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  • 15 year old Eva was left in a bording school by her father in a young age and maybe 6 years later is out of school and found her father who does not remember her so she makes up a name Molly and has now entered the great race of Oban as a mechanic .

    Ah, Oban Star-Racers so nice so fresh and new . Oban is one of my favorite shows and very suprising and interesting . I like Oban for many reasons like it\'s wonderful races and characters nice sound effects and last but not least action i like all episodes but, my personal favorite episode is Playful Like Paridise it\'s funny and actiony and is the most interesting if you ask me .Oban is an anime and already has been released in Japan before here in America .I am hoping that Oban will have video games and toys.I hope Oban will live in our hearts forever.
  • Finally, something on JETIX to watch besides Digimon and Power Rangers.

    Now this is a good show. It's orginial, has a story line that may seem predictable, but has its own bizarre nature to it that it's just one of a kind. Oban Star-Racers is a mildly interesting show to watch, and has plenty of action and charcters with deep involvement with problems in life and have their own goals. The animation is something else too. The 3-D animatics with the Star-Racers is cool, and it's awesome to see them shoot at each other. The opponents of the Earth Team are a bunch of psycho alien freaks, giving this show a solid, not too easy to come by, 9.5.
  • this is the best show in jetix

    it's about a girl named eva/molly and her dad doens't know that mooly is her daughter. eva mom died cause i think it's spirit and she whants to win the race to bring her mom back. she whants to win the ultimate prize. l a d g d hf s
  • This show was actually pretty good so far. I like it. I haven't missed a single episode of it.

    This show was actually pretty good so far. I like it. I haven't missed a single episode of it. I've watched it everytime it comes on ever since it first started. I even tried recording it, except my tape got ruined, so now I have to wait for Jetix to start reshowing it again.

    Anyway, the first episode is interesting, but it's not an episode that really catches the watcher, though. Though, that's how most shows start out. I do, however, enjoy the show. I'm not big into racing type shows, but this one was actually pretty cool. At least this one had a plot, though, unlike other racing shows, like NASCAR racers.

    I like the plot, and I like how Eva has developed through the series. I can't wait to see how the story ends. They will probably release the Timeless One at some point, I'm sure, or at least I hope so.
  • Eva's disguise as Molly, a self inflicted alter ego is crucial to the story of this girl, who ends up as a pilot, following in the footsteps of her mother. All of it is a journey to win her father's love, and a chance to gain back something that is lost.

    I love this show, I just wish it was back on ABC Family. Hopefully, somewhere down the line, another channel for those of us lacking toon disney will take on this great show! It is one of few animes that i like, and one of few newer ones that have a great plot line. I just hope I get to see the day Eva tells Don Wei who she is. And I hope Rick comes back for it, or something, as impossible as it may seem. And I agree, Jetix has finally taken on something animated and worthwhile. So far, my list of Jetix wonders includes Beyblade, Digimon, Shinzo, Monster Rancher(now that\'s an old show), and of course, Oban Star-Racers!
  • amazing another show that is one of the best disney ever made

    i was surpise when this came on. seeing disney has been making crappy show till this. its like watching a classic disney cartoon from the 90s. first of it has a great story,great animation and it also can be for adults or chrildren.
    another good thing about this show is that it has that feel of it being good every season which most shows to dont have.

    i hope disney does good and not can it after 64 eps seeing they did the same to kim possible which had a atleast 1 million people watchiing it which is not small feat.
  • characters

    the characters make it so real that its un caning!! i luv it when molly cuts up it reminds me of myself lol. I like when she gets into lots of trouble, trys to make things right and hids things from the team and the only one who knows that the captain is her dad is the one she has a crush on!! she doesn't know how or when to tell him but she will find a way to tell him in her own way!!
  • A 15yearold runs away from her boarding school in search of her father. When she finally finds him he doesnt reconize her. So for 17 races she tries her hardest and finally her father realizes who she is. And she still has to win to bring her mother back.

    I didn't start watching this show till it was almost over, but now I totally LOVE it. It made me sad when you found out what happened to Molly/Eva's mother. It makes you wonder how she might feel. And what made me mad was the Don Wei always yelled at her and critisized her, and when he found out who she really was, his reason was a bunch of crap. He only thought off himself and he didn't think about how Eva would feel when she just lost her mom and now her dad was leaving her and would never contact her again! But all in all, I think this show is AWESOME~!!!!
  • In oban star racers a 15 year old girl name Eva goes out to find her father but it all turns out he does not even remeber her. She finally gets his attetion after 17 races. He begins to know that Eva is his daughter and conflict begins to arrise.

    I think the shows pretty good. A 15 year old trying to get her father back and a race that can grant anyone any wish they want. Relationships and strugles ins\\\'t really a good thing to put in the ahow i have the say but its pretty good. Molly/Eva is really strong and cares about her team a lot. Her dad is staring to care about her and know he can\\\'t believe he lost her. He use to be such a fake but know his eyes have been open. I hope and know that she wins tha big race.
  • I thought it was crappy, but know I think it's fabulous!

    I never thought I'd live the day when I started watching this. I thought it was a really stupid show, until there was the Sunday back-to-back episode run. Then I started getting an interest. My brother (24 year-old) switches the channel to Nickelodeon every time there was the commerical for this show, because he knew I hated it. He doesn't know I like it now!

    It was until recently that I actually started liking this show. As I classified it, I have a Guilty Pleasure in it. I've seen most of the episodes on YouTube.com and now get it's gist and pleasure out of it actually streams out from the TV/Computer screen! It's unbelievable how a show can get you on it like that!
  • It boils down to this- you NEED to watch Oban Star-Racers.

    ...I totally didn't steal that from a Gamespot review for MGS2. Honest. >_>;

    Now, let's take a lookie at Oban Star-Racers. At first glance, I didn't like the look of it. Commercials these days don't do very good jobs, do they? To me, I saw spaceships. 'Kay. Then I saw racing spaceships. 'Kay? Aaand then I heard Jetix UK's version of the plot summary. Not 'kay. They did a bad job of it. So I did what I do with every uninteresting show I hear about- ignore it. xD;;

    That was back in October '06. At the time of writing it's April '07. My friend Cheese had seen OSR on the TV schedule and asked me 'have you seen that before?', as it looked like anime and she thought I knew about it. I shrugged and said 'I don't know that much about it, from what I know it sucks'. The next day she came running to me saying things like 'Oban is so AWESOME!' and 'You've gotta watch it!'. Now, Cheese is easily amused, so I had my doubts at first. I saw it on the other night and thought I'd give it a go. It was The Origin of the World I think, episode 19. I spent most of my time oohing at the pretty graphics, 'cause they are. I had absolutely no clue as to what the story was about, except that Cheese said Don Wei was Molly's dad and she saw the episode where they finally talk about it, but I still enjoyed it. I couldn't wait to see the next one, and I did. And the next. And the- well, the next one airs tonight. Unfortunately in the span of three days I've watched the entire series. xD;; And I don't regret it one bit. What was I thinking, saying this show looked stupid? It's frigging brilliant! Expect nothing less from Japan, creator of hundreds of great anime shows and France, creator of one of my favourite shows Code Lyoko!

    The plot focuses on a 15-year-old girl named Eva who is living in a boarding school in... er, somewhere. Apparently, her dad is the manager of a famous racing team for star-racers. Star-racers are basically spaceships that... uh, race. (I'm not good at this reviewing stuff... TT_TT) He hasn't spoken to Eva since she first came to the school, only 4 at the time. Eva eventually runs off and finds him again and becomes his mechanic under the name Molly, as Don Wei didn't recognise her. Eventually the President- ooh, the president!- wants Don Wei to enter the great race of Oban, an intergalactic race in the middle of the Milky Way. He goes there with champion star-racer Rick Thunderbolt, two ace mechanics Stan and Koji and the best gunner (Star-racers have a little pod with guns at the side. Guess what the gunners do with those.) he could find, Jordan. On the way to the vessel that took them to the first planet the races take place on, surprisingly NOT Oban, Eva/Molly sneaks on board. Don Wei can't just kick her back to Earth, so she stays with them on... whatever the planet was called. I forget. Eventually she becomes the pilot (not really a spoiler, it's pretty obvious) and they race and stuff. Not bad at all for a plotline.

    The art and music are really well done in OSR. Sav! The World Productions weren't kidding when they said they wanted to pay extra attention to detail. And the opening/ending songs are beautiful... oh, wait, hold on. From what I can gather, America, Japan and Europe all got different opening sequences. Um. Right. Dang, that just made things harder. Well, Japan got a Japanese song for their opening, America got an English song completely unrelated to Japan's, France got one similar to Japan's and what seems like the north of Europe got the Japanese opening song remixed. Which sounds absolutely amazing- my favourite out of them all. To think the UK was lucky enough to get it- it usually gets the brunt of everything these days. I say northern Europe because it seems Norway and Poland get it too.

    The characters are nicely done as well, as do the star-racers. You can't go wrong with a cast that ranges from a human teenage girl to a pink squid/alien with tentacles. None of the characters have noses, but you get used to that. If you've been watching a long range of anime and shows like Code Lyoko, you get used to things like that. (Big... foreheads... 0_0) I really like Eva's design- the star on one cheek and the stripe on the other look really cute, as do the goggles and her clothes in general. Can't say the same about her chestular area, but I won't go into that. xD *cough* I like her mom better though, and you might see why when you see her when I describe Eva so positively. Don Wei just needs a hug, I think. And an aspirin. Gotta love the guy, you can understand him better when you watcher later episodes. Jordan just freaking pwns, period. I dunno why, I just like him. xP He has some pretty funny lines, and the ending... well, the ending. The star-racers are nice to look at, as you find different ones from everyone in the series. Same goes for the environments. Wonderful to look at. Haven't seen a better mix of 3-D and 2-D since Code Lyoko.

    I'm getting closer to 1000 words, so I better stop. x_X Oban Star-Racers is a prime example of what animation and clever planning can do. There's never a dull moment with this series, and you have my word on that one. It's a short series with only 26 episodes, but every one is worth it. Just wait 'til you see the ending. Boy, will you be surprised. I even cried because it was so beautiful and... unexpected. People cry at unexpected things too, y'know.
    Lovers of anime and Code Lyoko, you MUST try Oban Star-Racers. Don't make the same mistake I did and push it to one side if you don't like the sound of it.

    ... dang, 1028 words. Better stop now. Nyaha. x3 -walks away singing A Chance to Shine, the Japanese theme-
  • Great show! Too bad it was cancelled so soon.

    This was a pretty cool show to watch! Jetix and France 3 did great! Savin Yeatman-Eiffel (bad spelling), the creator did a fantastic job on this show! I love the American and French opening but my favorite is the Japanese opening. This show was addicting and it's hard to let go of such a cool show. It's too bad it was cancelled so soon! I wish they had more seasons! For example, the second season would be about saving Jordan cuz Toros came back and Molly and the gang had to do a series of races and such to save him! BRING IT BACK!!!!
  • One great adventure

    OBAN star racers is one of my favourite cartoons. I say it's underapreciated cause all the ppl I know don't like it. Of course you can't force a person to like what you like but still I say OBAN is a great cartoon.

    For those who never heard of it you should know it's an interesting adventure game with the main character being a 15 year old girl named Eva. Her mother dies in a suspicious way against Spirit who didn't touched her craft. So as in most competitions there are preliminaries and then finals. So this are like 2 big chapters. The preliminaries beeing the beggining and the finals the end.

    For those who say this show is a crap you should see more episodes. It's hard for me to belive that you can't like it at all. After all is a combination between adventure, sports, drama and also SF.
  • Eva (a.k.a. Molly) goes to her dad's racing company to see him again. An unexpected greeting prompts her to follow him to Alwas and to Oban and gets an experience of her lifetime.

    I used to think that this show would not be interesting. Thanks to my cousin, I love this show! We follow Eva (who is also known as Molly) in her adventures as a temporary (later to be permanent) replacement pilot for the Earth team. She matures throughout the series thanks to Rick (who happens to be one of my favorite characters) and we get to see her interact with Jordan (who is my other favorite character) and the other characters in the series. If you can get Jetix on your TV and you want to see some action in a show, then Oban Star-Racers is the show for you!
  • it's just about a girl who lost her mother and is going to look for her dad, when she finds his dad she will see that he isn't what she expected and she did't dear to tell her dad that she was his daughter and so on...

    This serie is just fun to watch, it's what I call a timekiller becose you watch it and the time is over in a minit, the serie is not that good but if you have seen one of them you wan't to see the rest. the serie was'nt a hit, but there where a few pluspoint's in the serie I think.
    I didn't see the end off the serie but if you see the beginning you can tell the end, example.... she wint's at the and or shoose th best option and evrything come to an happy end.. or something like that, you now what I mean.

    greets bladelg
  • Oban Star-Racers is a curious toon:have a script very better than the look,too many stylized.Poor,really,poor. My score to the script is 8.To the look,only 4.

    Eva/Molly is a complex character,with rich inside life.At same time,is(unfortunally)one of the uglyest girls that I saw in a toon!However,it´s a tiny detail,comparative with the problems around the toon´s show at Brazilian TV,by Jetix channel:when arrived on the chapter 18(Monstruous like Muir)the show goes back to the first chapter!It happen not one but FIVE or SIX times(In fact,I lose the score!)In NONE this times,were shown the last episodies,with the serie´s ending.To make the matters worst,after all this reruns,Oban Star-Racers was cancelled here.Consequence:on Brazil nobody knows how the serie´s end!And of course,read the episodies´s briefly on this site,never will be the same thing that see them at TV.The problem becomes even more irritative and critical when you remember that the Jetix is a cable channel,that you must PAY to see!
  • Best Jetix show made.

    A girl goes to a planet Oban To bring her mom back to life.her dad doesn't know she is alive. And the race aliens wow aliens holy $hit.Her raceing partner loves her and she loves an alien that shoots arrows and rides a giant bug.she doesn't bring her mom back the ending sucks just make up your own like she Brought back her mom she maries that one guy in 9 years and everything turns out great but that doesn't happen cause that one guy becoes the avatar. oh well that ends this awful review watch the show to judge it for you self .
  • one of the best shows shown on TD.

    this show was about a a teenage girl who wanted to impresse her father but he had tried to forget her. he did not even reconise her when they met and it was a long time befor he even knew that she had runaway from the bording school he had dumped her off at when she was four and she was now 15! the resoin he did that was because she reminded him of her mother who had died in a reck in a race and he felt like he had let her drown he started drinking and did not want to risk losing his daughter as well so he left her at a bording school without letting her know the resion why he did. then when she gets up the courage to run away she goes to him to try and get him to be a father once agian and he does in the end recionse her and relise what he had done was wrong and gets her out of the bording school. and they live in happenss but she has her mothers sprit and loves to race and belives that she can win if they can still fly.
  • How to f*** up an ending

    Quick Summery of the Series: (SPOILERS!!!)

    Okay, so it starts out a rebellious teen breaks out of a boarding school to meet her dad, who promptly doesn't recognize her, and follows him into space to enter a race featuring aliens from all over the galaxy, who are all trying to win "The Ultimate Prize", which is just a wish. So the girl enters to bring her mom back to life, replacing their original pilot who is somehow hot no matter what gender you think he is (and is the most interesting character in the show, so it's disappointing that he leaves halfway through). The team's gunner Whathisface has a crush on the main character, unfortunately for him, she has a crush on an alien Prince who is much more interesting than him. So they (Team Earth) make it to the end only to discover that they don't actually get a wish granted if they win, they just become God for 10,000 years. But the evil, insane God from 20,000 years prior, comes out of eternal confinement to try to become God again and destroy the universe. So the boring gunner dude becomes God, the main character's Dad (who is a TERRIBLE father btw) reunites with his daughter (who he abandoned 10 years ago like a douche), the main character gets with neither guys, and they all go back to their normal lives (besides the gunner dude who's god now). And in a last-ditch-effort to try and make me dislike this series, the new God Whatshisface not only DOESN'T bring back the main character's mother (you know, the entire reason he even MET her), but he also saves Earth from destruction by trapping millions of humans and bad-guy aliens in space to apparently starve to death.


    So all in all this show had a really interesting story, which hooked me from the beginning and never let go. Though near the end it began to weaken as they tried to desperately shoe-horn this whole "winner becomes God" storyline at the last minute. It also didn't help that Rick, the 8 foot tall transvestite ace pilot-turned-coach-turned-alien vagrant, was BY FAR the most interesting character in the series, and yet permanently leaves at the halfway point, leaving Molly (the main character) in the spot of "Most interesting". As you can most likely tell, I DID NOT enjoy the ending, but I VERY MUCH enjoyed the beginning and middle, and the action throughout the series was excellent as well, and I recommend this series if you're bored.