Oban Star-Racers

Toon Disney (ended 2006)





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  • one of the best shows shown on TD.

    this show was about a a teenage girl who wanted to impresse her father but he had tried to forget her. he did not even reconise her when they met and it was a long time befor he even knew that she had runaway from the bording school he had dumped her off at when she was four and she was now 15! the resoin he did that was because she reminded him of her mother who had died in a reck in a race and he felt like he had let her drown he started drinking and did not want to risk losing his daughter as well so he left her at a bording school without letting her know the resion why he did. then when she gets up the courage to run away she goes to him to try and get him to be a father once agian and he does in the end recionse her and relise what he had done was wrong and gets her out of the bording school. and they live in happenss but she has her mothers sprit and loves to race and belives that she can win if they can still fly.