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  • Just Watched It All Again!! All 163 Of Them!!

    After 22 years since it started and 11 since it finished I was able to get all 12 of the seasons and have been watching them for many weeks. I watched the whole thing when it was originally broadcast and I loved it. But the years go by and you wonder if it really was as good as you remember. Or does it hold up? And even, "Will I still like it?" Well the truth is that it's so much better than I even remembered.

    All the cast were amazing, but Dennis just can't say enough about how great he was. For years after I waited for him to do something; ANYTHING else. But he retired after this, and it was a loss for anyone who loves great acting.

    Thanks to all who made it SO GREAT!! And if you're reading this and get the chance I exhort you to watch this, as it was one of, if not THE, best shows ever!!

    One Man's Opinion!
  • regarding what the NYPD

    Well as a very proude canadian,i'm very desappointed in the behavier of the was not the time or place for all of you to turn your back on DE BLASIO at the totally showed disrespect towered the poor you have a problem with DE BLASIO take it out with him but not at the all you did is show disrespect for the poor families that are mourning there lost one's
  • Seasons 5-6 released, 7 being released soon

    Finally, season 5 was released in January 2014 and season 6 in June; season 7 is available for pre-ordering on Amazon and will be released this November. Happy to note Season 6 episode Hearts and Souls is the original version. Great to finally see more of this wonderful show available on DVD.
  • Great cop show

    This show was one of the first American shows i got into. Growibng up in Norway with only 1 tv channel for most of us, there wasnt a lot to watch. I started watching it when it came out on DVD, David Caruso quickly became a favorite, and i watched the first season not knowing he had left the show early in the second season. In my opinion that hurt the show, the chemistry between John Kelly and Andy Sipowitz was great, and though the show was great all the way through, in my opinion the first season was by far the best. Also for me this makes it a 9 not a 10, would be an 8, if it wasnt for that it has a worthy ending.
  • top cops

    great tv show! focusing on the relationships and day to day work of nypd detectives! what i love is that mainly justice is done and in many ways it is very emotional and andy sipowicz is very entertaining! he begins as a washed out drunk then gets clean and eventually becomes a less bigoted character! there's some great characters and very very moralistic plots! it makes you feel emotions and i would say it's better than the wire!
  • I watched it for the nudity

    Yes, the title is first tv show ever in prime time with nudity. But I soon fell in love with the strong characters and the crime solving. I never knew detectives could beat up a suspect to get information until I watched this show. I wanted to know what life in New York City was really like, that's why I kept watching. I remember being in a chat room the first year the show ran, and I asked "Is NYC really like the show?". I got about 50 respones from people from NY, and half said yes and the other half said no. So I really don't know. But I've always been afraid to visit there because of this great show.
  • Best cop show in history.

    I love this tv show. Was to young when it first came on so I watched it on reruns and fell in love with it.
  • Awsome

    NYPD: Blue its an awsome Tv show i watched every single episode and this Tv show its one of the "nice family moments" becuase all the family together watch this show Sipowicz was awsome honestly i was one of the fans that when i heard the David Carusso departure said "What the hex...?!??!" but honestly NYPD: Blue is one the most awsome Tv shows in history and i love NY im gonna say that until the day i died i visit that city for over 10 years every single birthday of mine in that city i love Ny and NYPD: Blue is awsome one of the best dramas

    XO XO

  • Better than some other shows.

    I think NYPD Blues is a decent show, at the most. Some of the time, I got bored, but there were also times in which the show was really fun to watch. I have to say that the drama on the show was always decent. The action was streaky, as it would be on the show one episode, then the next three it wouldn't even be there. The one thing I didn't like at all was the cast changes. It ruined the show for me because the replacement characters were rather bland. Overall, this was an okay show when it was on. Thank you.
  • Beats Hill Street Blues as the best T.V. cop drama of all time.

    I do sorely miss this show, but to ask that it be brought back would be a mistake, cause it's just too late for that. Dennis Franz's character would be getting too close to retirement now for it to be believable for one thing. I've seen nothing on television as of late that could even begin to fill the hole left by NYPD Blue in the cop show department, and I guess that it's going to be awhile before that ever happens...NYPD Blue left some mighty huge standards for any future contenders to live up to. For me, and while it was on, this show was an absolute never-miss every single week.
  • just plain LOVE it

    I started watching NYPD blue when Andy partnered with Clarke. When he fell in love and married Connie, I could not cry harder!! I just absolutely love this show. I am very angry that they will probably not make anymore seasons!! Why start then. Or just make a limited amount and the die hard fans can get them. If you are an Amazon member, follow this link to vote on making more Blue sets.

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=pe_9040_7918870 ie=UTF8&docId=1000177461

    just voting might help. I certainly dont know what else to do, or who to do it to!! I have watched reruns over and over and have still missed some episodes and tnt quit running them during the day, yet show Law and Order, not a bad little show though, a million times a day. What gives?
  • great cops nypd blue

    there are a lot of great cop shows third watch, hill street blues ,cops, law and order svu,and law and order crimmial intent. but i have to say the nypd blue is one of the best cop shows ever to grace our tv screens. when it first aired on tv. i was suprised by the way it portrayed real new york police. some of the stories where based on real cases. i enjoyed the wise cracking comments from andy, and it also showed us that all the officers also had a soft side.this is one of the best cop shows to this day.
  • Ground breaking show for all to enjoy. I love it

    NYPD BLUE was created to be a ground breaking show and it was but in more ways then the creator intended. It made TV more real. There wasn't always a happy ending. People had sex and it didn't last. It was great.

    This show didn't only depend on one charactoor to win. like most police shows before it NYPD BLUE. If a charactor left the job went on. Just like my job, if someone quites or gets fired or dies the job is still there. life goes on without them. Well anyway I love NYPD BLUE and have since the day it started. I will be very unhappy to see it go. Thank God for video.
  • Life as a detective of the new York Police Department!

    With the fact that the show has been on for ten seasons and the proliferation of gritty and realistic programming now on TV (especially on HBO which has no restrictions), one can forget the power and shock of NYPD Blue when it premiered in 1993. David Bochco insisted that ABC allow him to use minor profanities and brief nudity to create a more realistic portrayal of the lives of New York City cops. While several stations balked at the show and refused to carry it, the show was an instant success. What really made the show so interesting was not the language or nudity, but the well written shows and first rate acting. Bochco veteran Dennis Franz plays alcoholic detective Andy Sipowicz, who was only supposed to be in the first episode, whose character is gunned down and nearly dies. Mr. Franz is superb as the volcanic Sipowicz and was rewarded with the first of his four Best Actor Emmys for the season, but the real star of the season is David Caruso. Mr. Caruso is simply magnetic as Sipowicz's partner John Kelly. Whereas Sipowicz is a hot head, Kelly exudes cool and calm. He is passionate about what he does, but his anger boils beneath the surface where Sipowicz's explodes. It is this dynamic between the two that makes the pairing work as one of the best in TV cop show history. Other cast members include Sherry Stringfield as Assistant D.A. Laura Michaels who is also Kelly's ex-wife, Amy Brenneman as Janice Licalsi who is a police desk officer that is tangled up with the mob and carrying on an affair with Kelly, James McDaniel as Lt. Arthur Fancy who heads the department and is black. Sipowicz is also a racist which causes much tension between him and Fancy. Nicholas Turturro is Dt. James Martinez who is a new detective who struggles for acceptance on the job. Future series regulars, Gordon Clapp as Greg Medavoy, Sharon Lawrence as Assistant D.A. Sylvia Costas and Gail O'Grady as receptionist Donna Abandando all appear as recurring characters before all were made full time cast members in the season two. Actors like David Schwimmer, Michael Rappaport, Wendie Malik, Daniel Benzali, John Wesley Shipp and Bradley Whitford have guest roles. Season one of the show almost seems like a separate show all together due to the massive cast changes that occurred after the season. Mr. Caruso believed all the hype about him and made the mistake many actors who achieve success on a TV show, that they can become movie stars. Mr. Caruso left the show after four brief appearances in season two and never achieved the stardom that he seemed slated for. Sherry Stringfield left the show after the season to go to another show that would be even more popular, ER and Amy Brenneman also left the cast. For the one season that he was on the show though, Mr. Caruso created an indelible image and the show would continue on through the rest of the decade as one the most popular and well made shows on television.
  • NYPD Blue is classic television at its finest. With gritty characters irreverant dialogue. Humor that rivals the best. Fast paced action. Wonderful interaction between characters. On screen chemistry is just great!

    I consider NYPD Blue. One of the most innovative television dramas ever to grace the small screen. Dennis Franz as Andy Sipowicz. To me, captures a number of facets that a man goes through in daily life. Very realistic. This is why I tune in. I try to watch as many episodes as I can. NYPD Blue aired on court TV. at 4am. However, has since been replaced by some other show. I was just starting to put together all the episodes and to understand the sequence from season to season. I hope that TNT will keep it running in the same time slot to its completion!
  • This show has become a classic. Great storylines & actors make this show a timeless classic. Kind of like comfort food! Just kick back and sit down with an old friend!

    Even though this is just another cop show, set, of course, in New York City, NYPD Blue is a show that was way ahead of its time. Great cast, innovative cinematography and interesting story lines have turned this into a timeless classic! How can you not love Sipowitz? He's vulnerable, pissed off, honest, a recovering alcoholic and gets the job done! Even with changing cast members, the precinct always remained the same. Their problems are just as real as yours and mine. When you need to just get away from it all, you can count on NYPD to take you away!
  • Classic show from the get go

    I miss the show and wish that it was back but
    Sometimes all good things must come to an end
    Despite the change of partners that Andy has had in the past
    IMO, this is Dennis Farina's show and that without him
    There would be no Blue at all. If he went, so would Blue
    Glad that in the end, he got promoted to Sgt!
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  • I loved this show

    This show and Third Watch is basically what the NYPD has to contend with on a daily basis. This show was one of the best cop shows that was created.

    I remember this show came out when I started to intern for the Disrict Attorney out here. I really wasnt into the show that much since I was always interning and doing my classes.
  • One of the gratest cop show ever

    I think this is one of the greatest drama I've ever seen! We can see cops from a brand new perspective. There are no "ideal" cops but actual people who deal with crime everyday and sometimes they have to compromise (almost always, actually) in order to bring a little more justice to NY. So no old-fashioned (or Columbo-fasioned) detectives but people who know how real crime life works. I think the actors are simply great especially Dennis Franz (Sipowicz) who is the best - i think- of the whole show. I haven't seen all the episodes so I don't know how to rate the storyline of this show but the few episodes I saw were very good even from that point of view. A must see.
  • Great show with great actors.

    NYPD Blue even though it had a revolving door of actors, remained a great show for all 12 seasons. I feel that the show was at its best after David Caruso left, he was to dry and wouldn't have been a good partner for Sipowitz say he stayed all 12 years. Sipowitz changed dramtically from the first 2 seasons till the 12th. I felt that the show was at its peak during the 5-7th seasons. Smits last and final episodes where some of the greatest on the show. They had two very dramitic endings to two of Sipowitz's partners (Simone with Heart and Sorenson being murdered). Medavoy was a great character who i feel was underused. I allways kinda wanted to see when Sorenson died Sipowitz paired with Medavoy but obviously that never happened. After Fancy left they really didn't have a good actor playing that role until Bale at the end. Bale was about 3 seasons to late in my opinion. Clark was a real find he turned out to be a pretty good actor in drama roles. Kim Delany and the actress who was here in the third season (can't remember her name) were the only actors that werent very good in my opinion. But all in all this show helped to set the standard for future and present cop dramas.
  • This show is so action packed - it's what get's my blood pumping in the morning! Who needs coffee? I've got NYPD Blue!

    I love this show - I love the characters, I even sometimes actually begin to care about the perps! The actors who play the detectives truly embody the spirit of a New Yorker...from accent to vocabulary, they really take me there. I have learned so much about cops and robbers, so to speak, from watching this show. It is one of my all time favorites. I wonder, though, why does Dennis Franz get all the blondes???
  • NYPD Blue is a drama that focuses on New York Police Department. It had frequent overturn of different detectives on the show, so there are many good characters that were on the show. The show focuses on the characters in their involvement with the NYPD i

    NYPD Blue is a great show because it depicts the implementation of criminal justice in the local government. At times, it could get a little repeative because of the same basic storyline and plot of someone getting murdered, but the most interesting part of the show was how the detectives investigated the different cases in order to solve the case. Even though I didn't see most of the first 7 seasons, the latter seasons got more involved with the personal lifes of the detectives, which gave it much needed presence in the show. NYPD Blue is the show that made history because it is the show that basically made the FCC to act in regulatory policy where shows must have a system where they must give audiences certain descriptions of the show such as TV-14. Lastly, much credit must go to Dennis Franz, Andy Sipowicz, because he stuck with the show for the entirety of 12 seasons.
  • to sum it all up a great show and one that could have lasted longer. we seen tears blood and sweat and not in that order. i have watched since it began and saw all the partners and i like smits the best. they should have left him alone okay.

    this show had its rough side and it\'s soft side. we saw some butt and we saw them kick some butt. this cop had many partners he saw die and some who were murdered. sipowitz had a harsh career and his wife got murdered too. i would have went crazy.
  • One of the best dramas on television. Innovative, emotional, realistic, brilliantly acted. The best cop show since Hill Street Blues.

    I have been an avid watcher of this series since its debut in September of 1993. The character Andy Sipowicz has evolved considerably over those 12 years, from a troubled alcoholic on the brink of losing his career to triumphant family man and eventual squad leader.

    The writing in this show is outstanding, which explains why it's had 84 Emmy nominations and has won 20 of them. The acting is equally outstanding, with Dennis Franz pulling in 4 Emmys for his performance as the Everyman Andy Sipowicz, who we all can identify with, especially in his struggles to remain sane and good in a world which has given him so many disappointments.

    After watching an hour of NYPD Blue, it's hard to imagine that we were watching fictional material, especially since the cases are often based on real events. One case in particular comes to mind, in which an older married man had concealed an affair with an immigrant woman by murdering her and placing her pregnant body in a barrel and hiding it in a house that he had owned in New Jersey. I was surprised to see that case profiled in a recent documentary as I had thought up to then that the story was purely fictional. NYPD Blue, for that and many other reasons, is perhaps the most realistic cop oriented drama ever made for television.

    Over the years, while watching Blue, one gets to know the characters and their many dimensions and it's hard to imagine them as fictional. Sipowicz and Medavoy are the only fixtures in the constantly changing ensemble cast, but all of the actors do an excellent job. The show's creators pay careful attention to every detail from the realistic dialog and stories to the acting and technical aspects. The show is gritty yet full of heart, especially when showcasing Andy's personal life. The stories consistently show kindness on the part of the detective squad toward the people they serve and their dedication to justice despite all the chaos they face episode after episode. We are drawn in to like the characters and feel what they feel. This is drama at it's best, and Bochko and Co. are the best at what they do. Watching NYPD Blue makes me feel like I'm getting the best quality that Television can offer. I marvel at the intricate interplay between all the elements of each show, from the unique camera work to the realistic dialog that is taken from real police experiences (one of the writers was a cop in real life) to the dead-on acting performances from all the cast to the excellent editing. I can always count on every episode to get my emotions in full gear. It is so well done, I am emotionally drained after an episode, especially when one of the characters has a trauma or failure in his or her life.

    It's not just about solving cases, it's what the characters experience in solving them. The creators round out the characters so well that they become part of you as you watch each episode. That's the feeling I come away with as I watch NYPD Blue. I am saddened that it finally went off the air March 1, 2005, but at the same time I am glad that it continues in syndication on TNT and Court TV. We true fans can get a three hour fix every day and two hours on weekends.

    Continuity is another element that remains consistent throughout the entire 12 year run. Some shows get lost in their continuity sometimes, with characters "forgetting" their past. Not on this show. You see the characters evolve realistically and none of the characters are one-dimensional. Sometimes, we don't get a full picture, as in the case with Murphy in the last season, but we get enough about each character being rounded out so well, that we can pick up on their various personality traits. All in all, this is one of the best programs ever created for television. I will always keep Andy Sipowicz and crew close to my heart. Let's hope they release all 12 years on DVD!
  • All cop shows wish they were like The Blue.

    What can i say that hasn't already been said, great show. Yes, by the end of the series run, it had lost some steam, but when it was good, Wow, was it good.

    I know everyone loves, Simone and Kelly, but for my money, the Sorenson years were the best. Not only was he Sipowicz's best partner, with all this bag age...what is with the paperclips?? but the Theo [Andy's kid] story lines were the greatest, i would look forward for Theo to show up.

    I try not to write to much about the specifics of the show, since you can look that up elsewhere...all i have to say is, check out the Sorenson years on TNT, and you will see one of the greatest show ever, in its prime.
  • i wish they would play it like they do law and order.the best show on tv but i keep my tv on t.n.t from 9am to i go to bed. you could take off angle and replace it with n.y.p.d,blue

    i watched wanted,judging amy, law&order but n.y.p.d blue is the best next to nascar. i like the way any shows himself on the show.i do belive that he should be the boss.but then it would not be the same show.the way they show the crime scene it is awsome.and the way andy takes charge and every looks for him to bail him out.it is the best drama show on t.v.and today it is not on i want to know why i have the right to know when i dont see it my day does not go right.thank u .mark palanton.columbus in.
  • a very interesting show. and pretty cool

    i had herd about this show for years but didnt take much interest since the show started in 1993 and i was born in 1986 so since i was only a small child then. but just the other day i got interested when i saw the first two seasons on sale for a low price. so i bourght them both. and i must say im on ep 8 of S1 and already i find it a compelling and riveting series. david caruso is so great in this show. so is the guy who plays andy sipowits [spelling it on pronounceation] i hope its not too bad after david leaves.
  • NYPD blue is one of the best raw and in your face shows ever. Season one was Nypd Blues highest points and it kept getting better. Andy sipowitzs is one of the best. He was drunk, rude, and had a i dont give a **** attitude to him!

    NYPD blue is one of the best raw and in your face shows ever. Season one was Nypd Blues highest points and it kept getting better. Andy sipowitzs is one of the best. He was drunk, rude, and had a i dont give a **** attitude to him! he at some points also had a soft side and would stick up to you only if he really like you. John kelly his first partner was one of his favorites and he was about the only one he had any respect for in the percent. He left and had a few partners there after. his second was also good. His last partner was not the best through. In the end of the series He got to be luitenent. so he was happy about that. This show has 2 seasons out on dvd and hopefully the 3rd season will come out very soon.
  • Bleh.

    Initially this show was gritty and compelling. I especially enjoyed this show when David Caruso was starring in it. Enjoyed the interplay between Caruso and Franz' characters.

    After Caruso, I hung on for a little while longer to see Franz and Lawrence's characters get married and have their child and see Franz' older son get killed.

    After that I lost interest in the show.
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