NYPD Blue - Season 7

ABC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Last Round Up
    The Last Round Up
    Episode 22
    Sorenson stops by the hospital waiting room and tells Sipowicz that the Kirkendall situation is heating up. Fancy talks with Russell about Kirkendall's situation. He tells her that the job knows. Medavoy has an accident in the kitchen with the refrigerator door. Diane and Jill have a loud discussion and Diane tells her that she is out of time. Jill leaves, taking her last "lost time" ever. Theo undergoes his bone marrow test while Medavoy and Jones commiserate about the fact that they sometimes don't feel included in all the activity going on around the squad. Sorenson meets with Sipowicz at the hospital, to find out how Theo is doing and to ask advice about the mechanics of disposing of a body if the need arose, not that he is looking for that solution to the Don Kirkendall situation. Russell meets with Denby and she spots that IAB is following him. Theo results come in; he may have leukemia or his bone marrow may just have shut down temporarily as a result of a virus. Sorenson meets with Martens to find out where IAB is with their investigation. He then confides some details to Medavoy and Jones, who are now in the loop. Sorenson plans on grabbing Don Kirkendall and he wants them to grab Denby, meanwhile Diane takes care of Jill. Meanwhile, Sipowicz has a few choice words for the man upstairs. Diane meets with Jill who tells her that Don has been keeping their son Frank captive somewhere. Fancy asks Jones, whether or not he is ready to be a part of the something that is about to go down. The Sorenson plan begins execution; the squad grabs Denby and Don Kirkendall. Diane takes Jill and Kyle into hiding. Sorenson finds out where Frank Kirkendall is being kept. Meanwhile, Fancy has IAB waiting at the squad for Denby and Kirkendall. Danny gives the whereabouts of Frank to Diane who gives the information to Jill. She also advises Jill to go and get her son and not to come back; she also gives her Bobby's ring as a reminder for the time when Don will try reaching out to her again. Andy and Theo have a moment together as we fade to black.moreless
  • Bats Off to Larry
    Bats Off to Larry
    Episode 21
    Andy takes Theo to the doctor to get a something Andy noticed about the color of Theo's mouth checked out. Jill meets with Don, so she's known all along. She asks him if someone is all right; who does she refer to we ask. Andy gets the results of Theo's blood test, he goes to pick up Theo, meet Katie and then the doctor, where the doctor tells them that Theo isn't making red blood cells the way he should. Medavoy and Jones look into the beating death of a man who was killed by the brother and the father of the girl the man was attacking. Russell and Sorenson wonder how they should help Jill. Medavoy and Jones' attack victim was actually raped by the victim four days earlier. Andy returns to the squad, but is beside himself, not knowing what to do. He doesn't feel he has the strength needed to help Theo through this medical problem. Medavoy and Jones interview the person who was seen fleeing the scene of the rape and he reveals that his friend was allowed to come over for sex, with vengeance as a motive, the father and son waited for the rapist to come to their apartment. Diane decides she needs to talk to Jill about Don and Jill tells her that she should just let Denby alone, perhaps he will make a mistake and Don will get away. Diane later tells Danny about her conversation with Jill and Diane believes that Jill already knew that Don is still alive. Andy has a "conversation" with Andy Jr. to try and give himself some assurance about Theo's condition.moreless
  • This Old Spouse
    This Old Spouse
    Episode 20
    A man comes into the squad reporting that his wife's houseguest might be responsible for a series of gas station robberies where the perp cuts the attendants, even after they give him the money. A gas station attendant positively IDs the houseguest and the man's wife as being guilty of the robbery; Sorenson and Sipowicz only have to bring them in for a little questioning and put them away. Russell spots Denby across the street and she believes he is talking with Don Kirkendall. She takes Sipowicz into her confidence, while she waits to see if Denby reaches out to her. An elderly man believes he may be being duped and Russell and Kirkendall investigate. They believe the man is being duped by a band of gypsies that they plan on catching using video surveillance, which they later do with help from Medavoy's "anchor takedown". Meanwhile, Denby reaches out and Russell asks Jones to do her a solid, by following Denby, to see if he meets a man who resembles a photo she's given to Jones. A photo of looks like the photo she's given Jones, one of Don Kirkendall. Sipowicz and Sorenson question the Russell and Sipowicz bring Sorenson up to speed on the Denby-Kirkendall situation, feeling that it is going to develop into something big. Jones reports back that Denby did meet the man in the photo. Later Denby calls her to meet for a drink and after antagonizes her to the point where she tells him that she will kill him.moreless
  • Tea and Sympathy
    Tea and Sympathy
    Episode 19
    The reporter that Jones gave the story about Magrini's dead wife 2 weeks earlier, Nicole, approaches him about the possibility of the two of them getting together for sex. He'd rather try the possibility of dinner first. A retired English cop, Jimmy Cheatham, comes to the Squad with information about a possible suspect that might help with the homicide case that they are working. Since Simpkins from the 25th precinct wasn't listen He takes Sipowicz into confidence that he is suffering with a condition that might be related to jet lag. Russell and Kirkendall question the employer of the suspect and get him to let them put his mortuary under the surveillance. Meanwhile, Jimmy Cheatham's ex-partner who's on vacation in NYC arrives to offer her assistance. The surveillance begins and ends the following evening with the suspect being taken into custody. Since Jones wasn't able to meet Nicole for dinner, he asks for another chance, which she gives him; however, when dinner ends they get busy.moreless
  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano
    Episode 18
    A woman reports to Russell and Kirkendall that her twin sister is missing and the body is found in the trunk of a car an hour later. The car only reveals one fingerprint, that of Marcus Potter. Sipowicz, Sorenson, Medavoy and Jones meet Anthony a boy-looking man who lives across the hall who has a few opinions for the detectives regarding their investigation into the murder of a man's wife. The woman's son comes into the squad and establishes his alibi with Fancy. The son was at a convention for the vitamin company that Fancy's wife was working for a few years ago and Sipowicz still has an issue with why Fancy wouldn't sell him any of those vitamins. Meanwhile, the husband and his cousin are brought in for questioning and Sipowicz doubts the husband is really Italian. Russell and Kirkendall get Marcus Potter brought in so they can question him about the body in the trunk. With help from Medavoy and Jones, Potter reveals what he knows about the trunk. Sipowicz and Sorenson eventually get the husband's cousin to confess, but Sipowicz is still convinced the husband is guilty of putting her up to it and Anthony gives them some information that might prove that to be true.moreless
  • Roll Out the Barrel
    Roll Out the Barrel
    Episode 17
    A body is found in a barrel in the basement of a home that was formerly owned by mobster, Pete Mangrini. Medavoy and Jones begin a stakeout of Mangrini's current home, but they encounter a female reporter, Nicole Graf, who's following the same lead as the detectives. When Jones tries to persuade the woman to leave, he winds up accompanying her while they tail Mangrini to a restaurant. While at the restaurant Jones confronts Mangrini who's been abusing his wife; meanwhile Medavoy gets into an accident with Jones' Blazer. Sipowicz and Sorenson arranged to get Dino "The Rat" Ferrara back to the squad to build a case against Mangrini. Dr. Kroft, the medical examiner, whose wife is dying of cancer, seems to have an issue with Sipowicz's ability to have moved on past his wife's death. Ferrara is questioned, but doesn't reveal anything useful. Then Ferrara and Mangrini meet in the hallway and exchange a few choice words. The body is finally identified, but it is not Magrini's missing wife, but rather the employee of a florist who had killed the woman back in 1969. Ferrara's girlfriend brings in her own information regarding Mangrini's missing wife, whose body is later unearthed in New Jersey. Sipowicz counsels Kroft about his inevitable loss.moreless
  • Goodbye Charlie
    Goodbye Charlie
    Episode 16
    Andy tells Katie that he doesn't know how to handle Danny, who told him that last night he was planning to get a load on. Katie tells Andy about how Danny reminds her of Andy Jr. and they both discuss the fact that they have seen visions of Andy Jr. Danny wakes up in Diane's apartment after his night of drinking. An old friend of Medavoy's, Charlie Sung stops by hoping that Medavoy can help him out with a problem; but Medavoy can't help him without more to go on. A young interracial couple comes in to report that they've found his parents murdered. Sipowicz looks toward their son as their most likely suspect. Jones interviews the suspect's girlfriend and makes a connection with her that they might be able to exploit against her boyfriend. Sipowicz is still distracted with his concerns about Sorenson's recent behavior and lets it get in the way, until they finally discuss it. That aside, Jones brings the girl over to their side and Sipowicz brings the suspect down. When Sung brings him more to go on, Medavoy and Jones go to his apartment and they meet Joey Chang, who eventually produces the head of Tommy Chow. Danny tries to apologize to Mary, but she only wants to retrieve her stuff from his apartment. When she does, they talk some more.moreless
  • Stressed For Success
    Danny is disappointed and annoyed when he discovers J.B. left his apartment during the night. Later a junkie named Leslie comes into the squad to report to Sorenson that J.B.'s might be in trouble. A woman reports to Medavoy and Jones that she thinks she's bought some old dresses that are actually stolen property. Kirkendall brings in a woman named Lucy, who Laughlin from Anti-Crime recognizes as a repeat offender. According to Laughlin, Lucy's husband sends her out to do the crimes. The husband claims she is a "friggin' kleptomaniac". Sorenson arrives at the scene of a fire, only to discover a body that is J.B.'s. He returns to the squad and hopes to seek some comfort from Mary, but she gives him the realities of the situation, but he isn't prepared to listen. Meanwhile, Sipowicz is annoyed because he was taken out of rotation. Sorenson breaks down in the squad and Russell seems to be the only one who will comfort him. A woman comes to the squad to claim the stolen property that Jones and Medavoy are dealing with. They arrange to get the property back to the woman, but she seems utterly distraught by the whole situation and just pays a reward without examining the merchandise. It appears as though she is really disappointed with herself for letting the dresses disappear while in her care. In wrapping up the shoplifting case, Kirkendall tells Laughlin that she is trying to improve the odds of Lucy's survival, perhaps give her a chance to better her chance to get out of the situation she is in. Laughlin thinks he knows how to take care of the situation, when he runs into the husband later that night. Later at the bar, Laughlin tells Sorenson (who's drinking his own problems away) about what he did, when Kirkendall comes into the bar and reads him off as it seems his lesson for the husband didn't work, it only got Lucy killed. In the early hours of the morning, Sorenson knocks on Russell's door and crashes there for the night.moreless
  • Sleep Over
    Sleep Over
    Episode 14
    Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate a robbery that's turned into a murder. A former traffic cop, who is now working as a security guard for the daughter of the victims, makes their investigation. Sorenson's street informant J.B. has info about the case and Sorenson is still disappointed by J.B.'s continued drug use. A wealthy woman, Kathleen Gallagher, comes to the squad to report to Medavoy and Jones that her former housekeeper has been evasive about the circumstances regarding her baby's death. With Russell and Kirkendall they interview the housekeeper who claims that she and her husband don't know where the baby is buried. The husband says that he doesn't know where the baby is and it didn't matter to him as the baby wasn't his, but rather the baby was the son of his wife's boss. J.B.'s information is good and the case is easily put down. Later, Danny takes J.B. to stay in his apartment in an attempt to help him get clean again; however, Mary, who was waiting in Danny's apartment for him isn't so pleased, especially after she sees all of J.B. Jones takes Medavoy out for a run, but before they leave Jones has a few words for the rich Mrs. Gallagher; whose reaction at hearing the result of their investigation rubs him the wrong way.moreless
  • The Irvin Files
    The Irvin Files
    Episode 13
    Sorenson and Sipowicz start looking into the disappearance of snooty art dealer, Noel Beller's collection. Medavoy and Jones interview a man who's reporting his wife as missing. During their interview with him, the man never looks them in the eye. A woman, Nikki Cameron, who's trying to write her first article for an art magazine about Beller, returns to the squad to give the detectives additional information about the art dealer's cousin, who had a set of keys and has returned to New York. There also is a hint of mutual interest between Nikki and Danny. A man comes in with information about the missing woman, causing Medavoy and Jones to revisit the strange husband and confirm their suspicion that he had killed his wife. After meeting Beller and his cousin, Sorenson and Sipowicz return to Beller's apartment, where they are nearly ambushed by Nikki Cameron's accomplice who's carrying a gun. Both Nikki and her accomplice are brought into the squad and Sorenson lets her know that it will go better for her, if she helps them put her accomplice away.moreless
  • Welcome to New York
    Welcome to New York
    Episode 12
    Sorenson, Sipowicz and Medavoy with help from John Irvin, investigate the disappearance of a gay man (with evidence of foul play), whose nephew indicates that his uncle's former lover might be their man. The lover is brought in for questioning, but their questioning reveals that the lover's new roommate might be someone worth questioning as he's referred to the victim as "Satan incarnate." Meanwhile, Russell, Kirkendall and Jones help the meek victim of a gang rape. The victim at least had the presence of mind to keep track of where the gang took her to be raped, despite the fact they wouldn't let her see where they were taking her. Retracing her steps leads the detectives to the apartment where the raped occurred and to "the fifth man in," which will eventually lead them to the other four.moreless
  • Little Abner
    Little Abner
    Episode 11
    Fancy meets Abner, who wants to say his goodbyes and wants that same message conveyed to Jones. Sipowicz and Sorenson (with Medavoy and Jones) investigate the murder of a nightclub owner's partner. The nightclub owner, Dave Lorenz and one of the bartenders believes that his partner may have been the victim of a hit ordered from inside prison, since the partner was known to be sticking it to a mob informant's former girlfriend. Russell and Kirkendall work with a woman (Shanice) who claims that her boyfriend raped her. Fancy believes there might be something more to Abner's message, so he passes the message along to Jones and asks that Jones give Abner a call in return. When Abner doesn't answer any phone calls, Fancy takes some lost time to go to Abner's apartment and finds Abner dead in his bathtub from a gunshot to the head. Shanice's boyfriend is brought in, but will not talk with female detectives, he requests a brother detective. So Jones conducts an interview and the boyfriend presents some evidence that ultimately proves him innocent, but proves to uncomfortable for Jones (watching white people watch black people have sex). The mobster is brought in, but an interview with him doesn't reveal anything, but a visit from the Dave Lorenz's wife reveals that her husband is the person they should be looking at for the crime. Fancy is at a loss for understanding why Abner committed suicide.moreless
  • Who Murders Sleep
    Who Murders Sleep
    Episode 10
    Danny has another bad dream about his sisters and Mary witnesses his plea for relief. He goes out for an early morning walk, but loses track of time. Sipowicz is called to the scene where an 8-year-old girl's skeletal remains are found. A dog's nose contains a bullet that might be the key to Medavoy's case; only the dog's owner won't authorize the surgery that would remove the bullet. Sorenson arrives to work late but Sipowicz covers for him. They go to the house of retired detective that handled the missing girl's case. Only the old detective brain is a little scrambled and he isn't keen on letting Sipowicz and Sorenson handle his case file, without him being there. Jones comes up with a solution to the problem they have when the dog owner can't identify the man who shot her dog. A canceled check in the case file and a tenant list, lead Sipowicz and Sorenson to suspect's for girl's murder, meanwhile the senile old detective has wandered of and got lost. Sorenson goes off on the suspect in the little girls' death. Afterwards he talks with Russell and gets an invitation to dinner with her and he also gets some advice from his partner.moreless
  • Jackass
    Episode 9
    An old friend of Andy's stops by to ask Andy if he would take his niece out on a date. Andy asks for a couple of hours to make a decision, seek advice and find a babysitter if one is needed. Meanwhile the detectives are sent out to investigate a homicide where the victim is a little ripe. Fancy asks Jones to call his old boss at the Bias unit, when the crime looks as though it might have been gang related. Andy asks Danny if he thinks it would be all right if he went out on a date. Danny encourages him to give it a try. Abner and Fancy have words and Jones isn't sure what to make of the situation. The investigation concludes when the mother gives up her son as their suspect and Jones conducts the interview (with Abner watching). Andy goes on his date as Katie watches Theo. The date goes well, but when Andy returns Katie lets her feelings be known; that is that she wished he had dated her.moreless
  • Everybody Plays the Mule
    Danny wakes up after having a dream about his sisters being in a fire with his mother who doesn't do anything to help save his sisters. He becomes angry with Mary. Kirkendall and Russell investigate the death of a woman who was thrown out of a van under the wheels of a bus. The contents of her body were removed before she was pushed under the bus, because one of the hazards of her occupation as a drug mule killed her. Her boyfriend's complaints of the stomach flu make it seem as though he might know more than what he is letting on. Eventually the contents of his digestive system and his story make themselves present. Meanwhile, Jones catches his first case. He and the other detectives investigate the disappearance of a Russian couple's two children. The husband is convinced that the boys are with his sister; however, his wife doesn't share that conviction. The husband also hears voices in his head, which eventually say enough that the detectives figure out that he knows where the boys are. At the end of the day, Sipowicz, Sorenson and Medavoy give Jones advice about how Squad work is actually done. Jones tells Sipowicz that he knows that Sipowicz "has his doubts about us"; a comment that Sipowicz really didn't from Jones, at least yet. Danny seeks some relationship advice from Diane and later gets back together with Mary.moreless
  • Along Came Jones
    Along Came Jones
    Episode 7
    An off-duty cop is found dead. Diane has yet to tell Jill about Don's fate. Det. Baldwin Jones (formerly of the Bias unit and who prefers to be called "D") reports to his new assignment at the 15 Squad. Sorenson's street contact "J.B." tries to bring them information for their case but Danny isn't buying. The dead cop's partner comes in for questioning and Sipowicz's style gets her to reveal that she had a relationship with her partner, which doesn't lead to anything. All the while the new guy and the other detectives canvas the neighborhood and find someone who can point out a probable suspect for the shooting. Fancy tries to find out why Jones was transferred into his unit, without any notice and it turns out it was just someone wanting to remind him about the fact that Fancy still lets Sipowicz do his job. Russell talks with Sipowicz about what she should do with the information that she knows and he suggests that she should tell; otherwise it would destroy their partnership. Meanwhile, the new guy is given the interview of the suspect they have for the cop killing. He shows them what he's got and the case is put down. Diane tells Jill about Don, but doesn't cover the details.moreless
  • Brothers Under Arms
    Martinez arrives at the squad for his last day. Diane tells Jill the results of her conversation with Denby. Sorenson and Sipowicz look into a murder, where the gun used was involved in a shooting 2 years earlier. With help from the gun owner's mother, they get the gun and the name of the party who last had the gun. That party points to the gun owner's brother as the one who really wanted the gun to accompany him on a visit to his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. Denby tells Russell that Don Kirkendall escaped from his supervision last night (after his night of drinking with Russell) and if Don contacts Jill, Russell should let him know, so he can save his own ass. Jill gives into Don's continual calls and asks Diane for the use of her apartment, knowing that her own apartment is probably under surveillance by Denby. Jill gives Don some money and tells him to leave, but before he goes he swipes Bobby's wedding ring from the mantel. The squad gathers to celebrate the promotion of James Martinez to sergeant. Denby pages Russell to a crime scene where the victim he believes to be the body of Don Kirkendall. He shows her a ring that he found on the body, which she immediately recognizes and asks to have back, telling Denby it was Don Kirkendall's ring.moreless
  • These Shoots are Made for Joaquin
    Jill seeks advice from Diane about her current situation with Don. The detectives investigate the death of a man who was shot in front of his wife and the victim's brother, Joaquin is happy to help the detectives know about his brother's background. Martinez tells Medavoy that he's passed the sergeant's exam and since he scored well he expects to get the promotion. Preston Ross (from Latent Prints) is impressed enough with his work in getting prints off the gun used in the murder, so much so, that he delivers the results in person, much to Andy's delight. Medavoy allows Martinez's pending promotion to distract him. An officer from narcotics questions Russell in an attempt to get information that will help them with their case against Don Kirkendall. Mary Franco comes downstairs from anti-crime, causing Sorenson to become a little flustered evidently she got her promotion. After talking with Jill, Diane agrees to meet with Denby to get a better feeling for him. During her meeting with him, it looks as though Denby's price might be too high for Diane to pay (with alcohol), but he eventually gives up the fact that Jill should keep quiet and in addition to his own drinks he drinks Diane's. Getting very drunk.moreless
  • The Naked are the Dead
    Sipowicz, Sorenson, Russell and Kirkendall begin investigating a homicide where the bodies of seven naked men are found. Medavoy and Martinez investigate a victim whose body might have been dumped near a sweatshop, but Greg is more interested in the female paramedic on the scene. Sipowicz and Sorenson get assistance from a department profiler that Sipowicz doesn't like and Morrison from the Organized Crime Bureau. After returning from a canvas, Jill gets a message that her ex-husband Don has been arrested. She goes to see him and he plans to use her giving the heads up to help save his ass. Never mind that that her losing her job will affect the kids. When she returns, Fancy finds out about her indiscretion and works to save her job. Meanwhile, Sipowicz and Sorenson work with Morrison to sit on a suspect that Morrison likes for the crime, which doesn't pan out, but a cab driver who picked up some suspicious characters comes forward. Later, Mary makes dinner for Danny.moreless
  • The Man with Two Right Shoes
    Danny and Mary spend the night together. Andy seeks advice from Katie about some trouble he is having with Theo. She tries to give him some advice, but he misses her point. Sipowicz, Sorenson and Medavoy look into the murder of a man who assailant fled the scene wearing two right shoes. There is also a question of theft at the crime scene, when it is discovered that the jewelry the victim was wearing disappears just after the fire department has left the crime scene. Meanwhile, Russell, Kirkendall and Martinez investigate a mother's concerns that her son has become a thief. In reality he is receiving gifts from a teacher who claims she is looking out for his interests, or rather is it just her interest in him?moreless
  • A Hole in Juan
    A Hole in Juan
    Episode 2
    Kyle Kirkendall receives his first communion and just outside the church, Sipowicz and Sorenson spot a surveillance van. At the squad Danny talks with Mary Franco who is about to see the captain about her possibly being transferred to the anti-crime unit. Sipowicz is informed that the surveillance team is watching Don Kirkendall who's been delivering packages from Peru. He tells Diane who feels compelled to tell Jill, who isn't receptive to the information and feels that Diane has that "I told you so" air about her. Sipowicz and Sorenson help a probation officer get one of his clients to give himself some protection against some his former running buddies who've harassed him. It looks bad for him when later that morning one of his old buddies is found dead and he is convinced that he is going to be convicted of the crime. A woman at the scene of the crime later comes to the squad in a search of a reward for her information. Meanwhile, Russell and Kirkendall reluctantly work together to investigate the death of baby whose mother is a working girl who had left her baby in the care of a transsexual for a few hours that turned into a few days. Jill tells Don that he can't see the boys anymore and warns him about the fact that he is under surveillance.moreless
  • Loogie Nights
    Loogie Nights
    Episode 1
    The 15th precinct "reopens for business" a little later than anticipated this season, but Sipowicz took advantage of the extra time to grieve Sylvia, raise Theo and lose some weight. Yes, Andy has shed a few pounds. Sipowicz and Sorenson begin an investigation into the death of man who was beaten to death by a pair of cops. One of the cops, Sorenson had helped out in last season's case involving the shooting of a black police officer. Medavoy gets a dirty uniform working a parade detail. Jill seeks Diane's opinion about restarting a relationship (for the sixth time) with her ex-husband Don, who's been real helpful lately, as their son Kyle gets ready for his first communion. Sipowicz, Sorenson and Franco with some reluctant help from Laughlin uncover the truth about the beating. Which officer performed the beating death, will be left for the jury to decide. Sipowicz goes home to Theo and later that night at the bar, Sorenson wants to discuss the outcome of their investigation with Laughlin and Franco, but instead finds companionship with Franco.moreless