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  • How to f*** up an ending

    Quick Summery of the Series: (SPOILERS!!!)

    Okay, so it starts out a rebellious teen breaks out of a boarding school to meet her dad, who promptly doesn't recognize her, and follows him into space to enter a race featuring aliens from all over the galaxy, who are all trying to win "The Ultimate Prize", which is just a wish. So the girl enters to bring her mom back to life, replacing their original pilot who is somehow hot no matter what gender you think he is (and is the most interesting character in the show, so it's disappointing that he leaves halfway through). The team's gunner Whathisface has a crush on the main character, unfortunately for him, she has a crush on an alien Prince who is much more interesting than him. So they (Team Earth) make it to the end only to discover that they don't actually get a wish granted if they win, they just become God for 10,000 years. But the evil, insane God from 20,000 years prior, comes out of eternal confinement to try to become God again and destroy the universe. So the boring gunner dude becomes God, the main character's Dad (who is a TERRIBLE father btw) reunites with his daughter (who he abandoned 10 years ago like a douche), the main character gets with neither guys, and they all go back to their normal lives (besides the gunner dude who's god now). And in a last-ditch-effort to try and make me dislike this series, the new God Whatshisface not only DOESN'T bring back the main character's mother (you know, the entire reason he even MET her), but he also saves Earth from destruction by trapping millions of humans and bad-guy aliens in space to apparently starve to death.


    So all in all this show had a really interesting story, which hooked me from the beginning and never let go. Though near the end it began to weaken as they tried to desperately shoe-horn this whole "winner becomes God" storyline at the last minute. It also didn't help that Rick, the 8 foot tall transvestite ace pilot-turned-coach-turned-alien vagrant, was BY FAR the most interesting character in the series, and yet permanently leaves at the halfway point, leaving Molly (the main character) in the spot of "Most interesting". As you can most likely tell, I DID NOT enjoy the ending, but I VERY MUCH enjoyed the beginning and middle, and the action throughout the series was excellent as well, and I recommend this series if you're bored.
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