Season 12 Episode 20

Moving Day

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2005 on ABC

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  • A wonderful ending to a wonderful series. It lends itself to hope for a series of NYPD Blue movies.

    A wonderful ending to a wonderful series. It lends itself to hope for a series of NYPD Blue movies.

    While wrapping up all the outstanding recent and long term threads, this episode looks to the future of the 15th squad giving the view hope, encouragement, and a desire to see more of the continuing daily saga.
  • The last episode of NYPD Blue...

    Andy becomes the head of the squad with the backing of the higher echelon - but when he pursues a case to the bitter end - he makes an enemy of those above. The last episode is great - because it doesn't become too sappy. The squad work their last case and its convoluted - with a false admission of guilt, rich people trying to avoid punishment and the police chiefs trying to intimidate Andy and his squad. The final scene with the squad members (John, Baldwin, Rita, Laura and assistant John) saying 'Good Night' is a great way to end the show.
  • Wasn't always a NYPD fan, & didn't like the red head in the beginning so it took time to catch up! Thank Gosh for TiVo! Excellent series! The writers managed to draw you in each week with new twists and story lines that kept you wanting more.

    For a season finale, I found this to be quite entertaining! It wasn\\\'t too far out there, leaving you wanting more or wondering why and didn\\\'t just stop cold. Just a simple warm fuzzy feeling like Andy finally got his due. Classic, simple, elegant. Bravo!

    My only sadness is for poor old Mark Paul Gosslear, who just can\\\'t seem to find another show to hold onto. I believe he finally broke out of the \\\"Zack\\\" mode from the \\\"Saved by the Bell\\\" years, but this just didn\\\'t give him enough time to make his place as a serious actor. Best of luck to him....

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