NYPD Blue - Season 8

ABC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • In the Wind
    In the Wind
    Episode 20
    Sorenson hasn't shown up for work yet and when Sipowicz and McDowell go to his apartment they find a dead body. The body is Kristen the stripper. In light of all that information Medavoy and Jones try to work another homicide while Sipowicz and McDowell try to find Sorenson. Sipowicz finds out from Rodriguez about Sorenson beginning to work undercover and he and McDowell go to the strip club where Sipowicz uses some excessive force to Joey Schulman to give them information they can use to find Sorenson. It turns out that the Feds have been watching the strip club and besides Sorenson's disappearance, their man on the scene, Pete the bartender has also gone missing. Sipowicz and McDowell visit Sorenson's aunt to find out that Danny has started dealing with some personal issues. When Sorenson's credit card is used in Jersey City, Sipowicz and McDowell go and find a janitor from the strip club has used the card, claiming to have found it at the club. Meanwhile, the stress of the Sorenson investigation seems to get to Jones who gets short with an alibi witness and later with Haywood. The suspect in the Jones-Medavoy homicide seems to have a witness that gives him a credible alibi, until they use the suspect's relationship with the victim against him. On the other investigative front, the body of Pete the bartender is found and a fingerprint is found in Danny's apartment. The print matches the guy who Sorenson had a disagreement with at the strip club and after Sipowicz and McDowell confront him they get the story explaining Kristen's death; however, Sorenson is still missing.moreless
  • Under Covers
    Under Covers
    Episode 19
    Sorenson visits the strip club where Kristen works and encounters an obsessed fan of hers. They have a minor exchange that doesn't get too confrontational, at least for now. He leaves with Kristen and she stays the night, telling Danny in the morning that the next time he comes into the club the owners want to talk with him. Sorenson arrives late to the scene of a homicide that Sipowicz and McDowell are investigating. Sipowicz bust his balls for showing up with the smell of alcohol on his breath. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Jones work another drug related homicide where someone who was in search of a dealer invades a couple's home. Later that morning, Katie stops by the squad to tell Andy that she's taken the initiative on getting them a new apartment, she's made a deposit on a place, which doesn't immediately sit well with him, because he's rejected the last "two hundred" she's found. Andy appears to have some misgivings about his decision from a couple of weeks ago, which is exemplified when he sees the place and rejects it, causing Katie to leave. Sorenson goes to the strip club for lunch and Joey asks for a favor. Sorenson tells Rodriguez about his lunchtime encounter with Joey Schulman and he gets the go-ahead to do Joey's favor, keeping everything under wraps until the official green light is given on his participation in the ongoing investigation into the club's owners. After being picked out of a lineup, Medavoy and Jones' suspect in their investigation shows no remorse for the crime he committed. In the other case, the two guys involved are both going away, but the detectives can't pin anything on the woman who they feel set the two guys up. Later that night Katie has told Theo she is going on a trip, she leaves it to Andy to tell Theo what he needs to know. They agree that they aren't meant to get back together and then Andy gets a page. Sorenson has gotten into a scuffle at the strip club with Kristen's obsessed fan. Sipowicz takes him home and they talk about Diane and other things.moreless
  • Lost Time
    Lost Time
    Episode 18
    Diane decides to take a leave of absence, instead of a transfer. She tries to leave just before the other detectives arrive, but is able talk with Andy and tells him to tell the others she will call each of them. Danny doesn't take the news well, especially throughout the day when hears the other getting their call. As the day begins, Sipowicz, Sorenson and McDowell investigate a homicide of a stripper who sold jewelry on the side. Jones and Medavoy also investigate the murder of a man (while in the company of his wife) who was killed because he wouldn't give up his ring, a memento from World War II. Cynthia Bunin drops by the precinct and he tells her about his plan to remarry Katie, she tells him to make sure that what he is doing is right for him as well as Theo. Sipowicz helps Jones and Medavoy in their case by going undercover to find their perps. Meanwhile another DOA is found, and McDowell and Sorenson investigate to discover it is the missing boyfriend of the murdered stripper. One of the strippers interviewed earlier comes into the squad to give the detectives information about one of the club's bouncers and she agrees to wear a wire. Wearing the wire doesn't go as planned, the attempted rape caught on tape helps the detectives get somewhat of a confession from the bouncer. Afterwards, Danny indicates to Kristen that we see her later that evening at the club. Andy gets home and doesn't feel like talking about his day, with Diane leaving, Danny on the edge and with what Cynthia said to him. Danny finally gets his call from Diane.moreless
  • Dying to Testify
    Dying to Testify
    Episode 17
    Sipowicz, Sorenson, Medavoy and Jones begin investigating the death of the man shot in the robbery at a clothing store. They eventually get a lead on their suspected perp and wait for him to return from Atlantic City. Haywood comes into the squad looking for help in tracking down a witness named Tisha who is needed to testify in a retrial case. Tisha's sister (who is on the job) is reluctant to help Russell and McDowell in locating her sister. They eventually track Tisha down and agree to stay with her for the night, ensuring that she can testify the following morning. Tisha's comment about Diane still having Bobby's picture up and living in the same apartment gets Diane thinking. Meanwhile, Danny tells Andy that he hasn't got Diane out of his system, he plans on putting in for a transfer and he admits to having been outside her apartment the previous evening. The following morning, Tisha is turned over to Haywood and the murder suspect fresh from Atlantic City. Danny talks to Rodriguez about his transfer and he finds out that she has already put in for a transfer. They talk, with her citing her need for a change. A call comes in from Haywood there was a delay in the trial and her key witness has disappeared. The murder suspect in the clothing store homicide works the system, having beaten a possible murder charge a couple of years earlier; because of threats made against her, the eyewitness is reluctant to have to appear in court, but it may be the only way to put the suspect away. Tisha's body is found and Valerie finally breaks down and talks about work outside the job with Baldwin who offers his support. Later that evening Diane and Connie talk about leaves of absences and other things. One of things Diane learns is that Connie has a fifteen-year-old daughter, a child she gave birth to when she was sixteen and gave up for adoption. She admits to knowing where her daughter is.moreless
  • Everyone Into the Poole
    A Chinese man is murdered after making a delivery, which Jones, McDowell, Medavoy and Russell investigate. Sipowicz and Sorenson interview Victor Poole, a man who was brought in claiming that he had been kidnapped for the past three days. Given Poole's job with the IRS, the FBI has also been called in on the case. Diane receives a large bouquet of flowers from Dr. Carreras; later Andy asks Danny if he is okay with that situation and Danny tells him that he is. Medavoy and Jones investigate a lead involving the cell phone used to place the last order to the Chinese restaurant. A young girl is brought in, who eventually lets it out that a friend of hers used her phone. Sipowicz and Sorenson interview a transvestite prostitute that is caught using Poole's cell phone and they discover the location where Poole claims to have been held. The place is raided and the operators are brought in, one creating his own story about Poole and the other coming clean on the story, when Sipowicz and Sorenson play them against each other. Meanwhile, the young girl's friend is brought in for questioning, but it takes the presence of his father to get a confession. Unfortunately for the boy, he won't be going free, as the Chinese man died as a result of his injuries. The boy's father claims that Jones is a traitor to his race, and the young girl's grandmother also isn't delighted when her granddaughter is also arrested for her participation. When Poole's case is cleared, he doesn't seem grateful, accusing Sipowicz and Sorenson of being homophobes. Later that evening, Andy and Katie talk about a new apartment and their wedding. Diane and Victor have a nice evening together, which they extend; however, we see Danny sitting in his car outside of her building.moreless
  • Love Hurts
    Love Hurts
    Episode 15
    A cop, allegedly working a second job gets shot, allegedly in a carjacking. The cop's story begins to unravel when during the course of the investigation the detectives find out about his mistress and her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Jones investigate a shooting at a small business where he knows the owner. The owner fired shots with an unregistered gun, so Medavoy tries to help him out by telling him that his story should be that the gun he fired was carried by the suspects who robbed him. That story doesn't last long, when it is discovered that one of the storeowners' gunshots hit an innocent victim. Diane runs into Dr. Carreras, Bobby's doctor, and they make plans to have dinner that evening. The shot cop tells Sipowicz and Sorenson that he was with a hooker that morning. A suspect is brought in and after Rodriguez interrupts the interrogation and brings it to a close, Sipowicz has a few words for him out in the hall. Then Sipowicz and Sorenson go to the hospital to tell the cop what the status of his case is, but given the cop's state of mind, Andy's feeling about the cop comes true when the cop commits suicide. Later that evening: Diane leaves for dinner with Dr. Carreras; Baldwin and Valerie agree to leave work at work and Andy and Theo discuss "Aunt" Katie. Then Andy and Katie discuss marriage.moreless
  • Nariz a Nariz
    Nariz a Nariz
    Episode 14
    The daughter of an ex-cop is found strangled in the apartment, the evidence points toward the ex-cop, who is an abusive alcoholic. Eddie Gibson confesses to Andy that he mislead Andy last week, so he could find out where he stood with his niece. When the ex-cop comes to and can finally answer some questions, he puts Sipowicz and Sorenson onto a lead involving his daughter's ex-boyfriend or pimp, since his daughter had also been hooking. It turns out to be nothing, but a pattern of other homicides is found. Something of Rodriguez's past comes up; it is revealed he was a hero cop in narcotics. Cynthia comes to the squad to talk with Andy. They talk and determine that relationship is over. Members of Brooklyn Homicide join the investigation at the 15th, to determine if this homicide matches the pattern that they've found. At initial look it does and Lt. Rodriguez lets the Brooklyn commander know that while they are in his precinct, he and his guys are in charge. While canvassing, Russell and McDowell run into Shorty, the penis slicer that thought they'd put away recently. He offers to put his ear to ground to see if can find out anything out about the suspect they are looking for. He shows up an hour later with a tip that appears to be credible as the detectives follow up and grab the suspect. When the two squads of detectives interview the suspect, the Brooklyn detectives nearly blow the case, Lt. Rodriguez convinces them to let his detectives go at the suspect alone. Sipowicz and Sorenson get the job done. Sipowicz gives the ex-cop the news and offers to take him to an AA meeting. Later after having dinner with Katie and Theo, Andy and Katie talk about the possibility of getting together again, with Andy doing most of the talking about the importance of Theo having a family. Something he regrets that he was not able to give to Andy Jr.moreless
  • Flight of Fancy
    Flight of Fancy
    Episode 13
    While digging up old cases, to avoid the being around the squad for the arrival of Dalto, Sipowicz and Sorenson encounter a man carrying a cash register named Freddy. Fancy is moving out and Dalto is moving in and she starts making waves. McDowell asks Fancy if the ink is dry on her transfer. The general feeling in the squad is tense. Fancy meets with Capt. Bass to see if anything can be done to get Dalto removed from taking over his old squad. Meanwhile, Freddy takes Sipowicz and Sorenson to the places that he's robbed, but for a chance to get out of his jam, he tells them where he's seen a dead body. The body's been there at least a year and it seems Freddy knows something about it. They find the dead girl's relatives and learn that despite her young age of 14, she was an experienced crack-whore. Gibson stops Andy to ask about his niece, as to the status of their relationship; it seems Cynthia may have an opportunity with someone else, but she hasn't heard from Andy in a while and Gibson as the setup guy doesn't want to be caught in the middle. Sipowicz lets him know his feelings on the matter. Dalto gets a phone call from the chief of detectives that she's been reassigned. Fancy asks the question how one person could alienate a whole squad of detectives in just 48 hours. A known drug dealer is brought in as a suspect for the murder of the young girl just as a new lieutenant arrives. The dead girl's old caseworker comes in with information that the girl's in-country uncle also abused her and the drug dealer that Freddy claims committed the murder is disgusted that anyone would think that he would have anything to do with that crack whore. The girl's in-country uncle comes in for questioning and cops to having sex with her, but denies having anything to do with the murder. Evidence points back towards Freddy, who cops to the murder. The new lieutenant tells the detectives that he is going to sit back for a while and watch them do their jobs and Fancy feels that his squad is in good hands. At the end of the shift, the detectives of the 15th Squad give Capt Fancy a touching and proper send off.moreless
  • Thumb Enchanted Evening
    A body is found in a trunk, which Sipowicz and Sorenson believe might be a message to the members of the Scarpelli crime family, since the car was found in their neighborhood. Russell and McDowell interview a man whose member (penis) was sliced off and later found two blocks away by a woman at an ATM. Fancy gets his promotion to Captain. Sipowicz suspects that Fancy knows who his replacement is, only he doesn't know why Fancy's holding onto the information. He has lunch with Cynthia have lunch and discuss what they may or may not be looking for. They concede to see how it goes. Sipowicz finds out that Fancy's replacement is a female lieutenant from the rat squad. John Irvin knows her from GOAL, Gay Officer's Action League, and he describes her as a real ball-buster. The other detectives search for a suspect in the dismemberment as Sipowicz and Sorenson collar a member of the Marino crime family. Their suspect wants a deal with the US and district attorneys, promising that and he'll give names, shades of another former member of the Marino family and Sipowicz's old nemesis, Alfonse Giardella. One of the names he gives them puts Sipowicz and Sorenson onto a suspect for a homicide from 10 years earlier. When they locate the guy, he turns out to be a U.S. Customs officer and a damn good one, who always knew that someday there would be a knock on his door. Meanwhile, the other detectives collar a suspect in the dismemberment. Even though she starts next week, Lt. Dalto stops by the precinct to get a jump on things and lets the detectives know where she stands.moreless
  • Peeping Tommy
    Peeping Tommy
    Episode 11
    Sipowicz spots something going down. He saves the victim and then pursues the suspects. Seeing one of the perps holding a gun he fires on their car shooting out the rear window, but the car gets away. When he returns to his own car, the victim (now his witness to the shooting) has disappeared. Russell and Sorenson begin an investigation into this shooting, as Sipowicz is required to stay back in the house when doubts are raised as to whether he shot at the right car. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy work a robbery and rape case and are joined by McDowell; Medavoy suspects that McDowell might be from IAB, since she only seems to show up when one of them is in a jam. Speaking of IAB, Martens stops by to see Fancy about the Sipowicz story, pressure from 1PP mounts and Sipowicz is asked to see the department shrink. Haywood and Jones discuss their date and the Sipowicz case, Haywood with some doubts and Jones in Sipowicz's corner. A wallet is found that leads to the witness in the shooting, but the witness denies being there at all. Sorenson and Russell plan to go after this witness once they know he's left his building in search of a fix. Cynthia hears about Andy's situation from her uncle, which leads him to have words later with Gibson about keeping house business within the house. At the rape scene, McDowell discovers a hidden camera in the bar's bathroom and the owner has a tape that clearly shows the rapists. Sorenson and Russell grab Sipowicz's witness buying drugs and get him to admit his presence on the street that morning, clearing Sipowicz. McDowell is asked if she would officially like to join the 15th squad and she accepts. Sipowicz thanks Sorenson for his efforts on his behalf.moreless
  • In the Still of the Night
    A small scuffle breaks out in the precinct lobby when the man who enters is identified as the one responsible for the vehicular homicide death of a cop's cousin. This is the second scuffle that the driver has gotten into with the surviving relatives. Sipowicz and Sorenson are able to negotiate to keep charges from being filed against all parties and everyone is satisfied. Captain Bass's wife is stabbed and Russell goes to speak with her, while Jones and Medavoy investigate the crime scene. Bass tells Fancy he wants a full court press to get the guy who did this. In the interim, with a little push from Medavoy, Jones and Haywood make a date for a night of doo-wop. Russell mentions to Fancy that is was suspected but never proven that Bass's wife might have set a fire she was involved in 10 years ago. John Irvin meets an antique toy dealer who is interested in seeing his lead soldier. Danny speaks with Diane about his plans to leave if he gets out of line again making her uncomfortable. That evening Andy and Cynthia have another dinner date, this time at her place. Cynthia mentions to Andy that she wants to start living now. They kiss and depart for the bedroom. The next morning, Sipowicz and Sorenson are called to the scene of a beating death, involving Szymanski's cousin. They aren't able to make this go away as easily when a witness comes forth revealing that Szymanski's cousin made a verbal death threat against the victim a couple of hours earlier. Jones and Medavoy interview a suspect or two in the stabbing to no avail, then Russell discovers some evidence that Mrs. Bass had purchased the knife she was stabbed with a couple of days before the incident. In her re-interview of Mrs. Bass she finds out that all Mrs. Bass was in search of was a little attention from her husband. Fancy breaks the news to Bass, who takes it well and commends Fancy on his ability to put people first. Meanwhile, Theo asks Andy difficult questions about the friend he has been having dinner with and Baldwin and Valerie's doo-wop date goes well as they try to figure each other out.moreless
  • Oh Golly Goth
    Oh Golly Goth
    Episode 9
    Sorenson is given modified duty which lets him sit as his desk and catch up on paperwork, he has a chance to be reinstated if the DA's office decides they have enough information to press charges against Sid Thompson. Det. Connie McDowell reports to the precinct for temporary duty and is partnered with Diane. They begin to investigate the stabbing of man in hotel room who claims he was attacked in his room. It is revealed that he was in the company of a trio of Goths. The one Goth left in the hotel room is brought in, but cites one of the others as the probable stabber as he was passed out at the time. The other two are eventually found, one a runaway teenager from Minnesota, the other her mentor and eventually proven to be the stabber. Meanwhile, the father of one of the victim's of Sid Thompson's attack, the case that Sorenson blew, comes in asking about the investigation and the whereabouts of the son's crucifix. So Sipowicz takes a "vacation day" and follows up on the necklace, hoping that finding Sid with the necklace can be used to put him away and get Sorenson reinstated. ADA Haywood informs Fancy they don't have enough to press charges against Sid Thompson and that pressed she will say what she knows. Sipowicz eventually recovers the stolen crucifix and then goes in search of Sid. In the end he saves Sorenson's ass and Danny is grateful, promising Andy that he will get it together.moreless
  • Russellmania
    Episode 8
    Fancy comes down on Russell and Sorenson for yesterday's display in the squad room. He assigns Sorenson to work with Medavoy and Jones on a subway double homicide and Russell is to get assistance on her apparent murder-suicide case from Sipowicz. Russell runs into Denby while canvassing some of the employees at the courier company, she indicates to him that the relationship with Danny didn't work out and that piques his interest. Further investigation into the murder-suicide reveals that the murder victim was operating a drug distribution network using the courier service, and it now appears as though Harry Denby has taken it over. Det. Olivo, an old friend of Sorenson's from narcotics, meets Sorenson to inform him that the case that is being worked in their squad may jeopardize a case their task force is building. He has to refer Olivo to Russell and Sipowicz, since he is working another case; however his knowledge of Russell getting involved with this case, puts him on edge. The suspect that was brought in on the subway double homicide feels the wrath of Sorenson, when Sorenson beats him. The beating screws up any reasonable chance of prosecuting their suspect, which brings down the wrath of Captain Bass. As a result, the suspect is let go and Sorenson is suspended for an undetermined length of time. Meanwhile, Russell and Sipowicz join the taskforce. Denby arrives on the scene, shoots several people and takes a wounded cop hostage. He asks for Russell and she agrees to go in and left with little choice, she takes him out, permanently. When they return to the squad room, Russell and Sipowicz learn about Sorenson's suspension. Andy talks with Danny about his situation and tells him that since he wanted to work this out for himself, he is now on his own.moreless
  • In-Laws, Outlaws
    In-Laws, Outlaws
    Episode 7
    A body is found in an alley. The victim is Nicholas, the homeless guy that was supposed to be in lockup overnight. Sorenson has some words with the desk sergeant when he returns to the house. Fancy negotiates a deal with the desk sergeant, to keep the peace and to keep Sorenson out of trouble. All Sorenson has to do is apologize, given his current state of mind it might not be too easy. Mauricio is brought back in from Rikers' to get him to give up the location of Diego who is still their prime suspect in the Jefe homicide and now perhaps Nicholas's murder. Nicholas's family comes in and it is revealed that with the money he had he probably could have had a Park Avenue address. They later return when it is discovered that Nicholas made a phone call to them shortly before his death and Nicholas's brother-in-law admits to taking the call. While on a stakeout for Diego Medavoy asks Jones is he's ever thought about asking ADA Haywood out. Jones doesn't want to discuss the topic. They capture Diego and bring him in for questioning. With some convincing from a wound-up Sorenson, Diego admits to the Jefe homicide, but denies knowledge of Nicholas's murder. Later Nicholas's father comes forward with suspicions about his son-in-law who has a gambling problem. The son is brought back in and confesses to seizing the opportunity to get rid of Nicholas, so that his wife could inherit the rest of her mother's estate and help pay off his gambling debt. Meanwhile, Russell catches a case of murder/suicide; however, it is discovered that the female victim has the e-mail address of Harry Denby in her computer. Not returning Russell's phone calls, Denby contacts Sorenson and after a brief conversation about the murder/suicide he switches the subject to Russell, with who he implies that he had relations. This puts Sorenson over the edge and he has words with Russell up in the squad room and the both storm out. Sipowicz finds Sorenson in a bar and warns him that he is digging a hole, only he doesn't know how deep or if Danny will be able to get out of it. While Sorenson says he's got to work it out himself, Sipowicz lets him know he will be there. Finally Andy has another date that goes well despite his preoccupation with Danny's problem.moreless
  • Writing Wrongs
    Writing Wrongs
    Episode 6
    Alyssa, a 15-year-old schoolgirl is strangled and Russell, Jones and Medavoy investigate. Two of Alyssa's friends are brought in to help gather some background information, but one of them seems reticent to talk. Some essays that Alyssa wrote point to her having had sexual encounters. Her teacher can offer no assistance except a name cited in her last essay. The name mentioned leads the detectives to a suspect who is a registered sex-offender, but his alibi checks out. Later the reticent girl comes forward and reveals there was a relationship between Alyssa and her teacher. His story to the detectives reveals that he was trying to stop Alyssa's obsession with him, which he says started because of the encounters cited in her essays. Meanwhile, Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the death of a man, where the only witness to the crime is a slightly crazy homeless guy with a TV and a microwave. Their investigation doesn't lead to a conclusive suspect, so they decide to keep their key witness in a holding cell overnight and see what tomorrow brings. Earlier in the day, Andy asks Gibson about his niece Cynthia, the one he had gone out on a date with a few months earlier. Gibson gives him Cynthia's phone number. After sweating it out a bit, he makes the call. A dinner date is made and then he needs to find a baby-sitter. John offers his service, which Andy later accepts. Later that night he goes out and seems to have a good time.moreless
  • Fools Russian
    Fools Russian
    Episode 5
    Diane consults with a member of the survivor's network over her mixed feelings about her relationship with Danny, while she continually thinks about Bobby. The body of a Russian is found floating in the river. The detectives begin their task of figuring out who he is and why he was found there. The floating victim's wife Ivgenia comes into the squad and shows reservations about talking with Baldwin, she feels more comfortable when Diane is in the room. In the meantime, her black gardener says that he and Ivgenia are having a relationship and that she shot her husband. A bit suspect, given the impression of racism she's given to Baldwin and she later says that he shot her husband. ADA Valerie Haywood suggests that they go after the gardener because in this "he said/she said" situation they've got, the case will be easier to prosecute. The detectives disagree and arrest the wife. Meanwhile, Greg spends the day dealing with two Chinese men who've been brought into the squad. They are only speaking Chinese, so he brings in his friend Harold Eng to translate. The Chinese men are in fear of a gang known as the Snakeheads and are known to be keeping one of the men's sister hostage. Greg and Harold stake out the restaurant that the aunt of the kidnapped Chinese girl owns. They get a trace on the telephone number and are able to recover the niece. Fancy is out of the office getting computer training, just as the technology arrives in the squad, right on Sipowicz's desk. Of course, he doesn't want it. Later, Baldwin and Valerie have a few words over his disappointment with her handling of the case. Danny and Diane have the final set of words regarding their relationship, it's over but she thanks him for helping her "come alive" again. Andy and Theo discuss kissing, with Theo wondering why Andy and Aunt Katie don't kiss. Andy evades the topic.moreless
  • Family Ties
    Family Ties
    Episode 4
    A tourist is raped in her hotel room on the 4th floor and the detectives begin their investigation in a hotel filled with swingers. The following morning Jones and Medavoy catch a homicide in that same hotel on the 8th floor. Are the crimes related? The head of security at the hotel is a retired cop that Sipowicz knows. Danny tells Andy about the relationship that Andy already suspected. Danny wants to make sure that Andy doesn't have a problem with it and later Diane asks him the same thing (although she doesn't seem as sure as Danny). Andy just wants to know if everyone's happy. The last number dialed by the homicide victim was to Stella Kensington; she's a prostitute who also happens to be a little person. It turns out the victim was a pimp who was able to furnish talent for unusual needs. And some of that talent leads the detectives to a witness of the homicide. Meanwhile, the hotel's lawyer offers the rape victim a $500,000 settlement. The rape victim's brother gets it raised to $700,000 and gets it identified such that 90% of the settlement won't be taxed. Given that the rape victim had sex earlier that afternoon with an old friend from high school, is it possible this rape is actually felony fraud? It was. Later, Diane and Danny have a talk. Diane is having a hard time adjusting to having a relationship again, so they call their relationship off, at least for the moment.moreless
  • Franco, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn
    Andy is bonding with Theo (who mentions he wants to be a cop) at the park, when he hears on his radio that all the emergency vehicles rushing by are going to the scene of a cop shooting. The cop's partner is worried that he is going to be jammed up as his wounded partner's husband is a captain in the NYPD and he was pursuing another suspect at the time (and not backing his partner up). When the 15th Squad is ready to break into the apartment of a possible suspect, Danny gives Diane something else to do, thus keeping her out of harm's way. She later calls him on it, when he tries to do the same thing when they are set to take another suspect. When they return to the house, Danny stops off to break off his relationship with Mary. The Captain stops by to see how the investigation is proceeding into his (now dead) wife's shooting. Knowing they have a suspect in custody, he watches some of the interview and then breaks into to assault the suspect, jeopardizing the investigation. The suspect is picked out by the partner in a tainted lineup, which ultimately isn't needed, when finally confesses to the crime, citing that the cop shouldn't have been a woman. Sipowicz and a new female ADA come to a mutual understanding about getting good untainted evidence. Danny and Diane agree on their behavior on and off the clock. Andy tells Katie that both he and Theo need her, she wonders for how long.moreless
  • Waking Up is Hard to Do
    It's the morning after and Danny and Diane talk about not talking about it at work. Gee, hasn't Diane been here before? The results of Theo's blood test are positive, they're not perfect but it is enough to put Andy in an unnaturally good mood. Andy and Danny catch a homicide involving a cab driver, part of wave of attacks on cab drivers. Since their shooting resulted in a homicide, Bass creates a task force and takes over Fancy's office. DiSalvo reaches out to Russell from Rikers and Sipowicz reminds that he was the guy that jammed Bobby up with IAB. Danny follows up at Rikers and the meeting with Denby. Andy, Baldwin and Diane follow leads in the cab shootings. DiSalvo offers Danny a hit on Don Kirkendall, and Denby provides a lead on the whereabouts of Lauren. A lead in the cab shootings results in a stakeout, which leads to the capture of a suspect. Diane finds Lauren, but she has little memory of the incident, but she will be glad to say whatever they want. Without her as a witness, the detectives need to some other proof. Danny goes home to a planned rendezvous with Mary, but it is cut short when DiSalvo calls Sorenson back to Rikers; Don Kirkendall is dead; knowing about the hit in advance DiSalvo was just trying to cash in. With no Kirkendall, IAB's case against the squad is closed. Hmmm, no loose ends, expect for the pending Danny and Mary breakup over Diane.moreless
  • Daveless in New York
    It's 5 days until Theo's final blood test and Andy feels the need for this health situation to just be over. So he tries to get Theo's final test pulled up. Diane asks Danny about his relationship with Mary; but he expresses that he still has an interest in her. Leo Cohen has become a defense attorney and is he preparing to represent members of the 15th Squad in IAB's investigation of the Kirkendall situation. Don Kirkendall is trying to make a deal for himself that may jam up the members of the 15th squad. The investigation of a multiple homicide at a fast-food restaurant takes a twist when an accomplice in the crime is worried about his daughter, who he used as collateral to his drug dealer. The squad goes after the dealer. Meanwhile, when Medavoy gives his statement to IAB, Martens informs him that "the good cops" need to find someone who will back up their story. They realize to do this they will need to find Denby who might be their only connection to the woman who was "holding" Frank Kirkendall. Diane agrees to make contact with Denby and he offers to get her the information, provided that she comes back. Denby still has a thing for her. At the hospital Andy forces the issue of a blood test for Theo, to which the doctor reluctantly agrees. Since the doctor hasn't seen much change in Theo's skin color, she asks that if the results of the test aren't good it would be best to start chemotherapy right away. Danny stops by Diane's place and one thing leads to another.moreless