the man in the photo. Later Denby calls her to meet for a drink and after antagonizes her to the point where she tells him that she will kill him.moreless
    • Is Paris Burning?
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      A bus is "hijacked" and wrecked by an inebriated Vince Gotelli, the cop with medical problems and who's a mere 2 months from having 30 years on the job. However, Fancy meets with the bus driver's boss to work out an arrangement about their investigation of the bus incident and he suggests that Vince take a medical retirement. Bobby has regrets about his participation in the FBI investigation into Salvo when the "Rat Squad" begins investigating him for the license plate number he ran. Especially after he discovers no one, Fancy or the FBI will stand up for him. Andy resents that Bobby will not tell him what's going on. Meanwhile, they must investigate the rape and beating (and eventual death) of a woman in her apartment. Their witness identifies the perp, despite his misgivings about doing the right thing. In the end the witness pays the price for his cooperation. With IAB breathing down his neck and the necks of everyone in the squad, Bobby asks Diane to stay somewhere else while he tries to sort everything out.moreless
    • Peeping Tommy
      Peeping Tommy
      Season 8 - Episode 11
      Sipowicz spots something going down. He saves the victim and then pursues the suspects. Seeing one of the perps holding a gun he fires on their car shooting out the rear window, but the car gets away. When he returns to his own car, the victim (now his witness to the shooting) has disappeared. Russell and Sorenson begin an investigation into this shooting, as Sipowicz is required to stay back in the house when doubts are raised as to whether he shot at the right car. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy work a robbery and rape case and are joined by McDowell; Medavoy suspects that McDowell might be from IAB, since she only seems to show up when one of them is in a jam. Speaking of IAB, Martens stops by to see Fancy about the Sipowicz story, pressure from 1PP mounts and Sipowicz is asked to see the department shrink. Haywood and Jones discuss their date and the Sipowicz case, Haywood with some doubts and Jones in Sipowicz's corner. A wallet is found that leads to the witness in the shooting, but the witness denies being there at all. Sorenson and Russell plan to go after this witness once they know he's left his building in search of a fix. Cynthia hears about Andy's situation from her uncle, which leads him to have words later with Gibson about keeping house business within the house. At the rape scene, McDowell discovers a hidden camera in the bar's bathroom and the owner has a tape that clearly shows the rapists. Sorenson and Russell grab Sipowicz's witness buying drugs and get him to admit his presence on the street that morning, clearing Sipowicz. McDowell is asked if she would officially like to join the 15th squad and she accepts. Sipowicz thanks Sorenson for his efforts on his behalf.moreless
    • Numb & Number
      Numb & Number
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Bobby isn't doing much better the following morning; the doctor recommends they do the test he recommended, earlier than planned. When Andy hears about these tests it puts him on edge and makes him more difficult to work with than usual. While Jill waits with Diane, the other detectives investigate the death of a man who was murdered in the park. The tests reveal that Bobby's heart is damaged; the only long-term option is a heart transplant. Meanwhile, back on the case, the detectives interview a suspect who initially gives them misleading information because she is trying to protect herself from the actual perpetrator, a man with ties to the mob.moreless
    • Johnny Got His Gold (2)
      Johnny Got His Gold (2)
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      The wearing of the wire goes bad, Clark gets shot on the street and Sipowicz kills the perp. Clark's father, a detective that Sipowicz has a history with (Sipowicz calls him "Dutch Boy"), arrives on the scene wanting to know what went wrong. McDowell, Medavoy and Jones begin investigating a shooting at a restaurant and see the news, which shows a picture of Sipowicz and mention his involvement in the morning's shootout. Sipowicz thanks McDowell for her intervention at the bar last night. After hearing about the TV coverage Andy, worried about Theo, decides to go home early; only Rodriguez gets a call from the 83rd, that his mother's apartment was invaded. Sipowicz and McDowell begin interviewing a woman who was having an affair with the restaurant victim, a faculty member at NYU. Det. Olivera tells Rodriguez that most probable suspect in his mother's break-in is a guy out on parole, whom Rodriguez had put in jail 8 years earlier. Rodriguez and Olivera go to where he suspects that Kiki may be located. Another shooting victim with a connection to NYU is found, but when yet another shooting occurs (no victims), a bullet is recovered and Medavoy determines the shootings are random targets but the shots all came from one location. They close in on the location, finding and disarming the shooter. Olivera and her lieutenant conduct an interview with Kiki that doesn't go the way Rodriguez wanted it. He and Olivera find Kiki and Rodriguez conducts his own interview, which resolves to his satisfaction. For the morning's efforts, Clark is promoted to Det. 3rd grade and Sipowicz is promoted to Det. 1st grade. Clark asks for an assignment at the 15th precinct, something his father is very much against. Andy takes Theo fishing and tells him about the events of the day, prompting Theo to state "When I grow up I gonna be like you daddy. I'm gonna kill bad people".moreless
    • Goodbye Charlie
      Goodbye Charlie
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      Andy tells Katie that he doesn't know how to handle Danny, who told him that last night he was planning to get a load on. Katie tells Andy about how Danny reminds her of Andy Jr. and they both discuss the fact that they have seen visions of Andy Jr. Danny wakes up in Diane's apartment after his night of drinking. An old friend of Medavoy's, Charlie Sung stops by hoping that Medavoy can help him out with a problem; but Medavoy can't help him without more to go on. A young interracial couple comes in to report that they've found his parents murdered. Sipowicz looks toward their son as their most likely suspect. Jones interviews the suspect's girlfriend and makes a connection with her that they might be able to exploit against her boyfriend. Sipowicz is still distracted with his concerns about Sorenson's recent behavior and lets it get in the way, until they finally discuss it. That aside, Jones brings the girl over to their side and Sipowicz brings the suspect down. When Sung brings him more to go on, Medavoy and Jones go to his apartment and they meet Joey Chang, who eventually produces the head of Tommy Chow. Danny tries to apologize to Mary, but she only wants to retrieve her stuff from his apartment. When she does, they talk some more.moreless
    • Steroid Roy
      Season 1 - Episode 15

      Andy remains hesitant about starting a relationship with Sylvia. An informant causes trouble for Det. Roberts at the station. Laura asks John to reexamine the alleged murder of an abusive man by his wife. Roy is sent to take a drug test.

    • Girl Talk
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      A rapist-murderer is throwing small children from the tops of buildings and a cop from another precinct joins Simone and Sipowicz with their investigation. The only thing Andy knows about this cop is "she got her 1st grade money, the year I got screwed out of mine." Martinez and Russell investigate an alleged case of date rape, but the women of the squad and Sylvia, have major disagreement with James' decisions regarding the suspect. Andy shows his son some of the ropes of being a cop.moreless
    • Where'd the Van Gogh?
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      A prince and princess are assaulted and she is now in a coma. Andy suspects the prince might be involved. James gets his first situation as the newly elected delegate. Turns out a member of the department might be married to two women. Organized crime wants Diane to help them with an old case she is familiar with. Mike Roberts provides Andy and Bobby with some information about the prince's contacts. Geri shows Andy what she is wearing and Andy tells her to back off. James' first delegate situation gets a resolution that keeps Ortiz out of trouble with the department. doesn't quite work out as planned. James makes a date with Gina. Greg feels good about his weight reduction. Diane begins her undercover work that involves her getting into a relationship that might require her to start drinking again.moreless
    • Large Mouth Bass
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Simone & Sipowicz investigate the brutal murder of the daughter of woman whose ex-husband has made threats against her. Lesniak and Martinez's case involves a con artist who sells a black box to homely women, promising them beautiful skin. The new Borough Commander checks in and lets Fancy know his overtime policy; that doesn't sit well with Sipowicz when it compounds their investigation. Bobby's childhood friend is involved with a nightclub that is frequented by wiseguys.moreless
    • Upstairs, Downstairs
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Andy and Diane start to talk, however, they both get paged for the job. Andy and Bobby begin to investigate a murder, but the procedures they must follow (because a cop might have been involved) make them unpopular at the precinct. Greg and Jill investigate the murder of a young girl where the only clue is videotape that starred her crushing worms. As Andy and Bobby's investigation reveals more clues, tension mounts between the squad and the uniforms. Diane goes missing and turns up at Bobby's apartment where she suffers a breakdown. One of the items she recall's is that her father molested her as a child.moreless
    • Weaver of Hate
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      A drugs for guns deal gone bad, results in the death of a white youth in a black neighborhood. Diane begins feeling ill and takes some lost time. The father of the victim comes to the squad and blows up screaming racial slurs when he finds out where his boy was killed. Simone and Sipowicz try to conduct their investigation in the midst of the racial turmoil that has been created in the squad room, between Fancy and the father. Medavoy and Kirkendall investigate the strangulation and dismemberment of the mother of young boy, who's discovered his mother's body in the refrigerator. Bobby worried about Diane finds her at the apartment only to find out that she has lost the baby.moreless
    • Serge the Concierge
      Season 1 - Episode 19

      Robin is angry when her husband's will seems to stipulate that Det. Kelly should resume his duties as her bodyguard. Sipowicz must clear his son of a drug charge. The detectives check a garbage dump for a female body but find a male instead.

    • Lost Time
      Lost Time
      Season 8 - Episode 18
      Diane decides to take a leave of absence, instead of a transfer. She tries to leave just before the other detectives arrive, but is able talk with Andy and tells him to tell the others she will call each of them. Danny doesn't take the news well, especially throughout the day when hears the other getting their call. As the day begins, Sipowicz, Sorenson and McDowell investigate a homicide of a stripper who sold jewelry on the side. Jones and Medavoy also investigate the murder of a man (while in the company of his wife) who was killed because he wouldn't give up his ring, a memento from World War II. Cynthia Bunin drops by the precinct and he tells her about his plan to remarry Katie, she tells him to make sure that what he is doing is right for him as well as Theo. Sipowicz helps Jones and Medavoy in their case by going undercover to find their perps. Meanwhile another DOA is found, and McDowell and Sorenson investigate to discover it is the missing boyfriend of the murdered stripper. One of the strippers interviewed earlier comes into the squad to give the detectives information about one of the club's bouncers and she agrees to wear a wire. Wearing the wire doesn't go as planned, the attempted rape caught on tape helps the detectives get somewhat of a confession from the bouncer. Afterwards, Danny indicates to Kristen that we see her later that evening at the club. Andy gets home and doesn't feel like talking about his day, with Diane leaving, Danny on the edge and with what Cynthia said to him. Danny finally gets his call from Diane.moreless
    • Roll Out the Barrel
      Roll Out the Barrel
      Season 7 - Episode 17
      A body is found in a barrel in the basement of a home that was formerly owned by mobster, Pete Mangrini. Medavoy and Jones begin a stakeout of Mangrini's current home, but they encounter a female reporter, Nicole Graf, who's following the same lead as the detectives. When Jones tries to persuade the woman to leave, he winds up accompanying her while they tail Mangrini to a restaurant. While at the restaurant Jones confronts Mangrini who's been abusing his wife; meanwhile Medavoy gets into an accident with Jones' Blazer. Sipowicz and Sorenson arranged to get Dino "The Rat" Ferrara back to the squad to build a case against Mangrini. Dr. Kroft, the medical examiner, whose wife is dying of cancer, seems to have an issue with Sipowicz's ability to have moved on past his wife's death. Ferrara is questioned, but doesn't reveal anything useful. Then Ferrara and Mangrini meet in the hallway and exchange a few choice words. The body is finally identified, but it is not Magrini's missing wife, but rather the employee of a florist who had killed the woman back in 1969. Ferrara's girlfriend brings in her own information regarding Mangrini's missing wife, whose body is later unearthed in New Jersey. Sipowicz counsels Kroft about his inevitable loss.moreless
    • One Big Happy Family
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Medavoy and Lesniak pair up to identify who's launched a series of vicious attacks on a man. James returns to duty. Simone spots a possible suspect in a series of rapes. Russell tries to maintain her sobriety and it is tested when her parent's domestic problems get out of hand. Lesniak makes it clear to Medavoy she likes James as a friend only, and tells him she is gay, which he tells to James.moreless
    • Tempest in a C-Cup
      Season 1 - Episode 8

      Kelly suspects a man of murder but tries to get him to confess to the robbery of four taxi drivers, so the police can later link him to the murder. Sipowicz arrests a topless dancer for prostitution. She offers help in getting the bar owner, who is laundering money for the mob. Laura's partner has questionable ethics and she tries to protect her professional reputation. The squad room gets a new detective's administrative aide, Miss Abandando. Sipowicz goes on a date with the ADA whom he once called a "pissy little bitch."

    • Zeppo Marks Brothers
      Season 1 - Episode 18

      Mike Roberts asks for Kelly's help in finding work as a bodyguard. A woman is afraid to identify a hit man because of possible retaliation. Laura believes she is being stalked. The detectives are assigned to uniform detail at a parade in Times Square.

    • Under Covers
      Under Covers
      Season 8 - Episode 19
      Sorenson visits the strip club where Kristen works and encounters an obsessed fan of hers. They have a minor exchange that doesn't get too confrontational, at least for now. He leaves with Kristen and she stays the night, telling Danny in the morning that the next time he comes into the club the owners want to talk with him. Sorenson arrives late to the scene of a homicide that Sipowicz and McDowell are investigating. Sipowicz bust his balls for showing up with the smell of alcohol on his breath. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Jones work another drug related homicide where someone who was in search of a dealer invades a couple's home. Later that morning, Katie stops by the squad to tell Andy that she's taken the initiative on getting them a new apartment, she's made a deposit on a place, which doesn't immediately sit well with him, because he's rejected the last "two hundred" she's found. Andy appears to have some misgivings about his decision from a couple of weeks ago, which is exemplified when he sees the place and rejects it, causing Katie to leave. Sorenson goes to the strip club for lunch and Joey asks for a favor. Sorenson tells Rodriguez about his lunchtime encounter with Joey Schulman and he gets the go-ahead to do Joey's favor, keeping everything under wraps until the official green light is given on his participation in the ongoing investigation into the club's owners. After being picked out of a lineup, Medavoy and Jones' suspect in their investigation shows no remorse for the crime he committed. In the other case, the two guys involved are both going away, but the detectives can't pin anything on the woman who they feel set the two guys up. Later that night Katie has told Theo she is going on a trip, she leaves it to Andy to tell Theo what he needs to know. They agree that they aren't meant to get back together and then Andy gets a page. Sorenson has gotten into a scuffle at the strip club with Kristen's obsessed fan. Sipowicz takes him home and they talk about Diane and other things.moreless
    • Black Men Can Jump
      Season 1 - Episode 17

      LaSalle has a chance to move out of the precinct, into a more routine position. A 13-year-old boy is shot. Sipowicz suspects a private investigator of scamming the client who hired him to find the man's daughter.

    • A Wrenching Experience
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      Bobby and Andy investigate a shooting that is related to the victim trying to leave a gang. Greg waits with anticipation of his dinner with Abby and her significant other. Jill and Diane investigate the death of a baby who appears to have been shaken to death by the baby-sitter. Greg and James look into a murder where they have a suspect who looks guilty despite the fact he claims to have an alibi. They try a get-tough philosophy for their interview but sometimes "TLC" is all you need to get a confession. Greg meets with Abby and her lover Kathy. Bobby and Diane go out for a movie and later Diane wants him to "show me the ring."moreless
    • Ho Down
      Season 10 - Episode 1
      It's a hot morning in NYC as the detectives go to a tenement building to retrieve Lyle Dennison, a suspect in a shooting case they are working. On their suspect's floor Sipowicz gets into a verbal encounter with a woman that winds up with her spitting on him and him helping her to the floor. They find their suspect is one the hallway's onlookers of the incident. They take him out of there and back to the precinct where they start their questioning, but all their suspect can do is wonder what is going to happen to Sipowicz. He tells them that Sipowicz knocked to the floor, the main woman of a big player in the neighborhood named "Money T." Moments later Det. Winslow stops by and tells Clark Jr. that his name was in a dead prostitute's call book. While he doesn't recognize her immediately, Clark Jr. identifies her as one of his CIs (Confidential Informant), although she is unregistered with the department. The detective promises to try and keep him out of the report. Jones and Medavoy go to the scene of home invasion, where Jones gets reacquainted with Officer Anderson (from the end of last season). McDowell and Ortiz return from the home invasion investigation with nothing, but get to look into "Money T" when Clark Jr. tells Rodriguez about the threat against Sipowicz. IAB Sgt. Martens comes to the squad to talk with Clark Jr. about the dead prostitute and what his connection was to her, giving him some advice along the way. When the interview is done, Clark Jr. leaves the squad to go and meet with his father to tell him about the situation with the dead prostitute. His father admits to having used the woman's services. Clark Jr. hopes that it won't go past getting a rip for having an unregistered CI. His father says the he will step in if it gets past that. McDowell and Ortiz report on "Money T" to Sipowicz and Rodriguez. Ortiz then goes to tell Clark Jr. the same thing, but asks him what is going on with him and IAB. He gives her a story that she doesn't believe and leaves frustrated as Sipowicz enters the room. Their witness that will put Dennison is leaving town, they need to run a game on Dennison to get him to give them information about the whereabouts of "Money T." Jones and Medavoy interview a man caught using the credit card one of their home invasion victims. He points them to a "goofy white guy" that his algebra teacher will know. Dennison's tip leads to a small time set of dealers. Outside the precinct, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. get into a discussion about the events of Clark Jr.'s day and the situation with his dad. As they get out of their car, shots are fired, they make it into the building, but there is at least one innocent victim. The precinct scrambles looking for the shooters. Sipowicz decides to take another run at Dennison. Clark Jr. gets in his way, to make sure he doesn't go at him too hard. Sipowicz lays it on the line to Dennison, who faced with the reality of the situation, gives them all the details about "Money T"'s stronghold. The male detectives get their vests on as the women of the squad get "tarted" up. Jones and Medavoy return with their suspect, the "goofy white guy." Their suspect gives them nothing, but a piece of mail not belonging to him is discovered. They leave him to go and find this woman. McDowell and Ortiz distract the doorman of "Money T"'s stronghold and the detectives and their significant backup make their way into the stronghold and find "Money T" and a mother lode of cash. Jones and Medavoy find the woman beaten in her apartment, severely beaten. While everyone did "good work today," Rodriguez tells the squad that the Feds are taking over the prosecution. They all prepare to go home for the evening. Clark Jr. asks Ortiz is he will see her later, she says unless they have something to talk about, don't bother. Jones and Medavoy go back at their suspect hard, he breaks down and tells them about being the "new kid at school," which he is a lot because of his father's job. At John's apartment, Rita arrives and he finally tells her what's been going on. She gives him her opinion, which he doesn't seem to want to hear, so she takes her opinions and goes home. At the Sipowicz apartment, given the day's events, Connie brings her bag, telling Andy that she wants to stay the night. They decide to run it by Theo, who doesn't seem to have a problem with it (although he really doesn't understand). It is decided that Connie will stay the night, but Andy clears her some space in the closet, which means that she might be staying longer.moreless
    • Moving Day
      Season 12 - Episode 20
      Jones and Clark respond to the death of woman named Pamela Wyatt, who appears to have been a high priced call girl. Ortiz and Murphy arrive on the scene along with Sgt. Sipowicz who enlightens Jones and Clark about his officially taking over command of the 15 Squad. They return to the Squad and meet two new detectives that have joined the squad, Ray Quinn and Joe Slovak. They ran a dump of the Pamela Wyatt's phone records and have come up with some names to check out. Sipowicz's former Sergeant, Al Angelotti from the 25 Squad, now a retired Chief who is working security for a wealthy client comes into the squad with his client, Robert Heilbrenner and Heilbrenner's attorney. While Clark and Jones (with Sipowicz in attendance) listen to Heilbrenner describe his relationship with the Pamela Wyatt, Angelotti is out talking to the rookie detectives about what they currently know about the case. Murphy and Ortiz interview the victim's parents, both of whom were ignorant of what their daughter was really up to with her life in the city. The rookie detectives Quinn and Slovak go to interview Toshira "Johnny" Nikada but he tells them that he has diplomatic immunity and doesn't want to be bothered with their questions. While Pamela Wyatt's parents were ignorant of her activities, Murphy and Ortiz interview her sister and she knows more than she cares to about what her sister was up to. She tells them that Heilbrenner was into beatings and having her sister participate in threesomes. Jones and Clark leave the squad to find Anne Marie, the prostitute that participated in threesomes with Pamela Wyatt. Just after they've left, Heilbrenner's driver comes into to talk with them, but since they are gone he talks with Quinn and Slovak. The driver tells them what little he knew about the relationship between Pamela Wyatt and Robert Heilbrenner. Meanwhile, Jones and Clark have found Anne Marie and find out about Heilbrenner's perversions. Back at the squad, Insp. Dowdell and some government officials come in with a signed avadavat from Toshira Nikada, admitting to killing Pamela Wyatt. With his diplomatic immunity he is exonerated from any charges and is currently on his way back to Japan. The inspector tells Sipowicz that the two detectives who brought this light, Quinn and Slovak will get letters of commendation. Quinn and Slovak raise some concerns about the confession and mention the conversation they had with Angelotti earlier that morning. Clark brings his concerns to Sipowicz and Sipowicz agrees to keep the case open and that he will worry about the bosses. Quinn and Slovak find the woman that Johnny Nikada was having lunch with. She tells them that if they want to know anything bad about him, she suggest that they talk to his uncle. Murphy and Ortiz go to talk with Heilbrenner's wife. She knew about her husband's mistress and that their relationship was ended and she doesn't believe that her husband is capable of the perversions that the detectives enlighten her with. The Chief of Detectives, Duffy, stops by to officially close the investigation, "is that understood?" Sgt. Sipowicz says it is. Clark and Jones interview Johnny Nikada's uncle and he admits that his nephew has had a problem with gambling debts to a bookie named Segal. He also tells them that his nephew knew Robert Heilbrenner. As he was showing an apartment in the neighborhood Medavoy stops by to say hi, only everyone is much too busy to give him much more than the time of day. Murphy and Ortiz talk to the bookie, who tells them that today Johnny Nikada paid off the $110,000 he owed him. Jones and Clark catch up with Heilbrenner's driver and chauffeur him back to the precinct for further questioning. They question him harder and they tell him that he could be an "accessory after the fact" if he doesn't tell them what happened at Pamela Wyatt's apartment building this morning. He tells them what transpired with Heilbrenner this morning and that he wants his conscience clear. Murphy, Ortiz and Sipowicz go to the Heilbrenner home where they arrest him. Back at the squad, Bale has come in to clean out his office. Downstairs Heilbrenner's attorney and Angelotti are their awaiting the arrival of their client and the detectives. Angelotti tells Sipowicz that he could have had him as a friend, instead of the enemy that he has become. Sipowicz tells him that he has work to do and the pressures of command keep mounting for him when Chief Duffy arrives. Duffy reads Sipowicz the riot act and warns him not to let it happen again. Bale comes into Sipowicz's office and tells him about the three things he has to worry about in his position, those above him, those below and still be able to live with himself. Bale believes that Sipowicz has a chance with the last two, but wishes him luck with the first and with that Bale turns over the office. The new guys say their farewell to Sipowicz, as does John Irvin, Murphy and Ortiz, Jones and finally Clark who tells him "Good night. Boss." Sipowicz finally sits down at his new desk as the camera pulls back through his office door and out the doorway of the 15 Squad. FADE TO BLACK.moreless
    • Emission Accomplished
      Season 1 - Episode 5

      James discovers that the super at his brother's building is a dirty cop who is slowly forcing out tenants. Det. Stillwell's pranks become a nuisance for everyone. Laura's new job as an ADA takes a twist as she is assigned a case that involves Giardella.

    • 4B or Not 4B
      Season 1 - Episode 2

      Lastarza of the Organized Crime Unit tells Fancy and Kelly to stop applying pressure on the mob. Sipowicz regains consciousness but has no memory of the shooting. Laura and John become officially separated. "4B" begins to carry a gun while doing laundry in hopes of catching the attacker. Laura decides to join a private law firm. Angelo Marino puts pressure on Janice to kill Kelly. Sipowicz returns to "active" desk duty and Lois turns up and helps to nail Giardella. A father takes a judge hostage, when he feels justice wasn't done for his dead son.

    • Trials & Tribulations
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Kelly risks the consequences when he testifies on Licalsi's behalf and IAB begins to investigate him. Sipowicz works with an abused woman who's reluctant to testify against her husband. The detectives investigate robberies of drug dealers in their apartments. John tells Robin about the feelings he still carries for Janice. Sipowicz's AA sponsor wants him to agree to abide by a contract before he lets him try to restart his relationship with Sylvia. Donna tries to give Greg advice about dealing with his divorce.moreless
    • Oedipus Wrecked
      Season 9 - Episode 20
      It's the morning after and John and Rita scramble to get ready to leave for work as their pagers go off. Rita must have been gentle, because John isn't showing any signs of suffering from a groin injury. They both join the other detectives at the scene of a double homicide, with an additional victim at the hospital. Medavoy announces that his daughter is going to be getting married, he's going to meet the future bride and groom for dinner tomorrow evening. McDowell and Ortiz respond to a call about a middle-aged woman who's discovered carrying narcotics. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a suspect who was in one of the victim's appointment books. He comes on strong, until he hears about the murder. Ortiz and McDowell interview their middle-aged drug courier, but she denies knowledge about where the drugs came from. Then she has a realization and confesses to being the courier; but her story doesn't sit right with them but they give up pursuing it further. Katie Medavoy stops by the precinct to see her father to tell him that her mother has planned to not come to the wedding, as long as her father is going to be there. He tells her to have the wedding without him. She's appreciative, but he seems disheartened. McDowell finds out about their middle-aged suspect's son and they go to talk with her. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. start interviewing another one of their victim's customers who seems to be reasonable guy, but a background check reveals an outstanding warrant for his arrest for a five-year-old arson charge. McDowell and Ortiz talk to their suspect about her son and while she initially tries to cover for him, she eventually gives him up. Sipowicz goes back to talk to their suspect about his outstanding warrant. He claims identity theft, until Sipowicz wants his fingerprints. The guy gets hold of a gun and begins holding Sipowicz hostage in the interview room. The detectives try to figure out what to do and how it happened. Medavoy, who hasn't been thinking right since his daughter stopped by, thinks that he may have missed finding the gun Andy's captor has in his possession. Rodriguez tells them to keep working their cases as there isn't anything they can do here. In the interview room, Sipowicz tries to keep his captor talking. McDowell and Ortiz interview their suspect's son but he denies any knowledge of his mother and the narcotics that were in her possession. In the observation area, the tactical unit sets up with plans to take Sipowicz's captor out. Sipowicz tries to keep him talking. Out on the street, Clark Jr. and Jones grab up a suspect for the now triple homicide, the surviving victim didn't make it. The tactical officer tells Rodriguez what is going to go down. Sipowicz keeps him captor talking, about the decriminalization of marijuana. Sipowicz offers his captor a joint. The tactical officer gives Rodriguez 15 minutes to end this situation. McDowell and Ortiz put the middle-aged woman's son in the holding cell with his mother, asking them to both to decide who's going to jail. The son eventually breaks down and gives it up. Clark Jr. and Jones get their suspect to tell them what went down with the homicides after they threaten to bring him to be identified by the "surviving" victim. After having a few puffs on his joint, Sipowicz's captor is convinced to begin writing down his story after Sipowicz promises to help him get the word out. Sipowicz then gets hold of the captor's gun and then goes to retrieve his own gun as the tactical squad swarms in. The hostage crisis is over. McDowell offers to get Theo home. Medavoy's daughter stops back at the precinct to tell him that she wants him to be at the wedding, despite her mother. When Sipowicz finally makes it home, he asks McDowell to stay a while longer; she tells him that she will stay as long as he needs.moreless
    • Nariz a Nariz
      Nariz a Nariz
      Season 8 - Episode 14
      The daughter of an ex-cop is found strangled in the apartment, the evidence points toward the ex-cop, who is an abusive alcoholic. Eddie Gibson confesses to Andy that he mislead Andy last week, so he could find out where he stood with his niece. When the ex-cop comes to and can finally answer some questions, he puts Sipowicz and Sorenson onto a lead involving his daughter's ex-boyfriend or pimp, since his daughter had also been hooking. It turns out to be nothing, but a pattern of other homicides is found. Something of Rodriguez's past comes up; it is revealed he was a hero cop in narcotics. Cynthia comes to the squad to talk with Andy. They talk and determine that relationship is over. Members of Brooklyn Homicide join the investigation at the 15th, to determine if this homicide matches the pattern that they've found. At initial look it does and Lt. Rodriguez lets the Brooklyn commander know that while they are in his precinct, he and his guys are in charge. While canvassing, Russell and McDowell run into Shorty, the penis slicer that thought they'd put away recently. He offers to put his ear to ground to see if can find out anything out about the suspect they are looking for. He shows up an hour later with a tip that appears to be credible as the detectives follow up and grab the suspect. When the two squads of detectives interview the suspect, the Brooklyn detectives nearly blow the case, Lt. Rodriguez convinces them to let his detectives go at the suspect alone. Sipowicz and Sorenson get the job done. Sipowicz gives the ex-cop the news and offers to take him to an AA meeting. Later after having dinner with Katie and Theo, Andy and Katie talk about the possibility of getting together again, with Andy doing most of the talking about the importance of Theo having a family. Something he regrets that he was not able to give to Andy Jr.moreless
    • What's Up, Chuck?
      What's Up, Chuck?
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      The detectives are called to scene of a homicide of man whose body was dumped, Medavoy and Martinez take the case as Russell and Kirkendall stop to offer advice to a family whose daughter may have gone missing and Sipowicz and Sorenson are held up in traffic. John Irvin reports to Sorenson and Sipowicz that he fears Dolores is in trouble, because she's turned to hooking. He knows that she was last seen with a well to do man named Malcolm Cullinan. His attempt to help her out only gets him into trouble, starting with a visit from James Sinclair, the high profile criminal defense attorney who is representing his wealthy client and one of Sipowicz's favorite people. The family Russell and Kirkendall stopped to help, bring a suspect to the station, a man with head problems confesses to dreaming about killing the girl. A man is beaten by the brothers of the victim in Medavoy and Martinez's homicide, but this man's story leads back to the one of the brothers. Sinclair shows up set to negotiate a deal to absolve his client of any wrong doing in the death of Dolores Mayo, who died from a heroin overdose while entertaining her client in Atlantic City. Sinclair has videotape evidence to that fact. Russell and Kirkendall's suspect videotapes a confession to the girl's murder when the girl is brought to the station with her mother. Sipowicz searches for a way to keep Sinclair's client from getting off with a lesser charge, but its John Irvin who delivers a blow to the client. The detectives help John to get over the loss of Dolores and Fancy offers him the PAA position.moreless
    • The Final Adjustment
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      After looking into it, Simone and Sipowicz suspect a chiropractor of murdering his wife. A woman, whom Bobby knows, finds her 11-year-old son in possession of a gun. Medavoy changes to a high-fiber diet. While moonlighting as a security guard for Roberts, Martinez becomes attracted to the college student he's been assigned to protect and she's worried about her father. Next week, Andy and Sylvia will move in together, but first they take a shower.moreless
    • Arrested Development
      Season 10 - Episode 12
      At the Sipowicz/McDowell household all is not right with the world as Theo has wet the bed for the 3rd night in a row and Andy hasn't made the time to pick up the detergent to get the sheets clean from the previous events. The baby is colicky and crying and tensions are mounting as Andy's pager goes off. With the morning off to a great start, Sipowicz and McDowell arrive late to the scene where the other detectives are starting to investigate the death of a woman found bludgeoned to death in her kitchen. Back at the squad, Rodriguez is back from his ex-wife's funeral. Jones and Medavoy are out on a different case where they encounter the relaxed on the job Officer Ed Laughlin. Their victim is dead in his SUV filled with picnic supplies. The homeless man who found the body offers them no help. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the husband of their victim, who can account for all of his time; except for the 4 hours he was sleeping (he and his wife have separate beds). He does give them information on the illegal immigrant that was doing some tile work for them. Jones and Medavoy in the meantime are interviewing a man named Omar Givens, whose business card was found in their victim's SUV. He tells them about the last time he saw their victim, after a barbeque held the previous day. He tells them the victim was his hero and he would have done anything for anyone. He can't see how anyone would want to hurt him. Jones is suspicious of Givens who's been somewhat nervous throughout their interview of him. They let him go for now and pursue some additional leads. McDowell and Ortiz bring the illegal immigrant tile worker in for questioning. McDowell and Ortiz interview the tile man, who admits to having a fight with the victim over the work he had for her. He tells them that he walked away from the job. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's son, who also points at the tile man. He tells them his father couldn't have done it and his own relationship with his mother was normal. Other evidence comes in that point toward the victim's husband as having motive. Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. about Theo's bed-wetting problem. Jones and Medavoy interview the woman who their victim was supposed to meet. She tells them about their victim's cousin who had recently got out of prison. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to office of their victim's husband to confront him about the domestic disturbance calls that were filed on his address. He lawyers up and the two detectives return to the squad. Sipowicz tosses his notebook to McDowell so that she can look up the number of fiancée of the victim's son, indicating he still has some tension about the morning's events. In the coffee room, to help explain Theo's bedwetting problem, Medavoy tells him the story about how he used to take a dump on the front lawn when his younger brother was first born. They return to the main room to find two men in suits going to Rodriguez's office. Sipowicz suspects the "rat squad." Clark Jr. is asked to join them in the office and then they accompany him outside the building to the parking lot where he unlocks his car for them. A search of the car reveals a quantity of heroin found underneath the driver's seat. With that evidence in hand, Clark Jr. is arrested. Back upstairs everyone is trying to get Clark Jr. some representation, but Rodriguez tells them that business must still be carried on when one of Jones and Medavoy's suspects is brought in. Sipowicz goes downstairs and has a confrontation with Laughlin, who he suspects of having set Clark Jr. up. Jones and Medavoy interview the cousin of their victim, who in Jones' opinion attitude and alibi suck. Medavoy remembers the name of a defense attorney that tore him apart on the stand and recommends him for Clark Jr.'s defense. The ME report on their victim gives Jones and Medavoy a good lead on who they need to reinterview for their case. The fiancée arrives at the squad for her talk with McDowell and Ortiz. They way she handles her fiancé raises some eyebrows. The fiancée describes her future mother-in-law as the "c" word. She also describes her fiancé's relationship with his mother as too close. At IAB, Clark Jr. is being interrogated and realizes it isn't going to go well when Fraker enters the room. He tries to point them into looking at Laughlin for setting him up, they don't seem to listen and only want a urine sample from him. Sipowicz re-interviews the victim's son and his frustrations of the day help him to get a confession. The report comes back from the lab that Clark Jr. was in "possession" of 4 ounces of heroin, which Haywood tells them is Class A felony. As a result, Clark Jr. has been moved to a holding cell. Sipowicz is going to see Clark Jr. and he makes a promise to McDowell that he will stop and get some detergent on the way home. Rather than get into it McDowell tells him to not worry about the detergent and to go help Clark Jr. who she knows he is worried about, and she is too. Jones and Medavoy reinterview Givens, who eventually tells them about the stupid argument about cake that lead to their victim's death. Rita is with John in his cell as Andy arrives and she agrees to go tell John's father about the day's event. Andy and John strategize about how they are going to prove Laughlin is behind. Andy leaves and John is now alone in his cell for the night.moreless
    • Pilot
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Sipowicz's continual harassment of Giardella winds up getting him in trouble. Fancy tells Kelly it may be time for a new partner. Sipowicz is brought up before IAB. Laura wants to process their divorce and the neighbor in apartment 4B, where a mugging has recently happened, is doing the paperwork. Sipowicz gets drunk and meets his lady friend and is shot by Giardella in the process. Kelly begins to apply pressure on the local Mafia to try to get them to give Giardella up. Janice and John begin to have a relationship. "4B" is mugged in the laundry room. Marino wants Janice to kill Kelly.moreless
    • Love Hurts
      Love Hurts
      Season 8 - Episode 15
      A cop, allegedly working a second job gets shot, allegedly in a carjacking. The cop's story begins to unravel when during the course of the investigation the detectives find out about his mistress and her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Jones investigate a shooting at a small business where he knows the owner. The owner fired shots with an unregistered gun, so Medavoy tries to help him out by telling him that his story should be that the gun he fired was carried by the suspects who robbed him. That story doesn't last long, when it is discovered that one of the storeowners' gunshots hit an innocent victim. Diane runs into Dr. Carreras, Bobby's doctor, and they make plans to have dinner that evening. The shot cop tells Sipowicz and Sorenson that he was with a hooker that morning. A suspect is brought in and after Rodriguez interrupts the interrogation and brings it to a close, Sipowicz has a few words for him out in the hall. Then Sipowicz and Sorenson go to the hospital to tell the cop what the status of his case is, but given the cop's state of mind, Andy's feeling about the cop comes true when the cop commits suicide. Later that evening: Diane leaves for dinner with Dr. Carreras; Baldwin and Valerie agree to leave work at work and Andy and Theo discuss "Aunt" Katie. Then Andy and Katie discuss marriage.moreless
    • Hammer Time
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      Sipowicz returns to active duty, but perhaps a bit too soon as his system hasn't quite adjusted and he has an accident when later interrogating a suspect. He begins to work a case with Russell and Simone, investigating the murder of a woman's boyfriend by her ex-husband. Before the investigation gets going, Simone is called upon by Det. Savino to help investigate a missing persons report that is being filed by the nephew of one his building's tenants. The missing woman had run-ins in the past with Simone's partner and building manager, Henry Coffield, so he is suspected and the other tenants support that theory. Interrogation of the ex-husband reveals that he was searching for his daughter who's missing. Despite an agreement keeping her immune from prosecution, the detectives' work to find another means to prove the crack addict mother and her dead boyfriend were responsible for the girl's disappearance. Meanwhile, former PAA Naomi Reynolds stops by hoping to see Bobby and tell him that her situation was resolved and to show him that she is now wearing a police uniform. Henry is prepared to help Simone and Savino test the nephew to see what he really knows about his aunt's disappearance when her body is found with her ID intact.moreless
    • True Confessions
      Season 1 - Episode 4

      Kelly quits his security job and warns the abusive husband to watch out. A man is arrested for a robbery and double homicide when Det. Walker is convinced he is guilty, though Sipowicz feels differently. Laura quits her job and plans to work at the District Attorney's office, prosecuting narcotics cases. Kelly winds up at the scene of the abusive husband's murder. "4B" asks Kelly to speak with the tenant's readiness group.

    • NYPD Lou
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      A man thinks he is a werewolf and demands to be locked into a cell before he kills someone. Sipowicz discovers that his estranged son's future wife has been sleeping around. A homeless man is suspected in the death of a nine-year-old. Giardella is killed before he can testify and Laura is the only witness to the crime.moreless
    • Abandando Abandoned
      Season 1 - Episode 13

      Medavoy leaves his wife and tells Donna about his feelings for her. Donna also has feelings for Medavoy. An academy classmate of Kelly's joins the squad. Sipowicz and Kelly investigate the death of her husband, an ex-cop trying to stop a robbery on her first day at the 15th Precinct. An alcoholic woman lodges complaints against her husband that she doesn't follow up on.

    • Franco, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn
      Andy is bonding with Theo (who mentions he wants to be a cop) at the park, when he hears on his radio that all the emergency vehicles rushing by are going to the scene of a cop shooting. The cop's partner is worried that he is going to be jammed up as his wounded partner's husband is a captain in the NYPD and he was pursuing another suspect at the time (and not backing his partner up). When the 15th Squad is ready to break into the apartment of a possible suspect, Danny gives Diane something else to do, thus keeping her out of harm's way. She later calls him on it, when he tries to do the same thing when they are set to take another suspect. When they return to the house, Danny stops off to break off his relationship with Mary. The Captain stops by to see how the investigation is proceeding into his (now dead) wife's shooting. Knowing they have a suspect in custody, he watches some of the interview and then breaks into to assault the suspect, jeopardizing the investigation. The suspect is picked out by the partner in a tainted lineup, which ultimately isn't needed, when finally confesses to the crime, citing that the cop shouldn't have been a woman. Sipowicz and a new female ADA come to a mutual understanding about getting good untainted evidence. Danny and Diane agree on their behavior on and off the clock. Andy tells Katie that both he and Theo need her, she wonders for how long.moreless
    • Raging Bulls
      Raging Bulls
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      The cop that stopped Fancy for a broken taillight a couple of years ago is involved in the shooting of a black undercover officer. Tensions rise between Sipowicz and Fancy when the black and white issue comes up and later Fancy interviews Szymanski. Sipowicz and Sorenson's evidence from their interviews, points to the fact that Szymanski's story is good. Sipowicz tells Fancy that he can't jam up Szymanski for this. The tension in the squad rises so high, that Fancy and Sipowicz come to blows with each other. Shannon stops Russell and Kirkendall to tell them that Dolores was caught shoplifting. They reach out to help her and then try talking with her; however, Dolores only seems interested in knowing whether she still has a job. Sylvia returns home, disheartened by the Suarez story; Andy offers to help her get him justice.moreless
    • All's Wells That Ends Well
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Things are back to "normal" at the squad when Bobby returns to work. Gina still hasn't officially announced anything; however, after thinking it over she accepts James' proposal for marriage. Bobby and Andy look into a shooting death that occurred during a robbery at a bar. The suspect that the patrons point to is a man whom Bobby and Andy discover is dying and was on a mixture of drugs and alcohol at the time that he shot his gun at someone. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad stakes out the hotel where a serial rapist has been committing his crimes. Gina, now anxious to get married, gets James to make arrangements for a quick ceremony. They'll have a family type ceremony later. Bobby is glad to be back on the job.moreless
    • Three Girls and a Baby
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Greg receives a disturbing call, Abby's been shot and Kathy is dead. The investigation puts a strain on Greg's relationship with Abby as he must ask the hard questions about what happened. Eventually Abby points to an obsessive bitter ex-lover as the mastermind behind the break-in. On the other pregnancy front, Gina develops complications that will take her off the job for a few weeks. A young woman's charred body, complete with a bullet wound, is found in an abandoned vehicle; Bobby, Diane and Andy investigate. They miss a chance at getting their prime suspect when the night watch falls asleep while on their stakeout of the suspect's home. When he is apprehended, the suspect claims it was an "accident."moreless
    • Oh Golly Goth
      Oh Golly Goth
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      Sorenson is given modified duty which lets him sit as his desk and catch up on paperwork, he has a chance to be reinstated if the DA's office decides they have enough information to press charges against Sid Thompson. Det. Connie McDowell reports to the precinct for temporary duty and is partnered with Diane. They begin to investigate the stabbing of man in hotel room who claims he was attacked in his room. It is revealed that he was in the company of a trio of Goths. The one Goth left in the hotel room is brought in, but cites one of the others as the probable stabber as he was passed out at the time. The other two are eventually found, one a runaway teenager from Minnesota, the other her mentor and eventually proven to be the stabber. Meanwhile, the father of one of the victim's of Sid Thompson's attack, the case that Sorenson blew, comes in asking about the investigation and the whereabouts of the son's crucifix. So Sipowicz takes a "vacation day" and follows up on the necklace, hoping that finding Sid with the necklace can be used to put him away and get Sorenson reinstated. ADA Haywood informs Fancy they don't have enough to press charges against Sid Thompson and that pressed she will say what she knows. Sipowicz eventually recovers the stolen crucifix and then goes in search of Sid. In the end he saves Sorenson's ass and Danny is grateful, promising Andy that he will get it together.moreless
    • Brown Appetit
      Season 1 - Episode 3

      Janice's father comes to visit and warn her about his pending corruption indictment. Sipowicz visits the hotel where Giardella is being held. Kelly and Martinez are assigned a case involving the robbery and brutal murder of a woman. 4B comes to the precinct in search of his gun. Fancy and Sipowicz meet to air their differences. Kelly begins moonlighting as a security guard for a wealthy woman who's married to an abusive husband.

    • The Truth is Out There
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Andy and Bobby investigate the murder of man where the only witness is woman who's a little off the deep end. Meanwhile, Andy also contemplates the meaning of "Pop Goes the Weasel." A cab driver reports a robbery that is just another in a string of cab robberies that Greg and James begin to investigate. A replacement PAA named Naomi, with a lot of initiative, arrives to sub for Gina who will be off work for at least four weeks. Greg and James' investigation makes the brother of a gypsy cab driver as the perp; the gypsy cab driver can't deal with the dishonor his brother has brought upon the family. The life of Andy and Bobby's witness is in jeopardy when their suspect's lawyer has her kidnapped. When they get some incriminating evidence on the lawyer, Cohen uses his influence to help find the location of the woman. When Cohen wants to keep his word to the incriminated lawyer, it doesn't sit well with Andy; however, Jill supports him. Naomi obtains some library research for Andy's question.moreless
    • Who Murders Sleep
      Who Murders Sleep
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      Danny has another bad dream about his sisters and Mary witnesses his plea for relief. He goes out for an early morning walk, but loses track of time. Sipowicz is called to the scene where an 8-year-old girl's skeletal remains are found. A dog's nose contains a bullet that might be the key to Medavoy's case; only the dog's owner won't authorize the surgery that would remove the bullet. Sorenson arrives to work late but Sipowicz covers for him. They go to the house of retired detective that handled the missing girl's case. Only the old detective brain is a little scrambled and he isn't keen on letting Sipowicz and Sorenson handle his case file, without him being there. Jones comes up with a solution to the problem they have when the dog owner can't identify the man who shot her dog. A canceled check in the case file and a tenant list, lead Sipowicz and Sorenson to suspect's for girl's murder, meanwhile the senile old detective has wandered of and got lost. Sorenson goes off on the suspect in the little girls' death. Afterwards he talks with Russell and gets an invitation to dinner with her and he also gets some advice from his partner.moreless
    • Closing Time
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      Sylvia confronts Andy about his "late night walks." The new administrative assistant arrives to take Donna's place. Andy's return to drinking affects him at home and on the job, where Fancy sends him home. Bobby fulfills Andy's vendetta. A drunk Andy tackles some street punks, who get the better of him and his gun. Bobby and Officer Shannon work to locate the punks; Fancy gets the gun back; the rest is up to Andy.moreless
    • Ted and Carey's Bogus Adventure
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Simone and Sipowicz investigate the sexual assault of schoolgirl. Gina comes downstairs and Geri goes upstairs. A strange man that Andy had committed to Bellevue four years ago appears in the squad room and makes a minor scene. Diane watches Jimmy turn violent for a minor mishap that occurred while rollerblading. Jimmy sees that Greg has recognized Diane on the street; she plays it off and may have been successful. The strange man returns and Andy thinks that he might be trying to communicate something about his mother. The schoolgirl commits suicide in front of Andy, Bobby, her mother and numerous witnesses. Diane talks with her former and now temporary boss about undercover work, Bobby and things in general. Andy takes the strange man to his building and finds his mother in a dumpster, dead from a heart attack. Despite the fact that no legal recourse can be taken against them, Sylvia reads the schoolboys the riot act. The man that Jimmy beat up comes to the squad to file a complaint. Bobby has a confrontation with Diane and then a brief conversation with Jill.moreless
    • Bale to the Chief
      Season 12 - Episode 19
      The interim boss Lt. Henry comes into the squad and introduces himself to the detectives, who in turn introduce themselves. They offer to bring him up to speed on their cases, but Lt. Henry is the anti-Bale and tells them they can get to it when they get to it. He is more interested in knowing if any of them like to play golf. Murphy and Ortiz go to the scene of a homicide where a young Muslim woman, Farah Amar has been stabbed to death. In questioning the neighbor they learn that the woman had numerous loud arguments with her husband. Back at the squad while Sipowicz tries to bring their new boss "Arnold Palmer" up to speed on their investigation into Bale's shooting, Jones and Clark try to get more information about Sergei Yesenin's whereabouts from "Russian Mike" who has come back in for further questioning. "Russian Mike" wants a deal before he will cooperate any further with the investigation. The husband of Murphy and Ortiz's victim, Adeeb Amar, comes in for questioning. The man is broken up when he finds out about her death and he tells them that Ibrahim Moussadiq was probably responsible. Ibrahim had always wanted to marry his wife back in their home country and once indicated that if he couldn't have her then no one should be able to have her. Sipowicz goes to the hospital to visit Bale and he tells him about the case and his temporary replacement. Bale tells him about the nerve damage that will probably keep him from coming back and make his temporary replacement permanent. He tells Sipowicz that he should consider the possibility of taking over the squad himself. It something that Sipowicz doesn't think he wants to do, in fact he has some regrets about taking the sergeant's exam. He thinks he should have remained a detective, something he's done since he was 31. Munson comes in with the detectives to assure "Russian Mike" that he has a deal. He knows that Sergei has some Russian girls working for him, but he doesn't know where he keeps them; he does know the name of a hotel where Sergei has a deal with the clerk to provide women. Murphy and Ortiz find Ibrahim Moussadiq and bring him in for questioning. In the course of the interview, Ibrahim indicates that he had once had a relationship with Farah Amar, that he was offering her the kind of support she needed but wasn't getting from her husband, but only as a friend. Sipowicz, Clark and Jones go to the hotel and interview the clerk. Under threat of embarrassment the clerk gives them the location of a home where the working girls can be found. Murphy and Ortiz find Adeeb Amar and ask him some follow-up questions based on what Ibrahim told them. They decide they need to bring him in for further questioning. Meantime, Clark, Jones, and Sipowicz interview the working girls, but none of them are cooperative, fearing the potential reprisal from Sergei. Sipowicz tries to bring Lt. Henry up to speed, but the lieutenant is more interested in getting his new gadget working. In the coffee room, John Irvin tells Sipowicz that all the recent change in the squad is making him decide to put in for a transfer in the hopes that he can find another squad where he can feel like he is a part of things, like he used to feel here. Murphy and Ortiz reinterview Adeeb Amar about what Ibrahim told him. They try to get him to admit that his wife wasn't the woman that he thought she was. He responds by refusing to talk to them any further. Some Chinese food was delivered to the squad in honor of Medavoy's retirement. Sipowicz, Clark and Jones go back to the pokey room to reinterview the woman "Varenka," that BCI identified as Sergei's sister, Dasha. They convince her to help them safely bring her brother in and with it they manage to bring Sergei into custody with only a few shots fired. Ortiz brings in a translation of their victim's last entry in her diary. Her death was self-inflicted. They bring the information to her husband, who insists that they charge him with her death only so that her family doesn't find out that she had taken her own life. At the hospital Sipowicz brings a photo array to Bale for identification and he can't positively ID Sergei. Bale then asks Sipowicz if he wants him to make the call to the Chief of Detectives about taking the squad over. Sipowicz tells Bale that if he is comfortable making the call, he will take the job. Back at the squad, Sipowicz tells Jones and Clark that Bale couldn't make a positive ID and that they should go ahead and conduct the interview without him, since it is their case. Looking for advice Murphy and Ortiz run the complication of their case for Sipowicz, who makes a great suggestion to them. Then the three of them run it by Lt. Henry, who not wanting to be bogged down with all the details (he's a big picture guy), tells them to do what Sipowicz suggested. Clark and Jones get Sergei to admit to shooting Bale, claiming that it was self-defense. Later that night the members of the 15 Squad celebrate the retirement of Greg Medavoy (amongst others). The Chief of Detectives, who is at the event, stops by their table and takes Sipowicz aside. They discuss the phone call that the Chief received from Bale recommending Sipowicz taking over the squad. Sipowicz makes a convincing argument that makes the Chief of Detectives determine that he will be all right for the job.moreless
    • Big Bang Theory
      Big Bang Theory
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      A woman is murder in her apartment and a woman (who only wants to talk to Sorenson) keeps pointing to the building's gigolo as the culprit. Meanwhile, Sorenson has problems of his own. He takes lost time to help his Army buddy deal with some emotional problems, but calls in Sipowicz for support when the situation gets out of hand. They get the situation under control, but later in the day Sorenson gets a message from Joey that he's leaving town.moreless
    • Dirty Socks
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Bobby's emotionally fragile witness for a double-murder keeps changing her story, she is really only interested in him. A family run business, that Andy used to work in, is held up and the owner's wife is killed, he participates in the investigation that involves some of his old friends. Donna's temporary replacement is gay. James enters in a department boxing tournament.moreless
    • Double Abandando
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Donna's sister Dana moves in with her and Greg; later she tries to move in on Greg. Shots are fired at the school across the street, but Bobby doubts the confession of his friend's son, the 11-year-old murder suspect in a gang related shooting. A lothario appears to be targeted by a woman he's infected with HIV. Lesniak and Martinez try to bring him down for reckless endangerment.moreless
    • Old Yeller
      Season 11 - Episode 15
      Sipowicz is in early and sees that his little ploy has worked; Gibson's parrot now only has a one word vocabulary: "douche bag." Sipowicz meets Hatcher and Clark at the scene of an apparent suicide where he finds that Hatcher has already let one of the witnesses go. The victim's suicide note makes reference to man who had kidnapped her last year. The note indicates a partial license plate number and a description of the kidnapper's vehicle. However, other than the victim missing her rent last year for two months, no one can find any other indication that the victim ever told anyone about her kidnapping. An elderly woman comes into the squad to report that something dear to her has been stolen and she thinks she knows who stole it. She thinks her nephew may have stolen her diamond ring; the nephew at one time had some trouble with drugs. Medavoy suggests an approach they can take to begin questioning her nephew. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Paul Grady, the man who owns the van with the license plate that ID'd in the suicide note. They show Grady a photo of the victim, he tells them that he recollects seeing their victim about 6 months when she came to his home disheveled and looking for help. He tells the detectives that his wife will recall that incident. In the meantime Medavoy and Jones go to interview the nephew about the missing ring. The nephew readily agrees to a urine test to prove he's been clean for the past nine months, and then he tells the detectives about his aunt's personal ad. She's been looking for sex partners and the nephew suggests that anyone of those partners that came to their home would have had access to the ring. Hatcher finds another woman, Gina Bell, who reports having been abducted for a few weeks two years ago. Sipowicz and Clark decide to pursue this angle and will leave the next one (if there are any in the tri-state area) for Hatcher to follow up on. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Gina Bell who doesn't recall much of anything about her kidnapping. She seems reluctant to talk about it and thinks that she might have exaggerated the duration of her kidnapping; it might have only been for a couple of days. Medavoy and Jones talk with Veronica Lewis about her relationships, it turns out she has had some of these men in her apartment. She gives them a list of names to check out. Hatcher has come up with another name, Martha Henstridge in New Jersey whose kidnapping matches the profile. Hatcher and Ortiz leave for the interview as Off. Janet Grafton (nee Vecchio) comes into the squad and tells Clark about what's happen since her breakup with her husband (whose granted her the divorce) and the fact that she is being transferred into the 15th Precinct; she wanted to make sure that he was alright with it. In New Jersey Hatcher and Ortiz talk with Martha Henstridge who has very good recall about what happened during her kidnapping. They show her a photo array and she points right to the picture of Paul Grady. Sipowicz and Clark pull Grady out of the cage and start questioning him and telling him what they know about him; Grady asks for some time to think and that gives Sipowicz and Clark time to go and search his home. Medavoy and Jones talk to one of Veronica's many liaisons; they've started with the ones with criminal records. He tells them about the wonderful sexual relationship he's had with Veronica, something he wasn't going to spoil. In Queens at the home of Paul Grady the detectives find the dungeon in the basement. Now they need to find his wife, since she's been backing up his story. Medavoy and Jones talk to another liaison named Bob Longano, a man who hasn't stolen anything in seventeen years. He tells him that the last time he was with her he found the next morning that some of his money and a credit card were stolen. He thought maybe she needed the money, but the detectives have another idea. Sipowicz and Clark return to find Paul Grady naked in the pokey room cage; Grady lawyers up and Sipowicz immediately goes looking for Hatcher, who he confronts in the restroom. Sipowicz is worried that this is going to blow the case; Hatcher cites his reason for losing it. Eight years ago he lost his wife to a car bomb due to his one his arrests, whenever there is violence against a woman it just sets him off. Sipowicz tells him to go back to his desk and stay away from the interview rooms. Then he and Clark go to talk with Grady's wife who claims that her husband is a deprogrammer for the government, which is what he does in their basement. She tells them about what her husband did to her when she once tried to go into their basement. She tells them that he threatened to kill her if he ever told anyone about the basement. Medavoy and Jones talk with Veronica's nephew, who they know used Longano's credit card recently. The nephew admits his guilt and tells them where he pawned the ring. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Gina Bell, whose necklace was found in the drain of the dungeon. Despite the emotional pain, she recalls more detail about her kidnapping. She is also able to ID Paul Grady and she also tells them that there was a woman in the room. Sipowicz and Clark go back at Grady's wife. She tells them that she will give them the names of all the women that her husband had in the basement, but she will never tell them that she had anything to do with what went on there. She was sick with guilt about it all, but she was scared for her life. Medavoy return Veronica's ring to her. She thanks Medavoy and suggests that if he ever needs to talk about anything, he has her number. The detectives run their case by Haywood and Hatcher makes a comment that indicates that he knows he blew the part of the case that would have allowed them to put both Paul and Susan Grady away. Sipowicz offers Hatcher a little support and tells him about his own dealing with the death of a spouse. Gibson prepares to take his bird home, but first he tells Sipowicz that he might have won a battle, but not the war. Later, Greg meets with Veronica; he's asked her out with the intention of asking her out. She bottom lines it for him, she knows what he really wants is sex and so they adjourn to her place and make the furniture to move.moreless
    • Bottoms Up
      Season 10 - Episode 13
      Clark Sr. stops by to see his son. He offers to help, but he is denied his request when his son tells him that it is being taken care of in house. Clark Sr. realizes that Sipowicz is probably on the job. Meanwhile out on the street, Sipowicz is on the job, shaking down a drug dealer named Gordo who he tells that he is looking for any information on any cops that may have been shaking down any dealers. Back at the squad, the detectives are mulling over Clark Jr.'s situation when Jones comes in with information about an arrest that Laughlin made the previous week. The individual he busted for pot had a previous record involving heroin. McDowell and Ortiz begin an interview with a mother and daughter who've come in to report that the daughter had been assaulted the night before. When they get the mother to leave the room Annalise, the daughter girl confesses to them what really happened. She and her boyfriend were attacked. Both she and her boyfriend were knocked out with chloroform while she was sexually assaulted. Sipowicz has a conversation with Laughlin's drug bust collar, Ignacio Delgado, and he eventually tells Sipowicz that while Laughlin asked him about where he could get some heroin, he didn't tell him anything because he didn't trust him. Clark Sr. stops Sipowicz on his way into the precinct to offer his help. Sipowicz assures him that he is doing everything that he can to help his son, but allows Clark Sr. to go and look up his son's ex-partner from narcotics to see what he might know. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Annalise's boyfriend Terrell. Since he has a record, they are somewhat suspicious of him and his story doesn't seem to sit right with him. He offers them nothing, but they want him to remain available. Ortiz asks for status from Sipowicz on his investigation. He tells her that they have direction that they are looking, but they don't have any real progress to report yet. Another rape is reported and McDowell and Ortiz are sent to interview the victim. Jones and Medavoy are interviewing Carl Pruitt, one of Laughlin's stops where a citation wasn't issued. Sipowicz comes in to the interview room and quickly gets the information that he needs, which is that Pruitt knows nothing. At the hospital McDowell and Ortiz interview the other rape victim, who tells them that her attacker had made her boyfriend watch while he raped her. She tells them that her boyfriend claimed that he was going to be on the lookout for the attacker. A call comes in from a friend of Gordo and Sipowicz agrees to meet with him. On his way out of the house, Sipowicz runs into Laughlin and they exchange a few heated words about Sipowicz's investigation. McDowell and Ortiz talk a man named Will Porter who was collared in the park a couple of weeks earlier. With his prior record, they ask for his cooperation which he denies them. They respond by adding his photo to their lineup. Sipowicz meets with the dealer, who begins to tailor his story to meet with Sipowicz's needs. Sipowicz smashes the dealer's face into his lunch and tells him not to waste anymore of his time. McDowell and Ortiz hear from the second victim's boyfriend who they leave to go and retrieve. Jones finds out that Carl Pruitt the man they interviewed earlier and that Sipowicz had dismissed after only a few pointed questions has called into the precinct asking for Laughlin. Rodriguez wants them to bring Pruitt back in. Clark Sr. comes in to report to Sipowicz on what he knows, but all Sipowicz sees is that Clark Sr. doesn't know anything and that he has been drinking. Sipowicz tells him to go home, but Clark Sr. realizes what the beef is that the uniform has with his son over the IAB investigation with the auxiliary cop. McDowell and Ortiz talk with their second rape victim's boyfriend, who tells them that he was conscious throughout his girlfriend's rape. He can't help them with their photo array because he wasn't wearing his glasses to get a clear look at the perp. He does promise to help make a voice ID, since the perp was constantly talking. Sipowicz is given a second chance to talk with Carl Pruitt, who eventually tells him that Laughlin did take the heroin that he was holding to sell on consignment. Pruitt is scared that the dealer he was going to be selling it for is going to come after him. Sipowicz wants Pruitt to wear a wire and have a conversation with Laughlin. Annalise's boyfriend is brought back in to reconfirm his story to McDowell and Ortiz, to see if it really matches that of the other victims' boyfriend. He tells them that it does and when they show him their photo array he picks out a suspect for them to after. Out on the street the wearing of the wire doesn't go well, as Sipowicz, Rodriguez and Martens realize that Laughlin is hip to what is going on. They are going to have to try again later, with some other tactics. McDowell and Ortiz talk again with Will Porter, who they now know was their rapist. His record of being raped in prison and their knowledge of it gets Porter to confess his crime. The detectives and Haywood are discussing what kind of case they have against Laughlin and it doesn't look good. Off. Shannon comes upstairs at Sipowicz's request and Sipowicz wants him to help them with their case against his partner, Laughlin. Shannon says that he can't help him followed by claiming to not knowing anything. Sipowicz (and we) know that Shannon is a good cop, and Sipowicz is just asking for his help to save a good cop from a bad cop. The detectives are called out to the scene of a homicide; the victim is Pruitt their one witness that gave them hope for getting a release for Clark Jr. Sipowicz goes to the Clark Jr.'s cell to give him the bad news of the day. Tomorrow Clark Jr. gets arraigned and after that he is being transferred to Riker's.moreless
    • I Have a Dream
      I Have a Dream
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      Sipowicz is having a recurring dream involving his father and Sgt. Dornan. In the dream Sipowicz's father claims that Dornan was responsible for putting his eye out. One of Sorenson's informants helps the detectives with their investigation into the shooting death of a drug dealer by a police officer. The officer might just not be cut out for police work, but the shooting is proved right. Vince Gotelli comes to the squad looking for help with one of his insurance company's chronic complainants, a man with mob connections. The complainant alleges that his downstairs neighbor is constantly vandalizing his car; Vince wants the detectives (Sorenson and Kirkendall) to tell him his options. None of their advice is heeded as the complainant is beaten to death by his neighbor. Sipowicz meets with Dornan to tell him what he thinks his dream meant. Dornan, who's been drinking during the time before Sipowicz arrived, doesn't offer him any support, which sends Sipowicz running from the bar, intent on not having a drink.moreless
    • E.R.
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Russell, on the road to recovery, wants Andy to let Bobby know she's doing okay now. James is shot and may be paralyzed for life. His assailant, a government witness, will probably go free. Donna expresses her interest in Bobby to him. Bobby contacts Benita to use her to help put pressure on the DA and their protected witness and they talk about their time together. Everyone wants Bobby, but he has still feelings for Diane. Sylvia has some news for Andy.moreless
    • Marine Life
      Season 10 - Episode 18
      The morning after their breakup and Clark and Ortiz are on the scene of a homicide and there is a hint of tension. Aware of what has transpired, Sipowicz tells McDowell that it is just a matter of time before it hits the fan between Clark and Ortiz. The homicide the detectives have caught involves a victim who was bludgeoned to death. The murder weapon is still at the scene and contains one good fingerprint. Back at the squad they run the case for Rodriguez. Sipowicz gets a call from Theo's teacher, who refers to McDowell as Mrs. Sipowicz, something which appears to make Sipowicz uncomfortable. Jones and Medavoy are sent to the scene of an assault, once the get there the victim (a Russian woman) claims that she is okay and doesn't want to press charges. The woman's husband, Roy Pardee arrives on the scene. Sipowicz and Clark arrive at the office of Carla Whitford, a woman who was doing business with their victim. Sipowicz plays the answering machine message she left for their victim. She tells them the victim was gay and is "a grade A prick." Jones and Medavoy talk with Roy Pardee and he tells him that he really doesn't know anything about his wife's personal life, she is very secretive. After discussing the case, Rita reminds John about the naïveté of the concept of remaining friends during the short term. At the criminal courts building, Haywood tries to keep a jury convicted drug dealer Jerry Wells from being released on bail (the only witness against him has recanted his testimony). The judge lets Wells go, but as he prepares to leave, he makes a comment to Haywood about there being no hard feelings and he winks at her as he leaves the courtroom. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Justin Tangier who they've found is using their victim's credit card. He tells them that he was using the in conjunction with his band that the victim was backing. He gives them the name Remy Blanchard as his alibi. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's co-worker, whom they've been told that he is more than friends with. He tells them about that the relationship that their victim has with her husband Roy Pardee. Blanchard confirms Justin's alibi; but the fingerprint on the murder weapon gives the detectives the name of an AWOL Marine named Russell Stokes, whom another witness says was seen with Blanchard. Sipowicz and Clark go the apartment of Remy Blanchard and they get him to admit knowing Stokes. They get Blanchard to place a call to Stokes and have him return to the apartment. When Stokes returns, Sipowicz and Clark take him into custody. Jones and Medavoy reinterview Roy Pardee about his wife. They tell him they also know about his previous marriage to another mail order bride, who mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier. Sipowicz and Clark bring Stokes into the precinct. Before they can get him to the pokey room for questioning, John Irvin has a chance to see him and recognizes something in him that he had gone through 15 years earlier, which is being gay and coming to grips with it. Stokes is brought into the pokey room and gives them his story, which is that Justin had brought him to the victim's apartment and that he woke up with the murder weapon in his hand. When confronted with being outed, Stokes tries to position himself as being able to commit to the crime. He tells them that they need to talk to Justin. John Irvin has witnessed their interview of Stokes. Jones and Medavoy run their case by Rodriguez as Haywood arrives. She is there to talk with Jones about the creepy feeling she got from Jerry Wells earlier in the day. He gets Wells information from her and tells her that he will take care of it. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Justin. He only admits to making a phone call, which set the meeting up between Stokes and the victim. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Haywood about their case with Stokes. They plan to go back at Stokes, when John Irvin confesses to Sipowicz that he watched their interview of Stokes. He hears what John Irvin has to say about Randall Stokes, it makes Sipowicz decide that they need to go back at Remy Blanchard. They get him to admit to concocting a story with Justin and they bring him to the pokey to confront Justin. Justin gives them the story of what happened. Jones and Medavoy interview Pardee's brother, who they suspect may have assisted his brother in beating his current wife and getting rid of his first wife. Using his FBI lie detection technique, Medavoy get Pardee's brother (who is slow of mind) to confess to his crimes. The brother confesses that he alone had killed his brother's first wife and beat his current wife, since both women were just using his brother. Sipowicz and Clark come down to Stokes cell and tell them about Justin copping to the murder. John Irvin comes into Stokes' cell and talk with him about the issues he perceives that Stokes is facing, just to let him know that there is help available out there. Jones and Medavoy take Roy Pardee out to where they've found that his brother has buried the body of his first wife. Later, Jones goes to the apartment of Jerry Wells and lays down the law for him regarding Haywood. Andy and Connie attend Theo's performance, where plays the letter "Z." They meet his teacher and clarify the relationship issue, but the discussion gives Andy pause for thought.moreless
    • I Don't Wanna Dye
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      Tommy Richardson's wife, Laurie, stops by to pick up his time records as Tommy has transferred to another precinct. Laurie expresses some concerns about his behavior, especially after she catches him in a phone conversation with another woman; she also shows Bobby and Diane signs of physical abuse. Bobby and Diane contact the woman that Laurie caught Tommy having a phone conversation and interview her, but it leads to nothing but more trouble for Tommy's wife. Meanwhile, Greg and Jill look into death of a man who was shot and found in the bathtub of his former girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend's father is also on the scene and suffering from the electric shock he received while trying to use an electric chain saw in the bathtub. Sylvia accompanies Andy to the hospital where he is scheduled for his CAT scan. Unfortunately, the test starts to go bad when Andy begins to experience chest pains. Tommy comes to the squad and lets Bobby know that no matter what they do, they haven't got any physical evidence. Tommy is unaware that his wife was listening and she agrees to wear the wire that will be used to help put him away when he incriminates himself. Sylvia and Andy decide to ignore Dr. Talbot's advice and go with the opinion of Dr. Mondzac, a doctor that Andy is more comfortable with.moreless
    • Innuendo
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      The detective's search for a killer following a shooting spree, where a rookie cop's missed shot also kills a bystander. Fancy's brother, a cop in the 8th precinct has racial troubles with his commanding officer and Arthur intercedes on his behalf and his own boss covers for him during their crisis. Andy goes to the doctor and finds out that he has an enlarged prostate, Sylvia thought their lack of sexual activity was because of the incident from her past that she had told Andy about. When Andy and Bobby go back to the apartment where the shooter lived, they discover he has returned, resulting in Bobby saving Andy's life.moreless
    • Cop in a Bottle
      Cop in a Bottle
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      The detectives arrive on the scene of a shooting, where the shooter is Det. Walsh, from the 27, who was having a late night out with a few drinks and hooker. Simone arrives on the scene, but his difficulty breathing causes his so much discomfort, he is taken to the hospital. It appears as though Bobby has some heart trouble, its enlarged, cause unknown. Later, back at the squad room, Sipowicz begins questioning alcoholic Det. Walsh. Walsh's lieutenant arrives, ready to crucify him, Fancy steps in and ask him wait until their investigation is over. The investigation concludes and the detective's actions are vindicated, although Andy offers him some advice about his drinking. Bobby's condition may be caused by an infection; however, more tests are needed to know for sure.moreless
    • You're Under a Rasta
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      Diane tells Bobby that she is pregnant. The detectives are called to the scene where two women are murdered. Everyone seems to point to the drug-dealing husband. They go to raid the house where some dealers are held up and Diane gets involved in a shooting situation that makes Bobby angry. Meanwhile, Greg and James look into the murder of a prostitute, despite James' complaints about a back problem that will later get him taken out of the squad on a stretcher. Naomi tells Bobby about her problems with her landlord turning her into INS.moreless
    • A Sudden Fish
      Season 1 - Episode 16

      Medavoy suffers a stress-related anxiety attack. Sipowicz investigates the robbery of a wheelchair-bound Vietnam veteran. Andy rejects a gift from Sylvia. John starts moonlighting as a bodyguard for his wealthy friend's girlfriend.

    • Lie Like a Rug (1)
      Lie Like a Rug (1)
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      The detectives begin investigating the deaths of 4 girls, but stress levels are running high around the precinct, with the recent events of September 11th and the fact that nothing has been found regarding Sorenson in the past 5 months. Sipowicz and McDowell are joined by narcotics officer John Clark Jr. (a second generation cop) to investigate a lead when a woman brought in for questioning points them to a possible suspect. Medavoy and Jones interview a shooting victim, who is later revealed to have been at the scene of the robbery/homicide and was caught in the crossfire. Interviewing the dealer reveals nothing for Sipowicz and McDowell, but when Medavoy and Jones another suspect, he offers them information on where a body is buried, but only when he gets a deal. With the information he gives them, they believe the body might be Danny Sorenson's. Sipowicz takes over the interrogation and gets a location for the body, where he and Rodriguez go to see what they will find; meanwhile, the other detectives (with Clark) gather up other suspects. CSU uncovers a body, which is identified as Sorenson. Sipowicz and Rodriguez get the Feds to cooperate with their suspect wearing a wire, although they have some reservations that their suspect may not be able to pull it off. They set up meeting at the strip club for the following day, as the other detectives wrap up the robbery/homicide. On his way home Sipowicz goes into a bar and buys himself a shot, "just to smell it". McDowell arrives in time to keep him from drinking it.moreless
    • Sheedy Dealings
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of two roommates. A guy that Medavoy knows comes in with story about a man wanting to hire a hit man. Medavoy wants to play the part of the hit man when they go to arrest him; since nobody thinks he looks the part, Martinez gets the role. Kirkendall and Russell investigate the claim of a wealthy woman that her maid did not accidentally donate the diamond necklace that the woman kept in a safe place disguised as a soup can. Diane reports to Bobby that she is 4 days late.moreless
    • Healthy McDowell Movement
      Season 10 - Episode 10
      The Sipowicz's have moved out of their apartment and Andy has sublet it to John Irvin, which will allow him to keep his same address with the department and avoid any "jackpots" with him and Connie living together. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are at the scene of a vandalized apartment, where the victim is the father of the perpetrator, a schizophrenic. He doesn't want to press charges, but he'd like them to find his son Michael. McDowell and Ortiz get diverted to help out Jones and Medavoy, but before she leaves McDowell talks with Sipowicz about the layout of their apartment. Sipowicz is not giving up his fish and when he looks for some sympathy from Clark Jr., who's been strangely quiet this morning, he doesn't get any. Back at the squad, Rodriguez is trying to get hold of his ex-wife, who missed her breakfast appointment with him. Sipowicz confronts Clark Jr. about his lack of support and Clark Jr. tells him about his father and IAB. Sipowicz tells him they'll talk to Martens to see what they can do to get this worked out. Jones and Medavoy, and McDowell and Ortiz are on the scene of a homicide, where a woman was murdered in her apartment and a burnt videotape might hold a key to the crime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find Michael, the schizophrenic son, and bring him in. Rodriguez stops by Angela's apartment, to find her recovering from a night of booze and cocaine. He tells her that he's done, but she pleads with him for his help in getting straight. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Michael, advising him of what will happen if he causes trouble for his father again. Near the end of their discussion with him, he says the phrase "she can't breathe;" they don't know what he means by it, he tells them it's a line from a song. The parents of the murdered woman come into the squad. They disclose to McDowell and Ortiz that their daughter was adopted and seemed predisposed to a life that will lead to trouble. When they both find out that she's dead, the mother is starting to have a breakdown, while the father wonders why they are asking them questions. Rodriguez reports that the lab has retrieved a frame from the videotape of the victim naked on her bed, the lab is trying to restore more frames. The Michael's father comes into the squad, reporting that his son had just attacked him. They tell him that they will find Michael and try to get him some help. Martens from IAB stops to by to talk to Sipowicz and Clark Jr. and from him they find out that the only way his dad might get out from underneath is to retire, right away. Despite the fact he doesn't like Laughlin, Clark Jr. asks Martens if there is anything that can be done to reinstate him. Jones and Medavoy interview the dead women's therapist, who does tell them that her patient was seeing an older man who was providing for her. Clark Jr. tells his father what he needs to do get out of his situation; he's made an appointment for his father to put his retirement papers in, tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM. Tony tells Angela that he's made arrangements for her to move into a clean living program. She tells him she will go and he tells her will take her there tonight. Photos from the videotape arrive, revealing the victim having sex with someone who'll become their prime suspect when they bring him in. Meanwhile, a woman who knows Michael comes in to talk with the detectives and perhaps give them a lead on finding him. She confirms with them that she has heard Michael say the phrase "she can't breathe." Rodriguez breaks into the interview to tell them that Michael was picked up vandalize his father's home again. Jones and Medavoy start their interview with their prime suspect, the victim's adopted father, who they show a photo of him having relations with his adopted daughter. His response is to lawyer up and stop talking. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. retrieve Michael and bring him back to the precinct. McDowell and Ortiz talk their prime suspect's doctor, who because of confidentiality will not give them anything. With the father and his doctor not talking, Rodriguez suggests that they have a talk with their suspect's wife, to see if she knows about the relationship and if that will give them anything further to work with. As the prime suspect's doctor is leaving, Sipowicz asks if he cares enough to help them with talking to Michael, who the detectives can't seem to get through to. The doctor agrees to help and with the two detectives they get Michael to indicate what he means by the phrase "she can't breathe." They realize that Michael witnessed his father smothering his mother to death, many years earlier. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Michael's dad to talk with him about the suffocation. Something he did to help relieve his wife from the pain of the terminal cancer she was battling. They tell him that they will talk to the DA to see what they can do, since they have to charge him with murder. McDowell and Ortiz talk with their prime suspect's wife about his relationship with her daughter. The woman breaks down when they tell they know about the phone calls to her from her daughter from the night before. She tells them her daughter showed her the videotape this morning and she struck her, not intending to kill her. Haywood listens to the detectives' information on Michael and his father and agrees that they should be able to work something out. Clark Jr. announces that his father is retiring and there will be a small gathering later that evening for those who are interested. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. (along with Michael's father) try to explain to him what his father did for his mother. Michael doesn't seem to get it right away, until he responds with a "she can breathe now." Tony stops at Angela's apartment to pick her up for her trip to rehab, but he doesn't find her there and she's not answering her cell phone. At the McDowell/Sipowicz residence, the boys are trying to move in; but Theo still isn't comfortable with the new arrangement.moreless
    • Stressed For Success
      Stressed For Success
      Season 7 - Episode 15
      Danny is disappointed and annoyed when he discovers J.B. left his apartment during the night. Later a junkie named Leslie comes into the squad to report to Sorenson that J.B.'s might be in trouble. A woman reports to Medavoy and Jones that she thinks she's bought some old dresses that are actually stolen property. Kirkendall brings in a woman named Lucy, who Laughlin from Anti-Crime recognizes as a repeat offender. According to Laughlin, Lucy's husband sends her out to do the crimes. The husband claims she is a "friggin' kleptomaniac". Sorenson arrives at the scene of a fire, only to discover a body that is J.B.'s. He returns to the squad and hopes to seek some comfort from Mary, but she gives him the realities of the situation, but he isn't prepared to listen. Meanwhile, Sipowicz is annoyed because he was taken out of rotation. Sorenson breaks down in the squad and Russell seems to be the only one who will comfort him. A woman comes to the squad to claim the stolen property that Jones and Medavoy are dealing with. They arrange to get the property back to the woman, but she seems utterly distraught by the whole situation and just pays a reward without examining the merchandise. It appears as though she is really disappointed with herself for letting the dresses disappear while in her care. In wrapping up the shoplifting case, Kirkendall tells Laughlin that she is trying to improve the odds of Lucy's survival, perhaps give her a chance to better her chance to get out of the situation she is in. Laughlin thinks he knows how to take care of the situation, when he runs into the husband later that night. Later at the bar, Laughlin tells Sorenson (who's drinking his own problems away) about what he did, when Kirkendall comes into the bar and reads him off as it seems his lesson for the husband didn't work, it only got Lucy killed. In the early hours of the morning, Sorenson knocks on Russell's door and crashes there for the night.moreless
    • Tranny Get Your Gun
      Season 10 - Episode 15
      The tension that has been building between Andy and Connie almost comes to a head after the babysitter has to cancel and Andy can't stay behind to watch the baby until the replace arrives. They exchange a few words with ends with Andy saying he is leaving. Theo, who must have overheard some of their discussion, asks his father if he will be coming back, after all he said he was leaving. Andy tells him he will never leave him as Connie watches the pair leave their home together. Sipowicz arrives late to the crime scene where Clark Jr., Medavoy and Jones are beginning to investigate the death of an 18-year-old Pakistani woman. McDowell arrives to the squad late, citing babysitter problems, which she assures Sipowicz are taken care of. A man, Gordon Dillit, and his wife come in to report that he was mugged and his wife's antique watch was stolen. As he is still in a good mood from the morning's events, Sipowicz says the man is a "hen pecked slob." Jones and Medavoy interview the man who might be the father of their victim and he confirms for them that it is his daughter. Medavoy notes that the man doesn't seem to be affected in anyway by his daughter's death. Ortiz and McDowell are on the scene of the death of a "tranny pros" named "Lana" where Sipowicz and Clark Jr. join them. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk to the hotel manager and he gives them a license plate number to check; but Sipowicz's conduct at the scene, that is in the questioning of the manager and his interaction with his fellow detectives this morning, especially McDowell, leave much too be desired. Jones and Medavoy are off to visit the boyfriend of their victim, as the other detectives return to the squad. They report to Rodriguez that they got a hit off the license plate, it belonged Dillit, the man they saw earlier that morning. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have a conversation with Dillit. They inform his that the prostitute was a transvestite. Dillit tells them that not long after he and the prostitute had set a price, another man entered the room and held him at knife point, planning to keep him until midnight, when he could get Dillit to use his ATM card again. He tells them that he got out of the room, when the prostitute and the man with the knife got into a fight. When he came in to report the missing watch, he didn't want his wife to know about the prostitute. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's boyfriend who tells them he doesn't know where she is. When they inform her that she is dead, his reaction isn't such that makes them suspicious of him, but they ask him to stick around until they check out his story. The detectives are bringing Rodriguez up to speed on their case when a woman comes into the squad asking to speak to someone about the Yusuf murder case. Jones and Medavoy talk with the woman who says she is the victim's cousin and she tells them that the she overheard her uncle tell her father that he killed his daughter as an "honor killing." They ask for her further cooperation, but promise to keep her out of it, if at all possible. John Irvin passes a message on to Sipowicz from Clark Jr. about their case. Sipowicz asks him how he likes living in his new apartment, telling him that he's heard rumors they are cracking down on cohabitating detectives. John Irvin tells Sipowicz that he doesn't want to tell him how to live his life, but he think about giving his current situation some time to work itself out. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk to Randy, the man that "Lana" had made several phone calls to the night before. This man picks up the fact the "Lana" is dead and tells them Gordon Dillit did it. He denies running a "Murphy Game" on Dillit and claims that when he came in, Dillit ran out covered in blood. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's father again, only this time as a suspect. The father denies killing his daughter, but he does admit to telling people that he killed his daughter, in order to get respect back in his community. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. run their case by Haywood, but they are still waiting for McDowell and Ortiz to bring in the woman that Dillet claimed he ran by when exiting the building. McDowell and Ortiz bring in and talk with "Monika" who tells them she saw a man leave the place with blood on his pants; she also says she saw the man who looked out for "Lana." Jones and Medavoy canvas the area where a knife was found that may have been used in their victim's murder. They encounter a crazy homeless man, who tells them about someone named "Derrick," but they also find their victim's wallet amongst the homeless man's possessions. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to have another conversation with Dillit; they tell him that they know he is homophobe. They tell him about the "Monika" backing up Randy's story; they suggest that if he wants to get out from under this, he'd better give them permission to search his clothes. Jones and Medavoy tell Rodriguez about the outcome of their case, the boyfriend and the father are both going to be let go and the homeless man charged. The detectives find more evidence that points toward Randy as "Lana"'s killer, he had a past history with "Monika" and also was seen pawning the watch earlier this morning. With this new evidence in hand, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back at Randy. With evidence mounting against him, Randy confesses the truth. As the boyfriend and father are leaving the precinct, the father realizes that his daughter's death was his fault, as he wasn't strong enough to make her behave like a "proper woman." Back upstairs, McDowell gets ready to leave, but Sipowicz tells her he will be another hour, maybe more. After she leaves, Clark Jr. tells him the 5s can wait, but the problem he is avoiding isn't going to go away, he inevitably has to face it. Dillit comes upstairs and is able to retrieve his wife's watch, he comments to Sipowicz that sitting in the cell today made him realize how precious his relationship with his wife is. And finally John Irvin passes onto to Sipowicz the name of great florist who does wonderful things with "Gerber Daisies." At the Sipowicz/McDowell household, with daisies in hand, Andy returns home, where Connie has made them a nice dinner. They decide that they have been fighting about nothing that really matters. They agree to start over again.moreless
    • Head Case
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      A mild mannered professor is found decapitated in his apartment. James helps out a former porn star, who is getting harassing phone calls. I wonder what Adrianne thinks about that? Andy Jr. is in town with some surprising news, but he can't tell Andy about until dinner later that night. Andy worries about it all afternoon. Adrianne was not amused. Andy Jr., discharged from the Air Force, is joining the police department in Hackensack.moreless
    • Safari, So Good
      Season 9 - Episode 13
      The detectives begin investigating the death of a doctor and at the crime scene Sipowicz tries to avoid having any discussion with McDowell about the kiss from the previous night. Back at the squad, John Irvin introduces the temporary who will be filling in for him during his African safari. The temp PAA is a struggling screenwriter which piques Medavoy's interest. When another case comes up, Sipowicz declines any immediate assistance from McDowell and Ortiz who are going to help out with both investigations. At the crime scene of the second case, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. run into a well meaning rookie cop, who may have made their case harder to solve. One of the deceased doctor's colleagues comes in for some questioning and mentions his colleagues' free charity work. The deceased doctor had a prescription for a patient named Angela Stokes in his pocket; not recognizing that name his colleague suspects that Angela was a patient of the doctor's charity work. The doctor's colleague asks to be kept up to date on the progress of the case. Medavoy talks to the temp PAA about screenwriting and the stories that Medavoy has to tell. When second case's victim is identified with a name of Tureek, it turns out to be one of two men that Sipowicz had collared for a robbery/homicide 20 years earlier; only back then Tureek's name was Marvin. Angela Stokes is brought in and McDowell and Ortiz question her, she seems surprised at the news when she hears that her doctor is dead. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. meet with their victim's parole officer who tells them about all the great things for the community Tureek has done since serving his time for the crime that Sipowicz arrested him for 20 years ago. They also find out that Tureek had become reacquainted with his partner, Eric Green, from the robbery/homicide. They bring Eric Green in for questioning and he points to a kid who was recently fired. The temp PAA asks Medavoy if he has any ideas. A tip comes in about someone selling pharmaceuticals that match a description given by several witnesses. Medavoy and Jones go to sit on the clinic and wait for their suspect to show up. Rodriguez lets the temp PAA know what the rules are in his squad. Ortiz's pager keeps going off; her soon-to-be ex-husband is harassing her. The temp PAA's attitude is driving John Irvin crazy. The recently fired man is brought for questioning, which leads nowhere. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy grab up their suspect. The junkie is brought up to the squad. Haywood meets with Jones in the hallway and she tells him that she is going to be taking some time off. She reveals to him that she had miscarried yesterday. Jones is discouraged that she never contacted him. Rather than take some time to take it all in, Jones goes into an interview with Medavoy and their suspect; although Jones isn't really getting into the interview. Their suspect gives them the name of a junkie/prostitute named Baby Doll. John Irvin asks Sipowicz for some advice about the temp PAA he doesn't like, his pending vacation that requires flight and his relationship with Ray Maxwell. Sipowicz tells him to just go on his vacation and enjoy himself. The detectives raid the apartment where expect to find Baby Doll. Baby Doll is brought in for question and cites the doctor's perversions (never specified) as her reason for committing his murder. She also mentions the deal that the doctor had with Angela Stokes and the prescription forms. Angela would get half of the prescribed dose. Marvin's burnt out car is found and Eric Green fits the description of the person leaving the scene as the fire started. Green won't talk with Sipowicz in the room and Clark Jr. says something that causes their questioning to stop. Sipowicz gives Clark Jr. grief for blowing the interview for him. Now Clark Jr. is going to have to go back in the room and hope he gets lucky. With Sipowicz out of the room, Eric Green opens up and expresses his anger at Marvin for taking 15 years out of his life. McDowell and Ortiz bring Angela Stokes up to speed on her position in the death of her doctor. John Irvin leaves for his vacation. Sipowicz tells the temp PAA how things are going to be run in the office starting tomorrow. The doctor comes back to find out the progress on the case and is a first annoyed at not being kept up to speed, only to be glad of it when he infers that his colleague wasn't the man he though he was. Clark Jr. apologizes to Sipowicz for blowing his interview. Medavoy apologizes to Jones for his behavior of the past couple of weeks and gets an invitation to watch the Knick game. A drunken Don Harrison stops by the bar where Ortiz, Rodriguez and Clark Jr. are having a drink and he makes a scene. He tells her that they have now become enemies. Sipowicz and McDowell have the discussion that he'd been avoiding all day. He's worried about their age difference and she mentions that she's never going to be able to have a child of her own. He realizes that the relationship is more about her spending time with Theo.moreless
    • Danny Boy
      Danny Boy
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Bon jour Danny Sorenson. Diane returns to work. Sorenson catches his first case, a drive-by shooting, which then gets mixed in with the case Russell has caught, the shooting death of the drive-by shooters. Russell is annoyed when Sorenson takes over both cases. Sylvia stops by the squad to ask Andy's help in checking out whether a man, Suarez, who was put into prison may have really been innocent. So he tries to reach out to cop who made that arrest, but Dornan has a better memory of the way he's seen Sipowicz act in the past.moreless
    • Yes Sir, That's My Baby
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Andy and Bobby look into the death of a limo driver. A new detective joins the squad and her first case involves a man whose life is being threatened. Bobby gets the go ahead from Savino to pursue the further questioning of Henry. Diane puts it an appearance in the squad room and she can't figure how to talk to Bobby about her current assignment. Andy lodges a complaint against Geri that gets her moved upstairs and Gina downstairs. Bobby "interviews" Henry and gets the real story.moreless
    • A Remington Original
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of a woman whose body was found naked in the trunk of a car in a junkyard. Gina returns to work. A man's body is found with a severe blow to his head. James and Greg eventually discover that the murder weapon was a typewriter. But how and who delivered the blow? Bobby hires Henry to take care of a painting job in the tenement building; Henry comes in complaining about the difficult tenant. Diane is working through her issues with her family and a counselor. Bobby and Henry talk with the difficult tenant.moreless
    • Gypsy Woe's Me
      Season 9 - Episode 17
      Andy and Theo discuss their upcoming trip to Disney World, but Theo tells him that if Connie's not coming, then he's not going. At the scene of the day's case, the detectives follow up on a report that a cab was seen leaving the scene. When the cab's plates are run, it is revealed to be Ryan Lipe, the cab driver that helped them out on the baby shooting case a few weeks earlier. Also at the scene, Officer Laughlin asks Clark Jr. about Ortiz's dating status, to which he is reminded that Ortiz just buried her husband a week earlier and that he might want to remove his wedding ring before he starts hitting on her. Ryan Lipe is brought in and Sipowicz and Clark Jr. question him; Lipe claims that the shooting was in self defense. After the interview, Sipowicz asks John Irvin about whether he had made any attempt to talk with his father, to which John tells him about his attempt to talk with his father. An old friend of Rodriguez's stops by to ask him for a favor, looking into a situation that his son was in. Rodriguez agrees to look into it; his friend then tries to leave him an envelope of money, which Rodriguez gives back to him, telling him that as a friend he was going to look into it. Jones and Medavoy have been sent to investigate the beating death of a man outside of a bar; the victim's companion, who a witness, reports was beaten down by a large black man. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. along with Haywood and Rodriguez decide that Ryan Lipe can be let go, since they don't have enough to hold him on at this point. In the precinct lobby, Laughlin makes a play for Ortiz, which Clark Jr. comments on as he's leaving the house. Jones and Medavoy interview their witness, an ex-boxer who denies that he killed the guy he's been hanging around with lately, who was an ex-ballet dancer. The ex-boxer was acting as a companion for the victim. Rodriguez starts to follow up on the favor. The man he interviews says that if there is some financial consideration, he might be willing to compromise. Rodriguez starts smelling the rat squad and leaves. Andy finally tells Connie about Theo and his Disney World demand and she offers to come along. Ballistics comes back on Lipe's gun, two more bodies are found on it from the previous month. John's sister stops by to talk, which John tells her he just can't do right now. She is able to tell John that his father would like to talk with him. Ryan Lipe is brought back in and they tell him about the other shootings, which he attributes to the further conspiracies of the NYPD against him. Lipe finally tells them that he bought the gun off of a fare. Rodriguez talks to his friend about the favor and the money. Rodriguez then uncovers the wire his friend is wearing. IAB comes in and puts Rodriguez under suspension. Fraker tells Rodriguez that his failure to report the bribe attempt is a violation of department policy. Rodriguez feels like the "whole thing played out more like a personal vendetta." Jones and Medavoy interview the large black man that was called an ape; but he only admits to slapping the victim. Meanwhile, McDowell and Ortiz interview a woman who saw the beating outside the bar. She tells them the large black man did slap the guy once, but it was the victim's companion who had knocked him down to the ground. Clark Jr. finds out there was a witness in one of the previous shootings with Lipe's gun, so he goes to interview her. Back at the squad the detectives have been wondering what's going on with Rodriguez, when he comes back to the squad to clear out his stuff. Rodriguez tells them that IAB has a groundless case against him, but that he's clean and that the department is sending them a replacement. Sipowicz probes further, but gets nothing from Rodriguez. Jones and Medavoy re-interview their victim's companion, who finally tells them that the victim had accused him of being a "bigger fairy than he ever was," when he didn't punch the black guy who slapped his companion. His retaliation to that comment was to punch his companion. Laughlin challenges Clark Jr. to fight him in the precinct's smoker, a charity boxing match. Clark Jr. reiterates his position on Laughlin's need to layoff of Ortiz. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. re-interview Ryan Lipe, who they tell about the witness to one of the earlier shootings. They try to help him to get his story straight, while he still has a chance of being heard. The detectives discuss what's happening with Rodriguez and agree to keep in touch if they hear anything. Ortiz, who's already heard about the fight, talks with Clark Jr. who says it's no big deal. Ortiz says that someone standing up for her is a big deal and she thanks him. John stops by the hospital to the visit with his father, who says he is on his death bed. Together they finally come to understanding. Sipowicz meets with Martens, to find out what the story is with Rodriguez and Fraker. From what Martens knows, years ago in undercover narcotics, Rodriguez had made a report that wound up getting Fraker assigned to the rat squad.moreless
    • Mister Roberts
      Mister Roberts
      Season 6 - Episode 18
      Mike Roberts is dead. His body was found on top of a car after being thrown out of the window of his office building. John Irvin approaches Sipowicz and tells him what Roberts warned him about. So the detectives begin to see if they can build a case around Cullinan, the rich man that John punched out. Medavoy looks into a book that Roberts was writing for clues. Kirkendall volunteers to become the bait for the trap they lay for and catch Cullinan in. Cohen isn't delighted with her performing this task, which she feels is just a part of her job. She tells Russell that she isn't going take the crap from him, so they are through. As the squad waits for the lawyers to work out the details of the Cullinan bust, Medavoy reads more of the notes of Mike Roberts, featuring Donna Abandando.moreless
    • Personal Foul
      Season 1 - Episode 6

      A fight on a basketball court leaves one of Kelly's friends dead and another in jail for murder. Laura feels she is being used as bait to draw in Giardella. John's friend has trouble dealing with incarceration and makes the whole situation worse. Sipowicz is convinced that a man knows more about his wife's death than he lets on.

    • I Kid You Not
      Season 10 - Episode 11
      Officer Laughlin is back on the job when the detectives arrive on the scene of the murder of a carjacker. The carjacker was shot in a struggle with an unknown man who went running off after the shot was fired. The carjacking victim, Denise Woodson is anxious when the detectives have to keep her car to process the crime scene. McDowell and Ortiz go to the last known address of the DOA to see what they can find. What they find is a filthy apartment that has three small children in the bathroom. Crime scene reports to Sipowicz that they found two ounces of cocaine in Woodson's car, they leave to bring Woodson in. Rita is planning a rendezvous for John, and she asks John Irvin to help her with the conspiracy. Rodriguez gets a call from Queens, and they want him to report to a crime scene. Jones and Medavoy go to talk with the social worker who's been handling the welfare of the three children. He asks them what happened to the fourth. He tells them he will get them the file on the children, as soon as he can find it; but more importantly where they might find the mother, if she has begun using again. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Woodson and ask her about the cocaine. She claims to know nothing about it and they tell her because it was found in her car, it is hers, unless she can tell them something otherwise. She gives them the name of her boss and the musician she was going to deliver the package to. Rodriguez gets to Queens and finds out that Angela is dead. She may have been doing speedballs of heroin, but he doesn't believe that and wants crime scene to process the site and do a full workup. He wants the truth about her death uncovered. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Woodson's boss, who denies any knowledge of the cocaine. He does tell them that she has a brother who just recently got out of prison for drugs. They decide he might be worth looking into. John Irvin attempts to pass a message onto to Clark Jr. about an "in service" training session he needs to attend at the Hyatt in Mid-Town. Clark Jr. asks to see if it can be rescheduled, John Irvin says he'll try. Rodriguez returns and a witness to the carjacking indicates that Woodson talked with the unknown for a good 20 seconds before he left the scene of the carjacking. McDowell and Ortiz have found the abandoned children's mother, Joyce Bradovich and they bring her in for questioning. She tells them she left her baby with her cousin. Then she finds out they visited her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Woodson's brother and he tells them what went down. They don't believe him, but despite that he offers to have it all put on him, so his sister won't suffer. When they ask how much cocaine there was, he misses it by two ounces, so it isn't going to go on him. McDowell and Ortiz visit the apartment of Bradovich's cousin and find out that her baby isn't there. Rodriguez talks with Andrew Taylor about their investigation into Angela's death and he tries to find from him if he knew she was doing heroine. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Bradovich about the whereabouts of her baby. She tells them she hasn't been visited by her social worker in over a year. She finally tells them that she left the baby on the roof of her building. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. try to make a deal with Woodson to help her out, but she wants to "bet her life" that her musician boyfriend will stand up for her and tell the truth. Up on the roof, Ortiz finds the baby. They go back to Bradovich and tell her they know the baby has been dead at least a week. Bradovich confesses to having burned the baby to death when she was trying to give it a hot bath. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. run their case by Haywood, which is probably going to go the way they suspect, Woodson will go down for the possession on her own. Before he leaves Rodriguez's office, Sipowicz gets Rodriguez to tell him what's been going on that has mind elsewhere. Sipowicz tells Rodriguez that he can talk to him anytime. McDowell and Ortiz try to run the possibility of charging the social worker with child endangerment with Haywood. She tells the best they'll be able to do is get him fired. The social worker arrives, with his paperwork and demonstrates to the detectives his ignorance of the some of the children in his files. He only manages to piss McDowell off. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Woodson's boyfriend, who won't back up her story. As they expected, they have to take her to central booking to be processed. That evening, Rodriguez goes to visit his former in-laws to give them the bad news about Angela. John goes to the hotel for his training session and is delighted to find Rita is there instead. At the Sipowicz/McDowell household, Connie and Andy reflect upon the day's events and how lucky they are.moreless
    • Boxer Rebellion
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      Fancy works with James to help him get ready for the boxing tournament. Simone is attracted to an undercover cop that works with him on an arson sting. A woman that Sipowicz gets to testify in a case is murdered by the men she was going to testify against.
    • Shear Stupidity
      Season 11 - Episode 3
      Sinclair has brought to the stand Hector Acevedo, the man who Rodriguez roughed up when he found it was Acevedo who broke into his mother's apartment and robbed and beat her. Then he calls Det. Olivera to the stand, the one witness to Rodriguez's treatment of Acevedo. Haywood asks for a sidebar and gets sometime to prepare for this witness, whose testimony might be damaging, but Rodriguez isn't worried. The detectives are on the scene of the assault of Ron Szudarek. They interview the victim's next door neighbor, but the guilt on his face is only caused by the fact he is smoking behind his wife's back. Back at the squad there is discussion about Olivera and the trial as well as what information they've gathered on their case. Medavoy and Jones are reported to be on their way to interview Bob Drazin, an employee of the victim's barber shop. In the meantime, a woman comes into the squad to report that her husband is missing; Sipowicz and Clark agree to look into it for her, even though the guy hasn't been missing for a full 48 hours. Jones and Medavoy interview the employee who points to the landlady of their building and her two degenerate sons. Sinclair begins questioning Olivera about the details of the Acevedo's arrest and even when she is asked if she knows about it, she sticks to the "blue wall of silence." Sipowicz and Clark interview Corey Mack, a cousin of the missing man. He tells them about his cousin's girl on the side. He offers to make some phone calls to help his cousin turn up. Jones and Medavoy report back that they were unable to talk to the landlady, let alone her two "deadbeat" sons. The hospital reports that Szudarek has regained consciousness. Sipowicz cuts off Medavoy before he gives his daily report on what he's heard about the trial. Medavoy doesn't like the censorship he is being subjected to. A report comes in that Andrea Miner was assaulted in her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark go to the scene and Andrea tells them about the two men that assaulted her, but she also keeps pointing them back to her husband's cousin Corey. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Szudarek who tells them that his landlady's sons didn't do it; he was beaten and tortured by black men. Two men beat him, while the third man on the scene was "a pussy." He also tells them that his employee Bob Drazin owes him $10,000. Sinclair has Fraker on the stand and he paints an entirely different picture of the events that transpired in Rodriguez's apartment. Haywood does her cross examination of Fraker, and on Sinclair's redirect he makes it known that the only time he ever fired his weapon on the job, was in Rodriguez's office. Drazin is brought back in for questioning and Jones and Medavoy talk with him again. They know about his recent run of bad luck. He admits to hiring someone to rough up and rob his boss. The plan wasn't supposed to get as brutal as it did. The man he hired for the job was Troy Miner and thus the two cases converge. Sipowicz and Clark go back to talk to the Corey Mack, who gives them a location where Miner might be found. The detectives go to that location and find Miner and his two accomplices. The accomplices are holding Miner hostage and they all get into a car and speed away. Sipowicz and Clark go into pursuit mode and eventually the fugitive's car makes a wrong move and collides with a cab. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Miner who tells them about his current financial and family situation. He talks about a plan that was to involve his cousin, but he cut him out went onto hire the two accomplices himself. He also implicates his wife's involvement in the planning of the day's activities. Haywood does her closing argument and then Sinclair does his. Now it is in the hands of the jury. Back at the squad Clark offers to buy Rodriguez a beer to help him get his mind off the case. All the detectives join them, except Sipowicz whose appearance will be delayed when Andrea Miner returns to the squad. Sipowicz tells her what went down with her husband and that he doesn't plan on locking her up on account of the kids. Later down at the bar, Medavoy finishes telling one of his stories and Rodriguez decides it is time to leave. Everyone else begins to follow suit. Ortiz catches up with Rodriguez to get a ride home. They take a detour to the seaport, where Rodriguez begins to eulogize his career, but Ortiz is optimistic that the jury will come to the right decision.moreless
    • Nude Awakening
      Season 10 - Episode 16
      Theo walks into bathroom on Connie, who's naked and getting ready to take a shower. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive at crime scene, with Clark Jr. commenting to Sipowicz that he hasn't been able to get in contact with his father. At the crime scene, the detectives encounter Julian Pisano, the snitch who led them to finding Sorenson's body. Julian was shot in the arm, but heard his shooter also cry out in pain. Sipowicz asks him to go alphabetically through the list of people who would want to see him killed. He tells them about "The Dentist" a man he may have recently screwed over in a deal. They tell him to go to the hospital and stay there. Back at the squad, McDowell tells Ortiz about her encounter with Theo, which John Irvin overhears. McDowell asks Sipowicz how Theo was when he dropped him off at school. Sipowicz tells her that Theo insisted that he be dropped off at Hooters. Jones and Medavoy interview "The Dentist" who tells them about the bad deal he had with Julian, but denies wanting to kill him over it. McDowell and Ortiz respond to the scene of a robbery where a woman was conned out of $100 and insists on talking to a detective. The woman is insistent on having the detectives look into her case. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Julian in the pokey room; he'd already left the hospital, despite them asking to stay. He tells them he was out trying to find information. He tells them about a man at the place where he wife used to work. That man had made some inappropriate comments regarding Julian's wife and his subsequent confrontation of that man, may have led that man to hire someone to kill him. A man comes into the squad telling the detectives that he caught the morning's shooting on videotape. He'll give it to him, as long as he can retain exclusive rights to the tape. The woman, whose case that McDowell and Ortiz are working, comes in with more information for the detectives. They take the woman up to anti-crime to look at mug shots. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with the man, who they have on the videotape shooting Julian. He tells them that after he fired his gun, his back locked up on him. He also tells them that he was hired by Julian's wife and her lover to kill him. Rodriguez talks with McDowell and Ortiz about the status of their case; it seems their complainant has raised the profile of the case up to the Chief of Detectives. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. tell Julian about his wife and her lover's plot to kill him. He doesn't believe it. They try to get him to calm down enough to help them with their plan to capture his wife on tape confessing to setup the hit. At their complainant's apartment, McDowell and Ortiz find out about her from her neighbor. She had lost her son to a drunk driver, three weeks earlier. The detectives plan to fake Julian's death, so they can use the photos when they meet with his wife later. Jones and Medavoy are going to take Julian to an alley, where they will meet Sipowicz and Clark Jr., but first Clark Jr. wants to stop by his father's home to see if he can find out why his father has been out of touch. At his father's home he and Sipowicz find that his father has apparently committed suicide. Clark Jr. is shocked at this turn of events; Sipowicz calls it in and then looks around for cleaning supplies for the gun. Sipowicz talks to the 45 Supervisor and seems to convince him that the death was accidental, that it occurring during the cleaning of Clark Sr.'s gun. Ortiz arrives at the scene. Sipowicz comes back to the squad, pissed off about what Clark Sr.'s actions may have done to his son. John Irvin asks if there was a note, Sipowicz emphasizes the fact it was an accidental shooting. Sipowicz joins a cold Jones and Medavoy in the alley and tells them about Clark Jr.'s father and finds out that Julian is no longer with them. Sipowicz knows where to find Julian and does. He talks him out of shooting him; he gets him back to the alley where they stage his death. Back at the late John Clark Sr.'s home, Rita tries to help John deal with his father's death. The detectives prepare to capture Julian's wife on tape. Haywood tells them what she needs to hear on the tape to make sure Julian's wife and her lover go down for the crime. She also hears about the gun cleaning accident. Sipowicz meets with Julian's wife and shows him the pictures. He gets the money from her and gets her to confess to the crime and implicate her lover as well. Julian whose been listening in with Jones and Medavoy takes great delight in showing his wife that he is still alive after the detectives collar her. Back at the squad, Julian thanks the detectives for helping him out. The woman that McDowell and Ortiz were working with earlier in the day arrives at the precinct. McDowell asks the others for $20, so that she can give the woman the money and tell her that the perp ran off. Medavoy asks if they can do anything else to help sell her and she suggests one of them act as the boyfriend of the perp, who can then give her the money back. Julian Pisano, who is still in the squad room, volunteers as a token of his thanks. McDowell brings the woman into the room, where Julian acts instead as the perp's husband. The woman accepts the money and then gets off her chest was has been on her mind, likely since her son's tragic death. Julian in turns gets emotional when he talks about his wife's actions. John and Rita arrive at his apartment, and they find an envelope with his name on it outside of his door. The envelope contains a videotape, which John watches in his apartment alone. On the videotape, his father tells him that he is proud of what his son has become tells him that life without his late wife just hasn't felt right. He tells his son that his job with him is done and that he knows what he is going to do is wrong, but now he just wants to be at peace with his wife.moreless
    • Below the Belt
      Season 10 - Episode 8
      Angela comes into Tony's office and tells she does want something after all; she wants him to take a look a spot on her inner thigh where she thinks she was injured on the subway this morning. As his office isn't the right place for that sort of activity, he takes her into the observation room for a look and then some. At the scene of a homicide where the detectives have all gathered, one of the uniforms recognizes the victim as one of the precinct's auxiliary cops, her name is Heather Peterson, who is 17-years-old. At the squad they report in on what they know so far and start to go through Heather's affects. McDowell and Ortiz are sent out to a firebombing of car. The owner of the car and his sister isn't very forthcoming with useful information. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's last known boyfriend, who she had an order of protection against. He consents to search of things, which turns up nothing for the detectives. Haywood talks with Jones about her grandmother who she believes is getting involved in a phone scam. Her grandmother doesn't want any help from her; in fact she threatens to stop to speaking to her if she does. Jones agrees to look into it for her. McDowell and Ortiz can't find anything to go with what their firebomb victims told them, then a call comes in about a stabbing, where the victim is located just across the street from the firebombed car they looked into earlier. Medavoy reports that Heather's diary contains the names and contact information for numerous uniforms within the precinct. They also realize that the girl's diary records her encounters with other officers in the precinct. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the captain of the auxiliary unit Heather was assigned to. They produce the girl's diary and talk with him about his relationship with her, and also suggest to him that he step down from his post. McDowell and Ortiz arrive at the scene and encounter a stabbing victim who isn't very forthcoming with information about who stabbed him or who may have provided him with the beating he was subjected to. Jones meets with Haywood's grandmother and finds out that she has in fact been the victim of a phone scam. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Shannon, who admits to having relations with Heather, and later Laughlin, who won't admit to having any relationship with her, since he doesn't trust the detectives. He tells them where he was, but won't admit to any relationship with the girl, not without his delegate and lawyer present. Even though they have just returned to the squad, McDowell and Ortiz are sent back down to the street of the firebombing, where shots have been reported fired. They encounter the brother and sister from the morning's firebombing, who don't have anything useful information to offer them here either. As an end result, the pair is taken back to the precinct for questioning. Medavoy interviews Craig Rall, a man whose car was seen near the scene of Heather's death. Jones starts questioning the man who'd been calling Haywood's grandmother, who is initially in denial of the scam, but changes his story when he finds out that his victim's granddaughter is in the DA's office. He doesn't have all the money, since he's been using it to pay gambling debts, but will return what he has left. After questioning Rall and looking into the contents of his car and finding nothing there, it is decided to let him go. Laughlin returns to the squad, and decides to tell Sipowicz and Clark Jr. about a man he knew was hassling Heather. It turns out to be the man that Medavoy just released to the street, Craig Rall. With Rall's address in hand and annoyed with Laughlin's reluctance to come forward sooner, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go after him. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the brother and find out that he's been getting into it with their stabbing victim, because he believed that his sister was rape by that man. They talk with the sister, who tells them that she let her brother believe that, as she didn't want him to know the truth. The girl is anxious to get home, as she knows that her father is about to return and since he won't know what the truth is, he make matters worse for the stabbing victim. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive at Rall's apartment, and after a shot is fired and Rall is wounded they get him to tell them what went on (or rather didn't go on) between him and Heather. McDowell and Ortiz get back to the firebomb street in time to talk the girl's father out of doing additional harm to their stabbing victim. Haywood finds out what Jones did for her grandmother; for his effort she offers him dinner sometime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have a follow up conversation with Laughlin, telling him that he isn't any good for the job and he should think about getting out of police work in the next two days, otherwise they are going to get IAB involved in his relationship with Heather. Tony has dinner with Angela and they decide to take it slow. John finds his father at the usual bar/restaurant where he will eventually tell his father about the day's events with the uniforms and the auxiliary cop and how they were able to keep IAB out of it. John also finds out from the bartender that his father's been drinking there heavily every night. After a hard game of "Hungry, Hungry Hippo," Andy and Connie talk with Theo about the possibility of their moving in with Connie and the baby. Theo likes his bedroom just where it is, Andy figures it will just take a little time.moreless
    • Half-Ashed
      Season 10 - Episode 9
      Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are on the scene of the death of a caseworker in child services, it's not clear whether she committed suicide or was the victim of foul play. The uniforms on the scene and back at the house have copped an attitude towards the detectives; it seems that those officers who had admitted to their relations with the auxiliary cop are going to be questioned by IAB. Both Sipowicz and Clark Jr. deny to them that they contacted IAB. With murder a possibility, the detectives receive the dead caseworker's files to begin sorting through. An old member of the squad's widow, Ruth Dwyer comes in to talk with Sipowicz about her husband's last wish, which was to have half of his ashes buried or spread somewhere at the 15th squad. He agrees to try and help her out after he runs it by the boss. Rodriquez isn't comfortable with the notion and plans to run it by building services and in the meantime, Sipowicz is going to talk to Eddie Gibson, who might better remember Dwyer because Sipowicz doesn't. Medavoy and Jones start one of the many interviews of parents who were dissatisfied with the caseworker, as she had their child (or children) removed from their home. This first parent, whose behavior they don't like, surprises them by telling them that he and his wife regained custody of their children, despite the victim. They later contemplate with Haywood whether they can do anything about that situation. Andrew Taylor comes to talk with Rodriguez about his relationship with his ex-wife, Angela, which of course is also Rodriguez's ex-wife. Taylor tells him about his missing BMW and how he believes that she stole it recently for her cocaine habit. McDowell and Ortiz talk with another disgruntled parent, this one is HIV positive, as is her daughter. Medavoy and Jones talked with another disgruntled parent and he wants a lawyer to make sure the system doesn't railroad him again. The case files are depressing to the detectives. Rodriguez reports that building maintenance will not allow the ashes to be spread at the squad, due to health code violations. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. encounter Laughlin in the lobby on their way out to pick up a disgruntled parent who hasn't returned their calls. Laughlin makes accusations which Sipowicz denies and tells him and the uniforms they had nothing to gain from it and if there are anymore comments, they will be taking it outside. McDowell and Ortiz talk to a father, Richard Webb, whose liberated sexual values had gotten his son taken away. This man shows no remorse, but a little smirk when he hears about the caseworker's death. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have their talk with a man who they were waiting for the call back from. The detectives are only a quarter of the way through the files and everyone seems like a suspect. Dwyer's widow returns to find out if anything can be done with her husband's ashes. They regret to inform her that they can't do anything at the squad; Sipowicz offers an alternative that the widow rejects. McDowell and Ortiz talk with yet another disgruntled parent. The ME rules against suicide for the caseworker, Sipowicz finds out that the gun used was part of a shipment of guns that ATF is trying to track down. ATF tells them the name of a bartender that they can question. Martens from IAB stops by the squad and the detectives want to know where the uniforms got the idea that they ratted them out. Martens' denies that is was any of the cops that flipped, which only means it was an informant. Medavoy and Jones talk with another disgruntled parent, but this one has bipolar disorder, which makes for an interesting interview. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with bartender about ATF and the guns. The bartender wants them to show him the videotape. They get off on the wrong foot, but when they start over he relents and picks out a photo of the "idiot" he sold one of the stolen guns to the week before. Eddie Gibson shows up at the squad and Sipowicz fills him in on Paul Dwyer. Gibson tells them that Dwyer saved his life; he feels that they need to do right by Dwyer. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with their prime suspect, Richard Webb, who eventually tells them that he was the vessel that facilitated the victim's karma. Haywood tells the detectives that there is little they can do about that first father they interviewed; she was only able to ask that he be watched. The detectives are preparing to go home, when building maintenance shows up to fix a plumbing in the bathroom, Sipowicz gets on the phone to Dwyer's widow, while John Irvin goes to take of Theo. Tony talks with Angela about his encounter with her ex, the car and whether or not she is still using. She says it is not his car and she denies using; she's been in rehab, she does counseling and she's clean. At the Clark Sr. residence, John stops by to talk with father about IAB and the uniforms. He knows that his father is the only one that he told the story to; his father breaks down and confesses that he is the one that informed IAB. He tells of their threats against his pension and his son's career, he had to give IAB something. John wonders what they are going to do now. The widow Dwyer, Sipowicz and the maintenance man make sure that Paul Dwyer is a permanent part of the 15th squad. His ashes are mixed in the cement used in the bathroom tile.moreless
    • Prostrate Before the Law
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      Andy prepares for his prostate surgery. James has recovered from his back problems and returns to duty; 3 weeks earlier it is reporteds that Gina has given birth to James Jr. Greg is also celebrating Abby's birth and is more than eager to show the videotaped highlights of the birth to anyone who'll watch. As Andy goes under the knife the rest of the squad get involved with a case of reuniting Army buddies, where one of the buddies is found dead. The four survivors try to keep their story straight as the detectives' try to figure out their involvement. The army buddies are revealed to be a group that was planning a big event for the year 2000 that involved an act of terrorism. Andy's surgery goes well.moreless
    • Everybody Plays the Mule
      Everybody Plays the Mule
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      Danny wakes up after having a dream about his sisters being in a fire with his mother who doesn't do anything to help save his sisters. He becomes angry with Mary. Kirkendall and Russell investigate the death of a woman who was thrown out of a van under the wheels of a bus. The contents of her body were removed before she was pushed under the bus, because one of the hazards of her occupation as a drug mule killed her. Her boyfriend's complaints of the stomach flu make it seem as though he might know more than what he is letting on. Eventually the contents of his digestive system and his story make themselves present. Meanwhile, Jones catches his first case. He and the other detectives investigate the disappearance of a Russian couple's two children. The husband is convinced that the boys are with his sister; however, his wife doesn't share that conviction. The husband also hears voices in his head, which eventually say enough that the detectives figure out that he knows where the boys are. At the end of the day, Sipowicz, Sorenson and Medavoy give Jones advice about how Squad work is actually done. Jones tells Sipowicz that he knows that Sipowicz "has his doubts about us"; a comment that Sipowicz really didn't from Jones, at least yet. Danny seeks some relationship advice from Diane and later gets back together with Mary.moreless
    • Up on the Roof
      Season 1 - Episode 12

      Martinez works his first case, which involves a fake ATM. Fancy and his wife lose custody of their foster child to the birth mother, who has been released from a detox program. As they investigate a mob shooting, Sipowicz and Kelly find evidence linking Marino and Janice. Later, the man who shot Giardella is trapped on a roof with a hostage.

    • Your Bus, Ted
      Season 11 - Episode 2
      The detectives are on the scene of a transvestite's murder. They know the victim's friend "Monika" from a case from the previous year and when Sipowicz's charm doesn't work with that friend, McDowell and Ortiz step in and take over the interview and ultimately the case. Haywood has Martens on the stand, where he tells them about the unusual activity that IAB has had with 15th precinct. He also talks about Fraker's state of mind on the day of the Rodriguez shooting. Sipowicz and Clark go to the hospital where a surgeon was knifed. Dr. Devlin asks Clark for special attention on this case, as the surgeon was a great teacher for her. The doctor, has trouble remembering what his attacker looked like, he only remembers the knife. Back at the squad, Rodriguez tells them that the doctor once did some work for someone the mayor knows, so the case is high profile. Jones learns from hospital security that Nathan Dale might be someone worth talking to in the surgeon's stabbing as he had a confrontation with the doctor a few weeks back. Medavoy reports what he's heard about the trial and gives the current odds at 2:1 for the prosecution. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Josh McCain, a man who may be more than a friend of their transvestite victim. Sipowicz and Clark manage to find Nathan Dale and bring him in. Sipowicz and Clark interview Dale, who claims he was sleeping at the time the doctor was stabbed. The other detectives talk with Monika (who's sitting in Sipowicz's seat) about her dead friend's relationship with Josh and a one his co-workers named Rick. Seeing that Monika had been sitting in his seat, Sipowicz switches chairs with Medavoy. After he is brought in, Medavoy and Jones talk with Rick, who after a little persuasion starts to take apart Josh's alibi. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Dale, who they present with his rap sheet, which proves he's used his knife before in muggings. Haywood has Fraker's ex-girlfriend on the stand and she talks about her history with him and her possible subsequent sexual harassment lawsuit against Fraker. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Josh, telling him his alibi has fallen apart. He confesses to this "crime of passion," the passion part of which he denies. He tells them about Melissa's stash of cash for her eventual sex-change operation. Sipowicz and Clark try to work with Dale to get together a package statement that will get him a deal for the recent muggings and the stabbing of the doctor. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Monika about Melissa's missing money. Monika tells them that he has sent the money to his son (who is destitute along with his mother) and that he doesn't intend of getting that money back. The doctor fails to ID Dale in a lineup, but the detectives tell him not to worry, since they have a guy who has already confessed to the crime. This statement seems to take the doctor by surprise. Rodriguez takes the stand and tells in a matter of fact way what happened. On his cross-examination, Sinclair tries to bring up facts from Rodriguez's past including complaints from civilians and incidents with his late ex-wife. Haywood's objections during the cross are the only thing that seems to help Rodriguez during this time, but Sinclair has definitely gotten him rattled. Rodriguez returns and nixes McDowell and Ortiz's thoughts that Monika should be let go. The doctor returns to the squad wanting to know what is going to happen to the man who has confessed to knifing him. They lay it for him and he tells them the story of his wife, who current medical condition has drained his financial resources. The doctor confesses that he has cut himself for the insurance money. They tell the doctor to go to the hospital, have his scheduled surgery and wait there. Sipowicz and Clark report to Rodriguez the latest development. Rodriguez wants them to just take care of this latest development and leave him out of it for the moment, as he has enough on his mind. Ortiz comes into Rodriguez's office and offers to give him someone to talk with. He agrees and also tells her that whatever she and McDowell decide to do with Monika is okay with him. While Sipowicz and Clark try to figure out how to adjust Dale's statement, John Irvin comes back into the squad reporting that a bus has hit the doctor. Sipowicz and Clark go down to the scene, where the doctor's final words to them are that his will is in the hands of his attorney. Rodriguez and Ortiz walk home together and discuss the case, but he tells her the only way he can get through this is to just keep going forward. She tells him that she is there if he needs her.moreless
    • The One That Got Away
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      Richardson confronts Sipowicz and Simone about their impending questioning of his wife. The questioning reveals nothing, except that Richardson is a real bastard. Greg goes upstate to Abby's side when she goes into labor. Sylvia returns the job. Kirkendall and Russell look into the theft of a graduate film student's camera. Only the graduate student seems more interested in dispensing his own justice. "Upstairs" John Irvin stops by to tell the detectives about the new graphics art business he started near by; only no one is there but Dolores; Fancy is on the phone. Medavoy returns, from Abby's false alarm. They have a hard time making a case that will stick, without a murder weapon. Sylvia finds out about Andy's medical condition from his doctor. He agrees to go for further test and the surgery he is going to need.moreless
    • Ice Follies
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Janice is asked by the mob to start doing favors for them again or they will expose her past activities. James' father wants to kill the pusher who's responsible for his son's overdose. Medavoy celebrates his 40th birthday and later goes ice-skating with Donna.
    • These Old Bones
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      A woman comes into the precinct and gives Andy some information about a murder that may have occurred 8 years ago. Greg and Andy look into the situation, but question a lot of people who don't care that the victim is missing. Meanwhile a domestic violence situation in Russell's parent's apartment leads to tragedy. Bobby presses to get the truth and finds out what really happened to Diane's father.moreless
    • Oh, Mama
      Season 9 - Episode 12
      Sipowicz and Clark Jr. begin an investigating the death of high school student. McDowell and Ortiz start investigating the death of a 3 year old girl who was shot while sleeping in her crib. Medavoy and Jones interview a girl about death of the student and she mentions a boy nicknamed "Swirly" that had a fight with the victim. McDowell and Ortiz report back to Rodriquez that an engagement party was going on underneath the little girl's window. Rodriquez also asks Ortiz about what her husband may be calling about. She tells him that they are getting a divorce. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview "Swirly" and he confesses to the crime. They go to "Swirly"'s home and meet his naked eccentric mother. McDowell and Ortiz question the new fiancée about his engagement party and who might have fired a gun last night. He denies that any shots were fired. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. return and are doubtful that "Swirly" committed the crime. Andy asks John for a quick haircut. Haywood and Jones talk about the baby, but Haywood seems distant, she tells him that she is just tired, which the doctor says is normal. John tells Andy about his upcoming trip to Africa with Ray Maxwell, the guy whose bulldog puppies were stolen. Since he is going to be gone for three weeks, John won't be able to watch Theo, but since things seems be to going well with Det. McDowell, he doesn't think it should be a problem. Andy asks him what he means by that. Someone trying to sell the high school victim's videogames is brought in for questioning. He points to a guy named Nick as the perpetrator and knows where the murder weapon is. Nick is picked up by Sipowicz and Clark Jr. Their questioning of him leads nowhere. McDowell and Ortiz question a cab driver who refuses to assist the police, because of an incident with a rookie police officer ten years earlier that was ruled to be the officer's fault and cost the driver his license(s). He didn't even get an apology. On behalf of the NYPD, McDowell and Ortiz apologize. It seems to be enough for him as he tells them about the two men he saw fighting and the shot he heard fired. The interview with Nick continues, but is going nowhere until his dad arrives and helps the detectives to get a confession. "Swirly" is told he is free to go, but Sipowicz asks him is he is alright with going home to his mother. McDowell and Ortiz question one of the men who they know was involved in the argument. He admits to firing the gun overhead to scare the guy who was keeping him boxed in his parking space. He is devastated to learn where the bullet went. Sipowicz asks Jones what's up between him and Medavoy and then he asks McDowell if she would like to join him and Theo for a movie. "Swirly"'s mom comes to pick him up, but Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find her kissing her son in a provocative way. They work to get her some much needed help, but Clark Jr. wonders what they may have done to the boy. After dinner and a movie, Andy and Connie share more than a quick peck on the cheek goodbye (stay tuned). Meanwhile, Clark Jr. seeks out his father if anything just to thank him for being there for him while growing up.moreless
    • Dead Girl Walking
      Dead Girl Walking
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      A woman's body is discovered in a ditch and the detectives begin their investigation when Fancy calls Sipowicz and Sorenson back to the squad. Back at the squad, Dornan (who was demoted back to Detective) is there with his Lieutenant. They are looking to raid a supply of weapons that are located in the 15th precinct. The raid turns up the weapons, but no suspects. Meanwhile, the ditch victim's mother positively ID's her daughter's body, but her daughter is actually alive and knows who killed the woman who had her ID. Kirkendall and Russell suspect the mother was looking to commit fraud with an insurance company. A stakeout is begun with the weapons store, then suddenly Fancy is shot at with an automatic weapon, his vest protects most of his body, but he is grazed in the arm. For Sipowicz's sake, Sorenson finds out from IAB's Martens, why Dornan was busted, it wasn't because of the Suarez case. Russell must deal with Bobby's old tenant, Henry Coffield, Bobby left him his pigeons.moreless
    • Dead Meat in New Deli
      Season 9 - Episode 21
      The detectives start investigating the robbery of deli, where the owner was killed. Back at the squad, Sipowicz has done some thinking this past week since the hostage situation. He wants McDowell to join him and Theo on their trip to Disneyworld, despite what others in the squad might think. So McDowell puts in her vacation request with Rodriguez. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the son of their victim. Then they meet with Det. Frank Hughes from the robbery squad who tells them that he knows who their perp is, Terence Cates. A man comes to the squad to report that his sister may be in trouble. McDowell and Ortiz interview the man who reports that a priest wants a $1000 to get her out of trouble. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Terence Cates and Hughes tells them that the victim's son identified Cates from the mug book. They plan to interview Cates to find out for themselves. So there isn't any mystery, Sipowicz announces to the squad that he and McDowell are going to Disneyworld with Theo and if anyone wants to bust their balls, they'd better do it now. Rodriguez says "have a good time." Sipowicz and Clark Jr. start interviewing Cates, who claims that he "didn't do no murder." McDowell and Ortiz discuss relationships as do Medavoy and Jones, while they stakeout the rendezvous with the priest. Their recording off the payoff goes bad, when a passing garbage truck obscures their sound. Back at the squad, Det. Hughes almost taints the lineup ID of Cates, by the victim's son. The priest is brought in and is exposed for being a fraud. He tells them about the girl's need to pay off a debt. A fingerprint is found on a pack of cigarettes left on the counter at the deli, that lead to another possible suspect, so Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back to the son to reconfirm his story, which he does, leaving them with something more to ponder. The other detectives locate the sister who may have put the "priest" up to con. Sipowicz tells Hughes about their fingerprint. They also find out that the victim's son didn't make the 911 call from the deli; he did it from two blocks away. They re-interview the son, who picks out their real suspect, the one whose fingerprint they found. McDowell and Ortiz interview the sister, who is worried that her brother might find out what she's been doing. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. locate their new suspect and they bring him in for questioning. He is less than cooperative. McDowell and Ortiz reunite the brother with her sister, and then she tells them her story, which essentially has her as a sex slave to the owner of the massage parlor. The massage parlor owner also implicates the "priest", who offers up them up some names. Haywood tells them that their witnesses recanting of his previous ID and a new ID in the same day isn't going to hold up. They find out that their suspect's brother was also at the scene, and they use that information to get their suspect to flip. Det Hughes, missing for most of the day, finally shows up back up at the squad, only to have his balls busted by Sipowicz. Later that night, John and Rita further consummate their relationship and Andy and Connie try to help Theo pack.moreless
    • Don't Kill the Messenger
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      Bobby and Andy investigate the murder of a nurse. Suspects include an actor, a crazy man and eventually a uniform, Tommy Richardson, from the 15th precinct. During their investigation, Andy's doctor comes to the squad to see Andy, who won't return his calls. He wants to help Andy confront what's happening to him; however, Andy goes off him because he would rather not deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Greg and Jill look into the death of a bicycle messenger who was just trying to help a man whose backpack was stolen. They determine that the backpack contained drugs. When they get a suspect in custody who won't talk, Jill figures out a clever way to get an ID. At the end of the day, Andy and Bobby's investigation points toward Richardson.moreless
    • Don We Now Our Gay Apparel
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      The detectives investigate the murder of a gay bar owner. Fancy's wife is ready to have the baby. Medavoy's neighbor is the victim of a fortuneteller's scam; the resulting curse gives him a rash. Breen breaks his promise to Andy by checking up on his son. He decides to go back to him, a mistake that proves to be fatal.moreless
    • Frickin' Fraker
      Season 11 - Episode 1
      Fraker is on trial for the attempted murder of Rodriguez. Haywood is for the prosecution and Sipowicz's old "friend" James Sinclair represents Fraker. For Sinclair's part, he lays out a defense that makes it look like Fraker and IAB were getting ready to take down the corrupt 15 Squad. The detectives hear about Fraker's defense plans, but at Sipowicz's direction start to concentrate on the case at hand. Freddie Langford is the brother of murder victim and he reveals himself to the detectives as a convicted sex offender. Rodriguez is back on the job and his detectives run their case for him. Ortiz leaves to testify at the Fraker trial. Langford comes in for questioning. He tells them about the father of one of his alleged victims who has been hassling him. He also tries to tell the detectives how he was setup and wrongfully convicted of his sex crime. Jones and Medavoy talk with one of Langford's brother's co-worker who had once gotten into the fight with the victim. The fact that the victim's brother was a convicted pedophile added to the reason for their fight, with that he asks for a lawyer. Ortiz testifies and on his cross-examination Sinclair implies that Rodriguez shot first. On redirect, Haywood makes it known the Rodriguez's gun was still holstered. Ortiz returns to the squad. After hearing where they are at with the day's case, Rodriguez talks with Ortiz about the trial and her old request for transfer. Having had some time to work through her issues with Clark, Ortiz cancels her request for transfer. McDowell and Ortiz talk with one of Langford's victim. He eventually gives them an alibi to check out, but in the process they get the impression that his encounter with Langford left a lasting impression. Dr. Devlin testifies about Fraker's condition when he was brought into the ER with his gunshot wound, but on cross, Sinclair only thinks to bring out her relationship with Clark (and subsequently the 15 Squad). Sipowicz and Clark interview the father of another of Langford's victims, but he gives them an alibi to check out. Sipowicz and Clark interview the son of the father that they had just interviewed. He tells them that Langford began contacting him a few months ago and his dad found out. The detectives also find out that Langford's brother had placed a call to his brother's PO thirty minutes before he was killed. They bring Langford back in and ask him to tell him other things that he might have neglected to tell them. They let him go for now, but Sipowicz has his doubts. They decide to check out the story that Langford goes to visit his grandmother once a week. With all that going on, McDowell and Sipowicz discuss their nuptials, which they will celebrate after the trial is completed and the microscope is off the Squad. Sipowicz and Clark go back at the father of Langford's victim, when part of his alibi doesn't check out and they find out that he recently had inquired about getting a gun. Medavoy and Jones meet with Langford's grandmother, whom they were told he visits once a week. Grandma lives across the street from park. In talking with one of the parents at the park the find out that Langford has been there posing as a groundskeeper named Malcolm. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark give Langford a chance to be a man but it takes some persuasion Langford breaks down and confesses to the murder of his brother, who he thought was going to get him sent back to prison, based on his call to his PO. Sipowicz is on the stand and his testimony with Haywood goes real well, but when Sinclair starts his cross-examination he eventually starts to get to Sipowicz. Upon leaving the courthouse Sipowicz vents his feelings, but McDowell is there to support him, which brings a little smile to his face.moreless
    • Everyone Into the Poole
      Everyone Into the Poole
      Season 8 - Episode 16
      A Chinese man is murdered after making a delivery, which Jones, McDowell, Medavoy and Russell investigate. Sipowicz and Sorenson interview Victor Poole, a man who was brought in claiming that he had been kidnapped for the past three days. Given Poole's job with the IRS, the FBI has also been called in on the case. Diane receives a large bouquet of flowers from Dr. Carreras; later Andy asks Danny if he is okay with that situation and Danny tells him that he is. Medavoy and Jones investigate a lead involving the cell phone used to place the last order to the Chinese restaurant. A young girl is brought in, who eventually lets it out that a friend of hers used her phone. Sipowicz and Sorenson interview a transvestite prostitute that is caught using Poole's cell phone and they discover the location where Poole claims to have been held. The place is raided and the operators are brought in, one creating his own story about Poole and the other coming clean on the story, when Sipowicz and Sorenson play them against each other. Meanwhile, the young girl's friend is brought in for questioning, but it takes the presence of his father to get a confession. Unfortunately for the boy, he won't be going free, as the Chinese man died as a result of his injuries. The boy's father claims that Jones is a traitor to his race, and the young girl's grandmother also isn't delighted when her granddaughter is also arrested for her participation. When Poole's case is cleared, he doesn't seem grateful, accusing Sipowicz and Sorenson of being homophobes. Later that evening, Andy and Katie talk about a new apartment and their wedding. Diane and Victor have a nice evening together, which they extend; however, we see Danny sitting in his car outside of her building.moreless
    • Two Clarks in a Bar
      Season 9 - Episode 3
      Det. Daniel Eric Sorenson is laid to rest and the squad returns to work, catching two cases from night watch. Rodriguez wants Sipowicz to partner with Clark, but Sipowicz declines citing just burying his previous partner and having a previous partner named John. He suggest for now he partner McDowell and Junior can tag along. Medavoy and Jones look into a DOA found in a fire, where they meet a "whack job", the victim's roommate, Sally and a friend, Candy. Sipowicz, McDowell and Clark meet Gibson at the scene of a woman's stabbing. When the victim's husband, Phil Carlson, returns home he feels harassed by the detectives, who make him a prime suspect when his alibi doesn't check out. On his day off, Clark's father stops by the squad to find out how his son is doing on his first day. Clark Sr. exchanges a few words with Sipowicz who again calls him by his nickname "Dutch Boy". Clark Sr. asks Clark Jr. to tell him about his first case. After Clark Sr. leaves, Clark asks to about the meaning of the "Dutch Boy" nickname and Medavoy regales in telling the "Dutch Boy" story. Seems Clark Sr. called for backup and shot in the groin and "killed" a plaster statue of the Dutch Boy Paint mascot early in his career. Clark Sr. has had his balls busted ever since by those who remember, such as Sipowicz. With help from McDowell, Medavoy and Jones interview Sally and Candy about the death of their roommate and friend, by trying to figure out who might have been interested in a collector guitar the victim owned. Phil Carlson's attorney arrives on the scene citing harassment of his client by one of the detectives who's been calling all the numbers of his client's cell phone. It seems that Clark Sr. has begun working the case on his son's behalf, although at the moment he is jeopardizing it. Clark Jr. promises that it won't happen again. Medavoy gets a line on the missing guitar, which leads them to the grabbing up of "Spyder", who happens to be in the company of Candy. When Clark Sr. calls the squad, Sipowicz gives him a piece of his mind. Meantime Clark Jr. comes back with information that brings the detectives to rounding up suspects in their break-in and stabbing case. "Spyder" gives it up easy and implicates roommate Sally as an accessory. Sipowicz lets Clark Jr. interview their suspect and Clark Jr. manages to get a confession. At the end of the tour, the detectives go to McAleer's Pub to toast Danny's memory and a fresh start. Clark Sr. arrives demanding that Clark Jr. come home with him. He doesn't want his son to become a drunk like Sipowicz.moreless
    • It's to Die For
      Season 11 - Episode 7
      Clark, Ortiz and Russell are on the scene of a woman who's managed to survive an attack by the "Time Bar" killer. Lucy Wenner, the victim, tells them that two men were involved in her attack. She heard one of them mention that "Jimmy is gonna be pissed." The only James involved with the case that the detectives know is the "pain in the ass" owner of the Time Bar, James Carlin. They are going to talk with him, in the meantime Rodriguez reports back to the brass in his continuing effort to keep a task force from being formed. Jones and Medavoy arrive on the scene of the death of a mugger by an off duty cop named Trotter. They are told by Trotter that he was on the scene planning to meet one of his CI's named "Flossy" and that it was a "good shoot." They believe him, but need to ask all the questions. While awaiting the arrival of Carlin, Russell tells Sipowicz that her biopsy is in an hour. He tells her that she should talk with McDowell who wants to help. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell finally get to talk with Carlin, who tells them about his relationship with his business partner. Jones and Medavoy talk with "Flossy," Trotter's CI. He knew nothing about having any meeting with Trotter. Later in the squad room, John Irvin tells Jones and Medavoy that the area where their victim was killed is the location of an underground gay club. Russell confides her problem with McDowell and asks her to help her through the biopsy. Jones and Medavoy talk with Trotter about the gay aspect of the area where the shooting occurred. Trotter tells them that his CI picked the location for their meeting and lists a number of reasons why he might have lied about there being a meeting scheduled. Russell (with McDowell by her side) starts to ask her doctor a bunch of questions. Her doctor tells her that being over prepared for what is going on isn't necessarily a good thing right now. She needs to relax and let her perform the simple test that is needed right now. Sipowicz and Clark meet with Carlin's business partner who tells him that Carlin has been trying to dirty trick him out of the business. He also mentions that Carlin's driver/bodyguard has even tried to keep him out of a board meeting. Jones gets a call from Michael's foster mother; she tells him that Michael didn't show up for school today. "Flossy" shows up at the precinct, recanting his earlier statement that he didn't have an appointment with Trotter. They find out that "Flossy" talked with Trotter's partner, who convinced him to come back in. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell talk with Carlin's driver who claims to have never touched Carlin's partner. He tells them he knows nothing about the murders. The driver realizes the detectives are getting desperate, something the detectives later admits to. After he is gone, information comes in that the driver tried registering a gun under another name, which keeps them interested in him as a suspect, but first Rodriguez wants them to run Vaughn's picture in a photo lineup for this morning's victim, Lucy Wenner. Jones gets a call from Michael, who is at an arcade with his dad. Jones goes to the arcade and has a confrontation with Craig Woodruff, who likens Jones' character to that of TV's "Benson." Jones tries to advise Michael that hanging out with his father is only going to lead to trouble. Michael doesn't want anything to do with Jones, if he can't still see his father. Lucy Wenner is in the squad looking at a photo array. She isn't sure, since she didn't get a good look, but she does pick out the photo of Carlin's driver, Vaughn. While it's a shaky ID, they plan to bring Vaughn back in. Det. Givens comes in and tells Jones and Medavoy that his partner is gay and that he did tell "Flossy" to change his story. He's been covering for his partner, whose career on the job would be over if his sexual orientation got out. Vaughn is brought back in and does tell the detectives his whereabouts that morning and also that he isn't surprised by anything that Carlin has done. Jones goes to the pokey room and tries to have a "man to man" conversation with Michael's father. It ends with Jones telling Woodruff to stay out of his way, or he'll bury him. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell try talking with Carlin and his attorney. His attorney doesn't want Carlin to talk, but Carlin does when the detectives push his buttons. He doesn't offer them anything, but it is clear that both sides are frustrated by the progress of the investigation so far. Jones and Medavoy talk with Trotter about his private life, which they would like to help keep private, but too many things have screwed up their investigation. Hoping it will stay in the room, Trotter confesses that he was set to have an encounter with his shooting victim, when the victim try to mug him. Jones and Medavoy tell him they are going to have to run it by their boss. After conferring with Haywood, Rodriguez comes into the room with his detectives to tell Trotter that they'll be able to keep his secret. Rodriguez also tells him (as his recent personal experience has reminded him) that every minor mistake (private and professional) he has ever made may come back to haunt him. At the end of the tour, Sipowicz talks with Jones about his treatment of Michael's father. Sipowicz suggests that he work to clear the case of the murder of Michael's mother. If the dad stays around for too long, Sipowicz believes that his father will try to deal with the problem of his son knowing his guilt and hanging out with a cop is going to get the better of him. Later at the Sipowicz/McDowell home, Andy comments to Connie that it is nice that Michelle is getting old enough to go to sleep easier. Connie finally breaks the news to Andy that she is pregnant. He is initially confused given her previous medical history, but in the end is delighted.moreless
    • Cops and Robber
      Season 9 - Episode 5
      Vehicles in the precinct's parking lot are broken into, including Clark Jr.'s, and since he was just thrown out of his father's home, it contained all his possessions, including his detective shield. McDowell and Gibson work a homicide case, meanwhile the other detectives scramble to help cover Clark Jr.'s ass. If the problem doesn't get resolved by the end of the day, Rodriguez wants to know the whole story, until then he'll ask no more questions. A robbery victim reports that a cop ripped him off and Sipowicz and Clark Jr. follow a few leads. McDowell's interview of their homicide victim's pregnant girlfriend goes bad when the girl flips out after Gibson tells her that her boyfriend didn't make it. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to a pawn shop where someone flashing a shield was pawning items taken from the lot. They find out that Anti-crime is on the case, when they all hear that a shield bearing perp was captured by some uniforms. McDowell and Gibson interview their victim's boss and find out about the robbery their victim was in on that put the boss out of business. McDowell goes back to the girlfriend and gets the story and the name of their victim's accomplice, RJ. The shield bearing perp doesn't pan out but Medavoy and Jones find someone better for Sipowicz to question. He points them to another suspect that gets stripped of his dignity and Clark Jr.'s clothes. He names a dealer whose grace he got back into by giving him the shield. Gibson shows McDowell a trick which gets RJ to confess to a murder. Sipowicz asks McDowell if she can dress like a prostitute (which she seems a little reluctant to do) so that they can get to the dealer that has Clark Jr.'s shield. The operation is successful and the shield is recovered. Valerie and Baldwin meet in the hallway and discuss the fact they haven't been able to spend anytime together. He suggests to her that spontaneity might be needed. McDowell confronts the girl's parents and afterwards needs someone to talk with; Andy offers her conversation after they have a fish stick dinner with Theo. Connie tells Andy what she had previously told Diane, about the child she gave up for adoption when she was fifteen. The day's events got to her and she asks Andy what he thinks about her going to look her daughter up; Andy suggests that she doesn't, as just dropping in on her daughter would just unnecessarily disrupt her life. He suggests that she just wait until her daughter is ready to find her.moreless
    • I'll Draw You a Mapp
      I'll Draw You a Mapp
      Season 6 - Episode 20
      Sylvia decides that Danny would be a much better witness than Andy would in the pending trial of Cullinan. Sipowicz seems to still have unresolved issues with Sinclair that would jeopardize the case. She works with Sorenson and Kenny, the drug courier, to ready them for the trial. John Irvin tells Sipowicz that he is still in contact with Dolores' father, although he says he is not providing him with any more information pertaining to the case. Meanwhile, the other detectives investigate the death of a woman's husband. They believe she may have done it for the insurance money and her son gives them evidence that coaberating evidence. Although the woman and another person they interview during their investigation keep reminding them about the Diallo case, something they'd all rather not be reminded about. Sinclair promises Sipowicz that he will get him on the stand, even if the DA won't let him. Sipowicz tells Sorenson that he will be taking the stand. Sylvia disagrees with him, but when she hears what Sinclair intends, she agrees to call and coach himmoreless
    • Thick Stu
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Greg and Andy start the weight bet. Bobby and Andy help out Morrisey on his investigation in the case of a missing baby; he suspects the father. James campaigns to become the elected delegate for the squad. Bobby strikes a deal with Henry, son of the woman whose building he inherited. Greg starts working out. The baby is found. Bobby and Diane make a decision about the current direction of their relationship. Later, a girl that Bobby talked with outside his building is killed in manner described the previous by Henry.moreless
    • Loogie Nights
      Loogie Nights
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      The 15th precinct "reopens for business" a little later than anticipated this season, but Sipowicz took advantage of the extra time to grieve Sylvia, raise Theo and lose some weight. Yes, Andy has shed a few pounds. Sipowicz and Sorenson begin an investigation into the death of man who was beaten to death by a pair of cops. One of the cops, Sorenson had helped out in last season's case involving the shooting of a black police officer. Medavoy gets a dirty uniform working a parade detail. Jill seeks Diane's opinion about restarting a relationship (for the sixth time) with her ex-husband Don, who's been real helpful lately, as their son Kyle gets ready for his first communion. Sipowicz, Sorenson and Franco with some reluctant help from Laughlin uncover the truth about the beating. Which officer performed the beating death, will be left for the jury to decide. Sipowicz goes home to Theo and later that night at the bar, Sorenson wants to discuss the outcome of their investigation with Laughlin and Franco, but instead finds companionship with Franco.moreless
    • Judas Priest
      Judas Priest
      Season 6 - Episode 19
      Katie Sipowicz seems on the road to recovery, but Dornan is in desperate need of it. Cohen brings news to the squad that they are going to need more evidence to make any case against Cullinan that will stick and his broken relationship with Kirkendall seems to be beyond repair. Meantime, Sipowicz appeals to Fancy to reach out on Dornan's behalf. James Mayo comes to the squad, it seems that John Irvin has been keeping him informed about the pending investigation into Dolores' death, and he demands that they do something or he will. Fancy lets John Irvin know where he stands in the squad and later tries to do the same for Dornan. Sorenson and Sipowicz interview the women who obtained the drugs for Roberts and she points to a Wall St. courier who is the supplier. Sorenson offers to take Kirkendall's boys to a baseball game; he'll even let her come along, even though he really still has an eye for Russell. Cohen asks Russell about the possibility of making up with Kirkendall. Katie comes to the squad to give Andy a phone list of contacts with numbers for him to use, she thinks for himself; he is only looking to help Dornan. Fancy breaks down after his conversation with Dornan and Sipowicz bring up old memories and feelings. Kirkendall and Cohen officially breakup, and she suspects that someone else will be taking over the prosecution. Later, Fancy and Sipowicz try to reach out to Dornan.moreless
    • Guns & Hoses
      Season 9 - Episode 15
      The detectives begin looking into the fire-bombing of an abortion clinic that killed a security guard. While waiting to talk with the woman in charge of the clinic, Clark Jr. asks Sipowicz if Theo has an interest in blondes, intimating that he is aware that Sipowicz and McDowell appear to spending time together. When they ask the woman in charge of the clinic to open her record books to help them get a lead on who may have committed the crime. Citing the need for patient confidentiality she denies their request. McDowell & Ortiz catch their own case and go off to investigate the homicide; meanwhile Sipowicz and Clark Jr. question the leader of an anti-abortion group that leads them nowhere. Medavoy and Jones look into gun that a guy found in a car he obtained from his late uncle. Ortiz recognizes their homicide victim as the woman her husband Don was having an affair with. This makes them interested in looking into the whereabouts of the victim's husband and Ortiz's husband. The detectives think that their fire bomber maybe an amateur, when the tape of a 911 call reveals a shaky voice and the type of fire bomb used is a basic Molotov cocktail. A nurse from the clinic, Jennifer Martin, comes to the squad hoping to help the detectives with their investigation. She gives them a list of patients from the last year, with notes on the names that they might want to look at first. McDowell and Ortiz hear that the husband of Don's mistress has been found dead. Ballistics on the gun that Jones and Medavoy have is linked to a five year old dump job homicide. The father of the woman who owned the car that the gun was found in is brought in and he tells them about his daughter and the guy she was dating at the time, Sonny Wood. He identifies their Jane Doe as being his daughter who he'd thought left town five years earlier. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. start down the list of names and begin to interview women about their experience with the clinic. McDowell and Ortiz see their latest victim, and then they go to Don's apartment to see if they can find any trace of him there. They don't. Clark Jr. makes a discovery when looking at the patient list; he sees Haywood's name listed. Jones and Medavoy interview Sonny Wood who denies any knowledge of his girlfriend's death. Ortiz finds out that a call was placed to one of their victim's from the inn where Ortiz had found her husband cheating on her, so she and McDowell decide to go the inn and check it out. Clark Jr. shows Jones the patient list from the clinic and Jones doesn't know exactly what it means. The clinic doctor and her lawyer show up at the squad, threatening to sue the department and the detectives individually if they didn't turn over the list of names they have. Jones confronts Haywood about her name being on the patient list, she tells him that she just went there for counseling and wonders why he would think that she lied about the miscarriage. He asks what she expected; since she's kept him out of the decision making all along when he wanted to help. She asks if it is because he loved her or because he felt duty bound. McDowell and Ortiz arrive at the hotel and find the body of ADA Don Harrison. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a battered woman whose husband may have been involved in the clinic bombing. They play her the tape of his 911 and she recognizes his voice. She tells them where to find her husband and they bring him in and play the tape for him as well and get his confession. A still tense, from his encounter with Haywood, Jones with Medavoy and their tenuous pieces of evidence, get their suspect to confess to the five year old murder. The new Captain in IAB comes to the squad and talks with Rodriguez about his relationship with Ortiz; it seems that Harrison had raised it as an issue with some of his colleagues. Rodriguez tells him his relationship ha sonly been supervisory in nature and that he runs a "clean squad and if he wants to waste his time proving otherwise, be my guest." Jones and Haywood decide to cool it for a while. McDowell cancels her plans with Sipowicz and Theo as she is going to take Ortiz out to dinner. Instead the entire squad decides to stick together and take fellow team member Ortiz out to dinner; leaving John Irvin to do the baby-sitting.moreless
    • Lucky Luciano
      Lucky Luciano
      Season 7 - Episode 18
      A woman reports to Russell and Kirkendall that her twin sister is missing and the body is found in the trunk of a car an hour later. The car only reveals one fingerprint, that of Marcus Potter. Sipowicz, Sorenson, Medavoy and Jones meet Anthony a boy-looking man who lives across the hall who has a few opinions for the detectives regarding their investigation into the murder of a man's wife. The woman's son comes into the squad and establishes his alibi with Fancy. The son was at a convention for the vitamin company that Fancy's wife was working for a few years ago and Sipowicz still has an issue with why Fancy wouldn't sell him any of those vitamins. Meanwhile, the husband and his cousin are brought in for questioning and Sipowicz doubts the husband is really Italian. Russell and Kirkendall get Marcus Potter brought in so they can question him about the body in the trunk. With help from Medavoy and Jones, Potter reveals what he knows about the trunk. Sipowicz and Sorenson eventually get the husband's cousin to confess, but Sipowicz is still convinced the husband is guilty of putting her up to it and Anthony gives them some information that might prove that to be true.moreless
    • Better Laid Than Never (2)
      Better Laid Than Never (2)
      Season 9 - Episode 23
      McDowell and Ortiz arrive at the scene of their homicide. The victim is an elderly woman who was the victim of a assault. One of the tenants in her building, Larry Tyner, is a self-declared former perpetrator of rape-assaults; he mentions that the victim had a junkie grandson who was always looking for a handout. Ortiz questions the building supervisor and he mentions that Larry Tyner is liked by everyone in the building, including the murder victim. Jones and Medavoy re-question Catherine Lowe about her son's murder. She doesn't like the implication some of their questions and she is put out when the Crime Scene unit has to process her apartment. Back at the squad, McDowell and Ortiz question Tyner, and again he mentions the victim's grandson, a real heartache for the victim. Sipowicz meets with the borough trustee, to make sure that his paperwork is in order, just in case something happens to him. Theo should be taken care of, only Sipowicz needs to identify a guardian. The need to make that decision; causes Sipowicz to need to time to think the matter over. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with their victim's father, needing to ask him some difficult questions, all of which offends him. Jones and Medavoy stop at the bar that is Catherine Lowe's alibi; they meet a woman there who tells about a fight that Catherine had with her boyfriend Steve. It seems that Steve had struck Catherine's son. McDowell and Ortiz interview their victim's grandson and he seems broken up on the news on his grandmother's death. Upon Medavoy's report of the fight between the mother and the boyfriend, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to pick him up again. An officer comes up to collect the time cards for an audit, and she exhibits an interest in Jones after she meets him. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Dansick again; this time Sipowicz and Dansick get into a scuffle. Dansick vehemently denies any knowledge of the boy's death. Phone records indicate there were two calls from Dwyer's home to the Lowe apartment. Since the detectives we never able to talk to the Tommy Dwyer's son, they decide to go back there and question the boy. The boy denies making any calls to the Lowe apartment. Tommy Dwyer thinks that he son might have forgotten making the call. Dwyer says they are done for now. Jones and Medavoy talk with Catherine Lowe about one of the other men that have been in her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. look for a warrant to have the Crime Scene unit help them look at Dwyer's apartment, as they sense Dwyer hasn't been telling them everything. Haywood obliges, and while she is on the phone trying to get it taken care off, Jones receives a surprise visit from the officer reviewing time cards. He pushes her away, and tries to explain it to Haywood, who says she isn't ready for that yet. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive at Dwyer's apartment with a warrant. McDowell and Ortiz go back to their victim's apartment, only to find that the grandson has hung himself. Then Ortiz hears that their victim was raped, so they decide they need to bring Larry Tyner back in for further questioning. With help from the Crime Scene unit, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find a major bloodstain in the bedroom of Dwyer's son. Sipowicz, Clark Jr. and Haywood listen to Dwyer's story about what really happened. The boys were playing with one of his guns, which went off killing the boy. Dwyer got rid of the body to help protect his son. McDowell and Ortiz get Larry Tyner to tell them about what went wrong. He tells the tale of his self-improvement that was working until the events of that morning sent him back down into the gutter. He then admits to about two other rape-assaults he committed out of state. Sipowicz, Clark Jr. and Haywood also hear the story of the shooting from Dwyer's son. With the case closed, Catherine Lowe comes to retrieve her boyfriend, who Sipowicz is going to let out of the assault charge. Later that evening, Clark Jr. and Ortiz meet with Clark Sr. for dinner. When Clark Jr. steps away for a few moments, Clark Sr. tells her about their rough patch and also that he does love his son. At an amusement park, Theo rides the merry-go-round by himself, as Andy tells Connie that he wants to make her Theo's legal guardian and also that Theo wants to call her "Mommy". They discuss the issue, which leads to kiss and then another. Connie invites Andy to have dinner at her apartment alone the following evening. With Theo's ride over and cotton candy in hand, Andy, Connie and Theo head for home.moreless
    • The Man with Two Right Shoes
      The Man with Two Right Shoes
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      Danny and Mary spend the night together. Andy seeks advice from Katie about some trouble he is having with Theo. She tries to give him some advice, but he misses her point. Sipowicz, Sorenson and Medavoy look into the murder of a man who assailant fled the scene wearing two right shoes. There is also a question of theft at the crime scene, when it is discovered that the jewelry the victim was wearing disappears just after the fire department has left the crime scene. Meanwhile, Russell, Kirkendall and Martinez investigate a mother's concerns that her son has become a thief. In reality he is receiving gifts from a teacher who claims she is looking out for his interests, or rather is it just her interest in him?moreless
    • And the Wenner Is...
      Season 11 - Episode 8
      McDowell and Sipowicz go into Rodriguez's office and tell him about her pregnancy. Of course she'll be assigned to desk duty from this point forward. Back in the squad room, they let the others know that their wedding is back on and Sipowicz asks John Irvin to perform a simple service at their apartment at 8 o'clock that evening. The reality of the job sets back in when a call comes in for another "Time Bar" homicide; McDowell citing the stomach flu stays behind while the other detectives leave for the scene. They meet up with Jones and Medavoy who are already on the scene. The crime scene is very familiar and the victim was a nurse at the hospital where Dr. Devlin works, Clark plans to follow up with her about the nurse. Sipowicz suggest that Russell should go and deal with what she needs to deal with; she tells him that she would prefer to keep working. Back at the squad, McDowell runs a theory past the others that the perpetrator might be an impersonator, since none of the crime scenes involved forced entry. One name comes up that might be worth looking into, Raymond Gerson. Dr. Devlin drops by the squad to answer Clark's message, she didn't know the victim. She apologizes again for her recent behavior and tells him that she is back on her medication. Sipowicz and Clark go to find Raymond Gerson and a neighbor informs them the man they want to talk to is a detective, who carries a gun. On their stakeout, waiting for the return of "Det." Gerson, Sipowicz tells Clark about McDowell's condition. Gerson returns and the detectives easily collar him for questioning. Gerson makes a lot of noise when entering the precinct and Rodriguez suggests to Sipowicz that he sit the interview out, since Rodriguez was just in the process of telling the Inspector that they are going by the book on this investigation. Gerson tries to tell Clark and Russell that he is a frustrated actor whose been faking he's a cop to entertain his sick nephew. McDowell goes to talk with Russell, who is still awaiting the results of her tests. They talk about that, the upcoming wedding and Russell tells McDowell that she knows she's pregnant. Clark and Russell go back at Gerson hard when his stories haven't checked out. Gerson doesn't give them anything and they can only sit and wait until Lucy Wenner comes in for a lineup to possibly ID him. Lucy Wenner looks at the lineup and doesn't recognize anyone. Gerson isn't their man. Lucy Wenner is beside herself when she realizes the detectives aren't making any headway. In doing some cross checking, Ortiz finds that Gerson had a friend who's been a known sex-offender. Sipowicz realizes they need to go back at Gerson hard to find out his friend. Clark assures him that he's got the interview covered. Gerson confirms for them that his friend might just be their man. To let her see a photo of Gerson's friend McDowell tries to contact Lucy Wenner, only she hasn't returned home yet and no one seems to know where she is. Lucy Wenner hasn't returned home yet when Russell, Clark and Sipowicz arrive at her apartment. They are let into her apartment by the super, but they break into her bedroom when they find that door locked and Russell has one of those feelings. What they find in the bedroom is evidence that points to Lucy Wenner as being their prime suspect in the "Time Bar" murders. The detectives find the addresses of two other possible victims. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell go to the home of one of those possible victims; they find that victim is entertaining a visit from Lucy Wenner, who was posing as a charity worker. They subdue Lucy Wenner and look into her briefcase and find all the tools of her recent trade. The detectives try to understand why Lucy Wenner has committed these crimes. She cites that she is getting back at Jimmy Carlin for once calling her a "no tit pig." Rodriguez is ready to celebrate the closing of the case with a trip to the local bar, but is reminded that another event is to he held that evening. He declines the invitation to attend, so that he might be able to maintain his ability to deny knowledge of the relationship, but he offers his detectives best wishes nonetheless. Before she makes it to the wedding, Russell goes to the Time Bar to tell the ever grateful Carlin about the outcome of the case. It seems that Lucy Wenner got what she wanted; Carlin has had to go out of business. When she is leaving the bar, she gets the call she has been waiting for all day. Andy tells Theo about his duties as best man. John Irvin is nervous about his upcoming duty. Diane arrives and passes along her news to Andy and Connie, her test results are negative. With everyone present the ceremony begins. John Irvin tries to read from his script, but after he flubs the first couple of lines, he decides to speak from the heart and joins the two in the bonds of holy matrimony.moreless
    • Oscar, Meyer, Weiner
      Season 1 - Episode 10

      The detectives investigate the brutal murder of an upper-class family. Lastarza orders Janice to cooperate with the mob though it results in the death of the person whose plates she ran through the computer. Kelly deals with his relationship with Janice as she tries to keep him out of her current situation. Sipowicz takes the statement of a gay writer whose Academy Award was stolen.

    • Here Comes the Son
      Season 9 - Episode 9
      The detectives start investigating a massage parlor rip-off. While their rip-off involves a homicide, there are similar rip-offs occurring in the Bronx. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are going to work the case with detectives from the Bronx, including Clark Sr. This leaves the others to look into the case of an elderly woman being robbed in her home by exterminators. Mrs. Hornby sends her agent, Beacham, to ask Sipowicz to come back to her apartment and work security. The dollar figure for the job is raised and other perks are offered, but Sipowicz rejects them all. McDowell, Ortiz, Jones and Medavoy look into the exterminator case. Through the efforts of two Samaritans, one of the exterminators was captured and subdued at the scene. The other has gotten away, but is quickly grabbed up. While waiting to talk to the victim and one of the perps at the hospital, small talk leads to Ortiz telling McDowell that she and her husband are working on their marriage. In the meantime, back at the squad, Ortiz's husband stops by to check up on her, asking Rodriguez to keep an eye on her. Rodriguez denies the request. When the subdued exterminator dies as a result of his injuries, the detectives are forced to find out everything that went on at the scene to determine if charges need to be filed against the Samaritans. Haywood tells Jones that she thinks she is pregnant and he wonders when he will be involved in the decision process. The Bronx detectives arrive at the squad to compare cases and the tension begins mounting. A doctor who was known to be at the massage parlor won't talk, asks for his lawyer, and gives Sipowicz and Clark Jr. nothing for their interview. Clark Sr. says that the next interview is theirs. While staking out someone who used a stolen credit card from the massage parlor, Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. the story of his past history with Clark Sr. Essentially Sipowicz's methods and his drinking at the time rubbed the "by the book" Clark Sr. the wrong way. Also, Clark Sr.'s inability to lie when he should have allowed a mistrial to occur. An elderly woman died a month later as a result of that suspect being freed. The credit card user is subdued and Clark Sr. and his partner conduct the interview, "using honey instead of vinegar to attract the bees". Jones and Medavoy conduct another interview, but the interviewee seems much more interested in Jones. When other evidence points to the Samaritans beating the exterminator more than he needed to be, McDowell and Ortiz are charged with bringing the Samaritans in to inform them that they are facing man-slaughter charges. The man given up by the credit card user is taken into custody, but not until after hitting Clark Sr. and giving them all a workout. Clark Sr. and his partner bring the suspect back to the precinct, while Sipowicz and Clark Jr. get the doctor to give them the ID that they need. Clark Sr. starts to conduct an interview, but Clark Jr. and Sipowicz get the job done. Sipowicz tries to make it right between him and Clark Sr., trying to keep Clark Jr. out of it, telling him he shouldn't alienate his son. Clark Sr. tells him to go to hell. Valerie and Baldwin start to discuss some of their options as Sipowicz sells out for $400 a shift. He arrives back at his apartment and observes Connie's motherly interactions with Theo.moreless
    • Less is Morte
      Season 9 - Episode 18
      Clark Jr. readies himself for next week's fight with Laughlin. Sipowicz meets with Rodriguez and tells him what Martens told him. Sipowicz leaves promising to be in touch. Sipowicz and company start investigating an armored car robbery, where one of the drivers was killed when one of his drivers gets into a shootout with the three criminals. Clark Jr.'s informant, Julian Pisano is brought in to see if he's heard anything about the armored car robbery. Before he tells them anything, he wants them to see if they can recover his video equipment for his "Guys Gone Nuts" videotape. They tell him about the reward and he mentions a guy who was looking for a shotgun. McDowell and Ortiz start looking into the death of a woman whose body was found in a garbage truck. Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. about his upcoming vacation plans and then they talk about his relationship with McDowell. Then they spot Julian seemingly playing on the other side of their case. McDowell reports to their interim squad commander, Lt. Shanley, about the status of their case, when Shanley makes some improper moves and tells her she shouldn't be so tense. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. stop Julian and find out from him that he was only in there to find out further information to give them. He mentions that the guy they are looking at, Vinny Prioli is looking for a no questions asked doctor and Julian gave him the name of one. The NYPD surrounds the house that Prioli went into. They don't find the injured suspect and when they get Prioli back to the house, he hasn't got anything to say. McDowell and Ortiz interview their victim's husband. He tells them about his wife's friend, who had convinced her to lose weight and get out and live life. They then talk to this woman, who upon hearing about her death; tells them that the woman was seeing someone, but she didn't know any details. Sipowicz meets with Martens and they make a deal, Sipowicz will handle something for Martens if Martens will start telling him how "Fraker isn't perfect." The detectives decide they need to visit Julian's doctor, but first Sipowicz has to take some lost time to look into the information that Martens gave him. McDowell and Ortiz go back to revisit their victim's friend, only to find her dead with gunshot wounds of the same caliber. Sipowicz confronts Fraker and tells him about what went on with Rodriguez all those years ago and then he mentions knowing about the Captain's new up and coming detective that he took to Atlantic City. Did Fraker's wife and kids want to know about that? He tells him to back off Rodriguez and he can go romp with his new detective all he wants. Julian is brought back into reveal the name of his doctor; he is reluctant to give it up. For $2000 by the end of the day, he gives it up. McDowell has another encounter with Shanley and he mentions if she makes a beef, he's got a lot of friends on the job; she tells him that she'll just punch him in the face. The doctor is brought in and admits to caring for someone with a gunshot wound. They eventually get an address out of him and they go to the apartment. They find the gunshot victim there. The anxious wife gives them the name of the third party. Rodriguez meets with Fraker who dismisses the charge against him, but Fraker mentions that he will be keeping an eye on him. McDowell and Ortiz interview the man who tells them about Jose and what went down with their robbery. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk to the third party in their case. He agrees to give it all up for a deal. Rodriguez returns to his office. McDowell and Ortiz interview Jose, who lawyers up. Julian gets his money, but is worried that it might all track back to him. Clark Jr. continues his training with Jones and Medavoy. Ortiz stops by dropping of a pizza for them and Ortiz drops off a pizza for them. Rodriguez comments on the days events and Sipowicz tells not to go poking it with a stick, he is back where he belongs.moreless
    • Jackass
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      An old friend of Andy's stops by to ask Andy if he would take his niece out on a date. Andy asks for a couple of hours to make a decision, seek advice and find a babysitter if one is needed. Meanwhile the detectives are sent out to investigate a homicide where the victim is a little ripe. Fancy asks Jones to call his old boss at the Bias unit, when the crime looks as though it might have been gang related. Andy asks Danny if he thinks it would be all right if he went out on a date. Danny encourages him to give it a try. Abner and Fancy have words and Jones isn't sure what to make of the situation. The investigation concludes when the mother gives up her son as their suspect and Jones conducts the interview (with Abner watching). Andy goes on his date as Katie watches Theo. The date goes well, but when Andy returns Katie lets her feelings be known; that is that she wished he had dated her.moreless
    • Raphael's Inferno
      Raphael's Inferno
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Sorenson's sister, Lori comes to town and spends the day in the city trying to hook up with him. However, he and Sipowicz are investigating the murder of a nine-year-old girl who was found murdered in the basement of the building where she lived. The building's superintendent is only interested in getting his tools back. Sipowicz and Sorenson find the tools in the possession of a tenant of the building who has his own passageway into the basement. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Martinez investigate the case of an elderly man who comes to the precinct claiming he's been embezzled by his young girlfriend through influence by a friend of hers. The detectives debate about how to tell the old man about the nature of "girl" who's been giving him great pleasure. Dolores Mayo's long estranged father comes looking to visit her, Diane and Jill give him the news of her death.moreless
    • Tom and Geri
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      Diane and Bobby wake up in his chair the next morning and he suggests that she seek some professional help. Andy, Bobby, Greg and James conduct an investigation into the death of a worker at a construction site, where more than a building is being framed. Geri reports to Andy about a finding a friend of hers who's hung himself. Fancy suggests that Diane and Jill conduct the investigation, which reveals the man died from kinky sex, likely with Geri Turner. James accompanies Gina to get her stitches removed. Geri makes an interesting interview, she demands that Andy conduct the interview or she is "going to lawyer up." Geri opens up to Andy. James offers to stay the night with Gina, who doesn't mind at all.moreless
    • You Da Bomb
      Season 11 - Episode 10
      John and the good doctor have renewed their intimate relationship, but something is wrong; her medication isn't letting her feel anything. She decides that for his benefit they need to end their relationship. The detectives are on the scene of a homicide that looks like a mob hit. The building superintendent (a poet) has a lot of detail for the detectives, including the license plate number of the vehicle driven by Russians. Following up, Sipowicz and Clark go to the address where the car was registered. They find a man, Ilya Antropov, knocking on a nearby door and determine that the door they were at was the door he was really intending on knocking on. They bring him in for questioning and decide to hold him in a cell until they can check out his story about being a busboy. McDowell is planning to go to the doctor for her first ultra-sound. Sipowicz and Clark go to talk the woman, a renowned photographer that their victim worked for. The photographer recently had taken photos of convicts and perhaps one of them may have done her a favor. She decides they need to talk to her attorney. Ilya Antropov story checks out and he can be let go. A man, Brad Cutshall, comes up into the squad room; he wants to file a report regarding constant break-ins to his car. McDowell gets ready to take his statement and he handcuffs himself to her. He tells everyone that he is wired with a bomb. The people who attached the bomb to him (and are holding his daughter) are demanding the release of Ilya Antropov. With the bomb up in the Squad room the precinct is full of activity in the lobby. Sipowicz and Clark go and talk with Antropov and he denies knowing anything about Cutshall. He does tell them that back in Russia he was once leader of a loyal group of rebels, but that group is now scattered and he doesn't know how to contact them. McDowell starts talking with Cutshall and manages to get him to give her is cell phone number. Cutshall's phone rings and they now have one hour to let Antropov go or the bomb will be detonated. Clark remembers that Antropov said something in Russian to an old man when they were leaving that building. They decide they need to bring that man in for questioning. Back at their original crime scene, Medavoy and Ortiz do some follow-up questioning and find out a tenant that had a dead cat nailed to her door. They talk with Katie Driscoll and find out that her father had been living with her for the last few weeks. They ask her to contact her dad. Meanwhile back at the squad, McDowell talks with Cutshall trying to gather further information. Sipowicz asks Rodriguez why they can't just let Antropov go, they were going to do it this morning anyway. Rodriguez tells him the brass doesn't want to negotiate. They find out that Cutshall has gambling debts. Perhaps he owes money to the Russians? Cutshall says no. The old man that Antropov talked to earlier that morning is brought in and he eventually tells the detectives that Antropov is someone he is more afraid of than the police. Sipowicz and Clark go back to Antropov's cell and Sipowicz tries to "convince" him to call off this bomb. Katie Driscoll brings her dad to the precinct where he doesn't recognize a photo of Antropov. They decide to keep pursuing every possible lead. A dumpster blows up outside the precinct. Sipowicz goes upstairs and McDowell insists that he go back downstairs. Cutshall gets another call on his cell phone that says that the next bomb is theirs. The FBI arrives, but they have nothing on Antropov. A background check of Katie Driscoll's father reveals that he has a record for crack possession. Clark goes to see Driscoll and gets him to confess the name of his Russian dealer, where he works out of and that he is in debt to the Russians for $50,000. The pieces begin to fall together; Antropov is really a big hitter that came to US under an assumed named. Sipowicz decides on a plan of action. He needs to get Cutshall's phone so that Antropov can make the call he needs to make. Sipowicz has brought Antropov's son to the cell. Sipowicz threatens that he will bring Antropov's son upstairs and cuff him to the bomb. Antropov calls the bomb off and after it has been removed from Cutshall everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Cutshall is reunited with his daughter and everyone can go home for the evening. At the Sipowicz home, Theo only concern for the day is that he needs to get a new baseball mitt and shoes. A short while later Connie breaks down when the impact of the day's events finally hit her.moreless
    • Meat Me in the Park
      Season 10 - Episode 4
      Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive on the scene at a park, where a 5-year-old girl has gone missing, when her father thought that the girl was being watched while he went to the bathroom. Back at the squad, the detectives are gathering the facts they know about the girl, when her mother, who's just come back from out of town, arrives wondering what they are doing to find her daughter. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the nanny, whom the father thought was watching his daughter when he stepped away. She mentions a street artist in the park that the kids are fond of; Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to the park to interview him. The other detectives respond to the scene of a homicide, where the pregnant victim was dragged behind the car she was pushed out of off. The victim is revealed to be the former girlfriend of a NBA prospect. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the artist, who tells them that the missing girl's father has even left the girl in his care in the past. Back at the squad they decide they are going to look into the father, after they talk with the missing girl's friend. McDowell gets a call from a uniform officer, regarding her sister's involvement in domestic dispute. McDowell goes to the scene, where her sister has locked herself in the bathroom. When she gets her to open the door, she has her brother-in-law arrested. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the little girl, who tells them about an ice cream truck. Jones and Medavoy interview the NBA prospect about his ex-girlfriend; he denies any knowledge of her death. Ortiz finds out that the NBA prospect's cell phone made calls to his manager, before and after his ex-girlfriend's murder. McDowell returns with her sister and then tries to get her sister to see what the reality of the situation with her husband. Jones and Medavoy interview the NBA prospect's "manager." While interviewing an ice cream vendor at the park, Clark Jr. spots some suspicious activity around the men's bathroom. They uncover a hangout for homosexual activity, which they suspect the missing girl's father may have been participating in. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. wait for the father to arrive, while Jones and Medavoy find out that another of the manager's prospect's car was used in the homicide. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. confront the missing girl's father about his activities in the bathroom and how it impeded their investigation when Ortiz tells them that they have a line of an ice cream vendor with a prior history of molestation. Jones and Medavoy interview the driver of the car in her homicide, and he tells them what the manager did to the girl. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. manage to get useful information out the ice cream vendor driver which leads to the recovery of the girl and the arrest of man keeping her captive. Jones and Medavoy go back at the manager, who claims that the NBA prospect made him do it. At the hospital, the little girl's mother accuse the detectives of wasting time talking to her husband about their finances, when Sipowicz tells her what her husband was doing when his daughter was kidnapped. The father comes to the squad and complains about Sipowicz, calling him a "homophobe." John Irvin comes to Sipowicz's defense, telling the father he "should count his blessings and leave it at that." Jones and Medavoy reinterview the NBA prospect, who claims that the he didn't tell them to "take care of her," he said "take care of it." He wanted the girl to get an abortion; they need to confirm that with his boy Anthony who was there when he made the call. Sipowicz goes down to the cell, where he has a "conversation" with McDowell's brother-in-law, warning him that he is going into the system and when he gets out Sipowicz is sending him out of town, or into the hospital. At Connie's apartment, she and her sister talk. Connie tells her about Andy and Michelle realizes that they probably don't know each other like they should, which they agree to work on. At the Sipowicz home, Andy and Theo play together.moreless
    • UnAmerican Grafitti
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of a Puerto Rican teen because he used to make some paintings in Little Italy. Greg meets Donna's former lover and she makes a decision about her relationship with him. Sylvia is mugged and later tells Andy a secret from her past.
    • You've Got Mail
      Season 10 - Episode 2
      John Irvin is showing off a picture the new car he plans on buying with his inheritance. Clark Jr. tells Rodriguez that he is fit to catch cases. Rodriguez agrees, but doesn't care or want to know the details of Clark Jr.'s relationship with the dead prostitute. Sipowicz gets a call from the FBI that a bomb may have been forwarded in the mail to the Family Court building. The detectives go to the scene and after dealing with a minor bureaucrat start an evacuation of the building. McDowell and Ortiz respond to the scream of a woman who's opened an envelope that has covered her with white powder. Hazmat sets up do some field testing for anthrax; McDowell and Ortiz need to be checked out. Laughlin takes some time to try breaking Clark Jr.'s balls, he breaks them back. Clark Jr. needs to meet with IAB about his situation. The anthrax test comes back negative, but Sipowicz receives a call that another letter has exploded in white powder. The victim has gone into cardiac arrest. Sipowicz arrives at the scene of the latest exploding envelope and meets with McDowell and Ortiz who tell him the envelope has also tested negative for anthrax. At IAB, Clark Jr. is interviewed by Rodriguez's friend Capt. Fraker. He offers to help Clark Jr. out, by asking him for some information that might be used against someone like Sipowicz. Clark Jr.'s refusal gets him put on restricted duty at the squad until the IAB says otherwise. Back at the squad, Medavoy has information on a possible suspect; Jones has information on where the original bomb threat call from and a contact in vice who has voodoo contacts that might be able to tell them the origin of the white powder that is laced with egg shell and cayenne pepper. Sipowicz goes with McDowell to pick up Medavoy's suspect and Clark Jr. returns to the office with restricted duty. Clark Jr. wants to be brought up to speed on the current investigation, but his conversation with Ortiz is only about the IAB situation. He suggests to her that she might want to see someone else if his current reputation is crimping her style. Medavoy and Jones meet with a Santeria priest who tells them the powder is a Santeria type recipe that is obscure. The priest then has some fun with Medavoy who's just knocked over what might be a sacred candle. Sipowicz and McDowell start to interview their suspect, who has some issues with authority and seems harmless, that is until there is a threat that his bi-weekly visitations with his son might be taken away. McDowell and Sipowicz send him down to the cells to cool off, while they investigate further. John Irvin leaves to pick up his car. Another suspect's name comes up with the name of Hale and he has an unknown relationship with a Hispanic woman named Fernandez, who because of her ethnic background may know something about the Santeria powder. Sipowicz goes to retrieve Hale, while McDowell and Ortiz go to retrieve Fernandez. Maya Anderson comes down from anti-crime and asks Baldwin to lunch. He agrees to go with her to lunch, and while there she gets him to agree to go out with her for some fun, nothing like that "heavy" relationship he just went through. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. start an interview Hale, who doesn't know what happened to the judge and the lawyer in the family court case where he lost everything. Clark Jr. is left at the house to take care of the testing of Hale, while Sipowicz leaves to go take care of something. McDowell and Ortiz start talking Fernandez about her relationship with Hale. They start out being straight with her and on the third chance they give her she confesses to obtaining the powder for Hale, who she thought was going to play a practical joke on their boss at the post office. Sipowicz meets with Clark Sr. and tells him what has been going on with son. John Irvin is out driving his new car, a Mercedes convertible, when he is carjacked. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview Hale and tell him what they know and what will happen with the FBI and others if they don't come to understanding. Hale tells them about the hell that the judge, his wife and her lawyer put him through with his divorce proceeding, but he agrees to write up his confession. Haywood tells the detectives that the FBI is going to prosecute Hale; Sipowicz tells her that he wants to break that news to Hale. Rodriguez tells Clark Jr. that IAB wants to see him. Medavoy tries to get a description of the carjacking suspect from John Irvin; who is then told that his car is on TV. The carjacker crashes the car and John Irvin's dream of owning it. At IAB, Clark Jr. enters the office to find his father with Capt. Fraker. Clark Jr. admits to covering for his father, which Fraker verifies, he then tells them the prostitute's murder was found and that Clark Jr. can return to full duty, but Clark Sr. has to stay. Back at the squad Clark Jr. tells them what happened at IAB. He makes an arrangement to call Ortiz later that evening. Out on his date with Maya, Baldwin tries to loosen up. Andy shows Theo how to shave, when Clark Jr. stops by to tell him thanks for staying behind him and that his father only got a 10 day suspension (which seems a little suspicious to me). John and Rita renew their relationship.moreless
    • Honeymoon at Viagra Falls
      Season 5 - Episode 22
      Simone and Sipowicz work with Cohen to investigate the death of one of Cohen's witnesses and her son. Evidence points to the opposing attorney having some involvement with the arrangement of the homicide. Bobby and Diane plan to get married on their lunch break. Russell and Kirkendall help a man locate his missing daughter. Medavoy and Martinez look into a corporation dealing in fake sports memorabilia. Medavoy is taken with the blonde who was named as the front of the corporation, she reminds him of Donna. Andy's doctor stops by with the results of his latest blood test, the results are good. When the doctor inquires about Andy's sexual functions, Andy is less than forthcoming and the doctor's prescribes him the new wonder drug, Viagra. Just as the time for the lunchtime wedding grows near, both Bobby and Diane's cases break wide open. Bobby & Diane just make into the office, find a witness and get married. Greg calls upon the blonde. Andy gets his prescription filled and is able to take care of business.moreless
    • Meet the Grandparents
      Season 10 - Episode 19
      Connie prepares for the hearing that will let her obtain custodial rights to Michelle. She mentions the fact that the question of home status came, that is "not being married." Andy wonders if that is something they should talk about, but thinks again and changes the subject. The detectives respond to scene of the death of an African man (the third in 6 months). One of the other residents of the building exchanges a few words with Sipowicz. No one at the scene is cooperative, except a uniform at the scene who tries to help out to much. They get into the victim's apartment, where they find his wife screaming and bleeding from her arm. At the hospital the detectives find out the status of the victim, she will be able to leave the hospital and come down to the squad for questioning. Clark is caught flirting with the attractive doctor who is caring for victim's wife. Both Ortiz and Sipowicz are witness to this event. Clark seems oblivious to the fact that anything happened. Jones talks with Haywood about her stalker, as she hasn't had any hang up calls or heard from him in any other way. McDowell asks Haywood about the family court judge, who Haywood calls a straight shooter. McDowell and Ortiz talk with a waitress who tells them she is being stalked by a doctor for the past two weeks. They agree to have a talk with the doctor. Sipowicz goes into Rodriguez's office to talk about his need for some help getting a waiver for a friend who wants to move in with a co-worker. Rodriguez, who has not been blind to his detective's activities, is well aware of the situation of Sipowicz's friend but he agrees to help. At family court, McDowell and Sipowicz are surprised by the appearance of the parents of Frank Colohan. They are petitioning the court to take custody of the granddaughter Michelle. Back at the squad, the others help McDowell and Sipowicz make sense of what happened at family court. Attempts are made to contact Haywood, who's tied up in court. Medavoy suggest that they try contact the grandparents on their own. McDowell is willing to talk with them, even if their lawyer is present. The wife of the dead African man is brought into the squad, where Sipowicz and Clark begin to interview her, once they discover she actually can speak English. They ask her about the victim's brother, his activities and where they might find him. McDowell and Ortiz bring in Dr. Hale, who tells them that the waitress was one of his patients, and that he is a psychiatrist. Since the waitress had stopped seeing him, the doctor decided to go her workplace and check up on her. Clark gets a call from Dr. Devlin. Sipowicz and Clark have the victim's brother in for questioning and come to realize that despite his background, he hasn't done anything that would have put his brother's life in danger. Haywood tells McDowell and Sipowicz that the grandparent's lawyer is sharp and they need to be prepared for the fight. At another crime scene, one block from the morning's shooting, Sipowicz sees the body of the man he had words with at the scene that morning. No one at this crime scene seems anymore willing to help the detectives. Rodriguez leaves for the deputy commissioner's office to help start the waiver process, but before he leaves he tells the Sipowicz and Clark about a boy that their latest victim was trying to find since the morning's shooting. McDowell and Ortiz go to the visit the waitress at her restaurant, where they tell her what the doctor told them. One of the other waitresses confirms her story. Medavoy and Jones interview the 16-year-old boy named Josh from a white gang who tries to act like a streetwise punk. He isn't very convincing, even when he cops to the crime of shooting the African man. They convince him that he shouldn't outright cop to the crime, since as a 16-year-old he isn't the minor that he thinks he is. He changes his story and tells him that he was a witness to the crime that's only intent was to score points in their gang. He gives them the name of his accomplice. McDowell and Ortiz go to Dr. Hale's office and discover that the man they met earlier is not the doctor they are meeting now. They find out the man they met earlier is one of Dr. Hale's former patients and was dangerous in the past. Ortiz calls the restaurant and finds out the waitress left for home ten minutes earlier. McDowell and Ortiz meet Jones and Medavoy at the waitress's apartment, where they find the "doctor" is trying to help his patient. Sipowicz and Clark interview the other gang member, who cops to the crime so that he can score more points. Josh cops to his end of the crime and Sipowicz tells him this is his only break. Just as Sipowicz is in the midst of berating Josh's mother about not being aware of her son's activities, the Colohans and their attorney arrive at the squad. McDowell and Sipowicz meet with the Colohans and their attorney in the coffee room. McDowell tries to reason with the grandparents, the attorney is only interested in a deal. The battle begins as the grandparent's air what they know of Sipowicz (alcoholic) and McDowell's (child out of wedlock) past. Sipowicz warns them that they better be "perfect." The detective squad decides to start looking into the past of the Colohans for themselves. They have four days before their next appearance in family court. Rodriguez takes a call that Haywood was attacked in the hallway of her building. At the hospital Jones talks with her, Haywood didn't see anything, but it doesn't stop Jones from leaving right away and going to the apartment of Jerry Wells. Jones arrives with plans to get even for what he believes Wells did to Haywood. Unfortunately for Jones, Wells is at his apartment with his mother and his nieces and he claims he's been there all day. Jones has no choice but to leave the scene, when there is the threat of a video camera is made. At the Sipowicz/McDowell household, Andy and Connie strategize about their defense. He offers to marry her if need be, he also offers to leave if removing his baggage will help their case. Connie won't stand for the breaking up of their family.moreless
    • Travels With Andy
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Andy disagrees with Sylvia over the wedding arrangements, he wants a quick trip to Maryland and she wants a traditional Greek Orthodox service. An execution-style murder of three people at a fast food restaurant is investigated by Simone & Sipowicz. Lesniak meets an old high school friend, who's now a doctor, while investigating a rape case with Martinez, who develops a case of jealousy. Andy and Bobby travel upstate when a potential suspect is caught there, Bobby uses the trip as a chance to let his pigeons get a workout.moreless
    • Laughlin All the Way to the Clink
      Season 10 - Episode 14
      Sipowicz arrives on the scene of a homicide where Shannon and Laughlin are both present. Sipowicz requests that Laughlin leave the scene and Laughlin informs him that he is documenting all of the mistreatment he has been getting. When Laughlin leaves Shannon indicates to Sipowicz that he might have some information that will help out Clark Jr., but he reluctant to come forward as he is worried for his job. Shannon testifies before IAB about what he saw Laughlin do with the package of heroin. While Fraker wants to wait to further investigation, Haywood insists that he void Clark Jr.'s arrest now. The other detectives are on the scene of a murder of a community activist, who worked with female gang bangers. Jones and Medavoy talk with the victim's downstairs neighbor who has nothing but contempt for what his neighborhood has become. Ortiz encounters a gang banger who tells them her or her friends got nothing for them. Ortiz gives the banger her card anyway, as McDowell comes over to tell her that Laughlin is going to be arrested. Back at the precinct, much to his surprise, Laughlin is arrested. Sipowicz arrives at the cells to tell Clark Jr. that Laughlin has been taken care of and he is free; fortunately for him this all happened before the arraignment that would have put him into the system. Clark Jr. returns to the squad for a full day of duty. The female gang banger that mouthed off to Ortiz comes to the squad to give Ortiz and McDowell some information on someone they should look at for killing the activist. The banger named Drida Lopez tells them about "Shakedown;" someone who later turns out to not have been available to commit the crime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a man who at one time stayed at the home of the victim in Sipowicz's case. That victim was an older gentleman who enjoyed the company of men. This man denies being gay and but tells them about Idalo, an inmate at Rikers who set him up. Jones and Medavoy interview the downstairs neighbor Bosham who other neighbors report didn't like his activist neighbor. When Bosham realizes they are thinking that he did it, he laughs at them. He tells them he was at his mother's home in Nyack. Downstairs, a drunken John Clark Sr. is making a scene in the lobby telling everyone present that his son wasn't with IAB, he was. Clark Jr. comes downstairs and takes his father out the front door. Clark Jr. returns upstairs apologizing for his dad's behavior, then he leaves with Sipowicz to go to visit Idalo at Rikers. Jones and Medavoy interview Levar a man whose fingerprint was found in the activist's apartment. His alibi is that he was with his girl, Drida Lopez. At Rikers Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview Idalo who tells them his relationship with their victim. He admits to having set departing inmates up with their victim. Sipowicz offers to help Idalo with a transfer to Sing Sing (which is closer to the city than his eventual destination Attica) for his cooperation. He declines the offer, saying the victim was good to him and he would just like help out in return, so he gives them the name of someone he says made contact with the victim without him being aware of it. McDowell and Ortiz reinterview Drida Lopez who says she just wants to stick up for her man, but she breaks down and tells them that her man wasn't with her last night. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find the man that Idalo pointed them towards, but that man tells them he doesn't know anything and that he had a run in with Idalo when he was recently at Rikers. Jones and Medavoy go back at Levar who eventually gives up his guilt to them, but he asks if he can get a deferred prosecution. He tells them he got the key to the victim's apartment from her neighbor, who the detectives realize is Bosham. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back to Rikers to talk again with Idalo, who they know has played them. They know that their victim dropped the funding for Idalo's lawyer the night before his final hearing. They theorize one of the boys he sent to their victim didn't put out and that is why the funding was cut. They again offer him the Sing Sing deal, but he is happy with his pending transfer to Attica. Word comes into the squad about someone picked up for driving a car owned by the victim in Sipowicz and Clark Jr.'s case. McDowell asks Sipowicz if he wants to cook tonight, but he suggests takeout, to she retorts that they've had takeout four nights in a row (trouble in the Sipowicz/McDowell household?). Jones and Medavoy go back at Bosham and lead him into believe that Levar has implicated him in a murder plan. He confesses to them that he did make a key available to Levar, what Levar did with the key was up to him. He hopes he can just write up his side of the story and go home. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the man caught with the victim's car. They know that he was recently let out of Rikers and probably knows Idalo, they tell him they will offer him a deal or Idalo a deal, whoever talks first. Idalo loses the deal, as the ex-con tells them all they know. Jones and Medavoy come back into the interview room and arrest Bosham on conspiracy to commit murder. At the end of the tour, outside the precinct Clark Jr. stops by to thank Shannon for his help in the day's events. Sipowicz goes back to Rikers to give Idalo the good news about his being given up by the ex-con that was doing to him a favor. Sipowicz tells him a story about favors, which ends with Idalo being transferred to a prison one half hour from the Canadian border (where no one will come to visit him). John's father stops by to talk with his son about the recent events. John tells his father that he hasn't been making good decisions lately. The drinking has got to stop and he would appreciate it if his father would stop looking out for him.moreless
    • Chatty Chatty Bang Bang
      Season 11 - Episode 12
      Sipowicz and Clark are at the scene of a hit and run, where the driver of an SUV has struck down a guy on a bike and killed the young daughter of a known mobster. They move over to the scene, where the suspect's SUV has been found, but the young black men at the scene, who impeded a group of Italian boys who were looking to hold the driver and the vehicle for the police claim to not know the whereabouts or the identity of the driver. Back at the squad they find out the SUV was reported stolen and the others find out about Jones plans to become qualified as a foster parent for Michael Woodruff. Ortiz and Medavoy go to the hospital to interview a woman who was raped in her own apartment. Jones reports back from the canvas that a plate number was obtained from a vehicle leaving the scene, which gives them a lead to start with. Meanwhile an anonymous caller on the hit and run gives the detectives the name Calvin George. They get George's address and go to the home, only to find a car full of Italian gentlemen waiting across the street. Sipowicz warns the Italians to go about their business. He and Clark find Clavin George's mother, who they inform about Calvin's pending predicament. Jones and Medavoy talk with Norman Reese, the guy whose vehicle was seen fleeing the scene, he tells him that their victim wanted to be raped and he has all of their chat-room conversations saved and offers it to the detectives as proof. In the meantime, Calvin George's mother calls, she reports that shots have been fired into her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark try to emphasize to Calvin's mother the need for her son to turn himself in and get some protection. Jones goes to the interview with CFS and relates to the interviewer his own story about growing up and his own need for a father figure, which he feels add to his qualifications for looking out for Michael. The rape victim comes into the squad for an interview with Medavoy and Ortiz. She tells them she knows about chat-rooms, but doesn't know anything the kind of chat-rooms that they are asking her about. Medavoy and Ortiz both feel that she is telling the truth. Rodriguez announces his plans for retirement to the squad. He'll let them know when he knows when he is going to have his official last day, which doesn't sit well with Sipowicz. The ISP finally reveals the name for the screen name ‘NastyGirl' actually belongs to a woman named Courtney Bates. Ortiz and Medavoy plan to bring her in for questioning, but first Medavoy does what he always does, he asks Rodriguez the reason for his sudden departure. Clark and Sipowicz go to see Tony Grimaldi to ask some questions and to warn him to call off his dogs, which Grimaldi agrees to do, as long as the man responsible pays an adequate price for the loss of his daughter. Courtney Bates is brought in, but denies having used the screen name and mentions the ‘space cadet' from down the hall that she occasionally lets use her old second hand machine. Clark and Sipowicz finally get to talk with Calvin George, who tells them a tale that they find hard to believe. Sipowicz reports to Rodriguez about George and then he starts asking questions about the reasons for Rodriguez's retirement. The other hit and run victim has regained consciousness and Clark and Sipowicz show him a photo of Calvin George and others. He tells them that the driver of the SUV was a white guy. Michelle Foster's husband is brought in and asked about his relationship with Courtney Bates, a woman whose phone records indicate he's had several conversations with her. Now they need to prove that Courtney setup the rape of the Michelle Foster. Clark and Sipowicz talk with a woman who witnessed the SUV being dropped off by a white guy and picked up by the black guy. She gives them the name Danny Puglisi. Courtney Bates is brought back in for further questioning and she calls the rape a prank that got out of control. Sipowicz and Clark go to Danny Puglisi's apartment and find his father there. Danny's father was one of the Italians who were looking for Calvin George earlier in the day. They get the truth out of Danny and his father goes to make it right with Tony Grimaldi, but as Sipowicz and Clark with later see, it's Danny's father who will pay the price for his son's actions that morning. Later that night, Baldwin, Valerie and Michael have dinner and discuss the next steps with the CFS process. Meantime, Tony and Rita are having dinner at hotel restaurant and eventually they find themselves checking in.moreless
    • Tain't Misbehavin
      Tain't Misbehavin
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      Sorenson's girlfriend Nadine comes by to give him some news about the lateness of her period, but she feels that he doesn't seem to be ready for this, when he can't remember her last name. The situation puts Sorenson out of sorts for the shift and the squad's curiosity raised as they try to figure out what is going on, keeping them all from focusing on their case of a body found in dumpster. The victim is ID'd and a dim-witted man, Ted, who the detectives pick up, used his credit card. After interrogation, Ted points to the man who gave him the card as the one who had him move the dumpster. Later that evening Danny lets Nadine know that he will take care of his responsibility. The detectives try wiring Ted, to get a confession out of his boss. When the wire doesn't work the first time, Sipowicz poses as his brother. Nadine stops by to tell Danny about the results of her doctor's test, negative.moreless
    • These Shoots are Made for Joaquin
      These Shoots are Made for Joaquin
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      Jill seeks advice from Diane about her current situation with Don. The detectives investigate the death of a man who was shot in front of his wife and the victim's brother, Joaquin is happy to help the detectives know about his brother's background. Martinez tells Medavoy that he's passed the sergeant's exam and since he scored well he expects to get the promotion. Preston Ross (from Latent Prints) is impressed enough with his work in getting prints off the gun used in the murder, so much so, that he delivers the results in person, much to Andy's delight. Medavoy allows Martinez's pending promotion to distract him. An officer from narcotics questions Russell in an attempt to get information that will help them with their case against Don Kirkendall. Mary Franco comes downstairs from anti-crime, causing Sorenson to become a little flustered evidently she got her promotion. After talking with Jill, Diane agrees to meet with Denby to get a better feeling for him. During her meeting with him, it looks as though Denby's price might be too high for Diane to pay (with alcohol), but he eventually gives up the fact that Jill should keep quiet and in addition to his own drinks he drinks Diane's. Getting very drunk.moreless
    • Low Blow
      Season 9 - Episode 19
      Since the Captain has found out about the grudge match, the fight between Laughlin and Clark Jr. is off the card for tonight's fight. McDowell wants to discuss flights to Orlando with Sipowicz, but he doesn't want the whole world (at least the squad) to know about their trip together with Theo. He'll talk to her later; meanwhile Clark Jr. catches a rape case, so they are off to the hospital to begin their investigation. One of the cops at the hospital makes a clucking noise as Clark Jr. is walking away. Back at the squad, Clark Jr. puts a call in that he wants to talk with Laughlin. McDowell decides that she needs to talk to Sipowicz now about her perception of his embarrassment at being on a vacation with her. She tells him she's not going to go. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz interview a registered sex-offender who lived in the area of the rape their investigating. Jones and Medavoy start investigating the shooting of a man who has an ID that indicates he is a doctor; but later it is discovered that if he was a doctor, it wasn't in New York. Back at the squad a clucking sound is heard coming from the stairwell. McDowell and Ortiz woman who knew the "doctor," who it turns out with a partner is selling Man-Gro a penis enlargement form of snake oil. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a man, a firefighter, who was at one time accused of raping his estranged wife. He was brought in because the DNA sample of estranged wife's rape kit, matched the DNA in their victim's rape kit. He denies any knowledge of this morning's rape and also mentions that he hadn't had sex with his estranged wife for at least six months before her he'd allegedly raped her. Jones and Medavoy interview the partner of their victim the "doctor". The "doctor" they find out used to practice in Nicaragua. Medavoy pockets a free sample of the snake oil. A chicken is found in the coffee room; causing Clark Jr. to go downstairs and pull Laughlin aside and tell him "anytime, anywhere." Sipowicz and Clark Jr. re-interview their firefighter suspect who still denies committing the rape. Jones and Medavoy interview a transvestite who had some disfiguring surgery performed by their victim, the "doctor." Laughlin and Clark Jr. are brought into see the Captain and they seem to cover for each other enough that the Captain is going to allow them to fight. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the firefighter's estranged wife. They tell her about the fact that his DNA will be retested once he goes to trial, so she'd better come clean now. She does and gives them the name of the guy she was seeing at the time, but it might be too late as Clark Jr. and Sipowicz are called downstairs. The firefighter injured himself in one of the cells. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to collar the firefighter's estranged wife's ex-lover and bring him in; meanwhile Jones and Medavoy re-interview their transvestite. The transvestite confesses to the killing the doctor for his botched attempt at performing a sex-change operation. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz take their suspect into the cell where the firefighter was held and with the help of the blood on the floor, they get him to give it up. Sipowicz goes to the hospital to give the firefighter the news. Now it's fight time: Laughlin vs. Clark Jr. Ortiz bets $50 that Clark Jr. will take him in the second; and for her honor, he does just that, despite Laughlin's cheap shot at the groin. Later that night, Rita stops by to see John and thank him again for standing up for her. One thing leads to another and they start making out. Remembering the groin injury, Rita promises to be gentle.moreless
    • Vishy-Vashy-Vinny
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      After discovering a key piece of evidence, Simone gets his chance to question the serial killer suspect. The detectives work on stopping the armored car robbery and then Fancy plays the incriminating tape that he had Vinnie record for him. Haverill is given the choice of retiring or a trial and he elects retirement. Martinez and Lesniak arrest an odd extortionist. James tells Adrianne that he enjoys working with her.moreless
    • Maya Con Dios
      Season 10 - Episode 6
      The detectives are on the scene of a shooting where Officer Maya Anderson's partner was shot to death. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz join Ortiz and McDowell on the trail of one of the perps that Anderson wounded during the shooting. They find him dead at the top of a building. Back at the squad, McDowell tells Sipowicz she plans to pick her sister's baby up after the tour; then she is assigned to join Ortiz in looking into a child's abduction. The missing child's parents tell them that they should consider looking at the birth mother for the kidnapping, since she had recent frequent contact with the adoption agency. Clark Jr. who is on a canvas of the area surrounding the crime scene encounters a boy who admits to witnessing the shooting. The boy has told Clark Jr. that the other perp in their shooting was also wounded in his right hand. Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. that they need to keep the kid under raps, so that the boy's father won't disrupt their investigation. McDowell and Ortiz talk to the birth mother of the missing boy. She tells them about the man who was the boy's natural father. They bring him into to get his side of the story and he tells that that the woman has gone queer. McDowell hopes to be able to complete the paperwork that will allow her to take the baby, but in the meantime she starts an investigation into the girlfriend of the missing boy's birth mother. Rodriguez finds out about the boy that Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have been holding. He and Sipowicz have some words about how the boy's father is probably going to impede their ongoing investigation; Rodriguez demands that they inform the boy's father so that no improper procedures jeopardize their investigation. Clark Jr. gets a call that his father is drunk and being somewhat disorderly. While his father is put out that the bartender has called his son on him, he acquiesces to his son's demand to leave when he hears that he is working on a cop killing case and doesn't really have time for this now. Jones and Medavoy interview a man who witnessed the shooting. He tells them that the cops were frisking the down their suspects before the shooting started. Jones goes down to the hospital to talk with Anderson about the witness told him. She confesses to him that she had looked away for that brief moment that gave their suspects the upper hand and started the shoot out. The detectives are reconvening at the squad, when the boy's father arrives and takes his son home. With their only witness now gone (they don't yet know about Jones and Medavoy's witness) Sipowicz and Rodriguez get into heated discussion about this turn of events. Then information comes in about a black male with a missing finger being admitted to Bellevue. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz leave, but before he goes Sipowicz reconfirms with McDowell that she would be there for Theo is he was in some way injured or killed on the job. She of course tells him yes. McDowell and Ortiz interview the girlfriend of the birth mother, who admits that she has taken the child for her girlfriend. They get her to take them to where they've taken the child. Jones talks with Haywood about replacing the paperwork documenting Anderson's statement about the shooting. Haywood gives him the file and he tells her that he owes her one, but she tells him that he doesn't owe her anything. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. return to the squad with the guy with the missing finger, who denies any knowledge of the morning's events. The boy returns with his father, who is going to allow his son to help. The boy identifies the man with the missing finger as the other shooter. Rodriguez tells Clark Jr. and Sipowicz to do what they need to do to put this cop killer away. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go into the interview room and get tough with their suspect, who they tell to lay it all off on his dead cohort. When he tells them the story and they hear about the opening that Anderson had left him, they realize he fired the fatal shot. McDowell and Ortiz have returned the missing boy to his proper home and then they reunite the conspirators in the kidnapping. Sipowicz reconciles with Rodriguez in his own way and with the day's work over, he and Connie prepare to leave to go and pick up the baby, but not before Rita gives her something for the baby. Baldwin meets with Maya who tells him that she plans on taking some time off and that she thinks she might not be coming back. At the home of his father, John stops by talk about what's going on. John thinks that because of his father only got a 10-day rip from IAB for something that should have been that he may have become an informer for IAB. His father tells him to stop thinking that way. Connie and Andy pick up the baby.moreless
    • Yo, Adrian
      Season 10 - Episode 21
      Sipowicz (with McDowell watching) works with the lawyer on his testimony in the custody hearing that is going to be held later in the day. The other detectives are on the scene of a woman who was murdered in her own apartment. A neighbor, who had heard some commotion going on in that apartment gives them the name of the victim's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Sipowicz meets with Diane Russell, who is now working in the special victims unit. He tells her about their suspicion that Adrian Caffee was made pregnant by her father when she was a teenager. Sipowicz believes with her experience Russell might be able to talk with Caffee and Russell agrees to try helping out. Clark and Ortiz interview the boyfriend of their victim, whose name is Stan. He tells them his girlfriend was doing her brother-in-law, which is one of the reasons why she was his ex-girlfriend. He appears to be shocked when they tell him about her death, and he gives them an alibi to confirm. He claims to have been returning from Atlantic City early this morning with his father. Jones and Medavoy talk with the victim's brother-in-law. He tells him that he only use his sister-in-law's apartment for an affair with his assistant. He would then help her out with her rent. More evidence turns up that ex-boyfriend Stan owes some people some money and they haven't yet been able to reach Stan's father to confirm the alibi. Sipowicz tells McDowell about his reaching out to Diane Russell, which gives McDowell some reason to hope. Stan is brought back in and Clark and Ortiz talk with him about his gambling problem. They ask him about the $10,000 he borrowed from her last week. He tells them in that case it was a business loan. Russell goes to Adrian Caffee's apartment and she tells her about the abuse she suffered from her father when she was growing up. When she sees signs that Adrian Caffee is drinking to help her with her issues, Russell tells he that her abuse led to her drinking problem. Stan's father shows up at squad and begins making a scene at the same time that Sipowicz receives a call from Russell that she talked to Caffee but wasn't sure how much good it was going to do. It all results in Sipowicz going into the bathroom and venting his anger with all that is going on. Sipowicz believes that McDowell is going to lose the custody battle for Michelle and they are going to go through him to do it. Jones and Medavoy interview the ex-boyfriend's father. He tells them he met the victim and gave her the $10,000 that she claimed his son owed her to keep her quiet about a bad check. They are convinced the Stan's father isn't responsible for the murder; however, rather than go right back at Stan, the decision is made to take Sipowicz and Rodriguez's advice to gather some more background on Stan. They decide to start with the loan shark Stan had recently made some frequent calls to. Sipowicz consults his magic 8 ball about an unspoken question (Perhaps it was will this day work out for the best?), but his facial features give no clear indication as to what answer he's received. The loan shark is brought in for questioning and he eventually Clark and Ortiz that Stan paid him the money he owed him today, plus some additional money for more bets. The total is $10,000. He also tells them that Stan has $60,000 in markers all around the city. Adrian Caffee comes to Russell's office. She tells Russell that she is reluctant to testify as she is worried about the effect it will have on her current family. Russell tells her that if she doesn't start trying to stop living the lie now, it will eventually catch up to her. Russell knows that she has actually come here to testify, and she willing to help her get the help she needs to get her through this. Clark and Ortiz go to Stan's apartment to confront him and tell him his father is looking good for the murder. They question Stan, but he is only interested in the score of the game. The detectives run their case by Haywood, but they don't really have enough to charge Stan with murder. Sipowicz suggests that before they let Stan go, they remind him that with the $60,000 he still owes other loan sharks, he is probably about to written off. Clark lets Stan out of the pokey, and then reminds him that he needs to watch his back out on the street. Clark tries to make a Stan a deal, which Stan refuses. At family court, Sipowicz is on the stand and is not performing well under the questioning of Colohan's attorney. Then Russell brings Adrian Caffee into the courtroom and suddenly John Colohan is more than prepared drop their petition. Russell offers to help Adrian with initial support she is going to need to get on the road to recovery. John and Jennifer have dinner together at John's apartment. They get into a discussion about the excessive force that is sometime used by police officers. This leads to a fight and John shows her the door and she begins to leave. She comes back in to make one more point and they kiss and then some. At the Sipowicz/McDowell household, the family is celebrating along with Diane. Andy tells Diane that he owes her one. She tells him it was payback for something she owed him from long ago. Now the decks are clear. After Diane leaves and Michelle is put to bed, Andy and Connie start to discuss the possibility of marriage; that is they start to until Theo comes in looking for a storyteller.moreless
    • A.D.A. Sipowicz
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      Two years ago he called her a "pissy little bitch," tomorrow he will call her "Mrs. Sipowicz." Pre-wedding jitters put Andy in rare form. Russell's problem makes her miss getting a gun off a suspect and Bobby isn't happy about it; later she admits to having a problem. Fancy's brother is still having trouble with his sergeant and is being investigated by the IAB. Bobby and the squad work to help clear his name. James goes out with Adrianne. Greg brings his wife to the wedding. Andy Jr. makes it to the ceremony.moreless
    • Fools Russian
      Fools Russian
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      Diane consults with a member of the survivor's network over her mixed feelings about her relationship with Danny, while she continually thinks about Bobby. The body of a Russian is found floating in the river. The detectives begin their task of figuring out who he is and why he was found there. The floating victim's wife Ivgenia comes into the squad and shows reservations about talking with Baldwin, she feels more comfortable when Diane is in the room. In the meantime, her black gardener says that he and Ivgenia are having a relationship and that she shot her husband. A bit suspect, given the impression of racism she's given to Baldwin and she later says that he shot her husband. ADA Valerie Haywood suggests that they go after the gardener because in this "he said/she said" situation they've got, the case will be easier to prosecute. The detectives disagree and arrest the wife. Meanwhile, Greg spends the day dealing with two Chinese men who've been brought into the squad. They are only speaking Chinese, so he brings in his friend Harold Eng to translate. The Chinese men are in fear of a gang known as the Snakeheads and are known to be keeping one of the men's sister hostage. Greg and Harold stake out the restaurant that the aunt of the kidnapped Chinese girl owns. They get a trace on the telephone number and are able to recover the niece. Fancy is out of the office getting computer training, just as the technology arrives in the squad, right on Sipowicz's desk. Of course, he doesn't want it. Later, Baldwin and Valerie have a few words over his disappointment with her handling of the case. Danny and Diane have the final set of words regarding their relationship, it's over but she thanks him for helping her "come alive" again. Andy and Theo discuss kissing, with Theo wondering why Andy and Aunt Katie don't kiss. Andy evades the topic.moreless
    • Writing Wrongs
      Writing Wrongs
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      Alyssa, a 15-year-old schoolgirl is strangled and Russell, Jones and Medavoy investigate. Two of Alyssa's friends are brought in to help gather some background information, but one of them seems reticent to talk. Some essays that Alyssa wrote point to her having had sexual encounters. Her teacher can offer no assistance except a name cited in her last essay. The name mentioned leads the detectives to a suspect who is a registered sex-offender, but his alibi checks out. Later the reticent girl comes forward and reveals there was a relationship between Alyssa and her teacher. His story to the detectives reveals that he was trying to stop Alyssa's obsession with him, which he says started because of the encounters cited in her essays. Meanwhile, Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the death of a man, where the only witness to the crime is a slightly crazy homeless guy with a TV and a microwave. Their investigation doesn't lead to a conclusive suspect, so they decide to keep their key witness in a holding cell overnight and see what tomorrow brings. Earlier in the day, Andy asks Gibson about his niece Cynthia, the one he had gone out on a date with a few months earlier. Gibson gives him Cynthia's phone number. After sweating it out a bit, he makes the call. A dinner date is made and then he needs to find a baby-sitter. John offers his service, which Andy later accepts. Later that night he goes out and seems to have a good time.moreless
    • Curt Russell
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      An Indian woman is found dead in a car and Andy is full of theories about who and why. Donna is off at a computer course and her temporary replacement is a real character who clashes with Andy. James and Greg are nearby when a drug crazed man tries to rob a couple of stores of credit card slips. Russell and Lesniak work a case involving a man who was left to die of a drug overdose, that leads to a chance to nail a fence. Simone and Russell have words when she doesn't want him to provide the backup that she and Lesniak will require. Fancy has a couple of words for Bobby.moreless
    • Emission Impossible
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      Five Ecuadorians are killed and Bobby, Andy and James work the case and it doesn't go to well, until a waiter comes forward. Just before they find out they have to go on "garbage detail," Bobby tells Andy he has to meet someone. The "someone" he is meeting is Joe Salvo and he has little favor to ask of Bobby. Greg nervous about meeting his commitment to Abby and the results of their initial investigation hampers Russell's interview with their suspect in a spousal abuse and child molestation. While Greg is trying to take care of his commitment, he finds out who is stealing his quarters. Upon completion of his first little job, Joe asks Bobby if he can do one more thing.moreless
    • Hit the Road, Clark
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      Sipowicz and Clark Jr. come to a working agreement. Clark Jr. promises that his father won't interfere anymore, but Sipowicz is reluctant to believe that. Eddie Gibson moves from night watch to the dayshift and is partnered with McDowell on a DOA. Medavoy and Jones help Sipowicz and Clark Jr. in looking into the death of a corrections officer from Rikers. Gibbons puts to rest any fears McDowell might have, having a man as a partner, while she just tries to adjust having him as a partner. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's ex-boyfriend, but until they find her car they don't find any concrete leads. A receipt from last night leads to a drugstore. McDowell and Clark interview their victim's mother and then her ex-husband, whom they find and bring in, but neither leads to anything. The stakeout of the drugstore gets the other detectives a man who was last seen with the corrections officer, but in his interview he points to his friend Darrell who was with him and the victim for their sexual encounter. When a phone dump comes back on the victim's apartment showing phone calls to and from her mother's home, McDowell brings the victim's mother back in. When the mother comes in with her granddaughter, McDowell interviews the granddaughter, to ascertain the whereabouts of her grandmother. The victim's mother reveals her feeling that her daughter was unfit to be a mother and her daughter's intention to keep her daughter. The mother did what she felt she had to do for her granddaughter's benefit. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. discuss how to write up the 5's on their case, after Darrell has told them point blank that he shot the woman for her gun, after she had put her gun away. Clark Jr. goes to Rikers in search of more background information on the victim, so that he can determine how to write up his case. When that is done, he returns home for the evening to find out that his father has thrown him out.moreless
    • A Hole in Juan
      A Hole in Juan
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      Kyle Kirkendall receives his first communion and just outside the church, Sipowicz and Sorenson spot a surveillance van. At the squad Danny talks with Mary Franco who is about to see the captain about her possibly being transferred to the anti-crime unit. Sipowicz is informed that the surveillance team is watching Don Kirkendall who's been delivering packages from Peru. He tells Diane who feels compelled to tell Jill, who isn't receptive to the information and feels that Diane has that "I told you so" air about her. Sipowicz and Sorenson help a probation officer get one of his clients to give himself some protection against some his former running buddies who've harassed him. It looks bad for him when later that morning one of his old buddies is found dead and he is convinced that he is going to be convicted of the crime. A woman at the scene of the crime later comes to the squad in a search of a reward for her information. Meanwhile, Russell and Kirkendall reluctantly work together to investigate the death of baby whose mother is a working girl who had left her baby in the care of a transsexual for a few hours that turned into a few days. Jill tells Don that he can't see the boys anymore and warns him about the fact that he is under surveillance.moreless
    • Jealous Hearts
      Season 9 - Episode 10
      Sipowicz visits Gibson at the hospital to ask him about Mrs. Hornby and her missing jewelry. Harrison starts quizzing his wife about her whereabouts, which starts escalating just as Rodriguez enters. The detectives begin investigating two DOAs at a restaurant robbery, another victim played dead. At the scene McDowell spots a woman pretending to be a cop. The woman claims that she is just trying to help, but McDowell and Ortiz decide to check her out. McDowell mentions she is going on a blind date, with a lawyer, which leads to a couple of comments from Sipowicz. Julian Pisano stops by the squad to offer information on the restaurant robbery/homicide. Pisano tries to strike a deal with Sipowicz before Sipowicz strikes him. He offers them up the name, Gio Deloria. Sipowicz's further comments about McDowell's possible blind date and the relationship that she's building with Theo lead to him telling her "not to put herself out" in regards to making time for Theo. Rodriguez talks with Ortiz about the situation with her husband, she says it is nothing she can't handle. After not finding Gio Deloria at home, Medavoy asks Jones why he's been quiet lately, leading to Medavoy reminiscing about Donna Abandando. McDowell and Ortiz go to apartment of the phony cop's mother and find her body, by the smell dead for a couple of weeks. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find Deloria at his girlfriend's apartment and after a scuffle, bring him in. Back at the squad, McDowell and Ortiz discover that their phony cop has disappeared; she slipped out while Astrachan had stepped away for a few minutes. Deloria denies being at the restaurant and is going to be subjected to a lineup. Sipowicz gets help from an old friend retired cop friend who gets him access to some financial records, so that Sipowicz can look into Mrs. Hornby's affairs. The documents reveal that Mrs. Hornby's affairs are being mishandled by Cory Beacham. In the lineup, the shooting survivor picks out Deloria, but the ID might be lost, when their witness's father reveals that his son fried his brain by sniffing glue when he was a teenager. Haywood and Jones discuss the fact the she's been keeping him out of the loop in her decision making. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. re-interview Deloria, holding his daughter over his head to make sure that Deloria gives a statement that will eliminate the need for the lineup. Deloria mentions that Pisano is the only one who knew about the fact that he was going to commit this crime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go after Pisano, but realize that they can't hold him on anything. A report comes in about a cop being shot. The wounded cop turns out to be the phony cop. The phony cop tells McDowell that since she wasn't able to help her mother, she wanted to at least be able to help someone else. McDowell tells her she "did good" just before the woman dies. Sipowicz tries to tell Mrs. Hornby about her finances and she tells him that she found her necklace and he shouldn't worry about it. He finds out from her that Cory Beacham is her late husband's nephew. He tries to give her the facts about what Beacham is doing and that she'll be broke in about a year. He asks her whether he should begin investigating further. Flustered Mrs. Hornby tells to just go ahead then. At dinner McDowell's blind date doesn't go well, nothing in common. She leaves it early and makes a phone call to the "Sipowicz residence". She and Andy talk resolving their differences of the day.moreless
    • Bats Off to Larry
      Bats Off to Larry
      Season 7 - Episode 21
      Andy takes Theo to the doctor to get a something Andy noticed about the color of Theo's mouth checked out. Jill meets with Don, so she's known all along. She asks him if someone is all right; who does she refer to we ask. Andy gets the results of Theo's blood test, he goes to pick up Theo, meet Katie and then the doctor, where the doctor tells them that Theo isn't making red blood cells the way he should. Medavoy and Jones look into the beating death of a man who was killed by the brother and the father of the girl the man was attacking. Russell and Sorenson wonder how they should help Jill. Medavoy and Jones' attack victim was actually raped by the victim four days earlier. Andy returns to the squad, but is beside himself, not knowing what to do. He doesn't feel he has the strength needed to help Theo through this medical problem. Medavoy and Jones interview the person who was seen fleeing the scene of the rape and he reveals that his friend was allowed to come over for sex, with vengeance as a motive, the father and son waited for the rapist to come to their apartment. Diane decides she needs to talk to Jill about Don and Jill tells her that she should just let Denby alone, perhaps he will make a mistake and Don will get away. Diane later tells Danny about her conversation with Jill and Diane believes that Jill already knew that Don is still alive. Andy has a "conversation" with Andy Jr. to try and give himself some assurance about Theo's condition.moreless
    • Cold Heaters
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Simone and IAB share the suspect after Bobby gets some information from his incarcerated friend, Ray, about a case that Mike Roberts once worked. Fancy and Sipowicz both work the case of a self-confessed gunman in a neighborhood shooting, once they get the story they help the shooter out. Medavoy investigates the assault case of an actor who was injured in staged fight that went awry.moreless
    • Fish Out of Water
      Season 12 - Episode 2
      Sipowicz arrives at the scene of the homicide of a pregnant 18-year-old. According to a uniform, Clark is already on the scene but asleep in his car waiting for the others to arrive. Ortiz and Murphy arrive, followed by Bale who wants all of the detectives to confer before they begin their canvas. Sipowicz covers for Clark, but then goes to give him a rude awakening. Back at the squad, Sipowicz notices that his fish are listing at the bottom of their tank. Sipowicz and Clark are going off to follow up on lead and Bale reiterates to the detectives that he wants to know everything going on with their cases, "up to the minute." Sipowicz informs him about his fish. Jones and Medavoy go to the scene of a robbery, where the thief stole her grandmother's diamond ring. When asked who else knew about the ring, the victim, Lorraine Stuval, says she was the only one. Her husband, Leon Belkin, an ex-con released six months ago, couldn't have had anything to do with it. The detectives decide they need to have a talk with him and ask where they might be able to find him. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the man who left the message on their victim's answering machine. They find out that he and his wife were planning on adopting their victim's baby when it was born on an unofficial basis. Clark comments that the man is a "scumbag." He tells them about Steve McClintock, the man who arranged the adoption. Outside the interview room, Sipowicz confronts Clark about his recent behavior and how (despite what Clark says) he thinks is beginning to affect his performance on the job. Clark of course disagrees and tells Sipowicz to go conduct his interview how he wants. Jones and Medavoy talk with Leon Belkin and he denies having any knowledge of his wife even having a diamond ring. They ask him about his friend Joe Hess, another ex-con who he had recently been in contact with. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the McClintock. Despite the fact that McClintock is in the midst of a procedure, they decide it would be better to talk with the doctor back at the house. Back at the house Sipowicz finds out that his fish have begun listing, with an overdose of copper. Murphy and Ortiz find out that McClintock's girlfriend, Carly Landis is a nurse that occasionally does work at Rikers. This ties her to the victim and may indicate that she is working the adoption scam with McClintock. Sipowicz and Clark get ready to leave for Rikers, Bale reminds the detectives and threatens them with "a rip" the next time he has to be asked to be kept up to speed. Jones and Medavoy interview Leon Belkin's friend Joe Hess. Hess doesn't know anything about a robbery. After Hess talks a little smack, Jones starts to tune him up. Hess sticks to his story about knowing nothing. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Carly Landis, she tells what she knew about their victim and the red tape less path she and McClintock were working to help couples adopt babies. They decide they need to bring her in for further questioning. Lorraine Stuvle looks at and hears Joe Hess speak in a lineup, but she doesn't recognize him. Murphy and Ortiz report to Jones about a fingerprint hit from Lorraine Stuvle's apartment. That man is Lenny Kessler and they plan to go out and bring him in, but only after Murphy has felt Jones' arm and accuses him of eating too many Twinkies. Ortiz gives her a look that leads to another conversation about her flirting. Ortiz thinks it is going to eventually get her into trouble, whereas Murphy would rather take the chance of being "misinterpreted", rather than "walking around with a stick up her ass." Murphy and Ortiz go to Kessler's apartment, where they find him in the company of hookers with blow. Back at the squad, Sipowicz's fish are dying. He begins to think that the fish are the victim's of foul play from the person who has been stalking him. The names of Hatcher and Fraker are brought up as possible people from Sipowicz's recent past that might have something to do with the recent harassing. Since he wasn't up to speed and keeping with his promise, Bale gives Sipowicz and Clark a "one day rip" because he had to take a phone call from a woman, Pauline Weikel, about their case and he didn't know who she was or how she was involved in their ongoing investigation. Kessler tells Murphy and Ortiz that Lorraine Stuvle gave him the ring to hold onto and that she also had given him $300 for beating her up. He tells them that Stuvle has been miserable since her husband showed up, she was happier when he was behind bars. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Pauline Weikel who eventually tells them that she was working with McClintock in his adoption scheme. She also tells them that he had threatened her. They go back at McClintock, who tells them that Weikel was a woman who kept backing out of possible adoptions. McClintock sticks to his story of being with Carly Landis all of last night. Sipowicz and Clark go to report to Bale on where they are, and Bale is annoyed that they decided to go back and talk to McClintock without informing him first. Bale reminds them that the system has changed around here. They are going to go back and talk to Carly Landis. All of Sipowicz's fish are dead and Jones has provided Sipowicz with the location of Stan Hatcher's current job. Despite warnings from John Irvin about Bale's probably need to know that he is taking lost time. Sipowicz takes some unauthorized lost time (a two day rip) to seek out Stan Hatcher and confront him. Hatcher denies that he's had anything to do with the recent events at the precinct, but he takes delight in the fact that they are happening. Jones and Medavoy talk with Lorraine Stuvle about her collusion with Lenny Kessler. She does admit to it, but gives the reason for her behavior as her inability to deal with being married to an ex-con; when he was a convict everything worked out for the best. Sipowicz and Clark go back at Carly Landis. When they show her pictures of the victim, she relents and gives her boyfriend's alibi up. They go back at McClintock, but he continues to deny his involvement. He doesn't believe they have any physical evidence tying him to the crime. Jones and Medavoy let Leon Belkin go, but Belkin will now find himself out on the street, since his wife will be doing time and probably not letting him stay in her apartment. Ortiz comments on Murphy's good work with Kessler and tries to make some amends. Carly Landis finishes her statement and asks Clark for a ride home. After she leaves Sipowicz advises him that he should drop her off and leave right away. He thinks she is more involved in the case than she is saying. Clark is annoyed that Sipowicz even thinks it necessary for him to tell him that. Clark gives her that ride home and accompanies her home, where contrary to the advice given to him by his partner, he gives in to temptation and gets involved with someone from his case. When Bale is leaving for the night, he and Sipowicz exchange a few more words that only deepen the adversarial relationship that's developed between them.moreless
    • Caulksmanship
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Diane wakes up the following morning in Jimmy's apartment not remembering anything that happened that night. She goes into the squad, where everyone comments on her appearance. She catches a case where a man with muscular dystrophy was killed in a very tight knit community. Witnesses are very reluctant to come forward. Meanwhile, Bobby and Andy work on a case that may have been "masterminded" by a married couple whom Fancy wrestles with Bass and knowledge of the fact that Bobby is going to be promoted to detective first grade and Andy is not. Diane confronts Jimmy with her gun (which she fires) about what had happened last night. He claims nothing.moreless
    • He's Not Guilty, He's My Brother
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Andy meets with Father Kankarides. Andy, Bobby and Diane investigate a holdup turned homicide. The new PAA isn't working out. Greg's on the verge of getting a new apartment. Upstairs John passes out farewell notices; he is going back to 1PP. Greg, James and Adrianne work a drug related double murder. Greg makes a new friend, Anne McGuire in anti-crime. Theo gets his introduction to God and Andy gets reacquainted. Bobby and Diane plan a trip to the shore.moreless
    • Speak For Yourself, Bruce Clayton
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      Simone and Sipowicz look into the shooting of two women (one was killed) who were raped by a group of men in an apartment owned by a former crack dealer named Jamal who was crippled in a previous shooting incident. Caught by his doctor at the hospital, Andy tells Bobby about his prostate trouble. Meanwhile, Kirkendall, Russell and Medavoy investigate a shooting at a clinic. When they get their female suspect into custody, a security guard from the clinic who was her secret admirer comes to the precinct demanding she get a second chance. Medavoy takes him down.moreless
    • Humpty Dumped
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      Ortiz gets word from a man that his wife and her husband are having an affair. The man has a copy of an e-mail that his wife and her husband may be rendezvousing later that afternoon. The detectives catch a homicide from the night watch. When Ortiz and McDowell begin question a potential witness, her mother comes along, tells them that her daughter knows nothing and takes her away. The detectives discuss strategy for their case. Sipowicz asks Clark Jr. and McDowell to continue working the case without him; he is going to spend some time working on "nailing this Beacham asshole". Jones and Medavoy are assigned to another homicide, while looking into the case, Jones tells Medavoy about Haywood's condition. Medavoy is a little put out; when he finds out that he wasn't the first to know. Sipowicz tells Beacham about his investigation into Beacham's dealing with Mrs. Hornby's money. McDowell, Clark Jr. and Ortiz have a witness that refuses to give anything up, fearing the recriminations of going against Tito. Some tension begins to mount between Jones and Medavoy. Haywood's mishandling of a case the previous week allowed their suspected gunman, Tito, to be free this week; upset with herself she leaves the squad, without Jones getting a chance to speak with her. Sipowicz interviews one of Beacham's bookkeepers, and he agrees to be a witness. Jones and Medavoy interview a drag queen as a possible suspect in their investigation, but she points to Palo. Clark Jr., McDowell and Ortiz go to bring Tito in for questioning, but when they collar him a friend of his says something in Spanish that causes Ortiz to turn around the slap the friend. The interview of Tito goes nowhere. Ortiz flies off the handle and McDowell confronts her on the way out, but Ortiz isn't listening. Her mind is elsewhere and she arrives at the hotel where her husband's rendezvous is supposed to take place and she catches him in the act. She tells him to be out of their home by morning. Sipowicz comes to Beacham's office to arrest him for grand larceny, fraud and embezzlement. Jones and Medavoy interview a woman who's in love with Palo; she can't give them Palo's location, but mentions the name of Palo's lawyer. They go to the lawyer's office and learn that Palo will be their soon. While waiting for Palo, Jones tries to clear things up with Medavoy. Clark Jr. and McDowell bring in the woman and her daughter and Haywood tries to reassure the mother about what will happen. The girl readily IDs Tito, but he's still not giving it up, feeling confident that no one in the neighborhood is going to back up the ID. Jones and Medavoy bring Palo in for an interview, he tells them he was there when she died, but that she killed herself. With the knife injuries she had, its doubtful that she was able to stab herself in the front and the back; but that is where this case is left. Ortiz returns back to the squad and tells McDowell about what was going on. Sipowicz also returns and finds out that Mrs. Hornby isn't going to sign the complaint. Another witness comes forward who will identify Tito and can give them the names of others who will also come forward. Sipowicz goes to Mrs. Hornby's apartment to advise her not to drop the complaint and she agrees. At Baldwin's apartment, Valerie arrives and they discuss the fate of their unborn child. They decide they are going to keep their baby; meanwhile Sipowicz delivers Mrs. Hornby back out into the real world.moreless
    • Mom's Away
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      Connie still watching her daughter catches her and a friend with a joint. She brings them to the precinct with the intention of getting to know her daughter and her adoptive parents. Sipowicz, Gibson and Clark Jr. investigate a drug related murder, while McDowell begins to help Medavoy and Jones with their homicide at a construction site, but is anxious to return to the squad. Mrs. Murray joins the detectives in the interviewing of her son Michael, who eventually gives them the name of someone they should be looking at for the murder. Upon McDowell's return she begins to interview her daughter, probing to find out information about her parents and how they've raised her. When Sipowicz returns to the house, he recognizes Connie's collar as her daughter. He re-advises her to let it go, but Connie claims that she only wants to talk with the mother, and then she can go. Sipowicz, Gibson and Clark Jr. interview Carter Freeman, but it doesn't lead anywhere. They advise him that they are going to put the pressure on him and shut his business down. As they apply pressure, they respond to a call and discover that Mrs. Murray has been shot and killed. Jennifer's mother comes in and Connie asks her more questions than she probably should have. In the construction site homicide, the victim's husband, Phillip Connor is brought in. Medavoy and Jones tell him about his wife, only he doesn't believe it. He believed that his wife had died in the World Trade Center attack, since she worked there and went missing around that time. Michael is questioned about his mother's murder and Gibson gets overanxious, causing Sipowicz to get him out of the room. Afterwards Sipowicz tells Gibson he knows about the cancer and Gibson tells him to keep it quiet. Michael admits Freeman killed his mother with his favorite gun that has "a lot of bodies on it". Denise Connor's friend is brought in for questioning, and she admits that Denise was having an affair with James Franklin, who is the owner of a construction company. Richard Beck comes in and tells McDowell that he knows who she is and that she needs to stay away; otherwise he'll get a restraining order. The detectives reacquire Freeman. Jones and Medavoy question Franklin about Denise Connor and his affair; he asks for his lawyer. Haywood advises them that they'll need more evidence before they can convict Franklin. Harrison, an ADA from Brooklyn, talks with Rodriguez about getting a position in the squad for his wife, Det. Rita Ortiz, whose currently in Vice. Rodriguez mentions he doesn't have any openings, but he will keep her at the top of his list. A position may soon open up; however, when Sipowicz tells Rodriguez about Gibson's cancer and the fact that he is going to give the Freeman arrest to Gibson, which should be good for a bump in grade. In the precinct lobby, Connor confronts Franklin about the affair and Jones lays down the law to Franklin, warning him that he will be out their watching him. McDowell's daughter arrives at the precinct and they go out to talk. Rodriguez makes a call that winds up giving Gibson a double bump, up to Detective 1st Grade and will allow him to go out securely on medical leave. In talking with her daughter, Connie realizes that she has made a mistake, since now that her daughter knows she exists, she will always be thinking about her, probably to the point of distraction from the life she has been leading. Later McDowell shows up at Sipowicz's door crying, admitting that she screwed it up bad.moreless
    • Where's 'Swaldo?
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Community activist Kwasi is murdered. Simone and Sipowicz investigate with Fancy keeping an eye on them, especially Sipowicz, who's real popular with community involved in the investigation. The pressures and outcome of the investigation get Andy to reveal a part of his past. James and Greg catch a case with a homicide at a bodega that is tough to crack. They have one "witness" who refuses to make an ID.moreless
    • Stoli with a Twist
      Season 12 - Episode 13
      Ortiz is still working undercover at one of the AA meetings and she is approached by a man who wants her to sell her hair. Then another man at the meeting, Justin Deroos asks her out to breakfast, but an interruption by a new potential sponsor for Ortiz interrupts his invitation. Sipowicz, who is also at the same meeting gets a call, they have another related homicide on their hands to respond to. Ortiz and Sipowicz arrive at the scene and join the others in the investigation. Sipowicz and Clark interview the victim's sister, her sister's story fits the pattern of AA victims. Back at the squad Ortiz floats the theory that the perp might also be a woman, as the woman who approached her at the morning's meeting seemed like she could be more than capable of strangling someone. Jones takes a call on another homicide; Bale assigns Clark to work with him so that Sipowicz can remain working on the taskforce. Clark and Jones go to the scene and find that the victim is Steve McClintock, the male nurse who was allowed to go free a couple of months ago when it was discovered that Clark had slept with the prime witness against him, Carly Landis. At the scene they find evidence of drugs. Carly Landis is brought in for questioning; she tells them that she hasn't been in contact with McClintock lately. She also tells them that she knows he was in need of money and probably had begun distributing drugs again. After the interview she talks to Clark about what happened with the trial and wants him to know that she is not the person that he thinks she is. The drugs found at McClintock's apartment were high end steroids. From the AA victim's diary, a name of Roger is discovered as someone worth talking to, as his record shows a history of domestic violence. Sipowicz and Medavoy leave to bring him in; meanwhile Jones and Clark have gone to a health club, where they talk to a competitive bodybuilder about the phone call he had recently had with McClintock. The bodybuilder quietly confesses to them about his need for steroids, but doesn't give the detectives any reason to think he was responsible for McClintock's murder. Sipowicz and Medavoy interview Roger Harborn; he wasn't with their victim, but has a hard time coming up with a solid alibi for his whereabouts last night. Sipowicz knows it was because he was drinking last night. Munson asks Clark to lunch and he tells her that he can't as he is tied up with the McClintock case. He tells her what they know so far and the fact that he has already talked to Carly Landis, whom Munson reminds him proved to be untrustworthy. They agree to do lunch on another day. Jones tells Clark about the call he just got from Narcotics, they've caught a guy, Nathan Creek, who had a couple hundred doses of the steroid found in McClintock's apartment. Clark and Jones go to interview Creek, who admits to having stabbed McClintock when he attacked him; McClintock wasn't supposed to be there according to his accomplice in the crime, Carly Landis. Carly Landis is brought back for a reinterview. She denies have anything to do with Creek and she has a solid alibi for the morning. They run what they got by Munson to see if they can hold Carly Landis for a while, but she wants them to come up with more solid evidence before they waste anymore of her time. Roger Harborn still hasn't come up with any client names, but he recounts to Sipowicz and Medavoy the story of what he did do with their victim yesterday. When he had started drinking at a restaurant, she had left him. He doesn't remember much after that, as doesn't remember anything until the state trooper woke him up this morning. Medavoy receives a gift from Brigid Scofield. Clark runs the state of their case for Bale, telling him that they are still trying to get evidence that proves that Carly Landis setup the break-in by Nathan Creek. As for the other case, despite Harborn's alibi starting to prove out Bale wants Harborn held, since they have no better suspect in hand. Jones and Clark interview another man who had placed a call to McClintock. He also brings up the name of Carly Landis. She had him arrange a meeting for this morning with McClintock, which would insure McClintock was there when Nathan Creek broke into the apartment. Back at the squad, the detectives are reviewing a tape of the people going into and out of one of the AA meetings. Ortiz recognizes the man who asked her out to breakfast that morning. Sipowicz brings Harborn in to look at the tape and he recognizes the man, whose name he says is Justin. He also tells them that he had seen Justin talking with their victim. Carly Landis is presented the evidence they've found and she admits to having set McClintock up. The taskforce strategize what they are going to do when and if Justin makes an appearance at one of tonight's meetings. They intend on luring him to a phony apartment, where they are going to apprehend him. At a meeting attended by Murphy and Medavoy, Justin makes his appearance. At the meeting, Murphy lays out her story for the group and after the meeting Justin approaches her. They begin talking and Justin talks her into considering trying to take just a little drink. She takes him back to the apartment and Justin tells her a story about his mother and he tells her that he is going to get rid of her, just like he did the others and he makes his move. Murphy makes her move right back and quickly subdues him. The detectives take him into custody. Back at the squad, Munson comes in and apologizes to Clark for her behavior earlier that day when she accused him and Jones of wasting her time. They agree to have dinner on Friday night. Sipowicz reports to Bale that Justin Deroos admitted to the four homicides and Bale tells him that he has heard the results of the sergeant's exam, Sipowicz's has passed. Bale asks him if he is ready to be a boss.moreless
    • Jumpin' Jack Fleishman
      Season 1 - Episode 14

      Medavoy and Martinez work a strangulation murder case that appears to be the work of a cross-dresser. Andy has a bad tooth, hates needles, and tries to prevent a dentist from jumping off a building. LaSalle's first case involves a woman who was raped. She teams up with John, Andy, Janice and Janice's hot-headed new partner to find the attacker. Lois tries to reconcile her relationship with Andy.

    • Waking Up is Hard to Do
      Waking Up is Hard to Do
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      It's the morning after and Danny and Diane talk about not talking about it at work. Gee, hasn't Diane been here before? The results of Theo's blood test are positive, they're not perfect but it is enough to put Andy in an unnaturally good mood. Andy and Danny catch a homicide involving a cab driver, part of wave of attacks on cab drivers. Since their shooting resulted in a homicide, Bass creates a task force and takes over Fancy's office. DiSalvo reaches out to Russell from Rikers and Sipowicz reminds that he was the guy that jammed Bobby up with IAB. Danny follows up at Rikers and the meeting with Denby. Andy, Baldwin and Diane follow leads in the cab shootings. DiSalvo offers Danny a hit on Don Kirkendall, and Denby provides a lead on the whereabouts of Lauren. A lead in the cab shootings results in a stakeout, which leads to the capture of a suspect. Diane finds Lauren, but she has little memory of the incident, but she will be glad to say whatever they want. Without her as a witness, the detectives need to some other proof. Danny goes home to a planned rendezvous with Mary, but it is cut short when DiSalvo calls Sorenson back to Rikers; Don Kirkendall is dead; knowing about the hit in advance DiSalvo was just trying to cash in. With no Kirkendall, IAB's case against the squad is closed. Hmmm, no loose ends, expect for the pending Danny and Mary breakup over Diane.moreless
    • Burnin' Love
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Simone and Sipowicz look into the death of a young woman whose body is found burned well beyond recognition, except for a tattoo on her back. Gotelli puts his two cents in, much to Andy's delight. One of the victim's temporary roommates becomes the prime suspect. Medavoy pulls double duty (things still aren't good at home) and is assigned to watch an informant who has a penchant for playing poker with his friends. Unfortunately he might be put in a compromising position, when another "player" joins the game.moreless
    • The Last Round Up
      The Last Round Up
      Season 7 - Episode 22
      Sorenson stops by the hospital waiting room and tells Sipowicz that the Kirkendall situation is heating up. Fancy talks with Russell about Kirkendall's situation. He tells her that the job knows. Medavoy has an accident in the kitchen with the refrigerator door. Diane and Jill have a loud discussion and Diane tells her that she is out of time. Jill leaves, taking her last "lost time" ever. Theo undergoes his bone marrow test while Medavoy and Jones commiserate about the fact that they sometimes don't feel included in all the activity going on around the squad. Sorenson meets with Sipowicz at the hospital, to find out how Theo is doing and to ask advice about the mechanics of disposing of a body if the need arose, not that he is looking for that solution to the Don Kirkendall situation. Russell meets with Denby and she spots that IAB is following him. Theo results come in; he may have leukemia or his bone marrow may just have shut down temporarily as a result of a virus. Sorenson meets with Martens to find out where IAB is with their investigation. He then confides some details to Medavoy and Jones, who are now in the loop. Sorenson plans on grabbing Don Kirkendall and he wants them to grab Denby, meanwhile Diane takes care of Jill. Meanwhile, Sipowicz has a few choice words for the man upstairs. Diane meets with Jill who tells her that Don has been keeping their son Frank captive somewhere. Fancy asks Jones, whether or not he is ready to be a part of the something that is about to go down. The Sorenson plan begins execution; the squad grabs Denby and Don Kirkendall. Diane takes Jill and Kyle into hiding. Sorenson finds out where Frank Kirkendall is being kept. Meanwhile, Fancy has IAB waiting at the squad for Denby and Kirkendall. Danny gives the whereabouts of Frank to Diane who gives the information to Jill. She also advises Jill to go and get her son and not to come back; she also gives her Bobby's ring as a reminder for the time when Don will try reaching out to her again. Andy and Theo have a moment together as we fade to black.moreless
    • The Naked are the Dead
      The Naked are the Dead
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      Sipowicz, Sorenson, Russell and Kirkendall begin investigating a homicide where the bodies of seven naked men are found. Medavoy and Martinez investigate a victim whose body might have been dumped near a sweatshop, but Greg is more interested in the female paramedic on the scene. Sipowicz and Sorenson get assistance from a department profiler that Sipowicz doesn't like and Morrison from the Organized Crime Bureau. After returning from a canvas, Jill gets a message that her ex-husband Don has been arrested. She goes to see him and he plans to use her giving the heads up to help save his ass. Never mind that that her losing her job will affect the kids. When she returns, Fancy finds out about her indiscretion and works to save her job. Meanwhile, Sipowicz and Sorenson work with Morrison to sit on a suspect that Morrison likes for the crime, which doesn't pan out, but a cab driver who picked up some suspicious characters comes forward. Later, Mary makes dinner for Danny.moreless
    • Daveless in New York
      Daveless in New York
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      It's 5 days until Theo's final blood test and Andy feels the need for this health situation to just be over. So he tries to get Theo's final test pulled up. Diane asks Danny about his relationship with Mary; but he expresses that he still has an interest in her. Leo Cohen has become a defense attorney and is he preparing to represent members of the 15th Squad in IAB's investigation of the Kirkendall situation. Don Kirkendall is trying to make a deal for himself that may jam up the members of the 15th squad. The investigation of a multiple homicide at a fast-food restaurant takes a twist when an accomplice in the crime is worried about his daughter, who he used as collateral to his drug dealer. The squad goes after the dealer. Meanwhile, when Medavoy gives his statement to IAB, Martens informs him that "the good cops" need to find someone who will back up their story. They realize to do this they will need to find Denby who might be their only connection to the woman who was "holding" Frank Kirkendall. Diane agrees to make contact with Denby and he offers to get her the information, provided that she comes back. Denby still has a thing for her. At the hospital Andy forces the issue of a blood test for Theo, to which the doctor reluctantly agrees. Since the doctor hasn't seen much change in Theo's skin color, she asks that if the results of the test aren't good it would be best to start chemotherapy right away. Danny stops by Diane's place and one thing leads to another.moreless
    • Bale Out
      Season 12 - Episode 11
      The detectives are on the roof of a parking garage, where an attorney has been found shot to death in his car and the apparent victim of a robbery. Medavoy is sporting a new shirt, which is a little bright in the other guys' eyes. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark run the case by Bale. The murder might have been part of a pattern of robberies, since three similar robberies had been reported in that area, but this one was the first to result in a death. It's been two weeks, but the results of the sergeant's exam haven't been published yet. Medavoy gets more grief about his outfit, but both Murphy and John Irvin love it. Murphy and Ortiz are sent off to a schoolyard shooting and as Jones and Medavoy are departing, Medavoy suggests that they might make a detour if they pass a menswear shop. Murphy and Ortiz arrive at the shooting scene. The guys at the schoolyard are preparing for a basketball tournament. One of the players on the court, Tyler Newell, might be the next Lebron James. The detectives want to find out how to get hold of the organizer, Marcus Dayton. John Irvin gives Sipowicz and Clark information that there are a couple of "discrete" pickup bars located in the area of their homicide. Dr. Russell Fain, a dentist who was robbed in the suspected robbery pattern comes in and tells Sipowicz and Clark what little he remembers about his robbery from two months earlier. One of the victim's fellow attorneys won't say anything for sure about the sexual proclivity of his late colleague. The tournament director, Marcus Dayton, comes into talk with Murphy and Ortiz. Sipowicz tells them before their interview that Marcus Dayton was a known gambler and bookmaker in the past. Dayton doesn't know anything about any possible gang activity or gambling connections with his tournament. He suspects that Tyler Newell's older brother, someone who didn't make it to the big time, might be responsible for the shooting. At a men's store, Medavoy looks for a new shirt and Jones, who really doesn't want to be there, gives him some half-hearted advice on a new shirt and tie. Murphy and Ortiz talk to Stanley Newell about his relationship with his brother Tyler and with Marcus Dayton. He has no relationship with Marcus Dayton, but says that Marcus Dayton is out for Marcus Dayton and what it will mean for his brother's future remains to be seen. The gun used in the schoolyard shooting was used in a crime three years earlier committed by Lucas Benchley, only the gun was never recovered. Medavoy has lunch with Brigid Scofield and makes some noise that he might be looking for help finding an apartment in Manhattan. When his only credit card is declined, Medavoy is embarrassed when he finds he is unable to pay for lunch; fortunately she has him covered. Lucas Benchley, owner of the gun has come in for questioning. He tells Murphy and Ortiz that he sold the gun as soon as he got about of prison, to a guy named "Pee Wee." A hit off a print from the car is found belonging to a Kyle Tanner, someone who once went to prison for committing a robbery. Sipowicz and Clark leave to bring him back to the house for questioning; meanwhile Murphy and Ortiz find "Pee Wee." He tells them that he sold the gun to Tyler Newell and the person who sent Tyler to him was Marcus Dayton. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Kyle Tanner and they get his cooperation to look through his apartment for a gun, if anything just to prove he wasn't involved in the robbery. Sipowicz and Clark search Tanner's apartment and Sipowicz finds some credit cards stashed in the freezer. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Tyler Newell about his purchase of the gun. He bought it just to have on. He tells them that his brother Stanley has the gun now, since his grandmother had found it. His brother was mad at him for having it, saying it was going to mess up his life. Medavoy gets his credit card issue resolved. Sipowicz and Clark run the current state of their case by Bale and the dentist has returned to the squad to give them additional information about his robbery. He tells them about the guy he met at a bar and that he feels he should be able to identify his attacker. The dentist picks Kyle Tanner out of a lineup. Murphy and Ortiz bring Randolph back in. He tells them that he shot at his brother, in some kind of effort to prevent his brother from going down the same path he did, ultimately working for someone like Marcus Dayton and never getting the chance to make the pros. Murphy and Ortiz bring Stanley in to have a talk with his brother and Stanley is able to indicate to his brother that he has been working towards trying to be there for him. Sipowicz and Clark go back at Kyle Tanner with what they know from the lineup, but Tanner is counting on the fact that the guys he has robbed won't testify against him in open court. After some convincing on Sipowicz's behalf, Tanner confesses to shooting the attorney. Sipowicz goes into Bale's office and tells him the status of the case and he also drops a credit card he found in Tanner's apartment on Bale's desk. The credit card belongs to Bale. Murphy and Ortiz try to get Munson to be lenient in the schoolyard shooting, Bale with something else on his mind tells them to work it out amongst themselves. Munson's boyfriend calls and has to cancel his accompanying her to a function, if she goes to the function unescorted; she knows the judge is going to want to put his "learned hands" all over her. Clark volunteers to be her escort for the evening. Medavoy goes in search of the right type of flowers to send to Brigid Scofield, along with a card and $100 to pay for lunch. At the party Clark comes to Munson's aid when the lecherous judge is putting on a full court press. Bale quizzes Sipowicz to find out what he plans on doing with the information he has about him. Sipowicz tells him that he has nothing to tell anyone.moreless
    • Four months have passed since the death of Jimmy Salvo. Bobby's working odd jobs while he's been suspended pending IAB's investigation. Bobby stops by the station to talk to Andy, while there he notices that Gina's showing signs of pregnancy. She hasn't formally announced it and is reluctant to let James do the right thing. Bobby tells Andy about the FBI seeing him the other night, he wants to set up a plan to make things right. Meanwhile the detectives investigate a couple of routine homicides. Bobby tells Lt. Shannon about Andy's presence. Jill works her source, Leo Cohen, to try and get information out about the pending indictments against Andy and Bobby. The FBI tells Bobby he is on his own. They had other plans for Lt. Shannon, after Andy had given his testimony. When the squad is called to a scene, where the suspect in Andy's case is holed-up, a shot is fired in Andy's direction. Shannon is identified as the shooter. The whole mess gets unraveled; it is revealed that the 15th squad has an enemy in the FBI, former Borough Commander Haverill. Bobby is allowed to return to active duty, tune in next week.moreless
    • Dead and Gone
      Season 2 - Episode 4

      A baby in a car is shot in a drive-by attack. Lois contacts Andy when her police friend dies in a compromising position. Lesniak's ex-lover continues to harass her. Detective Kelly's future with the police department is decided by IAB.

    • Old Man Quiver
      Season 12 - Episode 16
      Sipowicz and Clark arrive at the home of an 80-year-old millionaire, Hugh Rasmussen, who was smothered to death. They talk to the man's secretary, Judith Howell, a middle-aged woman, who found the body. Then the wife, Amy Rasmussen arrives back home; she's come back from the gym and she is young enough (28-years-old) to be the victim's granddaughter. She acknowledges the comments that her husband has been thought about as a dirty old man and that she may be considered a gold digger, but as far as she's concerned they can all go straight to hell, she loved her husband. Sipowicz and Clark run the basics of what they know so far by Bale and Bale notes to Sipowicz that today is the day of his promotion and he offers his congratulations. Jones and Medavoy go to a retirement home, where Olive Rosenthal was found dead. The doctor found a suspicious needle mark on the woman's body. The director of the home wants the detectives to avoid talking to the other residents, but they tell her that will be impossible during a homicide investigation. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Rasmussen's attorney to find out the financial arrangements between the old man and his young wife, she stood to inherit $60 million if he died while they were still together. He also tells about one relationship he knows that wife had that resulted in her getting her husband to buy that man a truck. He gives them the name Richard Pencava. Medavoy and Jones talk with Nora Rosenthal, daughter of their victim. The woman suspects that her mother's caregiver Eleanor Jackson, whom the detectives met at the home, is responsible at the very least she suspects Eleanor Jackson of stealing from her mother. The detectives tell that without probable cause they won't be able to get a search warrant. Nora Rosenthal, who is a state Supreme Court judge, tells them who she is and that she knows what it takes to get a warrant. At the retirement home Medavoy and Jones interview one of Olive Rosenthal's fellow residents, Belle. When Enid enters the room, they find out that Belle is angry with Enid for not being upset about the morning's events. Sipowicz and Clark find Richard Pencava and ask him about his relationship with Amy Rasmussen, having found a quantity of cocaine in his possession, they bring him in. Munson has brought in a search warrant for Medavoy and Jones to execute on Eleanor Jackson's home. Clark wants to know if Munson is available for lunch, but she can't make it because she is scheduled to have lunch with her father. She suggests that he join them, only so that it doesn't become another career counseling session for her. Bale wants to know if Sipowicz has thought about what he wants to do after his promotion. Sipowicz hadn't considered it, but when Bale suggests that he can make a call to see if Sipowicz can be retained on patrol he is agreeable to that circumstance. Sipowicz and Clark begin their interview of Richard Pencava; they want to know why he was seeing Amy Rasmussen. He tells them about a building he was hoping that Amy could help him purchase. Seeing an opportunity Pencava suggests that the cocaine charges might be dropped against him if he testifies against Amy Rasmussen, who he implies may have wanted her husband dead. Eleanor Jackson is interviewed by Jones and Medavoy and she tells them that she was given most of those items by the victim. She only admits to taking a bracelet, and that was only after she had been yelled at on the phone by Nora Rosenthal, a woman who barely seemed to care for her mother. She only visited about once a month. At lunch, Munson and Clark listen as her father does what she hoped to avoid, offer her career advice. It causes her discomfort and she leaves the table. The toxicology screen comes back on Olive Rosenthal; she was killed by the same drugs used by veterinarians to euthanize pets. Amy Rasmussen is brought in for questioning and she tells them about her relationship with Richard Pencava, but she also tells them about her past as a strung out call girl and how she met her husband and fell in love with the man who helped her get rehabilitated. Clark doesn't believe Amy Rasmussen is guilty, but Sipowicz thinks he might be thinking with a different head. Clark suggests that they talk to the victim's brother, to investigate the trust angle. Owen Munson comes into the squad with an offer for Clark; he offers him the possibility for some bodyguard work that would pay $1000 day. Clark tells him depending on what is going on here at work, he will consider the offer. Jones and Medavoy want a warrant to search Enid's room at the retirement home, it turns out she is a retired veterinarian. Sipowicz and Clark find their victim's brother, Jerry Rasmussen at an OTB. He tells them about his relationship with his brother, and his brother's first wife. He talks about the secretary and the only time she was ever nice to him when just after the death of his brother's first wife. He had the impression that she thought she was first in line to marry her boss. Amy came into the picture less than a year later. Jones and Medavoy interview Enid, and she tells them that she was tired of making adjustments, that Olive was a needy thing who took her friend Belle away from her. She wanted things to go back to the way they were before Olive arrived. Sipowicz gets a call; he tells everyone that he is going to be retained on patrol at the 15th. Munson arrives and Clark tells her about her father's visit and offer that he was considering. She tells him that her father is only doing this to manipulate her with his own agenda, which likely doesn't include her going out with someone like Clark. Despite knowing that Enid was guilty of killing her mother, Nora Rosenthal still wants to press charges against Eleanor Jackson, but the detectives and Bale convince her otherwise. Sipowicz and Clark go back to talk with Judith Howell, who shows them a scrapbook she has made of Hugh Rasmussen's career. They go over her timeline and indicate to her that they know she was at the Rasmussen home an hour before she said she arrived. They press her about the fact that she didn't get the reward for her years of dedicated service, loyalty and sacrifice. She tells them about Rasmussen's plan to make some changes, if she couldn't be civil to his wife, which pushed her into smothering him to death. Clark tells Amy Rasmussen about Judith Howell's guilt and that Richard Pencava was ready to send her away if he could deal his way out of the cocaine charge. Sipowicz gets into his dress blues and proceeds downstairs to the lobby, where all the members of the 15th precinct salute him.moreless
    • Dress for Success
      Season 12 - Episode 1
      After another late night out Clark arrives late at a crime scene, wearing the same clothes he wore the day before. Sipowicz comments that his new lifestyle doesn't suit him. Back at the squad, Det. Laura Murphy has joined the detectives as Ortiz's new partner. She comes from a group that did background checks on future cops, no real detective work according to Sipowicz. She assures him that her three years as a uniform have prepared her for working on the street. They are also anticipating the arrival of a new CO. The morning's victim, a Dr. Miller, was reported to be in New York researching a book and he received two phone calls that the detectives are going to follow up. Sipowicz receives a package containing a dead rat and a note "PAB", which Clark laughs off. Out on the street, Ortiz and Murphy go to the scene of another homicide, where Murphy runs into Off. Keogh, someone she went to the academy with. The victim, a homeless man, was observed by a witness to be hanging out with a couple of squares (who were on a "field trip") and "King Tut." Murphy ask Keogh if he can get in contact with "King Tut" and he tells her for that for her he'll do anything. Sipowicz and Clark interview Larry Praegitzer, the man who their DOA (Miller) had talked to via his hotel phone, but Praegitzer doesn't indicate he knows anything about what Miller was really doing in town; he does them a story about Miller and a prostitute. Murphy and Ortiz talk with "King Tut" down in the precinct lobby and after a $20 incentive he tells them about the rich people who come to pretend they are homeless on weekends, something they call "Street Embrace." They let him go and Murphy asks Keogh to keep an eye on "King Tut." Jones tells Sipowicz that a phone dump of their victim's cell phone indicates that he was talking with Eric Praegitzer, son of the man they just talked with. Eric Praegitzer is on his way into the precinct. The new Lieutenant (Thomas Bale) arrives, he comes from Internal Affairs and Sipowicz advises his fellow detectives that "the time to start covering your ass would be right about now." Sipowicz connects the dead rat he received in his package with the arrival of his new boss, a former member of the "rat squad." Jones tells them that their victim was a prominent sexologist back in the 60s. Ortiz and Murphy are leaving to follow up on a lead, when the new Lieutenant wants to know what they are up to. Eric Praegitzer tells the detectives that Miller contacted him about wanting to know some tourist information. The detectives have knowledge that Miller helped Praegitzer through a suicide problem he had three years earlier. Ortiz and Murphy talk with Zoe Prentiss about what she knew about their victim and her participation in the "Street Embrace." After leaving the interview, Ortiz offers Murphy some advice about her flirtatious nature, which Murphy denies that she is doing. She comments that she is always able to get along with guys, but usually can never get along with women. Medavoy has his talk with Lt. Bale, but Bale's question about how much longer he plans on being on the job puts him on guard about his future with the squad. Jones reports to the others that he has found information that 10 years ago Eric Praegitzer was a woman named Jennifer. They decide they need to reinterview him. Clark tells Murphy and Ortiz that the gun used in their homicide is registered to a PI named Charles Isadore. When Clark decides it is more important to call back a "chick" Sipowicz decides it's time to have a talk with Clark about his recent behavior, which he believes is related to the death of his father and his girlfriend. Clark tells Sipowicz has a specific job related complaint, he tells him that he doesn't want to hear anything about what he does after work. Sipowicz warns him that he better get "his act together." Murphy and Ortiz talk with Charlie Isadore about his part in the death of their victim. Charlie tells them that he was hired by Zoe's father to keep on an eye on her while she participated in the "Street Embrace." He tells them that Zoe recognized him for not being who he pretended to be and that she managed to get hold of his gun when the victim was harassing Zoe to the point she wouldn't take it anymore. Eric Praegitzer is brought back in for further questioning about his past as a woman. They want to know if Miller had performed his sex change operation. He tells them no. They wonder is Miller might have been trying to blackmail him, letting his secret be known. He tells them that he has just minded his own business and never hurt anyone. Meanwhile, Murphy and Ortiz are listening to Zoe Prentiss tell them that was Charlie has said is just crazy. She says she left after the victim had called her rude names. She left Charlie and victim both alive. Sipowicz gets another "PAB" call. So they don't get into an overtime situation, Bale tells Murphy and Ortiz to let the DA's office to sort out their deadlock situation with Charlie Isadore and Zoe Prentiss's story both in disagreement. While Bale watches, Larry Praegitzer tells Sipowicz and Clark the real story about Eric's gender. Their victim had performed the initial surgery on Eric, which made him a girl, after an accident with a circumcision instrument destroyed Eric's penis. Miller had a theory and Eric's parents tried to raise him as a girl, but Eric always knew deep down he was a male. Miller kept coming back into his son's life and Larry Praegitzer had warned him that if he ever contacted his son again, he would kill him. When Miller called this time, Larry Praegitzer kept his promise and killed him. Sipowicz tells him that they are going to help him with his statement, after they confirm this story with Eric. Off. Keogh tells Murphy that he has seen "King Tut" in brand new clothes going into a hotel with a hooker. They decide to go and investigate this turn of events. Eric Praegitzer tells his story to Sipowicz and Clark, which confirms what the father had just told them. They go back to the interview room, to find that Bale is with Larry Praegitzer. Bale tells them to leave the room. "King Tut" tell the detectives that he got the money from Zoe and he tells them the same story about Zoe that Charlie Isadore did. Bale has Sipowicz and Clark in his office and lets them know that he isn't going to stand for any falsified statements, such as the one they were likely going to work out with Larry Praegitzer. Bale believes that it is up to the jury to do their job once they know the Praegitzer's story. Sipowicz and Clark both try to tell him that this is the only place where good people, who have had to do a bad thing, are going to get any consideration. Bale tells them that their job is not to reinterpret the facts. Sipowicz tells Bale that with his 32 years on the job he plans on leaving on his own terms, but if he can't live with what he being forced to do now, he will leave. Bale tells him that is a decision every cop eventually has to make. Things only get worse for Sipowicz when Jones tells him that he needs to come out to the parking lot. Sipowicz's car has had all its tires flattened, and it is revealed that "PAB" stands for "Payback's A Bitch." Someone has it in for Sipowicz. Back upstairs, Bale tells Murphy she did well having Keogh keep an eye on "King Tut." She tells him that the credit should go to Keogh. As he gets ready to leave, Bale feels it is important that all the detectives know something. He tells them that it is the department's perception that the 15 Squad is a rogue outfit and that he has been put in charge to make sure that they represent today's policing. The detectives can either cooperate with that plan or have Bale's support or they won't be working here anymore. Clark finds it ridiculous and believes they are so screwed. Medavoy is worried, but Sipowicz "ain't changing a damn thing."moreless
    • Show and Tell
      Show and Tell
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Diane contacts Jill for help. Greg gets an offer of free Chinese food from a shop owner who he and James helped out on a previous case. Sylvia, Andy and Sgt. Dornan meet with someone who will help them nail the man who had Suarez framed and killed. IAB and the FBI are interested in the burglary case that Sorenson and Sipowicz are working. When the Feds leave the room, IAB reveals the information they have about two retired cops who pulled the job. When the retired cops are collared, the FBI reveals their information which points to the nephews of the retired cops. Greg panics when he gets the impression that IAB is there about the free Chinese food. Sorenson talks with one his informants who he recognized from one of the robbery's surveillance tapes. With this evidence they are able to put down the case, at least as far as the FBI will let them. Sylvia, Andy and Dornan interview try to make a deal with the Suarez killer, but he won't deal, with the leukemia he has, he has nothing to lose, even when Sylvia mentions God's final judgment. Diane meets the woman who donated her husband's heart for Bobby and receives additional compassion from Danny who mentions he was thinking of her.moreless
    • Take My Wife, Please
      Season 11 - Episode 13
      A jogger who was gunned down in a park manages to contact his wife via his cell phone before he passes. His wife (now at the scene) tells Ortiz about her husband's partner and their business dealings and a British tourist with a camera makes the start of the investigation interesting for Sipowicz and Clark. Meanwhile at another crime scene, Jones and Medavoy are investigating a body found in the trunk of a stolen car. The DOA is the owner of the comedy club. It's Rodriguez's last day and John Irvin passes around a card for everyone to sign for the going away party that will be held later that evening. Sipowicz and Clark interview the dead jogger's business partner. He tells them about the affair his partner was having with another man's wife and gives them her name, Janet. At the "Laff Pit" Jones and Medavoy interview the comedy club owner's wife, Lois Rubicoff. She tells them about some minor problems that her husband was having with some of the talent. Boxes for Rodriguez's replacement arrive, only they still don't know who the owner is. Jones finds that one of the comedians Lonnie Cutler has a story that differs from that of the club owner's wife, something they'll want to check out. Medavoy wants to see him, just because he's "the funniest comic he's ever seen." The woman that the jogger was having arrives at the Squad, it turns out that she is a uniformed officer. Sipowicz tells Janet Grafton what's going on with the death of the jogger, a man she was having an affair with. She tells them about the strange relationship she has with her jealous husband, who is another officer from the 25th precinct. They press her and but decide that they need to talk with her husband and she's worried about his reaction when he finds out about her affair. Medavoy and Jones interview Lonnie Cutler, whom they know had more than a small beef with the club owner. The only thing he gives them is a couple of jokes and an alibi to be checked out. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Off. Scott Grafton who gives them a little trouble when he realizes are probing him for information. Back at the squad, more boxes arrive as the detectives run their cases by Rodriguez. Then the owner of the boxes arrives; it's Eddie Gibson, who is now a sergeant and their new commanding officer. Sipowicz is convinced that today is April 1st. Scott Grafton's alibi doesn't check out, Sipowicz and Clark want to give him a chance to explain himself before they have to bring the case to IAB. Medavoy and Jones reinterview the club owner's wife after they discover she was responsible for purchasing the materials used to dispose of her husband's body. She tells them that Lonnie Cutler killed him after he flipped when her husband had fired him. She tells them about Cutler's bloody shirt and that he forced her to help him dispose of the body. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Scott Grafton, who now knows what's going on and he tells them he was following his wife this morning. He further adds that he's glad that the guy who was having an affair with his wife is dead. Outside of the interview room Clark suggests to Sipowicz that Grafton "is a risk" and that perhaps the "Early Intervention" group should be called before Grafton totally loses it over his rocky marriage. Clark feels it needs to be done and it's the kind of help that he should have gotten for his father. A woman comes into the squad with her son. Her says her son found a gun in the park early this morning and the boy tells them about a man he saw throw something in the bushes. When pressed by the detectives and his mother, the boy tells them he can probably identify the man he saw if he sees him again. Lonnie Cutler is brought back and it turns into a "he said, she said" as they are pointing fingers at each other. However he plays an audiotape for the detectives from his answering machine, which incriminates Lois Rubicoff in the death of her husband. Scott Grafton is in the lobby of the precinct wanting to see the detectives who called "Early Intervention" on his behalf. Clark admits that he made the call and given Grafton's current state of mind he is glad he did. Upstairs the boy is looking at the array, but the story he is now telling isn't the same that he told Sipowicz and Clark earlier. They take him aside and get the real story from him. He was robbed by bullies a couple of weeks ago, he got a gun and every morning was waiting in the park to use it to try scaring the bullies. Tired of waiting for their return, the boy tried firing the gun at a tree and accidentally hit the jogger. They tell this to the boy's mother, who now needs to make arrangements to get her son a lawyer. With the day's activities seemingly at a close the Squad gets together--to toast Tony Rodriguez and wish him well on his new opportunity. At the gathering Clark gets a call that Janet Grafton has shot her husband. He goes to the hospital and finds out about their fight, where she feels that he would have killed her if he'd have had the chance.moreless
    • Don't Meth With Me
      Don't Meth With Me
      Season 6 - Episode 17
      Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the death of a woman who was killed for her valuable coin collection. Evidence points them towards her son who might be supporting his drug habit. Meanwhile, Russell and Kirkendall are investigating the robbery of a courier truck; the courier that secures the truck car is the company that Mike Roberts now works for. So Roberts comes to the squad to give them information about who probably have pulled the job. In addition he needs to talk with Sipowicz about his something that is on his conscience, but isn't able to get to the particulars that are bothering him. Robert's tip to the squad about the dispatcher, who leads them to the perpetrators whom, are going to use the same M.O. and commit another robbery. Although, the tip doesn't look good in the eyes of Roberts' boss, since Roberts had greenlighted the background check of the dispatcher. Mike Roberts warns John Irvin that rich people who've been humiliated will take their revenge. Later, John realizes that Sipowicz knows that there was something else on Roberts' mind.moreless
    • Family Ties
      Family Ties
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      A tourist is raped in her hotel room on the 4th floor and the detectives begin their investigation in a hotel filled with swingers. The following morning Jones and Medavoy catch a homicide in that same hotel on the 8th floor. Are the crimes related? The head of security at the hotel is a retired cop that Sipowicz knows. Danny tells Andy about the relationship that Andy already suspected. Danny wants to make sure that Andy doesn't have a problem with it and later Diane asks him the same thing (although she doesn't seem as sure as Danny). Andy just wants to know if everyone's happy. The last number dialed by the homicide victim was to Stella Kensington; she's a prostitute who also happens to be a little person. It turns out the victim was a pimp who was able to furnish talent for unusual needs. And some of that talent leads the detectives to a witness of the homicide. Meanwhile, the hotel's lawyer offers the rape victim a $500,000 settlement. The rape victim's brother gets it raised to $700,000 and gets it identified such that 90% of the settlement won't be taxed. Given that the rape victim had sex earlier that afternoon with an old friend from high school, is it possible this rape is actually felony fraud? It was. Later, Diane and Danny have a talk. Diane is having a hard time adjusting to having a relationship again, so they call their relationship off, at least for the moment.moreless
    • Lenny Scissorhands
      Season 12 - Episode 18
      Ortiz and Murphy arrived on the scene of a shooting, where two of Sipowicz's men were involved in chasing down a suspect, who got away after he able to shoot one of the officers. Back at the squad, Sipowicz tells the pair about a possible witness to the crime that he saw while they were all still at the scene, an elderly woman sitting at her window. Even though it is Medavoy's last day on the job, Sipowicz doesn't feel like getting his picture taken. With Medavoy leaving Clark is now partnered with Jones and together they go to the scene of crime, where a woman, Deborah Olshan, was beaten to death in her home, a possible victim of a robbery. At the scene they interview Maxine Annunziato, her friend and the one who discovered the body. Murphy and Ortiz talk with the woman that Sipowicz identified as a probable witness to the shooting of the officers. She tells them that she saw the officers enter the building, but she didn't see them chasing anyone. Clark and Jones return to the squad to find Barry Olshan and his attorney waiting for him. They talk with him and he goes over his wife's normal routine. Since there was no obvious sign of forced entry they begin pursuing a line of questioning regarding his business. Also the fact that he has brought his attorney along with him raises some questions in their mind. Clark and Jones interview employees at the jewelry store. One of them opens up about the behavior of Debbie Olshan and her friend, Maxine Annunziato. Ortiz and Murphy meet Off. Perez at the hospital to go through the sequence of events. His recounting is different than that of the woman from across the street. Clark and Jones go back to talk with Maxine Annunziato about the last time she was with her friend. She tells them about a business deal they had going to open a salon and they discussed that. She tells about a man Debbie called "Russian Mike" that they met from time to time when they would go out to the clubs together. "Russian Mike" was interested in the diamond that she wore. On the way back through the precinct lobby, Clark stops and talk with Sipowicz about the current case. When asked about working with Jones, Clark says he thinks its okay, but he tells Sipowicz he'd rather be working with him, something that Sipowicz tells him he doesn't want to hear again. Clark and Jones find out where to find "Russian Mike". Murphy and Ortiz talk with Off. Donatelli about the sequence of events. His story matches the one Perez gave them, but neither matches the description of the witness. When confronted with that information Donatelli starts to become uncooperative. Back at the squad Ortiz comments that she suspects that Donatelli's wife knows something and she believes they should go back and try to talking with her alone. Medavoy is still taking photos on his last day. Jones and Clark return to the squad and ask Bale to join them on hitting the apartment of "Russian Mike." By having Bale come along they don't have to deal with the headache of dealing with Emergency Service. Jones asks Medavoy if he'd like to come along. The detectives enter the apartment, but Bale who is still in the hallway is shot by someone fleeing into the hallway from another apartment. At the hospital the Chief of Detectives, Duffy, has arrived on the scene and he tells Sipowicz to get "out of the bag" and "back in the suit" and start working the case of Bale's shooting. Back at the squad, Barry Olshan comes back in without his attorney and confesses that he uses his business to redistribute money. He tells them about a business dealing he had with Lenny Russo and Maxine Annunziato. He recent embracing of his religion with his wife was having him put a stop to his illegal activities, which also meant he wasn't going to back the hair salon they wanted to open. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Donatelli's wife and she tells them that her husband has terminal cancer, that he didn't want anyone to know about. Back in the suit, Sipowicz tells "Russian Mike" that he will tell him the name of the man who shot Bale. After some convincing, "Russian Mike" gives him the name Sergei Yesenin and he tells them what little he knows about Sergei's possible whereabouts. # Clark and Jones interview Lenny Russo about his possible deal with Barry Olshan, which leads to them getting him to confess to trying to rob the apartment. Debbie Olshan walked in on the middle of the robbery and attacked him. He tells them that Maxine Annunziato gave him all the information he needed to commit the robbery, implicating her. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Perez about what they know about Donatelli's cancer. Perez tells them that they were just trying to look out for Donatelli's family by getting him ¾ quarters of his pension for a line of duty shooting. They talk with Sipowicz, who tells them that an accidental shooting would entitle him to the same thing. He agrees to help them work the paperwork out to Donatelli's advantage. Clark and Jones reinterview Maxine Annunziato about what Lenny Russo told him and what they know. Bale is out of surgery and stable. Following up on the shooter, "Russian Mike"'s information was good but they still haven't located Sergei Yesenin. With all that was going on, everyone has forgotten that it was Medavoy's last day. Sipowicz talks with him and tells him that despite what is currently going on he should still take advantage of his opportunity to have something to go to. Sipowicz "out of the bag" finally agrees to take a photo, with Medavoy.moreless
    • Puppy Love
      Season 9 - Episode 8
      Gibson stops by to say his goodbyes as he goes out on medical leave to fight his cancer. He offers Sipowicz the opportunity to take a security job for a rich widow two nights a week. Det. Ortiz reports for duty and joins the other detectives on a dump job homicide. Ortiz and McDowell show a picture of the victim to a man who reported his nephew missing. He IDs his nephew, Oscar Molina, but tells them that INS had reportedly picked his nephew up two days earlier. His calls to the INS didn't get results, that why he reported him missing. Jones and Medavoy respond to Ray Maxwell's report of stolen puppies, purebred English bulldogs. Medavoy sees a future business opportunity in dog breeding when he finds out the puppies are worth $3000 a piece. An area pet store owner, Lois Dunbar, is considered as a suspect, when one of the Maxwell's articles cost her some business. INS arrives at the precinct and mentions a couple of their agents that they've had complaints on. The agents are brought in and cite being elsewhere, although they can't easily prove it. Lois Dunbar is questioned about the missing puppies and Medavoy wants to know about the breeding business. A pet store calls in with a report that someone is looking to offload some bulldog puppies. At lunch Sipowicz goes to meet the widow and gets approval from her to show up at 6:00 pm that evening for the security job Gibson put him onto. The INS agents' story seems to be checking out. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to interview a security guard, whose fingerprints were found on the victim's car, who may know something. When they arrive, the guard attempts to run away. Medavoy and Jones are on surveillance at the pet store and Medavoy keeps pursing the dog breeding business. The security guard thought that Sipowicz and Clark Jr. were INS, which was why he ran. When asked about the victim, he tells them that the victim was child molester. The guy with the puppies tells the detectives about the horror of having the puppies (even if only for a few hours, causing Medavoy to rethink his plan) and the name of the man who put him onto the puppies, Ray Maxwell's partner, Carter Lynch. Ortiz and McDowell interview the victim's aunt and she confesses that the Oscar Molina was flirting with her. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back at the security guard with that information and get an admission that the Molina's uncle hired him to get rid of his nephew. Carter Lynch confesses and Ray Maxwell offers an amiable settlement where charges won't be pressed. John Irvin is allowed to deliver the news to Ray and winds up with a date. With Andy's agreement, John arranges for Connie to watch Theo while he goes to see "The Producers" in Nathan Lane's seats. Oscar Molina's uncle lawyers up but the case is resolved. Sipowicz reports for duty and finds out what Gibson was really up to, playing nursemaid and companion to that rich widow. For him it is a short-lived job. When he returns home, Connie tells Andy she would be glad to baby-sit for Theo anytime.moreless
    • Death by Cycle
      Season 10 - Episode 5
      Clark Jr. and Sipowicz respond the scene of the death a boy who was murdered for his bicycle. Jones and Medavoy join them and start the canvas, while Clark Jr. and Sipowicz deal with the boy's bereaved father who's just arrived on the scene. The father tells them about his boy's bicycle and is angered when they ask if son was involved in any gang activity. McDowell finds out that her brother-in-law has made bail; and she decides she needs to end this situation. A uniform brings up a man caught dumping a bicycle in front of the precinct. The bike is the type owned by their victim; Clark Jr. and Sipowicz question him and he reluctantly gives them a lead on where to find the guy who sold it to him. McDowell questions the clerk at the hotel, where her sister and brother-in-law were staying. She gets him to give her the key and she finds her sister lying injured in her hotel bed, with her husband nowhere to be found. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz find their possible suspect at the pool hall. McDowell sees her sister at the hospital and tries to find out the whereabouts of her brother-in-law. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz interview their suspect, Cooper who tells them that they should talk with Grover Dawkins. Ortiz looks into the place where Frank Colohan worked; the owner tells her of a bar where he was known to go. Cooper makes the call that will let the detectives grab up Dawkins. Back in the interview room, when Medavoy turns his back, Cooper hits him with a chair and escapes out the window. The squad tries to hide the incident from the uniforms. McDowell returns to the hospital to find out that her that sister has died as a result of her injuries and the c-section that she had to have to give birth to a baby girl, who is 8 weeks premature. Medavoy is embarrassed by what happened and takes Dawkins cell phone to try to get a line on where Cooper may have run off to. McDowell reports into Sipowicz about her sister's fate, and he leaves to go to the hospital to be with her. Ortiz plays hardball with owner of the bar, where Colohan was known to hang out. He tells her that Colohan mentioned he was taking a bus out of town to Pittsburgh. Jones and Clark Jr. interview Dawkins who tells them the real deal is with Cooper. Sipowicz meets McDowell at the hospital, after some condolences he offers to assist in anyway he can, she asks him to be on the scene when they grab Colohan at the bus terminal. Medavoy finds the location where Cooper can be found, and he wants to go along. Rodriguez won't let him go; Jones and Clark Jr. and sent to grab Cooper, who they find enjoying the company of his girlfriend. Sipowicz warns Ortiz about the possibility of some extra violence when they grab up Colohan; however, Colohan cooperates when they detain him from getting on the bus. Sipowicz and Ortiz are with Colohan in the interview room and surprisingly Sipowicz lets him tell his story, which they insist that he put on paper for them. Sipowicz looks ready to strike out at and moment. Clark Jr. and Jones tell Cooper what the deal is and he eventually admits to stabbing the victim in the leg. Colohan finishes writing up his statement and then Sipowicz tells him the news about his wife, then they arrest him for murder and Sipowicz gets to at least throw him down on the table once. Haywood tells Sipowicz that she will personally make sure that Colohan goes for the full ride. Jones tries to help out, but Medavoy is still disgusted with himself over the day's events. At the hospital it's good news for the baby who is now breathing on her own. Connie plans to make sure that this baby is taken care of; Andy tells her that "they are going to work this out."moreless
    • Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax
      Season 11 - Episode 9
      Andy bangs on the neighbor's door at 5:00 AM; the neighbor is practicing his bassoon for a big concert later that evening. He returns to bed, only to receive a call to a crime scene. He arrives with Clark at the scene of a retired cop, Roy Shaughnessy, and his wife who were beaten and robbed in their home. Sipowicz worked with the cop at the 20th precinct. Shaughnessy has been taken to the hospital; his wife tells the detectives what happened. While leaving Clark makes an off-hand comment about "old-timers," or rather as he corrects himself when Sipowicz appears annoyed "all-timers." The neighbor comes across the hall and gives Connie complementary tickets for her and her husband to his recital. Medavoy and Jones are on the scene of arson, where Barry Tytel, the author of a book "Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax," has found that his vehicle has been torched. Medavoy is more interested in the content of the Tytel's book rather than the arson. Michael's foster father comes to talk to Jones about the fact that he has removed Michael from his family's care. He tells Jones that Michael's father has been by their house and it has made his wife nervous, so they felt it better to see if Michael could find a different situation. Sipowicz and Clark run their case by Rodriguez who seems "a little raggy" as Clark puts it. McDowell tells Sipowicz about the tickets for the chamber music event and he is somewhat less than enthusiastic at the idea of attending such an event. Shaughnessy comes into the squad and tells them about what was stolen, including a letter from Patton. As they were at the academy together Shaughnessy's talks about being older makes Sipowicz feel a little uncomfortable. Jones and Medavoy interview the ex-wife of their arson victim. She tells them about the many people that he has burned because of the contents of his book have backfired for them. Besides, if she was going to set fire to his car, she would have made sure he was in it. Sipowicz and Clark talk to a fence about collectibles, and he agrees, after they've applied a little pressure, to put word out on the street about the Patton letter. Jones and Medavoy go back to talk with Tytel, but Medavoy only inquires further about the tax advantages found in his book. Jones wants the victim to think further about who might have wanted to torch his car; Medavoy gives him the correct spelling of his name so that Tytel can create the necessary paperwork to help him to stop paying taxes. The fence has come into the squad with the Patton letter and he tells him that he got it from J.J. via a middleman. They want more info about "J.J.," which the fence can't give them and they decide to lock him up and give him to the DA for some added incentive to help them out. Ortiz drops off some case folder for Rodriguez, and he dumps some information on her about his not making the captain's list, which he believes is payback for the recent trial. He mentions that Det. Eddie Gibson was promoted to Sergeant and he thinks that his career is stopping at the lieutenant rank. She encourages him to wait it out another year. Jones finds Craig Woodruff, who accuses him of trying to turn his son into a "white boy" like himself. Jones is ready to beat him, but holds back, realizing that is probably what Woodruff would want. Jones and Medavoy respond to Tytel's office, where they find a poisonous snake is being removed from the premises. Tytel knows that his wife knows about his aversion to snakes. Tytel encourages Medavoy to let him prepared a revised tax-form for him. Medavoy wants to look at the ex-wife again and Jones gets information that a pet store van was illegally parked in the area near where Tytel's vehicle was burned. Shaughnessy is in to find out about the progress of his case and tells the detectives that he has never heard of the J.J. whose prints were found on the Patton letter. They tell him that they will keep him informed, something Shaughnessy comments that he's said many times on the job. Jones and Medavoy go to the pet store; Jones mentions to Medavoy that that Michael's aunt is going to be his guardian going forward. The pet store clerk, Ralph Bassett, admits to having driven the van that morning tells the detectives that because it is illegal, their store has not been in the possession of any poisonous snakes. Jones and Medavoy decide to bring him in for further questioning. Sipowicz and Clark go to J.J.'s apartment only to find out that J.J. was removed from his apartment by another older cop, who they believe is Shaughnessy. Sipowicz and Clark go to Shaughnessy's apartment and find out from the wife that J.J. did some work for them. Clark gets a call about Nicky, a friend of J.J.'s and someone he once took a collar with. They go to Nicky's apartment building and they find J.J. handcuffed outside and some commotion coming from the roof. They find Shaughnessy on the roof being beaten by Nicky, who was able to get the upper hand on Shaughnessy. They take Nicky into custody and bring Shaughnessy with along them, that is after the retired detective catches his breath. Jones and Medavoy interview Bassett, who says he was in the neighborhood of the arson for other reasons, in this case a girl. When they ask for confirming information and lay out to him what they already know and some of the circumstances of today's events Bassett confesses. He tells him about how is father is federal prison for tax evasion, due to his use of Tytel's book. Clark talks with J.J. about his relationship with Nicky. Clark tries to bluff him into a confession; meanwhile Sipowicz is talking with Nicky and trying to bluff him. Nicky caves in first and confesses to the crime. Tytel is told about Bassett's confession and Jones tells Tytel he is going to talk to the US Attorney about Tytel's book and its impact. Medavoy rejects Tytel's newly prepared tax form. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Shaughnessy about the case and retired life until Shaughnessy's wife comes to collect him. Jones talks with Michael about his aunt, his father and that fact that he won't be backing down his promise to Michael. Jones turns Michael over to his aunt, who is also worried about any possibility of visits from Michael's father. It was likely something that Shaughnessy said about retired life that causes Andy to change his mind about attending the chamber recital as he and Connie attend the event.moreless
    • My Wild Irish Nose
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      A woman comes in to report that there is a bullet hole in her wall, from a gun fired in James Liery's apartment. Bobby takes the case on the day of his promotion to detective 1st grade. Meanwhile, Andy is thinks that Fancy held up his promotion. An artist wants to get his paintings returned from some mob guys that he is a witness against. He offers to wear a wire. Greg and James investigate a murder that a young runaway boy. Bobby visits Liery at his apartment and brings him in. Later, Andy and Bobby stir things up at the bar Liery frequents. Liery must be let go, with no charges filed; however, the subsequent consequences are fatal for him. Diane is angered about it at first, but gets over it when she goes to Bobby's apartment.moreless
    • Twin Petes
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      Bobby, Diane (and later Andy) investigate two stickup murders held at ATMs. When they get a line on a possible suspect, they use Jill to appeal to his mother to help them reach out to him. Meanwhile, Greg attempts to sort out a case where he can't determine if there really is a twin, when a man comes in to report that his twin brother has threatened violence against his former girlfriend. All along, Andy contends with a medical problem involving his prostate and he is less than forthcoming with what the doctor has told him about his condition. Sylvia tells Andy that she is ready to get back to work.moreless
    • The Dead Donald
      Season 12 - Episode 10
      Sipowicz reports for the sergeant's exam and finds he is the oldest taker of the test. The detectives are on the scene of a death of the brother of a mentally disabled man. Medavoy makes small talk about the exam, which causes Sipowicz to leave with Clark and go up and talk with victim's brother Martin Schweiss. The interview with Martin doesn't go well; the brother thinks that his brother is with his girlfriend and he asks the detectives if they have any weed. Kathleen Halloran, the woman caring for the brother tells them what she knows about the victim's girlfriend, Elena Lozada, including the fact that the girlfriend they recently had a big fight with the victim about Martin. Jones and Medavoy are redirected to investigate an assault case. They arrive on the scene to find two tenants trying to move into the same apartment. They give Jones and Medavoy all the information they have on the man, Jerome King, who rented them the apartment, which the detectives are going to pursue. As for the tenants, neither will get the apartment, nor will any of the other tenants who just arrived on the scene to claim the apartment. Bale gets the status of the cases, and asks Sipowicz about the exam, but Sipowicz is reluctant to discuss it with anyone. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Elena Lozada and she tells them about the fights she had with her boyfriend about his brother Martin. She wanted Martin to be moved to group home, before they could start a life together. She also tells them about a neighborhood drug dealer named Ricky C. that the victim had a scuffle with. Back at the squad the detectives find out who this dealer is and Sipowicz and Clark are going to pick him up. A good looking realtor, Brigid Scofield, comes into the squad, which immediately gets Medavoy's attention, which is a good thing since she is looking to talk to him and Det. Jones. Normally she only deals in sales, but agreed to help Jerome King with this rental property. Jerome King, because he wasn't a US Citizen convinced her to forgo the usual credit check if he put up additional security, which is going to make her libel when the tenants decide to sue. After she leaves, Medavoy makes a comment to Jones that indicates he has a decided interest in Miss Scofield. Sipowicz and Clark grab Ricky Carson while he is conducting a sale. They get both Carson and his buyer. Jones and Medavoy are awaiting results of fingerprints found in the rental fraud apartment and are now leaving to pick up with the woman who had placed the ad for the apartment. Sipowicz and Clark are interviewing Ricky Carson, while Ortiz processes the buyer Bobby Halliday. Ricky Carson tells Sipowicz and Clark what explained himself to their victim about the business he was conducting with his brother "Ozone" (Martin). He indicates he would never result to violence to make a point; something his record will later validate. Bobby Halliday's father comes into the squad, he is worried about the affect going to central booking is going to have on his 17-year-old son, who in his mind is still "just a kid." The father asks the detectives "what's it gonna to take to make this go away." Lt. Bale invites the man into his office, where he cements a deal. Only the father doesn't know that Bale intends on getting IAB involved and when Bale wears a wire during their transaction the father is going to be arrested. The detectives think Bale is going overboard in his treatment of a man who was just trying to get his kid out of a bad situation. Bale gets wired up. Sipowicz tries to talk to him about his managerial style, but Bale throws Sipowicz's record and reputation back at him. Jones and Medavoy talk with Alyssa Pelican about her relationship with Jerome King. He used her computer to set up his apartment scam. They show her a picture, which she identifies as being Jerome King, but they tell her that it is Eddie Palm and they tell him about Eddie's past. She is in denial and doesn't want to cooperate with them any further, as a possible accessory to the crime they put her in the cage. Cort Halliday returns to the squad and Bale takes him into coffee room to conduct the deal, only Cort Halliday doesn't recall any discussion of bringing in $5000. Bale becomes outraged at this turn of events; he presses Halliday to tell him who got to him, "was it Sipowicz?" Halliday doesn't reveal who tipped him off. After he leaves, Bale goes back into the squad room and begins to go off on Sipowicz, who denies any knowledge of getting to Halliday. Clark points out to Bale that anyone could have warned Halliday. Alyssa Pelican is finally ready to talk and she tells them all about Jerome King's dealings and his ability to never pay for anything. She agrees to help them trap King. Word comes back the detectives from a neighbor that Martin and his brother had been fighting a lot recently. They also know that Martin's brother had found a group home to send his brother to in Poughkeepsie. They decide to bring him in for further questioning. Martin comes in with Kathleen Halloran, who reaffirms to Sipowicz that she was with Martin every minute yesterday. She is little worried that the detectives are planning to interview Martin on his own. Jones and Medavoy grab up "Jerome King," and Alyssa plants a well placed slap across his face. Sipowicz and Clark reinterview Martin, who tells them that Kathleen wasn't with him the entire time. They ask him if Kathleen asked him to lie; the only thing he tells them that she wanted him to lie about was their relationship. He admits to having hit his brother in the past, but was always sorry about it. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy begin their interview with "Jerome King," who, in light of all the evidence and witnesses they have, admits to really being Eddie Palm, just before a ten second countdown expires. He also tells them where they can find the money. Sipowicz and Clark go back to interview Kathleen, who admits to her relationship with Martin and admits to killing Martin's brother over the fact that he, was going to send Martin away, rather than let her care for him. Medavoy finds the real estate agent and informs her as to the status of the case; the good news is that most all of the money is going to be able to be returned to the tenants. He tries to make a little small talk and manages to get a drink invitation. After Bale goes home for the evening, John Irvin pulls out some anonymous flowers that were delivered to Ortiz. She admits to Sipowicz and Clark that she told Halliday about what Bale was planning to do. Social services arrives to take custody of Martin, and he asks Sipowicz, who he finally seems to recognize to accompany him.moreless
    • On the Fence
      Season 11 - Episode 16
      Sipowicz and Clark arrive at an early morning scene (so early it's still dark), where Hatcher has been wounded in a shoot out with a man in a window. Hatcher says he was chasing a black male suspect and was looking for him over a fence when a light came on behind him. He turned around and was shot by a guy in the window with a gun. Hatcher returned fire and struck the shooter. Sipowicz and Clark go up to interview the man that Hatcher shot and wounded. He tells them a different story; he says that he saw Hatcher draw his gun, whereas Hatcher says he already had his gun drawn. Sipowicz wants Hatcher to get his story straight, because a shooting involving a civilian is going to get the bosses involved. Sipowicz and Clark tell Gibson what they know about the morning's shooting. Gibson wants to know if they are standing by their fellow detective. Sipowicz responds that they are doing their job and investigating the shooting. Gibson wants to know what he's supposed to tell Hatcher's uncle (Chief of Personnel) the next time he calls. Jones and Medavoy begin to investigate the death of an elderly man at a seedy hotel. Jones finds a hole in the wall that came from the room next door. The man who is said to occupy that room, Ryan Dooling is nowhere to be found and it looks like he's left the room for good. At the hospital Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Hatcher's shooting victim and his story still isn't adding up with Hatcher's version. The detectives run their cases for Gibson as Hatcher returns to the squad. Sipowicz and Clark want to talk to him again, and Hatcher wants to talk to them. Without them having a chance to ask for it, Hatcher gives them information that fills in the holes in his story, but he still claims that the man didn't fire a warning shot. Ortiz has some information that Hatcher's shooting victim may have just been itching to use his gun and ballistics information shows that he used an unregistered gun in the shooting. Jones and Medavoy talk with the older brother of Ryan Dooling. He tells them about his brother's involvement in the club scene and his acquaintance a guy named Chase Allsworth. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with the shooting victim about the gun he used in the shooting to defend himself. Back at the squad, Sipowicz has found out that Hatcher has made several phone calls to Janet Grafton's cell phone. He asks Clark if he can talk with her to get a feeling for what Hatcher might be all about. Jones and Medavoy try talking to Chase Allsworth, but he is extremely tired, he's been up for a couple of days. He keeps nearly passing out; but he manages to tell the pair about Eva Warm, a DJ that Dooling had "signed" to his record label. Clark has a talk with Grafton and she tells him that Hatcher knew her ex-husband and their old cell phone was still in her name, which is why her name came up. She knows that Hatcher had an ex-girlfriend that lived in the area of that apartment building and he is "a complete asshole." Sipowicz and Clark go to see Lucy Timmons, who confirms that she had dated Hatcher (they broke up months ago) and she saw him outside her building this morning. She tells the detectives that she knows Hatcher has been outside her building uninvited. Jones and Medavoy talk with Eva Warm, who admits to having been with Ryan Dooling last night, but she doesn't know where he is today. She tells them about another bar that Dooling had been known to hang out at. Sipowicz and Clark confront Hatcher with what they know about his ex-girlfriend and that probably being the reason for him being outside her building that morning. Hatcher sticks with his perp chasing story. Hatcher leaves the room. Clark has some misgivings about their approach on this case; he doesn't think they have enough to keep pursuing this. Jones reports that Ryan Dooling has been found and is being brought in. Sipowicz and Clark tell Ortiz that the Hatcher incident is going to go down as a "good shoot." Hatcher wants to talk to Sipowicz; he wants to know what Sipowicz has against him. Sipowicz suggests that Hatcher begin looking for another assignment, he doesn't want Hatcher bringing the squad down, but Hatcher believes it's time for Sipowicz to have a change of venue. Jones and Medavoy ask Ryan Dooling about the bullet hole, but he claims he doesn't know anything about the bullet hole. However, after he hears about the death next door (his neighbor was the only person who actually seemed to care about him) he tells them that Eva Warm had the gun that fire the deadly shot. Haywood hears about the evidence they have against Hatcher's shooting victim and she expects he will get some time for his possession and use of the unregistered weapon. Eva Warm tells Jones and Medavoy about her meeting last night with Ryan Dooling and how stupid she was for falling for his bullshit. She confesses to the accidental shooting of the gun. Then they tell her about the consequence of the gun's firing. Hatcher invites Clark to a monthly poker game, but he declines. Ortiz asks Clark if there is anything she needs to know about her partner. He tells her just to keep an eye on him. Outside the precinct Sipowicz places a call to Clark and has him come down to meet him. He tells him that he is going to be meeting with Hatcher's ex-partner, Carl Garrity, from around the time of the death of Hatcher's wife. Sipowicz has looked at the case file and it seems wrong, since no one was ever collared for it. Sipowicz wants to know if Clark will join him in this meeting. Clark seems reluctant, but decides to go along. Garrity tells them about Hatcher's wife having an affair (with him) that she told Hatcher about. Three days later she was dead. It may have been a coincidence, but Sipowicz is convinced that Hatcher killed his wife.moreless
    • NYPD Blue: A Final Tribute
      NYPD Blue: A Final Tribute
      Season 12 - Episode 19
      Hosted by Jimmy Smits this hour contained interviews with most of the current cast as well the co-creators, crew and many former cast members.
    • I Love My Wives, But Oh You Kid
      I Love My Wives, But Oh You Kid
      Season 12 - Episode 12
      Faith Chandler, a hooker, was murdered in the apartment of a former madam. Chandler was working an AA program. The former madam gives Sipowicz and Clark the name, Bob Cavanaugh, a man she knows was one of the victim's clients. Brigid Scofield comes to the squad to see Medavoy about a possible apartment she's found for him. Caught a little off guard, he agrees to meet her at lunch to look at the apartment (that of course he doesn't really want, need or more importantly can afford). Murphy and Ortiz go to the scene of a woman, Tracy Llewellyn, who was found murdered. The landlord tells them that the woman's apartment was being paid for (in cash) by designer named Hal Matheson. Bob Cavanaugh comes in for questioning with Sipowicz and Clark. He admits to knowing Faith Chandler and having more than a business relationship with her but he hadn't seen her in two weeks. Murphy and Ortiz go to the Hal Matheson's design studio and meet his wife, Paige. When he calls into the studio, Paige lets him know that some nice and pretty detectives want to question him. Hal Matheson meets them at the precinct. They break the news to him about his lover's death. Matheson obviously doesn't want his wife know and they promise to try to keep it out of their investigation. A dump on Tracy Llewellyn's phone indicates that calls were made to the home of an Annabelle Matheson. Medavoy talks to Jones about his situation with Brigid Scofield. Jones tries to tell him that if she really likes him, she will be able to deal with the realities of his financial situation. Murphy and Ortiz see Matheson coming out of Annabelle's apartment, kissing her and the two kids. They stop him and bring him in for further questioning. He admits to them that he has two wives and tells him how he did that and having a girlfriend besides. Beside the ongoing murder investigation, the detectives want to hold him and also charge him with bigamy. He tells them that he isn't actually legally married to Annabelle. The AA sponsor of Faith Chandler comes into the squad with information for Sipowicz and Clark. She gives Sipowicz a list of names that the victim felt that she had hurt over the years. She also tells them about a guy that she had met at a meeting. Sipowicz tells her about his 8 years and gets her to tell him about a 5:00 PM that she had seen that man attend in the past. Murphy and Ortiz are back at the victim's apartment and find out from her answering machine that she was pregnant. They go to the clinic, where the receptionist tells about Tracy and Matheson's visit with the doctor and the fact that a private detective was also inquiring about the pair. Meanwhile back at the squad information comes in that Faith Chandler's death matches another one from the 9th precinct. Bale is going to find out if there any other homicides out that might fit this possible pattern. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Annabelle about her husband's whereabouts. She gives them his schedule, which matches his story. They tell her about her husband's infidelity with their victim and the fact that she was pregnant. Annabelle doesn't believe that her husband is capable of the crime. The detectives don't tell her about her husband's other wife. Sipowicz goes to the AA meeting and confronts Paul Hartley about his relationship with Faith Chandler. Medavoy starts to look at the apartment, but then does the honorable thing and confesses his financial difficulties. She asks if he has ever tried to do anything about that. He tells her the bouncer story, and she suggests that he consider trying real estate. She asks him to join him on the possible closing of a deal later that evening. He agrees to give it a try. Back at the squad, Murphy and Ortiz talk with the private investigator, who tells them that the woman who hired him Paige Matheson also inquired about the possibility of getting rid of Tracy Llewellyn. With a third case, a taskforce is going to be created to try and find a suspect and Bale is even authorizing overtime. Murphy and Ortiz go to the studio to collect Paige and bring her into the squad. They ask her what she knows about Tracy Llewellyn and her hiring of the private investigator and her attempt to hire him to get rid of her. Jones interrupts their interview to tell them that Paige's car went into the city at 3:15 AM that morning. They confront Paige about the car, and then they tell her about Annabelle, Matheson's other wife. Paige admits to having seen the victim in an attempt to convince her not to have the child. They get her to write up her story and tell her to get a good lawyer. When taking her out of the pokey room, Paige gets to meet Annabelle. Then they tell Annabelle who the woman was who attacked her and that she isn't legally married to Matheson. They break the news to Matheson that his wives know the truth, but despite not being legally married to him, Annabelle looks like she is going to be staying by his side. Medavoy and Brigid Scofield show off the property and Medavoy's advice to the husband seals the deal on the property. Now Brigid Scofield wants to take him out for a drink and see if Medavoy can close another deal. The task force convenes and Bale lays out the plan, the females will speak at the meetings and try to appear vulnerable. Murphy gets up and speaks at an AA Meeting with Clark watching and Sipowicz is doing the same with Ortiz at another meeting.moreless
    • Porn Free
      Season 11 - Episode 4
      The detectives are on the scene of a dump job, as always Medavoy wants to talk about the trial, whose outcome is as yet unknown, because it is only 8:00 AM. While Medavoy and Jones examine the body, Sipowicz and Clark talk to the swimmer (in a Speedo) who found the body. Sipowicz tries to get the swimmer covered up, but cries "Uncle" when the swimmer bends over. Back at the squad another dump job comes in, while the detectives run their case by Rodriguez. Though he tries to hide it, Rodriguez is distracted by fact that the jury is still out. McDowell and Ortiz get to the scene of the other dump job, meanwhile the male detectives go to the first victim's apartment and find themselves distracted by their victim's neighbor, who is wearing thong underwear during their interview. In the midst of all that distraction, she tells them they should look for the victim's son, Michael Woodruff, which Sipowicz send Medavoy and Jones off to do. McDowell and Ortiz interview their victim's husband, Dan Burleigh, as Jones and Medavoy find the son of the first victim. Back at the squad the phone rings and Rodriguez leaves for the courthouse, the verdict is in. Jones and Medavoy talk to Michael Woodruff about his mother. He tells them about Desmond Carter, a man that his mother was seeing. Sipowicz and Clark go to garage where Carter works and after they deal with watch dog, Carter mentions getting into a fight with their victim's ex-husband. McDowell and Ortiz go to a strip club to talk to a woman who their victim had recently called and they find out that their victim did porn films in the 1980s. Sipowicz and Clark bring Carter in and find out more about their victim's husband while Jones and Medavoy watch the interview. Jones and Medavoy go back to talk to Michael to find out about his father. He gives them a place where they might be able to find him. At the courthouse, the verdict is revealed. Fraker is "not guilty" on both counts. Sipowicz and Clark go and retrieve Craig Woodruff. McDowell gets confirmation that Dan Burleigh's alibi didn't check out and they tell him what they know about his dead wife's colorful career as "Stella Star". He changes his alibi. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Woodruff about his relationship with his ex-wife. They start to try to use his son against him, but it isn't working. McDowell finds out Burleigh's revised alibi does check out. Medavoy comes up with another suspect for them, a man who is anxiously trying to collect all the memorabilia for "Stella Star". Rodriguez returns to the squad as Jones and Sipowicz have a disagreement about the use of Michael Woodruff against his father. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Michael Woodruff and fail to get him to admit that his father murdered his mother. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the obsessive collector of "Stella Star" who they get to flip for the murder, followed by rape. In an effort to get him to confess, Sipowicz goes to Craig Woodruff and tells him what he knows and that he expects to break Woodruff's son into giving his father up. Craig tells him it is a family matter and his son isn't going to give him anything. Sipowicz tells him that he will put this case together, but for now, with nothing to charge Woodruff with, he is released. At the end of the tour, Rodriguez thanks his detectives for their support. Jones offers to help Michael Woodruff with his future, to help payback for a time when someone looked out for him when he was a young man in trouble. Ortiz finds Rodriguez down at the harbor.moreless
    • You Bet Your Life
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Andy's AA sponsor is beaten up by his estranged son. Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of a pregnant woman whose charred body leaves few clues. Martinez and Medavoy check out the story of a man who might have information about a pawn shop robbery.
    • What a Dump!
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      Andy and Bobby investigate the murder of a woman whose body was found dumped in an alley. They interview a strange suspect but other information tells them the woman was a mail order bride who was looking to divorce her husband. That makes him the prime suspect. Greg and James look into the drive by shooting at a bus. One of the passengers mouths of at Abby and that gets Greg's ire up. Throughout the rest of the day, Greg gets tough. He is nervous about his dinner with Abby later the evening. Andy works his part-time job for the US Marshall by doing "dump detail" at the airport.moreless
    • The Backboard Jungle
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      A basketball game, held in the memory of a young boy, erupts into violence. 2 dead, 7 wounded. Andy has a race relations problem with the organizer of the event that was witnessed by a reporter. Fancy and Sipowicz's relationship is on shaky ground as details of this event come to light and Andy is removed from the case.moreless
    • You're Buggin' Me
      Season 12 - Episode 5
      Sipowicz receives a late night phone call and he goes to the bar where Clark is drinking and tries to convince him that it is time to go home. He takes Clark's keys and leaves with Clark in pursuit. Outside of the bar three shots are fired in their direction, one of them strikes Sipowicz in the shoulder. At the hospital Sipowicz has been stitched up and is going to work. He tells Medavoy that he thinks the shooting was a random act, or related to Clark and had nothing to do with his stalker. Murphy and Ortiz interview the bartender, who admits to making the call to Sipowicz about Clark's drinking. He also tells them that an off-duty cop works his door, but he had left before the shooting occurred; he also tells them that he isn't giving up that cop's name. They convince him it is in his best interest to do otherwise. In the squad's coffee room, members of Sipowicz's AA support group are there to give him some support. Someone called and told them that he had begun drinking again. Medavoy tells Sipowicz that request for his credit card information was requested by the IPI Agency, the PI firm that Hatcher works for. Sipowicz goes there, finds out who does the security equipment in their building and then he confronts Hatcher, to find out who requested that credit check. Hatcher says that it wasn't him, but that he will look into it for him as a "personal favor." Sipowicz and Bale tell Martens of IAB about Clark's conduct and what happened the night of the shooting. Murphy and Ortiz talk to the off-duty copy who worked as a doorman at the bar and he tells them about the woman that Clark was hitting on and the arrival of a man who broke up their relationship. Then they talk to Clark about what happened and he is able to give them the name, Christine, and number of the woman. Sipowicz stops at a security firm that did work the IPI Agency to see if he can find out who purchased the listening device. After Sipowicz tells the owner how the device was used to help with the abduction of his son, the owner agrees to search back through his records. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Christine, the woman that Clark was with last night. She tells them that the man that came into the bar to collect her was her father. She vouches for the presence of her father in their home between the hours of 2 and 3 am, the time when the shooting incident occurred. Sipowicz finds the guy who installed the listening device at Hatcher's request and also took Theo for a ride. The bartender has come back in again and is talking with Jones and Medavoy. The bartender remembered a guy from a couple of weeks earlier that Clark had stolen a woman from. The guy hadn't been back in the bar since that night that was until last night. Jones and Medavoy ask Clark about the woman and he eventually remembers her first name and where she lived. Sipowicz gets Hatcher and takes him for a ride. Sipowicz holds a gun at the back of Hatcher's neck. Sipowicz tells Hatcher that since he has he has involved his family he wants Hatcher to know what he is capable of. Sipowicz lets him go with those words of warning. The next day the woman whose attention Clark stole comes into the squad. The woman remembers the name of the guy was Larry Mytelka and she finds one of the many business cards that he gave her. In the meantime, Sipowicz (with Bale) has been called down to IAB and we find out what Hatcher was capable of, he has made recordings of his recent conversations with Sipowicz, including the one from last night. Martens tells them that with the evidence at hand, that at a minimum they are looking at a departmental trial. Bale asks him to hold onto that information for at least one day. Jones and Medavoy interview Larry Mytelka about what happened in the bar the night he lost the woman. Using John Irvin as their "eye-witness" they get Larry Mytelka to give up the fact that he fired the shots. Bale meets with Stan Hatcher and Hatcher's uncle and works out a deal to get the whole matter between them dropped. Hatcher doesn't like the deal, but his uncle convinces him otherwise. When Bale returns to the office, he calls Clark into his office and tells him that he needs to straighten up if he wants to continue to "be here." Sipowicz is next in the office, Bale tells him what went down and the conditions of the deal. Sipowicz thanks Bale, but Bale doesn't want his thanks. Bale didn't feel good doing what he did and he wants Sipowicz to know that he did not win a confederate based on these recent events. Clark asks Jones if he wants to go to the gym or get dinner. Jones denies the request, citing that Clark's recent behavior bothers him. Clark asks Sipowicz if he has put in his request for reassignment (to another partner) yet; he asks him to hold off and asks for a chance to get his act together. Sipowicz tells him that he hasn't, and that "we'll try it."moreless
    • Keeping Abreast
      Season 11 - Episode 5
      John is surprised by an early morning visit from Jennifer. Sometime later that morning he and the other detectives are on the scene of a homicide when Russell joins them on the scene. The homicide they caught matches a case she had three weeks earlier. When a piece of evidence is found that helps to link their cases, she decides to stay and participate in their investigation. Jones meets with Michael Woodruff and Michael tells him that he has told his father about their get togethers, but he hasn't told him where he is currently living. Back at the squad Russell runs down her case, which matches their homicide almost exactly. The detectives talk with a bartender and the owner of the bar where the victim was last seen. Word had begun leaking out about the similarity of the cases; the press and 1PP are taking an interest, increasing the pressure for the squad to close the case. Russell leaves to take an important call. Jones and Medavoy respond to the scene of a possible arson, the officer on the scene tells him that a homeless witness told him about seeing a young blond haired boy. The homeless witness is now on the way to the hospital to be treated for his burns. The owner of a bodega across the street comes over to tell the detectives that he has video of a kid that he had sold a lighter to 30 minutes before he heard the fire trucks. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell talk with man who was dating the victim. He tells them that he went by her apartment that night; only he confesses that he wasn't able to actually see her. Evidentially that wasn't enough to make him suspicious. Russell has to leave the investigation for about an hour for an appointment. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the woman that their victim went to the "Time Bar" with. She tells them what the victim had told her about a man she had sex with on the night she died, one key detail the victim mentioned was that the man she was with had a tiny penis. Jones and Medavoy talk with boy (and his parents) that was caught on the bodega video. The boy denies any knowledge of the fire and his mother vouches for his whereabouts at the time of the fire. McDowell and Ortiz talk with one of the waitresses from the club, but the information she offers them doesn't look like it will amount to much. Russell's appointment is with a doctor, who has confirmed her suspicion about the lump in her breast. Now they have to begin the test to see how invasive it may be. Jones and Medavoy talk to the homeless survivor of the fire. He tells them that he actually saw two kids on the scene. The detectives check into the waitresses' information, one item might lead to something, the liquor reps name matches a name the victim told to her girlfriend. Russell returns to the squad and Rodriguez lays down for her the rules about working in his squad. After Russell goes off on the boss, Sipowicz tries to talk with her, but she doesn't open up her problem. He wants her to get with it, or get off of the case. Jones and Medavoy go back to talk with the kid and play him such that they get the name of the other kid that was seen with him. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell talk with the liquor rep, who admits to having gone home with the victim and having sex with her. When Russell (who's got a lot on her mind at the moment) steps over the line--it brings their questioning to a halt when he "lawyers up." Jones and Medavoy talk with the other boy and he tells them that his friend's mother is crazy, that it was she who put them up to lying about their involvement with the fire and she destroyed the videotape they took of the fire in their fireplace. Jones and Medavoy got back the home to encounter the mother. Medavoy finds evidence of the videotape in the fire. When they go to arrest the mother for obstruction and the son for arson the mother gets very verbally and physically abusive on her son. Back at the squad, they report to Rodriguez that the mother and her son are awaiting the arrival of their attorney. Meanwhile the other detectives are still waiting for a break in their case; perhaps when the story hits the papers in the morning something will turn up. The squad plans on staking out the "Time Bar" that evening. Jones realizes that he has missed his appointment with Michael. He finds Michael at the basketball court and to get him to go to dinner with him, he must hit a three. Jones does, but as they are leaving Michael's father arrives. He tells Jones that he is not going to let his son "get turned into you." John and Jennifer rendezvous again that evening, but this time she wants to spice up their relationship by videotaping their lovemaking. He refuses but all she was looking for was something they could do different that he might not have done with any previous relationship. She leaves disappointed. At the "Time Club," Sipowicz and Clark observe Russell's arrival, which seems unusually animated. A little concerned, Sipowicz goes up to her and finds out that she has been drinking. She confesses to having one. Sipowicz leaves her after he's been "brushed off" for effect. When another man approaches her, he gets a glass of water in the face and Sipowicz intercedes and a small fight breaks out. Afterwards Diane tells Andy about her doctor's visit, not wanting any sympathy and wanting to keep her job (the only thing she's got right now) she doesn't want him to tell anyone, not even Connie. He offers to support her, the best that he can, throughout this crisis. Andy makes it home, battered and bruised from the fight. He tries to hide the fact that he knows more about Diane than he is letting on, but Connie doesn't believe it; she knows when she is being lied to.moreless
    • Baby Love
      Season 9 - Episode 6
      Valerie stops by Baldwin's apartment for some spontaneity. Sipowicz gets a page from Gibson's niece Cynthia, and agrees to have lunch with her. A baby is taken from hospital and all of the detectives move on the case, until Jones and Medavoy are diverted to an arson investigation. One of the Arab owners of the firebombed shop keeps pointing towards a man who has been hassling them a lot. Jones and Medavoy interview this man who's been holding a grudge since 11 Sep 2001. McDowell interviews a woman who recently had a stillborn and becomes angry when she realizes that she's a suspect. Cynthia tells Andy about her uncle's colon cancer and the fact that his family wants him at home, getting treatment. He promises her that he will do something, but his focus at the moment is on the missing baby case. Racial tensions erupt at the hospital when one of the store owner's accuses the police of doing nothing. Back at the squad a woman comes forward with info on the firebombing; she overheard her neighbor bragging about the crime. A woman is brought in for questioning, which gives the detectives information on a woman who was supposed to be having a baby at the hospital. They go to her apartment and she confesses to leaving the crying baby in a nearby building. They also realize that the name the woman called when they arrived is the same as the father of the missing baby. Jones and Medavoy interview their informant's neighbor. They get him to cop to the crime, but keep the "hate" part out of it, at least for now. They come back later informing the suspect that the owner's ID'd him as someone they'd had problems with in the past. Now he needs to amend his statement and now the hate is included with the crime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the baby kidnapper and she confesses that she and the baby's father were in a conspiracy to kidnap the baby. They go to hospital and arrest the baby's father, who isn't very cooperative. Sipowicz tries having a talk with Gibson, but Gibson doesn't give anything up. Meanwhile Rodriguez asks the detectives if they think Gibson brings anything to the table. Sipowicz offers to be his partner. Given the events of the day, Sipowicz offers McDowell another chance to talk, but she declines citing having a blind date to go on. Instead of a date, Connie has her daughter, Jennifer, under surveillance.moreless
    • Czech Bouncer
      Czech Bouncer
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      An elderly couple that Sorenson is familiar with is brutally attacked and the woman dies. Dolores hasn't shown up for work, so John Irvin fills in as the PAA. There is a homicide at a strip club and Russell and Kirkendall catch the case. When trying to round up their witnesses for interviews, they discover a familiar face, Dolores, who isn't implicated in the case. Their other interviews lead to the identification and capture of a suspect (a client) who readily confesses to the female detectives. Meanwhile, Sorenson and Sipowicz begin their investigation, which leads to the interview of a suspect, where Sorenson shows Sipowicz some of what he's got in the interview room. Sorenson regrets his action. Later in the day, Sgt. Dornan returns to the squad to talk with Sipowicz about the Suarez case. He now believes the case should be reopened. When Andy gets home to tell Sylvia, she tells him it has become a moot point, Suarez was just murdered in the laundry room at Rikers. Danny and his girl friend, spend some time together. During the course of their post-intercourse discussion, she tells him that she would be ready to move their relationship to the next level; with that Danny leaves.moreless
    • What's Your Poison?
      Season 11 - Episode 21
      Clark comes into the squad and tells Sipowicz he's been trying to find Jennifer Devlin, who walked out of the psych facility last night. Sipowicz tells him about a man who is coming in for an interview, one of Cindy Clifton's teachers, who wrote an unusual note "special, special pal" in her yearbook. The teacher, David Lewis tells them that he did have a support group relationship with Cindy Clifton, which was nothing like the relationship Cindy told him that she had with her half-brother Sam Jeffers. The detectives let him go, but having found him a little strange, Sipowicz gets Lewis' used piece of gum and sends it off for a DNA test. The detectives try to run down information on David Lewis, but they can't seem to find anybody that will say anything bad about him. Jones is leaving for court as today is the day when Michael is supposed to testify against his father. Brockhurst comes in with information on the sex-offenders that lived around Cindy Clifton, but it is Medavoy who comes up with the name of a parent who might have something to say about David Lewis. Brockhurst tells them that he will be hanging around the station house if anything comes up. Ortiz and Ronson go to the scene where a man, tourist Ned Applebaum has been mugged and lost his wife's $35,000 necklace; the only description of the mugger he can offer in this daylight mugging is an Italian guy in gold chains and a jogging suit. Michael testifies in his father's trial. On cross examination his father's attorney brings up an item from Michael's past where he had once lied to the police to try to reduce Michael's credibility. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the parent who had a complaint against David Lewis. He tells them about his daughter's close encounter with David Lewis. He believes they are looking at the right guy, but he wants to keep his daughter out of any subsequent prosecution. Jessica Applebaum comes in with a picture of her necklace and talks to the detectives. She tells them about the reason for their trip, to reconnect with each other; she tells them that she didn't even bring her necklace with her. David Lewis comes back in and (with Brockhurst watching) Sipowicz and Clark ask him about his relationship with past students. Then they tell him about the DNA evidence that proves he had sex with Cindy Clifton. Sipowicz, Clark and Gibson talk with Haywood about what they have on Lewis and she tells them the statue of limitations on the sexual assault makes him untouchable for that crime. As for charging him with her murder, they are going to need an air tight case before the DA's office will pursue a prosecution. Sipowicz goes to let Lewis out of the cage, but warns him that he is done teaching and that he better remain available. Lewis gets smug with Sipowicz since he knows they can touch him on the sexual assault charge, which only begins to anger Sipowicz. Clark gets a call from Dr. Devlin. He goes to her apartment to find that she is attempting to OD on pills. He calls for an ambulance and tries to keep her conscious until it arrives. At the hospital Clark finds out the status of Devlin, he is worried that she is going to be just like his dad "another train wreck he can't stop." Sipowicz gets a call from Gibson that Lewis's DNA was confirmed to be on Cindy Clifton's body. Sipowicz plans to talk to Cindy's father to see if he remembers David Lewis. Ortiz and Ronson talk again with Ned Applebaum about his story; they are trying to see is he is trying to commit insurance fraud. He then tells them about the lady friend, from the Internet, he was going to meet in "Little Italy." He was going to loan her the necklace so that she could use it as collateral for a loan for her sick child. The detectives get the PO Box number where Applebaum had sent previous gifts to his lady friend. Gerald Clifton comes in and hears what the detectives have to say. He doesn't recall a David Lewis, and he reiterates that he doesn't want to bring up any of this again with his wife. It is time for his family to get on with their lives. Ortiz and Ronson go to the apartment of the owner of the PO Box. He is a day trader who they discover took advantage of "hayseed" Applebaum, when they find gold chains and running suit he wore when he took the necklace. Jones returns from Michael's day in court. Gibson tells Sipowicz and Clark that David Lewis was found DOA in his apartment. They go to the scene and try to determine whether the death was a suicide or not. Ortiz and Ronson give Jessica Applebaum her necklace back and then since he genuinely seemed to be just someone who did something stupid and then suggest that she give her husband a second chance by at least talking to him, which she does. Sipowicz tries to decide how to proceed with the investigation of Lewis's death; both he and Clark believe that Brockhurst might be involved. Since everyone seems to have closure (except Sipowicz), should they let Lewis' death remain a suicide? Clark gets a call about Devlin and goes to the hospital. The doctor tells her she needs to remain restrained for now, but he is allowed to see her as long as he doesn't loosen her restraints. Clark pleads with her to begin taking care of herself. She tries to manipulate him into loosening her bonds, but he stands firm and stays by her side. Sipowicz goes to the watering hole where he expects to find Brockhurst. He tells him about David Lewis death. In reminding Brockhurst about an old story he tries to get Brockhurst to tell him what he knows about the death of David Lewis. Brockhurst doesn't admit to anything, but tells Sipowicz he is going to be able to sleep tonight now that the case is closed and that Sipowicz should do what he needs to do. Sipowicz goes to a church to find some direction.moreless
    • One in the Nuts
      Season 10 - Episode 3
      Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are on the scene of a homicide, where the victim was shot in the groin and the head. The two witnesses on the scene don't offer them much help. Jones and Medavoy look into a robbery where the store owner claims to have shot at a Latino man. Three blocks away, McDowell and Ortiz are on the scene, where a Latino man has been shot. This man claims to have been shot while being robbed just down the street. Back at the squad McDowell finds out that her sister, Michelle, has called her twice. She calls her back and finds out that she been in town for the last three months. She meets with Michelle, who she sees is six months pregnant and has been beaten up. Michelle doesn't want Connie to have her husband arrested or brought in for any kind of talking to; since she doesn't believe it would make anything better. McDowell gives her the key to her apartment and tells her to go and see a doctor. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz find and interview woman named Chloe who was involved in a domestic dispute their victim one month earlier. She denies any knowledge of what happened to their victim, but she can't readily account for her time, so she offers them the location of Antwan Butler, someone who she says their victim burned on a coke deal. Back at the squad, McDowell comes back and tells her fellow detectives about her sister's situation. Sipowicz wants to do something to help, but Rodriguez wants him to take care of grabbing their suspect first. McDowell and Ortiz go to the scene where another Latino body was found, this corpse looks to be the man shot in Jones and Medavoy's robbery case. They go back to the hospital to see if they can talk with their original shooting victim. He is still in surgery, with a bullet lodged near his spine. They talk with the victim's brother, who tells them that their victim knew the woman whose apartment he showed up at when he was shot, at the scene the woman and the shooting victim didn't acknowledge knowing each other. Meanwhile the other detectives and a couple of uniforms go to grab their suspect. He flees out the window and fires one shot injuring a uniformed officer. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their suspect but he doesn't know who their victim is, he does admit to knowing the woman named Chloe. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. leave to pick up someone who was caught trying to sell some of the Palm Pilots taken from their victim's apartment. McDowell's brother-in-law Frank is brought in for questioning, since Sipowicz (her first choice) isn't available, Jones and Medavoy agree to have a talk with him. They tell Frank that he needs to leave his wife alone and go back to where he came from. Frank claims to hear the wake up call, but McDowell isn't convinced that her colleagues' warning was enough; what she really wanted Sipowicz in there to scare the crap out of Frank. Her dissatisfaction with Jones and Medavoy's performance in the interview room causes a little tension in the squad. McDowell herself is stressed over the whole situation with her sister. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. begin their interview of the guy who selling the Palm Pilots; he mentions that Chloe was on the scene with him and also admits to shooting their victim in the groin, but has no knowledge of a second shot. McDowell and Ortiz start to reinterview the woman who claimed not to know their shooting victim, when McDowell, who is still on the edge with everything else going on, scares the woman into telling them what she knows about their victim's shooting. The shooting victim, an old college boyfriend, is the actual father of the child she is raising with her husband. She was letting him sneak for visits with the child. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. reinterview Chloe who corroborates the Palm Pilot guy's story, so they still don't know where the shot to the head came from. Haywood is being briefed by the detectives on the Latino shooting, when she pauses to tell Jones that he must have an important call to take. Anderson is in the doorway making a "call me" signal in Jones' direction. Jones asks Haywood not to break his balls in front of his boss. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find out that their victim was shot in the head with his own gun; they decide to reinterview the partner. Jones and Medavoy go to the hospital to tell the Latino shooting victim that the real story is known, he continues to stick with his story. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find their victim's partner was trying to leave the city; they determine and he admits to pulling the trigger for the second shot. Later that evening, Maya and Baldwin play "Truth or Dare." At Connie's apartment Connie tries to help her sister get things worked out, when Frank shows up at the door asking to talk with Michelle in private. Connie is reluctant to let her sister go with him, but she relents when her sister seems willing to go.moreless
    • Aging Bull
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Sipowicz is annoyed when federal agents take over their investigation of the disappearance of a millionaire. Simone aids an old prizefighter friend, the guy who started him with birds, and who doesn't think he needs any help. A petty criminal from the past surfaces with information about the kidnapping, Sipowicz decides to act on it.moreless
    • Divorce Detective Style
      Season 12 - Episode 4
      Clark leaves his latest encounter's apartment, hoping to make it to work on time. The other detectives are already on the scene of the blunt force trauma homicide of artist Tracy Gilchrist and Clark (of course) arrives late. Annoyed with this, Sipowicz shuts Clark out of his interview of one of the victim's neighbor. She tells him that the victim worked as a phone sex operator. After the interview Clark tries to address the situation, but Sipowicz isn't listening. Back at the squad room, Sipowicz takes delivery of a package (of kiddie porn). When he signs his name, the FBI agent reveals himself and takes him to the coffee room, where his partner and Lt. Bale are waiting. With the recent pattern of harassment to back him up, Sipowicz and Bale get the FBI to drop their investigation. Clark leaves for court, he is testifying in the case against Steve McClintock. Scott Garvin and his attorney come to the squad to report the probable kidnapping of his son. Garvin has received a ransom call. Sipowicz, Medavoy and Jones listen Scott Garvin tell the story of his relationship with his son, someone he'd recently cut off financially. Murphy and Ortiz interview Lainie Rutter, Tracy's boss at the phone sex operation. She tells them that Tracy got involved with one her clients and they persuade her to give up the name of this client. Clark is on the stand testifying for ADA Munson, on cross examination the defense attorney brings up his relationship with Carly Landis, which Clark admits to happening that one time. Scott Garvin gets wired up for the ransom drop and Bale goes out on the stakeout with Sipowicz. In the car Bale notes to Sipowicz that his vehicle is past due for its service, he wants him to make sure it gets into the shop today. The ransom drop is made but the perp is allowed to get away, because Bale wants to follow protocol and not compromise the situation. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Barry Henning, Tracy's chief client and he goes over the nature of their relationship with them. Back at the squad room, Clark reports to Sipowicz that the testimony went well. Sipowicz goes into Bale's office after he hears that Bale has called in the cavalry. Bale is just trying to follow protocol; Sipowicz vents his frustration and tells Bale that if he wants him out of here he needs to make the call. Clark finds out that the kidnap victim had been making calls to the murder victim, Tracy Gilchrist. The name isn't familiar to Scott Garvin. A call comes in that a radio car has found Todd Garvin. Munson comes into the squad to talk with Clark and Sipowicz about the case against Steve McClintock. She tells them that Clark's credibility as a witness was comprised when he admitted to having slept with Carly Landis. Clark didn't think it was relevant, which is why he didn't tell Munson about it in their preparation for the case. Sipowicz is discouraged, but Clark isn't worried; he thinks the case can be made without his testimony, because "it's not big deal." Todd Garvin is brought into the squad. Murphy and Ortiz return to tell Bale that Henning will alibi out. He tells them try and link their victim to the kidnapping and surprisingly he tells them that anyway that want to proceed on their investigation is fine with him. Todd Garvin tells them about his relationship with his father, his kidnapping and the fact that the last place he saw his girlfriend was back at the bar. They tell him about the death of Tracy. Medavoy reports that the name "Sam Parks" that was scratched on Tracy's wall might tie to a Samantha Lewitis and a Parks Benton. The detectives sit on the apartment of Samantha Lewitis and grab up her and her boyfriend Parks Benton up with the ransom money on them. They bring them in, but when Sipowicz returns to the squad room, Bale calls him into his office to show him the listening device that was taken out of his car when it was being serviced. This explains how his stalker was able to talk to Theo about recent family events. Sipowicz wants to run with the investigation, but Bale tries to assure him that the proper people have been notified and are working it and he doesn't need to get personally involved. Sipowicz disagrees and manages to at least be allowed to hold onto the listening device. Parks Benton tells Jones and Medavoy that the kidnapping was setup by Todd Garvin. He also tells them about Samantha Lewitis's perception of his reaction when Tracy Gilchrist was demonstrating her phone sex technique. John Irvin reports to Sipowicz the legwork he's done on the listening device, there are 14 places in the city where that model can be purchased. Meanwhile, Murphy and Ortiz talk with Samantha Lewitis, who confirms the faking of the kidnapping and when pressed about Tracy confesses to killing the "artsy-fartsy college girl" who makes money having sex on the phone. Sipowicz and Clark go back at Todd Garvin, who admits to faking the kidnapping; explains his relationship with his father and expresses regret for the death of his girlfriend. Scott Garvin is brought up to speed on the status of his son's case. Sipowicz gets a call from Munson; the murder charges against McClintock have been dropped. Clark tries to play it off, but the disgust on Sipowicz's face is obvious. Sipowicz tells Clark he doesn't want to work with him anymore. Clark thinks he has a holier than though attitude. Clark tells him that they are going to get a divorce and that he should "drop dead!" Clark leaves and a distraught Sipowicz returns to his desk. He calls Connie to see if she can get someone to watch the kids, so that she can pick him up from work. He's afraid that if he tries to drive himself home, he'll stop for a drink.moreless
    • Colonel Knowledge
      Season 11 - Episode 14
      The detectives are on the scene of what appears to be a gang killing. A new detective arrives at the scene; his name is Stan Hatcher, whose previous accomplishments include saving kids on a school bus. With his contacts he tells the others that he's heard someone made inappropriate comments to a leader of the Latin Kings. Sipowicz tells him to run with what he knows. The detectives return to the squad to find that Gibson has brought his obnoxious African Gray parrot. Hatcher tells the detectives what he's heard about the Latin Kings and leaves with Ortiz to find the leader. A man comes into the squad to report the "kidnapping" of his 15-year-old daughter. He tells them about an older boy that his daughter has been seeing. His attempts to get in touch with the boy (or his parents) Medavoy and Jones agree to look into what they define as more of a "runaway situation." Ortiz and Hatcher find "King Jazz" (Wilmer Lopez) leader of the Latin Kings. Hatcher seems to know the way to communicate to Lopez and Lopez tells him that any business they had with their victim's organization was already taken care of. Medavoy and Jones go the apartment where Charles Slocum lives (his parents are out of state). He tells them that he hasn't seen his girlfriend in two days. They search his home and turn up nothing. McDowell keeps trying to find information about Hatcher, with little success. John Irvin is bit by the parrot. Ortiz and Hatcher return and report on their talk with Lopez. Before their arrival a tip from a neighbor of the victim came in saying that the building superintendent (Lonnie Parker, a man with a criminal past) was seen leaving the scene after the shots were fired; Parker's son Calvin comes in to give the Sipowicz and Clark some background on his 65-year-old father. Jones and Medavoy talk to one of Carla's classmates, and she eventually tells the detectives that she knew Carla was pregnant and was planning on keeping the baby, although she wasn't sure that Charles Slocum was going to agree with the idea. Hatcher tells the detectives that in his old squad they used to do a "double-up" interview," where another set of detectives would conduct an interview of someone to see if they can get additional information. Sipowicz reluctantly allows him to talk with the super's son, but goes to observe the interview. Hatcher doesn't appear to gain any new insights, but he does lay out some known details about Latin Kings in the case to Calvin Parker. Calvin only reiterates that he doesn't want anything to do with his father. Medavoy and Jones reinterview Charles Slocum and when they begin to apply the pressure to him Charles tells them about a pact he had with Carla. With her being pregnant they both knew her father wouldn't approve of them being together, and they agreed to commit suicide together. When the time came for him to pull the trigger, he couldn't do it. He tells the detectives where they can find Carla's body. Medavoy and Jones go back at Charles Slocum about the fact two shells were found at the scene. Slocum denies killing Carla and setting up a "Romeo and Juliet" situation. Meanwhile McDowell can't find anyone with any information about Hatcher. Sipowicz can't believe that nobody wants to talk about this guy; "he's fine" is the only response that anyone seems to come up with. Lonnie Parker is brought in and questioned by Sipowicz and Clark about the shooting. He tells them he didn't know anything about the shooting and that he had no beef with the victim who was a new tenant in the building. He finally relents and tells them that he saw two Latin Kings with the victim that morning. As a result Ortiz and Hatcher bring Lopez in for a reinterview, but Hatcher's tough attitude with Lopez doesn't sit well with Ortiz, who warns Hatcher to not let it happen again. The detectives review e-mails between Charles Slocum and the victim. A phone dump also reveals that Calvin Parker had been talking with his father throughout the day. A TARU Tech drops of more information from Slocum's computer. Before the TARU Tech leaves, Sipowicz gets his attention and accompanies him down to the lobby. McDowell finds an e-mail that indicated that Slocum very likely had no intention of killing himself, since the day before he was to kill himself he was making plans to attend a concert next month. Medavoy and Jones confront him with this additional evidence. He tells them the only thing they can prove was that he failed to commit suicide. With his transport of the gun and assisting in the suicide he is looking at ten years at least. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Calvin Parker about his father and he tells them that he did give his father some information (obtained from Hatcher) that would help him through his interview with the detectives. They show Calvin in custody to his father and Lonnie confesses to shooting the victim, who caused nothing but trouble in his building since he moved in. Haywood and the detectives tell Carla's bereaved father about his daughter's fate and what will probably happen to Charles Slocum. Hatcher knows that Sipowicz is the man in the squad and he wants to know if Ortiz is "stand-up" and going to cause him any trouble for the incident in the interview room. With a promise to observe the squad and not "double-up" interviews, Hatcher and Sipowicz agree to make a fresh start tomorrow; meanwhile, McDowell has found out that Hatcher is the nephew of the Chief of Personnel. After passing that information on she leaves for home and maternity leave. Sipowicz tells Gibson that he knows about his and Hatcher's relationship to the Chief of Personnel. He hopes that Gibson will have "the spine" to get rid of Hatcher when the time comes. After Gibson leaves, the TARU Tech returns to the squad with a device for Sipowicz. It is a tape recorder that Sipowicz sets by the parrot cage, where it will continually play the word "douche bag."moreless
    • The Brothers Grim
      Season 11 - Episode 18
      Sipowicz meets with Haywood who has had an old case that was recently reopened dumped upon her. The case against Leonard Peeler has been reopened since the testimony of Earl Bezdek, a man who's found God and is dying of AIDS, has been recanted. This allowed DNA testing to occur that exonerates Peeler. Sipowicz tells her that the case (we later learn his first as a detective) was a good arrest 18 years ago. She asks him to be prepared to offer his assistance if the case does get officially reopened. Sipowicz leaves to join the other detectives on the scene of a homicide where a body was found by a cigarette smoking nursing student who can't handle dead bodies. Gibson introduces a new detective to the squad, Det. Kelly Ronson; she comes from narcotics and is pursuing a law degree in the evening. A woman, Alyssa Huber, comes into the squad looking for help to find her missing baby, who's been missing for maybe a couple of years. She left her daughter in the care of a woman while she was serving jail time and having recently got out she wants her daughter back. She provides the detectives with the last known address of the woman. Clark and Sipowicz interview the brother and mother of victim Gary Keller. The brother Hugh tells the detectives that his brother was here in New York to help get Eric, their drug addicted brother, to come back home to Florida. The interview and additional information uncovered by Medavoy and Jones enlightens them as to how screwed up the Keller family really is. Sipowicz leaves them to follow up on the case while he goes to see his old partner Joe Brockhurst (from 1986) to talk with him about their old case being possibly reopened and retried. Brockhurst doesn't believe in the hocus pocus of DNA evidence; he prefers to just remember that Peeler was convicted by a jury of the crime. Sipowicz leaves realizing that Brockhurst isn't going to be much help. Ortiz and Ronson start to get to know each other as they go to interview the woman that was supposed to have been caring for Alyssa Huber's daughter. She tells them that the girl was abandoned to her and that she wasn't able to care for another child on top of the three she already had, as a result she gave the child up to Huber's cousin. At Eric Keller's building Clark and Sipowicz come across a bounty hunter, Roy Wingate, whose looking to extricate Eric Keller back to Florida. Wingate tells them about his encounter with Gary and Eric Keller earlier that morning. He doesn't know anything about the death of Gary Keller. Medavoy and Jones talk again with Hugh Keller, who they enquire about his lack of giving them information about the bounty hunter. Ortiz and Ronson run their case for Gibson, they've been following a trail of people whom the little girl has been passed off to, but they haven't found the girl but they are looking for the woman who was last known to have had custody of the girl. Ortiz and Ronson reinterview Alyssa Huber, about the holes in story. They try to press her to see if her baby is dead and that perhaps she is trying to pull a welfare scam. At Riker's Sipowicz goes to talk Bezdek, but Bezdek doesn't give him anything useful, he merely reiterates the story that Haywood has already given him. With the compelling DNA evidence Haywood is given only three days to make her case for upholding the conviction. As the defendant leaves he catches sight of Sipowicz in the court room. Ortiz and Ronson interview a woman with a cocaine habit and in need of a fix who eventually tells the detectives that she passed the girl off to a woman named Gloria who was working at a soup kitchen two years ago. The parents of the victim in Sipowicz's old case come to the squad to find out what happened in court today. They want answers and Sipowicz tells them there is always the possibility of a as yet unknown accomplice in the case; he promises them that he will get to the bottom of the case. Ortiz and Ronson go to the home of Gloria Dawson, the woman from the soup kitchen. They find her there with a very happy little 4-year-old girl. Ronson tells her that while she probably knows why they are there, the only thing they are looking to do at the moment is to confirm the condition of the child. The woman confirms the soup kitchen story, and tells them that getting Emily in their lives was a blessing for her and her husband, since the adoption process wasn't working out in their favor. Clark and Jones interview Eric Keller. Keller tells them about the fire escape that his dead brother Gary helped him use it to escape the bounty hunter. He liked his brother Gary but doesn't care for his other brother Hugh. Eric tells him he never saw his brother or the bounty hunter again. Back at Riker's Sipowicz tries to talk Peeler, who isn't offering him any help since he believes that Sipowicz didn't believe him back then or now. All he knows for sure right now is that the DNA evidence is going to set him free of a crime he didn't commit. Ortiz and Ronson tell Alyssa Huber that her daughter died a year ago in Ohio. They further tell her that their boss wants them to press charges against her for contributing to the death of her child. They offer her the chance to leave now and never come back. She calls them both useless when they won't call social services on her behalf and get her some death benefits. Clark and Jones interview the bounty hunter, who they have reason to believe is responsible for Gary Keller's death. They ask him about his use of a stun gun as Keller reportedly died from a heart attack after getting hit with the stun gun five times. One or two times might have been okay, but five times is criminally negligent homicide. Ortiz and Ronson report to Gibson that the little girl is still missing, as they go Ortiz apologizes to her for having her enter into "a secret ‘til death pact" on her first day, but they both agree they did the right thing. Outside his apartment Sipowicz talks with Clark about the old case. He tells Clark that one of the reasons that Peeler's timeline fell apart was because his old partner got Peeler to estimate a time at one point in their investigation. That time stuck and other witness's stories didn't corroborate. Sipowicz was a rookie detective and his partner was a legend. Sipowicz knows now that Peeler didn't do it and it bothers him so much that his hands are shaking. Clark tells him it wasn't his fault and he parts company with Sipowicz, with Sipowicz saying he is going for a walk.moreless
    • I Like Ike
      Season 12 - Episode 8
      Sipowicz is doing a little studying and Medavoy catches him; he confesses that he is studying for the sergeant's exam. Medavoy quips that Sipowicz's career is on the upswing, while his own is going down; he isn't sure what his future holds for him, Sipowicz reassures him that he is a good cop and he'll get through this. Jones is looking to take some lost time; the final custody determination hearing for Michael is set for this afternoon. Bale grants him the time to do what he needs to do and then Medavoy comes into his office to plead his case, but Bale isn't going to cut him any slack. The jury in the trial against Simon Kerensky is hung and the judge declares a mistrial. It will be necessary for Lucy Welker to testify again, only it probably won't happen until February. Faced with this new burden, Lucy wonders why no one else involved has to deal with this, she blurts out the name Ike, which is the name of Simon Kerensky's brother. Lucy tries to backtrack mentioning that name. In the precincts lobby, Jones asks a couple of fellow cops to help set up Craig Woodruff into making a drug buy and if it looks like it will take to long to pull off, perhaps the matter could be helped along with something being planted on Woodruff. They are reluctant to get involved and Jones tells them not to worry about it. Lucy Welker is briefed on how she will be protected for the near term. While she is being taken through the lobby when they are leaving they encounter Sipowicz, who is bringing Ike Kerensky in. The sighting makes Lucy Welker uncomfortable and she wants Det. Clark to bring her to see her doctor. Ike Kerensky doesn't believe that Lucy Welker has anything to worry about from his brother and he also has nothing but good things to say about him. While Clark and Lucy Welker are walking down the street, Clark spots a man who begins to fire on the pair. Clark shoots back and takes the gunman out and gets a partial plate number on the white Cadillac that drove away. He calls it in and his colleagues arrive to help assess the situation. Medavoy meets with his delegate and a trustee. The trustee recommends that he take the 30 day rip, but despite that advice Medavoy decides he is going to bear the burden of the trial room. Bobbi Kingston reports to Jones that Michael's father had attended his son's parent-teacher conference this morning. Despite the fact that Craig Woodruff didn't yet have the right to do it, his lawyer is probably going to use that to show the judge that he is taking an interest in his son. She tells him that school reported that Michael was upset by the situation and Jones who is frustrated by these events vents his feelings toward Bobbi, who has only been trying to help Jones and Michael through this situation. As she leaves she reminds him that she is not the enemy. As Sipowicz enters the precinct lobby, one of the cops that Jones had approached earlier tells him about what Jones had asked them to do to Craig Woodruff. Sipowicz tells him that he'll talk to Jones. Lucy Welker's sister Janet comes into the squad wanting to talk to someone in charge. She wants the business with her sister to stop. She wants to take her sister home. Clark stands up for Lucy and when Lucy herself protests against her sister's interference, her sister leaves her to deal with the situation on her own with her police friends. Clark in follow up conversation with Lucy presses her a little more to tell the complete truth and he asks her more about Ike Kerensky's involvement in the case. She tells him that Ike had tried to talk his brother out of setting the fire and she also admits that she and Ike were lovers. Murphy and Ortiz go out to the address attached to the Cadillac that carried Lucy Welker's attempted assassin. Sipowicz and Clark have brought Ike Kerensky back in and they are telling him that he is going to go down as a co-conspirator if he doesn't tell the truth about the fire. They decide to put him in the downstairs lockup to give a taste of what he has to look forward to. The girlfriend of the shooter and owner of the Cadillac isn't moved by the fact that her boyfriend was killed in a shootout with the police as she is when she finds out his accomplice Butchie is the one who was driving her car. Sipowicz tries to talk with Jones about what Moretti told him. Sipowicz tells him to let him play it out, but Jones isn't so trusting that the system is going to work for him. Medavoy tries to give Sipowicz advice for his upcoming exam. The desk sergeant calls upstairs to report that Ike Kerensky tried to hang himself in his cell. At the hospital Sipowicz and Clark try talking Ike Kerensky into doing the right thing. Murphy and Ortiz interview Butchie about his driving the getaway car and he finally tells them that he and his friend were hired by Kerensky. Jones arrives to the hearing late, he wasn't able to find Michael to bring to him to family court. The judge isn't going to proceed in the case until Michael is found. The judge adjourns and leaves the room and then Craig Woodruff makes some threatening remarks to Jones if he doesn't return his son to him. Bobbi Kingston tells Jones that she can help him if he is in fact hiding Michael. Jones indicates that he truly has no idea where Michael is located. Medavoy meets with the lawyer who is going to represent him at his trial; he also thinks that the trial is a bad idea, but since that is what Medavoy wants, that is what they are going to do. Sipowicz and Clark bring Simon Kerensky into the squad. Sipowicz reports in to Bale, who congratulates him on his plan to take the sergeant's exam. Bale offers him his copy of the patrolman's guide, with all his notes in it. ADA Munson and the detectives bring Lucy Welker good news; the driver of the getaway car and Kerensky's brother are going to join her in testifying against Simon Kerensky. Munson commends Clark on his handling of the case. Jones returns to the squad and tells them about Michael's disappearance, they all offer their help.moreless
    • Passing the Stone
      Season 11 - Episode 11
      A Jewish jeweler is gunned down outside of his shop. His widow tells Sipowicz and Clark that a white guy who's recently converted to Islam had been giving her husband some trouble lately. Clark gets the address for Tim Garrity, the recent convert to Islam; just as Jones gets a call that Michael's aunt has been brutally assaulted. Jones and Medavoy go to the aunt's apartment. Jones talks with Michael, who tells Jones that his aunt wasn't seeing anyone, and that his father wasn't around. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the converted Muslim. A uniform is bringing in Michael's dad and Jones is preparing himself for the pending interview. Rodriguez suggests that Medavoy and Ortiz take the interview, that way Jones won't succumb to his desire to beat the crap out of Craig Woodruff and give him what he wants. McDowell interviews an employee of the dead jeweler and she tells her that her boss had an ugly argument over the phone with a rapper named "DJ Drayno." Rodriguez has her get the info to Sipowicz and Clark for a follow-up. Medavoy and Ortiz talk with Craig Woodruff and try to bluff him into a confession that he isn't falling for. Sipowicz and Clark find "DJ Drayno" and bring him in for questioning. "DJ Drayno" tells them that the jewels he got from their victim turned out to be worthless and his argument with the victim was about getting a refund. Michael stops by the squad to find out if Det. Jones had found out anything about his aunt. Jones is out for lunch, and Medavoy and Ortiz tell him they haven't found anything yet. As Michael is ready to leave, Sipowicz decides to have a talk with Michael about his father. Jones enters the room and tells Michael to leave for school and then tells Sipowicz that he needs to leave Michael alone and let him decide when it is time to come clean on his father's involvement in the death of his mother and the probable beating of his aunt. The jeweler's widow has come in to answer some questions. She tells them about another one of those musicians who extorted her husband in the past by trying to get compensated for a necklace that wasn't the same one he had sold him. At the hospital, Jones, Medavoy and Ortiz go into Tammy Carlyle's room and she tries to tell them she was beaten by someone other than Craig Woodruff. She knows that even if she did finger him as the assailant, there is a good chance that when he gets out of prison he will come after her. After all, that's what he did to his wife. After being out for an hour, Rodriguez returns to the office and gets an update from on the jeweler case. "DJ Drayno" and the other musician the widow mentioned both have the same manager, Osias Freeland. Freeland comes into the office and tells them that his conversation with the jeweler last night was going to result in the replacement of the phony necklace. In the meantime, McDowell finds outs that Garrity, the Islam convert hasn't been seen at his mosque all day. Sipowicz and Clark are going to leave to go in search of him, when Michael comes into the squad and tells Jones that he wants to talk with Sipowicz. Michael tells Sipowicz that his father wasn't involved in his aunt's beating, but he does tell him that he did witness his father killing his mother. Sipowicz comes out and tells the other detectives what Michael has told him; he also tells Jones that Michael considers him a father figure and that is why he couldn't confess his real father's guilt. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Garrity again. He confesses to them that he wasn't at the mosque for morning prayers; instead he was at a massage parlor, where he is a regular. McDowell finds out that Osias Freeland has made numerous calls to a costume jeweler. Sipowicz and Clark decide they need to bring him in for further questioning. Rodriguez stops Ortiz, who is on her way out with Jones and Medavoy to pick up Craig Woodruff, and asks her if she'd be available for dinner that evening. Sipowicz and Clark reinterview Freeland, who eventually cops to the fact that he replaced the real jewels with fakes. Jones goes into the bar and arrests Craig Woodruff and since his own son has sold him out, Woodruff is happy to let Jones take care of him. Later that evening at dinner, Rita wonders what her situation with Tony is. He asks her if they could be together, free and clear of their current on the job relationship, would she be interested in pursuing something further. He tells her about an outside job offer he has had and knowing with the outcome of his trial that he will never rise above his current rank he is considering the opportunity, which would make him "free and clear." Rita is definitely interested. Baldwin takes Michael to his apartment, where he tells him that he can live here and that he will pursue the paperwork that will officially let him be Michael's guardian.moreless
    • My Dinner With Andy
      Season 12 - Episode 7
      Sipowicz and Clark have dinner and a conversation. Clark doesn't want anyone else to get "checked out" of his life and Sipowicz makes a deal that if Clark sticks around, he'll stick around, which reiterates his statement back at the squad locker room that he isn't going anywhere. Clark and Sipowicz arrive on the scene where a woman, Lucy Welker, was beaten by a guy she describes a white homeless guy that looks like a lion. She can't give them any better description than that. Medavoy arrives to work with a black eye, given to him by a woman he describes as 5 foot nothing and Murphy offers him some makeup to help reduce the shine. Bobbi Kingston comes by to tell Jones that Michael's father is applying for visitation rights and probably eventually custody. Jones is surprised to find out that the hearing is this afternoon. Bale arrives at the squad, with a note to give someone a call, he is brought up to speed on the morning's cases and notices Medavoy's shiner, which he asks him about. Medavoy tries to pass it off as an accident in the shower. ADA Munson comes to the squad to talk about Lucy Welker, it turns out that she is material witness in a case they have against her boss Simon Kerensky. Munson wants to put some of their own people on the case, given the support she was given by the pair on the recent McClintock case. She decides to give them a chance and Clark owns up to her that he was entirely responsible for the trouble on that last case. Sipowicz and Clark go to prison to interview Kerensky. He doesn't know anything about the attack, but asks them to give Lucy his best. Ortiz reports that Lucy Welker has purchased a bus ticket out of town. She and Murphy are sent off to collect her from the bus terminal. James McGowan stops by the squad at Lt. Bale's invitation and following up on an anonymous tip Bale asks him about Medavoy's possible employment at his bar. McGowan denies his employment, but Bale, detecting a lie, threatens to come down on him if he doesn't tell him the truth. McGowan leaves the office and Medavoy waits in anticipation of Bale's next move. Meanwhile, Jones talks with a lawyer about what can and cannot be done regarding the hearing with Craig Woodruff. Murphy and Ortiz find Lucy Welker and manage to bring her in, where Lt. Bale is laying into her about her legal status if she runs. The detectives manage to get him to back down and Clark gets her to talk about what really happened this morning. She tells them that Lou DaSilva, one of Kerensky's employees, threatened her if she goes through with her testimony against Kerensky. She is so scared at the moment that she'd rather be put in jail than testify. Jones talks with Craig Woodruff about Michael. Woodruff claims that he has straightened out his act and is grateful to Jones for all that he has done for his son. Sipowicz is searching for Lou DaSilva and he gets a line on where he can be found, so he and Clark go after him. Lucy Welker's sister Janet arrives at the squad and she tells Murphy and Ortiz what she thinks about her sister's ability to go through with her testimony. Jones meets with Michael and he tells him about his father's request for visitation rights. Sipowicz and Clark have returned with Lou DaSilva and talk with him about his whereabouts this morning. Lou DaSilva denies knowing Welker, but then admits to attacking her in an attempt to steal her purse. Lou DaSilva tells the detectives that he rather do the time for the assault than do anything that will hurt Kerensky, because if he does that, he knows that he is done. Bale calls Medavoy into his office and tells him that he knows about his job moonlighting at McGowan's. Bale tells him to turn himself over to IAB, but he should continuing working his regular duty while this makes its way through the system. Sipowicz gives Medavoy some things to think about, including talking to his delegate and the option of turning in his papers. At family court the visitation hearing begins and both sides present their arguments for the judge. With no compelling evidence against Craig Woodruff, the judge grants one supervised visit per week, pending a psychological evaluation. Lucy Welker is brought in to give her testimony against Kerensky. She is very nervous and Clark offers her support, which helps her to get through it. Jones brings Michael for his first visit with his father. Clark, Munson, Lucy Welker and her sister return to the squad; since Lucy was not able to complete her testimony she will need to return to court in the morning. Bale won't authorize overtime, but Clark volunteers to keep an eye on Lucy's apartment. Sipowicz offers his assistance in getting her place setup, even though it is not on his way home. Medavoy talks with his delegate about his options. The delegate tells him about the option of going to see a doctor and see about getting a stint, which can get you out on a disability right away with ¾ quarters of his pay. At Lucy's apartment, Sipowicz and Clark make sure the place is secure. Clark assures her that he will be across the street in his car and available if she needs him. And that is where he begins to pass the night.moreless
    • In Goddess We Trussed
      Season 11 - Episode 17
      Gibson calls Sipowicz into his office; Sipowicz has been transferred to Missing Persons at the morgue. Sipowicz accuses Gibson of not having the spine that he once told him he would need to have when it came time to do something about Hatcher. Sipowicz grabs an empty box out of Gibson's office and uses it to clear off his desk, while he is telling the others about the supposed man-power redeployments that have caused his transfer. Hatcher doesn't seem as surprised by this turn of events as the others. Sipowicz goes to see the Chief of Personnel and lodges his complaint about the Chief's nephew, who he says doesn't belong on the job. He tells him that he has been protecting a bad cop. The chief doesn't want to listen, so Sipowicz leaves and reports to the morgue, where he meets Det. Wally Dorland, a sixteen year veteran of the morgue assignment. Back in the 15th precinct Clark and the others start to work the homicide of a woman who was purported to be a therapist. They find evidence that she was a dominatrix. In midst investigation Clark gets a call from Sipowicz, who he meets on the street and they talk strategy. Sipowicz meets again with Hatcher's old partner Garrity, who gives him some files and names of old informants. He tells him about the lack of investigation of the death of his partner's wife. Back at the squad Hatcher tries to give the other detectives some information about their case, but they seem otherwise occupied. Hatcher talks with Clark, who plays up to Hatcher and agrees to be his partner after Sipowicz has had some time to cool down regarding his transfer. Medavoy and Jones interview another dominatrix that their victim worked for a month ago. Her slave (a criminal defense attorney) gives her an alibi. Sipowicz has Clark helping him go through the list of Hatcher's old informants. Intrigued Dorland offers to help him look through the remaining files; meanwhile Clark has left to follow up with one those informants. That informant tells Clark about one of Hatcher's other informants, someone who was arrested a lot, but never served any time. Sipowicz goes to talk to that old informant, who he tells that they are investigating the death of Hatcher's wife from a different direction. He in turn gives Sipowicz another name, that of Emilio Juarez. Following up on some of their victim's recent e-mails, Medavoy and Clark talk to a former client of their victim, Kenneth Welkos. He thought he was going to be seeing her socially and was surprised when she billed him that is why he sent her the e-mails. Sipowicz talks with Juarez, who after some assurance from Sipowicz that he will get some help with his own case, tells him about Frankie Lawrence, one of Hatcher's boys who once all of a sudden had a wad of cash, not too long after the death of Hatcher's wife. Sipowicz goes to find this man, but his bitter mother tells him that her son is dead (he died three months ago from drugs) and safe from the continual harassment from cops. Back at the squad Medavoy is still questioning the logic of Sipowicz transfer. Ortiz finds that Welkos, the man that Medavoy and Jones talked to earlier had a parking violation last night near the victim's home. Clark tells Gibson that he is going out to follow up on an old case, but before he leaves Hatcher tells him he wants to talk with him. Hatcher tells Clark that he has heard from one of his old informants that Sipowicz has been asking about him and the death of his wife. Hatcher wants to know where Clark stands in his relationship to him and he also tells him to warn Sipowicz that there are lower places he can go in the department. At the morgue, Clark tells Sipowicz that Hatcher is onto him. Dorland comes up with the name Jerry Toback, a guy that Frankie Lawrence knew who has experience with ordinance. Sipowicz and Clark go to talk to Jerry Toback, who wants a guarantee that his involvement in this case can be minimized. Sipowicz, Clark, Gibson, Haywood and Martens interview Toback, but both Haywood and Martens tell them that they need more evidence before they can make anything stick against Hatcher. Sipowicz tells Gibson that they may need his help on this, but Gibson seems reluctant to help and go against the nephew of his golf partner. Medavoy and Jones reinterview Welkos, who when they show him evidence that his vehicle was in the area of the victim's apartment, confesses to her murder; however he claims he blacked out and doesn't know how he did it. Clark takes Hatcher into the pokey room, where Sipowicz is waiting. Sipowicz and Clark tell Hatcher what evidence they've uncovered, and that they want him to turn in his papers by the end of the tour. Hatcher tells them (and whoever is watching through the one way glass) to prove it and upon leaving he tells Sipowicz and Clark that they've made the biggest mistakes of their life. Behind the glass Gibson was watching along with Hatcher's uncle, the Chief of Personnel. Medavoy and Jones talk with Melkos' wife. They've determined that she drove the vehicle to the victim's home this morning. She tells them about her meeting with the woman who had put a spell over her husband. They tell her that her husband had confessed to the crime, and unless she tells them something different, he is going to be charged with the crime. The woman tells them what happened between her and the dominatrix that wraps up the case nicely. Sipowicz is sitting at his desk (just visiting he says) when Hatcher comes into the squad, telling everyone that he's put in his papers, as a new security job has come through for him. Sipowicz returns to the morgue and thanks Dorland for his help, calling him a good cop and offering to help him get out of his current job. Dorland declines the offer, liking his current situation. Sipowicz returns to the squad room and he and Gibson agree that Gibson let him down, but together they will work it out. Sipowicz unpacks his box, stating that he's not going anywhere.moreless
    • Good Time Charlie
      Season 1 - Episode 20

      Janice receives a promotion and works with the detectives until she is transferred to the intelligence division. Kelly suspects that his friend is being framed for the murder of his mistress. Lt. Fancy is concerned about his wife's pregnancy, given the complications of her previous pregnancy. Andy falls off the wagon by drinking at a birthday party for Sylvia's father.

    • I Love Lucy
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      Two female impersonators come into the squad room; one of them is seeking protection from a man who's beaten him/her. Arthur's wife asks him to let the squad know about some products she is selling. Jill pursues the investigation of the theft of some small items by an old friend's parents. Her old friend is drug user. The transvestite is murdered; Andy, Bobby and Diane investigate and eventually receive help from an old friend. Medavoy calls in sick and Arthur worries that it might be related to Lillian's products. Jill's old friend turns up at her apartment strung out on drugs; while her parents dropped their charges, Jill is filing her own. Bobby and Diane try to make plans for their wedding, but while at a restaurant they encounter an old acquaintance of Bobby's who is an "independent" stick-up man.moreless
    • Alice Doesn't Fit Here Anymore
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Diane gives her final report to Wallace and Bobby makes dinner plans with Jill. A diamond dealer and his partner report that one of the dealer's sister is missing with a bag of diamonds worth over a million dollars. The broker suspects that his sister's boyfriend is responsible. Andy and Bobby investigate and discover that it is true and then some. Gina is attacked, nearly raped and her face is slashed on her way to work. James, Greg and Diane begin an investigation. James is anxious to find the perp. Greg and Diane wisely advise James to go and stay with Gina, because if he stays it is a "recipe for disaster." They find the perp, who lawyers up right away. Fancy suggests that Andy conduct a re-interview of the skel so that Gina won't have to see him again. That decision makes Greg doubt his career choice. Andy worries about Diane's current state of mind. Bobby and Jill go to dinner as Diane goes back undercover to resolve some personal issues; when that doesn't seem to work, she calls her sponsor, Andy.moreless
    • The 3-H Club
      Season 12 - Episode 9
      Sipowicz is still studying for the sergeant's exam. Medavoy's trial is today. Jones is still looking for Michael, he's been in e-mail contact with him, but Michael doesn't want to be found by his real father. Murphy and Ortiz go off to investigate a molestation case. Jones goes to Craig Woodruff's apartment and after breaking into it, finds him there, dead. Sipowicz and Clark arrive on the scene and they need him to account for whereabouts. Bale wants him to voucher his three guns with the desk sergeant. Murphy and Ortiz go to the school and talk to the boy who was molested. The boy tells them that a man wanted his underwear for three DVDs. The man touched him. The boy was smart enough to get a license plate number of the van. Medavoy testifies in his trial, each side quickly presents their case, but Medavoy asks to speak on his own behalf and tells the story about him trying to help his daughter out. Jones comes back to the squad and wants to talk with Sipowicz and Clark. He went home to get his other gun, but couldn't find it; he suspect's that Michael may have taken it. After assuring them that he didn't use that gun in the crime, Sipowicz tells Jones to tell Bale that he turned all the guns over to him. Clark and Sipowicz talk with Craig Woodruff's landlord and he tells them a relationship that Woodruff might have had with a neighbor. They talk to the neighbor, Jocelyn Barker and she admits to having a relationship. They ask her for husband's name, so they can ask him some follow up questions and likely glean whether the husband was aware of the relationship and perhaps did something about it. Bale introduces Murphy and Ortiz to Det. Donnelly, who is working a case similar to theirs. He accompanies them to the church, where the brown van is registered. They meet the priest, Father McIntyre, an older man who transplanted to the city three years ago. He tells them who usually uses the van and where she can be found, running a soup kitchen. Det. Donnelly is a little suspicious of the priest; in the meantime, the detectives are going to have the van impounded. Back at the squad, Medavoy is awaiting the results of his trial. Michael's Aunt Tammy comes in and talks with Sipowicz and Clark. They inquire as to whether or not she has a gun; she admits that she and her husband have an unregistered firearm. Bale looks for an update from Sipowicz and Bale tells him they better find another suspect soon; otherwise they are going to have to look at Jones real hard. Jones tells Sipowicz and Clark about Michael using the e-mail account of one of his friends. He tells them that the friend and his parents are coming in for an interview. The ruling comes in on Medavoy's trial; he is guilty but is only given a 5 day rip. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the boy and his parent's; the boy has been in e-mail contact with Michael. They want him to tell them where Michael is; the boy eventually relents and tells them that Michael is staying at his brother's NYU dorm. They go to the dorm with Jones and find Michael there, with the missing gun. Murphy and Ortiz meet Lynn Cahill, the woman running the soup kitchen, and she doesn't have any knowledge of anyone else using the van, but agrees to contact them if anything out of the ordinary comes up. Clark and Sipowicz interview Michael about the gun and his whereabouts in the morning. Michael comments that the best thing his father ever did for him was to get himself killed. Det. Donnelly tells Murphy and Ortiz what he found out about Father McIntyre's past, he once had a sexual charge pending against. It gives them enough reason to want to speak to him again. A uniform has found a gun in Woodruff's building, giving Sipowicz and Clark reason to look at the building's tenants a little harder. Sipowicz and Clark interview Jocelyn Barker's husband and they press him into thinking that his wife is a suspect; but the man admits to committing the crime. He claims that even though his wife affair was over, Woodruff kept making reference to it. Murphy, Ortiz and Det. Donnelly interview Father McIntyre. The father is a little suspicious of their questions. They lay their cards on the table and Det. Donnelly starts to lay into McIntyre much harder, by bringing up his past. Murphy and Ortiz get him out of the room, just in time to, because Lynn Cahill comes into the squad to tell them about one of the attendees of the soup kitchen, someone that she found out has a copy of the key for the van. With this new information in hand, Ortiz asks Donnelly if he would like to let Father McIntyre go or should they. Donnelly responds by leaving and not saying a word. Jocelyn Barker comes into the squad, looking to talk to her husband. Medavoy returns and Bales comments that a 5 day rip is good and that he was right to go to trial; Medavoy goes into Bale's office and lays into him, accusing him of torture and committing an exercise out of the command and control playbook. Bale admits to nothing and tells Medavoy to go home and get some sleep. Sipowicz and Clark come out their interview with Jocelyn Barker's husband and tell her that they are going to begin processing her husband for the murder. She tells them that he husband is lying and that she killed Craig Woodruff. At the soup kitchen, Murphy and Ortiz get their suspect, who lawyers up the minute he determines what they are really after during their interview. The paperwork on the Woodruff murder is complete; it will be up to a grand jury to decide which Barker committed the crime. In the first sign of benevolence Bale decides that they can let the gun charge go away against Michael's aunt; he tells Sipowicz to change the 5. Det. Donnelly comes back to the squad to talk to Murphy and Ortiz and apologize for his unprofessional conduct earlier in the day, citing his own experience as an altar boy as the reason. He offers to take them to dinner and they accept. Sipowicz talks with Michael about his relationship with Jones; Michael believes that Jones is angry with him and will probably send him back to Social Services. He'd rather go back into the system than to have Baldwin mad at him. Jones comes into the room, ready to take Michael home.moreless
    • Das Boots
      Season 10 - Episode 7
      Theo tells his father that he misses having Connie around. Andy tells him that Connie has other responsibilities with the new baby but they will get to see her again, eventually. At the squad McDowell is on the phone checking on the baby (again) when they are called out to the scene of homicide in a vacant lot. The victim is a woman that Sipowicz believes is a hooker, based on her wardrobe; but her ID indicates she was a fashion student. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy are on the scene of another homicide where a woman was killed in her apartment building's laundry room. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a friend of their student victim, who is offended when they imply her friend may have been prostituting herself. Rodriguez meets his ex-wife for lunch; she is interested in making amends with him for her past indiscretions with drug use that led to their breakup. Rodriguez is wary of their meeting, feeling that she just wants something from him; he's not ready to go through it all again.

      Jones and Medavoy report to Rodriguez on the current status of their case, when a reverend comes to the squad on behalf of one of her parishioners, someone that she knows they wish to talk to. The man is wary of the police, because of past encounters. The reverend gets them to promise that they will treat him fairly. The body of another victim is found in the vacant lot, her body was missed in the morning's visit to the crime scene; this victim is a real prostitute. Jones and Medavoy talk to the building maintenance guy, a person people in the building think of as a lothario. He as much admits to his reputation, but mentions that their victim is someone he wouldn't have messed with, as she has an intimidating boyfriend. The latest victim from the vacant lot had cell phone which gives the detectives some leads to look into, one call was made to another prostitute and another incoming and outgoing call was made to/from Reed Jacobson. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Jacobson about his whereabouts and activities the previous evening. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the dead prostitute's friend who puts their victim in the location of where Jacobson lived. McDowell and Sipowicz talk about Theo, the baby and everything that is going on. Sipowicz asks her to let him and Theo into her life to help her out. With all that is going on, McDowell doesn't need that dumped on top of her as well. She leaves the room.

      McDowell and Ortiz talk with Jacobson, but he sees through their questioning and gives them nothing. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. decide to visit Jacobson's place of employment to find out more about Jacobson's recent meltdown on the job. Jones and Medavoy finally get to talk to the man they've been interested in seeing; he only tells them that the victim was tutoring him. Their suspect is nervous being in the police station and isn't very forthcoming with any information. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. meet a co-worker of Jacobson and she fills them in on Jacobson's behavior at work. Jones and Medavoy tell Rodriguez about their lack of success with their suspect, but they decide to take another run at him, trying to use the reverend to their advantage. Rodriguez's ex-wife stops by the squad to give him his dad's old money clip; she also leaves him her phone number. Jones and Medavoy go back at their suspect and use the reverend to get him to admit to committing the crime after blacking out, something he'd admitted to doing in the past. Afterwards the reverend gets the impression that she may have been used by the detectives. The student victim's friend brings her laptop into the squad, which her friend had used to visit the websites of several escort services, admitting to the detectives (Sipowicz in particular) that they were right about her friend.

      Jones and Medavoy lay their case out to Haywood, when Rodriguez tells them the ME reports that the blood from under the fingernails of their victim comes back as a type different from that of their primary suspect. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back at Jacobson, with their knowledge of Internet transactions with the call girl victims. Sipowicz tells them that they will find the chink is armor. Clark Jr. mentions the co-worker. Jones and Medavoy reinterview the lothario, and go back at him hard with they find wounds on him that they victim left. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. get Jacobson's co-worker to help them get Jacobson to confess to his crimes. She does, and it is enough to put him over the edge and confess. Jones and Medavoy offer an apology to their original suspect and the reverend comes in reminds them (Jones and Medavoy) of their promise to treat him fairly. Tony decides to meet his ex-wife for dinner and she takes him to show him a vacant apartment, where they reignite the passion of their past relationship. Connie brings the baby by the Sipowicz home and while Theo is holding the baby, Connie and Andy discuss the possibility of moving in together.moreless
    • Thumb Enchanted Evening
      Thumb Enchanted Evening
      Season 8 - Episode 12
      A body is found in a trunk, which Sipowicz and Sorenson believe might be a message to the members of the Scarpelli crime family, since the car was found in their neighborhood. Russell and McDowell interview a man whose member (penis) was sliced off and later found two blocks away by a woman at an ATM. Fancy gets his promotion to Captain. Sipowicz suspects that Fancy knows who his replacement is, only he doesn't know why Fancy's holding onto the information. He has lunch with Cynthia have lunch and discuss what they may or may not be looking for. They concede to see how it goes. Sipowicz finds out that Fancy's replacement is a female lieutenant from the rat squad. John Irvin knows her from GOAL, Gay Officer's Action League, and he describes her as a real ball-buster. The other detectives search for a suspect in the dismemberment as Sipowicz and Sorenson collar a member of the Marino crime family. Their suspect wants a deal with the US and district attorneys, promising that and he'll give names, shades of another former member of the Marino family and Sipowicz's old nemesis, Alfonse Giardella. One of the names he gives them puts Sipowicz and Sorenson onto a suspect for a homicide from 10 years earlier. When they locate the guy, he turns out to be a U.S. Customs officer and a damn good one, who always knew that someday there would be a knock on his door. Meanwhile, the other detectives collar a suspect in the dismemberment. Even though she starts next week, Lt. Dalto stops by the precinct to get a jump on things and lets the detectives know where she stands.moreless
    • The Vision Thing
      Season 12 - Episode 6
      On a city bus a man was stabbed in the chest in front of his wife and kids. A witness reports to Sipowicz that the victim and his killer were eyeballing each other down before the stabbing occurred. Medavoy tells Jones about his daughter's plans to buy a house. He is going to need to find a part time job to help her out. Jones tells him about a position as a bouncer, but he doesn't think Medavoy can handle that kind of job. Medavoy is a little put out that no one thinks he handle himself. Sipowicz is contemplating the stabbing case when Clark arrives and tries to discuss it with him. Sipowicz is distracted by the effect of the killing on the victim's family; he is also bothered by Clark's feeling for the case. They run the case by Bale and then Bale checks in with Sipowicz's mental state, post shooting and everything else that has recently been going on. Sipowicz tells him that everything is okay. An antiques dealer, Gerard Prosser comes into the squad to go over the details of a burglary case that is being investigated by Murphy and Ortiz. John Irvin takes an interest in Mr. Prosser, especially after they discuss his tea service. Murphy and Ortiz ask him for a list of any old employees as a place to start their investigation. Sipowicz and Clark interview the widow and she tells them about her husband's inability to let anything go and the stare down he go into with his killer. Medavoy talks with bar owner Jimmy McGowan about the job. McGowan wants to know if Medavoy can handle a situation without resorting to violence. Medavoy cites his over 20 years of surviving on the job as his main qualification. Murphy and Ortiz ask Prosser about one of his old employees, Ismet Vukaj, they've discovered he had priors for robbery and want more information about him. He also gives them a gift to pass along to John Irvin. Clark has the transit records of the bus passengers. One of them was stopping in the area where Sipowicz knows there is a parole office. Medavoy and Jones catch a stabbing homicide and go to the crime scene, while Bale sends Clark and Sipowicz to interview the victim. Murphy and Ortiz interview Ismet Vukaj, who only admits to having one of Prosser's picture frames in his home, when the detectives warn him they are coming with Prosser to his house to see if any of Prosser's missing valuables are at his apartment. At the hospital, Sipowicz and Clark interview the stabbing victim. The victim was able to take a photo of his stabber with his cell phone. Sipowicz can only comment on the victim's inability to think about the consequences of not backing down. The cell phone photo indicates that the stabber might be the same guy for both of today's cases. Medavoy announces to the others about his new job bouncing and invites everyone to come on down. Sipowicz talks to Medavoy about his new career choice, but it comes down to everyone doubting that Medavoy is going to be able to handle himself in that job. Medavoy thanks him for his lack of encouragement. John Irvin stops by Prosser's home to thank him for the gift of the creamer he needed for his tea service. Prosser inquires as to John's availability and invites him to lunch. Prosser tells John Irvin about his recent slate of financial disasters and now the robbery on top of it all; but Prosser wants to know more about John Irvin. Meanwhile Sipowicz and Clark meet with their possible suspect, Frankie Rosales' parole officer. They go with her to the home where he lives with his sister. Despite Clark's treatment of the sister (where'd that come from?) and the parole officer they manage to get the address of the place where Frankie Rosales is likely to be found. Before they break in, Clark insists on going in first, citing Sipowicz having too much on his mind. Sipowicz goes first anyway and they get Frankie Rosales, with Rosales on managing to get off one shot with his gun before it jammed. John Irvin asks Murphy and Ortiz about the status of Prosser's case, he tells them about the lunch he had with them, but then also mentions the financial difficulties that Prosser told him about over lunch. He is not sure, but he thinks that Prosser might have robbed himself for the insurance money. With that bit of information, Murphy and Ortiz talk with Prosser about the case they've built against Ismet Vukaj, who they really like for committing the robbery. Not wanting to get an innocent victim in trouble, Prosser confesses to having committed the crime himself. Later when "Cagney & Lacey" are taking him away, Prosser has a few words for John Irvin, who he knows all about now. Clark and Sipowicz have begun their interview with Frankie Rosales; they bring up the robbery and then the incident on the bus. Frankie Rosales tells them that nobody is tougher than he is and works his way right into admitting to the murder on the bus, and later the robbery of the video store. Sipowicz brings Bale up to speed on Rosales confession and Bale commends him on doing good work today. Medavoy is working his new part-time job and Jones comes in. A large man starts to make a scene and diminutive Medavoy manages to get him to leave without any violence. Sipowicz goes to the hospital to tell the stabbing victim about the status of his case. As Sipowicz leaves the hospital room, he catches a glimpse of Bobby Simone in the next bed. Back in the squad's locker-room, Simone makes an appearance. Sipowicz asks Simone about death, what he should about his new boss, his future on the job, his wife and 3 kids and his partner. Simone tells him to become a teacher and to continue being a father to his 4 kids (his own 3 and his partner). Simone also tells him to stop thinking too much about what's ahead of him. Simone promises to be there for Sipowicz whenever he needs him and as they are finishing their discussion Clark enters the locker room. Sipowicz asks him if he would like to grab something to eat, he promises Clark that he is not going anywhere and that he will be right there with him.moreless
    • Dirty Laundry
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Fancy is less than enthused when a detective under surveillance by IAB is assigned to the squad. Bobby is asked to keep an eye on him. They pull a case where an elderly man has been accused of exposing himself. Later the man is found hanging in his apartment on the door. The murder of a pimp in a Laundromat is witnessed by a young woman who helped the detectives out on a previous case. Andy debates about whether to let John cut his hair, when he does John asks him about whether he should approach Lesniak. When he does, she finds out that gay people don't listen either. The IAB plans to apprehend Drucker in the squad room.moreless
    • Grime Scene
      Grime Scene
      Season 6 - Episode 9

      Kirkendall's son, Kyle, is the only known witness to a stabbing. Russell, Sorenson and Sipowicz begin work to find another witness or a confession from a suspect (when they find one) to help keep Kyle from having to keep reliving this event in a courtroom. Sylvia begins working with Sgt. Dornan on investigating the Suarez case. They interview a man inside who points them to the person responsible for putting Suarez in jail and his subsequent murder. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Martinez investigate a homicide where an informant on an old case may be the key suspect. Dolores implores John to help her find out her status with Fancy, she doesn't seem to want to face him or the detectives. With Sipowicz meeting with Sylvia and Dornan about the Suarez matter, Russell and Sorenson find a suspect in the stabbing. With their cases down, Russell joins Sorenson, Medavoy and Martinez after work in a bar. Sorenson expresses curiosity on whether Russell drinks or not, after she almost takes a beer that Medavoy has left. Instead, she stops off at a liquor store to pick up a bottle of her own.

    • 2/8/05
      The detectives arrive on the scene of shooting outside of a school. The victim is Lester Bakewell, a sergeant in the US Army who was at the school to do recruitment. Also on the scene is another sergeant named Sipowicz, who is there with his uniform officers. Clark takes the opportunity to bust the new sergeant's balls. A woman, Denise Campo, comes in to report her great uncle has missing for four days. Jones and Medavoy take the case and she tells them that he is homeless and that he is just a sweet old man. She gives them a picture of her uncle. An Army warrant officer Steve Nutting from CID is in Bale's office, he is going to assist in the investigation. Clark and Nutting interview the dean of students from the school. The dean tells them about the peaceful demonstrations against recruiters, but he also tells them about Paul Corbelli, one of the students whose brother was killed in Iraq four months ago. He does know that the boy had access to a rifle and that according to the boy's father, he is a good shot. Down in the precinct lobby Sipowicz brings Jones and Medavoy's attention to "King Tut" who is wearing clothing similar to that shown in the recent photo Denise Campo had of her great uncle. They talk to "King Tut" and finally get out of him that he had obtained the clothing from a body he found in a dumpster. Paul Corbelli is questioned by Clark and Nutting. They ask him about the rifle, his brother's death and if he'd ever been out of the country. Nutting takes a get tough approach in the interview and Clark dials him back. At the dumpster, it's up to Medavoy to get in and search the contents. After getting covered with garbage, he uncovers the body. Back in the 15 Squad, Sipowicz has brought something upstairs and wants to know what's up with Clark's case and whether anyone has been assigned to his desk yet. Brigid Scofield is waiting for Medavoy when he returns; of course he arrives still reeking from the garbage. In the coffee room she makes him on offer to consider, she hands him a real estate card with his name on it. Ed Corbelli comes in for questioning; he tells them that his son is innocent. He tells them Paul's brother was someone that Paul looked up. He agrees to let them look at his rifle and Paul's computer. He tells them that Paul would never do anything to cause someone to go through what he had been going through. Clark and Nutting talk with a friend of Bakewell and he tells them about a relationship that Bakewell was having with another sergeant, named Angela Payson. Jones and Medavoy break the news to Denise Campo about her great uncle's death. They don't know if it is a homicide yet, but they ask her if she knows any connection between her great uncle and the restaurant. His body was found in the dumpster behind the restaurant, but he also had a matchbook for the place in his possession. Clark and Nutting run their difference of opinion on the case by Bale, and Bale supports Clark's position. Sipowicz tells Jones and Medavoy about a complaint a couple of his officers took last week regarding the manager of the restaurant and a homeless guy who matches the description of their victim. Sgt. Payson comes in for an interview with Clark and Nutting. She admits to having the affair with the victim and also tells them that her husband knew about it and that they are separated with a divorce pending. She also tells them that her husband is ex-military. Jones and Medavoy talk with the manager of the restaurant. The manager is disgusted that with all that is going on in the city, that the police are looking into the death of a homeless man. Sgt. Sipowicz goes out on the street to mediate a dispute between a uniform and a man that he has written a ticket for. Carl Payson comes in for questioning. He seems at ease with the declining state of his marriage and speaks very matter of fact about his current relationship with his wife and the last time he had encountered her lover. Jones and Medavoy talk with the hostess from the restaurant. She recognizes the victim, but not from his fight with the manager, but rather from his hanging around the kitchen and his interaction with Nestor Duarte, the buy who cleans the restaurant overnight. Clark comes down to talk with Sipowicz about his feelings on the case versus Nutter's. Sipowicz suggests that they go back at the woman again, using the possible prosecution of the kid as a lever to see if anything else pries loose. He also tells him not to sandbag his partner. Jones and Medavoy go to talk with Nestor Duarte and he tells them about the relationship he had with the victim, he would give the old man food for helping him out with cleaning. The old man died one night while sleeping in the back of the restaurant. Worried that the restaurant would find out what he had been doing with the old man, he took the man's body and put it in the dumpster. Clark and Nutting run their scenario about the kid by Sgt. Payson. She gives them some additional information about the mindset of her husband, who is really having a hard time with their pending divorce. She also tells them that he has a rifle. The ME report comes back that the old man died of a brain aneurysm. Carl Payson is back for questioning about his real state of mind regarding the divorce and the rifle that they found in the trunk of his car. Clark appeals to his sense of honor to tell the truth and he capitulates and admits to the crime. Clark gives the status to Bale and then informs the Corbelli family. Paul Corbelli tells Nutting that if he talks to the family of the victim, to please tell them that he is really sorry, especially if Bakewell had a younger brother. Jones and Medavoy tell Denise Campo about the circumstances surrounding her great uncle's death. After she leaves, Jones asks Medavoy if they should "call it a day." And Medavoy decides it is time to do just that, he tells Jones that he is going to put in his papers and take the opportunity that Brigid Scofield has offered him. He goes into Bale's office to make it official. Sipowicz comes back upstairs to find out how the case went and finds out from Murphy and Ortiz that he is missed.moreless
    • Great Balls of Ire
      Season 12 - Episode 3
      The detectives are on the scene of ex-con Lester Byrd's homicide when Sipowicz receives a call from his wife telling him that Theo didn't arrive at school this morning. Sipowicz leaves the scene and arrives at the school to find that Theo has shown up. He finds out from Theo that he was met by a man who said he was a friend of his dad, the man had a detective shield and exhibited knowledge of recent events in their lives. The man took Theo for a half hour ride. Back at the squad, Bale introduces his new movement log policy and he puts John Irvin in charge. The detectives run the case by Bale. Sipowicz arrives and Bale magnanimously lets him not charge his morning's activity to lost time. Sipowicz asks to be off the case for the day, citing that Jones can work the case with Clark. Sipowicz wants to catch up on his paperwork and Bale allows him to do this, but says that he is not setting a precedent. Theo's guardian Anna comes into the squad and he questions her about what happened this morning. He presses her had, testing her to she if she has any involvement. He winds up bring her to tears, but he now knows that she's not involved. Jones and Clark interview Drew DeRoche about his relationship with Lester Byrd. He tells them about a woman who was making Byrd's parole hard, Hilary Blair. She turns out to be one of Byrd's rape victims. In their case against Byrd, DNA test was made inadmissible when the tests went bad, which significantly reduced his sentence. Sipowicz, who didn't sign the log, finds Hatcher and asks him what he was doing at 8:00 AM. Hatcher denies having anything to do with Theo's morning ride. He tells Sipowicz he is "ready for the rubber room." Sipowicz returns with his old files. He enlists Medavoy's help in running some names from old cases that might have a vendetta against him. Clark and Jones interview Hilary Blair about her connection with Byrd. She shows no remorse for the death of their victim and she tells them the story of Byrd's raping of her. Murphy tracks down a web posting of someone who wanted to kill Lester Byrd. She's contacts the provider, but knows they aren't going to get the user's real name until they get a subpoena. Clark goes talk with Sipowicz, who tells him about Theo's brief kidnapping. Clark wants to help, but John Irvin interrupts, Det. Clark has some visitors. Two of his lady friends from the bar scene, Kelly and Angela, stop by; they want to get the tour of the squad that he promised them. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Eliza Todd about her rape by Lester Byrd and her feelings about their victim. Todd doesn't give them a substantial alibi for her whereabouts in the morning. Sipowicz finds Fraker, who is working in a bar these days, also doesn't know anything about Theo's morning ride. Fraker has an alibi but he reminds him that "what goes around, comes around. Think about it." Medavoy finds a name of someone in one of Sipowicz's old case files, someone who was paroled three years ago and as of two years ago was living in Sipowicz's neighborhood. Murphy finds out from the provider that Eliza Todd made the web posting. Clark and Jones bring her in and interview her about her writing. The postings make reference to a gun, and she tries to keep the detectives from finding the gun she owns. She admits to owning the unregistered gun and tells them where to find it. Bale wants them to prosecute her for the weapons charge, if they can't get her for the murder. Murphy tries to make her case for the woman, when Ortiz interrupts with a lead for them to follow. Murphy is annoyed by her interruption. They go to the bar where Lester Byrd was drinking last night. The bartender tells them that Byrd was there arguing with another man. Jones and Clark interview Steve Pines, who tells them about Drew DeRoche and the hold he has over his nephew Ben's safety in prison. While they wait for Drew DeRoche to return home, Clark and Jones decide to visit Ben Pines for more background on DeRoche. Clark and Jones talk with Ben Pines, who tells them about Drew DeRoche and his relationship with their victim, they were lovers in prison. They go back to confront Drew DeRoche about his relationship with Lester Byrd and eventually breaks down and confesses to the murder. Murphy tries to get Bale to let Eliza Todd off of the weapon's charge. She shows her annoyance with Ortiz for not backing her up. Clark tries to talk to Sipowicz about his problem; he wants to help. Sipowicz tells him that he can't trust him until he gets his head on straight. Bale comes out of his office, angry with Ortiz; because of something she wrote in her 5s on the weapons charge, the DA is not going to be able to pursue their prosecution. Ortiz tells him that she made a mistake. Bale tells her and the other detectives that they are only allowed one mistake, and she has used hers up. Still angry Bale reminds Sipowicz that he didn't see any of the paperwork that was being caught up on. Sipowicz tells him that some personal business came up and Bale replies by telling him today will be charged against lost time. Tomorrow Sipowicz will work cases and get that paperwork done. Murphy likes what Ortiz did for Eliza Todd; she asks Ortiz if they can start their working relationship over. At the Sipowicz home, Theo tells his dad about his nightmare and they talk about the morning's event. Andy tells Theo that the man who took him for a ride this morning was a friend who was playing a joke.moreless
    • From Whom the Skell Rolls
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      IAB begins to investigate Kelly and Sipowicz's busting of the officers they caught robbing drug dealer's apartments, then they begin looking into Kelly's handling of the notebook, that was part of Medavoy's case. Roberts drops by the station with a gift for Kelly. Sipowicz & Kelly investigate a double murder. Licalsi takes the stand in her trial and the verdict comes back. Andy tries to have dinner with Sylvia, but things keep coming up; eventually they get together.moreless
    • Moby Greg
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Greg needs to lose weight, Andy's baby is sick again, Bobby plans to propose to Diane, the new PAA arrives and a body in a trunk is moved from the 13th precinct into the 15th's jurisdiction. Andy is shot at while chasing a perp, he's not hit, but he stops the chase and the suspect gets away. Andy worries about the baby's health, getting shot Sylvia's return to work and the uncertainty of the future. Bobby pops the question, but Diane is hesitant to give him an answer. Greg worries about his weight as James expresses his interest in the new PAA for Anti-Crime. The new PAA for our squad adjusts Andy's collar for him. I think James needs to worry about his weight! Bobby inherits a building and Henry, the son of the deceased woman, is a little upset.moreless
    • Stratis Fear
      Season 12 - Episode 14
      The owner of a diner, Gene Stratis, has been stabbed to death and Sipowicz and Clark interview the victim's son. The son gives them his father's background, a real immigrant's success story, but he tells them nothing that would indicate his father should be the victim of murder. Ortiz's aunt comes to the squad to talk to her about her cousin, Paula. Ortiz's cousin has started hanging out with someone that her aunt isn't comfortable with and it is causing her daughter's behavior to change. Ortiz promises her aunt that she will stop by where her cousin works and check in on her and her new boyfriend, the owner of the business where she works. Sipowicz and Clark are going to run down a former employee of the diner who was let go last month. Jones and Medavoy are on the scene of a murder of public relations man, Paul Westerville at a parking garage. While looking into the victim's affects, Jones finds a picture of Brendan Quinn, a recently paralyzed cop that he went to the academy with. Paul Westerville was doing the PR for the PBA (Policeman's Benevolence Association). Back at the precinct, Jones and Medavoy meet with Brendan Quinn and his father Charlie, who is also retired off of the job. Neither of them can offer any insight onto why Westerville might have been killed for any reason other than a straight up robbery. Out on the street, Sipowicz and Clark chase down the diner's ex-employee. Medavoy and Clark talk to the assistant of Paul Westerville and she tells them that he wasn't very well liked. She tells them that Westerville had been sleeping with the wife of the paralyzed cop and the cop's father knew about it, because she had told him. Ortiz stops by to see her cousin and meets her boyfriend Bobby Friedman. She hears about their plans to go to Atlantic City that evening. Sipowicz and Clark interview the former employee of the diner. He tells them about how he was fired, kissing his girlfriend. He tells them about the victim's girlfriend and the fact that he told him that he would take insurance policies out on them to "keep them in line." Murphy asks Ortiz if she wants to go to lunch, but Ortiz is busy doing a background check on her cousin's boyfriend. Murphy tells Sipowicz and Clark about some children's videos their victim had recently rented on his credit card. Medavoy and Jones talk with Sheila Quinn about her relationship with Paul Westerville. They ask if anything was going on between her and Westerville. She tells them about her weak moments and that she loves her husband more than ever, it's just that Westerville helped her to fulfill her other needs. She doesn't believe anyone else knew about her relationship with Westerville and she asks if her husband ever has to find out. Jones says "Let's hope not." Sipowicz and Clark interview Margot Wylie about her relationship with Gene Stratis. She (along with many other of the victim's girlfriends) had an insurance policy in her name. Citing the video rental, the detectives ask her if she and her 10-year-old daughter had gone to Stratis' apartment last night. She tells them that she would never take her daughter to his apartment because of his behavior around her. She then further confesses that she drew the line at penetration with her daughter. They hold her to check her alibi, but the new information about Stratis' sexual proclivity gives them something new to pursue. Bale asks for a rundown of the Jones and Medavoy case, but they hold back on telling him what angle they are starting to pursue. Then Bale calls Ortiz into his office, wanting to know why she ran Bobby Friedman through BCI without a case number. Ortiz tells him about the bad feeling she got after meeting her cousin's boyfriend and Bale further confirms her suspicions by telling her that he is under investigation by a joint narcotics taskforce. Then Ortiz talks to an old friend from narcotics and finds out that they are planning on taking Bobby Friedman down in Atlantic City this evening, for his trafficking in Ecstasy. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Melanie Stratis about her relationship with her father. She tells them about the sexual abuse her put her through as a child and that her mother and brother were both in denial of the situation, a situation which caused her to run away and ultimately wind-up going to boarding school. She tell them that her daughter has never met her grandfather, and now thankfully never will. Ortiz tells Murphy about her cousin. Murphy volunteers to pick her up and put her into a holding cell for the evening and that will cause her to miss the trip to Atlantic City. Sipowicz and Clark interview Gene Stratis' wife and she is still in denial of the charges her daughter alleged against her father. She tells them that only recently her granddaughter has been allowed to occasionally stay with either her or her uncle. She stayed with her uncle as recently as yesterday. Out on the street Murphy and Lisa (from Anti-Crime) grab up Ortiz's cousin coming out of the subway and take her in for possession. Jones and Medavoy interview Charlie Quinn about his relationship with Paul Westerville and about his whereabouts yesterday. Despite evidence that his car was in the parking garage, Charlie Quinn denies having any knowledge of his vehicle being in Manhattan. They also ask him about what Westerville's assistant had told them about her telling him about the affair. Charlie Quinn says she must be mistaken. He offers to let them check his guns, check the security tapes, he tells them that he didn't do it and he offers to stick around until they decide what to do next. What Jones and Medavoy do next is to talk to Bale who tells him that he will run what they got by the DA's office. Ortiz talks with her cousin about her arrest and promises her she is only going to have to stay there overnight. Her cousin asks her to tell her mother that she is sorry. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Alex Stratis about his taking care of his niece yesterday and whether or not she had seen her grandfather. He admits to having brought her to see her grandfather and when he returned he found her sitting on the couch telling him that her underpants were on backwards. He tells them about what happened afterwards when he confronted his father and eventually stabbed him to death. Bale runs the Westerville case by Munson, who doesn't believe they have enough to convict Charlie Quinn, a retired cop who is the father of a hero cop. She is going to need much more. Bales tells Jones, who agrees to let Charlie Quinn go. Melanie Stratis comes into find about her brother's situation and they tell him what he has told them. She wants to see her brother now, so that he can know that isn't angry with him with for what he did. Jones goes to dinner with Brendan Quinn and his wife. Afterwards Brendan tells Baldwin that he talk with his wife and his father. He knows that his wife loves him and that she has needs that he knows he will never be able to fulfill and if she needs to get them filled somewhere, he rather allow her to do that than risk losing her.moreless
    • La Bomba
      Season 12 - Episode 15
      Sipowicz and Clark arrive on the scene of a car bombing. The victim's daughter, Elizabeth Keenan, is on the scene and she addresses the detectives in a very cool businesslike manner when answering their questions and giving them information about her father. Back at the squad they run the case by Bale and Munson; the Feds, the DA and the Chief of Detectives is interested because of a possible terrorist implication of the bomb. The other detectives break up the list of past and present employees of Brett Keenan's company to checkout; meanwhile Murphy and Ortiz are sent off to a homicide in an alley. Their victim is Garrett Tinsley, a 17-year-old boy from a private school. The man who found the body tells them that the victim was a real asshole. Medavoy and Jones interview Phil Beckett, one of the former employees of Brett Keenan's company. He appears successful and indicates that he left the company on good terms. He tells them about Keenan's trouble with a bodyguard on a trip to Colombia last year. For any follow-up questions, he gives them his cell phone number where he is reachable 24 hours a day. Murphy and Ortiz interview Garrett Tinsley's parents, who tell them that their son did smoke pot. They also find out that the maid's son has his tuition to the private school paid for by the Tinsleys an idea they cite as being one of Garrett's. Jones comes up with the name of the bodyguard that Brett Keenan had trouble with in Colombia. Sipowicz and Clark go out and pickup the well armed bodyguard for questioning. Murphy and Ortiz talk with the headmaster of the private school and he tells them about their zero-tolerance drug policy and also comes forth with a story about Garret's indiscretion with another female student named Quinnie Stein. The bodyguard admits to knowing how to make explosives but that he was fired for sleeping with Elizabeth Keenan. No big deal, 1-2-3 he gets another job. Murphy and Ortiz interview Quinnie Stein, the girl who had inappropriate sexual behavior with Garrett. When pressed that they are going to begin digging into the past of everyone Garrett ever knew, she admits to that inappropriate behavior and also tells them that Garrett got his pot from someone named Serge. They go to Serge's apartment and while Ortiz questions him, Murphy noses around until she finds his "botanical garden" of marijuana plants. Elizabeth Keenan comes in for questioning and Sipowicz and Clark ask her about her relationship with the bodyguard. They want to ask her about the employees on the list, but she is more interested in who knew about the bodyguard. They tell her it was Phil Beckett and she tells them that he was one of the first to go when her father was clearing out the "deadwood." The detectives go to Phil Beckett's home where they meet his wife and convince her that they need to get into the garage to find some old business records. Clark finds a substance that could be used to make a bomb. They tell Mrs. Beckett that they haven't been able to get hold of her husband, he's not answering any of phones and that she is going to need to come with them to the precinct. Back at the squad, Murphy and Ortiz begin their interview of Serge who tells the pot was being used for medical purposes. When given a deal, Serge admits to fronting Garrett five pounds of pot a month, which he was holding portions of in Javier Garcia's locker at school. Quinnie Stein comes back to the squad to admit to Murphy and Ortiz that she held back information about Garrett getting her pregnant and the subsequent abortion she had received, with the assistance of the Tinsley's maid, Inez Garcia. Murphy and Ortiz go to the Tinsley home and interview Inez Garcia about her son's suspension, his relationship with Garrett and her participation in the abortion. Ortiz stresses to her that she is going to need to find her son and bring him in; otherwise they have to consider him a fugitive. Bale advises Sipowicz and Clark that they should have gotten a warrant before searching the garage, having consent would probably not hold up in court. Sipowicz reminds him that before the search they had nothing, but now they have something and Bale reminds them that they better get a confession. Sipowicz, Clark and Munson convince Mrs. Beckett that her husband might be in danger and that she needs to help them find her husband. She calls her husband's cell phone, while they locate his signal. They track Phil Beckett down, only to find that the seemingly successful businessman driving a cab. Inez Garcia brings her son in and Ortiz and Murphy have a talk with him. Javier admits to hitting Garrett, after telling the detectives how Garrett had been treating him as an employee, but what angered him more was the way Garrett had been treating his mother, a woman who raised him all his life (more so than his own parents did). Sipowicz and Clark talk with Phil Beckett, who tells them he is driving a cab to pick up on the trends. When presented with the fact that they now know he made the bomb, Beckett admits to it, but cites his wife's health concern and Keenan's unwillingness to help as his motivation. Clark waits for Munson to finish taking Beckett's statement. After he takes Beckett to central booking and she goes home to feed the cat they get together for some Chinese take out and some "Herro."moreless
    • Off the Wall
      Season 10 - Episode 17
      The detectives are on the scene of a homicide, when Clark arrives. He was going stir crazy taking time off following his father's death. Ortiz comments to McDowell that she hadn't spoken or heard from him for the past three days. The detectives get a line on a possible suspect, named Todd Grady. Jones and Medavoy go to suspect's apartment to attempt to speak with him. When no one answers they decide to check with the neighbors. Suddenly someone they assume is their possible suspect rounds the corner and doubles back when he realizes they are there to talk with him. He then comes back around the corner with a gun drawn. Jones and Medavoy fire their weapons and after waiting a moment proceed to go around the corner. There they find a boy has been shot by a bullet that went through the wall, from one of their guns. Sipowicz and Clark arrive on the scene as an ambulance is being called. The detectives and Rodriguez are at the hospital, when they find that the 13-year-old boy doesn't make it. Medavoy and Jones turn over their guns so that ballistic tests can be run. In the meantime, McDowell and Ortiz are sent to respond to the scene of a DOA. The victim is from Queens and far from home. Rodriguez returns to the squad to be met by a reverend who wants to talk to him about the boy's shooting. He wants Rodriguez to give him all the information he can so that he might be able to give his parishioners and the people in the neighborhood the facts. The detectives return to the squad and Clark apologizes to Ortiz about not returning her calls, he felt it was better if he handled all the stuff with his dad on his own. The detectives run what they know about their two cases to Rodriguez when the ballistics report comes in. It was Jones' gun that fired the fatal shot. Sipowicz and Clark find the woman who was seen with Todd Grady. She tells them about their victim's relationship with Grady. She also gives them the name Dante Kelly, just one of the people who was hanging out with Grady. McDowell and Ortiz talk with two uniforms from the 72nd precinct about their victim's activities in their precinct from the previous night. The victim was a nasty drunk who they had removed from his girlfriend's house the previous evening. Jones asks Medavoy what style gun he saw Grady holding. Medavoy says he thought it was a revolver, while Jones told the Duty Captain it was a 9mm. Medavoy confesses to Sipowicz and Clark that he never actually saw gun, he hopes that fact won't jam them up later. The reverend returns to the squad and puts a face to the name of Jones. He seeks further information on the case and Rodriguez's word that Det. Jones didn't do wrong. While keeping Dante Kelly under surveillance, Sipowicz and Clark talk about Ortiz and Clark's father. Talking about his father gets Clark hot under the collar as he hasn't worked out his anger with his father's death. When they run after Dante he gets stuck between two gates. He tells them they need to talk to Grady about their victim's death. Dante being trapped by the gates strikes Clark as being funny. The reverend is on television, giving misinformation to the masses. An anonymous tip comes in telling the detectives that they need to re-talk to Chinese girl. McDowell and Ortiz talk with their victim's girlfriend. She tells them about her drunken boyfriend and the fact that two cops took him away to give him some time to "chill out." Sipowicz and Clark go to the Chinese restaurant and get the Chinese girl to give them a credible story about what happened. McDowell and Ortiz talk again with the two uniforms for the 72nd precinct. The uniforms tell them that they took the angry drunk away and just dropped him off at a corner near a bar that was closed. That location was 4 blocks away from where they found him. Rodriguez, Sipowicz and Clark give the reverend the facts about their investigation. They wait for the reverend to leave and then they proceed to follow him. The reverend leads the detectives to the apartment where they find him talking with Grady. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the man who tells him that he was assaulted last night by a drunk, when he was leaving a bar. The man confesses to having pushed the drunk and knocking him to the ground. The drunk was able to get back to his feet and walked away. When the man finds out that the drunk has died and he might be looking at a manslaughter charge, he tells them that he has a witness; the married woman he's been seeing and who was at the bar with him. Sipowicz and Clark begin their interview of Todd Grady and convince him that he needs to start giving them some positive information that will help him to get rid of some of the negatives on his scorecard. Grady starts to deal and tells them that the 13-year-old kid wasn't so innocent. He tells them what went down with the gun. The reverend has been watching the entire interview and offers his apologies to the detectives. McDowell and Ortiz tell the 2 uniforms what happened to their victim. Because the uniforms didn't follow the "must arrest" procedure the ball was put in motion leading to their victim's death. Provided they never talk about it, McDowell and Ortiz make the decision to not let the uniforms get jammed up for their mistake. Medavoy confesses to Jones that he didn't see the gun. Valerie offers to take Baldwin home for dinner, to allow him to take his mind off of the day's events. At John's apartment, Rita arrives and they address the status of their relationship. They decide to break off their relationship and agree that it won't affect their relationship at work.moreless
    • Traylor Trash
      Season 11 - Episode 20
      Jones and Medavoy arrive on the scene of a shooting; meanwhile back at the squad Sipowicz and Clark are getting ready to leave and interview Cindy Clifton's mother, despite the fact that Cindy's father "lawyered up" the entire family. Clark's departure is delayed by the arrival of Jennifer Devlin, someone he hasn't seen in quite some time and now is sporting a wild streak of color in her hair. She wants to Clark to accompany her to on a trip to Miami. He declines her invitation, offering dinner instead, but more importantly he asks her if she's taken her medication and she responds that she doesn't want to be treated like a child. Clark is confused by her behavior. At the library Sipowicz and Clark try talking with Sharon Clifton. They get her to give them a list of everyone who stayed at her home the Thanksgiving weekend that Cindy Clifton was killed. She relents and gives a list to work with. Medavoy and Jones run down what they know about their shooting victim, Kevin Traylor, whose is at the hospital in critical condition. Gerald Clifton comes into the precinct angry with the detectives for talking to his wife without the presence of your attorney. Clark tries to explain again why they need the DNA sample, so Clifton offers them a sample when he spits on one of Ronson's folders. Jones and Medavoy talk to with Kevin Traylor's wife, who tells them that he's been clean off drugs for quite a while. They ask her about the numerous photos of cars parked outside of a massage parlor that they found in his apartment. She tells them the reason for their breakup (they'd grown apart) and the she tells them the shooting probably involved someone from his drug related past. Outside the precinct a manic Jennifer Devlin approaches Ortiz and Ronson. She wants to talk with Ronson, and while Ortiz goes off to get the car, Devlin pleads with Ronson not to interfere in her relationship with Clark, they were meant to be together. Ronson is confused by her behavior. Sipowicz and Clark interview Simon Clifton (Gerald Clifton's brother) to find out what he might remember about the Thanksgiving weekend. He tells them to ask his sister-in-law about her nephew Sam Jeffers. Jones and Medavoy go to the "Blood of the Lambs" church, were they find the Reverend Mercy Hawks preaching with an electric guitar. They interview the question about Kevin Traylor's participation in his church. He tells them about Traylor's breakup with his wife and Traylor's work trying to educate the sodomites who frequent the massage parlor that is located next to the church. Back at the squad Sipowicz and Clark ask Sharon Clifton about her "nephew" Sam and why his name wasn't on the list she gave them. She tells them story about how Sam is actually her illegitimate son, who when she later married Gerald he insisted that Sam now always be referred to as her nephew. Joe Brockhurst comes to the squad and offers his assistance Sipowicz with the ongoing investigation. Ronson takes Clark aside and tells him about her encounter with Jennifer Devlin. He tells her that he is aware of her condition and that he'll take care of it, Ronson offers her help all the same. Jones and Medavoy talk to Mr. Wells, a gentleman who was in contact with Traylor yesterday about the photo he had taken of his car outside of the massage parlor. Traylor had sent the photograph to his home where his wife saw it. Wells admits to having threatened Traylor, but only went as far as punching him in the face yesterday and had nothing to do with today's shooting. Clark and Sipowicz talk with Sam Jeffers about his relationship with his mother and his half-sister Cindy. He doesn't really tell them anything. His strange behavior, possibly because of his strange relationship with his family, causes Sipowicz to say after they let Jeffers go that they've got to "take a hard look at this guy." [ I guess they'll get his DNA later. ] Jones and Medavoy tell Gibson that they are running down Wells' alibi. Sipowicz gets a call from Gerald Clifton telling him to come downstairs. CSU brings the detectives a tape they found in Traylor's apartment, just as Ronson gets a call that Traylor has died at the hospital. Since the secret about Sam Jeffers is out, Gerard Clifton allows the detectives to go into Cindy's room (which he and his wife have left intact) and have a look around. Jones and Medavoy confront the Reverend Hawks about the tape they've seen of him having sex with the Traylor's wife. They suspect that whoever shot Traylor was looking for that videotape. The Reverend offers them a pretty good alibi for his whereabouts that morning. Sipowicz and Clark reinterview Jeffers and Sipowicz takes the approach that Jeffers didn't get along with Cindy Clifton. Sipowicz shows him pictures he found in Cindy's room where she had crossed out his face out of every one of them. He admits to having played doctor with her a couple of days before her death, but says that he didn't kill her. Clark in the meantime takes the cigarette butt they now have with his DNA sample off to be processed. Sipowicz wants to the Jeffers DNA test run as quickly as possible, the father and uncle's DNA tests came back negative. Clark finds out that Devlin isn't working as a doctor anymore. Ortiz and Ronson talk with Donna Traylor about the videotape. She tells them about her husband's plan to take over the church using the videotape as leverage. She tells them about how she shot "the devil" to get back the videotape and protect their church and save her prophet, Reverend Hawks. She doesn't implicate the Reverend in the crime. The DNA test comes back and Jeffers DNA doesn't match, so the Cindy Clifton case has made no further progress. Jones and Medavoy try to bluff out the Reverend, but he is too sharp for them, he knows that Donna Traylor wouldn't implicate him as an accessory in her crime. Clark goes to Devlin's apartment and finds her in the midst of painting everything in her apartment red. He offers to help her to get the help that she needs. Outside the courtroom where Peeler has just been exonerated of the Clifton murder, Sipowicz offers Peeler an apology. Peeler accepts the apology, but it is his mother who acknowledges the he is the first person in this whole affair to have offered an apology to her son.moreless
    • Maybe Baby
      Season 10 - Episode 20
      Sipowicz meets Clark at the scene of a homicide and tells him that his meeting with Frank Colohan gave him no useful information that would help in his and McDowell's defense against Colohan's parents for custody of Michelle. At the scene of the crime they are beginning to investigate, the victim was reported to have stumbled his way to the front of the bodega and died, presumably as a result of what appears to be an injury to his eye. Back at the squad, Jones arrives late after canvassing Jerry Well's building again. Rodriguez tells him that he needs to be a little more subtle in his investigation into Haywood's beating. It seems Wells has been complaining of harassment. The bank card of Sipowicz and Clark's victim is being use at an OTB near their crime scene. They are going to go back out, but first Sipowicz hears what the other detectives have found on Frank Colohan's parents. Medavoy gets a line from the DEA that Frank Colohan's mother once was busted for smuggling a type of cheese that has trace elements of hemp in it. At the OTB parlor, Sipowicz and Clark find the man who was using their victim's bank card. The man, Bernie Carpenter, knows Sipowicz from years ago, back in the Andy's early days of recovery for his alcoholism but unlike Sipowicz, Bernie hasn't stayed on the wagon, which Sipowicz later talks with him about. They ask him about what he knows about the fight their victim was in. While he saw some of the fight, he didn't get to see the attacker clearly. Medavoy talks with Colohan's guidance counselor about Frank's past. She tells him that Frank has a sister named Adrian, and she recalls a time when Adrian took a turn for the worst. She gives Medavoy the name of a woman that might lead them to finding Adrian. Ortiz has a line on a line on a loan shark that was known to deal with the victim. Making up for his DEA bust news, Medavoy lets the other detectives know about Frank Colohan's sister. A hit comes back on a fingerprint found outside of Haywood's apartment. Jones and Medavoy leave to retrieve the owner of that print. When McDowell needs to run down the location of Frank's sister and Sipowicz is otherwise occupied, Ortiz has to join Clark in the questioning of the loan shark who was brought in for questioning. The former loan shark claims to have forgiven all his loans. He has found religion and has become a Promise Keeper. An anonymous tip comes in the victim was arguing with Marty Irons, an employee of a record shop located a block away from the crime scene. McDowell's not had any luck contacting the woman who knows Frank's sister. She also hasn't heard whether the grandparents are going to be allowed a custodial visit this evening or not. Clark gets a phone call from Dr. Devlin, who he was supposed to meet for lunch. Sipowicz and Clark interview Marty Irons, who acknowledges knowing the victim. He tells what went down, he and victim exchanged a few words, but he and the victim didn't get into a fight. They ask him to appear in a lineup, which Irons agrees to do. Jones and Medavoy start to interview Rinaldi, the man whose fingerprint was found outside Haywood's building. He denies being there, but eventually cops to it, denying knowledge of anyone named Jerry Wells and admitting that he was acting alone. Marty Irons appears in a lineup and Bernie, Sipowicz's alcoholic friend doesn't pick him out of the lineup. Sipowicz feels that Bernie knows more than he is saying. Baldwin stops by Valerie's apartment and tells her with what they now know, it might have been a case of wrong place, wrong time. Of course, Jerry Wells is still out there, does he know enough to stay away from Haywood? Sipowicz and McDowell talk with the woman who was a friend with Frank's sister Adrian. She tells them how Frank's sister was a total "goody-two-shoes" until she got pregnant, had an abortion and started doing alcohol and drugs. Was Frank that baby's father? She gives them some information that should help them find Adrian Caffee. Medavoy makes a connection between Rinaldi and Jerry Wells and they go back at Rinaldi, who doesn't admit to them that he did the crime for Jerry Wells. Sipowicz and Clark go back at Bernie, who they know call the music store just after they had interviewed him that morning. He tells them that he witnessed Marty Irons killing the victim using only his hands. Sipowicz tries to offer some counseling to Bernie. McDowell tells Sipowicz that she's located Adrian Caffee. Jones and Medavoy go to Jerry Well's apartment. Medavoy takes the lead, to help keep Jones temper in check. They bluff Jerry Wells into believing that Rinaldi has given him up and they find out that Wells witnessed Rinaldi kill someone in Singapore years ago and that's what he had been holding over his head. Jones lets his anger almost get the better of him, but Medavoy's presence is the only thing that keeps Wells alive. McDowell and Sipowicz meet with Adrian Caffee and they are truthful with her and ask her some frank questions about her brother Frank and her parents. She denies that it was her brother who got her pregnant; could it have been her father? This seems to strike a nerve with her and she asks them to leave. Clark, who's done a background check on Marty Irons, brings him in and talks with him about a possible self defense strategy for the crime that they are going to charge him with. When their lawyer arrives, McDowell and Sipowicz tell him where they are at with their background checks of the Colohans. The attorney takes a call and tells them that the grandparent's have been awarded a custodial visit. Clark goes on a date with Dr. Devlin, but the doctor gets paged in the midst of their date. Sipowicz arrives at the Child Services office without the baby and tells the grandparents will not be seeing the baby tonight, since the baby has a fever. The grandfather says that the day after tomorrow is the last time they are going to see that child. Sipowicz replies, "We'll see."moreless
    • Inside NYPD Blue: A Decade on the Job
      Joe Mantegna, goes behind the scenes with writers, producers, cast and crew for an exclusive look at their personal evolution and that of the show.
    • The Nutty Confessor
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Donna and Bobby give Adrianne and James advice, respectively, on their plans for their first night "together." Simone and Sipowicz investigate the death of a young woman who was brutally murdered. A surgeon's wife wants to press charges against her husband's mistress when her husband is shot. James and Adrianne spend the night together. Bobby and James go to Atlantic City to apprehend their suspect; Adrianne wants to know when he'll be back. Andy acts like a psycho in holding to get their suspect to drop his crazy story. James might be having second thoughts about his relationship with Adrianne.moreless
    • We Was Robbed
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Simone and Sipowicz are forced to commit robbery while working with an FBI agent to place a bug in a mob hangout. The wiseguys come to the precinct to file a robbery complaint; Diane and Greg catch the complaint. Andy Jr. learns more about being a beat cop. Donna's hairdresser has a problem with her ex-boyfriend wanting to hijack the truck of her current boyfriend. James goes undercover as her current boyfriend; Adrianne doesn't appreciate the competition. James and Adrianne have a talk.moreless
    • Who's Your Daddy?
      Season 11 - Episode 22
      John meets Jennifer for breakfast, she appears to be on the road to recovery and he continues to offer her his support. At a crime scene Sipowicz arrives a little out of sorts, earlier that morning Connie gave birth to their son, Matthew Nicholas, 7 lbs. 3 oz. Jones and Medavoy also arrive at the scene, where a woman has been robbed and beaten to death in her apartment. Irma Pacheco, one of Ronson's old contacts from narcotics comes to the squad and tells Ronson and Ortiz some information about a guy she's seeing, Pete Murphy, who is going to be receiving a shipment of arms. Irma wants to know from Ronson what kind of reward she might receive and whether or not it would be enough money for her and Ronson to run off together, a comment which leaves Ortiz speechless. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the dead woman's husband, Andrew Moss. He mentions his wife's ex-husband, Ed Pisarchik, as someone they need to look at. Jones leaves to go to the court; the jury has come back in Craig Woodruff's trial. Special Agent Charlie Marcus comes to the squad and talks with Ronson and Ortiz about Pete Murphy. He tells them about Pete's father, someone they are looking for some possible jewelry heists, but Pete Murphy is still small time. He also tells them that their source, Irma's credibility is questionable. Ronson and Ortiz need to talk to Irma again. The jury comes in and has found that Craig Woodruff is not guilty on all charges, he is free to go. Jones leaves the court discouraged by this turn of events. Ed Pisarchik is brought in for questioning; he highlights his relationship with his ex-wife and her new husband. He didn't want her dead; he still loved her and hoped they could get back together. Ronson and Ortiz talk again with Irma, who tells them that the arms deal was something that Pete Murphy has put together on his own. Ronson still believes in her old contact and plans to get Gibson and the Feds to authorize Irma wearing a wire for her next meeting with Murphy. Michael comes into the squad and tells Jones tells him the result of trial. Michael wonders if he did anything wrong during the trial that got his father acquitted. Jones tells him he did okay; for now they are going to live their lives as before and not worry about the fact that his father is out on the street. A strange man caught using one of Leslie Moss's credit cards is questioned by Sipowicz and Clark. John Irvin interrupts the interview to tell Clark that Jennifer Devlin called but she was slurring her speech so he didn't fully understand her message. Ronson, Ortiz and others are listening in as Irma wears a wire during her meeting with Pete Murphy. When Irma isn't as loose as she normally is with him, Murphy becomes suspicious and finds the wire. The detectives rush into the scene, but find no evidence of the pair. Clark gets to Devlin's apartment and finds her body lying on the floor. Andrew Moss is brought back in and Sipowicz is going to question him when the news comes into the squad about Jennifer Devlin's suicide and the fact that Clark has gone missing. Sipowicz questions Moss about his recent calls to a divorce attorney and the other relationships he's had with his secretaries. Moss wants to get out of there, but Sipowicz tells him he's not leaving until they get things sorted out. Ronson and Ortiz interview Pete Murphy's father to see if they can discover his whereabouts. Joe Murphy tells them his rules about dealing with cops, but he relents and gives the location of his old body shop. Ronson and Ortiz go to the scene (without backup?) where they find Pete Murphy holding a gun and a knife on Irma. They talk him into giving himself up. In the meantime, Sipowicz talks with Ed Pisarchik and his son about him and his mother's relationship with her new husband. He tells them that his new step-father wasn't around much, but when asked if he knew Andrew Moss was around the house this morning the boy doesn't respond with an answer. Sipowicz gets a call and goes to a bar where Clark has gotten into a fight with someone. Sipowicz tries to offer Clark some assistance, but Clark prefers instead to go for a walk on his own. Something at the Pisarchik house interview didn't sit right with Sipowicz, so he asks Medavoy to get the father to come into the squad, while he goes to the house to talk to the son alone. Jones leaves the squad because a call has come in that there is a problem at Michael's school. Medavoy offers to come along, but as has been the case with these Michael related activities, Jones prefers to go it alone. At the Pisarchik house, Sipowicz gets the boy to tell him what he had done recently that could have made his father angry with his mother. He says that she wanted him to call Andrew Moss "dad" and two weeks ago his did that in front of his real father. Jones finds Craig Woodruff enjoying that cold beer that Jones once told him he would never have again. They go outside to discuss the situation further and Jones offers Woodruff a chance to fight him without the protection of his badge. After it appears as though Woodruff is not going to fight him, Jones turns away allowing Woodruff to land a cheap shot, but Jones counters and quickly puts him down. Back at the squad, Sipowicz interviews Pisarchik about the "dad" situation. Pisarchik tells him that her having his son call the other man "dad" took the only thing he had left away from him and that's what caused him to lose it and hit his ex-wife with a baseball bat. Ortiz and Ronson report that Pete Murphy has given up all the information related to the gun deal and that Irma is getting stitched up at Bellevue. John Irvin tells Sipowicz that no one has heard anything from Clark. Sipowicz is leaving to go to see Connie at the hospital, but before he leaves he talks with Jones about the injury to his face. He advises Jones to watch his relationship with Craig Woodruff and that he should take steps to protect himself in case Woodruff tries to file a complaint against him. Jones suggests that Sipowicz keep tabs on his situation. At the Sipowicz household, Andy talks with Theo about his upcoming responsibilities as a big brother. He sends Theo off to get ready for bed when there is a knock at the door. John Clark has come over to apologize for his behavior this afternoon. Andy doesn't want him to leave, but John tells him he needs to keep on moving. After he leaves Andy goes to Theo's room to read him a story.moreless