Season 4 Episode 15

Taillight's Last Gleaming

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 1997 on ABC

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  • Andy Sr. meets Andy Jr. and Jesus Christ.

    This episode begins several plot lines and devices that continue even to the last episode of the series.

    Andy enters a dinner (while asleep) and meets his Son, Andy Jr. He also meets Jesus Christ, but as yet no one knows it is him. Jesus gives one hint to his real identity, when he tells Andy Sr. he should have talked across him to Andy Jr. (instead of asking him to exchange seats). The writers continue to have the dead talk to Andy Sr. at important times throughout the series with Andy Sr. meeting Bobby again in the last season/episodes.

    Unfortunately, Andy Sr. doesn't realize his opportunities until it is too late, as is true for many of us. Deep down Andy is a good man. The writers show and develop throughout the series Andy Sr.’s willingness to change (repent and improve). Andy Sr. turns out to a good role model. He still has a lot of baggage, as we see in the final scene with his Son, but time proves he is willing to turn inward and change for the good.

    Lt. Fancy begins a plot line where he works with a patrol man who is showing signs of being a racist. Fancy sees it as his chance either to get him out of the department or prevent another "old" Andy from moving up in the ranks.

    Greg doesn't know it but a plot line is starting to allow him be a Father again.

    I know many don't care for this episode, but I find it an outstanding episode. It has faith, character development, and the conflicts dramas need, and can give one food for thought.

    My highest criterion for an outstanding episode is one I think about afterwards. This episode leaves me thinking about my own growth and what if I was to meet Christ in the same similar situation as Andy Sr. How would I respond? I suspect like Andy, I'm not emotionally or spiritually ready to listen. Like Andy, though, I want to change and grow.