Season 12 Episode 16

Old Man Quiver

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2005 on ABC

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  • The gang solve some murders with an older-person twist.

    Andy and John are involved in the death of an old man - with a beautiful young wife. But instead of following a very well-worn path to the wife being the killer, the old man's secretary - a woman who has been in love with her boss for many, many years - killed him through anger and jealousy. In a similar vein, Baldwin and Greg are involved in the death of an old woman. But instead of following another well-worn path to the nursing-aide being the killer, an older woman is found to be the killer - she was jealous of the dead woman. Both stories deal with the theme of jealousy/anger of the victim - and both have an older person as the killer. All the older actors involved were great in their roles.

    In addition, Andy finally makes Sergeant and the final scene where Andy becomes emotional when he sees all his fellow workers salute him is a classic moment. Congratulations to Dennis Franz for an incredible scene.