NZ Idol

Season 1 Episode 25

Top 3 - Performances - "1980's"

Aired Unknown May 02, 2004 on TVNZ

Episode Recap

This week, Ben, Camillia and Michael performed two songs each - having made their choices from the songs that made the 1980s a decade of synthesisers and big hair.

The top three kicked off the show by performing the Duran Duran 1980s anthem, 'Hungry Like the Wolf'.

Dominic introduced this week's guest judge, Lucy Lawless ('Xena: Warrior Princess'), who said it was incredibly difficult for each of the contestants to take a genre each week and put their own spin on it, but she said the final three were all fantastic performers.

We then saw the Idols sharing their first experience of talking to the media, as they visited the Edge studios in Auckland.

Ben - song 1

Ben said you've got to come out of your comfort zone, and said that Dicko's comments a few shows back, along with the comments of his friends and family have given him more drive - saying even he is shocked by his transformation over the course of NZ Idol. For his first song, Ben chose 'The Power of Love' by Huey Lewis and The News and wore a dark coloured suit with a pastel, 'Miami Vice'-style T-shirt.

What the judges said...

Paul: "You are powering your way to a huge career in the entertainment business."

Lucy: "I suspect you've even got something else in reserve - awesome performance."

Fiona: "You're a star in the making dude."

Frankie: "You feed off the crowd, and that's what it's about."

Ben - song 2

Ben's second song of the evening was the 1985 hit, 'Rhythm of the Night' by El De Barge. After a wardrobe change, Ben was now sporting a a studded Adidas tracksuit - classic 80s style!

What the judges said...

Paul: "There's nothing to say Ben - that was absolutely fantastic ."

Lucy: "That rocked!"

Fiona: "Those moves - you kept them hidden from New Zealand for so long!"

Frankie: "Way to go."

Ben says it's an honour and a priviledge to be top three out of the thousands who originally auditioned for NZ Idol, and he'll continue to bring it if he's in the final next week.

Camillia - song 1

Camillia said it was very scarey being in the bottom two, and that she had probably made a mistake in chosing two lower-tempo songs for the rock special. Camillia said that if she's going to leave, she wants to do so knowing that she's given a strong performance. Her first song choice of the night was the Foreigner tune, 'I Want to Know What Love Is', and her outfit is a fitted black bodice top with a shocking-pink ribbon and split skirt.

What the judges said...

Paul: "I was totally transfixed by that performance."

Lucy: "Just tell the truth in your song."

Fiona: "You're amazing."

Frankie: "No matter what happens you're always going to be a great singer... It was obviously very personal for you."

Camillia - song 2

The Whitney Houston song 'How Will I Know?' was Camillia's second song choice for the evening. Sh wore a black sparkling top with black leggings under a lime green rah-rah skirt, with black leg warmers and pink fingerless gloves.

What the judges said...

Paul: "New Zealand has it's first Diva, and it's you."

Lucy: "You pulled that one out of the fire... you're a huge star."

Fiona: "I think our top three are incredible... It's so great to see you having a good time up on that stage."

Frankie: "You've always been great right from the start... You do it every week... Well done."

Camillia said that she never thought she would get as far as she has, and she never appreciated how much work it would take to get where she is now.

Michael - song 1

Michael is the only contestant not to have been in the bottom two. He's amazed by the level of support he has received, saying that it's overwhelming and "it's impossible not to change and grow." Michael's first song was 'Should I Stay or Should I Go?' by The Clash. In the wardrobe stakes: Michael wore a striped shirt, a chequer-board hat and camouflage-patterned trousers - not to mention the chains!

What the judges said...

Paul: "You're our rock kid. You're fantastic. You're staying."

Lucy: "I'd be president of the world if I had your balls."

Fiona: "If I may quote Paul, 'Shot, Michael! Shot!'"

Frankie: "I didn't think it was one of your great performances."

Michael - song 2

Michael chose 'Angel of Harlem' by U2 for his second performance. He'd also changed outfits, with a vibrant t-shirt under a loose suit, and continuing the 'Miami Vice' casual theme with some Chuck Taylors.

What the judges said...

Paul: "Big shoes to fill... and you filled them really well."

Lucy: "Another 10 years and you're going to be a world-beater."

Fiona: "You have turned into a great singer, and have used everything else at your disposal."

Frankie: "I will say that if, at 17, Bono could sing like that, he would have been doing very well."

Michael said NZ Idol has been a huge experience, and he's so pleased he made the decision to enter the competition - and thanked his family and supporters.