Occasional Wife

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Occasional Wife

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Welcome to the Occasional Wife guide at TV.com. Peter Christopher is a young executive at Brahms Baby Food whose boss only promotes married men. This is Peter's problem, how to remain a bachelor while enjoying the benefits of marriage at his work. Peter shares his problem with his friend Greta, a hat check girl at a local night club he frequents. Greta gives Peter an idea when she suggests he do the same thing she does to protect her at work, pretend he's married. Peter then asks a very surprised Great to be his wife -occasionally. Peter pays the rent for Greta's apartment, which is two stories above his. The rest of the negotiations include art lessons, furniture and contact lenses for Greta. In return for this she is to pose as his wife at company related events. Due to Brahms Baby Food functions as well as happenings in their personal lives Peter and Greta are often seen dashing up and down the fire escape that connects their apartments, which leads to both the confusion and entertainment of the man-in-the-middle on the 8th floor.

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  • This show is the epitome of a "Guilty pleasure" for me.

    I'm glad the "Guilty pleasure" classification exists, because that hits it on the head for me.

    While the premise is TOTALLY contrived, it's a fun show and, I think, very hip for its time. It bridges the gap between really corny television and television that featured hip people. It also is a fascinating period piece. The fact that the show is so dated (e.g. "I like all my executives to be married executives") is part of its charm. It's a bit of a time capsule showing you how how upwardly mobile single people in the city perceived themselves in the late 1960s.

    Bonus points for Stuart Margolin, Angel on The Rockford Files, being a recurring character.moreless
  • It was OK. Not good but just OK.

    It was OK. Not good but just OK. At times, Occasional Wife really bores the hell out of me but there were many savoring moments that made me watch it til the very end. Recommended only if you have time to kill.The story of this show is ok, but no way to say "This is nice".
  • A young executive in the 60's needs to find a way to enjoy the office benefits of being married while still reatining his bachelorhood. His solution is an Occasional Wife who lives two floors above him.moreless

    This is an excellent show that was way ahead of it\'s time. Patricia Harty and Michael Callan are exceptional in their roles as is the entire cast. Don\'t cross this one off without viewing all the episodes. Has a great theme, good writing and was very hep for it\'s time.