Oban Star-Racers

Season 1 Episode 26

The Moment Of Truth

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Dec 11, 2006 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

Molly, Aikka and Jordan enter the temple of the heart so that Molly can be crowned as the new Avatar. Canaletto, however, is waiting for them inside. Aikka gives Molly a dagger that is strong enough so that "even Canaletto will feel its royal sting". Molly stays in one place while Jordan and Aikka search for Kanaletto. Jordan finds him, but is pushed into a wall with Canaletto's red pulse wave. Aikka then fires a magic arrow, but it misses. He sends Molly to the pyramid and she heads towards it whilst Aikka finds Kanaletto again. The Ex-Avatar sends Aikka's arrow flying back towards the prince, destroying half the temple when it collides near by. Molly reaches the pyramid, but Canaletto materializes in front of her and dissolves her dagger. He explains how he has been manipulating events for millenia so that Molly/Eva would arrive at this point because she was the only one who would hesitate to take the Avatar's crown. He killed Molly/Eva's mother, sabotaged Rick's racer and took care of Sul just to get the Avatar's powers again. He then makes Molly forget and she is surrounded by a red glow. As she floats closer to the pyramid, it activates. The Creators appear and try to fight Canaletto, but they are dissolved and form a ball of energy that will make him avatar. Suddenly, Molly notices that Jordan has climbed to the top of a fallen pillar. He tells her he loves her and jumps into the ball of energy, becoming the new Avatar. Canaletto is destroyed and Oban is revived. The energy wave from Oban disables the Crog fleet fighting the humans in space, ending the war. Molly says goodbye to Jordan in his new golden shining form. They kiss and he leaves with the creators. Aikka and Eva promise to see each other soon and they leave for their planets. It is revealed that Ning and Skun and Muir survived the last race along with some of Lord Furter's men.

With the new Avatar chosen, the race ends, and the team is sent back to Earth. When they arrive they are informed of the events that happened outside Oban and the energy released when Canaletto was destroyed somehow disabled the Crog and Earth warships. Both armies were rumored to have set down their weapons voluntarily, but none of them must never speak the truth...it must remain top secret forever. Stan and Koji went back to working for Miguel and Don Wei went back to his 'sweet self' managing his racing team. As for Eva, she went back to school. A nicer one; close to home. Molly somehow see's Jordan more then a friend and see's that she has true feelings for him. Sometimes she feels as if none of it ever happened; as if it was all just a dream. But it wasn't. She had her father back, and got her wish after all. She says it was fun to be Molly, but she's glad to be Eva again.