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N.Y.P.D. plainclothes detectives Mike Haines, Johnny Corso and Jeff Ward track murderers, extortionists, drug pushers, bombers, rapists, and other thugs around the Big Apple.

Filmed on actual New York locations which included the Bowery, Wall Street, the Empire State Building, Shubert Alley, Greenwich Village and Times Square, N.Y.P.D. was commended by real life mayor at the time John Lindsay, who allowed the filming of scenes at New York's City Hall. Several episodes were based on actual NYPD cases and the show had full permission from the police department to create them into episodes.

N.Y.P.D. was a police series somewhat like Naked City with gritty action, personal drama and lots of New York City locations.

The show was a landmark in television production, one of the first to use the hand-held of camera work later popularized by the reality show COPS and the drama series Law & Order.

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  • NYPD Changed The Police Department

    Prior to the show NYPD, the NYC Police Department was not known as NYPD. It was always known, and all logos showed, it was PDNY, or Police Department, New York. The success of the TV show NYPD was such that the department finally gave up trying to convince the public that it wasn't NYPD, and made the change.
  • It's not always easy to go back to where you came from. Detective Ward went back the old neighborhood to track down a suspect, only to find that he was not getting the help he needed to do so - not even from his old friends.moreless

    I was so happy to have found a website that provides information on what I consider to be one of the best crime dramas of the '67 - '69 season. The actors were excellent. The story lines were gritty - but authentic. My life would come to a halt when this show came on, because I would not move from in front of the t.v. set from the beginning - to the end of the episode. Oh, how I wish that TVLand and the like would put this show on their series schedule; I think that people would watch it! I definitely would.moreless
  • A believable show filmed on location that depicted the hard work and realism of police work in New York City.

    I absolutely loved this show for its realistic and gritty depiction of crime and police work in NYC. The show was filmed on location and had the feeling of almost being a live, unstaged performance. While Jack Warden was a well-known actor at the time, his co-stars were relative unknowns. The entire cast was depicted as cops were at the time, wearing cheap suits and getting their hands dirty. Please let me know if this show is ever released on DVD.moreless
  • Paved the way for other cop shows.

    Robert Hooks has done great in all the roles he has played. This cop show was perfect for its time. I would like to see an updated version of this show back on the air, with Robert Hooks as the star. At the time NYPD aired, there were so many restrictions on what could and could not be aired on television. Now, the sky is the limit. This show could run for an action packed hour.moreless
  • FLASHING RED LIGHTS and the letters.... N.Y.P.D.

    I remember watching this every week and in reruns till it disappeared. This show was way ahead of it's time. Of course when hill street blues and all the others hit this show looked so pathetic, but compared to the other show of this era, DRAGNET it fared very well. I would love it on DVD so i can see them all over again.