Oban Star-Racers

Toon Disney (ended 2006)





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  • One great adventure

    OBAN star racers is one of my favourite cartoons. I say it's underapreciated cause all the ppl I know don't like it. Of course you can't force a person to like what you like but still I say OBAN is a great cartoon.

    For those who never heard of it you should know it's an interesting adventure game with the main character being a 15 year old girl named Eva. Her mother dies in a suspicious way against Spirit who didn't touched her craft. So as in most competitions there are preliminaries and then finals. So this are like 2 big chapters. The preliminaries beeing the beggining and the finals the end.

    For those who say this show is a crap you should see more episodes. It's hard for me to belive that you can't like it at all. After all is a combination between adventure, sports, drama and also SF.