Obsessed - Season 1

Monday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered May 25, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Richie
    Episode 11
    Richie's hoarding has become so extreme that his house and surrounding property is completely full of unnecessary possessions. The trigger for this obsessive-compulsive behavior was his mother's death, for which he feels partly responsible for and was particularly traumatic. Richie is followed through therapy for 1 entire year.
  • AJ/Vanessa
    Episode 10
    AJ constantly pulls out her eyebrows, while she battles thoughts of animal cruelty in her mind. Vanessa constantly picks at her skin all over her body. They both hope therapy will help them overcome their compulsions.
  • Mandi/Mora
    Episode 9
    Mora is overly obsessed about her teeth and has had countless unnecessary dental procedures to ease her anxiety. It has come to the point where she avoids most hard foods and engages in a elaborate 20 minute brushing routine. Mandi suffers from trichotillomania and finds it impossible to avoid pulling her hair at night before bed. She hates her obsession and uses wigs to disguise her balding head.moreless
  • Marie/Matt
    Episode 8
    Marie is consumed by her fear of the weight of objects. Battling her fears keeps her from doing simple daily tasks. Matt is a agoraphobic, which is a panic disorder which makes him scared of open places such as malls or airports. Confined to his home, he hopes therapy will help.moreless
  • Christa/Ryan
    Episode 7
    Christa's OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) keeps her from eating certain foods, her anxiety is eased by digging at her skin. Ryan's rituals from his OCD makes him feel like a slave, his compulsions now include his wife and are ruining their life together.
  • Traci/Judi
    Episode 6
    Traci struggles with her compulsions as she tries to manage day to day life. Her anxiety is getting so bad she can't enjoy a home cooked meal. After many devastating losses in her life, Judi makes up for this by collecting everything in sight.
  • Shannon/Todd
    Episode 5
    We all fear death, Shannon's fear is so excessive she won't drive. With a special needs child her own problems get in the way, she hopes therapy will help. Todd spends his days writing on the wall and pulling out his own hair.
  • Russ/Karen
    Episode 4
    Russ is a pack rack of mass proportions, to the point that he has forced himself to the streets. Karen is engulfed by constant fear that she or someone in her family will die.
  • Nidia/Rick
    Episode 3
    Rick is terrified by aging and death. His compulsion to stay healthy sends in to the gym at least 50 times a week. Nidia is obsessed with being clean. From washing her hands to spending hours in the shower.
  • Nicole/Trina
    Episode 2
    Nicole suffers from an rare form of OCD that is controlling her life. Her family and friends must sit a certain way, and she makes noises when words starting with "K" are used. Trina is engulfed by bad thoughts in her daily life. Is she capable of harming someone, or is it all in her head?moreless
  • Helen/Scott
    Episode 1
    A young mother's life is controlled by her OCD, to the point that she is scared to drive on the highway. A single man is tortured by his OCD, not allowing him to have relationships.