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TVNZ Premiered Feb 01, 2004 In Season


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  • This is the singing show from my country. The first season was excellent, the second was mediocre and the third was terrible and boring!

    When I first heard about NZ Idol, I was excited and glad that my country is finally doing a singing competition! I watched the auditions and got some laugh over bad singers. The auditions took place in Auckland (my city), Christchurch and Wellington. The first season gave me huge and lovely memories! Season 1 was great! The top ten were perfect, their were unforgettable times for sure and the winner “Ben Lummis” deserved to win so badly and he did! The first season was excellent.

    Season 2 presented a couple new twists and one different judge, the other two are the same as from the first season. This season started off in great shape, but then it got boring and dull because the top ten were not ideal and the winner “Rosetta Vai” was one my least favourite contestants! I could think of other people who should’ve won! Season 2 was okay all around; Not as good as season 1 for sure!

    The third season was terrible! There were even more twists but the two new judges were the worst type of people to appear, leaving only one decent judge. It bored me big time, nothing from that new season grabbed my attention! It was dull, stupid, silly and boring! I’m really let down for that! This show started off in excellent shape but now it’s bad!

    Uh oh… I think I’m gonna cry! Mummy; what has happened to the show that I used to love heaps??? I’m so sad… I need a cry hankie...