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Oban Star-Racers

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Monday 6:30 PM Nov 27, 2006 on Toon Disney
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Episode Summary

In the previous episode, Molly (Eva) and Jordan had fallen deep into the ravine. They journey across Oban in order to get back to the temple before the start of the next race. During their trek, they have another encounter with the native beings of Oban. A shattering secret concerning the Ultimate Prize is learned as well...moreless

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  • Oban gets more esoteric and more clear. The Award is revealed.

    I really liked this episode. The writing is very good. Did anyone else notice the homage to "Field of Dreams"? The place where dreams come true. Did everyone get that?

    It kills me Eva sometimes is more courageous than Jordan, then Jordan does something totally selfless and heroic--but I don't want to give anything away...

    Speaking of which, did everyone figure who Satice is? If you've been paying attention then the glowing orbs revealed a great many of the mysteries. Here's a hint: if the magic portal from the Creator's Award Chmaber leads to Satice's Race temple pod workshop, then who must he be to have that kind of access to such an important temple in all of Oban? It's obvious.

    The Mystic Giants did more than revive Eva & Jordan. Some how the led them to the Great Temple for a reason.

    I wrote a synopsis for this ep but I don\'t have the kind of access to post it.


    There's many spoilers so if you don't want to know don't read it. Please feel free to post it if you like.

    Synopsis--Revelations, Ep 22:

    Eva (Molly) and Jordan awake groggy but healed. They have no idea they were dead in the broken wreckage of Arrow III and revived by the giant primitives to race again if they can find a way to get rescued. Eva tries salvaging a transceiver out the remains of the Arrow III to contact Stan & Koji. A signal gets out but the jury-rig fries before Stan can get a lock. Stan and Koji think it was a spurious signal and want to give up, but Don Wei yells at then to keep trying to raise Eva and to not give up. Jordan figures they are in for a long stay and tries to make a bivouac at the stern of the Arrow III. Eva figures otherwise. They need to get back in the race and that means climbing up a hewn stairway in the living stone—it appears all of Ôban is made of living matter—made for beings much taller with considerably longer gaits than they …

    They climb forever and end up on landing with a tall opening. When they reach it they find a very skinny bridge across the depthless abyss of the ravine. The only way forward and up to the surface is across. Eva has the better balance, reflexes and fearlessness; Jordan shows his trepidation but is resolved to face anything Eva can. She impetuously starts out and he realizes he’s got no choice but to follow. With her arms held high balancing like a tight-rope-walker she gets about mid-span. He’s got their supplies—what little there is—in a makeshift backpack, is a bit top-heavy and teetering, when a huge wind blows through the canyon. Eva loses her balance forcing Jordan to make a hard choice—save the supplies or Eva. Which one do you think he chooses!?

    He tosses the pack and jams across the bridge into a desperate dive to save Eva from falling of course. They reach the other side and continuing climbing … climbing until they are so exhausted they can’t climb another step. Eva cuts her flashlight and, although there’s glowing designs on the walls, another glow draws their attention.

    Finally they exit into a vast ceremonial arena. They’ve made it back to the surface. There is another temple with an opening at the far end of the arena. Jordan is beat and hungry but they head across having no choice really. Within running distance of the temple’s stairway Eva sees Maya walking towards her! She runs into her mother’s arms, the only thing she’s ever wanted. Maya caresses Eva’s cheek and comforts her just like she always wanted so very badly … but Jordan sees only Eva in a trance holding her arms up to emptiness. Jordan then sees Molly turn around and come to him. She tells him the one thing he has ever wanted to hear—that she has the very same feelings for him as he does for her. They hold each other and he has found the only heaven that he’s ever wanted. Another gale-force wind arises and the simulacra of Maya and Molly particularize and blow away into nothingness. Eva and Jordan are left to themselves and realize it was only a dream’s fulfillment of their deepest fantasies … yet merely an illusion. They run from their fantasies and each other’s pain at realizing maybe their desires are also just fantasies. They run from the arena’s field of dreams up the stairway into the temple’s opening.

    Inside another great temple they find elaborately decorated murals that seem strangely familiar yet their meaning is elusive. They are lost and have no idea where to go or how to get out. They find themselves on an upper gallery overlooking a vast hall with a huge tetrahedral pyramid in the center of the floor. Jordan is tired and frustrated but Eva is curious and climbs down a “V”-shaped stairway to the chamber floor.

    They approach the crystal tetrahedron and when Jordan touches it nothing happens but when Eva does it flashes into brilliant blue light. Nine glowing orbs of blue plasma pulse orbiting the tetra-pyramid, asking why they have entered the Great Temple of Ôban when the Race has not yet been completed or a winner declared? Eva asks who they are. In response they consent to answer that question. They are all that remains of the Creators who made Ôban and achieved immortality. Then they weave the story of Ôban’s fate. Eva and Jordan learn that the giant primitives are the descendants of the Creators and the Great Race is a contest amongst all the planetary progeny of Ôban: a literal mother who gives birth to infant planetoids, ejects them out into space and after eons of travel and maturity became the homeworlds of the contestants in the Race, strewn across the Galaxy … the winner of the Race held every 10,000 years becomes the new Avatar of Ôban for the next term of service. It’s an elaborate and dangerous pan-galactic occupational competency-screening test to select the next Avatar! The original Creators saw this as the only rational future for benevolently managing the unimaginable wealth and might of Ôban as they proved they could not do, even with their advanced development. The temptation to megalomania and brutality was too great even for them. So the Great Race has been run for eons …

    When the orbs finally fade to nothingness Eva and Jordan are faced with the dilemma of what to do next. Jordan is ready to get out of the temple. He finds a magic portal. Eva warns him not to be impetuous—it could lead anywhere and most likely to harm. By now we all know Jordan—danger is his specialty after all—and Eva certainly ought to as well.

    Jordan steps through. Eva follows. She falls onto Jordan. They are bewildered as to where they have ended up. Until Eva remembers she has been here once before. It’s Satice’s workshop! But where is Satice and how long have they been missing? Can they even compete in the next race? …

    [Spoiler Alert! One guess why the only magic portal in the Creator’s Chamber of the Great Temple of Ôban for the Award to the Winner of the Great Race leads directly to Satice’s Race temple pod? Because he’s the Avatar of course. That’s why he could seem to be on three different worlds at once during the preliminaries! The portals aren’t magic at all. The are devices operated from Ôban. Ôban is the creator of all the worlds therefore Ôban remains connected to all her children. The portal system works through Ôban’s direct connection to all the worlds. Satice doesn’t have to star-travel to these worlds. Satice uses the portal system to all the worlds directly. He can appear on all the worlds through their portal devices and even from his temple starship, which he doesn’t really need—it’s a decoration, a trapping of his station. The Avatar\'s lightshow is only that--just like the Great Oz\'s smoke and fire show in The Wizard of Oz. Pay no attention to that little man behind the curtain ...]moreless

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