NYPD Blue - Season 9

ABC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Better Laid Than Never (2)
    McDowell and Ortiz arrive at the scene of their homicide. The victim is an elderly woman who was the victim of a assault. One of the tenants in her building, Larry Tyner, is a self-declared former perpetrator of rape-assaults; he mentions that the victim had a junkie grandson who was always looking for a handout. Ortiz questions the building supervisor and he mentions that Larry Tyner is liked by everyone in the building, including the murder victim. Jones and Medavoy re-question Catherine Lowe about her son's murder. She doesn't like the implication some of their questions and she is put out when the Crime Scene unit has to process her apartment. Back at the squad, McDowell and Ortiz question Tyner, and again he mentions the victim's grandson, a real heartache for the victim. Sipowicz meets with the borough trustee, to make sure that his paperwork is in order, just in case something happens to him. Theo should be taken care of, only Sipowicz needs to identify a guardian. The need to make that decision; causes Sipowicz to need to time to think the matter over. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with their victim's father, needing to ask him some difficult questions, all of which offends him. Jones and Medavoy stop at the bar that is Catherine Lowe's alibi; they meet a woman there who tells about a fight that Catherine had with her boyfriend Steve. It seems that Steve had struck Catherine's son. McDowell and Ortiz interview their victim's grandson and he seems broken up on the news on his grandmother's death. Upon Medavoy's report of the fight between the mother and the boyfriend, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to pick him up again. An officer comes up to collect the time cards for an audit, and she exhibits an interest in Jones after she meets him. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Dansick again; this time Sipowicz and Dansick get into a scuffle. Dansick vehemently denies any knowledge of the boy's death. Phone records indicate there were two calls from Dwyer's home to the Lowe apartment. Since the detectives we never able to talk to the Tommy Dwyer's son, they decide to go back there and question the boy. The boy denies making any calls to the Lowe apartment. Tommy Dwyer thinks that he son might have forgotten making the call. Dwyer says they are done for now. Jones and Medavoy talk with Catherine Lowe about one of the other men that have been in her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. look for a warrant to have the Crime Scene unit help them look at Dwyer's apartment, as they sense Dwyer hasn't been telling them everything. Haywood obliges, and while she is on the phone trying to get it taken care off, Jones receives a surprise visit from the officer reviewing time cards. He pushes her away, and tries to explain it to Haywood, who says she isn't ready for that yet. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive at Dwyer's apartment with a warrant. McDowell and Ortiz go back to their victim's apartment, only to find that the grandson has hung himself. Then Ortiz hears that their victim was raped, so they decide they need to bring Larry Tyner back in for further questioning. With help from the Crime Scene unit, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find a major bloodstain in the bedroom of Dwyer's son. Sipowicz, Clark Jr. and Haywood listen to Dwyer's story about what really happened. The boys were playing with one of his guns, which went off killing the boy. Dwyer got rid of the body to help protect his son. McDowell and Ortiz get Larry Tyner to tell them about what went wrong. He tells the tale of his self-improvement that was working until the events of that morning sent him back down into the gutter. He then admits to about two other rape-assaults he committed out of state. Sipowicz, Clark Jr. and Haywood also hear the story of the shooting from Dwyer's son. With the case closed, Catherine Lowe comes to retrieve her boyfriend, who Sipowicz is going to let out of the assault charge. Later that evening, Clark Jr. and Ortiz meet with Clark Sr. for dinner. When Clark Jr. steps away for a few moments, Clark Sr. tells her about their rough patch and also that he does love his son. At an amusement park, Theo rides the merry-go-round by himself, as Andy tells Connie that he wants to make her Theo's legal guardian and also that Theo wants to call her "Mommy". They discuss the issue, which leads to kiss and then another. Connie invites Andy to have dinner at her apartment alone the following evening. With Theo's ride over and cotton candy in hand, Andy, Connie and Theo head for home.moreless
  • Better Laid Than Never (1)
    The morning after his return from Florida with McDowell and his son, Sipowicz picks up a case with a missing child and gets a "thumbs up" from one of the uniforms. He arrives at the scene of the missing child's home, only to meet the mother, Catherine Lowe, gathers a few details of the case and gets a "your my hero" from one of the other uniforms. Back at the squad the father of a friend of the missing boy (Tommy Dwyer, a guy retired off the job) stops by to tell the detectives what he knows. He doesn't believe the boys are together anywhere, since he knows his son was at school. He also mentions the missing boy wasn't thrilled with his homelife; preferring to live with his father over his mother. A man, Ted Munns, who believes he has information about their missing child case. He tells them about his suspicions about a man who's online and lives near where the missing boy lived. Jones and Medavoy talk with him and then they lay out a plan to capture this predator, which they successfully execute. They question their predator, Volney, who cites that he was expecting to meet a fully grown man, because of something he calls "age-play". He knows nothing of their missing child. The missing boy's father checks in and agrees to come in; meanwhile one of the uniforms takes a moment to harass Sipowicz. John Irvin meets with the attorney for his father's estate. He ultimately tells John that he and his sister will probably inherit around $800,000, each. The boy's father comes in wondering how his son disappeared under his ex-wife's nose. He mentions his ex-wife's boyfriend, Steve Dansick. McDowell and Ortiz start following up on child whose name was found on the computer of the predator Medavoy and Jones question. When the boy's mother comes in, they ask her why she never mentioned her boyfriend as someone who had access to her son. Citing conditions for her continued custody of her son as the reason, she eventually gives them information on where to find him. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. meet and talk with the boyfriend, who they bring in while they check on his alibi. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the parents of the boy who they found on Volney's computer. Then they talk with the boy, who eventually breaks down and tells them of Volney's activities at a hotel that resulted in a sexual assault. Medavoy and Jones go back hard at Volney, who confesses, but also cites that the "kiddie porn" found on his computer came from their informant. He also reiterates that he doesn't know anything about the missing boy. The detectives re-strategize and Sipowicz asks John Irvin about the lawyer. John tells him about his eventual inheritance, but he is not going anywhere in the near term. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back at the boyfriend, who confesses to being with his old girlfriend, which he didn't want Catherine to find out about. Emergency Services calls the squad, with the report of a body found in a vacant lot. On his way out of the building, Desk Sgt. Mahoney gives Sipowicz a package that was left for him. He unwraps the package; it's a trophy for "The Luckiest Man of the Year". At the vacant lot, the boy's body is found with a gunshot wound. At the mother's home, Catherine who has taken some valium isn't very responsive when they give her the news. Jones and Medavoy talk with Munns about the contents of his own computer. He cites that he needs the photos so he can use them to bait would be pedophiles. They remind him of a public lewdness collar he had from 2 years ago. They question him about their murder victim, and he claims to have "never ever" wanted to touch or hurt a child. Jones comes back with a "but you've wanted to," which causes the guy to break down and agree to get some help. At the end of the day, the detectives aren't close to finding the boy's killer. Sipowicz, McDowell, Clark Jr. and Ortiz go out to dinner, where Clark Jr. and Ortiz confess to their relationship. Sipowicz feeling some pressure decides he needs to go home. At home, Theo asks his dad about Connie and whether he can call her "mommy". The following morning, Clark Jr. mentions that he is going to have dinner with his father, and he'd like her to join him. At the squad, Ortiz and McDowell catch a homicide. When the boyfriend Dansick's story didn't totally check out, they bring him back in for questioning. They don't get anything from him, but his attitude doesn't sit right with Sipowicz.moreless
  • 5/14/02
    The detectives start investigating the robbery of deli, where the owner was killed. Back at the squad, Sipowicz has done some thinking this past week since the hostage situation. He wants McDowell to join him and Theo on their trip to Disneyworld, despite what others in the squad might think. So McDowell puts in her vacation request with Rodriguez. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the son of their victim. Then they meet with Det. Frank Hughes from the robbery squad who tells them that he knows who their perp is, Terence Cates. A man comes to the squad to report that his sister may be in trouble. McDowell and Ortiz interview the man who reports that a priest wants a $1000 to get her out of trouble. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. bring in Terence Cates and Hughes tells them that the victim's son identified Cates from the mug book. They plan to interview Cates to find out for themselves. So there isn't any mystery, Sipowicz announces to the squad that he and McDowell are going to Disneyworld with Theo and if anyone wants to bust their balls, they'd better do it now. Rodriguez says "have a good time." Sipowicz and Clark Jr. start interviewing Cates, who claims that he "didn't do no murder." McDowell and Ortiz discuss relationships as do Medavoy and Jones, while they stakeout the rendezvous with the priest. Their recording off the payoff goes bad, when a passing garbage truck obscures their sound. Back at the squad, Det. Hughes almost taints the lineup ID of Cates, by the victim's son. The priest is brought in and is exposed for being a fraud. He tells them about the girl's need to pay off a debt. A fingerprint is found on a pack of cigarettes left on the counter at the deli, that lead to another possible suspect, so Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back to the son to reconfirm his story, which he does, leaving them with something more to ponder. The other detectives locate the sister who may have put the "priest" up to con. Sipowicz tells Hughes about their fingerprint. They also find out that the victim's son didn't make the 911 call from the deli; he did it from two blocks away. They re-interview the son, who picks out their real suspect, the one whose fingerprint they found. McDowell and Ortiz interview the sister, who is worried that her brother might find out what she's been doing. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. locate their new suspect and they bring him in for questioning. He is less than cooperative. McDowell and Ortiz reunite the brother with her sister, and then she tells them her story, which essentially has her as a sex slave to the owner of the massage parlor. The massage parlor owner also implicates the "priest", who offers up them up some names. Haywood tells them that their witnesses recanting of his previous ID and a new ID in the same day isn't going to hold up. They find out that their suspect's brother was also at the scene, and they use that information to get their suspect to flip. Det Hughes, missing for most of the day, finally shows up back up at the squad, only to have his balls busted by Sipowicz. Later that night, John and Rita further consummate their relationship and Andy and Connie try to help Theo pack.moreless
  • Oedipus Wrecked
    Episode 20
    It's the morning after and John and Rita scramble to get ready to leave for work as their pagers go off. Rita must have been gentle, because John isn't showing any signs of suffering from a groin injury. They both join the other detectives at the scene of a double homicide, with an additional victim at the hospital. Medavoy announces that his daughter is going to be getting married, he's going to meet the future bride and groom for dinner tomorrow evening. McDowell and Ortiz respond to a call about a middle-aged woman who's discovered carrying narcotics. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a suspect who was in one of the victim's appointment books. He comes on strong, until he hears about the murder. Ortiz and McDowell interview their middle-aged drug courier, but she denies knowledge about where the drugs came from. Then she has a realization and confesses to being the courier; but her story doesn't sit right with them but they give up pursuing it further. Katie Medavoy stops by the precinct to see her father to tell him that her mother has planned to not come to the wedding, as long as her father is going to be there. He tells her to have the wedding without him. She's appreciative, but he seems disheartened. McDowell finds out about their middle-aged suspect's son and they go to talk with her. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. start interviewing another one of their victim's customers who seems to be reasonable guy, but a background check reveals an outstanding warrant for his arrest for a five-year-old arson charge. McDowell and Ortiz talk to their suspect about her son and while she initially tries to cover for him, she eventually gives him up. Sipowicz goes back to talk to their suspect about his outstanding warrant. He claims identity theft, until Sipowicz wants his fingerprints. The guy gets hold of a gun and begins holding Sipowicz hostage in the interview room. The detectives try to figure out what to do and how it happened. Medavoy, who hasn't been thinking right since his daughter stopped by, thinks that he may have missed finding the gun Andy's captor has in his possession. Rodriguez tells them to keep working their cases as there isn't anything they can do here. In the interview room, Sipowicz tries to keep his captor talking. McDowell and Ortiz interview their suspect's son but he denies any knowledge of his mother and the narcotics that were in her possession. In the observation area, the tactical unit sets up with plans to take Sipowicz's captor out. Sipowicz tries to keep him talking. Out on the street, Clark Jr. and Jones grab up a suspect for the now triple homicide, the surviving victim didn't make it. The tactical officer tells Rodriguez what is going to go down. Sipowicz keeps him captor talking, about the decriminalization of marijuana. Sipowicz offers his captor a joint. The tactical officer gives Rodriguez 15 minutes to end this situation. McDowell and Ortiz put the middle-aged woman's son in the holding cell with his mother, asking them to both to decide who's going to jail. The son eventually breaks down and gives it up. Clark Jr. and Jones get their suspect to tell them what went down with the homicides after they threaten to bring him to be identified by the "surviving" victim. After having a few puffs on his joint, Sipowicz's captor is convinced to begin writing down his story after Sipowicz promises to help him get the word out. Sipowicz then gets hold of the captor's gun and then goes to retrieve his own gun as the tactical squad swarms in. The hostage crisis is over. McDowell offers to get Theo home. Medavoy's daughter stops back at the precinct to tell him that she wants him to be at the wedding, despite her mother. When Sipowicz finally makes it home, he asks McDowell to stay a while longer; she tells him that she will stay as long as he needs.moreless
  • Low Blow
    Episode 19
    Since the Captain has found out about the grudge match, the fight between Laughlin and Clark Jr. is off the card for tonight's fight. McDowell wants to discuss flights to Orlando with Sipowicz, but he doesn't want the whole world (at least the squad) to know about their trip together with Theo. He'll talk to her later; meanwhile Clark Jr. catches a rape case, so they are off to the hospital to begin their investigation. One of the cops at the hospital makes a clucking noise as Clark Jr. is walking away. Back at the squad, Clark Jr. puts a call in that he wants to talk with Laughlin. McDowell decides that she needs to talk to Sipowicz now about her perception of his embarrassment at being on a vacation with her. She tells him she's not going to go. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz interview a registered sex-offender who lived in the area of the rape their investigating. Jones and Medavoy start investigating the shooting of a man who has an ID that indicates he is a doctor; but later it is discovered that if he was a doctor, it wasn't in New York. Back at the squad a clucking sound is heard coming from the stairwell. McDowell and Ortiz woman who knew the "doctor," who it turns out with a partner is selling Man-Gro a penis enlargement form of snake oil. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a man, a firefighter, who was at one time accused of raping his estranged wife. He was brought in because the DNA sample of estranged wife's rape kit, matched the DNA in their victim's rape kit. He denies any knowledge of this morning's rape and also mentions that he hadn't had sex with his estranged wife for at least six months before her he'd allegedly raped her. Jones and Medavoy interview the partner of their victim the "doctor". The "doctor" they find out used to practice in Nicaragua. Medavoy pockets a free sample of the snake oil. A chicken is found in the coffee room; causing Clark Jr. to go downstairs and pull Laughlin aside and tell him "anytime, anywhere." Sipowicz and Clark Jr. re-interview their firefighter suspect who still denies committing the rape. Jones and Medavoy interview a transvestite who had some disfiguring surgery performed by their victim, the "doctor." Laughlin and Clark Jr. are brought into see the Captain and they seem to cover for each other enough that the Captain is going to allow them to fight. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the firefighter's estranged wife. They tell her about the fact that his DNA will be retested once he goes to trial, so she'd better come clean now. She does and gives them the name of the guy she was seeing at the time, but it might be too late as Clark Jr. and Sipowicz are called downstairs. The firefighter injured himself in one of the cells. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to collar the firefighter's estranged wife's ex-lover and bring him in; meanwhile Jones and Medavoy re-interview their transvestite. The transvestite confesses to the killing the doctor for his botched attempt at performing a sex-change operation. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz take their suspect into the cell where the firefighter was held and with the help of the blood on the floor, they get him to give it up. Sipowicz goes to the hospital to give the firefighter the news. Now it's fight time: Laughlin vs. Clark Jr. Ortiz bets $50 that Clark Jr. will take him in the second; and for her honor, he does just that, despite Laughlin's cheap shot at the groin. Later that night, Rita stops by to see John and thank him again for standing up for her. One thing leads to another and they start making out. Remembering the groin injury, Rita promises to be gentle.moreless
  • Less is Morte
    Episode 18
    Clark Jr. readies himself for next week's fight with Laughlin. Sipowicz meets with Rodriguez and tells him what Martens told him. Sipowicz leaves promising to be in touch. Sipowicz and company start investigating an armored car robbery, where one of the drivers was killed when one of his drivers gets into a shootout with the three criminals. Clark Jr.'s informant, Julian Pisano is brought in to see if he's heard anything about the armored car robbery. Before he tells them anything, he wants them to see if they can recover his video equipment for his "Guys Gone Nuts" videotape. They tell him about the reward and he mentions a guy who was looking for a shotgun. McDowell and Ortiz start looking into the death of a woman whose body was found in a garbage truck. Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. about his upcoming vacation plans and then they talk about his relationship with McDowell. Then they spot Julian seemingly playing on the other side of their case. McDowell reports to their interim squad commander, Lt. Shanley, about the status of their case, when Shanley makes some improper moves and tells her she shouldn't be so tense. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. stop Julian and find out from him that he was only in there to find out further information to give them. He mentions that the guy they are looking at, Vinny Prioli is looking for a no questions asked doctor and Julian gave him the name of one. The NYPD surrounds the house that Prioli went into. They don't find the injured suspect and when they get Prioli back to the house, he hasn't got anything to say. McDowell and Ortiz interview their victim's husband. He tells them about his wife's friend, who had convinced her to lose weight and get out and live life. They then talk to this woman, who upon hearing about her death; tells them that the woman was seeing someone, but she didn't know any details. Sipowicz meets with Martens and they make a deal, Sipowicz will handle something for Martens if Martens will start telling him how "Fraker isn't perfect." The detectives decide they need to visit Julian's doctor, but first Sipowicz has to take some lost time to look into the information that Martens gave him. McDowell and Ortiz go back to revisit their victim's friend, only to find her dead with gunshot wounds of the same caliber. Sipowicz confronts Fraker and tells him about what went on with Rodriguez all those years ago and then he mentions knowing about the Captain's new up and coming detective that he took to Atlantic City. Did Fraker's wife and kids want to know about that? He tells him to back off Rodriguez and he can go romp with his new detective all he wants. Julian is brought back into reveal the name of his doctor; he is reluctant to give it up. For $2000 by the end of the day, he gives it up. McDowell has another encounter with Shanley and he mentions if she makes a beef, he's got a lot of friends on the job; she tells him that she'll just punch him in the face. The doctor is brought in and admits to caring for someone with a gunshot wound. They eventually get an address out of him and they go to the apartment. They find the gunshot victim there. The anxious wife gives them the name of the third party. Rodriguez meets with Fraker who dismisses the charge against him, but Fraker mentions that he will be keeping an eye on him. McDowell and Ortiz interview the man who tells them about Jose and what went down with their robbery. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk to the third party in their case. He agrees to give it all up for a deal. Rodriguez returns to his office. McDowell and Ortiz interview Jose, who lawyers up. Julian gets his money, but is worried that it might all track back to him. Clark Jr. continues his training with Jones and Medavoy. Ortiz stops by dropping of a pizza for them and Ortiz drops off a pizza for them. Rodriguez comments on the days events and Sipowicz tells not to go poking it with a stick, he is back where he belongs.moreless
  • Gypsy Woe's Me
    Episode 17
    Andy and Theo discuss their upcoming trip to Disney World, but Theo tells him that if Connie's not coming, then he's not going. At the scene of the day's case, the detectives follow up on a report that a cab was seen leaving the scene. When the cab's plates are run, it is revealed to be Ryan Lipe, the cab driver that helped them out on the baby shooting case a few weeks earlier. Also at the scene, Officer Laughlin asks Clark Jr. about Ortiz's dating status, to which he is reminded that Ortiz just buried her husband a week earlier and that he might want to remove his wedding ring before he starts hitting on her. Ryan Lipe is brought in and Sipowicz and Clark Jr. question him; Lipe claims that the shooting was in self defense. After the interview, Sipowicz asks John Irvin about whether he had made any attempt to talk with his father, to which John tells him about his attempt to talk with his father. An old friend of Rodriguez's stops by to ask him for a favor, looking into a situation that his son was in. Rodriguez agrees to look into it; his friend then tries to leave him an envelope of money, which Rodriguez gives back to him, telling him that as a friend he was going to look into it. Jones and Medavoy have been sent to investigate the beating death of a man outside of a bar; the victim's companion, who a witness, reports was beaten down by a large black man. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. along with Haywood and Rodriguez decide that Ryan Lipe can be let go, since they don't have enough to hold him on at this point. In the precinct lobby, Laughlin makes a play for Ortiz, which Clark Jr. comments on as he's leaving the house. Jones and Medavoy interview their witness, an ex-boxer who denies that he killed the guy he's been hanging around with lately, who was an ex-ballet dancer. The ex-boxer was acting as a companion for the victim. Rodriguez starts to follow up on the favor. The man he interviews says that if there is some financial consideration, he might be willing to compromise. Rodriguez starts smelling the rat squad and leaves. Andy finally tells Connie about Theo and his Disney World demand and she offers to come along. Ballistics comes back on Lipe's gun, two more bodies are found on it from the previous month. John's sister stops by to talk, which John tells her he just can't do right now. She is able to tell John that his father would like to talk with him. Ryan Lipe is brought back in and they tell him about the other shootings, which he attributes to the further conspiracies of the NYPD against him. Lipe finally tells them that he bought the gun off of a fare. Rodriguez talks to his friend about the favor and the money. Rodriguez then uncovers the wire his friend is wearing. IAB comes in and puts Rodriguez under suspension. Fraker tells Rodriguez that his failure to report the bribe attempt is a violation of department policy. Rodriguez feels like the "whole thing played out more like a personal vendetta." Jones and Medavoy interview the large black man that was called an ape; but he only admits to slapping the victim. Meanwhile, McDowell and Ortiz interview a woman who saw the beating outside the bar. She tells them the large black man did slap the guy once, but it was the victim's companion who had knocked him down to the ground. Clark Jr. finds out there was a witness in one of the previous shootings with Lipe's gun, so he goes to interview her. Back at the squad the detectives have been wondering what's going on with Rodriguez, when he comes back to the squad to clear out his stuff. Rodriguez tells them that IAB has a groundless case against him, but that he's clean and that the department is sending them a replacement. Sipowicz probes further, but gets nothing from Rodriguez. Jones and Medavoy re-interview their victim's companion, who finally tells them that the victim had accused him of being a "bigger fairy than he ever was," when he didn't punch the black guy who slapped his companion. His retaliation to that comment was to punch his companion. Laughlin challenges Clark Jr. to fight him in the precinct's smoker, a charity boxing match. Clark Jr. reiterates his position on Laughlin's need to layoff of Ortiz. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. re-interview Ryan Lipe, who they tell about the witness to one of the earlier shootings. They try to help him to get his story straight, while he still has a chance of being heard. The detectives discuss what's happening with Rodriguez and agree to keep in touch if they hear anything. Ortiz, who's already heard about the fight, talks with Clark Jr. who says it's no big deal. Ortiz says that someone standing up for her is a big deal and she thanks him. John stops by the hospital to the visit with his father, who says he is on his death bed. Together they finally come to understanding. Sipowicz meets with Martens, to find out what the story is with Rodriguez and Fraker. From what Martens knows, years ago in undercover narcotics, Rodriguez had made a report that wound up getting Fraker assigned to the rat squad.moreless
  • 3/19/02
    McDowell and Ortiz start investigating the rape of a woman in her home. The victim's husband says that he saw his cousin Lenny Gano escaping out their window and they should be looking for him. Clark Jr. goes to visit the James Kilik, the kid that he and Sipowicz had rescued from his bizarre mother a few weeks earlier. Clark Jr. is still looking into ways to try helping the kid out. The other detectives are starting to work the homicide of a young Asian girl. Back at the squad, Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. that Eddie Gibson has done some work with foster children and may be able to help them with James Kilik. McDowell talks with Ortiz about her late husband's funeral and then they collar Lenny Gano. Sipowicz interviews the parents of their victim and they give him a name a boy their daughter knew. John Irvin's sister Delia arrives for a visit. She really wants to talk to him about his father and his pending heart operation. John still isn't interested is resuming his relationship with his father, a father who cut him off after John "came out of the closet". McDowell and Ortiz question Lenny Gano who admits that he'd been sleeping with his cousin's wife, but he didn't rape her. Sipowicz asks John if he's all right and John responds in the affirmative, but Sipowicz doesn't appear to buy it. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Gibson, who's recovered from his surgery enough to almost be back on the job full time, about James Kilik. Gibson thinks they might be trying to guilt him into taking the kid in; when they really only want some of his foster family contacts. With Gibson gone, they begin talking to the boy who knew their victim. He tells them that about the treatment that victim had been receiving from her parents. The victim was an unwanted doctor. McDowell and Ortiz re-interview their rape victim about her story. She confesses that their sex was consensual; she claimed rape to protect Lenny from his cousin. Haywood and Jones discuss their need to still communicate. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's sister and she doesn't seem very cooperative. The ME reports their victim had been getting beat for a quite a while. Sipowicz asks John what's going on and John tells him about his father. Sipowicz tells him about his experience with getting back together with Andy Jr. and how much he appreciated that the opportunity for that occurred. Jones and Medavoy interview the Asian victim's father who doesn't cooperate well with them. Back at the squad, Gibson calls Sipowicz with an offer to meet with Sipowicz, Clark Jr. and James Kilik. Gibson has tentative approval from his wife to take the boy in, but he wants to meet him first. Lenny Gano's cousin with the temper comes in to get his girlfriend, who he heard has been arrested. He causes a scuffle to break out in the squad. McDowell and Ortiz are both thrown to the ground and might be injured. McDowell uses a fire extinguisher to bring him down. Fraker, the IAB captain stops by, to ask what happened in squad, saying the victim says the force was excessive. The excessive force caused the victim to require forty stitches to the back of his head. Rodriguez tells him that everything that happened in the squad was above board. Fraker seems to have the need to want to find this squad guilty of doing something wrong. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's mother (via a translator). The mother confesses to the murder, saying the second daughter was her fault. Her husband only performed the burial. Clark Jr. picks up James Kilik for their meeting. John Irvin stops by to see his father in the hospital and his father still won't accept his lifestyle. John leaves, not feeling good about their reunion. James Kilik meets with Eddie Gibson and it goes well enough that James has a new home.moreless
  • Guns & Hoses
    Episode 15
    The detectives begin looking into the fire-bombing of an abortion clinic that killed a security guard. While waiting to talk with the woman in charge of the clinic, Clark Jr. asks Sipowicz if Theo has an interest in blondes, intimating that he is aware that Sipowicz and McDowell appear to spending time together. When they ask the woman in charge of the clinic to open her record books to help them get a lead on who may have committed the crime. Citing the need for patient confidentiality she denies their request. McDowell & Ortiz catch their own case and go off to investigate the homicide; meanwhile Sipowicz and Clark Jr. question the leader of an anti-abortion group that leads them nowhere. Medavoy and Jones look into gun that a guy found in a car he obtained from his late uncle. Ortiz recognizes their homicide victim as the woman her husband Don was having an affair with. This makes them interested in looking into the whereabouts of the victim's husband and Ortiz's husband. The detectives think that their fire bomber maybe an amateur, when the tape of a 911 call reveals a shaky voice and the type of fire bomb used is a basic Molotov cocktail. A nurse from the clinic, Jennifer Martin, comes to the squad hoping to help the detectives with their investigation. She gives them a list of patients from the last year, with notes on the names that they might want to look at first. McDowell and Ortiz hear that the husband of Don's mistress has been found dead. Ballistics on the gun that Jones and Medavoy have is linked to a five year old dump job homicide. The father of the woman who owned the car that the gun was found in is brought in and he tells them about his daughter and the guy she was dating at the time, Sonny Wood. He identifies their Jane Doe as being his daughter who he'd thought left town five years earlier. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. start down the list of names and begin to interview women about their experience with the clinic. McDowell and Ortiz see their latest victim, and then they go to Don's apartment to see if they can find any trace of him there. They don't. Clark Jr. makes a discovery when looking at the patient list; he sees Haywood's name listed. Jones and Medavoy interview Sonny Wood who denies any knowledge of his girlfriend's death. Ortiz finds out that a call was placed to one of their victim's from the inn where Ortiz had found her husband cheating on her, so she and McDowell decide to go the inn and check it out. Clark Jr. shows Jones the patient list from the clinic and Jones doesn't know exactly what it means. The clinic doctor and her lawyer show up at the squad, threatening to sue the department and the detectives individually if they didn't turn over the list of names they have. Jones confronts Haywood about her name being on the patient list, she tells him that she just went there for counseling and wonders why he would think that she lied about the miscarriage. He asks what she expected; since she's kept him out of the decision making all along when he wanted to help. She asks if it is because he loved her or because he felt duty bound. McDowell and Ortiz arrive at the hotel and find the body of ADA Don Harrison. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview a battered woman whose husband may have been involved in the clinic bombing. They play her the tape of his 911 and she recognizes his voice. She tells them where to find her husband and they bring him in and play the tape for him as well and get his confession. A still tense, from his encounter with Haywood, Jones with Medavoy and their tenuous pieces of evidence, get their suspect to confess to the five year old murder. The new Captain in IAB comes to the squad and talks with Rodriguez about his relationship with Ortiz; it seems that Harrison had raised it as an issue with some of his colleagues. Rodriguez tells him his relationship ha sonly been supervisory in nature and that he runs a "clean squad and if he wants to waste his time proving otherwise, be my guest." Jones and Haywood decide to cool it for a while. McDowell cancels her plans with Sipowicz and Theo as she is going to take Ortiz out to dinner. Instead the entire squad decides to stick together and take fellow team member Ortiz out to dinner; leaving John Irvin to do the baby-sitting.moreless
  • Hand Job
    Episode 14
    A safe is stolen and two people are crucified and Ortiz and McDowell catch the case, one victim is alive, but still nailed down, but his stripper girlfriend didn't survive. He tells them that two Russian men committed this crime. Sipowicz, Clark Jr., Medavoy and Jones investigate the shooting of a rap star that was shot (and later dies from his injuries) at his record release party. One of the guys who worked security for the party is named Marcus Hodges and is a cop that Clark Jr. knows from his days back at the police academy. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz talk with Hodges about the shooting, but he didn't see the crime go down. The rap star's brother is questioned and he says that a rival rap star named "Fury" but that they call "Furry" probably did it, since he was seen at the club that night. McDowell and Ortiz run the details of their case by Rodriguez, while the temp PAA listens with great screenwriting interest. Clark Jr. vouches for the conduct of his former classmate to Rodriguez, putting himself out on the limb, since they still don't what really went down. Medavoy and Jones interview "Fury", who doesn't tell them anything especially after his lawyer calls, his only comment is that Jones is a "black police man", which only serves to irritate Jones. McDowell and Ortiz interview the Russian owner of the strip club. The ME reports that the male crucifixion victim's story doesn't match their findings, leaving the detectives with more questions. They also find out that their surviving victim is married, so they leave to interview the wife. Meanwhile, Rodriguez tells the temp PAA that he is really getting pissed off with temp PAA's conduct. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview one of the other cops that worked security last night and he tells them what he thought he saw go down and also that Hodges had told them all to leave, "that this was on him and to get lost". McDowell and Ortiz meet their victim's drug addicted wife who gives them more background on her husband's activities, including his learning how to body pierce. Clark Jr. and Sipowicz talk with Hodges who's caught in the middle of his long friendship with the dead rapper and his friends on the job that helped him with security. He finally tells them what went down. McDowell and Ortiz find out what their victim learned about doing a body piercing through the hand. Haywood is back at work and agrees to pursue a warrant for the detectives, as Haywood leaves she has a discussion with Jones and they talk about getting back together once she has caught up with her work. John Irvin returns from his trip early, he and Ray Maxwell are still together, it's just their trip to Africa didn't go as planned. Rodriguez is very glad to see him and can't wait for him to get back to work. McDowell and Ortiz bring their victim in for an interview and accuse him of both the safe robbery and the murder, only they know he couldn't have crucified himself alone, he gives it up. McDowell and Ortiz make an arrest when the find the accomplice trying to cut open the safe. Meanwhile the other detectives are on a stakeout waiting to talk to the "Fury", when his party is shot down by the dead rapper's brother. Those left surviving, "Fury" not being one of them, are apprehended and the case is more or less closed. Ortiz's divorce attorney stops by the squad, her husband is not going to make the divorce easy for her. He wants a jury trial that is going to wind up costing her time and money. At the end of shift the temp PAA leaves much to everyone's relief. Sipowicz asks McDowell if she'd like to join him for dinner; meanwhile, Clark Jr. brings Hodges up to speed on the case and the fact that nothing will probably happen to him with IAB. Later at dinner, Connie and Andy discuss Theo and they agree to be in each others lives and see what happens.moreless
  • Safari, So Good
    Episode 13
    The detectives begin investigating the death of a doctor and at the crime scene Sipowicz tries to avoid having any discussion with McDowell about the kiss from the previous night. Back at the squad, John Irvin introduces the temporary who will be filling in for him during his African safari. The temp PAA is a struggling screenwriter which piques Medavoy's interest. When another case comes up, Sipowicz declines any immediate assistance from McDowell and Ortiz who are going to help out with both investigations. At the crime scene of the second case, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. run into a well meaning rookie cop, who may have made their case harder to solve. One of the deceased doctor's colleagues comes in for some questioning and mentions his colleagues' free charity work. The deceased doctor had a prescription for a patient named Angela Stokes in his pocket; not recognizing that name his colleague suspects that Angela was a patient of the doctor's charity work. The doctor's colleague asks to be kept up to date on the progress of the case. Medavoy talks to the temp PAA about screenwriting and the stories that Medavoy has to tell. When second case's victim is identified with a name of Tureek, it turns out to be one of two men that Sipowicz had collared for a robbery/homicide 20 years earlier; only back then Tureek's name was Marvin. Angela Stokes is brought in and McDowell and Ortiz question her, she seems surprised at the news when she hears that her doctor is dead. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. meet with their victim's parole officer who tells them about all the great things for the community Tureek has done since serving his time for the crime that Sipowicz arrested him for 20 years ago. They also find out that Tureek had become reacquainted with his partner, Eric Green, from the robbery/homicide. They bring Eric Green in for questioning and he points to a kid who was recently fired. The temp PAA asks Medavoy if he has any ideas. A tip comes in about someone selling pharmaceuticals that match a description given by several witnesses. Medavoy and Jones go to sit on the clinic and wait for their suspect to show up. Rodriguez lets the temp PAA know what the rules are in his squad. Ortiz's pager keeps going off; her soon-to-be ex-husband is harassing her. The temp PAA's attitude is driving John Irvin crazy. The recently fired man is brought for questioning, which leads nowhere. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy grab up their suspect. The junkie is brought up to the squad. Haywood meets with Jones in the hallway and she tells him that she is going to be taking some time off. She reveals to him that she had miscarried yesterday. Jones is discouraged that she never contacted him. Rather than take some time to take it all in, Jones goes into an interview with Medavoy and their suspect; although Jones isn't really getting into the interview. Their suspect gives them the name of a junkie/prostitute named Baby Doll. John Irvin asks Sipowicz for some advice about the temp PAA he doesn't like, his pending vacation that requires flight and his relationship with Ray Maxwell. Sipowicz tells him to just go on his vacation and enjoy himself. The detectives raid the apartment where expect to find Baby Doll. Baby Doll is brought in for question and cites the doctor's perversions (never specified) as her reason for committing his murder. She also mentions the deal that the doctor had with Angela Stokes and the prescription forms. Angela would get half of the prescribed dose. Marvin's burnt out car is found and Eric Green fits the description of the person leaving the scene as the fire started. Green won't talk with Sipowicz in the room and Clark Jr. says something that causes their questioning to stop. Sipowicz gives Clark Jr. grief for blowing the interview for him. Now Clark Jr. is going to have to go back in the room and hope he gets lucky. With Sipowicz out of the room, Eric Green opens up and expresses his anger at Marvin for taking 15 years out of his life. McDowell and Ortiz bring Angela Stokes up to speed on her position in the death of her doctor. John Irvin leaves for his vacation. Sipowicz tells the temp PAA how things are going to be run in the office starting tomorrow. The doctor comes back to find out the progress on the case and is a first annoyed at not being kept up to speed, only to be glad of it when he infers that his colleague wasn't the man he though he was. Clark Jr. apologizes to Sipowicz for blowing his interview. Medavoy apologizes to Jones for his behavior of the past couple of weeks and gets an invitation to watch the Knick game. A drunken Don Harrison stops by the bar where Ortiz, Rodriguez and Clark Jr. are having a drink and he makes a scene. He tells her that they have now become enemies. Sipowicz and McDowell have the discussion that he'd been avoiding all day. He's worried about their age difference and she mentions that she's never going to be able to have a child of her own. He realizes that the relationship is more about her spending time with Theo.moreless
  • Oh, Mama
    Episode 12
    Sipowicz and Clark Jr. begin an investigating the death of high school student. McDowell and Ortiz start investigating the death of a 3 year old girl who was shot while sleeping in her crib. Medavoy and Jones interview a girl about death of the student and she mentions a boy nicknamed "Swirly" that had a fight with the victim. McDowell and Ortiz report back to Rodriquez that an engagement party was going on underneath the little girl's window. Rodriquez also asks Ortiz about what her husband may be calling about. She tells him that they are getting a divorce. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview "Swirly" and he confesses to the crime. They go to "Swirly"'s home and meet his naked eccentric mother. McDowell and Ortiz question the new fiancée about his engagement party and who might have fired a gun last night. He denies that any shots were fired. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. return and are doubtful that "Swirly" committed the crime. Andy asks John for a quick haircut. Haywood and Jones talk about the baby, but Haywood seems distant, she tells him that she is just tired, which the doctor says is normal. John tells Andy about his upcoming trip to Africa with Ray Maxwell, the guy whose bulldog puppies were stolen. Since he is going to be gone for three weeks, John won't be able to watch Theo, but since things seems be to going well with Det. McDowell, he doesn't think it should be a problem. Andy asks him what he means by that. Someone trying to sell the high school victim's videogames is brought in for questioning. He points to a guy named Nick as the perpetrator and knows where the murder weapon is. Nick is picked up by Sipowicz and Clark Jr. Their questioning of him leads nowhere. McDowell and Ortiz question a cab driver who refuses to assist the police, because of an incident with a rookie police officer ten years earlier that was ruled to be the officer's fault and cost the driver his license(s). He didn't even get an apology. On behalf of the NYPD, McDowell and Ortiz apologize. It seems to be enough for him as he tells them about the two men he saw fighting and the shot he heard fired. The interview with Nick continues, but is going nowhere until his dad arrives and helps the detectives to get a confession. "Swirly" is told he is free to go, but Sipowicz asks him is he is alright with going home to his mother. McDowell and Ortiz question one of the men who they know was involved in the argument. He admits to firing the gun overhead to scare the guy who was keeping him boxed in his parking space. He is devastated to learn where the bullet went. Sipowicz asks Jones what's up between him and Medavoy and then he asks McDowell if she would like to join him and Theo for a movie. "Swirly"'s mom comes to pick him up, but Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find her kissing her son in a provocative way. They work to get her some much needed help, but Clark Jr. wonders what they may have done to the boy. After dinner and a movie, Andy and Connie share more than a quick peck on the cheek goodbye (stay tuned). Meanwhile, Clark Jr. seeks out his father if anything just to thank him for being there for him while growing up.moreless
  • Humpty Dumped
    Episode 11
    Ortiz gets word from a man that his wife and her husband are having an affair. The man has a copy of an e-mail that his wife and her husband may be rendezvousing later that afternoon. The detectives catch a homicide from the night watch. When Ortiz and McDowell begin question a potential witness, her mother comes along, tells them that her daughter knows nothing and takes her away. The detectives discuss strategy for their case. Sipowicz asks Clark Jr. and McDowell to continue working the case without him; he is going to spend some time working on "nailing this Beacham asshole". Jones and Medavoy are assigned to another homicide, while looking into the case, Jones tells Medavoy about Haywood's condition. Medavoy is a little put out; when he finds out that he wasn't the first to know. Sipowicz tells Beacham about his investigation into Beacham's dealing with Mrs. Hornby's money. McDowell, Clark Jr. and Ortiz have a witness that refuses to give anything up, fearing the recriminations of going against Tito. Some tension begins to mount between Jones and Medavoy. Haywood's mishandling of a case the previous week allowed their suspected gunman, Tito, to be free this week; upset with herself she leaves the squad, without Jones getting a chance to speak with her. Sipowicz interviews one of Beacham's bookkeepers, and he agrees to be a witness. Jones and Medavoy interview a drag queen as a possible suspect in their investigation, but she points to Palo. Clark Jr., McDowell and Ortiz go to bring Tito in for questioning, but when they collar him a friend of his says something in Spanish that causes Ortiz to turn around the slap the friend. The interview of Tito goes nowhere. Ortiz flies off the handle and McDowell confronts her on the way out, but Ortiz isn't listening. Her mind is elsewhere and she arrives at the hotel where her husband's rendezvous is supposed to take place and she catches him in the act. She tells him to be out of their home by morning. Sipowicz comes to Beacham's office to arrest him for grand larceny, fraud and embezzlement. Jones and Medavoy interview a woman who's in love with Palo; she can't give them Palo's location, but mentions the name of Palo's lawyer. They go to the lawyer's office and learn that Palo will be their soon. While waiting for Palo, Jones tries to clear things up with Medavoy. Clark Jr. and McDowell bring in the woman and her daughter and Haywood tries to reassure the mother about what will happen. The girl readily IDs Tito, but he's still not giving it up, feeling confident that no one in the neighborhood is going to back up the ID. Jones and Medavoy bring Palo in for an interview, he tells them he was there when she died, but that she killed herself. With the knife injuries she had, its doubtful that she was able to stab herself in the front and the back; but that is where this case is left. Ortiz returns back to the squad and tells McDowell about what was going on. Sipowicz also returns and finds out that Mrs. Hornby isn't going to sign the complaint. Another witness comes forward who will identify Tito and can give them the names of others who will also come forward. Sipowicz goes to Mrs. Hornby's apartment to advise her not to drop the complaint and she agrees. At Baldwin's apartment, Valerie arrives and they discuss the fate of their unborn child. They decide they are going to keep their baby; meanwhile Sipowicz delivers Mrs. Hornby back out into the real world.moreless
  • Jealous Hearts
    Episode 10
    Sipowicz visits Gibson at the hospital to ask him about Mrs. Hornby and her missing jewelry. Harrison starts quizzing his wife about her whereabouts, which starts escalating just as Rodriguez enters. The detectives begin investigating two DOAs at a restaurant robbery, another victim played dead. At the scene McDowell spots a woman pretending to be a cop. The woman claims that she is just trying to help, but McDowell and Ortiz decide to check her out. McDowell mentions she is going on a blind date, with a lawyer, which leads to a couple of comments from Sipowicz. Julian Pisano stops by the squad to offer information on the restaurant robbery/homicide. Pisano tries to strike a deal with Sipowicz before Sipowicz strikes him. He offers them up the name, Gio Deloria. Sipowicz's further comments about McDowell's possible blind date and the relationship that she's building with Theo lead to him telling her "not to put herself out" in regards to making time for Theo. Rodriguez talks with Ortiz about the situation with her husband, she says it is nothing she can't handle. After not finding Gio Deloria at home, Medavoy asks Jones why he's been quiet lately, leading to Medavoy reminiscing about Donna Abandando. McDowell and Ortiz go to apartment of the phony cop's mother and find her body, by the smell dead for a couple of weeks. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. find Deloria at his girlfriend's apartment and after a scuffle, bring him in. Back at the squad, McDowell and Ortiz discover that their phony cop has disappeared; she slipped out while Astrachan had stepped away for a few minutes. Deloria denies being at the restaurant and is going to be subjected to a lineup. Sipowicz gets help from an old friend retired cop friend who gets him access to some financial records, so that Sipowicz can look into Mrs. Hornby's affairs. The documents reveal that Mrs. Hornby's affairs are being mishandled by Cory Beacham. In the lineup, the shooting survivor picks out Deloria, but the ID might be lost, when their witness's father reveals that his son fried his brain by sniffing glue when he was a teenager. Haywood and Jones discuss the fact the she's been keeping him out of the loop in her decision making. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. re-interview Deloria, holding his daughter over his head to make sure that Deloria gives a statement that will eliminate the need for the lineup. Deloria mentions that Pisano is the only one who knew about the fact that he was going to commit this crime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go after Pisano, but realize that they can't hold him on anything. A report comes in about a cop being shot. The wounded cop turns out to be the phony cop. The phony cop tells McDowell that since she wasn't able to help her mother, she wanted to at least be able to help someone else. McDowell tells her she "did good" just before the woman dies. Sipowicz tries to tell Mrs. Hornby about her finances and she tells him that she found her necklace and he shouldn't worry about it. He finds out from her that Cory Beacham is her late husband's nephew. He tries to give her the facts about what Beacham is doing and that she'll be broke in about a year. He asks her whether he should begin investigating further. Flustered Mrs. Hornby tells to just go ahead then. At dinner McDowell's blind date doesn't go well, nothing in common. She leaves it early and makes a phone call to the "Sipowicz residence". She and Andy talk resolving their differences of the day.moreless
  • Here Comes the Son
    Episode 9
    The detectives start investigating a massage parlor rip-off. While their rip-off involves a homicide, there are similar rip-offs occurring in the Bronx. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are going to work the case with detectives from the Bronx, including Clark Sr. This leaves the others to look into the case of an elderly woman being robbed in her home by exterminators. Mrs. Hornby sends her agent, Beacham, to ask Sipowicz to come back to her apartment and work security. The dollar figure for the job is raised and other perks are offered, but Sipowicz rejects them all. McDowell, Ortiz, Jones and Medavoy look into the exterminator case. Through the efforts of two Samaritans, one of the exterminators was captured and subdued at the scene. The other has gotten away, but is quickly grabbed up. While waiting to talk to the victim and one of the perps at the hospital, small talk leads to Ortiz telling McDowell that she and her husband are working on their marriage. In the meantime, back at the squad, Ortiz's husband stops by to check up on her, asking Rodriguez to keep an eye on her. Rodriguez denies the request. When the subdued exterminator dies as a result of his injuries, the detectives are forced to find out everything that went on at the scene to determine if charges need to be filed against the Samaritans. Haywood tells Jones that she thinks she is pregnant and he wonders when he will be involved in the decision process. The Bronx detectives arrive at the squad to compare cases and the tension begins mounting. A doctor who was known to be at the massage parlor won't talk, asks for his lawyer, and gives Sipowicz and Clark Jr. nothing for their interview. Clark Sr. says that the next interview is theirs. While staking out someone who used a stolen credit card from the massage parlor, Sipowicz tells Clark Jr. the story of his past history with Clark Sr. Essentially Sipowicz's methods and his drinking at the time rubbed the "by the book" Clark Sr. the wrong way. Also, Clark Sr.'s inability to lie when he should have allowed a mistrial to occur. An elderly woman died a month later as a result of that suspect being freed. The credit card user is subdued and Clark Sr. and his partner conduct the interview, "using honey instead of vinegar to attract the bees". Jones and Medavoy conduct another interview, but the interviewee seems much more interested in Jones. When other evidence points to the Samaritans beating the exterminator more than he needed to be, McDowell and Ortiz are charged with bringing the Samaritans in to inform them that they are facing man-slaughter charges. The man given up by the credit card user is taken into custody, but not until after hitting Clark Sr. and giving them all a workout. Clark Sr. and his partner bring the suspect back to the precinct, while Sipowicz and Clark Jr. get the doctor to give them the ID that they need. Clark Sr. starts to conduct an interview, but Clark Jr. and Sipowicz get the job done. Sipowicz tries to make it right between him and Clark Sr., trying to keep Clark Jr. out of it, telling him he shouldn't alienate his son. Clark Sr. tells him to go to hell. Valerie and Baldwin start to discuss some of their options as Sipowicz sells out for $400 a shift. He arrives back at his apartment and observes Connie's motherly interactions with Theo.moreless
  • Puppy Love
    Episode 8
    Gibson stops by to say his goodbyes as he goes out on medical leave to fight his cancer. He offers Sipowicz the opportunity to take a security job for a rich widow two nights a week. Det. Ortiz reports for duty and joins the other detectives on a dump job homicide. Ortiz and McDowell show a picture of the victim to a man who reported his nephew missing. He IDs his nephew, Oscar Molina, but tells them that INS had reportedly picked his nephew up two days earlier. His calls to the INS didn't get results, that why he reported him missing. Jones and Medavoy respond to Ray Maxwell's report of stolen puppies, purebred English bulldogs. Medavoy sees a future business opportunity in dog breeding when he finds out the puppies are worth $3000 a piece. An area pet store owner, Lois Dunbar, is considered as a suspect, when one of the Maxwell's articles cost her some business. INS arrives at the precinct and mentions a couple of their agents that they've had complaints on. The agents are brought in and cite being elsewhere, although they can't easily prove it. Lois Dunbar is questioned about the missing puppies and Medavoy wants to know about the breeding business. A pet store calls in with a report that someone is looking to offload some bulldog puppies. At lunch Sipowicz goes to meet the widow and gets approval from her to show up at 6:00 pm that evening for the security job Gibson put him onto. The INS agents' story seems to be checking out. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to interview a security guard, whose fingerprints were found on the victim's car, who may know something. When they arrive, the guard attempts to run away. Medavoy and Jones are on surveillance at the pet store and Medavoy keeps pursing the dog breeding business. The security guard thought that Sipowicz and Clark Jr. were INS, which was why he ran. When asked about the victim, he tells them that the victim was child molester. The guy with the puppies tells the detectives about the horror of having the puppies (even if only for a few hours, causing Medavoy to rethink his plan) and the name of the man who put him onto the puppies, Ray Maxwell's partner, Carter Lynch. Ortiz and McDowell interview the victim's aunt and she confesses that the Oscar Molina was flirting with her. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back at the security guard with that information and get an admission that the Molina's uncle hired him to get rid of his nephew. Carter Lynch confesses and Ray Maxwell offers an amiable settlement where charges won't be pressed. John Irvin is allowed to deliver the news to Ray and winds up with a date. With Andy's agreement, John arranges for Connie to watch Theo while he goes to see "The Producers" in Nathan Lane's seats. Oscar Molina's uncle lawyers up but the case is resolved. Sipowicz reports for duty and finds out what Gibson was really up to, playing nursemaid and companion to that rich widow. For him it is a short-lived job. When he returns home, Connie tells Andy she would be glad to baby-sit for Theo anytime.moreless
  • Mom's Away
    Episode 7
    Connie still watching her daughter catches her and a friend with a joint. She brings them to the precinct with the intention of getting to know her daughter and her adoptive parents. Sipowicz, Gibson and Clark Jr. investigate a drug related murder, while McDowell begins to help Medavoy and Jones with their homicide at a construction site, but is anxious to return to the squad. Mrs. Murray joins the detectives in the interviewing of her son Michael, who eventually gives them the name of someone they should be looking at for the murder. Upon McDowell's return she begins to interview her daughter, probing to find out information about her parents and how they've raised her. When Sipowicz returns to the house, he recognizes Connie's collar as her daughter. He re-advises her to let it go, but Connie claims that she only wants to talk with the mother, and then she can go. Sipowicz, Gibson and Clark Jr. interview Carter Freeman, but it doesn't lead anywhere. They advise him that they are going to put the pressure on him and shut his business down. As they apply pressure, they respond to a call and discover that Mrs. Murray has been shot and killed. Jennifer's mother comes in and Connie asks her more questions than she probably should have. In the construction site homicide, the victim's husband, Phillip Connor is brought in. Medavoy and Jones tell him about his wife, only he doesn't believe it. He believed that his wife had died in the World Trade Center attack, since she worked there and went missing around that time. Michael is questioned about his mother's murder and Gibson gets overanxious, causing Sipowicz to get him out of the room. Afterwards Sipowicz tells Gibson he knows about the cancer and Gibson tells him to keep it quiet. Michael admits Freeman killed his mother with his favorite gun that has "a lot of bodies on it". Denise Connor's friend is brought in for questioning, and she admits that Denise was having an affair with James Franklin, who is the owner of a construction company. Richard Beck comes in and tells McDowell that he knows who she is and that she needs to stay away; otherwise he'll get a restraining order. The detectives reacquire Freeman. Jones and Medavoy question Franklin about Denise Connor and his affair; he asks for his lawyer. Haywood advises them that they'll need more evidence before they can convict Franklin. Harrison, an ADA from Brooklyn, talks with Rodriguez about getting a position in the squad for his wife, Det. Rita Ortiz, whose currently in Vice. Rodriguez mentions he doesn't have any openings, but he will keep her at the top of his list. A position may soon open up; however, when Sipowicz tells Rodriguez about Gibson's cancer and the fact that he is going to give the Freeman arrest to Gibson, which should be good for a bump in grade. In the precinct lobby, Connor confronts Franklin about the affair and Jones lays down the law to Franklin, warning him that he will be out their watching him. McDowell's daughter arrives at the precinct and they go out to talk. Rodriguez makes a call that winds up giving Gibson a double bump, up to Detective 1st Grade and will allow him to go out securely on medical leave. In talking with her daughter, Connie realizes that she has made a mistake, since now that her daughter knows she exists, she will always be thinking about her, probably to the point of distraction from the life she has been leading. Later McDowell shows up at Sipowicz's door crying, admitting that she screwed it up bad.moreless
  • Baby Love
    Episode 6
    Valerie stops by Baldwin's apartment for some spontaneity. Sipowicz gets a page from Gibson's niece Cynthia, and agrees to have lunch with her. A baby is taken from hospital and all of the detectives move on the case, until Jones and Medavoy are diverted to an arson investigation. One of the Arab owners of the firebombed shop keeps pointing towards a man who has been hassling them a lot. Jones and Medavoy interview this man who's been holding a grudge since 11 Sep 2001. McDowell interviews a woman who recently had a stillborn and becomes angry when she realizes that she's a suspect. Cynthia tells Andy about her uncle's colon cancer and the fact that his family wants him at home, getting treatment. He promises her that he will do something, but his focus at the moment is on the missing baby case. Racial tensions erupt at the hospital when one of the store owner's accuses the police of doing nothing. Back at the squad a woman comes forward with info on the firebombing; she overheard her neighbor bragging about the crime. A woman is brought in for questioning, which gives the detectives information on a woman who was supposed to be having a baby at the hospital. They go to her apartment and she confesses to leaving the crying baby in a nearby building. They also realize that the name the woman called when they arrived is the same as the father of the missing baby. Jones and Medavoy interview their informant's neighbor. They get him to cop to the crime, but keep the "hate" part out of it, at least for now. They come back later informing the suspect that the owner's ID'd him as someone they'd had problems with in the past. Now he needs to amend his statement and now the hate is included with the crime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the baby kidnapper and she confesses that she and the baby's father were in a conspiracy to kidnap the baby. They go to hospital and arrest the baby's father, who isn't very cooperative. Sipowicz tries having a talk with Gibson, but Gibson doesn't give anything up. Meanwhile Rodriguez asks the detectives if they think Gibson brings anything to the table. Sipowicz offers to be his partner. Given the events of the day, Sipowicz offers McDowell another chance to talk, but she declines citing having a blind date to go on. Instead of a date, Connie has her daughter, Jennifer, under surveillance.moreless
  • Cops and Robber
    Episode 5
    Vehicles in the precinct's parking lot are broken into, including Clark Jr.'s, and since he was just thrown out of his father's home, it contained all his possessions, including his detective shield. McDowell and Gibson work a homicide case, meanwhile the other detectives scramble to help cover Clark Jr.'s ass. If the problem doesn't get resolved by the end of the day, Rodriguez wants to know the whole story, until then he'll ask no more questions. A robbery victim reports that a cop ripped him off and Sipowicz and Clark Jr. follow a few leads. McDowell's interview of their homicide victim's pregnant girlfriend goes bad when the girl flips out after Gibson tells her that her boyfriend didn't make it. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to a pawn shop where someone flashing a shield was pawning items taken from the lot. They find out that Anti-crime is on the case, when they all hear that a shield bearing perp was captured by some uniforms. McDowell and Gibson interview their victim's boss and find out about the robbery their victim was in on that put the boss out of business. McDowell goes back to the girlfriend and gets the story and the name of their victim's accomplice, RJ. The shield bearing perp doesn't pan out but Medavoy and Jones find someone better for Sipowicz to question. He points them to another suspect that gets stripped of his dignity and Clark Jr.'s clothes. He names a dealer whose grace he got back into by giving him the shield. Gibson shows McDowell a trick which gets RJ to confess to a murder. Sipowicz asks McDowell if she can dress like a prostitute (which she seems a little reluctant to do) so that they can get to the dealer that has Clark Jr.'s shield. The operation is successful and the shield is recovered. Valerie and Baldwin meet in the hallway and discuss the fact they haven't been able to spend anytime together. He suggests to her that spontaneity might be needed. McDowell confronts the girl's parents and afterwards needs someone to talk with; Andy offers her conversation after they have a fish stick dinner with Theo. Connie tells Andy what she had previously told Diane, about the child she gave up for adoption when she was fifteen. The day's events got to her and she asks Andy what he thinks about her going to look her daughter up; Andy suggests that she doesn't, as just dropping in on her daughter would just unnecessarily disrupt her life. He suggests that she just wait until her daughter is ready to find her.moreless
  • 11/20/01
    Sipowicz and Clark Jr. come to a working agreement. Clark Jr. promises that his father won't interfere anymore, but Sipowicz is reluctant to believe that. Eddie Gibson moves from night watch to the dayshift and is partnered with McDowell on a DOA. Medavoy and Jones help Sipowicz and Clark Jr. in looking into the death of a corrections officer from Rikers. Gibbons puts to rest any fears McDowell might have, having a man as a partner, while she just tries to adjust having him as a partner. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's ex-boyfriend, but until they find her car they don't find any concrete leads. A receipt from last night leads to a drugstore. McDowell and Clark interview their victim's mother and then her ex-husband, whom they find and bring in, but neither leads to anything. The stakeout of the drugstore gets the other detectives a man who was last seen with the corrections officer, but in his interview he points to his friend Darrell who was with him and the victim for their sexual encounter. When a phone dump comes back on the victim's apartment showing phone calls to and from her mother's home, McDowell brings the victim's mother back in. When the mother comes in with her granddaughter, McDowell interviews the granddaughter, to ascertain the whereabouts of her grandmother. The victim's mother reveals her feeling that her daughter was unfit to be a mother and her daughter's intention to keep her daughter. The mother did what she felt she had to do for her granddaughter's benefit. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. discuss how to write up the 5's on their case, after Darrell has told them point blank that he shot the woman for her gun, after she had put her gun away. Clark Jr. goes to Rikers in search of more background information on the victim, so that he can determine how to write up his case. When that is done, he returns home for the evening to find out that his father has thrown him out.moreless
  • 11/13/01
    Det. Daniel Eric Sorenson is laid to rest and the squad returns to work, catching two cases from night watch. Rodriguez wants Sipowicz to partner with Clark, but Sipowicz declines citing just burying his previous partner and having a previous partner named John. He suggest for now he partner McDowell and Junior can tag along. Medavoy and Jones look into a DOA found in a fire, where they meet a "whack job", the victim's roommate, Sally and a friend, Candy. Sipowicz, McDowell and Clark meet Gibson at the scene of a woman's stabbing. When the victim's husband, Phil Carlson, returns home he feels harassed by the detectives, who make him a prime suspect when his alibi doesn't check out. On his day off, Clark's father stops by the squad to find out how his son is doing on his first day. Clark Sr. exchanges a few words with Sipowicz who again calls him by his nickname "Dutch Boy". Clark Sr. asks Clark Jr. to tell him about his first case. After Clark Sr. leaves, Clark asks to about the meaning of the "Dutch Boy" nickname and Medavoy regales in telling the "Dutch Boy" story. Seems Clark Sr. called for backup and shot in the groin and "killed" a plaster statue of the Dutch Boy Paint mascot early in his career. Clark Sr. has had his balls busted ever since by those who remember, such as Sipowicz. With help from McDowell, Medavoy and Jones interview Sally and Candy about the death of their roommate and friend, by trying to figure out who might have been interested in a collector guitar the victim owned. Phil Carlson's attorney arrives on the scene citing harassment of his client by one of the detectives who's been calling all the numbers of his client's cell phone. It seems that Clark Sr. has begun working the case on his son's behalf, although at the moment he is jeopardizing it. Clark Jr. promises that it won't happen again. Medavoy gets a line on the missing guitar, which leads them to the grabbing up of "Spyder", who happens to be in the company of Candy. When Clark Sr. calls the squad, Sipowicz gives him a piece of his mind. Meantime Clark Jr. comes back with information that brings the detectives to rounding up suspects in their break-in and stabbing case. "Spyder" gives it up easy and implicates roommate Sally as an accessory. Sipowicz lets Clark Jr. interview their suspect and Clark Jr. manages to get a confession. At the end of the tour, the detectives go to McAleer's Pub to toast Danny's memory and a fresh start. Clark Sr. arrives demanding that Clark Jr. come home with him. He doesn't want his son to become a drunk like Sipowicz.moreless
  • Johnny Got His Gold (2)
    The wearing of the wire goes bad, Clark gets shot on the street and Sipowicz kills the perp. Clark's father, a detective that Sipowicz has a history with (Sipowicz calls him "Dutch Boy"), arrives on the scene wanting to know what went wrong. McDowell, Medavoy and Jones begin investigating a shooting at a restaurant and see the news, which shows a picture of Sipowicz and mention his involvement in the morning's shootout. Sipowicz thanks McDowell for her intervention at the bar last night. After hearing about the TV coverage Andy, worried about Theo, decides to go home early; only Rodriguez gets a call from the 83rd, that his mother's apartment was invaded. Sipowicz and McDowell begin interviewing a woman who was having an affair with the restaurant victim, a faculty member at NYU. Det. Olivera tells Rodriguez that most probable suspect in his mother's break-in is a guy out on parole, whom Rodriguez had put in jail 8 years earlier. Rodriguez and Olivera go to where he suspects that Kiki may be located. Another shooting victim with a connection to NYU is found, but when yet another shooting occurs (no victims), a bullet is recovered and Medavoy determines the shootings are random targets but the shots all came from one location. They close in on the location, finding and disarming the shooter. Olivera and her lieutenant conduct an interview with Kiki that doesn't go the way Rodriguez wanted it. He and Olivera find Kiki and Rodriguez conducts his own interview, which resolves to his satisfaction. For the morning's efforts, Clark is promoted to Det. 3rd grade and Sipowicz is promoted to Det. 1st grade. Clark asks for an assignment at the 15th precinct, something his father is very much against. Andy takes Theo fishing and tells him about the events of the day, prompting Theo to state "When I grow up I gonna be like you daddy. I'm gonna kill bad people".moreless
  • Lie Like a Rug (1)
    Lie Like a Rug (1)
    Episode 1
    The detectives begin investigating the deaths of 4 girls, but stress levels are running high around the precinct, with the recent events of September 11th and the fact that nothing has been found regarding Sorenson in the past 5 months. Sipowicz and McDowell are joined by narcotics officer John Clark Jr. (a second generation cop) to investigate a lead when a woman brought in for questioning points them to a possible suspect. Medavoy and Jones interview a shooting victim, who is later revealed to have been at the scene of the robbery/homicide and was caught in the crossfire. Interviewing the dealer reveals nothing for Sipowicz and McDowell, but when Medavoy and Jones another suspect, he offers them information on where a body is buried, but only when he gets a deal. With the information he gives them, they believe the body might be Danny Sorenson's. Sipowicz takes over the interrogation and gets a location for the body, where he and Rodriguez go to see what they will find; meanwhile, the other detectives (with Clark) gather up other suspects. CSU uncovers a body, which is identified as Sorenson. Sipowicz and Rodriguez get the Feds to cooperate with their suspect wearing a wire, although they have some reservations that their suspect may not be able to pull it off. They set up meeting at the strip club for the following day, as the other detectives wrap up the robbery/homicide. On his way home Sipowicz goes into a bar and buys himself a shot, "just to smell it". McDowell arrives in time to keep him from drinking it.moreless
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