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Oban Star-Racers

Season 1 Episode 26

The Moment Of Truth

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Dec 11, 2006 on Toon Disney
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Episode Summary

The Moment Of Truth
As Eva, Jordan, and Aikka make their way through the temple and try to survive against Canaletto's ungodly evil, they must also try to get to the Creators to stop Canaletto. Canaletto is after Eva, and startling revelations and epilogues take place.

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  • Awesome way to end the series.

    I wasn\'t expecting any of the events that went on in this episode. But, what surprised me the most was when Jordan jumped off of that pillar and became the avatar. That was totally unexpected. I was a little irritated at first when that happened, but I got over it quickly. I actually cried watching this episode, but that\'s only because I\'m a crybaby! =P
  • A sad, yet happy ending.

    This episode (or at least the shocking climax of it) reminded me of a lot of songs. Among them are "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder (well, the chorus of it, anyway) and "One Thing" by Finger Eleven. Before I go on, I must say that yes, I am a Jordan/Eva shipper. *gets hit with a tomato*

    Eva, Jordan, and Aikka make it to the temple and now they must face the evil Kanaletto. After Jordan and Aikka are SEEMINGLY taken out of the picture, Kanaletto has Eva in his grasp and he tells Eva that he was behind basically every bad thing that's happened in her life so she would end up where she is now.

    So everything seems to have been......well.....I have used this term before, so I'll say everything seems to have been flushed down the toilet for our heroes......until Jordan (yes, Jordan, believe it or not), out of love for Eva (Awww......), jumps into the orb and becomes the Avatar.

    Sadly, this also means he has to stay on Oban, which sucks for Jordan/Eva shippers everywhere.

    Anyways, although the ending isn't really how I hoped it would end, it's still an awesome ending for an awesome season of an awesome series.......awesome......moreless
  • WOW! What an ending to the show! A real must see! Spoilers Beware.

    After all that happened in the show, it ends in a way that is like "Star Wars: The Emperor Strikes Back."

    Eva, Aikka, and Jordan reached into the Temple of the Heart after an epic battle between monsters, and now have to face that demon: Kanaletto. Eva's two closest friends from the very begining of the entire Race of Oban, are willing to risk their lives to protect Eva from the evil Kanaletto. But both of them fall to the acient, former Avatar, who then reveals about him an Molly. He was the one who caused his mother's crush and Rick's acciedent, becuase he saw Eva as the only one who would denine the Avatar powers and would allow him to regain his. He says that it was destiny; but to me, If he had to cause all those events to make it happen, than it's not really destiny at all! Destiny is how we ourselves take action when confronted with a event from fate.

    And just when Kanaletto was to take the powers of the Avatar; right out the blue, Jordan scarfices himself to become the Avatar. Yes, the nervous Jordan tooken up the powers of the powerful Avatar, to keep it away from Kanaletto. It was totally unexpected and believable. Well writen.

    The Over all the ending had a happy ending for everyone. And Eva finnaly got what she wanted: to be a family again.

    This is the best way to end the series. A real must see. This episode gotta get a reward.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (2)

    • Molly: (to Canaletto) It was you... that caused Rick's crash...

    • Jordan: (offscreen) Molly? Molly, wake up.
      (Molly/Eva wakes up to see Jordan in a golden wispy body floating above her)
      Molly/Eva: Jordan? What happened to you? Your body...?
      Jordan: That's just for show. The Creators tell me it will wear off in a few weeks, once I've settled into my new role.
      Molly/Eva: So you're the Avatar?
      Jordan: Someone had to do it!
      Molly/Eva: I'm so sorry... You were never meant to...
      Jordan: Don't worry about it! It was my own choice! I've always wanted to do something really big in my life, but I never had the strength to do anything on my own until now. I did this completely on my own, and let me tell you: it's really big! (Creators appear by his side one by one. Jordan notices them) It's time for me to go now. The Creators have lots to teach me, and very little time.
      (Jordan starts to float away. Molly/Eva stretches her hand out and touches his cheek)
      Molly/Eva: Jordan.....I.....
      Jordan: (Taking her hand off his cheek) Don't say anything. (kisses her and disolves into golden lights that slowly float away)
      Molly/Eva: Jordan? Jordan!
      Jordan: Take care of yourself, Molly.
      (Molly/Eva wakes up in Oban, lying in the grass. She gets up to see Oban restored as it once was.)

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