Season 6 Episode 5

Hearts and Souls

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 1998 on ABC

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  • Hearts and Souls occured during season 6. The best TV episode ever on television. However you can't see it on DVD as only seasons 1-4 are available

    NYPD Blue is awesome. Ironically the show got better as the seasons
    went on but only the first 4 seasons are on DVD. One of the best story
    lines which aired on TV in 1997-1998 was the relationship between Diane
    Russel "Kim Delaney" and Bobby Simone "Jimmy Smitts". This relationship
    got hot in seasons 5 and 6. I have not seen these episodes since 1998
    but was so moved that I will never forget the intensity of those
    episodes. If it ever comes out on DVD, I highly recommend watching
    seasons 5 and 6. I think that you will find the love affair between
    Diane and Bobby to be one of the best ever on television. It is similar
    to that of Rachel and Ross on "Friends" minus the comedy. Jimmy Smitts won the 1995 Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Bobby Simone. Kim Delaney won the Primetime Emmy Award in 1997 for her portrayal of Diane. In 1998, both Jimmy Smitts and Kim Delaney were nominated for the golden globe award. Despite this I am still waiting for seasons 5 and 6 to come out on DVD.