Oban Star-Racers

Toon Disney (ended 2006)





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  • 15 year old Eva was left in a bording school by her father in a young age and maybe 6 years later is out of school and found her father who does not remember her so she makes up a name Molly and has now entered the great race of Oban as a mechanic .

    Ah, Oban Star-Racers so nice so fresh and new . Oban is one of my favorite shows and very suprising and interesting . I like Oban for many reasons like it\'s wonderful races and characters nice sound effects and last but not least action i like all episodes but, my personal favorite episode is Playful Like Paridise it\'s funny and actiony and is the most interesting if you ask me .Oban is an anime and already has been released in Japan before here in America .I am hoping that Oban will have video games and toys.I hope Oban will live in our hearts forever.