NYPD Blue - Season 10

ABC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • 22 Skidoo
    Episode 22
    It's the morning after for John and Jennifer and they'll both be late for work if John doesn't put the honey bottle away. The detectives respond to the scene of a homicide in grocery, where no money was taken. Ortiz spots Clark getting out of Dr. Devlin's car and is short with him when he says hello. Back at the squad, canvas hasn't turned up anything, but crime scene did get a fingerprint from a similar crime that occurred the night before. That fingerprint belongs to Terry Parkhurst. Medavoy tells the others that he is anticipating receipt of the list that might announce his promotion to detective 2nd grade. McDowell makes plans for a small wedding ceremony that might be able to take place later that evening. Rodriguez calls Sipowicz into his office and tells him that the commissioner will not allow two detectives in the same squad to be married. Sipowicz asks Rodriguez if it will be a problem with him if they go ahead and get married anyway. He tells them it won't, as long as it stays in the squad. Sipowicz and Clark go to the apartment of Terry Parkhurst. They meet his wheel chair bound brother Mike, who tells them that his brother can't be the guy their looking for. They leave, but tell Mike that they want to talk to his brother anyway and if he hears from him, he should pass along the message. A gang member who shook down the grocer is another possible suspect in the grocer's death. Medavoy comes in announcing that he got his promotion. He reads for his colleagues a little speech that he prepared for the event, but breaks up before he can finish reading. Clark tries to have a discussion with Ortiz about the way she's been acting of late. They come to no resolution of their current situation, other that her observation that he "can sometimes be a real asshole." Clark and Sipowicz interview the gang member, who swears he changed from his past life. He is now a college student at SUNY. They don't believe him and get him to reveal his true gang member nature. Fraker, from IAB, comes into Rodriguez's office. He brings with him a laundry list of infractions that Rodriguez's squad is out of control. Rodriguez threatens to call the Chief of Detectives. When Fraker leaves, he tells Sipowicz that he is going to want to see 4 of Sipowicz's old cases. Terry Parkhurst looks good for the crime, when a vehicle seen at the crime scene, matches one owned by him. Sipowicz tells McDowell about what Rodriguez told him earlier and with Fraker nosing around, he wonders if they shouldn't call the wedding off. McDowell offers to transfer precincts, but he disagrees. They agree that they will still get married, but will keep it quiet. While sitting waiting for Parkhurst to arrive, Sipowicz tells Clark about his and McDowell's intentions on getting married at their apartment that evening. Parkhurst arrives, but he makes Anti-Crime, takes off, and gets away. At another crime scene, Rodriguez arrives looking for something to tell the brass, they are also present on the scene. McDowell finds out her Judge friend is not going to be able to preside over their ceremony tonight and tells Sipowicz. An eavesdropping John Irvin tells them that there is a website, where you can become an ordained minister in 15 minutes for $10. The couple asks him if he would follow through with that and preside over their ceremony. He agrees and runs off to use anti-crimes computer. The detectives run the state of the case past Rodriguez when Martens arrives. Rodriguez asks him what's up with Fraker. Martens doesn't know of any formal investigation into the squad, but he does tell them that Fraker was passed over for a promotion and his affair with a subordinate was found out. Jones and Medavoy talk with Parkhurst's brother who's arrived at home. They try to give Parkhurst reasons for helping them to find his brother. He agrees to help them by accompanying them to the various locations where his brother has been known to hang out. In the bathroom, Clark inquires about whether Sipowicz is nervous his pending wedding. Fraker comes into the bathroom (gets Clark to leave) and tells Sipowicz about how he's going to start to bring him down and that he also knows that Sipowicz is cohabitating with one of his fellow detectives. Clark tries to apologize to Ortiz. While he hears part of what McDowell has heard from Medavoy's discussion with Parkhurst, Sipowicz asks them to bring him into the squad. Sipowicz has realized that Parkhurst's brother might not be as wheelchair bound as he appears and that he is the Parkhurst they are really looking for. Parkhurst tells them that he has posed as his wheelchair bound brother to continue collecting his brother's checks, as payment for all the care he has given his brother for the past 10 years. John Irvin has become an official reverend and Sipowicz and McDowell get ready to go home for their wedding. They tell Rodriguez they would have liked to have invited him, but don't want to put him into a bad spot. Ortiz comes into Rodriguez's office requesting a transfer. He asks her to sleep on it. She talks with McDowell. She regrets that with her current relationship with Clark it is probably best that she not come to the wedding. She also tells her that she's realized that she was more in love with Clark than she knew at the time. McDowell leaves as Fraker comes into the squad and Rodriguez's office, demanding Sipowicz's appearance. Rodriguez realizes that Fraker has been drinking. Fraker's world has come apart. They square off and Fraker turns to leave and pulls a gun. He shoots Rodriguez in the chest. Fraker comes around the desk to finish the job, when Ortiz discharges her weapon and brings him down. At the hospital, everyone from the squad is present as the wedding has been put on hold. Rodriguez's condition is that he unconscious, but his vital signs are stable for now.moreless
  • Yo, Adrian
    Episode 21
    Sipowicz (with McDowell watching) works with the lawyer on his testimony in the custody hearing that is going to be held later in the day. The other detectives are on the scene of a woman who was murdered in her own apartment. A neighbor, who had heard some commotion going on in that apartment gives them the name of the victim's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Sipowicz meets with Diane Russell, who is now working in the special victims unit. He tells her about their suspicion that Adrian Caffee was made pregnant by her father when she was a teenager. Sipowicz believes with her experience Russell might be able to talk with Caffee and Russell agrees to try helping out. Clark and Ortiz interview the boyfriend of their victim, whose name is Stan. He tells them his girlfriend was doing her brother-in-law, which is one of the reasons why she was his ex-girlfriend. He appears to be shocked when they tell him about her death, and he gives them an alibi to confirm. He claims to have been returning from Atlantic City early this morning with his father. Jones and Medavoy talk with the victim's brother-in-law. He tells him that he only use his sister-in-law's apartment for an affair with his assistant. He would then help her out with her rent. More evidence turns up that ex-boyfriend Stan owes some people some money and they haven't yet been able to reach Stan's father to confirm the alibi. Sipowicz tells McDowell about his reaching out to Diane Russell, which gives McDowell some reason to hope. Stan is brought back in and Clark and Ortiz talk with him about his gambling problem. They ask him about the $10,000 he borrowed from her last week. He tells them in that case it was a business loan. Russell goes to Adrian Caffee's apartment and she tells her about the abuse she suffered from her father when she was growing up. When she sees signs that Adrian Caffee is drinking to help her with her issues, Russell tells he that her abuse led to her drinking problem. Stan's father shows up at squad and begins making a scene at the same time that Sipowicz receives a call from Russell that she talked to Caffee but wasn't sure how much good it was going to do. It all results in Sipowicz going into the bathroom and venting his anger with all that is going on. Sipowicz believes that McDowell is going to lose the custody battle for Michelle and they are going to go through him to do it. Jones and Medavoy interview the ex-boyfriend's father. He tells them he met the victim and gave her the $10,000 that she claimed his son owed her to keep her quiet about a bad check. They are convinced the Stan's father isn't responsible for the murder; however, rather than go right back at Stan, the decision is made to take Sipowicz and Rodriguez's advice to gather some more background on Stan. They decide to start with the loan shark Stan had recently made some frequent calls to. Sipowicz consults his magic 8 ball about an unspoken question (Perhaps it was will this day work out for the best?), but his facial features give no clear indication as to what answer he's received. The loan shark is brought in for questioning and he eventually Clark and Ortiz that Stan paid him the money he owed him today, plus some additional money for more bets. The total is $10,000. He also tells them that Stan has $60,000 in markers all around the city. Adrian Caffee comes to Russell's office. She tells Russell that she is reluctant to testify as she is worried about the effect it will have on her current family. Russell tells her that if she doesn't start trying to stop living the lie now, it will eventually catch up to her. Russell knows that she has actually come here to testify, and she willing to help her get the help she needs to get her through this. Clark and Ortiz go to Stan's apartment to confront him and tell him his father is looking good for the murder. They question Stan, but he is only interested in the score of the game. The detectives run their case by Haywood, but they don't really have enough to charge Stan with murder. Sipowicz suggests that before they let Stan go, they remind him that with the $60,000 he still owes other loan sharks, he is probably about to written off. Clark lets Stan out of the pokey, and then reminds him that he needs to watch his back out on the street. Clark tries to make a Stan a deal, which Stan refuses. At family court, Sipowicz is on the stand and is not performing well under the questioning of Colohan's attorney. Then Russell brings Adrian Caffee into the courtroom and suddenly John Colohan is more than prepared drop their petition. Russell offers to help Adrian with initial support she is going to need to get on the road to recovery. John and Jennifer have dinner together at John's apartment. They get into a discussion about the excessive force that is sometime used by police officers. This leads to a fight and John shows her the door and she begins to leave. She comes back in to make one more point and they kiss and then some. At the Sipowicz/McDowell household, the family is celebrating along with Diane. Andy tells Diane that he owes her one. She tells him it was payback for something she owed him from long ago. Now the decks are clear. After Diane leaves and Michelle is put to bed, Andy and Connie start to discuss the possibility of marriage; that is they start to until Theo comes in looking for a storyteller.moreless
  • Maybe Baby
    Episode 20
    Sipowicz meets Clark at the scene of a homicide and tells him that his meeting with Frank Colohan gave him no useful information that would help in his and McDowell's defense against Colohan's parents for custody of Michelle. At the scene of the crime they are beginning to investigate, the victim was reported to have stumbled his way to the front of the bodega and died, presumably as a result of what appears to be an injury to his eye. Back at the squad, Jones arrives late after canvassing Jerry Well's building again. Rodriguez tells him that he needs to be a little more subtle in his investigation into Haywood's beating. It seems Wells has been complaining of harassment. The bank card of Sipowicz and Clark's victim is being use at an OTB near their crime scene. They are going to go back out, but first Sipowicz hears what the other detectives have found on Frank Colohan's parents. Medavoy gets a line from the DEA that Frank Colohan's mother once was busted for smuggling a type of cheese that has trace elements of hemp in it. At the OTB parlor, Sipowicz and Clark find the man who was using their victim's bank card. The man, Bernie Carpenter, knows Sipowicz from years ago, back in the Andy's early days of recovery for his alcoholism but unlike Sipowicz, Bernie hasn't stayed on the wagon, which Sipowicz later talks with him about. They ask him about what he knows about the fight their victim was in. While he saw some of the fight, he didn't get to see the attacker clearly. Medavoy talks with Colohan's guidance counselor about Frank's past. She tells him that Frank has a sister named Adrian, and she recalls a time when Adrian took a turn for the worst. She gives Medavoy the name of a woman that might lead them to finding Adrian. Ortiz has a line on a line on a loan shark that was known to deal with the victim. Making up for his DEA bust news, Medavoy lets the other detectives know about Frank Colohan's sister. A hit comes back on a fingerprint found outside of Haywood's apartment. Jones and Medavoy leave to retrieve the owner of that print. When McDowell needs to run down the location of Frank's sister and Sipowicz is otherwise occupied, Ortiz has to join Clark in the questioning of the loan shark who was brought in for questioning. The former loan shark claims to have forgiven all his loans. He has found religion and has become a Promise Keeper. An anonymous tip comes in the victim was arguing with Marty Irons, an employee of a record shop located a block away from the crime scene. McDowell's not had any luck contacting the woman who knows Frank's sister. She also hasn't heard whether the grandparents are going to be allowed a custodial visit this evening or not. Clark gets a phone call from Dr. Devlin, who he was supposed to meet for lunch. Sipowicz and Clark interview Marty Irons, who acknowledges knowing the victim. He tells what went down, he and victim exchanged a few words, but he and the victim didn't get into a fight. They ask him to appear in a lineup, which Irons agrees to do. Jones and Medavoy start to interview Rinaldi, the man whose fingerprint was found outside Haywood's building. He denies being there, but eventually cops to it, denying knowledge of anyone named Jerry Wells and admitting that he was acting alone. Marty Irons appears in a lineup and Bernie, Sipowicz's alcoholic friend doesn't pick him out of the lineup. Sipowicz feels that Bernie knows more than he is saying. Baldwin stops by Valerie's apartment and tells her with what they now know, it might have been a case of wrong place, wrong time. Of course, Jerry Wells is still out there, does he know enough to stay away from Haywood? Sipowicz and McDowell talk with the woman who was a friend with Frank's sister Adrian. She tells them how Frank's sister was a total "goody-two-shoes" until she got pregnant, had an abortion and started doing alcohol and drugs. Was Frank that baby's father? She gives them some information that should help them find Adrian Caffee. Medavoy makes a connection between Rinaldi and Jerry Wells and they go back at Rinaldi, who doesn't admit to them that he did the crime for Jerry Wells. Sipowicz and Clark go back at Bernie, who they know call the music store just after they had interviewed him that morning. He tells them that he witnessed Marty Irons killing the victim using only his hands. Sipowicz tries to offer some counseling to Bernie. McDowell tells Sipowicz that she's located Adrian Caffee. Jones and Medavoy go to Jerry Well's apartment. Medavoy takes the lead, to help keep Jones temper in check. They bluff Jerry Wells into believing that Rinaldi has given him up and they find out that Wells witnessed Rinaldi kill someone in Singapore years ago and that's what he had been holding over his head. Jones lets his anger almost get the better of him, but Medavoy's presence is the only thing that keeps Wells alive. McDowell and Sipowicz meet with Adrian Caffee and they are truthful with her and ask her some frank questions about her brother Frank and her parents. She denies that it was her brother who got her pregnant; could it have been her father? This seems to strike a nerve with her and she asks them to leave. Clark, who's done a background check on Marty Irons, brings him in and talks with him about a possible self defense strategy for the crime that they are going to charge him with. When their lawyer arrives, McDowell and Sipowicz tell him where they are at with their background checks of the Colohans. The attorney takes a call and tells them that the grandparent's have been awarded a custodial visit. Clark goes on a date with Dr. Devlin, but the doctor gets paged in the midst of their date. Sipowicz arrives at the Child Services office without the baby and tells the grandparents will not be seeing the baby tonight, since the baby has a fever. The grandfather says that the day after tomorrow is the last time they are going to see that child. Sipowicz replies, "We'll see."moreless
  • 4/29/03
    Connie prepares for the hearing that will let her obtain custodial rights to Michelle. She mentions the fact that the question of home status came, that is "not being married." Andy wonders if that is something they should talk about, but thinks again and changes the subject. The detectives respond to scene of the death of an African man (the third in 6 months). One of the other residents of the building exchanges a few words with Sipowicz. No one at the scene is cooperative, except a uniform at the scene who tries to help out to much. They get into the victim's apartment, where they find his wife screaming and bleeding from her arm. At the hospital the detectives find out the status of the victim, she will be able to leave the hospital and come down to the squad for questioning. Clark is caught flirting with the attractive doctor who is caring for victim's wife. Both Ortiz and Sipowicz are witness to this event. Clark seems oblivious to the fact that anything happened. Jones talks with Haywood about her stalker, as she hasn't had any hang up calls or heard from him in any other way. McDowell asks Haywood about the family court judge, who Haywood calls a straight shooter. McDowell and Ortiz talk with a waitress who tells them she is being stalked by a doctor for the past two weeks. They agree to have a talk with the doctor. Sipowicz goes into Rodriguez's office to talk about his need for some help getting a waiver for a friend who wants to move in with a co-worker. Rodriguez, who has not been blind to his detective's activities, is well aware of the situation of Sipowicz's friend but he agrees to help. At family court, McDowell and Sipowicz are surprised by the appearance of the parents of Frank Colohan. They are petitioning the court to take custody of the granddaughter Michelle. Back at the squad, the others help McDowell and Sipowicz make sense of what happened at family court. Attempts are made to contact Haywood, who's tied up in court. Medavoy suggest that they try contact the grandparents on their own. McDowell is willing to talk with them, even if their lawyer is present. The wife of the dead African man is brought into the squad, where Sipowicz and Clark begin to interview her, once they discover she actually can speak English. They ask her about the victim's brother, his activities and where they might find him. McDowell and Ortiz bring in Dr. Hale, who tells them that the waitress was one of his patients, and that he is a psychiatrist. Since the waitress had stopped seeing him, the doctor decided to go her workplace and check up on her. Clark gets a call from Dr. Devlin. Sipowicz and Clark have the victim's brother in for questioning and come to realize that despite his background, he hasn't done anything that would have put his brother's life in danger. Haywood tells McDowell and Sipowicz that the grandparent's lawyer is sharp and they need to be prepared for the fight. At another crime scene, one block from the morning's shooting, Sipowicz sees the body of the man he had words with at the scene that morning. No one at this crime scene seems anymore willing to help the detectives. Rodriguez leaves for the deputy commissioner's office to help start the waiver process, but before he leaves he tells the Sipowicz and Clark about a boy that their latest victim was trying to find since the morning's shooting. McDowell and Ortiz go to the visit the waitress at her restaurant, where they tell her what the doctor told them. One of the other waitresses confirms her story. Medavoy and Jones interview the 16-year-old boy named Josh from a white gang who tries to act like a streetwise punk. He isn't very convincing, even when he cops to the crime of shooting the African man. They convince him that he shouldn't outright cop to the crime, since as a 16-year-old he isn't the minor that he thinks he is. He changes his story and tells him that he was a witness to the crime that's only intent was to score points in their gang. He gives them the name of his accomplice. McDowell and Ortiz go to Dr. Hale's office and discover that the man they met earlier is not the doctor they are meeting now. They find out the man they met earlier is one of Dr. Hale's former patients and was dangerous in the past. Ortiz calls the restaurant and finds out the waitress left for home ten minutes earlier. McDowell and Ortiz meet Jones and Medavoy at the waitress's apartment, where they find the "doctor" is trying to help his patient. Sipowicz and Clark interview the other gang member, who cops to the crime so that he can score more points. Josh cops to his end of the crime and Sipowicz tells him this is his only break. Just as Sipowicz is in the midst of berating Josh's mother about not being aware of her son's activities, the Colohans and their attorney arrive at the squad. McDowell and Sipowicz meet with the Colohans and their attorney in the coffee room. McDowell tries to reason with the grandparents, the attorney is only interested in a deal. The battle begins as the grandparent's air what they know of Sipowicz (alcoholic) and McDowell's (child out of wedlock) past. Sipowicz warns them that they better be "perfect." The detective squad decides to start looking into the past of the Colohans for themselves. They have four days before their next appearance in family court. Rodriguez takes a call that Haywood was attacked in the hallway of her building. At the hospital Jones talks with her, Haywood didn't see anything, but it doesn't stop Jones from leaving right away and going to the apartment of Jerry Wells. Jones arrives with plans to get even for what he believes Wells did to Haywood. Unfortunately for Jones, Wells is at his apartment with his mother and his nieces and he claims he's been there all day. Jones has no choice but to leave the scene, when there is the threat of a video camera is made. At the Sipowicz/McDowell household, Andy and Connie strategize about their defense. He offers to marry her if need be, he also offers to leave if removing his baggage will help their case. Connie won't stand for the breaking up of their family.moreless
  • Marine Life
    Episode 18
    The morning after their breakup and Clark and Ortiz are on the scene of a homicide and there is a hint of tension. Aware of what has transpired, Sipowicz tells McDowell that it is just a matter of time before it hits the fan between Clark and Ortiz. The homicide the detectives have caught involves a victim who was bludgeoned to death. The murder weapon is still at the scene and contains one good fingerprint. Back at the squad they run the case for Rodriguez. Sipowicz gets a call from Theo's teacher, who refers to McDowell as Mrs. Sipowicz, something which appears to make Sipowicz uncomfortable. Jones and Medavoy are sent to the scene of an assault, once the get there the victim (a Russian woman) claims that she is okay and doesn't want to press charges. The woman's husband, Roy Pardee arrives on the scene. Sipowicz and Clark arrive at the office of Carla Whitford, a woman who was doing business with their victim. Sipowicz plays the answering machine message she left for their victim. She tells them the victim was gay and is "a grade A prick." Jones and Medavoy talk with Roy Pardee and he tells him that he really doesn't know anything about his wife's personal life, she is very secretive. After discussing the case, Rita reminds John about the naïveté of the concept of remaining friends during the short term. At the criminal courts building, Haywood tries to keep a jury convicted drug dealer Jerry Wells from being released on bail (the only witness against him has recanted his testimony). The judge lets Wells go, but as he prepares to leave, he makes a comment to Haywood about there being no hard feelings and he winks at her as he leaves the courtroom. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Justin Tangier who they've found is using their victim's credit card. He tells them that he was using the in conjunction with his band that the victim was backing. He gives them the name Remy Blanchard as his alibi. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's co-worker, whom they've been told that he is more than friends with. He tells them about that the relationship that their victim has with her husband Roy Pardee. Blanchard confirms Justin's alibi; but the fingerprint on the murder weapon gives the detectives the name of an AWOL Marine named Russell Stokes, whom another witness says was seen with Blanchard. Sipowicz and Clark go the apartment of Remy Blanchard and they get him to admit knowing Stokes. They get Blanchard to place a call to Stokes and have him return to the apartment. When Stokes returns, Sipowicz and Clark take him into custody. Jones and Medavoy reinterview Roy Pardee about his wife. They tell him they also know about his previous marriage to another mail order bride, who mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier. Sipowicz and Clark bring Stokes into the precinct. Before they can get him to the pokey room for questioning, John Irvin has a chance to see him and recognizes something in him that he had gone through 15 years earlier, which is being gay and coming to grips with it. Stokes is brought into the pokey room and gives them his story, which is that Justin had brought him to the victim's apartment and that he woke up with the murder weapon in his hand. When confronted with being outed, Stokes tries to position himself as being able to commit to the crime. He tells them that they need to talk to Justin. John Irvin has witnessed their interview of Stokes. Jones and Medavoy run their case by Rodriguez as Haywood arrives. She is there to talk with Jones about the creepy feeling she got from Jerry Wells earlier in the day. He gets Wells information from her and tells her that he will take care of it. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Justin. He only admits to making a phone call, which set the meeting up between Stokes and the victim. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Haywood about their case with Stokes. They plan to go back at Stokes, when John Irvin confesses to Sipowicz that he watched their interview of Stokes. He hears what John Irvin has to say about Randall Stokes, it makes Sipowicz decide that they need to go back at Remy Blanchard. They get him to admit to concocting a story with Justin and they bring him to the pokey to confront Justin. Justin gives them the story of what happened. Jones and Medavoy interview Pardee's brother, who they suspect may have assisted his brother in beating his current wife and getting rid of his first wife. Using his FBI lie detection technique, Medavoy get Pardee's brother (who is slow of mind) to confess to his crimes. The brother confesses that he alone had killed his brother's first wife and beat his current wife, since both women were just using his brother. Sipowicz and Clark come down to Stokes cell and tell them about Justin copping to the murder. John Irvin comes into Stokes' cell and talk with him about the issues he perceives that Stokes is facing, just to let him know that there is help available out there. Jones and Medavoy take Roy Pardee out to where they've found that his brother has buried the body of his first wife. Later, Jones goes to the apartment of Jerry Wells and lays down the law for him regarding Haywood. Andy and Connie attend Theo's performance, where plays the letter "Z." They meet his teacher and clarify the relationship issue, but the discussion gives Andy pause for thought.moreless
  • Off the Wall
    Episode 17
    The detectives are on the scene of a homicide, when Clark arrives. He was going stir crazy taking time off following his father's death. Ortiz comments to McDowell that she hadn't spoken or heard from him for the past three days. The detectives get a line on a possible suspect, named Todd Grady. Jones and Medavoy go to suspect's apartment to attempt to speak with him. When no one answers they decide to check with the neighbors. Suddenly someone they assume is their possible suspect rounds the corner and doubles back when he realizes they are there to talk with him. He then comes back around the corner with a gun drawn. Jones and Medavoy fire their weapons and after waiting a moment proceed to go around the corner. There they find a boy has been shot by a bullet that went through the wall, from one of their guns. Sipowicz and Clark arrive on the scene as an ambulance is being called. The detectives and Rodriguez are at the hospital, when they find that the 13-year-old boy doesn't make it. Medavoy and Jones turn over their guns so that ballistic tests can be run. In the meantime, McDowell and Ortiz are sent to respond to the scene of a DOA. The victim is from Queens and far from home. Rodriguez returns to the squad to be met by a reverend who wants to talk to him about the boy's shooting. He wants Rodriguez to give him all the information he can so that he might be able to give his parishioners and the people in the neighborhood the facts. The detectives return to the squad and Clark apologizes to Ortiz about not returning her calls, he felt it was better if he handled all the stuff with his dad on his own. The detectives run what they know about their two cases to Rodriguez when the ballistics report comes in. It was Jones' gun that fired the fatal shot. Sipowicz and Clark find the woman who was seen with Todd Grady. She tells them about their victim's relationship with Grady. She also gives them the name Dante Kelly, just one of the people who was hanging out with Grady. McDowell and Ortiz talk with two uniforms from the 72nd precinct about their victim's activities in their precinct from the previous night. The victim was a nasty drunk who they had removed from his girlfriend's house the previous evening. Jones asks Medavoy what style gun he saw Grady holding. Medavoy says he thought it was a revolver, while Jones told the Duty Captain it was a 9mm. Medavoy confesses to Sipowicz and Clark that he never actually saw gun, he hopes that fact won't jam them up later. The reverend returns to the squad and puts a face to the name of Jones. He seeks further information on the case and Rodriguez's word that Det. Jones didn't do wrong. While keeping Dante Kelly under surveillance, Sipowicz and Clark talk about Ortiz and Clark's father. Talking about his father gets Clark hot under the collar as he hasn't worked out his anger with his father's death. When they run after Dante he gets stuck between two gates. He tells them they need to talk to Grady about their victim's death. Dante being trapped by the gates strikes Clark as being funny. The reverend is on television, giving misinformation to the masses. An anonymous tip comes in telling the detectives that they need to re-talk to Chinese girl. McDowell and Ortiz talk with their victim's girlfriend. She tells them about her drunken boyfriend and the fact that two cops took him away to give him some time to "chill out." Sipowicz and Clark go to the Chinese restaurant and get the Chinese girl to give them a credible story about what happened. McDowell and Ortiz talk again with the two uniforms for the 72nd precinct. The uniforms tell them that they took the angry drunk away and just dropped him off at a corner near a bar that was closed. That location was 4 blocks away from where they found him. Rodriguez, Sipowicz and Clark give the reverend the facts about their investigation. They wait for the reverend to leave and then they proceed to follow him. The reverend leads the detectives to the apartment where they find him talking with Grady. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the man who tells him that he was assaulted last night by a drunk, when he was leaving a bar. The man confesses to having pushed the drunk and knocking him to the ground. The drunk was able to get back to his feet and walked away. When the man finds out that the drunk has died and he might be looking at a manslaughter charge, he tells them that he has a witness; the married woman he's been seeing and who was at the bar with him. Sipowicz and Clark begin their interview of Todd Grady and convince him that he needs to start giving them some positive information that will help him to get rid of some of the negatives on his scorecard. Grady starts to deal and tells them that the 13-year-old kid wasn't so innocent. He tells them what went down with the gun. The reverend has been watching the entire interview and offers his apologies to the detectives. McDowell and Ortiz tell the 2 uniforms what happened to their victim. Because the uniforms didn't follow the "must arrest" procedure the ball was put in motion leading to their victim's death. Provided they never talk about it, McDowell and Ortiz make the decision to not let the uniforms get jammed up for their mistake. Medavoy confesses to Jones that he didn't see the gun. Valerie offers to take Baldwin home for dinner, to allow him to take his mind off of the day's events. At John's apartment, Rita arrives and they address the status of their relationship. They decide to break off their relationship and agree that it won't affect their relationship at work.moreless
  • Nude Awakening
    Episode 16
    Theo walks into bathroom on Connie, who's naked and getting ready to take a shower. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive at crime scene, with Clark Jr. commenting to Sipowicz that he hasn't been able to get in contact with his father. At the crime scene, the detectives encounter Julian Pisano, the snitch who led them to finding Sorenson's body. Julian was shot in the arm, but heard his shooter also cry out in pain. Sipowicz asks him to go alphabetically through the list of people who would want to see him killed. He tells them about "The Dentist" a man he may have recently screwed over in a deal. They tell him to go to the hospital and stay there. Back at the squad, McDowell tells Ortiz about her encounter with Theo, which John Irvin overhears. McDowell asks Sipowicz how Theo was when he dropped him off at school. Sipowicz tells her that Theo insisted that he be dropped off at Hooters. Jones and Medavoy interview "The Dentist" who tells them about the bad deal he had with Julian, but denies wanting to kill him over it. McDowell and Ortiz respond to the scene of a robbery where a woman was conned out of $100 and insists on talking to a detective. The woman is insistent on having the detectives look into her case. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Julian in the pokey room; he'd already left the hospital, despite them asking to stay. He tells them he was out trying to find information. He tells them about a man at the place where he wife used to work. That man had made some inappropriate comments regarding Julian's wife and his subsequent confrontation of that man, may have led that man to hire someone to kill him. A man comes into the squad telling the detectives that he caught the morning's shooting on videotape. He'll give it to him, as long as he can retain exclusive rights to the tape. The woman, whose case that McDowell and Ortiz are working, comes in with more information for the detectives. They take the woman up to anti-crime to look at mug shots. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with the man, who they have on the videotape shooting Julian. He tells them that after he fired his gun, his back locked up on him. He also tells them that he was hired by Julian's wife and her lover to kill him. Rodriguez talks with McDowell and Ortiz about the status of their case; it seems their complainant has raised the profile of the case up to the Chief of Detectives. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. tell Julian about his wife and her lover's plot to kill him. He doesn't believe it. They try to get him to calm down enough to help them with their plan to capture his wife on tape confessing to setup the hit. At their complainant's apartment, McDowell and Ortiz find out about her from her neighbor. She had lost her son to a drunk driver, three weeks earlier. The detectives plan to fake Julian's death, so they can use the photos when they meet with his wife later. Jones and Medavoy are going to take Julian to an alley, where they will meet Sipowicz and Clark Jr., but first Clark Jr. wants to stop by his father's home to see if he can find out why his father has been out of touch. At his father's home he and Sipowicz find that his father has apparently committed suicide. Clark Jr. is shocked at this turn of events; Sipowicz calls it in and then looks around for cleaning supplies for the gun. Sipowicz talks to the 45 Supervisor and seems to convince him that the death was accidental, that it occurring during the cleaning of Clark Sr.'s gun. Ortiz arrives at the scene. Sipowicz comes back to the squad, pissed off about what Clark Sr.'s actions may have done to his son. John Irvin asks if there was a note, Sipowicz emphasizes the fact it was an accidental shooting. Sipowicz joins a cold Jones and Medavoy in the alley and tells them about Clark Jr.'s father and finds out that Julian is no longer with them. Sipowicz knows where to find Julian and does. He talks him out of shooting him; he gets him back to the alley where they stage his death. Back at the late John Clark Sr.'s home, Rita tries to help John deal with his father's death. The detectives prepare to capture Julian's wife on tape. Haywood tells them what she needs to hear on the tape to make sure Julian's wife and her lover go down for the crime. She also hears about the gun cleaning accident. Sipowicz meets with Julian's wife and shows him the pictures. He gets the money from her and gets her to confess to the crime and implicate her lover as well. Julian whose been listening in with Jones and Medavoy takes great delight in showing his wife that he is still alive after the detectives collar her. Back at the squad, Julian thanks the detectives for helping him out. The woman that McDowell and Ortiz were working with earlier in the day arrives at the precinct. McDowell asks the others for $20, so that she can give the woman the money and tell her that the perp ran off. Medavoy asks if they can do anything else to help sell her and she suggests one of them act as the boyfriend of the perp, who can then give her the money back. Julian Pisano, who is still in the squad room, volunteers as a token of his thanks. McDowell brings the woman into the room, where Julian acts instead as the perp's husband. The woman accepts the money and then gets off her chest was has been on her mind, likely since her son's tragic death. Julian in turns gets emotional when he talks about his wife's actions. John and Rita arrive at his apartment, and they find an envelope with his name on it outside of his door. The envelope contains a videotape, which John watches in his apartment alone. On the videotape, his father tells him that he is proud of what his son has become tells him that life without his late wife just hasn't felt right. He tells his son that his job with him is done and that he knows what he is going to do is wrong, but now he just wants to be at peace with his wife.moreless
  • Tranny Get Your Gun
    Episode 15
    The tension that has been building between Andy and Connie almost comes to a head after the babysitter has to cancel and Andy can't stay behind to watch the baby until the replace arrives. They exchange a few words with ends with Andy saying he is leaving. Theo, who must have overheard some of their discussion, asks his father if he will be coming back, after all he said he was leaving. Andy tells him he will never leave him as Connie watches the pair leave their home together. Sipowicz arrives late to the crime scene where Clark Jr., Medavoy and Jones are beginning to investigate the death of an 18-year-old Pakistani woman. McDowell arrives to the squad late, citing babysitter problems, which she assures Sipowicz are taken care of. A man, Gordon Dillit, and his wife come in to report that he was mugged and his wife's antique watch was stolen. As he is still in a good mood from the morning's events, Sipowicz says the man is a "hen pecked slob." Jones and Medavoy interview the man who might be the father of their victim and he confirms for them that it is his daughter. Medavoy notes that the man doesn't seem to be affected in anyway by his daughter's death. Ortiz and McDowell are on the scene of the death of a "tranny pros" named "Lana" where Sipowicz and Clark Jr. join them. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk to the hotel manager and he gives them a license plate number to check; but Sipowicz's conduct at the scene, that is in the questioning of the manager and his interaction with his fellow detectives this morning, especially McDowell, leave much too be desired. Jones and Medavoy are off to visit the boyfriend of their victim, as the other detectives return to the squad. They report to Rodriguez that they got a hit off the license plate, it belonged Dillit, the man they saw earlier that morning. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have a conversation with Dillit. They inform his that the prostitute was a transvestite. Dillit tells them that not long after he and the prostitute had set a price, another man entered the room and held him at knife point, planning to keep him until midnight, when he could get Dillit to use his ATM card again. He tells them that he got out of the room, when the prostitute and the man with the knife got into a fight. When he came in to report the missing watch, he didn't want his wife to know about the prostitute. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's boyfriend who tells them he doesn't know where she is. When they inform her that she is dead, his reaction isn't such that makes them suspicious of him, but they ask him to stick around until they check out his story. The detectives are bringing Rodriguez up to speed on their case when a woman comes into the squad asking to speak to someone about the Yusuf murder case. Jones and Medavoy talk with the woman who says she is the victim's cousin and she tells them that the she overheard her uncle tell her father that he killed his daughter as an "honor killing." They ask for her further cooperation, but promise to keep her out of it, if at all possible. John Irvin passes a message on to Sipowicz from Clark Jr. about their case. Sipowicz asks him how he likes living in his new apartment, telling him that he's heard rumors they are cracking down on cohabitating detectives. John Irvin tells Sipowicz that he doesn't want to tell him how to live his life, but he think about giving his current situation some time to work itself out. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk to Randy, the man that "Lana" had made several phone calls to the night before. This man picks up the fact the "Lana" is dead and tells them Gordon Dillit did it. He denies running a "Murphy Game" on Dillit and claims that when he came in, Dillit ran out covered in blood. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's father again, only this time as a suspect. The father denies killing his daughter, but he does admit to telling people that he killed his daughter, in order to get respect back in his community. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. run their case by Haywood, but they are still waiting for McDowell and Ortiz to bring in the woman that Dillet claimed he ran by when exiting the building. McDowell and Ortiz bring in and talk with "Monika" who tells them she saw a man leave the place with blood on his pants; she also says she saw the man who looked out for "Lana." Jones and Medavoy canvas the area where a knife was found that may have been used in their victim's murder. They encounter a crazy homeless man, who tells them about someone named "Derrick," but they also find their victim's wallet amongst the homeless man's possessions. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to have another conversation with Dillit; they tell him that they know he is homophobe. They tell him about the "Monika" backing up Randy's story; they suggest that if he wants to get out from under this, he'd better give them permission to search his clothes. Jones and Medavoy tell Rodriguez about the outcome of their case, the boyfriend and the father are both going to be let go and the homeless man charged. The detectives find more evidence that points toward Randy as "Lana"'s killer, he had a past history with "Monika" and also was seen pawning the watch earlier this morning. With this new evidence in hand, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back at Randy. With evidence mounting against him, Randy confesses the truth. As the boyfriend and father are leaving the precinct, the father realizes that his daughter's death was his fault, as he wasn't strong enough to make her behave like a "proper woman." Back upstairs, McDowell gets ready to leave, but Sipowicz tells her he will be another hour, maybe more. After she leaves, Clark Jr. tells him the 5s can wait, but the problem he is avoiding isn't going to go away, he inevitably has to face it. Dillit comes upstairs and is able to retrieve his wife's watch, he comments to Sipowicz that sitting in the cell today made him realize how precious his relationship with his wife is. And finally John Irvin passes onto to Sipowicz the name of great florist who does wonderful things with "Gerber Daisies." At the Sipowicz/McDowell household, with daisies in hand, Andy returns home, where Connie has made them a nice dinner. They decide that they have been fighting about nothing that really matters. They agree to start over again.moreless
  • 2/11/03
    Sipowicz arrives on the scene of a homicide where Shannon and Laughlin are both present. Sipowicz requests that Laughlin leave the scene and Laughlin informs him that he is documenting all of the mistreatment he has been getting. When Laughlin leaves Shannon indicates to Sipowicz that he might have some information that will help out Clark Jr., but he reluctant to come forward as he is worried for his job. Shannon testifies before IAB about what he saw Laughlin do with the package of heroin. While Fraker wants to wait to further investigation, Haywood insists that he void Clark Jr.'s arrest now. The other detectives are on the scene of a murder of a community activist, who worked with female gang bangers. Jones and Medavoy talk with the victim's downstairs neighbor who has nothing but contempt for what his neighborhood has become. Ortiz encounters a gang banger who tells them her or her friends got nothing for them. Ortiz gives the banger her card anyway, as McDowell comes over to tell her that Laughlin is going to be arrested. Back at the precinct, much to his surprise, Laughlin is arrested. Sipowicz arrives at the cells to tell Clark Jr. that Laughlin has been taken care of and he is free; fortunately for him this all happened before the arraignment that would have put him into the system. Clark Jr. returns to the squad for a full day of duty. The female gang banger that mouthed off to Ortiz comes to the squad to give Ortiz and McDowell some information on someone they should look at for killing the activist. The banger named Drida Lopez tells them about "Shakedown;" someone who later turns out to not have been available to commit the crime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a man who at one time stayed at the home of the victim in Sipowicz's case. That victim was an older gentleman who enjoyed the company of men. This man denies being gay and but tells them about Idalo, an inmate at Rikers who set him up. Jones and Medavoy interview the downstairs neighbor Bosham who other neighbors report didn't like his activist neighbor. When Bosham realizes they are thinking that he did it, he laughs at them. He tells them he was at his mother's home in Nyack. Downstairs, a drunken John Clark Sr. is making a scene in the lobby telling everyone present that his son wasn't with IAB, he was. Clark Jr. comes downstairs and takes his father out the front door. Clark Jr. returns upstairs apologizing for his dad's behavior, then he leaves with Sipowicz to go to visit Idalo at Rikers. Jones and Medavoy interview Levar a man whose fingerprint was found in the activist's apartment. His alibi is that he was with his girl, Drida Lopez. At Rikers Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview Idalo who tells them his relationship with their victim. He admits to having set departing inmates up with their victim. Sipowicz offers to help Idalo with a transfer to Sing Sing (which is closer to the city than his eventual destination Attica) for his cooperation. He declines the offer, saying the victim was good to him and he would just like help out in return, so he gives them the name of someone he says made contact with the victim without him being aware of it. McDowell and Ortiz reinterview Drida Lopez who says she just wants to stick up for her man, but she breaks down and tells them that her man wasn't with her last night. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find the man that Idalo pointed them towards, but that man tells them he doesn't know anything and that he had a run in with Idalo when he was recently at Rikers. Jones and Medavoy go back at Levar who eventually gives up his guilt to them, but he asks if he can get a deferred prosecution. He tells them he got the key to the victim's apartment from her neighbor, who the detectives realize is Bosham. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back to Rikers to talk again with Idalo, who they know has played them. They know that their victim dropped the funding for Idalo's lawyer the night before his final hearing. They theorize one of the boys he sent to their victim didn't put out and that is why the funding was cut. They again offer him the Sing Sing deal, but he is happy with his pending transfer to Attica. Word comes into the squad about someone picked up for driving a car owned by the victim in Sipowicz and Clark Jr.'s case. McDowell asks Sipowicz if he wants to cook tonight, but he suggests takeout, to she retorts that they've had takeout four nights in a row (trouble in the Sipowicz/McDowell household?). Jones and Medavoy go back at Bosham and lead him into believe that Levar has implicated him in a murder plan. He confesses to them that he did make a key available to Levar, what Levar did with the key was up to him. He hopes he can just write up his side of the story and go home. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the man caught with the victim's car. They know that he was recently let out of Rikers and probably knows Idalo, they tell him they will offer him a deal or Idalo a deal, whoever talks first. Idalo loses the deal, as the ex-con tells them all they know. Jones and Medavoy come back into the interview room and arrest Bosham on conspiracy to commit murder. At the end of the tour, outside the precinct Clark Jr. stops by to thank Shannon for his help in the day's events. Sipowicz goes back to Rikers to give Idalo the good news about his being given up by the ex-con that was doing to him a favor. Sipowicz tells him a story about favors, which ends with Idalo being transferred to a prison one half hour from the Canadian border (where no one will come to visit him). John's father stops by to talk with his son about the recent events. John tells his father that he hasn't been making good decisions lately. The drinking has got to stop and he would appreciate it if his father would stop looking out for him.moreless
  • Bottoms Up
    Episode 13
    Clark Sr. stops by to see his son. He offers to help, but he is denied his request when his son tells him that it is being taken care of in house. Clark Sr. realizes that Sipowicz is probably on the job. Meanwhile out on the street, Sipowicz is on the job, shaking down a drug dealer named Gordo who he tells that he is looking for any information on any cops that may have been shaking down any dealers. Back at the squad, the detectives are mulling over Clark Jr.'s situation when Jones comes in with information about an arrest that Laughlin made the previous week. The individual he busted for pot had a previous record involving heroin. McDowell and Ortiz begin an interview with a mother and daughter who've come in to report that the daughter had been assaulted the night before. When they get the mother to leave the room Annalise, the daughter girl confesses to them what really happened. She and her boyfriend were attacked. Both she and her boyfriend were knocked out with chloroform while she was sexually assaulted. Sipowicz has a conversation with Laughlin's drug bust collar, Ignacio Delgado, and he eventually tells Sipowicz that while Laughlin asked him about where he could get some heroin, he didn't tell him anything because he didn't trust him. Clark Sr. stops Sipowicz on his way into the precinct to offer his help. Sipowicz assures him that he is doing everything that he can to help his son, but allows Clark Sr. to go and look up his son's ex-partner from narcotics to see what he might know. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Annalise's boyfriend Terrell. Since he has a record, they are somewhat suspicious of him and his story doesn't seem to sit right with him. He offers them nothing, but they want him to remain available. Ortiz asks for status from Sipowicz on his investigation. He tells her that they have direction that they are looking, but they don't have any real progress to report yet. Another rape is reported and McDowell and Ortiz are sent to interview the victim. Jones and Medavoy are interviewing Carl Pruitt, one of Laughlin's stops where a citation wasn't issued. Sipowicz comes in to the interview room and quickly gets the information that he needs, which is that Pruitt knows nothing. At the hospital McDowell and Ortiz interview the other rape victim, who tells them that her attacker had made her boyfriend watch while he raped her. She tells them that her boyfriend claimed that he was going to be on the lookout for the attacker. A call comes in from a friend of Gordo and Sipowicz agrees to meet with him. On his way out of the house, Sipowicz runs into Laughlin and they exchange a few heated words about Sipowicz's investigation. McDowell and Ortiz talk a man named Will Porter who was collared in the park a couple of weeks earlier. With his prior record, they ask for his cooperation which he denies them. They respond by adding his photo to their lineup. Sipowicz meets with the dealer, who begins to tailor his story to meet with Sipowicz's needs. Sipowicz smashes the dealer's face into his lunch and tells him not to waste anymore of his time. McDowell and Ortiz hear from the second victim's boyfriend who they leave to go and retrieve. Jones finds out that Carl Pruitt the man they interviewed earlier and that Sipowicz had dismissed after only a few pointed questions has called into the precinct asking for Laughlin. Rodriguez wants them to bring Pruitt back in. Clark Sr. comes in to report to Sipowicz on what he knows, but all Sipowicz sees is that Clark Sr. doesn't know anything and that he has been drinking. Sipowicz tells him to go home, but Clark Sr. realizes what the beef is that the uniform has with his son over the IAB investigation with the auxiliary cop. McDowell and Ortiz talk with their second rape victim's boyfriend, who tells them that he was conscious throughout his girlfriend's rape. He can't help them with their photo array because he wasn't wearing his glasses to get a clear look at the perp. He does promise to help make a voice ID, since the perp was constantly talking. Sipowicz is given a second chance to talk with Carl Pruitt, who eventually tells him that Laughlin did take the heroin that he was holding to sell on consignment. Pruitt is scared that the dealer he was going to be selling it for is going to come after him. Sipowicz wants Pruitt to wear a wire and have a conversation with Laughlin. Annalise's boyfriend is brought back in to reconfirm his story to McDowell and Ortiz, to see if it really matches that of the other victims' boyfriend. He tells them that it does and when they show him their photo array he picks out a suspect for them to after. Out on the street the wearing of the wire doesn't go well, as Sipowicz, Rodriguez and Martens realize that Laughlin is hip to what is going on. They are going to have to try again later, with some other tactics. McDowell and Ortiz talk again with Will Porter, who they now know was their rapist. His record of being raped in prison and their knowledge of it gets Porter to confess his crime. The detectives and Haywood are discussing what kind of case they have against Laughlin and it doesn't look good. Off. Shannon comes upstairs at Sipowicz's request and Sipowicz wants him to help them with their case against his partner, Laughlin. Shannon says that he can't help him followed by claiming to not knowing anything. Sipowicz (and we) know that Shannon is a good cop, and Sipowicz is just asking for his help to save a good cop from a bad cop. The detectives are called out to the scene of a homicide; the victim is Pruitt their one witness that gave them hope for getting a release for Clark Jr. Sipowicz goes to the Clark Jr.'s cell to give him the bad news of the day. Tomorrow Clark Jr. gets arraigned and after that he is being transferred to Riker's.moreless
  • 1/14/03
    At the Sipowicz/McDowell household all is not right with the world as Theo has wet the bed for the 3rd night in a row and Andy hasn't made the time to pick up the detergent to get the sheets clean from the previous events. The baby is colicky and crying and tensions are mounting as Andy's pager goes off. With the morning off to a great start, Sipowicz and McDowell arrive late to the scene where the other detectives are starting to investigate the death of a woman found bludgeoned to death in her kitchen. Back at the squad, Rodriguez is back from his ex-wife's funeral. Jones and Medavoy are out on a different case where they encounter the relaxed on the job Officer Ed Laughlin. Their victim is dead in his SUV filled with picnic supplies. The homeless man who found the body offers them no help. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the husband of their victim, who can account for all of his time; except for the 4 hours he was sleeping (he and his wife have separate beds). He does give them information on the illegal immigrant that was doing some tile work for them. Jones and Medavoy in the meantime are interviewing a man named Omar Givens, whose business card was found in their victim's SUV. He tells them about the last time he saw their victim, after a barbeque held the previous day. He tells them the victim was his hero and he would have done anything for anyone. He can't see how anyone would want to hurt him. Jones is suspicious of Givens who's been somewhat nervous throughout their interview of him. They let him go for now and pursue some additional leads. McDowell and Ortiz bring the illegal immigrant tile worker in for questioning. McDowell and Ortiz interview the tile man, who admits to having a fight with the victim over the work he had for her. He tells them that he walked away from the job. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's son, who also points at the tile man. He tells them his father couldn't have done it and his own relationship with his mother was normal. Other evidence comes in that point toward the victim's husband as having motive. Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. about Theo's bed-wetting problem. Jones and Medavoy interview the woman who their victim was supposed to meet. She tells them about their victim's cousin who had recently got out of prison. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to office of their victim's husband to confront him about the domestic disturbance calls that were filed on his address. He lawyers up and the two detectives return to the squad. Sipowicz tosses his notebook to McDowell so that she can look up the number of fiancée of the victim's son, indicating he still has some tension about the morning's events. In the coffee room, to help explain Theo's bedwetting problem, Medavoy tells him the story about how he used to take a dump on the front lawn when his younger brother was first born. They return to the main room to find two men in suits going to Rodriguez's office. Sipowicz suspects the "rat squad." Clark Jr. is asked to join them in the office and then they accompany him outside the building to the parking lot where he unlocks his car for them. A search of the car reveals a quantity of heroin found underneath the driver's seat. With that evidence in hand, Clark Jr. is arrested. Back upstairs everyone is trying to get Clark Jr. some representation, but Rodriguez tells them that business must still be carried on when one of Jones and Medavoy's suspects is brought in. Sipowicz goes downstairs and has a confrontation with Laughlin, who he suspects of having set Clark Jr. up. Jones and Medavoy interview the cousin of their victim, who in Jones' opinion attitude and alibi suck. Medavoy remembers the name of a defense attorney that tore him apart on the stand and recommends him for Clark Jr.'s defense. The ME report on their victim gives Jones and Medavoy a good lead on who they need to reinterview for their case. The fiancée arrives at the squad for her talk with McDowell and Ortiz. They way she handles her fiancé raises some eyebrows. The fiancée describes her future mother-in-law as the "c" word. She also describes her fiancé's relationship with his mother as too close. At IAB, Clark Jr. is being interrogated and realizes it isn't going to go well when Fraker enters the room. He tries to point them into looking at Laughlin for setting him up, they don't seem to listen and only want a urine sample from him. Sipowicz re-interviews the victim's son and his frustrations of the day help him to get a confession. The report comes back from the lab that Clark Jr. was in "possession" of 4 ounces of heroin, which Haywood tells them is Class A felony. As a result, Clark Jr. has been moved to a holding cell. Sipowicz is going to see Clark Jr. and he makes a promise to McDowell that he will stop and get some detergent on the way home. Rather than get into it McDowell tells him to not worry about the detergent and to go help Clark Jr. who she knows he is worried about, and she is too. Jones and Medavoy reinterview Givens, who eventually tells them about the stupid argument about cake that lead to their victim's death. Rita is with John in his cell as Andy arrives and she agrees to go tell John's father about the day's event. Andy and John strategize about how they are going to prove Laughlin is behind. Andy leaves and John is now alone in his cell for the night.moreless
  • I Kid You Not
    Episode 11
    Officer Laughlin is back on the job when the detectives arrive on the scene of the murder of a carjacker. The carjacker was shot in a struggle with an unknown man who went running off after the shot was fired. The carjacking victim, Denise Woodson is anxious when the detectives have to keep her car to process the crime scene. McDowell and Ortiz go to the last known address of the DOA to see what they can find. What they find is a filthy apartment that has three small children in the bathroom. Crime scene reports to Sipowicz that they found two ounces of cocaine in Woodson's car, they leave to bring Woodson in. Rita is planning a rendezvous for John, and she asks John Irvin to help her with the conspiracy. Rodriguez gets a call from Queens, and they want him to report to a crime scene. Jones and Medavoy go to talk with the social worker who's been handling the welfare of the three children. He asks them what happened to the fourth. He tells them he will get them the file on the children, as soon as he can find it; but more importantly where they might find the mother, if she has begun using again. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Woodson and ask her about the cocaine. She claims to know nothing about it and they tell her because it was found in her car, it is hers, unless she can tell them something otherwise. She gives them the name of her boss and the musician she was going to deliver the package to. Rodriguez gets to Queens and finds out that Angela is dead. She may have been doing speedballs of heroin, but he doesn't believe that and wants crime scene to process the site and do a full workup. He wants the truth about her death uncovered. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Woodson's boss, who denies any knowledge of the cocaine. He does tell them that she has a brother who just recently got out of prison for drugs. They decide he might be worth looking into. John Irvin attempts to pass a message onto to Clark Jr. about an "in service" training session he needs to attend at the Hyatt in Mid-Town. Clark Jr. asks to see if it can be rescheduled, John Irvin says he'll try. Rodriguez returns and a witness to the carjacking indicates that Woodson talked with the unknown for a good 20 seconds before he left the scene of the carjacking. McDowell and Ortiz have found the abandoned children's mother, Joyce Bradovich and they bring her in for questioning. She tells them she left her baby with her cousin. Then she finds out they visited her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Woodson's brother and he tells them what went down. They don't believe him, but despite that he offers to have it all put on him, so his sister won't suffer. When they ask how much cocaine there was, he misses it by two ounces, so it isn't going to go on him. McDowell and Ortiz visit the apartment of Bradovich's cousin and find out that her baby isn't there. Rodriguez talks with Andrew Taylor about their investigation into Angela's death and he tries to find from him if he knew she was doing heroine. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Bradovich about the whereabouts of her baby. She tells them she hasn't been visited by her social worker in over a year. She finally tells them that she left the baby on the roof of her building. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. try to make a deal with Woodson to help her out, but she wants to "bet her life" that her musician boyfriend will stand up for her and tell the truth. Up on the roof, Ortiz finds the baby. They go back to Bradovich and tell her they know the baby has been dead at least a week. Bradovich confesses to having burned the baby to death when she was trying to give it a hot bath. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. run their case by Haywood, which is probably going to go the way they suspect, Woodson will go down for the possession on her own. Before he leaves Rodriguez's office, Sipowicz gets Rodriguez to tell him what's been going on that has mind elsewhere. Sipowicz tells Rodriguez that he can talk to him anytime. McDowell and Ortiz try to run the possibility of charging the social worker with child endangerment with Haywood. She tells the best they'll be able to do is get him fired. The social worker arrives, with his paperwork and demonstrates to the detectives his ignorance of the some of the children in his files. He only manages to piss McDowell off. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Woodson's boyfriend, who won't back up her story. As they expected, they have to take her to central booking to be processed. That evening, Rodriguez goes to visit his former in-laws to give them the bad news about Angela. John goes to the hotel for his training session and is delighted to find Rita is there instead. At the Sipowicz/McDowell household, Connie and Andy reflect upon the day's events and how lucky they are.moreless
  • 12/10/02
    The Sipowicz's have moved out of their apartment and Andy has sublet it to John Irvin, which will allow him to keep his same address with the department and avoid any "jackpots" with him and Connie living together. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are at the scene of a vandalized apartment, where the victim is the father of the perpetrator, a schizophrenic. He doesn't want to press charges, but he'd like them to find his son Michael. McDowell and Ortiz get diverted to help out Jones and Medavoy, but before she leaves McDowell talks with Sipowicz about the layout of their apartment. Sipowicz is not giving up his fish and when he looks for some sympathy from Clark Jr., who's been strangely quiet this morning, he doesn't get any. Back at the squad, Rodriguez is trying to get hold of his ex-wife, who missed her breakfast appointment with him. Sipowicz confronts Clark Jr. about his lack of support and Clark Jr. tells him about his father and IAB. Sipowicz tells him they'll talk to Martens to see what they can do to get this worked out. Jones and Medavoy, and McDowell and Ortiz are on the scene of a homicide, where a woman was murdered in her apartment and a burnt videotape might hold a key to the crime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find Michael, the schizophrenic son, and bring him in. Rodriguez stops by Angela's apartment, to find her recovering from a night of booze and cocaine. He tells her that he's done, but she pleads with him for his help in getting straight. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Michael, advising him of what will happen if he causes trouble for his father again. Near the end of their discussion with him, he says the phrase "she can't breathe;" they don't know what he means by it, he tells them it's a line from a song. The parents of the murdered woman come into the squad. They disclose to McDowell and Ortiz that their daughter was adopted and seemed predisposed to a life that will lead to trouble. When they both find out that she's dead, the mother is starting to have a breakdown, while the father wonders why they are asking them questions. Rodriguez reports that the lab has retrieved a frame from the videotape of the victim naked on her bed, the lab is trying to restore more frames. The Michael's father comes into the squad, reporting that his son had just attacked him. They tell him that they will find Michael and try to get him some help. Martens from IAB stops to by to talk to Sipowicz and Clark Jr. and from him they find out that the only way his dad might get out from underneath is to retire, right away. Despite the fact he doesn't like Laughlin, Clark Jr. asks Martens if there is anything that can be done to reinstate him. Jones and Medavoy interview the dead women's therapist, who does tell them that her patient was seeing an older man who was providing for her. Clark Jr. tells his father what he needs to do get out of his situation; he's made an appointment for his father to put his retirement papers in, tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM. Tony tells Angela that he's made arrangements for her to move into a clean living program. She tells him she will go and he tells her will take her there tonight. Photos from the videotape arrive, revealing the victim having sex with someone who'll become their prime suspect when they bring him in. Meanwhile, a woman who knows Michael comes in to talk with the detectives and perhaps give them a lead on finding him. She confirms with them that she has heard Michael say the phrase "she can't breathe." Rodriguez breaks into the interview to tell them that Michael was picked up vandalize his father's home again. Jones and Medavoy start their interview with their prime suspect, the victim's adopted father, who they show a photo of him having relations with his adopted daughter. His response is to lawyer up and stop talking. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. retrieve Michael and bring him back to the precinct. McDowell and Ortiz talk their prime suspect's doctor, who because of confidentiality will not give them anything. With the father and his doctor not talking, Rodriguez suggests that they have a talk with their suspect's wife, to see if she knows about the relationship and if that will give them anything further to work with. As the prime suspect's doctor is leaving, Sipowicz asks if he cares enough to help them with talking to Michael, who the detectives can't seem to get through to. The doctor agrees to help and with the two detectives they get Michael to indicate what he means by the phrase "she can't breathe." They realize that Michael witnessed his father smothering his mother to death, many years earlier. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Michael's dad to talk with him about the suffocation. Something he did to help relieve his wife from the pain of the terminal cancer she was battling. They tell him that they will talk to the DA to see what they can do, since they have to charge him with murder. McDowell and Ortiz talk with their prime suspect's wife about his relationship with her daughter. The woman breaks down when they tell they know about the phone calls to her from her daughter from the night before. She tells them her daughter showed her the videotape this morning and she struck her, not intending to kill her. Haywood listens to the detectives' information on Michael and his father and agrees that they should be able to work something out. Clark Jr. announces that his father is retiring and there will be a small gathering later that evening for those who are interested. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. (along with Michael's father) try to explain to him what his father did for his mother. Michael doesn't seem to get it right away, until he responds with a "she can breathe now." Tony stops at Angela's apartment to pick her up for her trip to rehab, but he doesn't find her there and she's not answering her cell phone. At the McDowell/Sipowicz residence, the boys are trying to move in; but Theo still isn't comfortable with the new arrangement.moreless
  • Half-Ashed
    Episode 9
    Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are on the scene of the death of a caseworker in child services, it's not clear whether she committed suicide or was the victim of foul play. The uniforms on the scene and back at the house have copped an attitude towards the detectives; it seems that those officers who had admitted to their relations with the auxiliary cop are going to be questioned by IAB. Both Sipowicz and Clark Jr. deny to them that they contacted IAB. With murder a possibility, the detectives receive the dead caseworker's files to begin sorting through. An old member of the squad's widow, Ruth Dwyer comes in to talk with Sipowicz about her husband's last wish, which was to have half of his ashes buried or spread somewhere at the 15th squad. He agrees to try and help her out after he runs it by the boss. Rodriquez isn't comfortable with the notion and plans to run it by building services and in the meantime, Sipowicz is going to talk to Eddie Gibson, who might better remember Dwyer because Sipowicz doesn't. Medavoy and Jones start one of the many interviews of parents who were dissatisfied with the caseworker, as she had their child (or children) removed from their home. This first parent, whose behavior they don't like, surprises them by telling them that he and his wife regained custody of their children, despite the victim. They later contemplate with Haywood whether they can do anything about that situation. Andrew Taylor comes to talk with Rodriguez about his relationship with his ex-wife, Angela, which of course is also Rodriguez's ex-wife. Taylor tells him about his missing BMW and how he believes that she stole it recently for her cocaine habit. McDowell and Ortiz talk with another disgruntled parent, this one is HIV positive, as is her daughter. Medavoy and Jones talked with another disgruntled parent and he wants a lawyer to make sure the system doesn't railroad him again. The case files are depressing to the detectives. Rodriguez reports that building maintenance will not allow the ashes to be spread at the squad, due to health code violations. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. encounter Laughlin in the lobby on their way out to pick up a disgruntled parent who hasn't returned their calls. Laughlin makes accusations which Sipowicz denies and tells him and the uniforms they had nothing to gain from it and if there are anymore comments, they will be taking it outside. McDowell and Ortiz talk to a father, Richard Webb, whose liberated sexual values had gotten his son taken away. This man shows no remorse, but a little smirk when he hears about the caseworker's death. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have their talk with a man who they were waiting for the call back from. The detectives are only a quarter of the way through the files and everyone seems like a suspect. Dwyer's widow returns to find out if anything can be done with her husband's ashes. They regret to inform her that they can't do anything at the squad; Sipowicz offers an alternative that the widow rejects. McDowell and Ortiz talk with yet another disgruntled parent. The ME rules against suicide for the caseworker, Sipowicz finds out that the gun used was part of a shipment of guns that ATF is trying to track down. ATF tells them the name of a bartender that they can question. Martens from IAB stops by the squad and the detectives want to know where the uniforms got the idea that they ratted them out. Martens' denies that is was any of the cops that flipped, which only means it was an informant. Medavoy and Jones talk with another disgruntled parent, but this one has bipolar disorder, which makes for an interesting interview. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with bartender about ATF and the guns. The bartender wants them to show him the videotape. They get off on the wrong foot, but when they start over he relents and picks out a photo of the "idiot" he sold one of the stolen guns to the week before. Eddie Gibson shows up at the squad and Sipowicz fills him in on Paul Dwyer. Gibson tells them that Dwyer saved his life; he feels that they need to do right by Dwyer. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with their prime suspect, Richard Webb, who eventually tells them that he was the vessel that facilitated the victim's karma. Haywood tells the detectives that there is little they can do about that first father they interviewed; she was only able to ask that he be watched. The detectives are preparing to go home, when building maintenance shows up to fix a plumbing in the bathroom, Sipowicz gets on the phone to Dwyer's widow, while John Irvin goes to take of Theo. Tony talks with Angela about his encounter with her ex, the car and whether or not she is still using. She says it is not his car and she denies using; she's been in rehab, she does counseling and she's clean. At the Clark Sr. residence, John stops by to talk with father about IAB and the uniforms. He knows that his father is the only one that he told the story to; his father breaks down and confesses that he is the one that informed IAB. He tells of their threats against his pension and his son's career, he had to give IAB something. John wonders what they are going to do now. The widow Dwyer, Sipowicz and the maintenance man make sure that Paul Dwyer is a permanent part of the 15th squad. His ashes are mixed in the cement used in the bathroom tile.moreless
  • Below the Belt
    Episode 8
    Angela comes into Tony's office and tells she does want something after all; she wants him to take a look a spot on her inner thigh where she thinks she was injured on the subway this morning. As his office isn't the right place for that sort of activity, he takes her into the observation room for a look and then some. At the scene of a homicide where the detectives have all gathered, one of the uniforms recognizes the victim as one of the precinct's auxiliary cops, her name is Heather Peterson, who is 17-years-old. At the squad they report in on what they know so far and start to go through Heather's affects. McDowell and Ortiz are sent out to a firebombing of car. The owner of the car and his sister isn't very forthcoming with useful information. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's last known boyfriend, who she had an order of protection against. He consents to search of things, which turns up nothing for the detectives. Haywood talks with Jones about her grandmother who she believes is getting involved in a phone scam. Her grandmother doesn't want any help from her; in fact she threatens to stop to speaking to her if she does. Jones agrees to look into it for her. McDowell and Ortiz can't find anything to go with what their firebomb victims told them, then a call comes in about a stabbing, where the victim is located just across the street from the firebombed car they looked into earlier. Medavoy reports that Heather's diary contains the names and contact information for numerous uniforms within the precinct. They also realize that the girl's diary records her encounters with other officers in the precinct. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the captain of the auxiliary unit Heather was assigned to. They produce the girl's diary and talk with him about his relationship with her, and also suggest to him that he step down from his post. McDowell and Ortiz arrive at the scene and encounter a stabbing victim who isn't very forthcoming with information about who stabbed him or who may have provided him with the beating he was subjected to. Jones meets with Haywood's grandmother and finds out that she has in fact been the victim of a phone scam. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Shannon, who admits to having relations with Heather, and later Laughlin, who won't admit to having any relationship with her, since he doesn't trust the detectives. He tells them where he was, but won't admit to any relationship with the girl, not without his delegate and lawyer present. Even though they have just returned to the squad, McDowell and Ortiz are sent back down to the street of the firebombing, where shots have been reported fired. They encounter the brother and sister from the morning's firebombing, who don't have anything useful information to offer them here either. As an end result, the pair is taken back to the precinct for questioning. Medavoy interviews Craig Rall, a man whose car was seen near the scene of Heather's death. Jones starts questioning the man who'd been calling Haywood's grandmother, who is initially in denial of the scam, but changes his story when he finds out that his victim's granddaughter is in the DA's office. He doesn't have all the money, since he's been using it to pay gambling debts, but will return what he has left. After questioning Rall and looking into the contents of his car and finding nothing there, it is decided to let him go. Laughlin returns to the squad, and decides to tell Sipowicz and Clark Jr. about a man he knew was hassling Heather. It turns out to be the man that Medavoy just released to the street, Craig Rall. With Rall's address in hand and annoyed with Laughlin's reluctance to come forward sooner, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go after him. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the brother and find out that he's been getting into it with their stabbing victim, because he believed that his sister was rape by that man. They talk with the sister, who tells them that she let her brother believe that, as she didn't want him to know the truth. The girl is anxious to get home, as she knows that her father is about to return and since he won't know what the truth is, he make matters worse for the stabbing victim. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive at Rall's apartment, and after a shot is fired and Rall is wounded they get him to tell them what went on (or rather didn't go on) between him and Heather. McDowell and Ortiz get back to the firebomb street in time to talk the girl's father out of doing additional harm to their stabbing victim. Haywood finds out what Jones did for her grandmother; for his effort she offers him dinner sometime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have a follow up conversation with Laughlin, telling him that he isn't any good for the job and he should think about getting out of police work in the next two days, otherwise they are going to get IAB involved in his relationship with Heather. Tony has dinner with Angela and they decide to take it slow. John finds his father at the usual bar/restaurant where he will eventually tell his father about the day's events with the uniforms and the auxiliary cop and how they were able to keep IAB out of it. John also finds out from the bartender that his father's been drinking there heavily every night. After a hard game of "Hungry, Hungry Hippo," Andy and Connie talk with Theo about the possibility of their moving in with Connie and the baby. Theo likes his bedroom just where it is, Andy figures it will just take a little time.moreless
  • Das Boots
    Episode 7
    Theo tells his father that he misses having Connie around. Andy tells him that Connie has other responsibilities with the new baby but they will get to see her again, eventually. At the squad McDowell is on the phone checking on the baby (again) when they are called out to the scene of homicide in a vacant lot. The victim is a woman that Sipowicz believes is a hooker, based on her wardrobe; but her ID indicates she was a fashion student. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy are on the scene of another homicide where a woman was killed in her apartment building's laundry room. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a friend of their student victim, who is offended when they imply her friend may have been prostituting herself. Rodriguez meets his ex-wife for lunch; she is interested in making amends with him for her past indiscretions with drug use that led to their breakup. Rodriguez is wary of their meeting, feeling that she just wants something from him; he's not ready to go through it all again.

    Jones and Medavoy report to Rodriguez on the current status of their case, when a reverend comes to the squad on behalf of one of her parishioners, someone that she knows they wish to talk to. The man is wary of the police, because of past encounters. The reverend gets them to promise that they will treat him fairly. The body of another victim is found in the vacant lot, her body was missed in the morning's visit to the crime scene; this victim is a real prostitute. Jones and Medavoy talk to the building maintenance guy, a person people in the building think of as a lothario. He as much admits to his reputation, but mentions that their victim is someone he wouldn't have messed with, as she has an intimidating boyfriend. The latest victim from the vacant lot had cell phone which gives the detectives some leads to look into, one call was made to another prostitute and another incoming and outgoing call was made to/from Reed Jacobson. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Jacobson about his whereabouts and activities the previous evening. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the dead prostitute's friend who puts their victim in the location of where Jacobson lived. McDowell and Sipowicz talk about Theo, the baby and everything that is going on. Sipowicz asks her to let him and Theo into her life to help her out. With all that is going on, McDowell doesn't need that dumped on top of her as well. She leaves the room.

    McDowell and Ortiz talk with Jacobson, but he sees through their questioning and gives them nothing. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. decide to visit Jacobson's place of employment to find out more about Jacobson's recent meltdown on the job. Jones and Medavoy finally get to talk to the man they've been interested in seeing; he only tells them that the victim was tutoring him. Their suspect is nervous being in the police station and isn't very forthcoming with any information. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. meet a co-worker of Jacobson and she fills them in on Jacobson's behavior at work. Jones and Medavoy tell Rodriguez about their lack of success with their suspect, but they decide to take another run at him, trying to use the reverend to their advantage. Rodriguez's ex-wife stops by the squad to give him his dad's old money clip; she also leaves him her phone number. Jones and Medavoy go back at their suspect and use the reverend to get him to admit to committing the crime after blacking out, something he'd admitted to doing in the past. Afterwards the reverend gets the impression that she may have been used by the detectives. The student victim's friend brings her laptop into the squad, which her friend had used to visit the websites of several escort services, admitting to the detectives (Sipowicz in particular) that they were right about her friend.

    Jones and Medavoy lay their case out to Haywood, when Rodriguez tells them the ME reports that the blood from under the fingernails of their victim comes back as a type different from that of their primary suspect. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back at Jacobson, with their knowledge of Internet transactions with the call girl victims. Sipowicz tells them that they will find the chink is armor. Clark Jr. mentions the co-worker. Jones and Medavoy reinterview the lothario, and go back at him hard with they find wounds on him that they victim left. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. get Jacobson's co-worker to help them get Jacobson to confess to his crimes. She does, and it is enough to put him over the edge and confess. Jones and Medavoy offer an apology to their original suspect and the reverend comes in reminds them (Jones and Medavoy) of their promise to treat him fairly. Tony decides to meet his ex-wife for dinner and she takes him to show him a vacant apartment, where they reignite the passion of their past relationship. Connie brings the baby by the Sipowicz home and while Theo is holding the baby, Connie and Andy discuss the possibility of moving in together.moreless
  • Maya Con Dios
    Episode 6
    The detectives are on the scene of a shooting where Officer Maya Anderson's partner was shot to death. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz join Ortiz and McDowell on the trail of one of the perps that Anderson wounded during the shooting. They find him dead at the top of a building. Back at the squad, McDowell tells Sipowicz she plans to pick her sister's baby up after the tour; then she is assigned to join Ortiz in looking into a child's abduction. The missing child's parents tell them that they should consider looking at the birth mother for the kidnapping, since she had recent frequent contact with the adoption agency. Clark Jr. who is on a canvas of the area surrounding the crime scene encounters a boy who admits to witnessing the shooting. The boy has told Clark Jr. that the other perp in their shooting was also wounded in his right hand. Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. that they need to keep the kid under raps, so that the boy's father won't disrupt their investigation. McDowell and Ortiz talk to the birth mother of the missing boy. She tells them about the man who was the boy's natural father. They bring him into to get his side of the story and he tells that that the woman has gone queer. McDowell hopes to be able to complete the paperwork that will allow her to take the baby, but in the meantime she starts an investigation into the girlfriend of the missing boy's birth mother. Rodriguez finds out about the boy that Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have been holding. He and Sipowicz have some words about how the boy's father is probably going to impede their ongoing investigation; Rodriguez demands that they inform the boy's father so that no improper procedures jeopardize their investigation. Clark Jr. gets a call that his father is drunk and being somewhat disorderly. While his father is put out that the bartender has called his son on him, he acquiesces to his son's demand to leave when he hears that he is working on a cop killing case and doesn't really have time for this now. Jones and Medavoy interview a man who witnessed the shooting. He tells them that the cops were frisking the down their suspects before the shooting started. Jones goes down to the hospital to talk with Anderson about the witness told him. She confesses to him that she had looked away for that brief moment that gave their suspects the upper hand and started the shoot out. The detectives are reconvening at the squad, when the boy's father arrives and takes his son home. With their only witness now gone (they don't yet know about Jones and Medavoy's witness) Sipowicz and Rodriguez get into heated discussion about this turn of events. Then information comes in about a black male with a missing finger being admitted to Bellevue. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz leave, but before he goes Sipowicz reconfirms with McDowell that she would be there for Theo is he was in some way injured or killed on the job. She of course tells him yes. McDowell and Ortiz interview the girlfriend of the birth mother, who admits that she has taken the child for her girlfriend. They get her to take them to where they've taken the child. Jones talks with Haywood about replacing the paperwork documenting Anderson's statement about the shooting. Haywood gives him the file and he tells her that he owes her one, but she tells him that he doesn't owe her anything. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. return to the squad with the guy with the missing finger, who denies any knowledge of the morning's events. The boy returns with his father, who is going to allow his son to help. The boy identifies the man with the missing finger as the other shooter. Rodriguez tells Clark Jr. and Sipowicz to do what they need to do to put this cop killer away. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go into the interview room and get tough with their suspect, who they tell to lay it all off on his dead cohort. When he tells them the story and they hear about the opening that Anderson had left him, they realize he fired the fatal shot. McDowell and Ortiz have returned the missing boy to his proper home and then they reunite the conspirators in the kidnapping. Sipowicz reconciles with Rodriguez in his own way and with the day's work over, he and Connie prepare to leave to go and pick up the baby, but not before Rita gives her something for the baby. Baldwin meets with Maya who tells him that she plans on taking some time off and that she thinks she might not be coming back. At the home of his father, John stops by talk about what's going on. John thinks that because of his father only got a 10-day rip from IAB for something that should have been that he may have become an informer for IAB. His father tells him to stop thinking that way. Connie and Andy pick up the baby.moreless
  • Death by Cycle
    Episode 5
    Clark Jr. and Sipowicz respond the scene of the death a boy who was murdered for his bicycle. Jones and Medavoy join them and start the canvas, while Clark Jr. and Sipowicz deal with the boy's bereaved father who's just arrived on the scene. The father tells them about his boy's bicycle and is angered when they ask if son was involved in any gang activity. McDowell finds out that her brother-in-law has made bail; and she decides she needs to end this situation. A uniform brings up a man caught dumping a bicycle in front of the precinct. The bike is the type owned by their victim; Clark Jr. and Sipowicz question him and he reluctantly gives them a lead on where to find the guy who sold it to him. McDowell questions the clerk at the hotel, where her sister and brother-in-law were staying. She gets him to give her the key and she finds her sister lying injured in her hotel bed, with her husband nowhere to be found. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz find their possible suspect at the pool hall. McDowell sees her sister at the hospital and tries to find out the whereabouts of her brother-in-law. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz interview their suspect, Cooper who tells them that they should talk with Grover Dawkins. Ortiz looks into the place where Frank Colohan worked; the owner tells her of a bar where he was known to go. Cooper makes the call that will let the detectives grab up Dawkins. Back in the interview room, when Medavoy turns his back, Cooper hits him with a chair and escapes out the window. The squad tries to hide the incident from the uniforms. McDowell returns to the hospital to find out that her that sister has died as a result of her injuries and the c-section that she had to have to give birth to a baby girl, who is 8 weeks premature. Medavoy is embarrassed by what happened and takes Dawkins cell phone to try to get a line on where Cooper may have run off to. McDowell reports into Sipowicz about her sister's fate, and he leaves to go to the hospital to be with her. Ortiz plays hardball with owner of the bar, where Colohan was known to hang out. He tells her that Colohan mentioned he was taking a bus out of town to Pittsburgh. Jones and Clark Jr. interview Dawkins who tells them the real deal is with Cooper. Sipowicz meets McDowell at the hospital, after some condolences he offers to assist in anyway he can, she asks him to be on the scene when they grab Colohan at the bus terminal. Medavoy finds the location where Cooper can be found, and he wants to go along. Rodriguez won't let him go; Jones and Clark Jr. and sent to grab Cooper, who they find enjoying the company of his girlfriend. Sipowicz warns Ortiz about the possibility of some extra violence when they grab up Colohan; however, Colohan cooperates when they detain him from getting on the bus. Sipowicz and Ortiz are with Colohan in the interview room and surprisingly Sipowicz lets him tell his story, which they insist that he put on paper for them. Sipowicz looks ready to strike out at and moment. Clark Jr. and Jones tell Cooper what the deal is and he eventually admits to stabbing the victim in the leg. Colohan finishes writing up his statement and then Sipowicz tells him the news about his wife, then they arrest him for murder and Sipowicz gets to at least throw him down on the table once. Haywood tells Sipowicz that she will personally make sure that Colohan goes for the full ride. Jones tries to help out, but Medavoy is still disgusted with himself over the day's events. At the hospital it's good news for the baby who is now breathing on her own. Connie plans to make sure that this baby is taken care of; Andy tells her that "they are going to work this out."moreless
  • 10/15/02
    Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive on the scene at a park, where a 5-year-old girl has gone missing, when her father thought that the girl was being watched while he went to the bathroom. Back at the squad, the detectives are gathering the facts they know about the girl, when her mother, who's just come back from out of town, arrives wondering what they are doing to find her daughter. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the nanny, whom the father thought was watching his daughter when he stepped away. She mentions a street artist in the park that the kids are fond of; Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to the park to interview him. The other detectives respond to the scene of a homicide, where the pregnant victim was dragged behind the car she was pushed out of off. The victim is revealed to be the former girlfriend of a NBA prospect. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the artist, who tells them that the missing girl's father has even left the girl in his care in the past. Back at the squad they decide they are going to look into the father, after they talk with the missing girl's friend. McDowell gets a call from a uniform officer, regarding her sister's involvement in domestic dispute. McDowell goes to the scene, where her sister has locked herself in the bathroom. When she gets her to open the door, she has her brother-in-law arrested. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the little girl, who tells them about an ice cream truck. Jones and Medavoy interview the NBA prospect about his ex-girlfriend; he denies any knowledge of her death. Ortiz finds out that the NBA prospect's cell phone made calls to his manager, before and after his ex-girlfriend's murder. McDowell returns with her sister and then tries to get her sister to see what the reality of the situation with her husband. Jones and Medavoy interview the NBA prospect's "manager." While interviewing an ice cream vendor at the park, Clark Jr. spots some suspicious activity around the men's bathroom. They uncover a hangout for homosexual activity, which they suspect the missing girl's father may have been participating in. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. wait for the father to arrive, while Jones and Medavoy find out that another of the manager's prospect's car was used in the homicide. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. confront the missing girl's father about his activities in the bathroom and how it impeded their investigation when Ortiz tells them that they have a line of an ice cream vendor with a prior history of molestation. Jones and Medavoy interview the driver of the car in her homicide, and he tells them what the manager did to the girl. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. manage to get useful information out the ice cream vendor driver which leads to the recovery of the girl and the arrest of man keeping her captive. Jones and Medavoy go back at the manager, who claims that the NBA prospect made him do it. At the hospital, the little girl's mother accuse the detectives of wasting time talking to her husband about their finances, when Sipowicz tells her what her husband was doing when his daughter was kidnapped. The father comes to the squad and complains about Sipowicz, calling him a "homophobe." John Irvin comes to Sipowicz's defense, telling the father he "should count his blessings and leave it at that." Jones and Medavoy reinterview the NBA prospect, who claims that the he didn't tell them to "take care of her," he said "take care of it." He wanted the girl to get an abortion; they need to confirm that with his boy Anthony who was there when he made the call. Sipowicz goes down to the cell, where he has a "conversation" with McDowell's brother-in-law, warning him that he is going into the system and when he gets out Sipowicz is sending him out of town, or into the hospital. At Connie's apartment, she and her sister talk. Connie tells her about Andy and Michelle realizes that they probably don't know each other like they should, which they agree to work on. At the Sipowicz home, Andy and Theo play together.moreless
  • One in the Nuts
    Episode 3
    Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are on the scene of a homicide, where the victim was shot in the groin and the head. The two witnesses on the scene don't offer them much help. Jones and Medavoy look into a robbery where the store owner claims to have shot at a Latino man. Three blocks away, McDowell and Ortiz are on the scene, where a Latino man has been shot. This man claims to have been shot while being robbed just down the street. Back at the squad McDowell finds out that her sister, Michelle, has called her twice. She calls her back and finds out that she been in town for the last three months. She meets with Michelle, who she sees is six months pregnant and has been beaten up. Michelle doesn't want Connie to have her husband arrested or brought in for any kind of talking to; since she doesn't believe it would make anything better. McDowell gives her the key to her apartment and tells her to go and see a doctor. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz find and interview woman named Chloe who was involved in a domestic dispute their victim one month earlier. She denies any knowledge of what happened to their victim, but she can't readily account for her time, so she offers them the location of Antwan Butler, someone who she says their victim burned on a coke deal. Back at the squad, McDowell comes back and tells her fellow detectives about her sister's situation. Sipowicz wants to do something to help, but Rodriguez wants him to take care of grabbing their suspect first. McDowell and Ortiz go to the scene where another Latino body was found, this corpse looks to be the man shot in Jones and Medavoy's robbery case. They go back to the hospital to see if they can talk with their original shooting victim. He is still in surgery, with a bullet lodged near his spine. They talk with the victim's brother, who tells them that their victim knew the woman whose apartment he showed up at when he was shot, at the scene the woman and the shooting victim didn't acknowledge knowing each other. Meanwhile the other detectives and a couple of uniforms go to grab their suspect. He flees out the window and fires one shot injuring a uniformed officer. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their suspect but he doesn't know who their victim is, he does admit to knowing the woman named Chloe. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. leave to pick up someone who was caught trying to sell some of the Palm Pilots taken from their victim's apartment. McDowell's brother-in-law Frank is brought in for questioning, since Sipowicz (her first choice) isn't available, Jones and Medavoy agree to have a talk with him. They tell Frank that he needs to leave his wife alone and go back to where he came from. Frank claims to hear the wake up call, but McDowell isn't convinced that her colleagues' warning was enough; what she really wanted Sipowicz in there to scare the crap out of Frank. Her dissatisfaction with Jones and Medavoy's performance in the interview room causes a little tension in the squad. McDowell herself is stressed over the whole situation with her sister. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. begin their interview of the guy who selling the Palm Pilots; he mentions that Chloe was on the scene with him and also admits to shooting their victim in the groin, but has no knowledge of a second shot. McDowell and Ortiz start to reinterview the woman who claimed not to know their shooting victim, when McDowell, who is still on the edge with everything else going on, scares the woman into telling them what she knows about their victim's shooting. The shooting victim, an old college boyfriend, is the actual father of the child she is raising with her husband. She was letting him sneak for visits with the child. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. reinterview Chloe who corroborates the Palm Pilot guy's story, so they still don't know where the shot to the head came from. Haywood is being briefed by the detectives on the Latino shooting, when she pauses to tell Jones that he must have an important call to take. Anderson is in the doorway making a "call me" signal in Jones' direction. Jones asks Haywood not to break his balls in front of his boss. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find out that their victim was shot in the head with his own gun; they decide to reinterview the partner. Jones and Medavoy go to the hospital to tell the Latino shooting victim that the real story is known, he continues to stick with his story. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find their victim's partner was trying to leave the city; they determine and he admits to pulling the trigger for the second shot. Later that evening, Maya and Baldwin play "Truth or Dare." At Connie's apartment Connie tries to help her sister get things worked out, when Frank shows up at the door asking to talk with Michelle in private. Connie is reluctant to let her sister go with him, but she relents when her sister seems willing to go.moreless
  • You've Got Mail
    Episode 2
    John Irvin is showing off a picture the new car he plans on buying with his inheritance. Clark Jr. tells Rodriguez that he is fit to catch cases. Rodriguez agrees, but doesn't care or want to know the details of Clark Jr.'s relationship with the dead prostitute. Sipowicz gets a call from the FBI that a bomb may have been forwarded in the mail to the Family Court building. The detectives go to the scene and after dealing with a minor bureaucrat start an evacuation of the building. McDowell and Ortiz respond to the scream of a woman who's opened an envelope that has covered her with white powder. Hazmat sets up do some field testing for anthrax; McDowell and Ortiz need to be checked out. Laughlin takes some time to try breaking Clark Jr.'s balls, he breaks them back. Clark Jr. needs to meet with IAB about his situation. The anthrax test comes back negative, but Sipowicz receives a call that another letter has exploded in white powder. The victim has gone into cardiac arrest. Sipowicz arrives at the scene of the latest exploding envelope and meets with McDowell and Ortiz who tell him the envelope has also tested negative for anthrax. At IAB, Clark Jr. is interviewed by Rodriguez's friend Capt. Fraker. He offers to help Clark Jr. out, by asking him for some information that might be used against someone like Sipowicz. Clark Jr.'s refusal gets him put on restricted duty at the squad until the IAB says otherwise. Back at the squad, Medavoy has information on a possible suspect; Jones has information on where the original bomb threat call from and a contact in vice who has voodoo contacts that might be able to tell them the origin of the white powder that is laced with egg shell and cayenne pepper. Sipowicz goes with McDowell to pick up Medavoy's suspect and Clark Jr. returns to the office with restricted duty. Clark Jr. wants to be brought up to speed on the current investigation, but his conversation with Ortiz is only about the IAB situation. He suggests to her that she might want to see someone else if his current reputation is crimping her style. Medavoy and Jones meet with a Santeria priest who tells them the powder is a Santeria type recipe that is obscure. The priest then has some fun with Medavoy who's just knocked over what might be a sacred candle. Sipowicz and McDowell start to interview their suspect, who has some issues with authority and seems harmless, that is until there is a threat that his bi-weekly visitations with his son might be taken away. McDowell and Sipowicz send him down to the cells to cool off, while they investigate further. John Irvin leaves to pick up his car. Another suspect's name comes up with the name of Hale and he has an unknown relationship with a Hispanic woman named Fernandez, who because of her ethnic background may know something about the Santeria powder. Sipowicz goes to retrieve Hale, while McDowell and Ortiz go to retrieve Fernandez. Maya Anderson comes down from anti-crime and asks Baldwin to lunch. He agrees to go with her to lunch, and while there she gets him to agree to go out with her for some fun, nothing like that "heavy" relationship he just went through. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. start an interview Hale, who doesn't know what happened to the judge and the lawyer in the family court case where he lost everything. Clark Jr. is left at the house to take care of the testing of Hale, while Sipowicz leaves to go take care of something. McDowell and Ortiz start talking Fernandez about her relationship with Hale. They start out being straight with her and on the third chance they give her she confesses to obtaining the powder for Hale, who she thought was going to play a practical joke on their boss at the post office. Sipowicz meets with Clark Sr. and tells him what has been going on with son. John Irvin is out driving his new car, a Mercedes convertible, when he is carjacked. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview Hale and tell him what they know and what will happen with the FBI and others if they don't come to understanding. Hale tells them about the hell that the judge, his wife and her lawyer put him through with his divorce proceeding, but he agrees to write up his confession. Haywood tells the detectives that the FBI is going to prosecute Hale; Sipowicz tells her that he wants to break that news to Hale. Rodriguez tells Clark Jr. that IAB wants to see him. Medavoy tries to get a description of the carjacking suspect from John Irvin; who is then told that his car is on TV. The carjacker crashes the car and John Irvin's dream of owning it. At IAB, Clark Jr. enters the office to find his father with Capt. Fraker. Clark Jr. admits to covering for his father, which Fraker verifies, he then tells them the prostitute's murder was found and that Clark Jr. can return to full duty, but Clark Sr. has to stay. Back at the squad Clark Jr. tells them what happened at IAB. He makes an arrangement to call Ortiz later that evening. Out on his date with Maya, Baldwin tries to loosen up. Andy shows Theo how to shave, when Clark Jr. stops by to tell him thanks for staying behind him and that his father only got a 10 day suspension (which seems a little suspicious to me). John and Rita renew their relationship.moreless
  • Ho Down
    Episode 1
    It's a hot morning in NYC as the detectives go to a tenement building to retrieve Lyle Dennison, a suspect in a shooting case they are working. On their suspect's floor Sipowicz gets into a verbal encounter with a woman that winds up with her spitting on him and him helping her to the floor. They find their suspect is one the hallway's onlookers of the incident. They take him out of there and back to the precinct where they start their questioning, but all their suspect can do is wonder what is going to happen to Sipowicz. He tells them that Sipowicz knocked to the floor, the main woman of a big player in the neighborhood named "Money T." Moments later Det. Winslow stops by and tells Clark Jr. that his name was in a dead prostitute's call book. While he doesn't recognize her immediately, Clark Jr. identifies her as one of his CIs (Confidential Informant), although she is unregistered with the department. The detective promises to try and keep him out of the report. Jones and Medavoy go to the scene of home invasion, where Jones gets reacquainted with Officer Anderson (from the end of last season). McDowell and Ortiz return from the home invasion investigation with nothing, but get to look into "Money T" when Clark Jr. tells Rodriguez about the threat against Sipowicz. IAB Sgt. Martens comes to the squad to talk with Clark Jr. about the dead prostitute and what his connection was to her, giving him some advice along the way. When the interview is done, Clark Jr. leaves the squad to go and meet with his father to tell him about the situation with the dead prostitute. His father admits to having used the woman's services. Clark Jr. hopes that it won't go past getting a rip for having an unregistered CI. His father says the he will step in if it gets past that. McDowell and Ortiz report on "Money T" to Sipowicz and Rodriguez. Ortiz then goes to tell Clark Jr. the same thing, but asks him what is going on with him and IAB. He gives her a story that she doesn't believe and leaves frustrated as Sipowicz enters the room. Their witness that will put Dennison is leaving town, they need to run a game on Dennison to get him to give them information about the whereabouts of "Money T." Jones and Medavoy interview a man caught using the credit card one of their home invasion victims. He points them to a "goofy white guy" that his algebra teacher will know. Dennison's tip leads to a small time set of dealers. Outside the precinct, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. get into a discussion about the events of Clark Jr.'s day and the situation with his dad. As they get out of their car, shots are fired, they make it into the building, but there is at least one innocent victim. The precinct scrambles looking for the shooters. Sipowicz decides to take another run at Dennison. Clark Jr. gets in his way, to make sure he doesn't go at him too hard. Sipowicz lays it on the line to Dennison, who faced with the reality of the situation, gives them all the details about "Money T"'s stronghold. The male detectives get their vests on as the women of the squad get "tarted" up. Jones and Medavoy return with their suspect, the "goofy white guy." Their suspect gives them nothing, but a piece of mail not belonging to him is discovered. They leave him to go and find this woman. McDowell and Ortiz distract the doorman of "Money T"'s stronghold and the detectives and their significant backup make their way into the stronghold and find "Money T" and a mother lode of cash. Jones and Medavoy find the woman beaten in her apartment, severely beaten. While everyone did "good work today," Rodriguez tells the squad that the Feds are taking over the prosecution. They all prepare to go home for the evening. Clark Jr. asks Ortiz is he will see her later, she says unless they have something to talk about, don't bother. Jones and Medavoy go back at their suspect hard, he breaks down and tells them about being the "new kid at school," which he is a lot because of his father's job. At John's apartment, Rita arrives and he finally tells her what's been going on. She gives him her opinion, which he doesn't seem to want to hear, so she takes her opinions and goes home. At the Sipowicz apartment, given the day's events, Connie brings her bag, telling Andy that she wants to stay the night. They decide to run it by Theo, who doesn't seem to have a problem with it (although he really doesn't understand). It is decided that Connie will stay the night, but Andy clears her some space in the closet, which means that she might be staying longer.moreless
  • Inside NYPD Blue: A Decade on the Job
    Joe Mantegna, goes behind the scenes with writers, producers, cast and crew for an exclusive look at their personal evolution and that of the show.