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  • Therapists offer help as individuals struggle to overcome their obsessions and compulsive thoughts and/or behaviors.

    This show is similar to Intervention. However, the individuals are the ones who are seeking help for their obsessive behavior. Most are suffering from one form of anxiety disorder or another, especially obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD.)

    Each episode follows two different people struggling with their obsessions and compulsions. It is broken into several segments. First, you are introduced to each person and the thoughts and behaviors they are battling. Then they are each introduced to a therapist who uses cognitive-behavioral therapy over a course of 12 weeks to help the individuals learn to cope with their disorders. We see their progress, their struggles through a personal video diary, and eventually we learn if the therapy has been successful…or not.

    This show has the potential to be very good, but I can see where it may either become too repetitive or too sensationalized.