Season 12 Episode 6

The Vision Thing

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2004 on ABC

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  • Very very silly

    I just couldn\'t believe what I was watching!! I am an avid fan of this gritty drama, but the scene where Andy talks to the ghost of Simone was absolutely ridiculous. It was so out of keeping with every other episode I have ever watched. Is this just some strange device so that Jimmy Smits could make a swansong? I think the writers must have taken leave of their senses. It made very little sense. It wasn\'t even as if they\'d given Andy\'s character the chance to develop in the direction of maybe anervous breakdown. Very very very poor. I hope there wil be no more of this as the series comes to its finale.
  • The gang at NYPD Blue solve some crimes very easily...

    NYPD Blue is a great show. The acting is usually superb and the storylines are realistic.

    However, this episode is incredibly tiresome and unrealistic. First we have the long-running saga between Clark and Sipowicz. They like each other, they don't, they do, they don't - enough already...the storyline with Clark going off the rails was an interesting twist originally, now its just annoying. Then there's John and the antique dealer - this side-story is just stupid - the dealer is a crook but becomes involved with John from the police station and then tells John that he 'manufactured' the theft!!! Then there's Medovay as a bouncer - very unrealistic - but worse is Medovay scaring away a threatening character twice as big as he is!!! Its nice that Medovay's character is shown to be smarter than he looks, but again the scene doesn't ring true. And lastly, the awful apparition of Bobby with Andy...this excruciating scene where Bobby talks about the 'other side' with Andy - to help him along...if Andy had enough problems before, after this scene - he would have started drinking for sure!!! Even the 2 crimes that occurred during the episode - where both criminals were very, very stupid...A truly awful episode.