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ABC (ended 2005)

Finally we can all watch the whole series again

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    [1]Feb 28, 2009
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    Finally all seasons of this show is available on the net. Now it wont matter if Fox ever release the rest. And they are easy to find. I will still buy the new sets if they ever come out, but i have my doubts they will ever do. The seasons are only missing 1 single episode, number 20 of season 10. Hopefully that will turn up soon too,
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    [2]Dec 9, 2011
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    go to & you can find all 12 seasons on DVD I've signed up to be a "prime" member for $79 a year & you get unlimited access to all episodes for free. They do a 30 day membership trial run & I'm loving it......I couldn't find any place that had this show & finally found one I was so excited!! wooo hoooo. this is the best show ever.

    Go check it out & if you don't want to sign up you can buy the episodes for like $1.99 each or the season for $35.00 each I think. but I don't pay anything because I paid $79 & get them all for free!!!

    I'm not sure if everyone on this site can see this post I don't really ever come to this site I just found it while I was looking for information on NYPD Blue.

    please everyone that is as big of a fan as I am spread the news & let everyone know that they can watch the show on sign up to be a Prime member or not you can still watch it but if you bought 2 seasons on DVD that is already $80 & that is what it cost to get free access to all seasons

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