NYPD Blue - Season 6

ABC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Safe Home
    Safe Home
    Episode 22
    As a result of her injuries, Sylvia has died. The squad worries about Andy's state, will he start drinking again. Andy is staying in his apartment, only making sure that Theo makes it to and from school. He is only accepting a minimal amount of help from his ex-wife Katie. Medavoy and Martinez interview a man who claims that he was hired to murder Kenny Priest at the Cullinan trial. He points to his sister, Lurleen as the one who set him up with the job; she also had something to do with Cullinan's murder of Mike Roberts. Sorenson goes to seek Sipowicz's help, when they get Cullinan to drop his high priced attorney. John Irvin is hard on himself and feels that he can never face Andy again. Danny gets Andy to help with the interview of Cullinan and the very subdued interview gets Cullinan to crack. John Irvin and Andy silently pass each other on the stairwell. A few moments later, Andy reappears and assures John he doesn't hold him responsible for Sylvia's death. Andy debates about how he can tell Theo about his mother's passing. Diane declines Danny's dinner invitation. Fancy meets with Dornan.moreless
  • Voir Dire This
    Voir Dire This
    Episode 21
    Andy prepares for his confrontation with Sinclair. John Irvin meets with Jimmy Mayo, but Mayo seems focused elsewhere. Officer Shannon brings a 13-year-old boy to the attention of Sorenson; Shannon (and later Sorenson) feels the boy is upset about something that he won't talk about. When he does tell his story, what he reveals disturbs Sorenson. Sorenson is so worked up; Fancy calls Medavoy and Martinez in early to accompany him in his questioning of the suspected pervert. The pervert freely confesses to his crime, and the detectives try to locate a relative for the boy, to keep him out of the system. At an awkward moment, Danny kisses Diane on the lips. Meanwhile, the hearing has begun, Kirkendall testifies, evidence is admitted (subject to connection) and Jimmy Mayo arrives in court just in time for a recess. Next on the stand is Kenny, the drug courier. During another recess, Sylvia gives Andy some words of encouragement. Then he takes the stand and Andy holds his own, with just a little support from Sylvia. Jimmy Mayo leaves the courtroom to and goes to the bathroom, and then the hearing breaks up. John Irvin sees that Jimmy Mayo has a gun; he tries to talk him out of what he is planning, but gets shot for his attempt. Jimmy Mayo goes down the hall and when he sees the people from the hearing in the corridor he begins firing. Several people are hit, including Sylvia who tells Andy to "take care of the baby" as we fade to black.moreless
  • I'll Draw You a Mapp
    Sylvia decides that Danny would be a much better witness than Andy would in the pending trial of Cullinan. Sipowicz seems to still have unresolved issues with Sinclair that would jeopardize the case. She works with Sorenson and Kenny, the drug courier, to ready them for the trial. John Irvin tells Sipowicz that he is still in contact with Dolores' father, although he says he is not providing him with any more information pertaining to the case. Meanwhile, the other detectives investigate the death of a woman's husband. They believe she may have done it for the insurance money and her son gives them evidence that coaberating evidence. Although the woman and another person they interview during their investigation keep reminding them about the Diallo case, something they'd all rather not be reminded about. Sinclair promises Sipowicz that he will get him on the stand, even if the DA won't let him. Sipowicz tells Sorenson that he will be taking the stand. Sylvia disagrees with him, but when she hears what Sinclair intends, she agrees to call and coach himmoreless
  • Judas Priest
    Judas Priest
    Episode 19
    Katie Sipowicz seems on the road to recovery, but Dornan is in desperate need of it. Cohen brings news to the squad that they are going to need more evidence to make any case against Cullinan that will stick and his broken relationship with Kirkendall seems to be beyond repair. Meantime, Sipowicz appeals to Fancy to reach out on Dornan's behalf. James Mayo comes to the squad, it seems that John Irvin has been keeping him informed about the pending investigation into Dolores' death, and he demands that they do something or he will. Fancy lets John Irvin know where he stands in the squad and later tries to do the same for Dornan. Sorenson and Sipowicz interview the women who obtained the drugs for Roberts and she points to a Wall St. courier who is the supplier. Sorenson offers to take Kirkendall's boys to a baseball game; he'll even let her come along, even though he really still has an eye for Russell. Cohen asks Russell about the possibility of making up with Kirkendall. Katie comes to the squad to give Andy a phone list of contacts with numbers for him to use, she thinks for himself; he is only looking to help Dornan. Fancy breaks down after his conversation with Dornan and Sipowicz bring up old memories and feelings. Kirkendall and Cohen officially breakup, and she suspects that someone else will be taking over the prosecution. Later, Fancy and Sipowicz try to reach out to Dornan.moreless
  • Mister Roberts
    Mister Roberts
    Episode 18
    Mike Roberts is dead. His body was found on top of a car after being thrown out of the window of his office building. John Irvin approaches Sipowicz and tells him what Roberts warned him about. So the detectives begin to see if they can build a case around Cullinan, the rich man that John punched out. Medavoy looks into a book that Roberts was writing for clues. Kirkendall volunteers to become the bait for the trap they lay for and catch Cullinan in. Cohen isn't delighted with her performing this task, which she feels is just a part of her job. She tells Russell that she isn't going take the crap from him, so they are through. As the squad waits for the lawyers to work out the details of the Cullinan bust, Medavoy reads more of the notes of Mike Roberts, featuring Donna Abandando.moreless
  • Don't Meth With Me
    Don't Meth With Me
    Episode 17
    Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the death of a woman who was killed for her valuable coin collection. Evidence points them towards her son who might be supporting his drug habit. Meanwhile, Russell and Kirkendall are investigating the robbery of a courier truck; the courier that secures the truck car is the company that Mike Roberts now works for. So Roberts comes to the squad to give them information about who probably have pulled the job. In addition he needs to talk with Sipowicz about his something that is on his conscience, but isn't able to get to the particulars that are bothering him. Robert's tip to the squad about the dispatcher, who leads them to the perpetrators whom, are going to use the same M.O. and commit another robbery. Although, the tip doesn't look good in the eyes of Roberts' boss, since Roberts had greenlighted the background check of the dispatcher. Mike Roberts warns John Irvin that rich people who've been humiliated will take their revenge. Later, John realizes that Sipowicz knows that there was something else on Roberts' mind.moreless
  • Tain't Misbehavin
    Tain't Misbehavin
    Episode 16
    Sorenson's girlfriend Nadine comes by to give him some news about the lateness of her period, but she feels that he doesn't seem to be ready for this, when he can't remember her last name. The situation puts Sorenson out of sorts for the shift and the squad's curiosity raised as they try to figure out what is going on, keeping them all from focusing on their case of a body found in dumpster. The victim is ID'd and a dim-witted man, Ted, who the detectives pick up, used his credit card. After interrogation, Ted points to the man who gave him the card as the one who had him move the dumpster. Later that evening Danny lets Nadine know that he will take care of his responsibility. The detectives try wiring Ted, to get a confession out of his boss. When the wire doesn't work the first time, Sipowicz poses as his brother. Nadine stops by to tell Danny about the results of her doctor's test, negative.moreless
  • I Have a Dream
    I Have a Dream
    Episode 15
    Sipowicz is having a recurring dream involving his father and Sgt. Dornan. In the dream Sipowicz's father claims that Dornan was responsible for putting his eye out. One of Sorenson's informants helps the detectives with their investigation into the shooting death of a drug dealer by a police officer. The officer might just not be cut out for police work, but the shooting is proved right. Vince Gotelli comes to the squad looking for help with one of his insurance company's chronic complainants, a man with mob connections. The complainant alleges that his downstairs neighbor is constantly vandalizing his car; Vince wants the detectives (Sorenson and Kirkendall) to tell him his options. None of their advice is heeded as the complainant is beaten to death by his neighbor. Sipowicz meets with Dornan to tell him what he thinks his dream meant. Dornan, who's been drinking during the time before Sipowicz arrived, doesn't offer him any support, which sends Sipowicz running from the bar, intent on not having a drink.moreless
  • Raphael's Inferno
    Raphael's Inferno
    Episode 14
    Sorenson's sister, Lori comes to town and spends the day in the city trying to hook up with him. However, he and Sipowicz are investigating the murder of a nine-year-old girl who was found murdered in the basement of the building where she lived. The building's superintendent is only interested in getting his tools back. Sipowicz and Sorenson find the tools in the possession of a tenant of the building who has his own passageway into the basement. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Martinez investigate the case of an elderly man who comes to the precinct claiming he's been embezzled by his young girlfriend through influence by a friend of hers. The detectives debate about how to tell the old man about the nature of "girl" who's been giving him great pleasure. Dolores Mayo's long estranged father comes looking to visit her, Diane and Jill give him the news of her death.moreless
  • Dead Girl Walking
    Dead Girl Walking
    Episode 13
    A woman's body is discovered in a ditch and the detectives begin their investigation when Fancy calls Sipowicz and Sorenson back to the squad. Back at the squad, Dornan (who was demoted back to Detective) is there with his Lieutenant. They are looking to raid a supply of weapons that are located in the 15th precinct. The raid turns up the weapons, but no suspects. Meanwhile, the ditch victim's mother positively ID's her daughter's body, but her daughter is actually alive and knows who killed the woman who had her ID. Kirkendall and Russell suspect the mother was looking to commit fraud with an insurance company. A stakeout is begun with the weapons store, then suddenly Fancy is shot at with an automatic weapon, his vest protects most of his body, but he is grazed in the arm. For Sipowicz's sake, Sorenson finds out from IAB's Martens, why Dornan was busted, it wasn't because of the Suarez case. Russell must deal with Bobby's old tenant, Henry Coffield, Bobby left him his pigeons.moreless
  • What's Up, Chuck?
    What's Up, Chuck?
    Episode 12
    The detectives are called to scene of a homicide of man whose body was dumped, Medavoy and Martinez take the case as Russell and Kirkendall stop to offer advice to a family whose daughter may have gone missing and Sipowicz and Sorenson are held up in traffic. John Irvin reports to Sorenson and Sipowicz that he fears Dolores is in trouble, because she's turned to hooking. He knows that she was last seen with a well to do man named Malcolm Cullinan. His attempt to help her out only gets him into trouble, starting with a visit from James Sinclair, the high profile criminal defense attorney who is representing his wealthy client and one of Sipowicz's favorite people. The family Russell and Kirkendall stopped to help, bring a suspect to the station, a man with head problems confesses to dreaming about killing the girl. A man is beaten by the brothers of the victim in Medavoy and Martinez's homicide, but this man's story leads back to the one of the brothers. Sinclair shows up set to negotiate a deal to absolve his client of any wrong doing in the death of Dolores Mayo, who died from a heroin overdose while entertaining her client in Atlantic City. Sinclair has videotape evidence to that fact. Russell and Kirkendall's suspect videotapes a confession to the girl's murder when the girl is brought to the station with her mother. Sipowicz searches for a way to keep Sinclair's client from getting off with a lesser charge, but its John Irvin who delivers a blow to the client. The detectives help John to get over the loss of Dolores and Fancy offers him the PAA position.moreless
  • Big Bang Theory
    Big Bang Theory
    Episode 11
    A woman is murder in her apartment and a woman (who only wants to talk to Sorenson) keeps pointing to the building's gigolo as the culprit. Meanwhile, Sorenson has problems of his own. He takes lost time to help his Army buddy deal with some emotional problems, but calls in Sipowicz for support when the situation gets out of hand. They get the situation under control, but later in the day Sorenson gets a message from Joey that he's leaving town.moreless
  • Show and Tell
    Show and Tell
    Episode 10
    Diane contacts Jill for help. Greg gets an offer of free Chinese food from a shop owner who he and James helped out on a previous case. Sylvia, Andy and Sgt. Dornan meet with someone who will help them nail the man who had Suarez framed and killed. IAB and the FBI are interested in the burglary case that Sorenson and Sipowicz are working. When the Feds leave the room, IAB reveals the information they have about two retired cops who pulled the job. When the retired cops are collared, the FBI reveals their information which points to the nephews of the retired cops. Greg panics when he gets the impression that IAB is there about the free Chinese food. Sorenson talks with one his informants who he recognized from one of the robbery's surveillance tapes. With this evidence they are able to put down the case, at least as far as the FBI will let them. Sylvia, Andy and Dornan interview try to make a deal with the Suarez killer, but he won't deal, with the leukemia he has, he has nothing to lose, even when Sylvia mentions God's final judgment. Diane meets the woman who donated her husband's heart for Bobby and receives additional compassion from Danny who mentions he was thinking of her.moreless
  • Grime Scene
    Grime Scene
    Episode 9

    Kirkendall's son, Kyle, is the only known witness to a stabbing. Russell, Sorenson and Sipowicz begin work to find another witness or a confession from a suspect (when they find one) to help keep Kyle from having to keep reliving this event in a courtroom. Sylvia begins working with Sgt. Dornan on investigating the Suarez case. They interview a man inside who points them to the person responsible for putting Suarez in jail and his subsequent murder. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Martinez investigate a homicide where an informant on an old case may be the key suspect. Dolores implores John to help her find out her status with Fancy, she doesn't seem to want to face him or the detectives. With Sipowicz meeting with Sylvia and Dornan about the Suarez matter, Russell and Sorenson find a suspect in the stabbing. With their cases down, Russell joins Sorenson, Medavoy and Martinez after work in a bar. Sorenson expresses curiosity on whether Russell drinks or not, after she almost takes a beer that Medavoy has left. Instead, she stops off at a liquor store to pick up a bottle of her own.

  • Raging Bulls
    Raging Bulls
    Episode 8
    The cop that stopped Fancy for a broken taillight a couple of years ago is involved in the shooting of a black undercover officer. Tensions rise between Sipowicz and Fancy when the black and white issue comes up and later Fancy interviews Szymanski. Sipowicz and Sorenson's evidence from their interviews, points to the fact that Szymanski's story is good. Sipowicz tells Fancy that he can't jam up Szymanski for this. The tension in the squad rises so high, that Fancy and Sipowicz come to blows with each other. Shannon stops Russell and Kirkendall to tell them that Dolores was caught shoplifting. They reach out to help her and then try talking with her; however, Dolores only seems interested in knowing whether she still has a job. Sylvia returns home, disheartened by the Suarez story; Andy offers to help her get him justice.moreless
  • Czech Bouncer
    Czech Bouncer
    Episode 7
    An elderly couple that Sorenson is familiar with is brutally attacked and the woman dies. Dolores hasn't shown up for work, so John Irvin fills in as the PAA. There is a homicide at a strip club and Russell and Kirkendall catch the case. When trying to round up their witnesses for interviews, they discover a familiar face, Dolores, who isn't implicated in the case. Their other interviews lead to the identification and capture of a suspect (a client) who readily confesses to the female detectives. Meanwhile, Sorenson and Sipowicz begin their investigation, which leads to the interview of a suspect, where Sorenson shows Sipowicz some of what he's got in the interview room. Sorenson regrets his action. Later in the day, Sgt. Dornan returns to the squad to talk with Sipowicz about the Suarez case. He now believes the case should be reopened. When Andy gets home to tell Sylvia, she tells him it has become a moot point, Suarez was just murdered in the laundry room at Rikers. Danny and his girl friend, spend some time together. During the course of their post-intercourse discussion, she tells him that she would be ready to move their relationship to the next level; with that Danny leaves.moreless
  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy
    Episode 6
    Bon jour Danny Sorenson. Diane returns to work. Sorenson catches his first case, a drive-by shooting, which then gets mixed in with the case Russell has caught, the shooting death of the drive-by shooters. Russell is annoyed when Sorenson takes over both cases. Sylvia stops by the squad to ask Andy's help in checking out whether a man, Suarez, who was put into prison may have really been innocent. So he tries to reach out to cop who made that arrest, but Dornan has a better memory of the way he's seen Sipowicz act in the past.moreless
  • Hearts and Souls
    Hearts and Souls
    Episode 5
    It is ten days after Bobbie's surgery and the detectives wait with anticipation as Bobby is set to be released from the hospital. A minor complication arises with a possible infection. Andy's ex-wife shows up at the squad, she's getting ready to defend herself against a DWI. She slips out while Andy is trying to reach out to help her. Bobby takes a turn for the worse and the entire squad is put on edge. Diane insists on seeing Dr. Carreras. He lays the hard news on Diane; it would be better overall for Bobby is he was kept from suffering any further. Dr. Carreras and Dr. Swan have differing opinions on the prognosis for Bobby's future. Carreras feels that Swan wants Bobby's inevitable condition to be on another department's record. Andy gets Katie to agree to begin attending meetings, as a way meet the terms of her. Diane calls the squad to advise them that after the shift is over, it might be a good idea to stop by the hospital to see Bobby. Bobby receives last rites. Au revoir Robert "Bobby" Simone.moreless
  • Brother's Keeper
    Brother's Keeper
    Episode 4
    The word goes out to the uniforms to look out for any possible donors for a heart for Simone. Sipowicz, Medavoy and Martinez investigate the homicide of an elderly woman whose hands and feet were cut off of her body. Bobby is transferred over to the surgical staff, where his new doctor recommends that waiting for the heart transplant is his best option. The woman's two sons are probable suspects, one son, Arnold Struel, shows no remorse over her death, the other, Stanley an alcoholic junkie, who didn't like her, at least shows some compassion. Sipowicz finally gets Arnold to give it up. Later, when he returns to the interview room, he sees that Arnold is hanging himself. He debates about waiting until he is dead, to provide a donor for Bobby, but circumstances (Medavoy) prevent him from waiting. By chance, an off-duty cop is shot in the head and for all practical purposes is dead; Fancy makes a pleas with the widow, for a directed donation. Eventually she consents and Bobby is prepped for surgery.moreless
  • Numb & Number
    Numb & Number
    Episode 3
    Bobby isn't doing much better the following morning; the doctor recommends they do the test he recommended, earlier than planned. When Andy hears about these tests it puts him on edge and makes him more difficult to work with than usual. While Jill waits with Diane, the other detectives investigate the death of a man who was murdered in the park. The tests reveal that Bobby's heart is damaged; the only long-term option is a heart transplant. Meanwhile, back on the case, the detectives interview a suspect who initially gives them misleading information because she is trying to protect herself from the actual perpetrator, a man with ties to the mob.moreless
  • Cop in a Bottle
    Cop in a Bottle
    Episode 2
    The detectives arrive on the scene of a shooting, where the shooter is Det. Walsh, from the 27, who was having a late night out with a few drinks and hooker. Simone arrives on the scene, but his difficulty breathing causes his so much discomfort, he is taken to the hospital. It appears as though Bobby has some heart trouble, its enlarged, cause unknown. Later, back at the squad room, Sipowicz begins questioning alcoholic Det. Walsh. Walsh's lieutenant arrives, ready to crucify him, Fancy steps in and ask him wait until their investigation is over. The investigation concludes and the detective's actions are vindicated, although Andy offers him some advice about his drinking. Bobby's condition may be caused by an infection; however, more tests are needed to know for sure.moreless
  • Top Gum
    Top Gum
    Episode 1
    Bobby dreams and later he visits his dentist. Besides the checkup, the dentist asks him to check on his daughter, whose boyfriend deals and uses drugs. However, Simone also seems to be showing signs of a health problem that he thinks is a chest cold, as he joins the other detectives at a crime scene, where they are beginning to investigate a stabbing death. The victim's father, who shows up at the scene with Mike Roberts as a bodyguard, asks the detectives to "make it right." Russell and Kirkendall get redirected to check into a possible rape case, but it turns out to be a false alarm. Sipowicz's opinion of Roberts hasn't changed and reluctantly takes the lead that he offers for the case. John Irvin returns upstairs in a temp job, the computer graphics business just didn't work for him. Russell and Kirkendall's false alarm turns up at the squad. She eventually points to her mother's boyfriend as being the rapist. The suspect in their case cuts Simone while they are grabbing him up. It's not a serious wound, but his overall health seems to be in decline. After he goes to visit his dentist's daughter, he returns home and finds he is having more difficulties with his breathing. He tells Diane not to worry, as the antibiotics the doctor gave him for the stab wound should also help to clear up his chest cold.moreless
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