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Welcome to the Oblivious guide at TV.com. It's the hidden camera game show you don't know you're on! Host Regan Burns, in disguise, chats with complete strangers and inserts 5 trivia questions. After revealing himself and the hidden camera's location, Burns gives the unsuspecting contestants $20 cash for each correct answer. A "lightning round"(as many questions as possible in 60 seconds) is also done with the $20 per correct answer payout. Scantily-clad models are frequently seen carrying a visual aid for a $100 bonus question. The first player each show is given a chance for more money by pulling Burns' routine on someone else with Burns feeding them lines and questions through a hidden earpiece. The new player still gets $20 per correct answer but the player-turned-host gets $100 for each of the new player's correct answers. At commercial breaks, Burns stops some random people and asks them one question for $20. Theme Song: You might think I'm actin' funny (Whoa!) [i]Might not take me serious (How many breasts does a chicken have?) You won't know you're winning money ($400!) 'Cause you are oblivious! (You're oblivious! What are those? Whew, headlights.) Watch out for Oblivious. (Time's up!)moreless