NYPD Blue - Season 11

ABC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Who's Your Daddy?
    Episode 22
    John meets Jennifer for breakfast, she appears to be on the road to recovery and he continues to offer her his support. At a crime scene Sipowicz arrives a little out of sorts, earlier that morning Connie gave birth to their son, Matthew Nicholas, 7 lbs. 3 oz. Jones and Medavoy also arrive at the scene, where a woman has been robbed and beaten to death in her apartment. Irma Pacheco, one of Ronson's old contacts from narcotics comes to the squad and tells Ronson and Ortiz some information about a guy she's seeing, Pete Murphy, who is going to be receiving a shipment of arms. Irma wants to know from Ronson what kind of reward she might receive and whether or not it would be enough money for her and Ronson to run off together, a comment which leaves Ortiz speechless. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the dead woman's husband, Andrew Moss. He mentions his wife's ex-husband, Ed Pisarchik, as someone they need to look at. Jones leaves to go to the court; the jury has come back in Craig Woodruff's trial. Special Agent Charlie Marcus comes to the squad and talks with Ronson and Ortiz about Pete Murphy. He tells them about Pete's father, someone they are looking for some possible jewelry heists, but Pete Murphy is still small time. He also tells them that their source, Irma's credibility is questionable. Ronson and Ortiz need to talk to Irma again. The jury comes in and has found that Craig Woodruff is not guilty on all charges, he is free to go. Jones leaves the court discouraged by this turn of events. Ed Pisarchik is brought in for questioning; he highlights his relationship with his ex-wife and her new husband. He didn't want her dead; he still loved her and hoped they could get back together. Ronson and Ortiz talk again with Irma, who tells them that the arms deal was something that Pete Murphy has put together on his own. Ronson still believes in her old contact and plans to get Gibson and the Feds to authorize Irma wearing a wire for her next meeting with Murphy. Michael comes into the squad and tells Jones tells him the result of trial. Michael wonders if he did anything wrong during the trial that got his father acquitted. Jones tells him he did okay; for now they are going to live their lives as before and not worry about the fact that his father is out on the street. A strange man caught using one of Leslie Moss's credit cards is questioned by Sipowicz and Clark. John Irvin interrupts the interview to tell Clark that Jennifer Devlin called but she was slurring her speech so he didn't fully understand her message. Ronson, Ortiz and others are listening in as Irma wears a wire during her meeting with Pete Murphy. When Irma isn't as loose as she normally is with him, Murphy becomes suspicious and finds the wire. The detectives rush into the scene, but find no evidence of the pair. Clark gets to Devlin's apartment and finds her body lying on the floor. Andrew Moss is brought back in and Sipowicz is going to question him when the news comes into the squad about Jennifer Devlin's suicide and the fact that Clark has gone missing. Sipowicz questions Moss about his recent calls to a divorce attorney and the other relationships he's had with his secretaries. Moss wants to get out of there, but Sipowicz tells him he's not leaving until they get things sorted out. Ronson and Ortiz interview Pete Murphy's father to see if they can discover his whereabouts. Joe Murphy tells them his rules about dealing with cops, but he relents and gives the location of his old body shop. Ronson and Ortiz go to the scene (without backup?) where they find Pete Murphy holding a gun and a knife on Irma. They talk him into giving himself up. In the meantime, Sipowicz talks with Ed Pisarchik and his son about him and his mother's relationship with her new husband. He tells them that his new step-father wasn't around much, but when asked if he knew Andrew Moss was around the house this morning the boy doesn't respond with an answer. Sipowicz gets a call and goes to a bar where Clark has gotten into a fight with someone. Sipowicz tries to offer Clark some assistance, but Clark prefers instead to go for a walk on his own. Something at the Pisarchik house interview didn't sit right with Sipowicz, so he asks Medavoy to get the father to come into the squad, while he goes to the house to talk to the son alone. Jones leaves the squad because a call has come in that there is a problem at Michael's school. Medavoy offers to come along, but as has been the case with these Michael related activities, Jones prefers to go it alone. At the Pisarchik house, Sipowicz gets the boy to tell him what he had done recently that could have made his father angry with his mother. He says that she wanted him to call Andrew Moss "dad" and two weeks ago his did that in front of his real father. Jones finds Craig Woodruff enjoying that cold beer that Jones once told him he would never have again. They go outside to discuss the situation further and Jones offers Woodruff a chance to fight him without the protection of his badge. After it appears as though Woodruff is not going to fight him, Jones turns away allowing Woodruff to land a cheap shot, but Jones counters and quickly puts him down. Back at the squad, Sipowicz interviews Pisarchik about the "dad" situation. Pisarchik tells him that her having his son call the other man "dad" took the only thing he had left away from him and that's what caused him to lose it and hit his ex-wife with a baseball bat. Ortiz and Ronson report that Pete Murphy has given up all the information related to the gun deal and that Irma is getting stitched up at Bellevue. John Irvin tells Sipowicz that no one has heard anything from Clark. Sipowicz is leaving to go to see Connie at the hospital, but before he leaves he talks with Jones about the injury to his face. He advises Jones to watch his relationship with Craig Woodruff and that he should take steps to protect himself in case Woodruff tries to file a complaint against him. Jones suggests that Sipowicz keep tabs on his situation. At the Sipowicz household, Andy talks with Theo about his upcoming responsibilities as a big brother. He sends Theo off to get ready for bed when there is a knock at the door. John Clark has come over to apologize for his behavior this afternoon. Andy doesn't want him to leave, but John tells him he needs to keep on moving. After he leaves Andy goes to Theo's room to read him a story.moreless
  • What's Your Poison?
    Episode 21
    Clark comes into the squad and tells Sipowicz he's been trying to find Jennifer Devlin, who walked out of the psych facility last night. Sipowicz tells him about a man who is coming in for an interview, one of Cindy Clifton's teachers, who wrote an unusual note "special, special pal" in her yearbook. The teacher, David Lewis tells them that he did have a support group relationship with Cindy Clifton, which was nothing like the relationship Cindy told him that she had with her half-brother Sam Jeffers. The detectives let him go, but having found him a little strange, Sipowicz gets Lewis' used piece of gum and sends it off for a DNA test. The detectives try to run down information on David Lewis, but they can't seem to find anybody that will say anything bad about him. Jones is leaving for court as today is the day when Michael is supposed to testify against his father. Brockhurst comes in with information on the sex-offenders that lived around Cindy Clifton, but it is Medavoy who comes up with the name of a parent who might have something to say about David Lewis. Brockhurst tells them that he will be hanging around the station house if anything comes up. Ortiz and Ronson go to the scene where a man, tourist Ned Applebaum has been mugged and lost his wife's $35,000 necklace; the only description of the mugger he can offer in this daylight mugging is an Italian guy in gold chains and a jogging suit. Michael testifies in his father's trial. On cross examination his father's attorney brings up an item from Michael's past where he had once lied to the police to try to reduce Michael's credibility. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the parent who had a complaint against David Lewis. He tells them about his daughter's close encounter with David Lewis. He believes they are looking at the right guy, but he wants to keep his daughter out of any subsequent prosecution. Jessica Applebaum comes in with a picture of her necklace and talks to the detectives. She tells them about the reason for their trip, to reconnect with each other; she tells them that she didn't even bring her necklace with her. David Lewis comes back in and (with Brockhurst watching) Sipowicz and Clark ask him about his relationship with past students. Then they tell him about the DNA evidence that proves he had sex with Cindy Clifton. Sipowicz, Clark and Gibson talk with Haywood about what they have on Lewis and she tells them the statue of limitations on the sexual assault makes him untouchable for that crime. As for charging him with her murder, they are going to need an air tight case before the DA's office will pursue a prosecution. Sipowicz goes to let Lewis out of the cage, but warns him that he is done teaching and that he better remain available. Lewis gets smug with Sipowicz since he knows they can touch him on the sexual assault charge, which only begins to anger Sipowicz. Clark gets a call from Dr. Devlin. He goes to her apartment to find that she is attempting to OD on pills. He calls for an ambulance and tries to keep her conscious until it arrives. At the hospital Clark finds out the status of Devlin, he is worried that she is going to be just like his dad "another train wreck he can't stop." Sipowicz gets a call from Gibson that Lewis's DNA was confirmed to be on Cindy Clifton's body. Sipowicz plans to talk to Cindy's father to see if he remembers David Lewis. Ortiz and Ronson talk again with Ned Applebaum about his story; they are trying to see is he is trying to commit insurance fraud. He then tells them about the lady friend, from the Internet, he was going to meet in "Little Italy." He was going to loan her the necklace so that she could use it as collateral for a loan for her sick child. The detectives get the PO Box number where Applebaum had sent previous gifts to his lady friend. Gerald Clifton comes in and hears what the detectives have to say. He doesn't recall a David Lewis, and he reiterates that he doesn't want to bring up any of this again with his wife. It is time for his family to get on with their lives. Ortiz and Ronson go to the apartment of the owner of the PO Box. He is a day trader who they discover took advantage of "hayseed" Applebaum, when they find gold chains and running suit he wore when he took the necklace. Jones returns from Michael's day in court. Gibson tells Sipowicz and Clark that David Lewis was found DOA in his apartment. They go to the scene and try to determine whether the death was a suicide or not. Ortiz and Ronson give Jessica Applebaum her necklace back and then since he genuinely seemed to be just someone who did something stupid and then suggest that she give her husband a second chance by at least talking to him, which she does. Sipowicz tries to decide how to proceed with the investigation of Lewis's death; both he and Clark believe that Brockhurst might be involved. Since everyone seems to have closure (except Sipowicz), should they let Lewis' death remain a suicide? Clark gets a call about Devlin and goes to the hospital. The doctor tells her she needs to remain restrained for now, but he is allowed to see her as long as he doesn't loosen her restraints. Clark pleads with her to begin taking care of herself. She tries to manipulate him into loosening her bonds, but he stands firm and stays by her side. Sipowicz goes to the watering hole where he expects to find Brockhurst. He tells him about David Lewis death. In reminding Brockhurst about an old story he tries to get Brockhurst to tell him what he knows about the death of David Lewis. Brockhurst doesn't admit to anything, but tells Sipowicz he is going to be able to sleep tonight now that the case is closed and that Sipowicz should do what he needs to do. Sipowicz goes to a church to find some direction.moreless
  • Traylor Trash
    Episode 20
    Jones and Medavoy arrive on the scene of a shooting; meanwhile back at the squad Sipowicz and Clark are getting ready to leave and interview Cindy Clifton's mother, despite the fact that Cindy's father "lawyered up" the entire family. Clark's departure is delayed by the arrival of Jennifer Devlin, someone he hasn't seen in quite some time and now is sporting a wild streak of color in her hair. She wants to Clark to accompany her to on a trip to Miami. He declines her invitation, offering dinner instead, but more importantly he asks her if she's taken her medication and she responds that she doesn't want to be treated like a child. Clark is confused by her behavior. At the library Sipowicz and Clark try talking with Sharon Clifton. They get her to give them a list of everyone who stayed at her home the Thanksgiving weekend that Cindy Clifton was killed. She relents and gives a list to work with. Medavoy and Jones run down what they know about their shooting victim, Kevin Traylor, whose is at the hospital in critical condition. Gerald Clifton comes into the precinct angry with the detectives for talking to his wife without the presence of your attorney. Clark tries to explain again why they need the DNA sample, so Clifton offers them a sample when he spits on one of Ronson's folders. Jones and Medavoy talk to with Kevin Traylor's wife, who tells them that he's been clean off drugs for quite a while. They ask her about the numerous photos of cars parked outside of a massage parlor that they found in his apartment. She tells them the reason for their breakup (they'd grown apart) and the she tells them the shooting probably involved someone from his drug related past. Outside the precinct a manic Jennifer Devlin approaches Ortiz and Ronson. She wants to talk with Ronson, and while Ortiz goes off to get the car, Devlin pleads with Ronson not to interfere in her relationship with Clark, they were meant to be together. Ronson is confused by her behavior. Sipowicz and Clark interview Simon Clifton (Gerald Clifton's brother) to find out what he might remember about the Thanksgiving weekend. He tells them to ask his sister-in-law about her nephew Sam Jeffers. Jones and Medavoy go to the "Blood of the Lambs" church, were they find the Reverend Mercy Hawks preaching with an electric guitar. They interview the question about Kevin Traylor's participation in his church. He tells them about Traylor's breakup with his wife and Traylor's work trying to educate the sodomites who frequent the massage parlor that is located next to the church. Back at the squad Sipowicz and Clark ask Sharon Clifton about her "nephew" Sam and why his name wasn't on the list she gave them. She tells them story about how Sam is actually her illegitimate son, who when she later married Gerald he insisted that Sam now always be referred to as her nephew. Joe Brockhurst comes to the squad and offers his assistance Sipowicz with the ongoing investigation. Ronson takes Clark aside and tells him about her encounter with Jennifer Devlin. He tells her that he is aware of her condition and that he'll take care of it, Ronson offers her help all the same. Jones and Medavoy talk to Mr. Wells, a gentleman who was in contact with Traylor yesterday about the photo he had taken of his car outside of the massage parlor. Traylor had sent the photograph to his home where his wife saw it. Wells admits to having threatened Traylor, but only went as far as punching him in the face yesterday and had nothing to do with today's shooting. Clark and Sipowicz talk with Sam Jeffers about his relationship with his mother and his half-sister Cindy. He doesn't really tell them anything. His strange behavior, possibly because of his strange relationship with his family, causes Sipowicz to say after they let Jeffers go that they've got to "take a hard look at this guy." [ I guess they'll get his DNA later. ] Jones and Medavoy tell Gibson that they are running down Wells' alibi. Sipowicz gets a call from Gerald Clifton telling him to come downstairs. CSU brings the detectives a tape they found in Traylor's apartment, just as Ronson gets a call that Traylor has died at the hospital. Since the secret about Sam Jeffers is out, Gerard Clifton allows the detectives to go into Cindy's room (which he and his wife have left intact) and have a look around. Jones and Medavoy confront the Reverend Hawks about the tape they've seen of him having sex with the Traylor's wife. They suspect that whoever shot Traylor was looking for that videotape. The Reverend offers them a pretty good alibi for his whereabouts that morning. Sipowicz and Clark reinterview Jeffers and Sipowicz takes the approach that Jeffers didn't get along with Cindy Clifton. Sipowicz shows him pictures he found in Cindy's room where she had crossed out his face out of every one of them. He admits to having played doctor with her a couple of days before her death, but says that he didn't kill her. Clark in the meantime takes the cigarette butt they now have with his DNA sample off to be processed. Sipowicz wants to the Jeffers DNA test run as quickly as possible, the father and uncle's DNA tests came back negative. Clark finds out that Devlin isn't working as a doctor anymore. Ortiz and Ronson talk with Donna Traylor about the videotape. She tells them about her husband's plan to take over the church using the videotape as leverage. She tells them about how she shot "the devil" to get back the videotape and protect their church and save her prophet, Reverend Hawks. She doesn't implicate the Reverend in the crime. The DNA test comes back and Jeffers DNA doesn't match, so the Cindy Clifton case has made no further progress. Jones and Medavoy try to bluff out the Reverend, but he is too sharp for them, he knows that Donna Traylor wouldn't implicate him as an accessory in her crime. Clark goes to Devlin's apartment and finds her in the midst of painting everything in her apartment red. He offers to help her to get the help that she needs. Outside the courtroom where Peeler has just been exonerated of the Clifton murder, Sipowicz offers Peeler an apology. Peeler accepts the apology, but it is his mother who acknowledges the he is the first person in this whole affair to have offered an apology to her son.moreless
  • 4/20/04
    Clark arrives at the hospital where there is a victim who's lost his memory after being shot in the head. The victim has no recollection of anything from the time before he was shot. In court Sipowicz is on hand as Leonard Peeler's conviction is dismissed "without prejudice", which means that that they still have the right to re-file against Peeler, should the need arise. Sipowicz returns to the squad to find out that the DA squad is looking to take over Sipowicz's case file on the Clifton homicide. Sipowicz and Clark go to see Ann Marie Sullivan, the woman that Peeler said he was with the night of the little girl's death. She continues to stick to the story she told eighteen years ago. Ortiz and Ronson are at the apartment building where the amnesia victim was found. They knock on the door of an apartment that the super tells them is vacant; a young girl answers the door. Another woman pulls her back and tells them that she didn't see the man in their photo and she quickly shuts the door. Suspicious, the detectives get the super to let them in. They find the apartment is now vacant and evidence they find, condoms and a "John" in the closet, suggest that the apartment is being used for teenage prostitution. Sipowicz and Clark are back at the squad when a call comes in from a priest asking them to come down to his parish. When they arrive, Ann Marie Sullivan confesses to them the truth that Leonard Peeler was with her that night. Being young and having an "old school" Italian father, she couldn't go back on the lie she told 18 years ago and she didn't want her father to know that she was keeping company with a black man. Sipowicz and Clark go to see Joe Brockhurst but Brockhurst doesn't want anything to do with the old case, which he is still convinced was good. Ortiz and Ronson interview the "John," who tells him his reasons for going to see prostitutes. They tell him they know that the girls there were locked in their rooms and they have evidence they were underage. He gives them the name of Rosa, who contacts him every few weeks with their new location. Jones and Medavoy interview the amnesia victim, who recalls a few details about the shooting, but he still fervently sticks to his story of memory loss causing Medavoy to say "rare amnesia or a good actor." Sipowicz and Clark go to Leonard Peeler's apartment, where they tell him about Anne Marie's confession that will probably get him an acquittal. Starting from a "clean" slate Sipowicz and Clark want Peeler to tell him anything he might remember about the case if he were willing to help. Peeler isn't willing, but does tell the detectives that the only time he ever had contact with the little girl was the one time he bought a glass of lemonade from her lemonade stand on his way to see Ann Marie; he knew from experience with his niece how a sale can make a little girl smile. Sipowicz and Clark leave with nothing to go on. Clark tells Sipowicz that it is possible that the victim knew her attacker, since the ME report indicated that the victim showed no signs of a struggle. Ortiz and Ronson interview the "madam" of the apartment, all she is able to tell them that she works for someone else and gives them the address of the next apartment the girls will be working at. Jones and Medavoy tell the amnesia victim that his name is Tim Keating. They try to get him to drop the amnesia act, and then they show him a picture of the woman he was with. He had several conversations with her on his cell phone. Keating doesn't recognize the woman at all. Still not convinced by his story, they keep Keating in custody at the hospital. Sipowicz and Clark interview Angela, who was one of victim Cindy Clifton's childhood friends. She tells them that Cindy was developing early and looked older than her age, she also tells them about a man in their neighborhood whose family Cindy did babysitting for; Pete D'Ambrosio, the father is a man who Cindy once told her was cute. Jones and Medavoy run their case for Gibson; they tell him about "the ex" of the victim who is coming in for an interview, Gibson meantime tries to enlighten them with information the doctors have already told them. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Pete D'Ambrosio. They tell him about their theory that Cindy knew her attacker. He tells him about how Cindy was always looking to get away from her home and that she always seemed afraid when she had to go back. When asked about why he didn't report it back then, he says the police already had a suspect and were closing the case. After D'Ambrosio leaves they take his coffee cup and then try to figure out how they are going to get a DNA sample from the girl's father. Jones and Medavoy talk with Carter Dubinsky, the victim's ex. He didn't know about her death, but he tells them about the relationship that she was having with Tim Keating and the terrible time they were having with a cocaine dealer. Gibson interrupts their interview with information that Carter Dubinsky did know to get in contact with Tim Keating. Ortiz, Ronson and a uniform raid the location of the new prostitution apartment, but for their effort they only manage to rescue one girl. Jones takes Carter Dubinsky to the hospital to identify the body of his wife, but on the way he takes him by Keating's room, where Keating readily identifies him as his shooter. Jones takes him into a nearby room, where Dubinsky is in disbelief that Keating survived the shooting. Keating is worried about how bad he is going to feel about all of this when he does get his memory back. Gerald Clifton comes into the squad and Sipowicz and Clark try to have a dialogue with him. Clifton doesn't want any coffee and doesn't want to have any old wounds reopened, especially when they talk with his wife. Clark tells him they are pursuing the theory that Cindy knew her attacker. Sipowicz tells him that they will be collecting DNA samples from everyone they interview. Clifton is enraged and tells them that if they want any further contact with him or the family they will have to contact their attorney. After Clifton leaves, Sipowicz questions his ability to be a detective all those years ago.moreless
  • The Brothers Grim
    Episode 18
    Sipowicz meets with Haywood who has had an old case that was recently reopened dumped upon her. The case against Leonard Peeler has been reopened since the testimony of Earl Bezdek, a man who's found God and is dying of AIDS, has been recanted. This allowed DNA testing to occur that exonerates Peeler. Sipowicz tells her that the case (we later learn his first as a detective) was a good arrest 18 years ago. She asks him to be prepared to offer his assistance if the case does get officially reopened. Sipowicz leaves to join the other detectives on the scene of a homicide where a body was found by a cigarette smoking nursing student who can't handle dead bodies. Gibson introduces a new detective to the squad, Det. Kelly Ronson; she comes from narcotics and is pursuing a law degree in the evening. A woman, Alyssa Huber, comes into the squad looking for help to find her missing baby, who's been missing for maybe a couple of years. She left her daughter in the care of a woman while she was serving jail time and having recently got out she wants her daughter back. She provides the detectives with the last known address of the woman. Clark and Sipowicz interview the brother and mother of victim Gary Keller. The brother Hugh tells the detectives that his brother was here in New York to help get Eric, their drug addicted brother, to come back home to Florida. The interview and additional information uncovered by Medavoy and Jones enlightens them as to how screwed up the Keller family really is. Sipowicz leaves them to follow up on the case while he goes to see his old partner Joe Brockhurst (from 1986) to talk with him about their old case being possibly reopened and retried. Brockhurst doesn't believe in the hocus pocus of DNA evidence; he prefers to just remember that Peeler was convicted by a jury of the crime. Sipowicz leaves realizing that Brockhurst isn't going to be much help. Ortiz and Ronson start to get to know each other as they go to interview the woman that was supposed to have been caring for Alyssa Huber's daughter. She tells them that the girl was abandoned to her and that she wasn't able to care for another child on top of the three she already had, as a result she gave the child up to Huber's cousin. At Eric Keller's building Clark and Sipowicz come across a bounty hunter, Roy Wingate, whose looking to extricate Eric Keller back to Florida. Wingate tells them about his encounter with Gary and Eric Keller earlier that morning. He doesn't know anything about the death of Gary Keller. Medavoy and Jones talk again with Hugh Keller, who they enquire about his lack of giving them information about the bounty hunter. Ortiz and Ronson run their case for Gibson, they've been following a trail of people whom the little girl has been passed off to, but they haven't found the girl but they are looking for the woman who was last known to have had custody of the girl. Ortiz and Ronson reinterview Alyssa Huber, about the holes in story. They try to press her to see if her baby is dead and that perhaps she is trying to pull a welfare scam. At Riker's Sipowicz goes to talk Bezdek, but Bezdek doesn't give him anything useful, he merely reiterates the story that Haywood has already given him. With the compelling DNA evidence Haywood is given only three days to make her case for upholding the conviction. As the defendant leaves he catches sight of Sipowicz in the court room. Ortiz and Ronson interview a woman with a cocaine habit and in need of a fix who eventually tells the detectives that she passed the girl off to a woman named Gloria who was working at a soup kitchen two years ago. The parents of the victim in Sipowicz's old case come to the squad to find out what happened in court today. They want answers and Sipowicz tells them there is always the possibility of a as yet unknown accomplice in the case; he promises them that he will get to the bottom of the case. Ortiz and Ronson go to the home of Gloria Dawson, the woman from the soup kitchen. They find her there with a very happy little 4-year-old girl. Ronson tells her that while she probably knows why they are there, the only thing they are looking to do at the moment is to confirm the condition of the child. The woman confirms the soup kitchen story, and tells them that getting Emily in their lives was a blessing for her and her husband, since the adoption process wasn't working out in their favor. Clark and Jones interview Eric Keller. Keller tells them about the fire escape that his dead brother Gary helped him use it to escape the bounty hunter. He liked his brother Gary but doesn't care for his other brother Hugh. Eric tells him he never saw his brother or the bounty hunter again. Back at Riker's Sipowicz tries to talk Peeler, who isn't offering him any help since he believes that Sipowicz didn't believe him back then or now. All he knows for sure right now is that the DNA evidence is going to set him free of a crime he didn't commit. Ortiz and Ronson tell Alyssa Huber that her daughter died a year ago in Ohio. They further tell her that their boss wants them to press charges against her for contributing to the death of her child. They offer her the chance to leave now and never come back. She calls them both useless when they won't call social services on her behalf and get her some death benefits. Clark and Jones interview the bounty hunter, who they have reason to believe is responsible for Gary Keller's death. They ask him about his use of a stun gun as Keller reportedly died from a heart attack after getting hit with the stun gun five times. One or two times might have been okay, but five times is criminally negligent homicide. Ortiz and Ronson report to Gibson that the little girl is still missing, as they go Ortiz apologizes to her for having her enter into "a secret ‘til death pact" on her first day, but they both agree they did the right thing. Outside his apartment Sipowicz talks with Clark about the old case. He tells Clark that one of the reasons that Peeler's timeline fell apart was because his old partner got Peeler to estimate a time at one point in their investigation. That time stuck and other witness's stories didn't corroborate. Sipowicz was a rookie detective and his partner was a legend. Sipowicz knows now that Peeler didn't do it and it bothers him so much that his hands are shaking. Clark tells him it wasn't his fault and he parts company with Sipowicz, with Sipowicz saying he is going for a walk.moreless
  • 4/6/04
    Gibson calls Sipowicz into his office; Sipowicz has been transferred to Missing Persons at the morgue. Sipowicz accuses Gibson of not having the spine that he once told him he would need to have when it came time to do something about Hatcher. Sipowicz grabs an empty box out of Gibson's office and uses it to clear off his desk, while he is telling the others about the supposed man-power redeployments that have caused his transfer. Hatcher doesn't seem as surprised by this turn of events as the others. Sipowicz goes to see the Chief of Personnel and lodges his complaint about the Chief's nephew, who he says doesn't belong on the job. He tells him that he has been protecting a bad cop. The chief doesn't want to listen, so Sipowicz leaves and reports to the morgue, where he meets Det. Wally Dorland, a sixteen year veteran of the morgue assignment. Back in the 15th precinct Clark and the others start to work the homicide of a woman who was purported to be a therapist. They find evidence that she was a dominatrix. In midst investigation Clark gets a call from Sipowicz, who he meets on the street and they talk strategy. Sipowicz meets again with Hatcher's old partner Garrity, who gives him some files and names of old informants. He tells him about the lack of investigation of the death of his partner's wife. Back at the squad Hatcher tries to give the other detectives some information about their case, but they seem otherwise occupied. Hatcher talks with Clark, who plays up to Hatcher and agrees to be his partner after Sipowicz has had some time to cool down regarding his transfer. Medavoy and Jones interview another dominatrix that their victim worked for a month ago. Her slave (a criminal defense attorney) gives her an alibi. Sipowicz has Clark helping him go through the list of Hatcher's old informants. Intrigued Dorland offers to help him look through the remaining files; meanwhile Clark has left to follow up with one those informants. That informant tells Clark about one of Hatcher's other informants, someone who was arrested a lot, but never served any time. Sipowicz goes to talk to that old informant, who he tells that they are investigating the death of Hatcher's wife from a different direction. He in turn gives Sipowicz another name, that of Emilio Juarez. Following up on some of their victim's recent e-mails, Medavoy and Clark talk to a former client of their victim, Kenneth Welkos. He thought he was going to be seeing her socially and was surprised when she billed him that is why he sent her the e-mails. Sipowicz talks with Juarez, who after some assurance from Sipowicz that he will get some help with his own case, tells him about Frankie Lawrence, one of Hatcher's boys who once all of a sudden had a wad of cash, not too long after the death of Hatcher's wife. Sipowicz goes to find this man, but his bitter mother tells him that her son is dead (he died three months ago from drugs) and safe from the continual harassment from cops. Back at the squad Medavoy is still questioning the logic of Sipowicz transfer. Ortiz finds that Welkos, the man that Medavoy and Jones talked to earlier had a parking violation last night near the victim's home. Clark tells Gibson that he is going out to follow up on an old case, but before he leaves Hatcher tells him he wants to talk with him. Hatcher tells Clark that he has heard from one of his old informants that Sipowicz has been asking about him and the death of his wife. Hatcher wants to know where Clark stands in his relationship to him and he also tells him to warn Sipowicz that there are lower places he can go in the department. At the morgue, Clark tells Sipowicz that Hatcher is onto him. Dorland comes up with the name Jerry Toback, a guy that Frankie Lawrence knew who has experience with ordinance. Sipowicz and Clark go to talk to Jerry Toback, who wants a guarantee that his involvement in this case can be minimized. Sipowicz, Clark, Gibson, Haywood and Martens interview Toback, but both Haywood and Martens tell them that they need more evidence before they can make anything stick against Hatcher. Sipowicz tells Gibson that they may need his help on this, but Gibson seems reluctant to help and go against the nephew of his golf partner. Medavoy and Jones reinterview Welkos, who when they show him evidence that his vehicle was in the area of the victim's apartment, confesses to her murder; however he claims he blacked out and doesn't know how he did it. Clark takes Hatcher into the pokey room, where Sipowicz is waiting. Sipowicz and Clark tell Hatcher what evidence they've uncovered, and that they want him to turn in his papers by the end of the tour. Hatcher tells them (and whoever is watching through the one way glass) to prove it and upon leaving he tells Sipowicz and Clark that they've made the biggest mistakes of their life. Behind the glass Gibson was watching along with Hatcher's uncle, the Chief of Personnel. Medavoy and Jones talk with Melkos' wife. They've determined that she drove the vehicle to the victim's home this morning. She tells them about her meeting with the woman who had put a spell over her husband. They tell her that her husband had confessed to the crime, and unless she tells them something different, he is going to be charged with the crime. The woman tells them what happened between her and the dominatrix that wraps up the case nicely. Sipowicz is sitting at his desk (just visiting he says) when Hatcher comes into the squad, telling everyone that he's put in his papers, as a new security job has come through for him. Sipowicz returns to the morgue and thanks Dorland for his help, calling him a good cop and offering to help him get out of his current job. Dorland declines the offer, liking his current situation. Sipowicz returns to the squad room and he and Gibson agree that Gibson let him down, but together they will work it out. Sipowicz unpacks his box, stating that he's not going anywhere.moreless
  • On the Fence
    Episode 16
    Sipowicz and Clark arrive at an early morning scene (so early it's still dark), where Hatcher has been wounded in a shoot out with a man in a window. Hatcher says he was chasing a black male suspect and was looking for him over a fence when a light came on behind him. He turned around and was shot by a guy in the window with a gun. Hatcher returned fire and struck the shooter. Sipowicz and Clark go up to interview the man that Hatcher shot and wounded. He tells them a different story; he says that he saw Hatcher draw his gun, whereas Hatcher says he already had his gun drawn. Sipowicz wants Hatcher to get his story straight, because a shooting involving a civilian is going to get the bosses involved. Sipowicz and Clark tell Gibson what they know about the morning's shooting. Gibson wants to know if they are standing by their fellow detective. Sipowicz responds that they are doing their job and investigating the shooting. Gibson wants to know what he's supposed to tell Hatcher's uncle (Chief of Personnel) the next time he calls. Jones and Medavoy begin to investigate the death of an elderly man at a seedy hotel. Jones finds a hole in the wall that came from the room next door. The man who is said to occupy that room, Ryan Dooling is nowhere to be found and it looks like he's left the room for good. At the hospital Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Hatcher's shooting victim and his story still isn't adding up with Hatcher's version. The detectives run their cases for Gibson as Hatcher returns to the squad. Sipowicz and Clark want to talk to him again, and Hatcher wants to talk to them. Without them having a chance to ask for it, Hatcher gives them information that fills in the holes in his story, but he still claims that the man didn't fire a warning shot. Ortiz has some information that Hatcher's shooting victim may have just been itching to use his gun and ballistics information shows that he used an unregistered gun in the shooting. Jones and Medavoy talk with the older brother of Ryan Dooling. He tells them about his brother's involvement in the club scene and his acquaintance a guy named Chase Allsworth. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with the shooting victim about the gun he used in the shooting to defend himself. Back at the squad, Sipowicz has found out that Hatcher has made several phone calls to Janet Grafton's cell phone. He asks Clark if he can talk with her to get a feeling for what Hatcher might be all about. Jones and Medavoy try talking to Chase Allsworth, but he is extremely tired, he's been up for a couple of days. He keeps nearly passing out; but he manages to tell the pair about Eva Warm, a DJ that Dooling had "signed" to his record label. Clark has a talk with Grafton and she tells him that Hatcher knew her ex-husband and their old cell phone was still in her name, which is why her name came up. She knows that Hatcher had an ex-girlfriend that lived in the area of that apartment building and he is "a complete asshole." Sipowicz and Clark go to see Lucy Timmons, who confirms that she had dated Hatcher (they broke up months ago) and she saw him outside her building this morning. She tells the detectives that she knows Hatcher has been outside her building uninvited. Jones and Medavoy talk with Eva Warm, who admits to having been with Ryan Dooling last night, but she doesn't know where he is today. She tells them about another bar that Dooling had been known to hang out at. Sipowicz and Clark confront Hatcher with what they know about his ex-girlfriend and that probably being the reason for him being outside her building that morning. Hatcher sticks with his perp chasing story. Hatcher leaves the room. Clark has some misgivings about their approach on this case; he doesn't think they have enough to keep pursuing this. Jones reports that Ryan Dooling has been found and is being brought in. Sipowicz and Clark tell Ortiz that the Hatcher incident is going to go down as a "good shoot." Hatcher wants to talk to Sipowicz; he wants to know what Sipowicz has against him. Sipowicz suggests that Hatcher begin looking for another assignment, he doesn't want Hatcher bringing the squad down, but Hatcher believes it's time for Sipowicz to have a change of venue. Jones and Medavoy ask Ryan Dooling about the bullet hole, but he claims he doesn't know anything about the bullet hole. However, after he hears about the death next door (his neighbor was the only person who actually seemed to care about him) he tells them that Eva Warm had the gun that fire the deadly shot. Haywood hears about the evidence they have against Hatcher's shooting victim and she expects he will get some time for his possession and use of the unregistered weapon. Eva Warm tells Jones and Medavoy about her meeting last night with Ryan Dooling and how stupid she was for falling for his bullshit. She confesses to the accidental shooting of the gun. Then they tell her about the consequence of the gun's firing. Hatcher invites Clark to a monthly poker game, but he declines. Ortiz asks Clark if there is anything she needs to know about her partner. He tells her just to keep an eye on him. Outside the precinct Sipowicz places a call to Clark and has him come down to meet him. He tells him that he is going to be meeting with Hatcher's ex-partner, Carl Garrity, from around the time of the death of Hatcher's wife. Sipowicz has looked at the case file and it seems wrong, since no one was ever collared for it. Sipowicz wants to know if Clark will join him in this meeting. Clark seems reluctant, but decides to go along. Garrity tells them about Hatcher's wife having an affair (with him) that she told Hatcher about. Three days later she was dead. It may have been a coincidence, but Sipowicz is convinced that Hatcher killed his wife.moreless
  • Old Yeller
    Episode 15
    Sipowicz is in early and sees that his little ploy has worked; Gibson's parrot now only has a one word vocabulary: "douche bag." Sipowicz meets Hatcher and Clark at the scene of an apparent suicide where he finds that Hatcher has already let one of the witnesses go. The victim's suicide note makes reference to man who had kidnapped her last year. The note indicates a partial license plate number and a description of the kidnapper's vehicle. However, other than the victim missing her rent last year for two months, no one can find any other indication that the victim ever told anyone about her kidnapping. An elderly woman comes into the squad to report that something dear to her has been stolen and she thinks she knows who stole it. She thinks her nephew may have stolen her diamond ring; the nephew at one time had some trouble with drugs. Medavoy suggests an approach they can take to begin questioning her nephew. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Paul Grady, the man who owns the van with the license plate that ID'd in the suicide note. They show Grady a photo of the victim, he tells them that he recollects seeing their victim about 6 months when she came to his home disheveled and looking for help. He tells the detectives that his wife will recall that incident. In the meantime Medavoy and Jones go to interview the nephew about the missing ring. The nephew readily agrees to a urine test to prove he's been clean for the past nine months, and then he tells the detectives about his aunt's personal ad. She's been looking for sex partners and the nephew suggests that anyone of those partners that came to their home would have had access to the ring. Hatcher finds another woman, Gina Bell, who reports having been abducted for a few weeks two years ago. Sipowicz and Clark decide to pursue this angle and will leave the next one (if there are any in the tri-state area) for Hatcher to follow up on. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Gina Bell who doesn't recall much of anything about her kidnapping. She seems reluctant to talk about it and thinks that she might have exaggerated the duration of her kidnapping; it might have only been for a couple of days. Medavoy and Jones talk with Veronica Lewis about her relationships, it turns out she has had some of these men in her apartment. She gives them a list of names to check out. Hatcher has come up with another name, Martha Henstridge in New Jersey whose kidnapping matches the profile. Hatcher and Ortiz leave for the interview as Off. Janet Grafton (nee Vecchio) comes into the squad and tells Clark about what's happen since her breakup with her husband (whose granted her the divorce) and the fact that she is being transferred into the 15th Precinct; she wanted to make sure that he was alright with it. In New Jersey Hatcher and Ortiz talk with Martha Henstridge who has very good recall about what happened during her kidnapping. They show her a photo array and she points right to the picture of Paul Grady. Sipowicz and Clark pull Grady out of the cage and start questioning him and telling him what they know about him; Grady asks for some time to think and that gives Sipowicz and Clark time to go and search his home. Medavoy and Jones talk to one of Veronica's many liaisons; they've started with the ones with criminal records. He tells them about the wonderful sexual relationship he's had with Veronica, something he wasn't going to spoil. In Queens at the home of Paul Grady the detectives find the dungeon in the basement. Now they need to find his wife, since she's been backing up his story. Medavoy and Jones talk to another liaison named Bob Longano, a man who hasn't stolen anything in seventeen years. He tells him that the last time he was with her he found the next morning that some of his money and a credit card were stolen. He thought maybe she needed the money, but the detectives have another idea. Sipowicz and Clark return to find Paul Grady naked in the pokey room cage; Grady lawyers up and Sipowicz immediately goes looking for Hatcher, who he confronts in the restroom. Sipowicz is worried that this is going to blow the case; Hatcher cites his reason for losing it. Eight years ago he lost his wife to a car bomb due to his one his arrests, whenever there is violence against a woman it just sets him off. Sipowicz tells him to go back to his desk and stay away from the interview rooms. Then he and Clark go to talk with Grady's wife who claims that her husband is a deprogrammer for the government, which is what he does in their basement. She tells them about what her husband did to her when she once tried to go into their basement. She tells them that he threatened to kill her if he ever told anyone about the basement. Medavoy and Jones talk with Veronica's nephew, who they know used Longano's credit card recently. The nephew admits his guilt and tells them where he pawned the ring. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Gina Bell, whose necklace was found in the drain of the dungeon. Despite the emotional pain, she recalls more detail about her kidnapping. She is also able to ID Paul Grady and she also tells them that there was a woman in the room. Sipowicz and Clark go back at Grady's wife. She tells them that she will give them the names of all the women that her husband had in the basement, but she will never tell them that she had anything to do with what went on there. She was sick with guilt about it all, but she was scared for her life. Medavoy return Veronica's ring to her. She thanks Medavoy and suggests that if he ever needs to talk about anything, he has her number. The detectives run their case by Haywood and Hatcher makes a comment that indicates that he knows he blew the part of the case that would have allowed them to put both Paul and Susan Grady away. Sipowicz offers Hatcher a little support and tells him about his own dealing with the death of a spouse. Gibson prepares to take his bird home, but first he tells Sipowicz that he might have won a battle, but not the war. Later, Greg meets with Veronica; he's asked her out with the intention of asking her out. She bottom lines it for him, she knows what he really wants is sex and so they adjourn to her place and make the furniture to move.moreless
  • Colonel Knowledge
    Episode 14
    The detectives are on the scene of what appears to be a gang killing. A new detective arrives at the scene; his name is Stan Hatcher, whose previous accomplishments include saving kids on a school bus. With his contacts he tells the others that he's heard someone made inappropriate comments to a leader of the Latin Kings. Sipowicz tells him to run with what he knows. The detectives return to the squad to find that Gibson has brought his obnoxious African Gray parrot. Hatcher tells the detectives what he's heard about the Latin Kings and leaves with Ortiz to find the leader. A man comes into the squad to report the "kidnapping" of his 15-year-old daughter. He tells them about an older boy that his daughter has been seeing. His attempts to get in touch with the boy (or his parents) Medavoy and Jones agree to look into what they define as more of a "runaway situation." Ortiz and Hatcher find "King Jazz" (Wilmer Lopez) leader of the Latin Kings. Hatcher seems to know the way to communicate to Lopez and Lopez tells him that any business they had with their victim's organization was already taken care of. Medavoy and Jones go the apartment where Charles Slocum lives (his parents are out of state). He tells them that he hasn't seen his girlfriend in two days. They search his home and turn up nothing. McDowell keeps trying to find information about Hatcher, with little success. John Irvin is bit by the parrot. Ortiz and Hatcher return and report on their talk with Lopez. Before their arrival a tip from a neighbor of the victim came in saying that the building superintendent (Lonnie Parker, a man with a criminal past) was seen leaving the scene after the shots were fired; Parker's son Calvin comes in to give the Sipowicz and Clark some background on his 65-year-old father. Jones and Medavoy talk to one of Carla's classmates, and she eventually tells the detectives that she knew Carla was pregnant and was planning on keeping the baby, although she wasn't sure that Charles Slocum was going to agree with the idea. Hatcher tells the detectives that in his old squad they used to do a "double-up" interview," where another set of detectives would conduct an interview of someone to see if they can get additional information. Sipowicz reluctantly allows him to talk with the super's son, but goes to observe the interview. Hatcher doesn't appear to gain any new insights, but he does lay out some known details about Latin Kings in the case to Calvin Parker. Calvin only reiterates that he doesn't want anything to do with his father. Medavoy and Jones reinterview Charles Slocum and when they begin to apply the pressure to him Charles tells them about a pact he had with Carla. With her being pregnant they both knew her father wouldn't approve of them being together, and they agreed to commit suicide together. When the time came for him to pull the trigger, he couldn't do it. He tells the detectives where they can find Carla's body. Medavoy and Jones go back at Charles Slocum about the fact two shells were found at the scene. Slocum denies killing Carla and setting up a "Romeo and Juliet" situation. Meanwhile McDowell can't find anyone with any information about Hatcher. Sipowicz can't believe that nobody wants to talk about this guy; "he's fine" is the only response that anyone seems to come up with. Lonnie Parker is brought in and questioned by Sipowicz and Clark about the shooting. He tells them he didn't know anything about the shooting and that he had no beef with the victim who was a new tenant in the building. He finally relents and tells them that he saw two Latin Kings with the victim that morning. As a result Ortiz and Hatcher bring Lopez in for a reinterview, but Hatcher's tough attitude with Lopez doesn't sit well with Ortiz, who warns Hatcher to not let it happen again. The detectives review e-mails between Charles Slocum and the victim. A phone dump also reveals that Calvin Parker had been talking with his father throughout the day. A TARU Tech drops of more information from Slocum's computer. Before the TARU Tech leaves, Sipowicz gets his attention and accompanies him down to the lobby. McDowell finds an e-mail that indicated that Slocum very likely had no intention of killing himself, since the day before he was to kill himself he was making plans to attend a concert next month. Medavoy and Jones confront him with this additional evidence. He tells them the only thing they can prove was that he failed to commit suicide. With his transport of the gun and assisting in the suicide he is looking at ten years at least. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Calvin Parker about his father and he tells them that he did give his father some information (obtained from Hatcher) that would help him through his interview with the detectives. They show Calvin in custody to his father and Lonnie confesses to shooting the victim, who caused nothing but trouble in his building since he moved in. Haywood and the detectives tell Carla's bereaved father about his daughter's fate and what will probably happen to Charles Slocum. Hatcher knows that Sipowicz is the man in the squad and he wants to know if Ortiz is "stand-up" and going to cause him any trouble for the incident in the interview room. With a promise to observe the squad and not "double-up" interviews, Hatcher and Sipowicz agree to make a fresh start tomorrow; meanwhile, McDowell has found out that Hatcher is the nephew of the Chief of Personnel. After passing that information on she leaves for home and maternity leave. Sipowicz tells Gibson that he knows about his and Hatcher's relationship to the Chief of Personnel. He hopes that Gibson will have "the spine" to get rid of Hatcher when the time comes. After Gibson leaves, the TARU Tech returns to the squad with a device for Sipowicz. It is a tape recorder that Sipowicz sets by the parrot cage, where it will continually play the word "douche bag."moreless
  • 3/9/04
    A jogger who was gunned down in a park manages to contact his wife via his cell phone before he passes. His wife (now at the scene) tells Ortiz about her husband's partner and their business dealings and a British tourist with a camera makes the start of the investigation interesting for Sipowicz and Clark. Meanwhile at another crime scene, Jones and Medavoy are investigating a body found in the trunk of a stolen car. The DOA is the owner of the comedy club. It's Rodriguez's last day and John Irvin passes around a card for everyone to sign for the going away party that will be held later that evening. Sipowicz and Clark interview the dead jogger's business partner. He tells them about the affair his partner was having with another man's wife and gives them her name, Janet. At the "Laff Pit" Jones and Medavoy interview the comedy club owner's wife, Lois Rubicoff. She tells them about some minor problems that her husband was having with some of the talent. Boxes for Rodriguez's replacement arrive, only they still don't know who the owner is. Jones finds that one of the comedians Lonnie Cutler has a story that differs from that of the club owner's wife, something they'll want to check out. Medavoy wants to see him, just because he's "the funniest comic he's ever seen." The woman that the jogger was having arrives at the Squad, it turns out that she is a uniformed officer. Sipowicz tells Janet Grafton what's going on with the death of the jogger, a man she was having an affair with. She tells them about the strange relationship she has with her jealous husband, who is another officer from the 25th precinct. They press her and but decide that they need to talk with her husband and she's worried about his reaction when he finds out about her affair. Medavoy and Jones interview Lonnie Cutler, whom they know had more than a small beef with the club owner. The only thing he gives them is a couple of jokes and an alibi to be checked out. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Off. Scott Grafton who gives them a little trouble when he realizes are probing him for information. Back at the squad, more boxes arrive as the detectives run their cases by Rodriguez. Then the owner of the boxes arrives; it's Eddie Gibson, who is now a sergeant and their new commanding officer. Sipowicz is convinced that today is April 1st. Scott Grafton's alibi doesn't check out, Sipowicz and Clark want to give him a chance to explain himself before they have to bring the case to IAB. Medavoy and Jones reinterview the club owner's wife after they discover she was responsible for purchasing the materials used to dispose of her husband's body. She tells them that Lonnie Cutler killed him after he flipped when her husband had fired him. She tells them about Cutler's bloody shirt and that he forced her to help him dispose of the body. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Scott Grafton, who now knows what's going on and he tells them he was following his wife this morning. He further adds that he's glad that the guy who was having an affair with his wife is dead. Outside of the interview room Clark suggests to Sipowicz that Grafton "is a risk" and that perhaps the "Early Intervention" group should be called before Grafton totally loses it over his rocky marriage. Clark feels it needs to be done and it's the kind of help that he should have gotten for his father. A woman comes into the squad with her son. Her says her son found a gun in the park early this morning and the boy tells them about a man he saw throw something in the bushes. When pressed by the detectives and his mother, the boy tells them he can probably identify the man he saw if he sees him again. Lonnie Cutler is brought back and it turns into a "he said, she said" as they are pointing fingers at each other. However he plays an audiotape for the detectives from his answering machine, which incriminates Lois Rubicoff in the death of her husband. Scott Grafton is in the lobby of the precinct wanting to see the detectives who called "Early Intervention" on his behalf. Clark admits that he made the call and given Grafton's current state of mind he is glad he did. Upstairs the boy is looking at the array, but the story he is now telling isn't the same that he told Sipowicz and Clark earlier. They take him aside and get the real story from him. He was robbed by bullies a couple of weeks ago, he got a gun and every morning was waiting in the park to use it to try scaring the bullies. Tired of waiting for their return, the boy tried firing the gun at a tree and accidentally hit the jogger. They tell this to the boy's mother, who now needs to make arrangements to get her son a lawyer. With the day's activities seemingly at a close the Squad gets together--to toast Tony Rodriguez and wish him well on his new opportunity. At the gathering Clark gets a call that Janet Grafton has shot her husband. He goes to the hospital and finds out about their fight, where she feels that he would have killed her if he'd have had the chance.moreless
  • 3/2/04
    Sipowicz and Clark are at the scene of a hit and run, where the driver of an SUV has struck down a guy on a bike and killed the young daughter of a known mobster. They move over to the scene, where the suspect's SUV has been found, but the young black men at the scene, who impeded a group of Italian boys who were looking to hold the driver and the vehicle for the police claim to not know the whereabouts or the identity of the driver. Back at the squad they find out the SUV was reported stolen and the others find out about Jones plans to become qualified as a foster parent for Michael Woodruff. Ortiz and Medavoy go to the hospital to interview a woman who was raped in her own apartment. Jones reports back from the canvas that a plate number was obtained from a vehicle leaving the scene, which gives them a lead to start with. Meanwhile an anonymous caller on the hit and run gives the detectives the name Calvin George. They get George's address and go to the home, only to find a car full of Italian gentlemen waiting across the street. Sipowicz warns the Italians to go about their business. He and Clark find Clavin George's mother, who they inform about Calvin's pending predicament. Jones and Medavoy talk with Norman Reese, the guy whose vehicle was seen fleeing the scene, he tells him that their victim wanted to be raped and he has all of their chat-room conversations saved and offers it to the detectives as proof. In the meantime, Calvin George's mother calls, she reports that shots have been fired into her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark try to emphasize to Calvin's mother the need for her son to turn himself in and get some protection. Jones goes to the interview with CFS and relates to the interviewer his own story about growing up and his own need for a father figure, which he feels add to his qualifications for looking out for Michael. The rape victim comes into the squad for an interview with Medavoy and Ortiz. She tells them she knows about chat-rooms, but doesn't know anything the kind of chat-rooms that they are asking her about. Medavoy and Ortiz both feel that she is telling the truth. Rodriguez announces his plans for retirement to the squad. He'll let them know when he knows when he is going to have his official last day, which doesn't sit well with Sipowicz. The ISP finally reveals the name for the screen name ‘NastyGirl' actually belongs to a woman named Courtney Bates. Ortiz and Medavoy plan to bring her in for questioning, but first Medavoy does what he always does, he asks Rodriguez the reason for his sudden departure. Clark and Sipowicz go to see Tony Grimaldi to ask some questions and to warn him to call off his dogs, which Grimaldi agrees to do, as long as the man responsible pays an adequate price for the loss of his daughter. Courtney Bates is brought in, but denies having used the screen name and mentions the ‘space cadet' from down the hall that she occasionally lets use her old second hand machine. Clark and Sipowicz finally get to talk with Calvin George, who tells them a tale that they find hard to believe. Sipowicz reports to Rodriguez about George and then he starts asking questions about the reasons for Rodriguez's retirement. The other hit and run victim has regained consciousness and Clark and Sipowicz show him a photo of Calvin George and others. He tells them that the driver of the SUV was a white guy. Michelle Foster's husband is brought in and asked about his relationship with Courtney Bates, a woman whose phone records indicate he's had several conversations with her. Now they need to prove that Courtney setup the rape of the Michelle Foster. Clark and Sipowicz talk with a woman who witnessed the SUV being dropped off by a white guy and picked up by the black guy. She gives them the name Danny Puglisi. Courtney Bates is brought back in for further questioning and she calls the rape a prank that got out of control. Sipowicz and Clark go to Danny Puglisi's apartment and find his father there. Danny's father was one of the Italians who were looking for Calvin George earlier in the day. They get the truth out of Danny and his father goes to make it right with Tony Grimaldi, but as Sipowicz and Clark with later see, it's Danny's father who will pay the price for his son's actions that morning. Later that night, Baldwin, Valerie and Michael have dinner and discuss the next steps with the CFS process. Meantime, Tony and Rita are having dinner at hotel restaurant and eventually they find themselves checking in.moreless
  • Passing the Stone
    Episode 11
    A Jewish jeweler is gunned down outside of his shop. His widow tells Sipowicz and Clark that a white guy who's recently converted to Islam had been giving her husband some trouble lately. Clark gets the address for Tim Garrity, the recent convert to Islam; just as Jones gets a call that Michael's aunt has been brutally assaulted. Jones and Medavoy go to the aunt's apartment. Jones talks with Michael, who tells Jones that his aunt wasn't seeing anyone, and that his father wasn't around. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the converted Muslim. A uniform is bringing in Michael's dad and Jones is preparing himself for the pending interview. Rodriguez suggests that Medavoy and Ortiz take the interview, that way Jones won't succumb to his desire to beat the crap out of Craig Woodruff and give him what he wants. McDowell interviews an employee of the dead jeweler and she tells her that her boss had an ugly argument over the phone with a rapper named "DJ Drayno." Rodriguez has her get the info to Sipowicz and Clark for a follow-up. Medavoy and Ortiz talk with Craig Woodruff and try to bluff him into a confession that he isn't falling for. Sipowicz and Clark find "DJ Drayno" and bring him in for questioning. "DJ Drayno" tells them that the jewels he got from their victim turned out to be worthless and his argument with the victim was about getting a refund. Michael stops by the squad to find out if Det. Jones had found out anything about his aunt. Jones is out for lunch, and Medavoy and Ortiz tell him they haven't found anything yet. As Michael is ready to leave, Sipowicz decides to have a talk with Michael about his father. Jones enters the room and tells Michael to leave for school and then tells Sipowicz that he needs to leave Michael alone and let him decide when it is time to come clean on his father's involvement in the death of his mother and the probable beating of his aunt. The jeweler's widow has come in to answer some questions. She tells them about another one of those musicians who extorted her husband in the past by trying to get compensated for a necklace that wasn't the same one he had sold him. At the hospital, Jones, Medavoy and Ortiz go into Tammy Carlyle's room and she tries to tell them she was beaten by someone other than Craig Woodruff. She knows that even if she did finger him as the assailant, there is a good chance that when he gets out of prison he will come after her. After all, that's what he did to his wife. After being out for an hour, Rodriguez returns to the office and gets an update from on the jeweler case. "DJ Drayno" and the other musician the widow mentioned both have the same manager, Osias Freeland. Freeland comes into the office and tells them that his conversation with the jeweler last night was going to result in the replacement of the phony necklace. In the meantime, McDowell finds outs that Garrity, the Islam convert hasn't been seen at his mosque all day. Sipowicz and Clark are going to leave to go in search of him, when Michael comes into the squad and tells Jones that he wants to talk with Sipowicz. Michael tells Sipowicz that his father wasn't involved in his aunt's beating, but he does tell him that he did witness his father killing his mother. Sipowicz comes out and tells the other detectives what Michael has told him; he also tells Jones that Michael considers him a father figure and that is why he couldn't confess his real father's guilt. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Garrity again. He confesses to them that he wasn't at the mosque for morning prayers; instead he was at a massage parlor, where he is a regular. McDowell finds out that Osias Freeland has made numerous calls to a costume jeweler. Sipowicz and Clark decide they need to bring him in for further questioning. Rodriguez stops Ortiz, who is on her way out with Jones and Medavoy to pick up Craig Woodruff, and asks her if she'd be available for dinner that evening. Sipowicz and Clark reinterview Freeland, who eventually cops to the fact that he replaced the real jewels with fakes. Jones goes into the bar and arrests Craig Woodruff and since his own son has sold him out, Woodruff is happy to let Jones take care of him. Later that evening at dinner, Rita wonders what her situation with Tony is. He asks her if they could be together, free and clear of their current on the job relationship, would she be interested in pursuing something further. He tells her about an outside job offer he has had and knowing with the outcome of his trial that he will never rise above his current rank he is considering the opportunity, which would make him "free and clear." Rita is definitely interested. Baldwin takes Michael to his apartment, where he tells him that he can live here and that he will pursue the paperwork that will officially let him be Michael's guardian.moreless
  • You Da Bomb
    Episode 10
    John and the good doctor have renewed their intimate relationship, but something is wrong; her medication isn't letting her feel anything. She decides that for his benefit they need to end their relationship. The detectives are on the scene of a homicide that looks like a mob hit. The building superintendent (a poet) has a lot of detail for the detectives, including the license plate number of the vehicle driven by Russians. Following up, Sipowicz and Clark go to the address where the car was registered. They find a man, Ilya Antropov, knocking on a nearby door and determine that the door they were at was the door he was really intending on knocking on. They bring him in for questioning and decide to hold him in a cell until they can check out his story about being a busboy. McDowell is planning to go to the doctor for her first ultra-sound. Sipowicz and Clark go to talk the woman, a renowned photographer that their victim worked for. The photographer recently had taken photos of convicts and perhaps one of them may have done her a favor. She decides they need to talk to her attorney. Ilya Antropov story checks out and he can be let go. A man, Brad Cutshall, comes up into the squad room; he wants to file a report regarding constant break-ins to his car. McDowell gets ready to take his statement and he handcuffs himself to her. He tells everyone that he is wired with a bomb. The people who attached the bomb to him (and are holding his daughter) are demanding the release of Ilya Antropov. With the bomb up in the Squad room the precinct is full of activity in the lobby. Sipowicz and Clark go and talk with Antropov and he denies knowing anything about Cutshall. He does tell them that back in Russia he was once leader of a loyal group of rebels, but that group is now scattered and he doesn't know how to contact them. McDowell starts talking with Cutshall and manages to get him to give her is cell phone number. Cutshall's phone rings and they now have one hour to let Antropov go or the bomb will be detonated. Clark remembers that Antropov said something in Russian to an old man when they were leaving that building. They decide they need to bring that man in for questioning. Back at their original crime scene, Medavoy and Ortiz do some follow-up questioning and find out a tenant that had a dead cat nailed to her door. They talk with Katie Driscoll and find out that her father had been living with her for the last few weeks. They ask her to contact her dad. Meanwhile back at the squad, McDowell talks with Cutshall trying to gather further information. Sipowicz asks Rodriguez why they can't just let Antropov go, they were going to do it this morning anyway. Rodriguez tells him the brass doesn't want to negotiate. They find out that Cutshall has gambling debts. Perhaps he owes money to the Russians? Cutshall says no. The old man that Antropov talked to earlier that morning is brought in and he eventually tells the detectives that Antropov is someone he is more afraid of than the police. Sipowicz and Clark go back to Antropov's cell and Sipowicz tries to "convince" him to call off this bomb. Katie Driscoll brings her dad to the precinct where he doesn't recognize a photo of Antropov. They decide to keep pursuing every possible lead. A dumpster blows up outside the precinct. Sipowicz goes upstairs and McDowell insists that he go back downstairs. Cutshall gets another call on his cell phone that says that the next bomb is theirs. The FBI arrives, but they have nothing on Antropov. A background check of Katie Driscoll's father reveals that he has a record for crack possession. Clark goes to see Driscoll and gets him to confess the name of his Russian dealer, where he works out of and that he is in debt to the Russians for $50,000. The pieces begin to fall together; Antropov is really a big hitter that came to US under an assumed named. Sipowicz decides on a plan of action. He needs to get Cutshall's phone so that Antropov can make the call he needs to make. Sipowicz has brought Antropov's son to the cell. Sipowicz threatens that he will bring Antropov's son upstairs and cuff him to the bomb. Antropov calls the bomb off and after it has been removed from Cutshall everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Cutshall is reunited with his daughter and everyone can go home for the evening. At the Sipowicz home, Theo only concern for the day is that he needs to get a new baseball mitt and shoes. A short while later Connie breaks down when the impact of the day's events finally hit her.moreless
  • 11/25/03
    Andy bangs on the neighbor's door at 5:00 AM; the neighbor is practicing his bassoon for a big concert later that evening. He returns to bed, only to receive a call to a crime scene. He arrives with Clark at the scene of a retired cop, Roy Shaughnessy, and his wife who were beaten and robbed in their home. Sipowicz worked with the cop at the 20th precinct. Shaughnessy has been taken to the hospital; his wife tells the detectives what happened. While leaving Clark makes an off-hand comment about "old-timers," or rather as he corrects himself when Sipowicz appears annoyed "all-timers." The neighbor comes across the hall and gives Connie complementary tickets for her and her husband to his recital. Medavoy and Jones are on the scene of arson, where Barry Tytel, the author of a book "Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax," has found that his vehicle has been torched. Medavoy is more interested in the content of the Tytel's book rather than the arson. Michael's foster father comes to talk to Jones about the fact that he has removed Michael from his family's care. He tells Jones that Michael's father has been by their house and it has made his wife nervous, so they felt it better to see if Michael could find a different situation. Sipowicz and Clark run their case by Rodriguez who seems "a little raggy" as Clark puts it. McDowell tells Sipowicz about the tickets for the chamber music event and he is somewhat less than enthusiastic at the idea of attending such an event. Shaughnessy comes into the squad and tells them about what was stolen, including a letter from Patton. As they were at the academy together Shaughnessy's talks about being older makes Sipowicz feel a little uncomfortable. Jones and Medavoy interview the ex-wife of their arson victim. She tells them about the many people that he has burned because of the contents of his book have backfired for them. Besides, if she was going to set fire to his car, she would have made sure he was in it. Sipowicz and Clark talk to a fence about collectibles, and he agrees, after they've applied a little pressure, to put word out on the street about the Patton letter. Jones and Medavoy go back to talk with Tytel, but Medavoy only inquires further about the tax advantages found in his book. Jones wants the victim to think further about who might have wanted to torch his car; Medavoy gives him the correct spelling of his name so that Tytel can create the necessary paperwork to help him to stop paying taxes. The fence has come into the squad with the Patton letter and he tells him that he got it from J.J. via a middleman. They want more info about "J.J.," which the fence can't give them and they decide to lock him up and give him to the DA for some added incentive to help them out. Ortiz drops off some case folder for Rodriguez, and he dumps some information on her about his not making the captain's list, which he believes is payback for the recent trial. He mentions that Det. Eddie Gibson was promoted to Sergeant and he thinks that his career is stopping at the lieutenant rank. She encourages him to wait it out another year. Jones finds Craig Woodruff, who accuses him of trying to turn his son into a "white boy" like himself. Jones is ready to beat him, but holds back, realizing that is probably what Woodruff would want. Jones and Medavoy respond to Tytel's office, where they find a poisonous snake is being removed from the premises. Tytel knows that his wife knows about his aversion to snakes. Tytel encourages Medavoy to let him prepared a revised tax-form for him. Medavoy wants to look at the ex-wife again and Jones gets information that a pet store van was illegally parked in the area near where Tytel's vehicle was burned. Shaughnessy is in to find out about the progress of his case and tells the detectives that he has never heard of the J.J. whose prints were found on the Patton letter. They tell him that they will keep him informed, something Shaughnessy comments that he's said many times on the job. Jones and Medavoy go to the pet store; Jones mentions to Medavoy that that Michael's aunt is going to be his guardian going forward. The pet store clerk, Ralph Bassett, admits to having driven the van that morning tells the detectives that because it is illegal, their store has not been in the possession of any poisonous snakes. Jones and Medavoy decide to bring him in for further questioning. Sipowicz and Clark go to J.J.'s apartment only to find out that J.J. was removed from his apartment by another older cop, who they believe is Shaughnessy. Sipowicz and Clark go to Shaughnessy's apartment and find out from the wife that J.J. did some work for them. Clark gets a call about Nicky, a friend of J.J.'s and someone he once took a collar with. They go to Nicky's apartment building and they find J.J. handcuffed outside and some commotion coming from the roof. They find Shaughnessy on the roof being beaten by Nicky, who was able to get the upper hand on Shaughnessy. They take Nicky into custody and bring Shaughnessy with along them, that is after the retired detective catches his breath. Jones and Medavoy interview Bassett, who says he was in the neighborhood of the arson for other reasons, in this case a girl. When they ask for confirming information and lay out to him what they already know and some of the circumstances of today's events Bassett confesses. He tells him about how is father is federal prison for tax evasion, due to his use of Tytel's book. Clark talks with J.J. about his relationship with Nicky. Clark tries to bluff him into a confession; meanwhile Sipowicz is talking with Nicky and trying to bluff him. Nicky caves in first and confesses to the crime. Tytel is told about Bassett's confession and Jones tells Tytel he is going to talk to the US Attorney about Tytel's book and its impact. Medavoy rejects Tytel's newly prepared tax form. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Shaughnessy about the case and retired life until Shaughnessy's wife comes to collect him. Jones talks with Michael about his aunt, his father and that fact that he won't be backing down his promise to Michael. Jones turns Michael over to his aunt, who is also worried about any possibility of visits from Michael's father. It was likely something that Shaughnessy said about retired life that causes Andy to change his mind about attending the chamber recital as he and Connie attend the event.moreless
  • 11/18/03
    McDowell and Sipowicz go into Rodriguez's office and tell him about her pregnancy. Of course she'll be assigned to desk duty from this point forward. Back in the squad room, they let the others know that their wedding is back on and Sipowicz asks John Irvin to perform a simple service at their apartment at 8 o'clock that evening. The reality of the job sets back in when a call comes in for another "Time Bar" homicide; McDowell citing the stomach flu stays behind while the other detectives leave for the scene. They meet up with Jones and Medavoy who are already on the scene. The crime scene is very familiar and the victim was a nurse at the hospital where Dr. Devlin works, Clark plans to follow up with her about the nurse. Sipowicz suggest that Russell should go and deal with what she needs to deal with; she tells him that she would prefer to keep working. Back at the squad, McDowell runs a theory past the others that the perpetrator might be an impersonator, since none of the crime scenes involved forced entry. One name comes up that might be worth looking into, Raymond Gerson. Dr. Devlin drops by the squad to answer Clark's message, she didn't know the victim. She apologizes again for her recent behavior and tells him that she is back on her medication. Sipowicz and Clark go to find Raymond Gerson and a neighbor informs them the man they want to talk to is a detective, who carries a gun. On their stakeout, waiting for the return of "Det." Gerson, Sipowicz tells Clark about McDowell's condition. Gerson returns and the detectives easily collar him for questioning. Gerson makes a lot of noise when entering the precinct and Rodriguez suggests to Sipowicz that he sit the interview out, since Rodriguez was just in the process of telling the Inspector that they are going by the book on this investigation. Gerson tries to tell Clark and Russell that he is a frustrated actor whose been faking he's a cop to entertain his sick nephew. McDowell goes to talk with Russell, who is still awaiting the results of her tests. They talk about that, the upcoming wedding and Russell tells McDowell that she knows she's pregnant. Clark and Russell go back at Gerson hard when his stories haven't checked out. Gerson doesn't give them anything and they can only sit and wait until Lucy Wenner comes in for a lineup to possibly ID him. Lucy Wenner looks at the lineup and doesn't recognize anyone. Gerson isn't their man. Lucy Wenner is beside herself when she realizes the detectives aren't making any headway. In doing some cross checking, Ortiz finds that Gerson had a friend who's been a known sex-offender. Sipowicz realizes they need to go back at Gerson hard to find out his friend. Clark assures him that he's got the interview covered. Gerson confirms for them that his friend might just be their man. To let her see a photo of Gerson's friend McDowell tries to contact Lucy Wenner, only she hasn't returned home yet and no one seems to know where she is. Lucy Wenner hasn't returned home yet when Russell, Clark and Sipowicz arrive at her apartment. They are let into her apartment by the super, but they break into her bedroom when they find that door locked and Russell has one of those feelings. What they find in the bedroom is evidence that points to Lucy Wenner as being their prime suspect in the "Time Bar" murders. The detectives find the addresses of two other possible victims. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell go to the home of one of those possible victims; they find that victim is entertaining a visit from Lucy Wenner, who was posing as a charity worker. They subdue Lucy Wenner and look into her briefcase and find all the tools of her recent trade. The detectives try to understand why Lucy Wenner has committed these crimes. She cites that she is getting back at Jimmy Carlin for once calling her a "no tit pig." Rodriguez is ready to celebrate the closing of the case with a trip to the local bar, but is reminded that another event is to he held that evening. He declines the invitation to attend, so that he might be able to maintain his ability to deny knowledge of the relationship, but he offers his detectives best wishes nonetheless. Before she makes it to the wedding, Russell goes to the Time Bar to tell the ever grateful Carlin about the outcome of the case. It seems that Lucy Wenner got what she wanted; Carlin has had to go out of business. When she is leaving the bar, she gets the call she has been waiting for all day. Andy tells Theo about his duties as best man. John Irvin is nervous about his upcoming duty. Diane arrives and passes along her news to Andy and Connie, her test results are negative. With everyone present the ceremony begins. John Irvin tries to read from his script, but after he flubs the first couple of lines, he decides to speak from the heart and joins the two in the bonds of holy matrimony.moreless
  • It's to Die For
    Episode 7
    Clark, Ortiz and Russell are on the scene of a woman who's managed to survive an attack by the "Time Bar" killer. Lucy Wenner, the victim, tells them that two men were involved in her attack. She heard one of them mention that "Jimmy is gonna be pissed." The only James involved with the case that the detectives know is the "pain in the ass" owner of the Time Bar, James Carlin. They are going to talk with him, in the meantime Rodriguez reports back to the brass in his continuing effort to keep a task force from being formed. Jones and Medavoy arrive on the scene of the death of a mugger by an off duty cop named Trotter. They are told by Trotter that he was on the scene planning to meet one of his CI's named "Flossy" and that it was a "good shoot." They believe him, but need to ask all the questions. While awaiting the arrival of Carlin, Russell tells Sipowicz that her biopsy is in an hour. He tells her that she should talk with McDowell who wants to help. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell finally get to talk with Carlin, who tells them about his relationship with his business partner. Jones and Medavoy talk with "Flossy," Trotter's CI. He knew nothing about having any meeting with Trotter. Later in the squad room, John Irvin tells Jones and Medavoy that the area where their victim was killed is the location of an underground gay club. Russell confides her problem with McDowell and asks her to help her through the biopsy. Jones and Medavoy talk with Trotter about the gay aspect of the area where the shooting occurred. Trotter tells them that his CI picked the location for their meeting and lists a number of reasons why he might have lied about there being a meeting scheduled. Russell (with McDowell by her side) starts to ask her doctor a bunch of questions. Her doctor tells her that being over prepared for what is going on isn't necessarily a good thing right now. She needs to relax and let her perform the simple test that is needed right now. Sipowicz and Clark meet with Carlin's business partner who tells him that Carlin has been trying to dirty trick him out of the business. He also mentions that Carlin's driver/bodyguard has even tried to keep him out of a board meeting. Jones gets a call from Michael's foster mother; she tells him that Michael didn't show up for school today. "Flossy" shows up at the precinct, recanting his earlier statement that he didn't have an appointment with Trotter. They find out that "Flossy" talked with Trotter's partner, who convinced him to come back in. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell talk with Carlin's driver who claims to have never touched Carlin's partner. He tells them he knows nothing about the murders. The driver realizes the detectives are getting desperate, something the detectives later admits to. After he is gone, information comes in that the driver tried registering a gun under another name, which keeps them interested in him as a suspect, but first Rodriguez wants them to run Vaughn's picture in a photo lineup for this morning's victim, Lucy Wenner. Jones gets a call from Michael, who is at an arcade with his dad. Jones goes to the arcade and has a confrontation with Craig Woodruff, who likens Jones' character to that of TV's "Benson." Jones tries to advise Michael that hanging out with his father is only going to lead to trouble. Michael doesn't want anything to do with Jones, if he can't still see his father. Lucy Wenner is in the squad looking at a photo array. She isn't sure, since she didn't get a good look, but she does pick out the photo of Carlin's driver, Vaughn. While it's a shaky ID, they plan to bring Vaughn back in. Det. Givens comes in and tells Jones and Medavoy that his partner is gay and that he did tell "Flossy" to change his story. He's been covering for his partner, whose career on the job would be over if his sexual orientation got out. Vaughn is brought back in and does tell the detectives his whereabouts that morning and also that he isn't surprised by anything that Carlin has done. Jones goes to the pokey room and tries to have a "man to man" conversation with Michael's father. It ends with Jones telling Woodruff to stay out of his way, or he'll bury him. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell try talking with Carlin and his attorney. His attorney doesn't want Carlin to talk, but Carlin does when the detectives push his buttons. He doesn't offer them anything, but it is clear that both sides are frustrated by the progress of the investigation so far. Jones and Medavoy talk with Trotter about his private life, which they would like to help keep private, but too many things have screwed up their investigation. Hoping it will stay in the room, Trotter confesses that he was set to have an encounter with his shooting victim, when the victim try to mug him. Jones and Medavoy tell him they are going to have to run it by their boss. After conferring with Haywood, Rodriguez comes into the room with his detectives to tell Trotter that they'll be able to keep his secret. Rodriguez also tells him (as his recent personal experience has reminded him) that every minor mistake (private and professional) he has ever made may come back to haunt him. At the end of the tour, Sipowicz talks with Jones about his treatment of Michael's father. Sipowicz suggests that he work to clear the case of the murder of Michael's mother. If the dad stays around for too long, Sipowicz believes that his father will try to deal with the problem of his son knowing his guilt and hanging out with a cop is going to get the better of him. Later at the Sipowicz/McDowell home, Andy comments to Connie that it is nice that Michelle is getting old enough to go to sleep easier. Connie finally breaks the news to Andy that she is pregnant. He is initially confused given her previous medical history, but in the end is delighted.moreless
  • Andy Appleseed
    Episode 6
    Andy and Connie wake to the call of another possible "Time Bar" homicide. They decide they have nothing further to discuss on the situation with Diane. Besides, Connie has not been feeling good in the morning. The detectives arrive at the scene of the homicide and find a match book that indicates the victim was at another bar that is owned by the Time Bar owner. McDowell accompanies Sipowicz to the Time Bar where they are going to meet Russell. As before, the owner offers them nothing but he does make a comment about what he heard about Russell's behavior the previous evening. After Russell leaves, McDowell comments that if it was only about Russell drinking again, why couldn't he tell her about that? He tells her to drop it. When he enters the squad room, Clark is handed a mysterious message that John Irvin tells him was left for him downstairs. The message smells of Dr. Devlin's perfume. Medavoy and Jones get a call for a homicide at the home of the Ackermans, their recent arson case, meanwhile the other detectives run down what they know about their current case. The uniform tells Jones and Medavoy that it was "push in robbery." The Ackerman family's abusive mother was killed in the break-in. The daughter, Alison Ackerman tells them what happened, but the detectives are skeptical when her story doesn't sound right and given what they know about the mother of the house. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell interview the ex-boyfriend of the latest victim, but he ultimately offers them nothing useful. Jones and Medavoy run what they know about their case to Rodriguez, they plan on talking with the Ackerman son at the hospital. In the meantime they have not been able to get hold of the father, who is reported to be out of town. Clark receives another mysterious message. Ortiz reports that a print was taken out of their latest victim's apartment, which matches to that of the building superintendent, Steven Debrees, who has a prior record. Sipowicz and Clark decide to look into it, meanwhile Russell has essentially dissed Ortiz's input. McDowell decides to confront Russell about what's going on, as it's getting disruptive and is getting between her and Andy. Russell confesses that there is something going on, but it's personal and if she talks about it, she is going to lose it. At the hospital, Jones and Medavoy talk with Kurt Ackerman about the home situation at his home and whether or not he might be guilty of his mother's death. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the building manager Debrees, who has an alibi, tells them that he is gay and that he only worked in the victim's apartment doing maintenance. Jones and Medavoy decide to talk with Kurt's friend Ray Spiers about what he might know about the death of his friend's mother. He suggests that they talk to the father, who had recently purchase a gun. They decide to reinterview the ex-boyfriend, Clark receives another mysterious message, indicating a rendezvous at a nearby hotel; but he decides it can wait. Before he leaves McDowell tells Sipowicz about her talk with Russell and that she has a better understanding of what is going on. After he's left, McDowell runs into the bathroom to throw up, she decides it might be time to see the doctor. Rodriguez tells Medavoy that Howard Ackerman has reported into the squad and that he will be coming in for questioning. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell reinterview the ex-boyfriend about his recent communications with the victim. Their constant badgering of him only makes him confused. After the interview, Clark goes to his rendezvous. Jennifer is their waiting for him, wanting to be handcuffed and interrogated. He's not interested in playing her game and she gets annoyed. He tells her that she is not acting like herself, and she tells him that she is and that their relationship is over. Medavoy and Jones interview Howard Ackerman who tells them that the gun he purchased was only for home protection and despite his lying about his whereabouts they seem to believe him. To her surprise McDowell finds out from her doctor that she is pregnant. Jones and Medavoy go back at Kurt Ackerman about his involvement in his mother's death and he confesses to them what happened. While the detectives are going over their case, Ortiz reports that the Debrees's alibi didn't check out. Sipowicz finds out that Connie has been to see the doctor, but she dismisses it as something she ate. Dr. Devlin comes into the squad to talk with Clark and she tells him about her problem with depression and how taking her medication reduces her sex drive. She has recently stopped taking them, which explains her recent behavior. He offers to help her to get back on her medication. He agrees to help her out, "a step at a time." Jones and Medavoy talk with Alison Ackerman to try to verify her brother's story; instead she tells them that it was she who shot her mother. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell go to the victim's apartment, where the Debrees is supposed to be cleaning up. They find him in the closet, wearing the victim's bra and panties. Jones and Medavoy bring the surviving Ackerman family members together, to get to the truth. Kurt admits his sister pulled the trigger, but she implicates her father who clearly made the weapon available to them. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell interview Debrees about his relationship with the victim. He confesses to killing the recent victim, but then he is also willing to confess to the other murders. He doesn't know any of the key details of those cases, so those confessions won't hold up. Haywood tells Jones and Medavoy what she is and isn't going to be able to do with the Ackerman family, the girl might get off with justifiable homicide and they got nothing they can use against the father. A call for another strangulation homicide comes in and the detectives go to the scene only to discover that it fits the pattern.moreless
  • Keeping Abreast
    Episode 5
    John is surprised by an early morning visit from Jennifer. Sometime later that morning he and the other detectives are on the scene of a homicide when Russell joins them on the scene. The homicide they caught matches a case she had three weeks earlier. When a piece of evidence is found that helps to link their cases, she decides to stay and participate in their investigation. Jones meets with Michael Woodruff and Michael tells him that he has told his father about their get togethers, but he hasn't told him where he is currently living. Back at the squad Russell runs down her case, which matches their homicide almost exactly. The detectives talk with a bartender and the owner of the bar where the victim was last seen. Word had begun leaking out about the similarity of the cases; the press and 1PP are taking an interest, increasing the pressure for the squad to close the case. Russell leaves to take an important call. Jones and Medavoy respond to the scene of a possible arson, the officer on the scene tells him that a homeless witness told him about seeing a young blond haired boy. The homeless witness is now on the way to the hospital to be treated for his burns. The owner of a bodega across the street comes over to tell the detectives that he has video of a kid that he had sold a lighter to 30 minutes before he heard the fire trucks. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell talk with man who was dating the victim. He tells them that he went by her apartment that night; only he confesses that he wasn't able to actually see her. Evidentially that wasn't enough to make him suspicious. Russell has to leave the investigation for about an hour for an appointment. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the woman that their victim went to the "Time Bar" with. She tells them what the victim had told her about a man she had sex with on the night she died, one key detail the victim mentioned was that the man she was with had a tiny penis. Jones and Medavoy talk with boy (and his parents) that was caught on the bodega video. The boy denies any knowledge of the fire and his mother vouches for his whereabouts at the time of the fire. McDowell and Ortiz talk with one of the waitresses from the club, but the information she offers them doesn't look like it will amount to much. Russell's appointment is with a doctor, who has confirmed her suspicion about the lump in her breast. Now they have to begin the test to see how invasive it may be. Jones and Medavoy talk to the homeless survivor of the fire. He tells them that he actually saw two kids on the scene. The detectives check into the waitresses' information, one item might lead to something, the liquor reps name matches a name the victim told to her girlfriend. Russell returns to the squad and Rodriguez lays down for her the rules about working in his squad. After Russell goes off on the boss, Sipowicz tries to talk with her, but she doesn't open up her problem. He wants her to get with it, or get off of the case. Jones and Medavoy go back to talk with the kid and play him such that they get the name of the other kid that was seen with him. Sipowicz, Clark and Russell talk with the liquor rep, who admits to having gone home with the victim and having sex with her. When Russell (who's got a lot on her mind at the moment) steps over the line--it brings their questioning to a halt when he "lawyers up." Jones and Medavoy talk with the other boy and he tells them that his friend's mother is crazy, that it was she who put them up to lying about their involvement with the fire and she destroyed the videotape they took of the fire in their fireplace. Jones and Medavoy got back the home to encounter the mother. Medavoy finds evidence of the videotape in the fire. When they go to arrest the mother for obstruction and the son for arson the mother gets very verbally and physically abusive on her son. Back at the squad, they report to Rodriguez that the mother and her son are awaiting the arrival of their attorney. Meanwhile the other detectives are still waiting for a break in their case; perhaps when the story hits the papers in the morning something will turn up. The squad plans on staking out the "Time Bar" that evening. Jones realizes that he has missed his appointment with Michael. He finds Michael at the basketball court and to get him to go to dinner with him, he must hit a three. Jones does, but as they are leaving Michael's father arrives. He tells Jones that he is not going to let his son "get turned into you." John and Jennifer rendezvous again that evening, but this time she wants to spice up their relationship by videotaping their lovemaking. He refuses but all she was looking for was something they could do different that he might not have done with any previous relationship. She leaves disappointed. At the "Time Club," Sipowicz and Clark observe Russell's arrival, which seems unusually animated. A little concerned, Sipowicz goes up to her and finds out that she has been drinking. She confesses to having one. Sipowicz leaves her after he's been "brushed off" for effect. When another man approaches her, he gets a glass of water in the face and Sipowicz intercedes and a small fight breaks out. Afterwards Diane tells Andy about her doctor's visit, not wanting any sympathy and wanting to keep her job (the only thing she's got right now) she doesn't want him to tell anyone, not even Connie. He offers to support her, the best that he can, throughout this crisis. Andy makes it home, battered and bruised from the fight. He tries to hide the fact that he knows more about Diane than he is letting on, but Connie doesn't believe it; she knows when she is being lied to.moreless
  • Porn Free
    Episode 4
    The detectives are on the scene of a dump job, as always Medavoy wants to talk about the trial, whose outcome is as yet unknown, because it is only 8:00 AM. While Medavoy and Jones examine the body, Sipowicz and Clark talk to the swimmer (in a Speedo) who found the body. Sipowicz tries to get the swimmer covered up, but cries "Uncle" when the swimmer bends over. Back at the squad another dump job comes in, while the detectives run their case by Rodriguez. Though he tries to hide it, Rodriguez is distracted by fact that the jury is still out. McDowell and Ortiz get to the scene of the other dump job, meanwhile the male detectives go to the first victim's apartment and find themselves distracted by their victim's neighbor, who is wearing thong underwear during their interview. In the midst of all that distraction, she tells them they should look for the victim's son, Michael Woodruff, which Sipowicz send Medavoy and Jones off to do. McDowell and Ortiz interview their victim's husband, Dan Burleigh, as Jones and Medavoy find the son of the first victim. Back at the squad the phone rings and Rodriguez leaves for the courthouse, the verdict is in. Jones and Medavoy talk to Michael Woodruff about his mother. He tells them about Desmond Carter, a man that his mother was seeing. Sipowicz and Clark go to garage where Carter works and after they deal with watch dog, Carter mentions getting into a fight with their victim's ex-husband. McDowell and Ortiz go to a strip club to talk to a woman who their victim had recently called and they find out that their victim did porn films in the 1980s. Sipowicz and Clark bring Carter in and find out more about their victim's husband while Jones and Medavoy watch the interview. Jones and Medavoy go back to talk to Michael to find out about his father. He gives them a place where they might be able to find him. At the courthouse, the verdict is revealed. Fraker is "not guilty" on both counts. Sipowicz and Clark go and retrieve Craig Woodruff. McDowell gets confirmation that Dan Burleigh's alibi didn't check out and they tell him what they know about his dead wife's colorful career as "Stella Star". He changes his alibi. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Woodruff about his relationship with his ex-wife. They start to try to use his son against him, but it isn't working. McDowell finds out Burleigh's revised alibi does check out. Medavoy comes up with another suspect for them, a man who is anxiously trying to collect all the memorabilia for "Stella Star". Rodriguez returns to the squad as Jones and Sipowicz have a disagreement about the use of Michael Woodruff against his father. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Michael Woodruff and fail to get him to admit that his father murdered his mother. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the obsessive collector of "Stella Star" who they get to flip for the murder, followed by rape. In an effort to get him to confess, Sipowicz goes to Craig Woodruff and tells him what he knows and that he expects to break Woodruff's son into giving his father up. Craig tells him it is a family matter and his son isn't going to give him anything. Sipowicz tells him that he will put this case together, but for now, with nothing to charge Woodruff with, he is released. At the end of the tour, Rodriguez thanks his detectives for their support. Jones offers to help Michael Woodruff with his future, to help payback for a time when someone looked out for him when he was a young man in trouble. Ortiz finds Rodriguez down at the harbor.moreless
  • Shear Stupidity
    Episode 3
    Sinclair has brought to the stand Hector Acevedo, the man who Rodriguez roughed up when he found it was Acevedo who broke into his mother's apartment and robbed and beat her. Then he calls Det. Olivera to the stand, the one witness to Rodriguez's treatment of Acevedo. Haywood asks for a sidebar and gets sometime to prepare for this witness, whose testimony might be damaging, but Rodriguez isn't worried. The detectives are on the scene of the assault of Ron Szudarek. They interview the victim's next door neighbor, but the guilt on his face is only caused by the fact he is smoking behind his wife's back. Back at the squad there is discussion about Olivera and the trial as well as what information they've gathered on their case. Medavoy and Jones are reported to be on their way to interview Bob Drazin, an employee of the victim's barber shop. In the meantime, a woman comes into the squad to report that her husband is missing; Sipowicz and Clark agree to look into it for her, even though the guy hasn't been missing for a full 48 hours. Jones and Medavoy interview the employee who points to the landlady of their building and her two degenerate sons. Sinclair begins questioning Olivera about the details of the Acevedo's arrest and even when she is asked if she knows about it, she sticks to the "blue wall of silence." Sipowicz and Clark interview Corey Mack, a cousin of the missing man. He tells them about his cousin's girl on the side. He offers to make some phone calls to help his cousin turn up. Jones and Medavoy report back that they were unable to talk to the landlady, let alone her two "deadbeat" sons. The hospital reports that Szudarek has regained consciousness. Sipowicz cuts off Medavoy before he gives his daily report on what he's heard about the trial. Medavoy doesn't like the censorship he is being subjected to. A report comes in that Andrea Miner was assaulted in her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark go to the scene and Andrea tells them about the two men that assaulted her, but she also keeps pointing them back to her husband's cousin Corey. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Szudarek who tells them that his landlady's sons didn't do it; he was beaten and tortured by black men. Two men beat him, while the third man on the scene was "a pussy." He also tells them that his employee Bob Drazin owes him $10,000. Sinclair has Fraker on the stand and he paints an entirely different picture of the events that transpired in Rodriguez's apartment. Haywood does her cross examination of Fraker, and on Sinclair's redirect he makes it known that the only time he ever fired his weapon on the job, was in Rodriguez's office. Drazin is brought back in for questioning and Jones and Medavoy talk with him again. They know about his recent run of bad luck. He admits to hiring someone to rough up and rob his boss. The plan wasn't supposed to get as brutal as it did. The man he hired for the job was Troy Miner and thus the two cases converge. Sipowicz and Clark go back to talk to the Corey Mack, who gives them a location where Miner might be found. The detectives go to that location and find Miner and his two accomplices. The accomplices are holding Miner hostage and they all get into a car and speed away. Sipowicz and Clark go into pursuit mode and eventually the fugitive's car makes a wrong move and collides with a cab. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Miner who tells them about his current financial and family situation. He talks about a plan that was to involve his cousin, but he cut him out went onto hire the two accomplices himself. He also implicates his wife's involvement in the planning of the day's activities. Haywood does her closing argument and then Sinclair does his. Now it is in the hands of the jury. Back at the squad Clark offers to buy Rodriguez a beer to help him get his mind off the case. All the detectives join them, except Sipowicz whose appearance will be delayed when Andrea Miner returns to the squad. Sipowicz tells her what went down with her husband and that he doesn't plan on locking her up on account of the kids. Later down at the bar, Medavoy finishes telling one of his stories and Rodriguez decides it is time to leave. Everyone else begins to follow suit. Ortiz catches up with Rodriguez to get a ride home. They take a detour to the seaport, where Rodriguez begins to eulogize his career, but Ortiz is optimistic that the jury will come to the right decision.moreless
  • Your Bus, Ted
    Episode 2
    The detectives are on the scene of a transvestite's murder. They know the victim's friend "Monika" from a case from the previous year and when Sipowicz's charm doesn't work with that friend, McDowell and Ortiz step in and take over the interview and ultimately the case. Haywood has Martens on the stand, where he tells them about the unusual activity that IAB has had with 15th precinct. He also talks about Fraker's state of mind on the day of the Rodriguez shooting. Sipowicz and Clark go to the hospital where a surgeon was knifed. Dr. Devlin asks Clark for special attention on this case, as the surgeon was a great teacher for her. The doctor, has trouble remembering what his attacker looked like, he only remembers the knife. Back at the squad, Rodriguez tells them that the doctor once did some work for someone the mayor knows, so the case is high profile. Jones learns from hospital security that Nathan Dale might be someone worth talking to in the surgeon's stabbing as he had a confrontation with the doctor a few weeks back. Medavoy reports what he's heard about the trial and gives the current odds at 2:1 for the prosecution. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Josh McCain, a man who may be more than a friend of their transvestite victim. Sipowicz and Clark manage to find Nathan Dale and bring him in. Sipowicz and Clark interview Dale, who claims he was sleeping at the time the doctor was stabbed. The other detectives talk with Monika (who's sitting in Sipowicz's seat) about her dead friend's relationship with Josh and a one his co-workers named Rick. Seeing that Monika had been sitting in his seat, Sipowicz switches chairs with Medavoy. After he is brought in, Medavoy and Jones talk with Rick, who after a little persuasion starts to take apart Josh's alibi. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Dale, who they present with his rap sheet, which proves he's used his knife before in muggings. Haywood has Fraker's ex-girlfriend on the stand and she talks about her history with him and her possible subsequent sexual harassment lawsuit against Fraker. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Josh, telling him his alibi has fallen apart. He confesses to this "crime of passion," the passion part of which he denies. He tells them about Melissa's stash of cash for her eventual sex-change operation. Sipowicz and Clark try to work with Dale to get together a package statement that will get him a deal for the recent muggings and the stabbing of the doctor. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Monika about Melissa's missing money. Monika tells them that he has sent the money to his son (who is destitute along with his mother) and that he doesn't intend of getting that money back. The doctor fails to ID Dale in a lineup, but the detectives tell him not to worry, since they have a guy who has already confessed to the crime. This statement seems to take the doctor by surprise. Rodriguez takes the stand and tells in a matter of fact way what happened. On his cross-examination, Sinclair tries to bring up facts from Rodriguez's past including complaints from civilians and incidents with his late ex-wife. Haywood's objections during the cross are the only thing that seems to help Rodriguez during this time, but Sinclair has definitely gotten him rattled. Rodriguez returns and nixes McDowell and Ortiz's thoughts that Monika should be let go. The doctor returns to the squad wanting to know what is going to happen to the man who has confessed to knifing him. They lay it for him and he tells them the story of his wife, who current medical condition has drained his financial resources. The doctor confesses that he has cut himself for the insurance money. They tell the doctor to go to the hospital, have his scheduled surgery and wait there. Sipowicz and Clark report to Rodriguez the latest development. Rodriguez wants them to just take care of this latest development and leave him out of it for the moment, as he has enough on his mind. Ortiz comes into Rodriguez's office and offers to give him someone to talk with. He agrees and also tells her that whatever she and McDowell decide to do with Monika is okay with him. While Sipowicz and Clark try to figure out how to adjust Dale's statement, John Irvin comes back into the squad reporting that a bus has hit the doctor. Sipowicz and Clark go down to the scene, where the doctor's final words to them are that his will is in the hands of his attorney. Rodriguez and Ortiz walk home together and discuss the case, but he tells her the only way he can get through this is to just keep going forward. She tells him that she is there if he needs her.moreless
  • Frickin' Fraker
    Episode 1
    Fraker is on trial for the attempted murder of Rodriguez. Haywood is for the prosecution and Sipowicz's old "friend" James Sinclair represents Fraker. For Sinclair's part, he lays out a defense that makes it look like Fraker and IAB were getting ready to take down the corrupt 15 Squad. The detectives hear about Fraker's defense plans, but at Sipowicz's direction start to concentrate on the case at hand. Freddie Langford is the brother of murder victim and he reveals himself to the detectives as a convicted sex offender. Rodriguez is back on the job and his detectives run their case for him. Ortiz leaves to testify at the Fraker trial. Langford comes in for questioning. He tells them about the father of one of his alleged victims who has been hassling him. He also tries to tell the detectives how he was setup and wrongfully convicted of his sex crime. Jones and Medavoy talk with one of Langford's brother's co-worker who had once gotten into the fight with the victim. The fact that the victim's brother was a convicted pedophile added to the reason for their fight, with that he asks for a lawyer. Ortiz testifies and on his cross-examination Sinclair implies that Rodriguez shot first. On redirect, Haywood makes it known the Rodriguez's gun was still holstered. Ortiz returns to the squad. After hearing where they are at with the day's case, Rodriguez talks with Ortiz about the trial and her old request for transfer. Having had some time to work through her issues with Clark, Ortiz cancels her request for transfer. McDowell and Ortiz talk with one of Langford's victim. He eventually gives them an alibi to check out, but in the process they get the impression that his encounter with Langford left a lasting impression. Dr. Devlin testifies about Fraker's condition when he was brought into the ER with his gunshot wound, but on cross, Sinclair only thinks to bring out her relationship with Clark (and subsequently the 15 Squad). Sipowicz and Clark interview the father of another of Langford's victims, but he gives them an alibi to check out. Sipowicz and Clark interview the son of the father that they had just interviewed. He tells them that Langford began contacting him a few months ago and his dad found out. The detectives also find out that Langford's brother had placed a call to his brother's PO thirty minutes before he was killed. They bring Langford back in and ask him to tell him other things that he might have neglected to tell them. They let him go for now, but Sipowicz has his doubts. They decide to check out the story that Langford goes to visit his grandmother once a week. With all that going on, McDowell and Sipowicz discuss their nuptials, which they will celebrate after the trial is completed and the microscope is off the Squad. Sipowicz and Clark go back at the father of Langford's victim, when part of his alibi doesn't check out and they find out that he recently had inquired about getting a gun. Medavoy and Jones meet with Langford's grandmother, whom they were told he visits once a week. Grandma lives across the street from park. In talking with one of the parents at the park the find out that Langford has been there posing as a groundskeeper named Malcolm. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark give Langford a chance to be a man but it takes some persuasion Langford breaks down and confesses to the murder of his brother, who he thought was going to get him sent back to prison, based on his call to his PO. Sipowicz is on the stand and his testimony with Haywood goes real well, but when Sinclair starts his cross-examination he eventually starts to get to Sipowicz. Upon leaving the courthouse Sipowicz vents his feelings, but McDowell is there to support him, which brings a little smile to his face.moreless