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  • this stupid thing says i put this show as a ten but i put it as a five! errrmm well I like new zealand idol but, i really reckon the american one really is a bundle of laughs.. plus american idol has had some great talent over the years! luv simon lol

    overall i say its pretty okay.. i do agree that its kinda mediocre compared to the american one lol..still im a new zealander so i kinda have to stay loyal.. but i really wanted Nik to win instead of Rosita.. and I luvv Matt Suanua!! He rocks my sox! I've met him hes so cool a nice person as well.. he signed my album, that was so nice of him.. well I guess Ben was the right choice for idol cycle one although he DID get dropped by his record company because no one would buy his albums lolz.. well thats all for me!
  • This is the singing show from my country. The first season was excellent, the second was mediocre and the third was terrible and boring!

    When I first heard about NZ Idol, I was excited and glad that my country is finally doing a singing competition! I watched the auditions and got some laugh over bad singers. The auditions took place in Auckland (my city), Christchurch and Wellington. The first season gave me huge and lovely memories! Season 1 was great! The top ten were perfect, their were unforgettable times for sure and the winner “Ben Lummis” deserved to win so badly and he did! The first season was excellent.

    Season 2 presented a couple new twists and one different judge, the other two are the same as from the first season. This season started off in great shape, but then it got boring and dull because the top ten were not ideal and the winner “Rosetta Vai” was one my least favourite contestants! I could think of other people who should’ve won! Season 2 was okay all around; Not as good as season 1 for sure!

    The third season was terrible! There were even more twists but the two new judges were the worst type of people to appear, leaving only one decent judge. It bored me big time, nothing from that new season grabbed my attention! It was dull, stupid, silly and boring! I’m really let down for that! This show started off in excellent shape but now it’s bad!

    Uh oh… I think I’m gonna cry! Mummy; what has happened to the show that I used to love heaps??? I’m so sad… I need a cry hankie...
  • Thousands of hopeful Kiwi singers aged between 16 and 30 send in their registration forms for \\\'New Zealand Idol\\\', for their chance to shine in front of the judges, and all of New Zealand.

    The show which began in 2004, taking example from the earlier American Idol and Australian Idol shows, NZ takes its turn to produce a show that hopes to provide the country with a successful long-term recording artist. The first season eventually brought about a number of potential artists in the making with 25 year old Benjamin Lummis eventually taking out the title, although strong competition was put up by runner up 17-year old Michael Murphy from Taupo, and 28 year old single mum Camillia Temple from Hamilton. He released the single \\\'They Can\\\'t Take That Away\\\' which reached platinum status on the NZ music charts. Unfortunately he was later dropped by his record label, and has failed to release any successful hits since.

    The second series saw 24 year old Rosita Vai from Auckland go head to head in the final with 27 year old Nik Carlson from Masterton. Her single \\\'All I Ask\\\' has also failed in it\\\'s longevity, although a new album is scheduled to be released sometime this year.

    The third series is coming to a close with 21 year old Indira Moala from Auckland vying for the title against Matthew Saunoa, 21 from Levin in the lower North Island region of Horowhenua.

    It remains to be seen whether this series will continue beyond this season as both TVNZ who currently hosts the show has plans to drop it due to falling ratings and rival channel TV3 who has no interest in picking it up on their network.
  • Wahhh? NZ has a big enough buying public to support such a show!

    I get a shock everytime I come on here, this time i am shocked that NZ can support such a show. Coming from Australia I know that NZ is tiny and there are more singing sheep than singing humanauts. My review is for the "idea" that NZ has an idol program. My rating therefore is "I don't get it".
    I think the market in NZ will most likely require the winner to look elsewhere for a long music career or any great success. I will be looking for the NZ idols CD in our $2 bins over here (don't worry i will buy it) and provide a more detailed review when I listen to the final product.
    Bring on syndication, love to watch this comedy over here in Australia :)
  • The Journey Begins

    The search for New Zealand's next Idol has started. Thousands of hopeful Kiwi singers aged between 16 and 28 have sent in their registration forms for NZ Idol, for their chance to shine in front of the judges, and all of New Zealand.

    One of these applicants will become New Zealand's next superstar, and win the opportunity of a lifetime - a recording contract with Sony BMG.

    The potential contestants had to impress the judges in a nationwide selection process, which is concluded this past weekend in Wellington.

    The series will deliver the highs and lows of the auditions as the judges - Paul Ellis, Jackie Clarke and Frankie Stevens - deliver their verdict on the performances - and what they have to say won't always be favourable, but then, the road to fame is sometimes rocky.

    Once the judges have selected their top contestants from the auditions, the viewing public will have the opportunity to judge the performances for themselves through a text and telephone voting system. The top 24 will be culled down to the top 10 and then it's really down to business. It's up to each contestant to prove they have the singing talent and charisma to make it in one of the world's most competitive industries - or be voted off the series.

    After nine gruelling weeks the final two contestants will compete to win over the hearts and votes of the viewers. The journey will end at the live grand final when we will learn who will be the next NZ Idol.
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